Breasts miles sexy fack storys

Breasts miles sexy fack storys
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A taste of Satisfaction As we lay side by side, our eyes silently speak.

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I pull you closer too me and you respond in kind by accepting my invitation. I think about speaking, but i savour the rich metalically tasting blood in my mouth, letting the tip of my tongue search for the soon healing crack in my inner lip. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I look down and see your unforgettable eyes gazing back, your eyes were different an hour ago, an hour ago they were filled with strength, determination and venom, you were more lively then and so was i.

You had awoken my inner darkness, you had entered my sacred cave, flashed a torch and shocked at what you found.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You thought you were being clever, mischeviously barging into me, baiting a reaction, as I tried my best to concentrate on doing the dishes. The final straw came when you dug your nails, into my upper arms from behind me, and breaking the skin as you tear'd downwards. I spun with shock, bewilderment with a hint of anger in my eyes.

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You calmly smiled back not breaking my gaze and broke the silence. "What are you going to do about it?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I could sense you were going to do something but i didnt know what, then i seen it coming, your right shoulder twitched, as you started to draw your hand back.

A slap, i knew it. before you could unleash it, i rushed forward gripping your throat with my left hand, and forced you against the wall. I went to kiss you, but i felt a numbing, throbbing pain delivered to my shin.

You kicked me. You bitch, as i looked down towards my shin, you went to slap me and this time made it count. I felt not only the back of your hand, but the stone of your ring bite into my lower lip.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I could taste my own, warm metallic blood seeping into my mouth.

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I raised my free right hand to touch it, as I felt it, i seen the look in your eyes, there was no guilt, or remorse. There was no words from you but i knew what you wanted and what you craved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I took a step back releasing my grip. "Go on, do that again and see what happens." You knew i was being serious, you know i can control myself, but you also see something else in me, something you had never seen before.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You stepped forward with your left foot, your right hand went backwards, this time you were going to hit me with an open hand and step forward with you right as you would do it.

As i seen you put your weight on you left, i seized the opportunity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I swept your left foot away and stepped in towards you, grabbing you shirt swiftly as you lost your balance and headed to the floor.

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I pinned you too the floor with me straddling you, resting on my knees either side of you, you tried to punch, scratch and slap but to no avail. I had, had enough, I slapped you across the face, a brief glance of fear shot across your eyes, before the determination came back you started to struggle, but this time you got a more powerfull back handed slap. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then i heard the most beautiful words leave your swollen, bloody mouth.

"Kiss me." i could see your lips tainted with blood, i repositioned myself so i could lie next too you, i kissed you softly and pulled you close. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you'd like to leave feedback, please feel free to private mesage me.

This is my own work, and ideas, and is here for the pleasure, of yourselves. I do have various other short storys' so please also feel free to amateur teen spread pussy pawnstar meets a rockstar, I mainly write within the BDSM mindset, however there is a few other storys' which cater for different genres, well happy reading The author.