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Red haired cute shoplifter rough fucked on the cctv
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I grew up in a semi-small village in the middle of a vast forest, population, 719. It was sort of a religion in our village for family members to reproduce together.

Once a female started her period, it was the oldest male's job to take her virginity. He could say no and allow her to be given to the priest, but that hardly ever happened. The oldest male had to be apart of the girls immediate family. Father, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, or grandfather. To some, this may seem amazingly awesome to others, sinful. All the free sex a man could ask for from a tight, young pussy ripe for the plucking.

Nope. The only way that hot babes enjoy a rock solid boner male was allowed to claim the child as his own was if he had knock her up with his incestuous sperm.

He only got one shot. If by chance he failed at the inbreeding, the girl was given to the next oldest. In between each try, the girl got a two month break to be sure. Pretty much being monitored 24/7 by the two wives of the priest. If you were lucky enough not to get pregnant by any of the males, including the priest, you were allowed to find a husband outside of your family.

You were allowed to start your own to do with what you pleased. Some would run away with a childhood lover who wasn't apart of their family. Which is against the church's rules, a big no no. Meaning it would be death to both if they were found. Anyways, the priest was known as Benjamin.

He had 36 wives and 72 children, not including the ones he was married to.

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His first wife, Ashley, was lucky enough to be 19 before mother nature caught up to her. She is Ben's oldest sister. He was only 10 when he was told that vibrating of the pussy vibrator and webcam had to knock up his sister or lose her forever to the priest, who at the time was Samuel.

Lucky for Ben, he was able to plant is young seed into his 19 year old sister's womb. About two months later, Ben's twin sister, Sarah, started her period. So xxx story xd com japan had the chance to impregnate her with his incestuous seed. Both sisters were pregnant with twin girls. A month after Sarah gave birth to their gorgeous little girls, his other older sister, Bella, turned 15 and started her unfortunately timed period.

She had a little boy 9 long months later. Ben's mother, Tina, was so jealous of her kids intertwined relations, that she asked the priest for his permission to seek a new husband. With his blessing she went to her son, the leader of her household, and asked for his blessing.

She even offered herself to him. In discussed, he bashed her head in with a chair. See, women in the village were for nothing more than to pleasure their men, for breeding, and taking care of all household chores. No one missed Tina, not even her daughters.

Even if they did, they never would have gone against Ben. Eleven years later, when Ben was 21 and Samuel had reached the ripe old age of 92, he decided to name Ben as his successor. Then Samuel and his family vanished. To this day, no one has any idea what became of them. Out of all of the priest that the village has had, Samuel is the only one that never impregnated a single one of his relatives.

He only impregnated other women. No more about Ben and his twisted tales, this story is about me and my incestuous adventure into woman hood. From how I lost my virginity to how I found my true love.

My mother, Tyra, died giving birth to me at the age of 25. I was her only daughter, but her fourth child all together. My father raised me and my three older brothers. There was Jeremiah, he is the oldest of my brothers, being 10 years older than me.

Then Matthew, he is 3 years younger than Jeremiah. Lastly there is Steven. Steven is 2 years older than I am. My mother is, one of many, of the daughters of Ben. Yes, he is my grandfather, and the priest. Which mean that he gets two tries to knock me up if someone else doesn't beat him to the punch.

My father, James, was 9 when he had Jeremiah, making him 34 years old when I started my period at 15. My grandfather, on my dad's side, is older than Ben, making him the first in line to take my virginity.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was about four months after I celebrated my 15 birthday. I woke up feeling like I had wet the bed. My bed and night gown were covered in crimson puddles. I freaked out, I thought I was dying. I remember creaming and running into the living room.

"Oh my god. I think I am dying or something. Look at all the fucking blood." My dad and brothers were on the couch just staring at me in awe. Since I was the only female in my immediate family. No aunts, sister, cousins, or grandmothers, except for Ben's wives.

Which are only for him. "You just started your period Dumbo." Matthew was always a jerk to me. The only one of my brothers that I found attractive was Jeremiah, plus he was always taking care of me. He refused to move out when he had a chance so that he could protect me from my other brothers.

"You're such a douche bag, Mat." Jeremiah got off the couch and walked over to me. "Let's go get you cleaned up Kelly." "My little girl is almost all grown up. Now all we have to do is wait until you stop bleeding. Then you're going to make your grandfather one happy old fucker." My dad's eyes were filled with the joy of blonde cougar cory chase gets her pussy serviced that soon, he might be fucking his baby girl.

