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In this story, no one under the age of fourteen has any sex. And it should be noted, that this is just a story and not a diary of my experiences.

Author's Note. Some time ago I wrote a series of stories entitled: WHAT IF 1 thru 4. These stories are an updating of them, with additional accounts. None of them really happened.

They are only second guesses as to what might have happened at nexus points in various romantic adventures in my life. MISSED OPPORTUNITIES AND REGRETS 1: I guess that almost everyone in their later years looks back on opportunities that they passed over to their regret now. Can't be helped. A lot of opportunities missed were in a bunch of opportunities, where only one or a few could be chosen, thus looking past some others that just couldn't be wedged into the spaces that they might have thrived in.

In my current exploration of this issue, I will look back on some romantic opportunities that I just flat whiffed on. And I will, because of the sensibilities of this board, they start out at my age of fourteen the earliest. And I have to acknowledge the presence of an Obi Wan kind of influence on my right shoulder and a Darth Sidious one on my left. In my real life, I like most listened to the R/H side most often and suffered some serious slugs in the ribs, when I lowered myself to the L/H side.

But, for the purpose of this dissertation, I will assume that I would have gotten off relatively unscathed, if I had leaned significantly to my L/H side with some of my romantic decisions.

At age of fourteen, I was in the ninth grade in a Junior High School as they called them in those days. I was the youngest in my graduating class and so was always a grade forward of where my age would have naturally put me. It was not due to any educational genius or anything like that, though I did after a first two grade struggle regularly get fine grades.

But, it was because I was moved from one school district to another when I was about to be put into kindergarten and ended up in first grade instead. No one ever thought to correct that error. But, in the ninth grade, I was just beginning Algebra and other courses much more testing than what I had dealt with up to then. So, they took up a lot of my attentions.

Besides, I was to start ninth grade, still sort of short for my age, very slim and a member of a very unpopular religion. This severely restricted any romantic interests in coming into my life. Even though, I was expected to only pursue girls in my faith, they were determinately not interested in me at the time. This was not due to any bad impressions that I made, most of them were rather polite to me.

I was just not equipped by temperament, possessions (like a car,) nor the look to get their advanced attentions. The girls in my neighborhood had much of the same attitude towards me. Only one, a rough and ready gal, showed me any malevolence. But, she was of a stocky build, but not at all unattractive, but was resistive to any boy's attentions.

Interestingly, her mother was one of my dearest confidants at this stage of my life and would respectfully discuss ANY concerns that I might have in my youthful development. I actually learned a lot more from her in my advancing at the stage of my life than anyone else, male or female, that had any influence on me.

But, she didn't bar me from her harridan daughter, instead she protected me from her. There was another girl next door, who was very cute and nicely mannered, but she was sweet on a guy just across the street from her and they eventually married and seemed very happy together. The only girls then that gave me any attentions at all were two girls of the only two black families in town. They were not poor people and were also from a very strict religion, just not the one that I belonged to.

They first came to my attentions in gym class when we had to learn to dance. No, not the rock-n-roll or other popular dances of the day, but ballroom dancing, like the Waltz, the the boss and hannah hays fuck like rabbits step and the Schottische. I didn't object to the dances, but until the two ebony girls started to dance with me, I had a very hard time finding partners.

If other girls were assigned to me, they didn't get out knives and stab me in the back, but they let it be known to me that they were not pleased by it. At that time, Mill City was not a hotbed of racial strife.

The worst thing around then was the prejudice against 'indians,' which was a horror of its own. But, the two girls who were very pretty and pleasantly friendly, to even me, also had trouble getting dance partners in class, with the same results with the guys that were assigned to them.

After all, the population of the city had come from all parts of the country, even the South, and their prejudices tend to be rather 'catchy' to those of little minds. So, there was a rather low grade backlash against the girls, though not at all virulent. But, I was raised in a religion that deemed all people as 'of God's children' with no racial prejudices at all. As far as I can tell, I never have had any such feelings in my life. I just have been raised to treat people as they are and act, not based on any preconceived notions about them.

So,………&hellip. I was very comfortable in dancing with them, and because of this, they seemed to like dancing with me, too. Now, I never amwf sasha sweet fucks an asian cock anything with either of them. Just never thought of it at the time. But, what if I had done so?

What might have happened? Mary and Eloise are dear friends and just approaching the age of fifteen. There were no black boys of a viable age in town yet, so their social opportunities were limited to fun with their families and each other. Both were chaffing at the bit, so to speak at the time and desirous of advancing in adult like behavior right away.

One afternoon, with them at Mary's house and the windows heavily closed to view from the outside (a habit they brought from the South for good reasons) the subject of boys came to their attentions. Hidden cam at beach toilet the lack of viable dating material. "What are you going to do this weekend, Eloise?

I am tired of doing everything with my family. As dear as they are. I would like to meet a boy and have some social fun with him." "Oh Mary, you have been on this topic for the last several months.

You know that there are no likely boys of our age here for the present. We likely will have to wait until we are in college to meet any." "Oh, Drats!!!

You mean that you are willing to give up three more years of dating and fun, to wait until college to find out what romance is like?" [Mary] "What choice do we have? What boys locally would want to date us?

It is not that any of them are cruel to us, they just don't seem to be interested, since none of them are black like us." [Eloise] "Yeah, I know. The boys at school treat us rather politely. Even the 'southern' boys, since the teachers here would not put up with anything else.

But, I think that they enjoy not having to act out their parent's prejudices anyway. But, that will probably change as they get older and more assimilated into their social structures." [Mary] "What about Denny, the J.W. boy that the gym teacher keeps assigning us to dance with? He seems very nice, and he doesn't seem a bit uncomfortable in dancing with us, does he?" [Eloise] "No, he doesn't!

When we do blonde teen blowjob swallow and white milf playfellowly family competition waltz, he holds me very close and seems to enjoy doing so. Do you think that we could talk our parents into letting us date him though he is a J.W. and a white boy?" [Mary] "I don't know. They might not like it that he is white, because of the usual attitude of white boys towards black girls, that they are to be used. But, heck! Many of the black boys feel the same way and would never treat a white girl like they thought that they could get away with in treating a black one.

And besides, since he comes from a religion even more strict than out Baptist one, that might work in our favor." [Eloise] "You know, you might be right about that. Let's try and run that by our parents to see what happens." [Mary] What happened was a lot of resentment and resistance from both sets of parents over this thought.

In addition to the age issues and the issue of me being white, there was the perky tits babe ava taylor drilled real good over a backlash of a white boy and a black girl dating.

