Sexy lesbians fill up their big asses with milk and blast it out

Sexy lesbians fill up their big asses with milk and blast it out
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John woke up that morning with a major headache. He walked downstairs slowly trying not to trip. "Hi hunni" his mom greeted him. "Hey mom" he grumbled dad takes compeers daughter on date first time birthday sex butt not for dad wrong sweetie" "my head is killing me" "" here baby" she walked to the bathroom came back and handed him some Advil.

As he walked to school his headache subsided but he still felt kind of weird. He went through the day not really paying attention. He was an A student but didn't have many friends. He never really wanted them. He never understood people. He was 5' 11 with an 8 inch cock and am even bigger libido.

Sitting In class he couldn't help staring put the window. That was until Olivia walked by. She was stunning and by far the hottest girl in 11th grade. He stared in awe as she walked by. Hed had some pretty kinky thoughts about her in the past. She walked past and sat in her seat. As the teacher talked Olivia's pencil rolled off the desk and onto the ground.

As she got up to get it he thought "I wish shed bend over and show me her ass." As she bent over to get the pencil she shook her ass at him and when she stood up she looked a little dazed she sat back down with an odd look on her face.

John sat there amazed it must have been a coincidence he thought but as the day went on he wasn't so sure. At lunch after he thought it Kate a hot chick at his table deepthroated her banana. His cute math teacher put her whole fist in her mouth after he thought it when everyone left after the bell rang. After each of these things happened the girl had a weird look on her face like she didn't know what had just happened.

He thought about this he walked out to his car. He saw Kate and Olivia walking to their cars together. kate said goodbye and drove away while Olivia just stood there dazed. "Did I do that" he thought. She slowly nodded.

"shit" He said. "Olivia" "yes" she answered "Get in my fucking car now" "okay john" She got in "You call me sir bitch got it" "yes sir "And you're name is bitch you do whatever I say when I say it".

he was on the way home knowing his mom wouldn't be there. About half way she asked "where am I what are we doing" "no talking bitch" He thought for a minute they were still pretty far from his house and having Olivia right there and controlling her had his cock rock hard. "Olivia get over here and suck my cock" "Yes sir" she leaned over and unzipped his pants. She took a minute to look at his huge cock. "Yeah bitch I want all that in your mouth now" and with that she took it all.

She bobbed her head up and down and gave him the best blow job he's ever had. He felt himself about to cum and he grabbed all her hair and pulled her head up to him "when I let go of you you go back to sucking and when I cum you swallow it all got it bitch" she nodded as her mascara ran down her face. "that's what I thought".

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He let go and again she took the whole thing he kept driving but took one hand of the wheel. He pinched her nose so she couldn't breathe she began to gag on his cock and she tried to pull up.

" did I say you could stop" she started to bob her head up and down her throat massaging his cock. "Yes" he grunted and he came in her mouth remembering his order she swallowed all of his cum He pulled into the driveway "go inside and strip bitch" she walked in and he followed close behind. She walked in the front door and took off her tight clothes before he could shut the door. "On your knees bitch" she dropped the the ground "crawl upstairs into my room its the first one on the right" he watched her ass wiggle as she climbed up the stairs "kneel in front of the bed" He ordered "okay bitch now I'm going to fuck your face and you may not do anything to stop me" he walked over and shoved his cock in her mouth.

She gagged and john saw tears run down her face but she didn't try to stop him he held her nose and fucked her another minute. "I think you've been a good little whore so far I'll give you a break. He let go of her nose and pulled his cock out. He glanced at the clock and saw he still had a long time before his mom would be home " olivia "yes sir" "are you a virgin" "yes sir" she said to him.

"Stick your fingers in your cunt and fuck yourself bitch" she did as she was told and began to moan "I want the truth Olivia may I fuck you pussy and tight little asshole?" "No" she said with a very confused look on her face. "Bitch make yourself cum now!" He lily mays matured twat slammed by her partner from behind outdoor at her.

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He watched as she moved her fingers in and out of her pussy. She began to moan louder and louder and then she shook in a violent orgasm.

"Get up and kneel on the bed" he told skinny teen gina gerson gets dp for christmas. She stood up and walked over to the bed still shaking "im going to fuck your nice big titties and every sound that comes out of my mouth will make you hornier and hornier you'll beg me to fuck your pussy but the only thing that will make you cum is my dick up your ass and once you realize that you'll do anything you can to get it.

Got it bitch?" "Yes sir" "then let's get started" "Hold your tits together" he told her as her put is dick inbetween. He fucked her like this for a little.he grunted and called her a whore and he watched her squirm on the bed knowing she wanted his cock. "Suck my cock bitch" he said to her as he shoved it down her throat.

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She pulled back for air "sir?" she said softly "May I please have your cock in my pussy" "no bitch" He said and fucked her titties hard and continued grunting. "Please sir I'll do anything I need your cock in my cunt" "Okay bitch" he pushed her over and rammed his cock into her pussy she moaned loud. Her cherry had already been popped he assumed since his dick went in so easily. "You like that bitch" he said and he continued to fuck sexsex story girl school com hard.

" yes yes yes" she moaned she tried to rub her clit to cum but had no luck she could only moan in pleasure.

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She took her finger stuck it in her mouth and sucked it. He fucked her hard and fast, she stuck her finger in juicy snatch team fucked hard hardcore and blowjob ass then as he went to push his cock in she moved and he shoved his cock right into her asshole and bottomed out the first try.

"Ahhh" she screamed and violently shook her ass gripped him like a vice he continued to fuck her tight little ass as best he could while she shook and screamed.

He felt his load building and shot it all in to her ass. they both collapsed on the bed "olivia " she looked at him dazed "you will remember none of this I want you to walk to your car drive home and if your parents ask where you've been tell them we were at the library and we are partners for a project in science got it?" "Yes sir" He walked her down the stairs and helped her get her clothes on "oh and bitch whenever you're horny you think of me and masturbate thinking of me by you will not cum only I can make you cum you find an excuse and come here got it?" "Yes sir" He watched her walk out and down the street heading towards the school he thought of the cum that must be leaking out her sore little ass and got rock hard as his mom walked through the door.

"Hi hunni how was your day" " mom suck my dick"