Followed Jer into my bedroom and grabbed some clothes. "You don't have to clean my bed for me, I can do it myself." "Yeah, I know. But what are family members for if not to help one another. Besides you know, fucking." "Funny, you should be a comedian Jer." I grabbed my stuff and headed to the shower. I watched as the blood-colored water trickled down my legs to the drain. I got this sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach like something bad what coming my way.

I few days later, I was back to being me, but not me. The news had spread to everyone in the village by this time. A girl starting her period is big news in our village. So is the popping of the cherry. When that happens, everyone comes to watch in the cathedral. The priest, my mother and son incest lactating grandfather, gets up close and personal to make sure that the penis penetrates the vagina. It is also his job to make sure that the male leaves his deposit inside the young, virgin womb.

Then two of his wives carry the newly fertilized woman into a place were they can keep an eye on her for the next two months. If they find that the woman is pregnant, they go to the priest and he passes the news onto the entire town. The day of my "womanly acceptance" the two wives, Ashley and Telly, that were to take care of me had dressed me up and did my hair all pretty like. Tons of flowers and braids. They said that I should look my best because it's going to be a day that I will never forget.

And I haven't Anyways, there I was laying naked, in the middle of the cathedral, on a slanted, but comfortable, bed. My grandfather came in, cock in his left hand, walking straight towards me. His other hand held his cane which kept him from british milf joi tube porn over.

Then came Ben. He was dressed up in his ceremonial robe and his really tall head. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We are here to witness the making of a gorgeous young woman.

Today Kelly is no longer a child or a teenager, today she is a Woman. My beautiful granddaughter, whether she gets pregnant this time or next, will be an amazing mother. I only wish that my lovely daughter Tyra could be here to see her daughter become awesome teen from behind banging hardcore blowjob woman.

Now Kevin will you please pop this girls cherry." Doesn't he have a way with words. My grandpa Kevin climbed onto the bed and slipped his head between my legs.

He slowly started to caress my thighs with both hands. Then he started kissing my leg. He started with the foot. Then my calve. Moved to my knee. To my thigh. Then what came next was amazingly enjoyable.

He started to massage my clit with his old grandpa tough. "Mm, baby girl, your virgin cherry tastes so delicious." Do to his old age, he had no teeth, and let me tell you, an old man nibbling on your clit with his gums feels amazing.

For the first time ever I felt an orgasm coming. "Oh. My. God." I could hardly breath. "Grandpa, that feels so good. I think I'm.ooohh.mmmmyy.gggooodddddddd." It happened.

My first orgasm. It wasn't as enjoyable as I was hoping for, but it was still good. Pleased with himself, he crawled up my body leaving a trail of kisses from the opening of my pussy to my nipples.

There, he started to suck on my right one while pinching the other one between his thumb and pointer finger. He kept switching it up every few second. Once done copping a feel.

He moved to my face and started kissing me. Thanks to Jeremiah, I knew how to kiss. I could taste my pussy juices fresh in his mouth. As your mouths committed a little dance between us, I felt his hand slide between us and grab his dick. He sat up a little so that he could see what he was doing.

With his right hand, he spread my lips to my vagina. With his left, he guided his penis to the opening. He teased my virgin cunt with the tip of his penis. Slapping it against my clit making me twitch slightly at the feeling of it. Then all at once, he shoved his old man cock into my unprotected vagina. I remember screaming and guys in the stand laughing. They thought it was funny. While others booed him.

My grandpa wasn't gentle what so ever. He thrusted himself forward again and again. Over and over, every thrust harder and more painful than the last. "Please stop" I screamed, "Someone make him stop." Tears fell from my eyes as I searched the stands for someone to help. There, Jeremiah was shoving through everyone trying to make it to me. "Get your nasty old prick out of my sister." He was red hot. My father and six other men had to drag him from the building.

It was up to the man in charge of the penis, who decided who hard to fuck the virgin pussy. "Oh baby girl, you feel so tight and warm. This wont take to much longer." He was taunting me. "Your pussy is so tight, I don't think that I will be able to get my dick out of you.

Do you feel that baby girl? Your pussy is pulling my cock into you. I pull out, and it sucks me right back in. It's like they were meant for one another." "Please, please stop. I can hardly breath. Be gentle." "Gentle." He stopped his thrusting. "Bitch, did you just give me an order?" "No, it just hurts so badly." "Do I look like I fucking care you spoiled little bitch?" He pulled the full 8 inches out of my throbbing crotch.

Then once again, shoved the entire thing into my dripping pussy. Yet again, I let german emo teen picked up for sex a pitiful scream. He laughed in my ear knowing that there was nothing that I could do. I looked down between our bodies. His massive old cock was surrounded with curly gray hairs. Sliding in and out, in and out. I refused to grab this crippled excuse of a man.

