Awesome cutie acquires rudely fucked schoolgirl and hardcore

Awesome cutie acquires rudely fucked schoolgirl and hardcore
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Midget Sex My wife asked, "Hey honey the circus is in town this weekend. Do you want to go?" I answered, "Sure if you want to." Well that was on a Tuesday. That Thursday we went grocery shopping as we usually do. It was a beautiful summer day and I wanted to watch the attractive ladies walk in and out of the store so my wife allowed me to sit at the picnic table where the smokers usually hang out.

Apparently it wasn't break time and I didn't have to inhale any second hand smoke. Otherwise I would have just leaned against the building somewhere. As I was checking out the fine ladies in their ultra tight shorts, in their skimpy micro mini skirts, and in those very short tops I heard a voice from behind me say, "Hey handsome.

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Do you mind I sit with you for oiled up bodies and super squirt ep, while husband is in shopping?" I said, "Not at all" as I turned around to see the cutest little lady you ever did want to see.

She couldn't have been much taller than three feet and she was certainly no child. She reminded me of that beautiful midget that was on a Baywatch rerun not too long ago. She said, "My name's Judy and I'm just in town for a few days. I'm with the circus and you can stare at me if you want too. I get that all the time. Especially when I'm in my bikini doing my high dive act. It really turns the guys on." Then she laughed.

As I stared at her great little body I said, "So your with the circus. You look beautiful." Judy replied, "Why thank you. You look beautiful too. Why are you sitting out here?" I said, "Oh my wife is in getting some groceries. I just thought that I would sit here and watch the pretty girls go by." I never took my eyes off of her. Judy smiled sweetly and asked, "Have you seen any?" Then she chuckled.

I answered, "Yes I have. Beauty comes in all sizes and everyone knows that good things come in small packages. You are just so pretty." Judy liked that and said, "That is a very nice compliment.

Thank you. Oh there's my husband now with that tall babe. He likes them tall like that especially if they have a mini shirt on that he can look up." Just then my wife looked up at me and said, "Hi honey look who I found in the grocery store. We made a great team. Everything that he wanted was on the top shelf and everything that I wanted was on the bottom shelf." Judy said, "Jack are you still using that same old line just so that you can look up her skirt? So tell me, what is she wearing?" Jack looked down sheepishly and said, "Light blue thongs and she has a butterfly tattooed on her right cheek." Apparently blonde big tits passion and amateur brunette double penetration boom heads the bass wife had known what he was doing all along because she just smiled at me.

Then she sat on the picnic table right next to Judy. She opened her legs up wide and said, "If you like the butterfly then you'll really like my little mouse tattoo." Then she pointed to her inner thigh up high near her panties. Then my wife looked down and gasped before saying, "Damn! It's gone. My pussy must have eaten it." Then we all laughed.

I introduced Judy to my wife and she introduced me to her husband Jack. Then Judy smiled and said, "We wife swap if you are interested. I hate to be so forward but when you're only in one place for three or four days you can't beat around the bush very much." My wife looked Jack up and down and then smiled at him. Jack was still looking between her legs at her panties so she quickly slammed her knees together and got his attention. Then she asked him, "So little man how well hung are you?" Jack replied, "Well baby, I can touch you in places that no other man can." Judy laughed and said, "He uses that line all the time.

His cock is only about three inches long when it's hard but he has small hands and small forearms. He can reach up inside your mother and son incest lactating and stimulate that G-spot like no man I've ever know.

He can blow your mind like a firecracker of if you really want it, like an Atomic Bomb. If I were you sister I'd go for the big one." My wife looked at me for a signal. I nodded and she said, "Okay! When are you guys available?" Judy took my arm and said, "Right now. Let's go. We don't have a car, however we have to be back to the circus by seven o'clock for our first performance.

That should give us plenty of time to get acquainted." My wife got in the backseat with Jack while Judy got in the front seat with me. We had hardly gotten out the grocery store parking lot when Judy's tiny little panties were hanging from my rearview mirror. Soon Jack tossed my wife's panties up to Judy and she hung them up on the rearview mirror next to hers. Judy's panties were made for a little girl.

They were a pretty blue with Disney's Little Mermaid on them. I reached to look at the tag when Judy said, "They fit a six-year-old girl if that's what you're looking for." I smiled at her.

My wife's sexy lace panties looked huge next to them. Judy looked over the seat at my wife and said, "If we suck them off now we can really get fucked when we get to your house." My wife said, "Okay!" Then Judy pulled my cock out of my pants and started sucking on it. I couldn't believe that she got the whole head of my cock into her tiny mouth. From the backseat all I could hear was slurping and groaning and I knew that my wife was doing to Jack exactly what his wife was doing to me.

I think it was the thought of fucking this beautiful little woman but it didn't take me very long at all to cum. When I filled Judy's mouth with cum she looked over into the back seat. A moment later she and my wife were kissing. Not just kissing but French kissing and they were swapping their cum back and forth until it was a blend of which each woman then swallowed half. Judy sat back down on the seat with her legs up and toward me.

Her tiny pussy was demanding to be touched. So I did just that. I slipped a finger into Judy's moist little box and probed her gently until I came to a stop in my driveway. As we walked into the house I looked at my wristwatch. I figured that we only had a goof four hours to enjoy ourselves. I took Judy to the guestroom and told my wife that she could have the use of our bedroom.

Judy told me to just get undressed and that she would then give me a show that I would never forget. I undressed quickly and sat on the edge of the bed to watch her putting on her show.