But, with the obvious concern of the girls missing out in their youth in what a lot of other girls were already experiencing, and with no suitable black boys in the area for them to practice their wiles on, they relented and agreed to meet this Denny boy on their own home turf, one of their homes. So, they set up things with me, with saying that they each needed a bit of help in doing the poem memorizations for English class. We each had to memorize a certain number of lines of poetry to pass this class.

We had the whole year to do it, but time was running out on our efforts and the girls were only half way there. I hadn't yet recited one word of one, but everyone was expectant of my doing so, since I was a vocal busybody in class. Why they didn't just do this between them, was glossed over and ignored by them and me. So, on a Saturday afternoon, after I had been out in the door to door with my religious friends, I was cleared by my mother to attend to this meeting.

She couldn't wait to hear what the result of it would be, and that was probably the main reason that she okayed it. She was also concerned that Katie kox outdoor solo strip strip outdoor blonde big-tits hd po tube porn wasn't getting along with any of the other females in my age ebony minx maya bijou enjoys robbers big cock at this time.

So, I walked the fifteen or so blocks to the house and recognized it as one that I had visited in my ministry in the past. The people in it had not been interested, but had also been very polite to me in their refusal of the magazines or the invitation to attend our meetings. I had felt very good when leaving their door, though that was the usual reception that I got.

Very few people were rude to me. I moved up to the door and the mother came and recognized me. I smiled to her and said, I am sorry ma'am, but I don't have any magazines today.

I am here at the invitation of Mary and Eloise to help them on an English class assignment. She broadly smiled at my introduction and guided me into their home, their sanctuary from all of the world's stresses and concerns. At the sound of the doorbell, the girls had rushed down the stairs to greet me and then took me under their arms to move up to Mary's bedroom for us to work on the school assignment.

That was of course forgotten as soon as the bedroom door closed. The mother later came by and cracked it open, but when the girls saw that they soon closed it again and I guessed that mother thought that the two girls would well be able to take care of themselves after all.

The girls got out a monopoly game and we began to play as we discussed school concerns and the process of growing up and trying to get our parents to recognize our adult status. This was a bit premature at the time as you would guess. And as the game progressed, with them playing 'nice' with me, Mary brought up that her aunt across the country was writing letters to her about a lot of adult things to help her be protected from doing anything that could ruin her future with boys.

My eyes looked up and my ears perked up at that, since I was feverishly curious about the same things.

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The books in those days, except for the pornography which was totally unavailable to young ones like us, were seriously short on deions and pictures of the things we really wanted to know. She was about to get the letter out and share it with me, when her mother came into the room and caught us playing a board game. "Aha!' Came out her retort. But, seeing nothing to be concerned about, she asked if we would like some snacks, and we said, "Yes!" So, she left to get them for us.

In only a few minutes, she brought up some really good cookies and three glasses of milk. I thanked her and she smiled at that. A white boy, with manners! She was impressed.

When the door closed we were alone for several hours as the mother had to go downtown and do some kind of chore there. When the front door closed and we heard the car move out, the letter came out and the girls eagerly began to share its contents with me.

With bright and enthusiastic eyes, the girls began step sister fucks and sucks while wearing ankle brace share with me. Mary would read a section of the letter and then Eloise would explain it to me in words that I would understand. It involved a lot of sexual practices that I was totally unaware of. It mentioned boys kissing and licking on girl's privates and girls doing the reverse for boys. It mentioned that oral sexual practices and the boy going up the girls, anal cavity was fun and avoided the production of babies.

It told about rubbers that allowed a boy to go up into the baby making chamber of the girl, without a baby resulting.

STDs were not of a concern among us at our ages and in those times.

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After we had read the whole letter and digested the information there, the girls got a bit forward and asked if I would like to see the locations on their bodies that were referred to.

I got really excited about that, because that was something that I really wanted to see and know about. So, first Mary, backed up on the bed and raised her skirt up high for me to see her panties. Without even knowing what was underneath, I got very excited at that. She let blonde babe likes to please a dick rub my hand on the fabric in her panty area, and I could feel the warmth and some of the wetness there.

I was a bit concerned that she had wet her panties, but since she was not shy about it, I deduced that something else was happening. Then Eloise, opened her blouse and let me see and feel her small breasts. She usually wore a trainer bra, but had somehow missed putting one on that day. And when they had me move my mouth up to them after having fondled them with my hands, I was beside myself with enthusiasm.

And when my mouth moved up to take in the nipple, I was transcended back to my nursing days with my mother and didn't want to leave the small black and beauteous titty. Mary, then mentioned that she would like attentions to her other area and so moved to the side of the bed and removed her panty to my delight in finally getting to see directly the very private place of girlhood.

It was so gorgeous in its simple beauty. The little amount of curly hair, the obvious slit moving from her belly to her backside. The little 'dick' pointing out of the top of her crevice and soon the rosy colored and lip surrounded hole up into her lovely belly.

I just couldn't get enough of this. At this point, they wanted to see my equipment in its entirety and so I bashfully, with a lot of their help undid my trousers and let them lower my shorts to bring their area of interest in view.

They were very complimentary of my then unrisen penis and when it began to rise up due to their handsie treatments, they were even more amazed at it. Then, they asked that I experiment with her 'pussy' area, as it was called it the letter, and promised that Eloise would play with my penis as I did so.

So, Mary settled down on the side of the bed with her legs splayed out, and as I knelt on the floor before her, Eloise moved so that her mouth was on my 'dick,' big sister gives little brother a handjob it was called, and began to work on me at the same time. At first, I only paid attention to Mary and her pretty pussy. I smelled really good and tasted even better. As I was progressing in licking and suckling it, I thought that I could hear the door open, and a bit of a 'whoop; from Mary.

But, if it did, nothing else happened and we continued on our way. As I progressed with Mary, I could taste something very sweet coming out of her birth port. It was smearing all over my face, and I loved it. I didn't think that I would ever want it to be washed off. And while this was going on, I felt myself to be slightly leaking into Eloise's mouth too.

But, neither of them were making any effort at all to change our positions. Finally, Mary began to heft her short and pretty body around under my efforts and then she let loose again out of her body and her tummy became a riot of shaking and trembling with her mouth letting out some very loud shouts.

With this, I felt something spurting out of my dick and thought that Eloise would pull away, but she didn't. I could feel her gathering it up in her mouth and swallowing it. She then took my legs in her arms and pulled her mouth up so that my dick was fully entered into her throat. She sucked on me very hard to evidently get all of the rest out of me and then relaxed and rose to kiss me on the face as I moved back reluctantly from Mary's pussy. With all of this done, we gathered up on the bed and hugged each other for some minutes, until it was time for me to leave.

As I rose up to do so, they in turn kissed me very affectionately and asked me to come again. I said that I would, if I could and thanked them for inviting me.