Instead I dug my nails into the sheet under my head. Biting my lip, not allowing a single sound to escape my mouth in case it brought him some sort of pleasure. His breath was heavy and I could tell by the look on his face that he was either about to fill my young womb with his aged, cripple, incestuous seed or was about to croak.

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I was hoping for the second one. To my dismay, I felt him start moving faster. "Here it cums baby girl. You are about to have the same seed in you that created you daddy.

Aren't you excited?" Then there it was. I felt his sperm coat my vaginal walls. I watched as his but juttered up and down. His penis was pulsating inside of me pushing out every last drop of cum. All the men jumped up and down in their seats and started cheering him on. "Knock that dumb bitch up you old fool." I heard one yell. Once he was done, he kissed me on the lips again. "Now that wasn't so bad now was it baby girl? Just think, right now, you could be getting knocked up my your grandpappy's sperm.

Then we get to do this all the time." If I wasn't afraid of getting in trouble, I would have snapped his crippled neck in half. "Alright ladies, she's all yours." Ben looked disgusted at my other grandfather.

Ashley and Telly stood on either side of the bed. Each grabbed a leg and an arm, then lifted me up to transfer me to a stretcher. After laying me down, Ashley reached a hand between my legs and shoved a finger inside of my cum soaked pussy. I jolted from the unexpected violation. She wiggled her finger inside, making me feel pretty good. Then she scooped out some of the cum, examined it, then liked her finger.

"Tastes pretty good for an old man Kevin." Then she looked down at me. "Tastes pretty good for a girl Kelly." She laughed and started wheeling me away from the middle of the room. The cheering of the crowd suddenly died once the doors closed behind up. They pushed me down a long corridor. Doors flew by on either side of me. We entered an elevator and went to floor B4. I didn't know that this place had more floors, or an elevator. Once on B4, they brought me to a big bedroom.

Telly looked at me, "This is going to be your room Kelly. For the next two months, you live here." "Wait, all of this is mine?" "Yup, for as long as you are going through your 'initiation'. I am going to be right next door to you dutch arab and mia khalifa tries a big black dick you need anything. I do mean anything. If you are horny, I can help you. Daddy said I could." She said with a, please let me suck the cum from your pussy, smile on her face.

"Thank you Telly. Thank you Ashley." "Don't thank us, I could care less about raunchy rucca is a cute curvy babe that loves to fuck Ashley snapped at me. Then turned and stomped her way back to the elevator. "What's her problem? Did I do something wrong?" "No, she just has a stick up her ass. My mom is always a bitch." Telly was only 12 years old. Ben had taken her last year.

Now she is 4 months pregnant with her second set of twins. "I forgot that she was your mother. So Ben is your daddy and baby daddy, right?" "Yep." She sounded so enthusiastic. "He is a GOD in bed. My moms say that he has never fuck a daughter so much or hard until I came along. Oh my god, his cum is so delicious. I swear it tastes like candy." "Wow, candy? That's, interesting." "Yeah.

When he cums in my pussy, there is so much cum that it leaks out before he's even finished. And his penis. Oh. My. God. It's huge. Every time we fuck, it feels like it wont fit. He has to spit on my pussy a few times before it's lubed up enough. Even then, it's like, 'Wow, daddy, you are HUGE'. You know. Well I guess you don't know. Sorry." "That's okay.

Hey, I'm really tired and would like to take a shower before." "Oh, right, sorry. Follow me, I will show you where everything is." I hopped off the bed on wheels and followed her around the enormous room. It took her an hour to tell me where my cloths, the bathroom, towels, the kitchen, and the phone was. Seriously, like I can't look around and pretty much tell where everything was located. By the time she finished her tour, the cum had oozed out of my pounded pussy and down my legs. The once warm fluid, was neither warm nor a fluid anymore.

I went into the bathroom once she left, and washed out my vagina with the head of the shower. Once done, I headed to bed. "Oh, my god. Oh, god, I'm cumming." What the hell is that? What time is it? 2:17am and I wake up to this coming from next door. I got up out of bed and went over to the wall where the screaming was coming from. "OH DDAAADDDYYY!" It was Telly. I tip toed out of lilly lebeau gives her husband a sloppy blowjob pornstars hardcore room, and pressed my ear up against her door.

"That was amazing daddy. Now fuck your little pregnant girl. I want to to cum in me." "Whatever my little girl wants, she gets. Now get on your hands and knees so daddy can fuck you from behind." "Yes daddy. I love it when you fuck me like a dog." I was surprised to find myself getting wet in my panties. I got on my knees and peaked through the key hole. Thank god these doors have old locks on them still.

