Rapidinhas putona leva uma pirocona de respeito

Rapidinhas putona leva uma pirocona de respeito
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Things get weird when your best friend moves away. I'd known Richie just about my entire life. We'd done just about everything together and now he was gone. His whole family was gone, even his sexy sister Jeannie.

Watching their car pull away had been one of the toughest moments of my life. Now, here it was, a sunny summer day and I had no idea what to do with myself, by myself. I rode my bike for a while, just drifting, then I decided to head to the cave.

Richie and I had spent a lot of time in the cave the previous two summers. We'd found a smaller cave way off the back of the main one.

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It was our secret place. Most people didn't even know about the main cave, you had to go through a bunch of bushes just to find it. Finding the small cave was almost like finding a secret in a secret. I had to crouch a bit in the main cave to avoid bumping my head.

Though I could still see the mouth of the cave, the back portions were dark. Without a light, I had to crawl on my hands and knees and feel along the wall to find the opening to the small cave. I finally located the opening and crawled in. I sat comfortably in the dark remembering the cool times Richie and I had here. This is where he'd taught me how to masturbate and described watching his sister and cousin naked while we did it.

Alone in the dark, I stripped off my jeans and laid down on them. My cock was already half hard. I was thinking of Jeannie's naked body and becoming harder when I first heard the voices.

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I froze for a moment and then turned to look out the opening into the main cave. A boy and a girl were in the cave. I couldn't make out what they were saying. They'd moved a bit back from the cave mouth but were still a bit in the light. With my head in the dark passageway, I knew they couldn't see me. She had wavy red hair and running her hands through it.

As Richie would say, "she had a rack to die for" on a short but pretty la directrice est une nympho. The guy was kind of tall and skinny. His small backpack made him look like he had hump. "You didn't tell me there were going to be so many damn bushes." "That's what makes it cool" the guy replied as opened the pack.

He pulled out a blanket and spread it out on the cave floor.

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"Our own little love cave!" The girl giggled and pulled her tee shirt over her head. Underneath was a small green bikini top; it looked like it was just barely holding her big breasts.

When she dropped her jeans, I felt my cock begin to harden again. She was wearing a green thong. Her butt cheeks seemed to glow in the dim light. She crawled on top of the guy and pulled off his shirt. When she bent down to kiss him I thought her tits were going to fall out of her tiny bra. She was moaning lightly and rubbing her thong on his jeans clad crotch. He undid her bra and freed up her big round tits, they swayed side to side with her grinding motions.

The guy grabbed one in each hand and began rubbing them causing the girl to break the kiss and sit up with her hands dug into her hair, still grinding her crotch into his. I began paying a bit more attention to brown sugar show her blowing white dick show her how to fuck own crotch. She slid down and unbuckled his jeans, pulling them down to his feet and then straight off.

He was now spread on the blanket with his long thin cock pointed toward the ceiling. She crawled back up his legs, her tits dangling and rubbing up against him. Her hand went around his dick and she began to slowly stroke it. I was stroking mine, imagining her hand. When she started sucking on it, that took a bit more imagination but it was certainly helped by watching her butt rock up and down in time with her head.

The guy reached down and sunk his hands in her hair. He was groaning a napile girl xxx bf forest time. She released his wet dick, reached over him for his backpack and found a condom.

I watched her slide it gently onto his hard cock. With one hand, she pulled off the thong. She squatted over him, her pussy just a few inches above the guy's rubberized prick, she hung there, teasing him a moment. He arched his back a bit. She grabbed his dick and slid it inside her.

They both groaned with pleasure.

His hands were on her nice round butt as she slowly rode his cock. She was kneading her big breasts and had begun moaning. They when on like this for a few minutes, their naked bodies rocking together to her hypnotic fucking beat, a beat that was becoming a bit more insistent.

She threw back her head. The sound of her heavy breathing carried all they way to the back of the cave. The guy's fingers dug deeper into her ass cheeks.

She released her breasts and moved down to club group sex proves real fun for everyone him.

Her hips were pumping faster. He was matching her stroke for stroke. I could hear their naked flesh slapping together over her now heavy moaning. He was hanging on to her ass for dear life as she thrashed on top of him, completely out of control with lust, pounding his body with her passion. It sounded like she growled when she arched her back, driving his cock deep into her hungry pussy, milking it as she came loud and hard.

He arched up toward her. For a few moments his ass was off the blanket as he strained to go even deeper inside her to shoot his load.

I held my breath as I shot my load onto the cave floor. It rushed out of me in a hot flood. I bit my lip to keep from gasping even though they probably couldn't hear me over their own gasps and groans.

They lay on the blanket, slowly rubbing each other's nudity for several minutes. I flinched when he threw his soggy condom toward the back of the cave, even though it didn't come close. It wasn't too long before they started getting dressed. I waited a few more minutes before pulling on my jeans. I couldn't wait to get home and write Richie a letter. The boy was going to cream his pants when he read this one!