When I got down to the living room, the mother was unexpectantly sitting on the couch. I thought that she would be downtown much longer than this. She looked up to me and said that it was nice that I could visit. And in passing she mentioned that she had heard shouting from up there. I just passed it off as her celebrating winning at one of the games that we had played. Mom was evidently guessing what that game might have been. And then she advised me that she would talk to the girls about me coming again.

With that I took my leave and walked back home in a daze at having learned a whole lot about the things that I was very curious about at the time.

When I got home, my mother asked me very curiously about how things had gone, but evidently with the odors on my face, guessed how thing had worked out and smiled at me. When I saw Mary at lunch the next school day, she motioned for us to meet out in the playground in an isolated corner and when I got there, she told me that her mother had checked her out to see if she was still officially a virgin, and when that was determined to be true, despite the obvious 'fun' that we had had, she told her daughter, that she could continue to see me at their place as long as that remained true.

Eloise's mother didn't seem as concerned about this, when she was told of what had probably happened at Mary's home. And I was welcome to go there too, if the opportunity presented itself. I had visited on several times at each of their houses over the next couple of months and things had stayed the same. We didn't always play intimately, but when we did we traded the girls in the places and things went pretty much as it had on the first time.

Then on the Christmas holiday, Mary's folks decided to travel back home to the grandmother's place for the holidays and so Eloise and I were left to ourselves. Since, her mother wasn't as concerned about things as Mary's girls with big tits please a horny guy, we found ourselves in her bedroom alone and with time on our hands.

Two person monopoly isn't that much fun and so after a few minutes of 'hee hawing' around, we got into some very serious intimate play. Eloise had a lock on her door, since she had brothers who were nosy about her business, so she locked it and we both got naked and entered under her blankets to do some more exploring.

After a few minutes, the boys came by the room and tried the door. When it didn't open they threatened Eloise with telling on her to their mother, but she came by right about that time and told them in definite terms to strictly leave Eloise and her friend totally alone.

Nothing was ever heard from them again when he visited her. Meantime, I and Eloise were under the sheets and playing with each other's bodies. She was delighted when I played with her pussy with my hands and fingers, especially when I accompanied that with suckling on her growing tits. And I was about out of my mind, when she did the same for my dick.

Finally, it got to be too much, and she whispered into my ear, "Do it now!" Without having to be instructed, I knew exactly what she was talking about and so when she backed up on to her back and opened her legs, I move my dick up to her widened out legs and took my first trip up into girl wonderland. And it must have been her first time, too. Since, I could feel something gently rip and then a slickness usually associated with bleeding occurred.

When I looked down at my dick on one of the near withdrawals, I could see red on it, but she seemed to be unconcerned about it, so I continued on what came naturally and that was me gently probing in and out of her.

With this, her eyes got more than a bit wild looking and her mouth became twisted in a combination of a smile and grimace.

When out of concern for her, I began to slow down and maybe to stop, she suddenly looked up to me and said, "No keep on, I am almost there!" I could guess where she was talking about, but no guessing was necessary when it came, and I emptied up into her at the same time.

With that I relaxed down on to her tummy with my knees taking most of the weight and we just held on to each other tightly and marveled at the feelings that we had just experienced. When we came out of our highs, we could think of nothing else to share right then, and so I excused myself to go home. When I got on the way to the front door, her mother took me into her arms and guided me to the door and smiled at me as I left.

When Mary got back with her family, evidently Eloise told her all about it, and then Mary was concerned that she get the same treatment, despite the promise that she had made to her mother. So, she arranged for her and I to meet up at the forested park, that with the majority of trees being evergreen, was still dense and with many hiding places even in the winter.

We met in a familiar hiding place to us, on a day when few others would be there, due to the wet and cold rain pelting down around it. But, in the place that we sought out, the trees over hung and so on the ground you only got a cold drop once in a while.

Mary didn't want to waste time, so she spread out the blanket that she had brought and lifted her skirt up to reveal panty less privates for my adoration and usage. I got right down to business in giving them to oral blonde gets horny so she fucks her teacher scene vipro cz that she loved and then backed up for her to get me up strong and stiff.

With that and her admonition to not waste time, I entered right up into her. There was no resistance, and so in some way she had already lost her hymen (Actually it happened at the dick of one of her cousins while on the trip.) and cute babe in striped socks plays with herself I moved up deeply into her right away and she shuddered and moaned at my plunging into her and led me tightly around the waist as I began to move in and almost out of her.

She began to exhort me in my efforts and when we both came, she let out a sigh and grabbed me up to her and kissed me very fervently. Then we adjusted our clothes and dressed to go home. I saw the girls for a few months later and then they invited me over and let me down gently.

They told me how very much they loved me and had totally enjoyed our time of discovery together, but that with all of us approaching sixteen, that we would have to break it off, since there in those times, there was no future in it.

There were other black families moving into town, and there were boys their ages among them. They also mentioned our religious differences, that would become much more important to them as they grew older and began to make families of their own. So, with a lot of tears, they dismissed me out of their lives and sincerely wished me well into my future. I eventually married a very nice young lady years later and when I would see Mary and Eloise around town they would always smile at me.

Some years after this we all met at a community picnic and I was introduced to their husbands. They took a look at me and wondered what this was all about, but the ladies covered over and just mentioned that I had been their dance partner during what was now called middle school when no others would do so.

And both husbands, with a bit of suspicions that it had been more, accepted this provisionally and were very polite to me. My wife never found out about it. When we all hit our fifties, they felt that enough was enough and so they would gather me up into their arms when they encountered me anywhere and whisper into my ears, that they very much remembered our fun and treasured the memories of them.

I always left with a bit of heartache over what might have been, though my life as it turned out to be was very fine, too. And so was theirs, too! This is a contrived story, not an actual autobiography.

No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. * 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 * MISSED OPPORTUNITIES AND REGRETS 2: For the purposes of this story, none of the things in the first of these stories actually happened. Only the dancing in gym class.

So, my youth moved on with no active involvement in a girlfriend. However, starting in my tenth year, I picked berries for summer cash. The legal age was then twelve, but I was sneaked into the patch and for raspberries matched up with a taller person to pick the upper half of the row, while I took care of the bottom half. I got only half as many berries as my partner, but I would have not gotten any, if I hadn't agreed to this.

When I got to twelve, I was tall enough to do the rows alone, but by then I had moved on to strawberries which made me a lot more money. The strawberry pickers were divided into two groups, the cannery pickers and the commercial pickers. The cannery pickers like me, picked the berries to be turned in with no stems, nor petals on them. The commercial pickers picked them to be sold hot milf rachel starr suck the masseur charles dera bubblebutt cheating and so they were dressed up with the stems and petals on them.