When I was all set I looked at Judy. She was standing there and she was all of about three feet tall. She was almost perfectly proportioned too, only just smaller. Judy was wearing a very nice pink blouse and a short black skirt that she said she bought in the little girl's fortune teller and a big black cock because she can't get clothes small enough for her in the women's department.

They looked fine to me. Judy dropped her black skirt first. Since I had already had my fingers in her pussy there was really no sense in hiding it any longer.

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Then Judy unbuttoned her pink blouse, opened it up, and removed it. She was wearing the cutest little bra that I had ever seen. It was a little girl's Disney bra and it matched her panties that were hanging from my rearview mirror. It was mostly blue with the 'Little Mermaid' pictured on it. I had a big smile on my face when Judy asked me if I liked it.

You bet your sweet ass I liked it. I wished that they made bras like that big enough for my wife to wear. Judy said that she couldn't buy a bra smaller that a 32-A and that she needed a 28-B.

Then she removed her bra for me. She had great little breasts. As they say any more than a mouthful is a waste. Judy said she was thirty-six inches tall and that she weighed forty-five pounds. Judy then got up on the bed with me and sat on my chest. She bent over placing one of her breasts in my face as I opened my mouth up to receive it. That was the smallest breast that I had ever seen let alone had in my mouth. I sucked on it for a couple of minutes before she pulled it out and shoved the other one in.

When she felt that I had enough of her breasts she sat up turned around and placed her juicy little pussy on my face.

I grabbed her little ass and held it tight as I tongue fucked that little busty girl takes care of a dick. She couldn't reach my cock from there with her mouth so she reached out and stroked it with her hands.

I was sure that she was using both of her hands because one would not have fit all the way around it alone.

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Right after her first orgasm she swung around and then sat down on my hard cock. Her pussy was a very nice tight fit. I could hardly believe it, when she sat all the way down and ground her pelvic bone into me. Suddenly I felt like a fucking giant. I was King Kong and Judy was Faye Ray.

She bounced up and down on me and I bounced up and down on the mattress. We quickly got into a rhythm where she was coming down as I was going up. When she landed she was catapulted right back up into the air.

It was like fucking her on a trampoline or on a waterbed, it was fantastic. She didn't weight anything and it was no effort at all to keep it up.

The sensation in my cock and balls told me that I couldn't last much longer so I gave Judy a warning. She rode me like a bucking bronco and she got a perfect score too.

I cast every vote that I could into her ballot box. Anyway we have a winner every time, as the guy in the sideshow would say. Judy just collapsed on my stomach and kissed each of my nipples. I just rubbed her little back and cupped her tiny ass cheeks.

I had one in each hand and not much to spare either. That had been the most amazing sex that I had ever had. At her request I carried Judy into my bedroom so that we could see what her husband and my wife were up too. My wife was lying flat on her back in the middle of our bed. Her C-cup breasts were heaving as she tried desperately to catch her breath. Her eyes were shut tightly. Her arms were up over her head holding onto the brass headboard.

That made her firm breasts rise up nicely from her ribcage. It accentuated her collarbone too. Her tummy was flattened out and her hipbones stuck up just enough. Jack was straddling one of her legs and had his arm in my wife's pussy almost to his elbow.

Judy explained to me just what I was seeing, "He very beautiful girl big lun his fist curled up inside her vagina and he is rocking his knuckles back and forth across her G-spot right behind her pelvic bone. He has driven her almost insane with sexual pleasure.

That is the Atomic Bomb that I was telling her to beauty in black stockings is sucking and riding for. Apparently she went for it." I asked, "Is that where the expression 'fuck her brains out' came from?" Judy smiled at me, threw her arms around my neck, and kissed me. Then she had me put her on the bed next to my wife's shoulder.

Judy put her ass in the air for me just in case I wanted another go at it while she sucked on my wife's breast. My wife's tit was almost as big as Judy's head. As I watched these two half-pints working on my wife I just had to smile.

Soon I was doing more than just smiling at them. I was hard again and I was slipping my cock back into Judy's tight little pussy. I grabbed onto her tits and slammed into her ass cheeks as I fucked her. I was watching what Jack was doing to my wife with his fist and he was watching what I was doing to his wife with my cock.

Occasionally we both watched what Judy was doing to my wife's breasts and nipples. All of a sudden everything happened at once. Jack had been humping my wife's leg and cum all over it. My wife had one final orgasm and screamed out with delight. Judy had an orgasm from all of her excitement. Of course I filled her up again with cum too. My wife hadn't opened her eyes or let go of the headboard when Judy sat on her face. Jack pulled his hand out of my wife's pussy.

Then Jack and I sat back to watch the girls. Jack said, "Your wife has very long sexy legs. I sure enjoyed humping her. The first time I cum in her it was in her ass. Apparently she likes smaller things in there. She said that you hurt her when you guys do anal. How did you do with Judy?" I replied, "Well Judy was on top the first time in the peni fack vs penis fack room and you saw the second time." Jack said, "Yeah, she likes to be on top.

A guy almost crushed her once after he came and collapsed on top of her. Maybe we can get the girls to suck us off before we have to get to the circus.

Will you stay and be our guests tonight? Please!" I replied, "I'd love too. Can you guys come back here and spend the night with us afterwards?" Judy looked up at me and said, "I'd love too." My wife finally spoke and said, "Me too." The End Midget Sex 133