Luscious gabriella handeling two boners at once

Luscious gabriella handeling two boners at once
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This story is based on some of my experiences as a teenager. Sam quickly waved her sister Amy off as she went into the house. The whole day had consisted of her following Amy and her beau around from store to store at the mall.

Sam didn't mind too much, the guy was decent looking and had stunning blue eyes, not to mention he thought she was cute. Dreaming never hurt… But as soon as her mother had called saying that she and father were going out (leaving the house empty), Sam politely asked if she could be dropped off at the house, not wanting to sound too eager.

Always wanting time alone with her man, Amy swung by the house and dropped Sam off, staying only long enough to see her enter the house unharmed. As soon as she saw the lights from the truck fade, Sam quickly toed her shoes off, pet the dog to keep her quiet, and bolted for her room. She closed all the shades, making sure she had utter privacy. Safe. Alone.

Immediately she began to recall one of her many fantasies. She was lost. Lost in the woods. The sun was beginning to set, the light quickly fading behind the trees. No one knew where she was; she knew these woods like the back of her hand…so she thought. Just as she had thought there was no need to tell anyone where she was going. As it gets darker, she walks faster, overly paranoid; she begins to hear footsteps behind her.

As she runs faster, the footsteps pick up pace as well; until she is breathing so hard she cant hear anything. She slows and leans against a tree to catch a quick breath while looking all around her.

Not that she can see anything, the sun's light is nothing but a sliver illuminating nothing but the clouds (Sam flicks the light switch to off, leaving only the soft light from the corner streetlamp glow into her room). Having caught her breath some, she pushes off the tree and bolts, only to crash into something. First believing it was a tree she staggers then reaches out to find her way around the tree.

To her horror, hands brush her arms to the side asian pretty teen cunt to hot to be seen schoolgirl and japanese push her to the ground (Sam falls backwards onto her bed). She had heard footfalls!! Totally helpless in the dark she tries to lash out with her nails hoping a well placed scratch will fend off her attacker.

He grabs her flailing arms and pins them above her head. His strength is overwhelming and he is able to hold both with just one hand. As a last resort she screams, long and high pitched as possible.

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Undeterred, he leans in close, his hot breath sending chills down her neck and spine. He whispers in her ear, sending more chills, "Scream all you want baby, tonight your mine." Frozen with fear, her screams catch in her throat. He is right no one will ever hear her. Sensing her surrender, he begins the task of removing her clothes. He fumbles one handed with the buttons on her blouse for a few moments, then swearing under his breath when no progress is made.

Sam takes the moment of frustration and attempts to wriggle free from his grasp, almost succeeding, until he reaches up with his other hand, separates her arms, and pins her; this time putting his weight on her wrists.

With both his hands now occupied, a new strategy quickly forms in his mind. Sensing defeat, Sam begins to softly cry. He leans over her, staring into her eyes. He wants her to enjoy this, to enjoy him&hellip. even if he has to force her. He kisses her forcefully, his eagerness and passion showing. Although she strains her neck to escape, he still pursues the kiss, not relenting.

He kisses her again and again harder, harder still, attacking her mouth with his own, trying to gain entrance. Sam cracks her mouth slightly to gasp in some air, and he finds his opportunity, twisting his tongue into her mouth. Entwining their tongues together, he kisses her still, she being unable to resist any longer unwillingly participates hoping he will soon move on.

She sees stars; half from unbelief of what is befalling her and half from the lack of oxygen. He finally ends the assault on her mouth; her lips returning to the natural pout position. Leaning down, he begins to pull off her buttons one by one with his teeth. POP. One button flies into the darkness.

POP…POP&hellip. POP… POP, the others follow suit until all have luscious chicks lusty raunchy appetite pornstar and hardcore torn off leaving the shirt gaping open.

The cool night air licks at her naked belly and the tops of her breasts, which are straining against her black lace bra. He likes the view and begins to kiss circles around her belly and up her chest until he reaches her mounds. Pulling the lace down with his teeth her right breast fully comes into view.

He begins licking, bulky dick for beautiful teen pussy girlfriend and homemade and lightly chewing on her tender nipple, tracing circles around it with his tongue before nibbling on the stud some more.

Shockwaves run down Sam's body. It is as if her tits are attached somehow to the area between there thighs. With every nibble, or flick of his tongue pleasure courses throughout her body. She struggles, not wanting the attention. His mujra sex aaa zzz mmm are sweaty and he begins to lose grip&hellip. and patience. She WILL obey and like this. "Stop!" he says so loud he surprises himself. The movement beneath him ceases.

"I don't want to hurt you&hellip. but I will if the situation calls for it. Now obey what I say and I will let you live through this. Understand?" "…&hellip." No response. Her unwillingness angers him. He slaps her across the breasts with his right hand, as a loud, resounding SMACK echoes in the darkness. "Yes, Yes, YES! I understand…don't hurt me, please! I'll do what you want…just don't hurt me…" "That's better.

Now take off the rest of your clothes. Don't even try to stand up or run, or what I just did will seem like a butterfly kiss&hellip." Not that Sam had even considered the real possibility of running away, but his statement crushed her last hopes that this would be over quickly faded as she wriggled out of her jeans and unclasped her bra, throwing it into the darkness.

She had heard and read about horror stories from rape victims. She was no dummy, she had seen countless articles about women barely being alive after or never truly healing from the experience; this, it seemed was her fate.

As she hurriedly undressed herself, he had quickly thrown off his shirt and jeans as well. The cold causing his already stiff cock to rise to its full potential. (Sam naked on her bed reaches under and pulls out her nine inch dildo and vibrator) She lay there shivering in the cold, her eyes now adjusted to the dark; she could see most of his features including his towering cock.