It took a very special ability to do this, as the stem had to be cut with the thumbnail. Mostly this was done by Hispanic pickers, because they were very skillful in this type of thing. And they got paid more per volume because of it. I was a very diligent picker, who always showed up for work and finished my rows in pretty good order. I did get chewed out a couple of times, but was kept on because of my regularity and also because I didn't raise any trouble, like some of the other guys did.

Some of the feisty ones would fight, and bother the girls just trying to make a few bucks. My last year picking was when I was about to turn sixteen and enter my Junior year of High School. As usual, I was working hard on my picking and not noticing the girls that were on either side of me. No, I wasn't blind. Just focused on the job at hand. Sloppy creampie for the wonderful alexa nicole brunette and blowjob I also didn't notice was that for some reason these girls would ask for rows on either side of me, lag behind me, and pick off any of the few berries that I missed.

They were fast enough pickers that they could have picked two rows at a time next to me and even then passed me up. But, at this time, they weren't. After a few days of this, where I was getting special attentions from the row bosses because of my unusually clean picked rows, the girls up and asked if they could have their lunches with me in the trees outside the field.

It was very cool there in the hot sun, and private, too. When we settled down, I asked them why they had chosen to eat with me, the middle one told me that a few of the rowdy boys had been bothering them and they thought that if they sat with me, that they would be left alone. I was stunned by that, because there was nothing threatening about me that could be called upon to defend them. But, evidently because they were with me, they were left alone, not out of fear of me, but because I would be a witness to any bothering that they did of the girls and if I said anything about it, they would be permanently barred from the fields.

So, they continued to help me, which I still didn't know about, and they shared lunch with me each day. The girls were sisters, Rebecca, the oldest, being almost a year older than me. Julie, the second one was my age. And Jody, the youngest was about a year younger than me. Towards the end of the season, I asked the oldest one, if she would like to date. She said that she would be busy until school started, but would consider it then.

And during the second week of school, we both attending the same one, I brought it up again and she somewhat reluctantly agreed. Her parents were very strict with their girls, but when told of the religion that I belonged to, agreed to let me date Rebecca as long as I didn't interfere with her faith.

I promised to be respectful to that.

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We dated several times, always with my sister and her boyfriend. He was old enough to have a car then. We went to movies and out to burger it. My favorite times with her, were in the backseat as we rode up into the mountains to watch the scenery. However, the scenery that I was most interested in was Rebecca.

She was very friendly and affectionate. Let me kiss her, hug her and feel up her breasts through her blouse. Nothing south of that, though. After a couple of months of this, when I went to pick her up for a supposed date, her mother came into the living room where I was seated on the couch waiting for Rebecca and carefully let me know that Becky was breaking it off with me.

When a few tears formed in my eyes, she moved to the couch and gathered me up into her arms and told me that I was a very nice boy, but Rebecca had fallen in love with an older man of the church and was going to marry him as soon as she graduated. She asked me to not latina rides a big cock inside her butt badly of her daughter, and that she had liked me very much, but that her life was going to move on now.

Then with a kiss to the cheek and a hug around the shoulders, I got off of the couch and slowly stepped to my car parked outside. I felt totally defeated by this.

It was my first serious girlfriend and my first rejection, too. I must have been as white as a sheet and barely able to get the car door open and get myself inside to drive grand father rap son wife and figure out how I was going to last the rest of my life without her.

As I was struggling to get into the car, Julie rushed out to help me. She reached in and hugged me and asked if there was anything she could do for me. With miserable eyes, I said that I didn't know what that would be. So, she moved around the car and got into the passenger side and spoke very gently with me.

Then she asked if I would like to associate with her till I got over the hurt and maybe beyond. At that, her mother came out on the porch and called her in to the house. Julie shook her head and finished the conversation with me, and we made plans to see each other the next weekend, in some secret way. Then she got out of the car and rushed back to the house and alexis amore interactive latin lover to it.

So, the next weekend from school, I picked her up at the end of her driveway, hidden from the house, just as we had planned at school. I took her to a movie so that we could be hidden alone out of public view so that her mother wouldn't find out. We sat up high so that we could talk, and when she started to apologize for Becky, I told her that I wasn't interested anymore. That I recognized what was said and had no desire to interfere with it. Julie then took me into her arms and kissed me for several minutes.

I had no plans to do anything but be with Julie that night and so was surprised that she was being much more forward than Becky had been. Right here on our first date, she was welcoming me feeling up her breasts; not as full as her sister's, but just as firm, and also allowing me to reach up under her blouse to feel them inside of the cups of her bra, with no resistance at all.

I was starting to feel a bit guilty about maybe taking advantage of her, until in the movies light, I could see her happy smile at what we were doing. When I looked at her quizzically, she just raised her eyebrows and kissed me again. So, I figured that she was fine with what was going on and not as determined to hold to all of the rules of her faith, like Becky was. She next raised the bar, by moving one hand to my lap and begin to gently stroke my penis through my jeans.

This got its attentions rather quickly and I was worried about cumming into them, not that I had done this before, but I had experienced night emissions and so had a good reason to suspect what was about to happen. But, she borrowed my hankie and opened my zipper and gathered up my penis to allow it to empty into the hankie's folds. And when that was done, she closed me back up and kissed me again, while taking the hankie and folding it to stow it in her purse.

We then let ourselves pay more attentions to the movie and continued with the kissing and my caressing of her breasts under her blouse. Just before the movie was over, she moved my other hand to be upon her lap and let me stroke whatever was underneath the fabric. She moaned just a little at that. Then before it got dark outside, I drove her home to the end of the driveway and let her out and she smiled as she walked away.

At this time I was a Junior and she was a Sophomore. And they didn't usually associate together. No ranking can be as rigid as class consciousness in high school. Even the lunches for the different classes were staggered. But, we still found ways to meet and plan our times together, since I didn't dare call her, nor her to me when she was at home.

Eventually, her mother found out about us, but since it had gone on for some time with no apparent trauma to her daughter by then, she acknowledged our relationship and allowed me to pick her up at her door, but not come in. Her mother was not as friendly to me anymore, but was civil to me when we encountered each other. And she wasn't as concerned about Julie's faith, because she definitely wasn't taking it as seriously as Becky had.

On one of the times after that, when we were parked and actually talking with each other, she brought up a couple of things that had been preying on my mind, but hadn't know how to introduce into a discussion, much less start as activities. Her mother knowing of where this relationship was likely to go, since we were at least a couple of years before we could marry, had filled Julie onto some facts to help us to not start a family too soon.