"I'll call you daddy if you fucked me gently." I whispered to myself. "Right there daddy, oh god. Fuck my pussy daddy." I could see that Telly was on her hands and knees and Ben was behind her shoving his massive cock into her vagina.

He was holding her hair ask he kept pulling her back and forth on his erect staff. "Fuck me daddy. Fuck me daddy. Fuck me daddy. Oh god harder.

Fuck me harder daddy. Tear up my young teenage pussy." He would pull his cock almost completely out and the heavily thrust it back inside of her. It looked bigger than my other grandfather's penis.

Now I am jealous of Telly. I've seen Ben take a girls virginity. He is really gentle about it. He listens to her, tries to please her. "Daddy's cumming baby girl. Hurry, come here and suck daddy dry." "Okay daddy." Telly slid off of her daddy and turned to face his throbbing cock. He grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat. He fucked her mouth a few times as she gagged. Then he came. Cum oozed out of her mouth, down her neck, and all over her perky, milk filled, breasts.

"How did you like it Telly-baby?" Telly looked up at him with a cum covered smile. Swallowed and said, "It was cumtastic daddy. I love you so much. You fuck my pussy so good daddy. Let's go take a shower and see if we can't wake Mr. Limp back up to play again." Wow, that was the most intense sex I have ever seen.

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Except for my dad fucking my brother Mat in the ass last Halloween. It was nasty, they were both lonely I guess. Two months went by and every night I heard Ben and Telly having amazing incestuous relations next door.

I haven't seen a single guy, besides Ben obviously. The only people I was allowed to see these past two months was Ashley and Telly. Well Telly at least. Today was the day they checked to see if I was pregnant with grandpa Kevin's baby.

7 moth pregnant Telly came prancing into my room at 8:30am. Turned on the bright lights and said, "Wake up sleepy-head. It's time to see if you are knocked up." "What? Telly, do you have any idea what time it is? Seriously, I thought you would be still sleeping after last nights 'fuck me daddy harder'." "Omg, you heard that? Sorry. When daddy fucks me, I just can't help be scream it to the world.

I LOVE MY DADDY'S COCK INSIDE MY PREGNANT PUSSY!" She screamed while twirling her self around with her arms out stretched. "Yeah, I know." "Hehe.

Anyways silly, tell me, do you have any nausea? Any craving? Being more horny than usual?" "Uh, no." "Oh well. Here you go. Take this and go pee on it. When you are done leave It on the counter and meet me across the hall." "Fine." I headed into the bathroom.

Peed on the stick, left it sweet schoolgirl gets a dick in her mouth japanese and hardcore she told me to, then left. Across the hall, Telly and Ashley were waiting for me with Ben.

"Morning Beautiful, how did you sleep?" Ben was all wide eyed and bushy tailed. How the hell can he do that. Isn't he tired after last night's Olympic games? "I slept alright." I lied. I kept waking up to Telly screaming 'fuck me daddy' all night long. "Good. As you know, it has been two months since Kevin and you had sex.

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What we are going to do here is see if we can see anything in there." "Isn't it a little early for that?" "Yes, but this machine is special. It can see more than the regular monitors. So strip off your cloths and hop on up here. Ashley is going to go get your test. If the test is positive, we will be able to see where the baby is.

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Otherwise, you can go on home." "Really? I will be able to go home? I can see my dad and brothers?" "Yup, only if it is negative though. If you are pregnant, you will be brought to Kevin." "Here's her test baby.

Think we have a winner." Ashley had an overly excited look on her face. "Let's see. Hmm, well. Um." Ben was stalling. "What is it? Am I pregnant with that bastards seed? What? Tell me." "Sorry Kelly.

It looks like you are pregnant. Bu." "NO! I can't be. Please tell me that you are joking. Please." "Kelly, calm down sweet-cheeks.

Daddy wasn't finished." Telly wasn't helping. "What I was going to say was, these tests are not 100% accurate. We are going to take a look with the machine. Okay?" "Okay." "Alrighty then. Let's see what we have here." Ben squeezed a cold gel on my naked belly and rubbed it around with the ultrasound wand.

"Hmm." "Hmm? Hmm, what? Ben please. What do you see? Is it a baby? Am I pregnant? Do I get to go home to my family or to that douche-bag grandfather of mine? Please, talk to me." &hellip.To be continued. If you want some more, then show some love for me and my story.

Otherwise you will never find our what happens to Kelly.