A chill of fear, and previously unknown excitement ran down her spine. "What's wrong with me?" she thought to herself. He rubbed his member a few times before leaning back over her. His cock swung down tapping her thighs, as he continued the manipulation of her tits. He could barely hold one in each hand as he massaged and played with them; all the while sending currents of pleasure down the line to the ever growing wet spot between Sam's legs.

To Sam's surprise, she began to lean up into his nibbles and rubbing, not wanting the sensations to end. Small almost inaudible moans barely passed her lips, in between her short gasps for air she took in ever time he flicked his tongue over her sensitive nipple. She couldn't believe THIS was rape True she hadn't wanted it…she was afraid, but these feelings were almost too much pleasure for her to handle; she lilly lebeau gives her husband a sloppy blowjob pornstars hardcore on the verge of enjoying this.

She wanted, not escape, but more&hellip. He stopped the onslaught to her breasts, as he lifted his head up, his saliva on her breasts glistened in what little moonlight there was. She unexpectandly thrust her breasts forward, apparently not wanting the sensations to come to such an abrupt end. Chuckling to himself, he reached his hand down and ran his index finger along her slit. That action alone caused her body to spasm, as she gasped loudly.

He had never seen a girl so responsive to his touch. He repeated the action several times, each time causing her to shiver, and responsively buck her hips into his fingers.

Her wetness had already drenched his hand, and was slowly starting to pool beneath her bottom on the cool grass. She was in heaven; his fingers were doing things to her body she didn't know were possible. And with every buck of her hips, the grass grazed her flesh causing her whole body to tingle. She had felt a building sensation deep in her stomach, every time his finger ran through her snatch the feeling grew stronger and stronger.

Just as he had stopped she felt as if she were about to explode, and the frustration of the pleasure when he stopped almost drove her to tears. She thrust her hips forward to no avail.

He saw her frustration…the time had come, she was ready. He took her hand and pressed it to his manhood. His hand over hers, he had her encircle his cock with her hand, feel its with, the blood rushing through it. He was so ready when her cool hand touched him, he jerked back for a moment before becoming used to the touch. He saw her eyes go wide, realizing how large his cock was. "This is for you, I know you want it Sam.

Your pussy has been telling my just how bad. You do want it don't you? I will leave if you don't…" He tempted her, knowing how close she was to cumming, seeing her eyes still focused on his cock, there was no way in hell she would or could refuse…her body would not let her. A minute passed…she didn't want to admit the truth. She wanted that cock inside her…she NEEDED that cock inside her, stretching her, making her tight and filled.

Even now her fuck box was throbbing, having her hand around his girth was sending shivers through her, as much as she hated it…there was no way she could lie. "Yes." She barely whispered.

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"What was that?" He smiled, taunting. For a few final seconds she weighed her thoughts, until the last strand of reserve shattered. "O GOD YES, I WANT YOU INSIDE ME NOW!!" She all but screamed. Her hand still around his cock, she pulled him towards her. Not expecting this, he was unbalanced and more or less fell on top of her. He regained his balance, and quickly guided his fuck stick to her entrance. He rubbed the head along her slit a few times for lubrication, brushing her clit as he did, driving her crazy.

He had barely entered her when she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her as deep as that position would allow. As soon as he had bottomed out in her, her cunt squeezed around his cock trying to pump its juices out.

As her body exploded in climax, Sam's eyes went wide, and white horny teen gets fucked by black dick breath caught in her throat. She had never known such pleasure, she was by no means a virgin, but the way his cock filled her so good sent currents through her. He felt her cumming, and her already tight cunt got even tighter. He grunted and groaned as he began pistoning in and out of her, his hips slamming against her with every thrust.

The unique slapping sound of two people wildly fucking could be heard for hundreds of yards. "O fuck, your so uhg tight! Fuck!" As he continued his fucking, Sam entered her second climax, never fully coming down from the first one.

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Her screams and moans of pleasure fueled his need to cum. With her legs wrapped around him, he couldn't get the leverage he needed for the good fucking he intended to give her.

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He reached behind him and unhooked her ankles causing her hips to fall back fully onto the ground. He slid out of her, and in one motion, picked her up and turned her over so that she was on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. Perfect. And after what felt like ages to her, but in reality was only a few moments, he stood and slammed his cock back into her dripping cunt. With this new angle he was free to fuck as fast as he could. His hips moved at lightning speed, causing his balls to slap Sam's clit every time he bottomed out in her.

(Sam furiously slammed the dildo into her cunt with the vibrator working her clit at the same time. She turned over on her hands and knees making the dildo feel even tighter in her wet cunt) She was approaching her third orgasm. In out in out in out, his cock filled her so good, she could almost feel every bump, every ridge and pulse of his cock as it entered her.

She wished the moment could last forever, that the pleasure she was experiencing would never end. They were both close, on the edge about to dive into bliss&hellip. so close&hellip. inked up teen marsha may is getting her pussy pummeled by big cock Are you up there honey?" her mother's voice rang in her ears.

Sam froze, the fear made her body rigid, the impending climax forgotten. As she pushed all her clothes into a pile on the floor, she heard her mother ascending the stairs… "Thanks god for creaky stairs", she thought. Just as her mother was almost at the top of the stairs she jumped in her bed, and pulled the covers up to her chin, the dildo still buried in her to the hilt.

The blast of light hit her bed as her mother opened the door. "You awake Sam?" she whispered. "I am now mom," she said in her "groggy" voice. "I just wanted to let you know that we were home, so you could sleep better, sorry for waking you…" "It's ok, good night mom." "Night honey." The door closed and the room was in darkness once more.

Sam began to take the dildo out, but then thought better of it. She rolled over on her side, and imagined that he was still there with her, his throbbing cock still buried deep in her.

"Your right mom…I guess I do hate sleeping alone&hellip." To be continued?