She knew that guys were very unreliable in rubber usage, and that there were no reliable pregnancy avoidance products available at that time. So, she shared some knowledge about oral sex, both on each other and shared and anal sex, which was actually illegal at that time. But, that neither of them would get a girl pregnant, which was her main concern. And she offered that if we only had intercourse from three days before her period until three days afterwards, that there was very little likelihood that Julie would get pregnant then either.

And so Julie had promised her mother to abide by that. I asked her why english sexy sex stories story download mother had done that, and she said that her mother was a very serious Christian and firmly believed in their standards of conduct, but she was pragmatic, also.

She knew that Julie and I were good kids, and serious Christians. But, she also knew that religion tends to be tuned off when the hormones started talking in a young one's life. So, to prevent a lifelong regret, she would allow short term compromises so that we could get to be adults, without any disaster falling on us on the way. I had rarely in my short life ever heard of such wisdom.

After all God is forgiving, so if we got past these years, and especially if we later married and raised a Christian family of our own, he would likely set this aside and judge us by how we turned out, and not by how we got there.

So, I didn't feel that the door was open or anything like that, just that if things happened, we would be protected from dire circumstances coming from it. Turned out that a couple of months later, we found ourselves alone at my family's cabin in the woods.

No one was expected to visit it for some time, since they were on vacation in California, going to Disneyland. So, with her mother's knowledge, we got to stay over in the cabin for a couple of days and play house during that time.

We had such a fun time walking in the woods, doing a little fishing and talking about ourselves and our futures. She wasn't horny luscious lisa ann loves a good fucker on attending college, but was planning on going to business school to learn to be a receptionist and a bookkeeping clerk. She really wanted to aim her life at being a fine wife and mother to a bunch of children that looked just like her and me.

So, for this little time for us, she wanted to practice a bit in the making of them. She had just finished her period the day before, so all bets were on. After a respectable dinner and cooling off on the porch, we retired to the bedroom and I got to see her in a complete light this time, with no sneaking around nor hiding out.

She stood up naked after undressing in front of me, in all of her glory. A fine looking young woman, with all of the features that I so had hoped to share with someday. She enjoyed that I sat on the edge of the bed and just stared at her for a while. At her hips that swelled out so nicely. At her breasts that were slightly pendulant on her chest with cute little nipples that were begging to be sucked. Her fine face that had a generous mouth that evidently would someday have his dick firmly planted in.

And then to accentuate the aura blonde babe fucking guy beside her old man the moment, she spread her legs for me to see her pussy, and then turned around and bent over so I could see her pussy and ass from the back.

When she was done with this, she came over and sat on my lap, with me still dressed and I took her up into my arms and kissed her like it was our honeymoon and it felt like it to the both of us. She then moved to the bed and laid on the top young teen take huge cock in her mouth and pussy the covers, so that I could still see her in her glory as I took off my clothing. And then with me naked to match her, I moved up to take her into my arms again and simply hugged and caressed her for quite some time.

When we both got all pumped up, we decided to do it right away and share in the fun things later. So, I moved to my knees and with love spilling out of my eyes, I took her pussy for the first time all the way up to the top and settled in to that place in her, not wanting ever to leave her and the part of her that was mine at that time. Her arms were caressing up and down on mine that were anchored to each side of her on the bed. And very soon, she advised me to get into the proper motion for them and with her hips pumping up to me and me plunging down, we soon emptied in to each other and collapsed into a pile of loving flesh right in the middle of the bed.

It took us some time to come down from this and afterwards there was no doubt in the desire of each of us to be together from then on. During the rest of the night we experimented with all of the things that mother had mentioned and found the facing of each other on the side and doing 69 to be our favorite, since it was restful, while being ever so sexy.

When my family breathtaking ball licking by a beauteous chick from vacation, they found a couple sitting on the couch and watching T.V.

together. When they looked up at her, they immediately knew what had happened and were very happy to see us in total peace with each other. But, to keep us fresh for the real main event in their future, her mother rationed out our times together, to keep things under control in the meantime. The couple still had almost unrestricted telephone privileges, so things were workable for them. Besides they had a lot of work to do to get ready for their lives together. He had the last year of High School to finish and his college work to do.

She had two years of H.S. and Business School to do. So for the next few years they would be very busy. When both I and Julie had graduated from High School, I was already done with two years of college. And so with only two years left for me and one for Julie, her mother let us take up residence in her bedroom with the understanding that we would marry as soon as we graduated. But after seeing Rebecca's frown at us for a couple of weeks, we went to the justice of the peace and married right then.

But, we still stayed on the anti-baby regime for the present. When Julie graduated, she went to work at the local telephone company as the main door receptionist and assistant bookkeeper. And I finished my B.A. in Business and Accounting a year later. When I graduated from college, the draft board was waiting for me, so I enlisted in the Air Force and was quickly moved to O.C.S.

I hadn't done the R.O.T.C. regime, but had taken a few military courses to prepare me and passed O.C.S. fairly easily. Then I was assigned to Procurement for the A.F. And served on a small base in the vicinity of Mill City. I served for four years and then took my active release and was transferred to the Reserves. With that done, I went back to school and got my MBA and with this in hand, Julie and I started our own accounting business, with her my partner and chief aide.

We then started our family to among other things assuage grandma's frustrations with us and the excitement built up as we eventually numbered six, with four children.

We stayed together for the long run and died in our late eighties, very happy with the lives that we had lived. Rebecca outlived us and after burying her dear sister and much appreciated brother-in-law, she began to second guess her decision years ago to forego her relationship with me and choose an older man, who turned out to be very steady, a good provider and wonderful father.

Just very dull in bed. She had some idea of the fun that Julie and I had. But, she came to the conclusion that things had worked out rather well for both of us and so she was settled in her heart when she passed on, too.

* 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 * MISSED OPPORTUNITIES AND REGRETS 3: No one in this story has sex playing with her pussy comes before fucking the age of fourteen. This story is a reworking of a story previously posted as WHAT IF 2. It has been reconfigured to fit within this story arc.

In the previous stories (Missed Opportunities and Regrets 1 & 2) I explained the rationale for these stories. Basically, I was wondering what the fallout might have been if I had made different decisions involving sex at key times in my life.

In the first stories I gave detailed results of a change of mind at two different times. In this story I will advance the time in years and consider more of this.

Nothing significant happened to me sexually from the time until I was fifteen. I am going to assume that the variant decisions already discussed did not happen and so I am on the same course that I actually followed up to this time. But, now will come another possible deviation from the action life line. I was fifteen and living with my father and step-mother because of a serious falling out with my mother over her over-zealous physical punishment of me over things that were absolutely not my fault or were so trivial as to demand little reaction by her at all.

I wasn't being unreasonable about this, she was. After I had been sent down to my father's as incorrigible, as hot and mean lesbian babes kissing tender as my father and step-mother said that I was not at all difficult to get along with, my mother began to second guess her decision about me and her treatment of me.

I had no desire for her to feel guilty at all, I just wanted her to be fair with me. And with me absent from her home, she was great when I came to visit. My beloved sister who was (and still is) a year younger than me, decided to have a teen party at mom's house and I was invited to come up to it from my father's house about 15 miles away. I had my own transportation at this time. I was still involved with my religion, too.

So, I was a prime target among the 'good' girls of the congregation. And I don't say this snidely. There was a surplus of them, since many of the guys had no intention of living their lives hampered (they thought) by a bunch of Christian rules. I guess the word got around and several of the girls in the congregation decided to attend. A couple of guys, too.

My mother was thrilled by this and helped to set up and decorate the living room for this. She also bought a bunch of soda pop in various flavors and potato chips. I can't remember for sure, but I think that she did some baking too, since was a fine cook and home baker. In my life, I had never been a stud, outstandingly handsome, a genius, very strong, affluent nor had a big dick.

I was just a common, everyday guy. Relatively harmless and shy around girls. I was keenly aware of them, but clumsy in social situations. This night I determined to raise the level of my social presence. As I entered the house (mom's) my sister took me aside and told me to not mention that I was living elsewhere.

She wanted me to just act as I belonged and I did, which was a relief to my mom. My sister also wanted to show me off to the girls, so that she could concentrate on the remaining guys. By-the-way, my sister was a real looker and had a woman's body at 14. She was also a formidable force around guys. A girl who lived two blocks down the street and whose family also attended our congregation, came in just after I did.

No one was sure if she had been specifically invited, but now she was there. She was the same age as me, with a very spare body, decent looks, and a super-charged attitude toward males. Even her own father was nervous around her. She had a reputation as what we would now call a 'slut.' But, no one used that word around polite society, so she was just called 'a little wild.' Well, she was getting on my sister's nerves because this party was intended for her (my sister) to sort among the young studs as to who she was going to favor with her presence.

My sister was not a 'slut' by any means, but even at that age had plans to corral a guy and make his life……&hellip.very happy.

Tracey, the assumed 'slut' had her own agenda, though. So, to open the field of battle among the guys for herself, my sister tried to connect me up with Tracey. And Tracey was definitely game for any action that I had in mind.

My mother was totally amused by all of this maneuvering by the girls. She probably hadn't seen anything so very entertaining since her early teen age years. I was not amused, at all. "Hello Denny, thank you for inviting me to your party," she said with the expression of a cat who was about to having anal and snatch drilling smalltits and hardcore on the mouse. "Uh, Tracey, this is my sister's party and I had nothing to do with the invitations." "Oh that's okay Denny, I made it here anyway." I pondered this example of teen girl logic for a moment and then shook it off before it swallowed me up.

As I was cogitating on this she moved in to very close proximity to me and began to caress my arm through my shirt sleeve. The shirt was doing a very poor job of muffling the influence that this action was having on me. Parts of my body were starting to act in potentially embarrassing ways.

And my mother was standing in the kitchen entry to the living room smugly laughing and living it up at watching her oldest child being emotionally molested by a very determined teenaged girl. At least that is what the giant smiles on her face told me.

Tracey wasn't smiling, she was too intent for that. But, everyone at the party was staring at her and me, my sister had her own appropriate smile on also. Tracey and I danced a bit. She was good and I was not, but you would have thought that I was a dancing king the way she responded to my lame efforts. During a waltz, she plastered herself right up to my body, to my emotional embarrassment and sensual delight.

She felt awfully good up to a young man's appreciative body. Mom was covering her face in total laughter at this display. And maybe projecting to be a grandmother someday, too. She became an excellent one, when that eventually happened. With all of that, it was getting very hot to me in the room and so I figured that I would beat a hasty retreat before this got all out of hand. When I made this known to my sister, she asked if I could take Tracey with me to her home, thus removing her from the field of female combat.

I said that I would, not taking into account the possible outcome for that good deed. As I walked her out to the sidewalk, I imagined that she would walk the two blocks to her house alone, or maybe I would walk her there. It was twilight outside and besides it was much safer for a girl walking in her own neighborhood in those days. But, she saw the car and asked about it. I told her that it was mine and she zoned in on that. She asked if I could take her home in it.

It was prime to her, though it was a beater 1950 Ford sedan. It had four wheels and front seat and it ran okay, and that made it a limousine to her. I walked her over to the car as she snuggled up really tightly to me. I opened the door and settled her into the car. Her hand lingered on my arm as I moved to be around the car and she looked like she had won the Publisher's Clearing House big prize, by the expression on her face.

I happily sauntered around the car and got in behind the wheel. That is where it is steered, you know. A point that it might have had to be reminded to me under her attentions. With the atmosphere so thick with pheromones, it is a wonder that I came to realize what the wheel actually was for. As I settled in to start the car, she shifted herself all the way right up to my body. She wasn't next to me, she seemed to be part of me. I was too stunned to say a word. Besides she was going to be out of the car in about five minutes.

Right!! She said, in the most sultry voice I was ever to hear in my life, "Denny, since it is so early, would you drive me around the neighborhood in your fine car?" Honest to God, I tried to say, "No, I need to take you home and go back to my home." But, the words never crossed my lips. Instead I said, "Where would you like to go?" A monumental decision. A life-changing one. "Oh, I don't have to be home for a while. How much gas do you have?" "I have plenty." "Okay, then just start driving and I will direct you." Where we ended up was an open field a half a mile away where they were about to build some homes, but nothing but earthwork had yet cute nikky perry gets a gaping lesson from her horny teacher accomplished.

It was obstructed in view from the road and any neighbors. Perfect for her plans. At this she asked me to move the front seat up and for us to move to the back seat. Big mistake. As we settled in the back seat, I noticed that her light jacket was missing. It had been taken off and left on the front seat. But, it was not cold yet at that time of the night during this part of the year, so that didn't alarm me. Besides it was getting very warm in the car.

She asked me if I wouldn't like to take my jacket off, too. To be able to cool off, you know. I saw no big issue in that, so complied with her suggestion. After the jacket was gone, she snuggled up to me and made it apparent that she wanted some serious kissing.

I was keen for this but had little experience. I made up for this very quickly in the hands of this red hot young girl. Very quickly we were slobbering all over each other with our mouths and tongues all over the other person's mouth and face. Then our hands went to work on each other. Mine zeroed right in on her breasts.

She opened her blouse to give me better access to them and I moved right in to caress and to kiss and suck on them. It is a wonder that I didn't suck the nipples right off. But, she showed no care to slow me down or stop me. Instead I was to hear a series of moans and sexual interjections, like 'suck that baby.' 'take that nipple into your mouth and bite it.' 'put a hickey on my tittie, honey." I was losing any sense of sentient and rational sanity over this.

And then she began to play with my private member through my pants. Moving on to open my pants to further her sleek babes in pants enjoying strap pantyhose and lesbians. All of this while I was mad about her breasts and getting very specific instructions as what to do with them. I had no idea of what she should do with my penis, but she seemed to have it all figured out.

She quickly had it free and out in the air. She wet her fingers and then used them to stimulate my penis until it was straight up. And then of all things, she put it in her mouth, drooled all over it, let it slip around in her mouth, sucked on it and then let it penetrate part of the way down her throat. I quickly emptied into her mouth, kissed her lips and went absolutely berserk.

She asked me to move my attentions down on her. So, under her instructions, I pulled her dress up, pulled down her panties which became ripped and moved my cock right up to her private entrance.

I had no idea of what I was doing. My body had taken over, because it knew exactly what to do. She was not resisting this at all. She seemed to want it as badly as I did. She laid back on the seat and spread her legs so that I could get into the proper position to join my body to hers.

She showed every intention of advancing this eventuality. She guided me up to the hole with me in the perfect position and I pushed right in. I didn't know that there was no hymen, because I didn't even know that there should be one. All that I knew was that I was finally home, where I belonged. I grunted and she did too as I penetrated her to her depths and pumped my organ in and out of her velvet tunnel. Very quickly I felt a tension building up in my groin area and soon after that I felt something explode in her and I felt the greatest relief that I had ever felt in my life.

I also felt totally in love with her and that she was the dearest thing in the whole cosmos to me. She must have felt it, too. Because she was clinging to me like her life depended on it.

We laid in each other's arms until sense came back to us and we separated to clean up blonde beauteous girl engulfing rod with cream mess we made as well as we could under the conditions. She was in no hurry to leave and so we cuddled up to savor the experience that we had just enjoyed.

Her eyes looked adoringly to mine and she breathed softly into my neck. My hands were busy caressing around her body and her intimate area was still bare to my touch and sight. With my mouth moved back to her succulent titties, she shyly whispered into my ear, "Denny, you know that there is something that you could do to make me feel really good!" At this point, I would have done absolutely anything for this little woman, since I had just had the first two climaxes with a female in my life, one in her mouth and other up her pussy.

And so with searching eyes, I awaited her instructions of what to do to help her feel really good. And so, with a little smile, she directed me to back up and approach her 'pussy' with my face and then she would tell me what further to do.

As, I moved in with my face, I was mesmerized with the looks of her red and wetted pussy area. It was so incredibly beautiful to me and I didn't even understand why. But, added to that was the smell of it, which was a bit strange and sweet at the same time. I didn't need much direction then, my mouth moved up to it like a moth to a flame, and my tongue extended out to savor the flavors available to me there. As my tongue travelled up and down the slit there, I could hear her moans, and felt her shivers.

And I heard her, "Oh Denny, that feels so fine. Please don't stop!" Stopping the licking and tasting her was not even in my mind at that point. I licked her everywhere that I could reach, including her asshole, without even considering where that was and what it was. With this, she was going bonkers in lust at the ministrations of my tongue. Then trough clinched teeth, she asked me to move to the top of her slit and take her clit into my mouth and do to it, what she had done to my dick.

I didn't' know what a clit was, but when looking up there, I saw what looked like a mini penis and so assumed that that was what she was talking about. Since, I assumed that it was probably just as sensitive as my penis was, I was very gentle with it and licked it with the lightest touch possible.

With this, she began to thrash around, and to yell out sweet and warm musky cum being shot right into my belly things to me.

When I stopped to see if she was alright, she shouted, "DON'T STOP, Denny! I am near." Near to what, I didn't know, but found out just a few seconds later, when she reared up and her belly began to shiver and her face was contorted, which I could barely see with my face up to her clit. And then a shower of a thick great tasting liquid came out of her hole and she shouted, "Denny, put it up into me again!" So, I reared up myself and plowed right up into her and soon, she came again and I dumped into her for the third time.

With that I was toast and she was holding on to me like she was afraid that I would disappear or something. When we got rested up and back to our senses, she directed me to her home and we entered to wash up, to her father's curious looks.

He said nothing, though and I left to go home, totally buzzed by all of this. Three months later, it became apparent that Tracey was pregnant.

After the shock subsisted among the parents and some very serious consequences in the congregation came to the fore, everyone involved rallied behind the new couple/parents to be. They recognized the premature welding of these two hearts. Neither of them ever seriously considered another person in a sexual way again.

It was impossible to keep them apart. So, her parents set up a small suite for them in their house just blocks from his mother, Tracey's father being an enthusiastic remodeler, and the couple took up a very long marriage with each other which was hidden until they both graduated from high school. The baby was portrayed as an abandoned child adopted by her parents, until that time too.

Then all became clear and open to the shock of a lot of people. Denny, right out of high school took up the trade of being a surveyors' assistant and worked at his schooling for ten years to get his own surveying engineer's degree and license. He then became very successful with his own business.

The couple had six children and were wildly sexually active till their deaths in old age. No one ever held it against them for their precipitous entry into a relationship, parenthood and marriage. They were just accepted as the exceptions to the rules. 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 MISSED OPPORTUNITIES AND REGRETS 4: * No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. This story is developed from a previous offering, but in a very much changed status.

As stated in the previous three accounts in this long story arc, for the purposes of this story, none of the things in the first three has actually occurred. And so from the actual story progression of the young man of this story saga, things are as they originally were at the beginning of this episode.

This story starts after his returning from the military and taking up his college education. He was an accomplished roller skate dancer by this time and used that to his advantage in hot busty babe gets a stiff shaft women to date.

One of the first nights in town, he met a young lady who was short, small, cute and very talkative. They hit it off tight away. Denny didn't expect anything on the first date, but it often happened anyway. So he usually shared his I.D. with her, so she would know who he was and he would know that she was legal when he saw hers.

Protected them both and also caused a sense of responsibility on each of them. It didn't stop the hanky-panky though. Probably, it spurred it. Since each knew who the other was, any repercussions could be dealt with without the other disappearing into the dark, at least usually. It also helped to differentiate James from a cousin of the same age and similar appearance, who had been in trouble with the law and would be a red flag to any parent of the girls that he would meet.

This girl, Amy, was quite aggressive in her attentions to him. She firmly deflected any other girl that night that tried to get his attentions. She skated very closely to him and let it be known to him that she welcomed Denny's sexy and sophisticated brunette giulia lingerie and cumshot attentions. She was not a great skater, but did manage to keep her feet off of his and could skate backward and follow his lead. They actually looked cute together and anyone observing them would tend to think that they were a long time couple by the way they showed attention to each other.

He plied her with Pepsi, hot dogs and whatever else she wanted to eat for the rest of the night at the rink. That truly impressed her.

When it became time to leave, she asked if he could take her home, since her ride had not arrived yet. Denny pretended to not know what was up about this, but he had noticed that she had spent a few minutes at the phone out of his earshot.

And, he was glad to comply since she was a lot of fun to talk to and he didn't have to get up early in the morning. When they got to his car, her eyes lit up at seeing the Camaro. It was very cool and unexpected by her. Denny had not mentioned it to her. So, he opened the door and seated her. Hooked up the seat belt, too. Denny was fanatical about this. Amy-------Denny, could we get something stronger to drink and then go somewhere to park and talk?

Denny----Amy, I don't drink when I drive. And I don't buy for minors (drinking age). But, if you want something else, we can stop at the BURGER BURP, and get you something.

Amy------(somewhat disappointed) Ok, that would be fine. So they stopped and got some Pepsi and fries at the BURGER BURP. James wondered where she was storing all of this Pepsi she had consumed that night. She had gone to the ladies' room only once. Amy------Denny, may I call you Den? Denny---No, please. Just call me Denny. I think that I am more comfortable with that. And I will never call you anything but Amy, unless you ask me to.

Amy------OK, Denny. But, if I come up with a 'pet name' for you, can I use it? Denny----Only if we ever become lovers! You can call me anything you want if and when that happens. Amy------Well, that gives me something to look forward to.

Denny----I sure hope so. They talked for some time about their respective goals in life. Evidently, she planned on being a mother and wife. No outside from the home work. Nothing wrong with that. She would probably be an excellent one too. For the right guy she would probably be affectionate and loving till one of them closed their eyes to life. Maybe afterward, too, if what many of us believe is true. She would probably plump up with having babies, but with that cute smile, ready wit and easily given affection, no guy in his right mind would ever complain.

Probably have pretty babies that would grow into fine people, too. Amy------(With a sudden panicky expression,) Denny, I need to get out of the car for a minute. Too much Pepsi! Denny----OK, here I will unlock the door and solve the mystery of how to unhook the seat belt, too.

Amy-----Thanks. When she got out of the car, she didn't move out of his sight, but spread her legs, lifted her skater's skirt, pulled off her panties and with her eyes firmly fixed on him squatted and peed. James was caught up in the wonder of the moment and watched appreciatively. He could see her soft belly, her sturdy legs (Denny had never seen a lady who roller skated regularly with bad looking legs, no matter what the rest of her body looked like,) and her erotic zone, which was fully furred, as it were.

She showed no shame in carrying out her mission, which was accompanied by a low hissing sound, a little bit of a splatter sound and an obviously relieved expression on her face.

Some events in life transcend their basic nature and become alive with added meaning and promise. James was definitely interested in what this would lead to.

Amy------(As she reentered the car) Denny, could we move to the back seat, honey? And do you have a blanket with you? Denny----Yes, we can move to the back seat, but even with the seats moved forward, there is little more room there. Also, I don't have a blanket with me tonight.

But, I promise that that will be the last time that happens. Amy------That's OK. At least we won't have to fight the steering wheel to talk and cuddle. Denny----For sure!

As they moved to the back seat, he noticed that the panties were still off. He got a great view of her pussy and her whole erotic zone, too. He seemed to get the idea that the view was intentional. When they settled-in, in the back seat, she moved herself to cuddle with him in a way that allowed him full access to all of her 'goodies.' There was little talking. Mostly her directing him to the next zone of interest…in turn, where she desired stimulation.

Boy, she wasn't going to need any alcohol after all. After kissing and cuddling for a few minutes, she directed one of his hands (the ones caressing her appreciative breasts) to her leg. He took the cue and began to stroke and caress lightly her legs.

Up the inside and down the top and outside. He purposely avoided contact with her pussy at this time. They were still kissing too, with her head sharply turned to allow him tongue access. They were almost melted together in intense pleasure and both of their bodies were reacting appropriately. His cock was rising, which she could feel against her 'back' crack.

And her pussy was creaming which he could feel as his fingers glided past on the inside of her legs. He briefly gave attention to her pussy with his hands and fingers and then directed her to move to a position with her on her backside, slightly leaning back, with her legs wide open. Evidently she expected him to enter her right then, and was very surprised when he crouched down to put his face into her pussy zone.

She was somewhat shocked by this. Probably something new to her. But, as the sensations from her pussy started being read by her brain (and her heart) she began to respond by lifting her pussy to his attentions and rocking back and forth against his face. Her pussy began to leak copious quantities of female cum and she soon thereafter started to exhibit the tell-tale signs of climax.

When he looked up he could see the center of her face including her nose lite up fire engine red. Her eyes had a sort of glazed-over look. Her head was lifted on her neck as far as it could reach. Her hands were on the back of his head, forcing him up to her clit. Her belly was shaking in rhythmic pulses. Her legs were squeezing his head.

And all of a sudden she moaned and then let out a shout, "Oh-My-God!!" And then she relaxed and laid back down on the seat. With languid eyes, she reached down and pulled him up to receive fervent and hungry kisses. She hugged him till it hurt his ribs. Then she noticed his still gloriously engorged dick. She smiled and guided him into her, where he promptly began a rhythmic pumping action, which awoke big tit blonde fucked hd the last pikahoe loins again.

She began pushing back, with her hands on his buns, pulling him in on the down strokes. He soon exploded into her with all of the cum he had stored up and she gave a little shudder and relaxed again. As they relaxed into each other's arms, she hugged him and smiled.

And then she said: Amy------Denny, I just had no idea! That it could be that son playing story games mom fucked his friend, Denny. No one had ever done that for me before. I had no idea of what I was missing out on. I had heard about it. But, wow! I just had no idea. Denny----That is a woman's due. At least one of them.

For all they do for us guys! Amy------I've never heard a guy talk like that before. They are usually so selfish, so very, very selfish. Just want to get themselves off and ignore the girl. And I am so sorry, Denny. I didn't go down on you!! Denny----Amy, It is ok.

Do I look disappointed? Amy------Ha, Ha, Ha! No you don't. Denny----Well, I'm not. You were wonderful. Amy------Was I the best you have ever had? Denny----Unfair question! But, you were the best tonight!

(He said with a special smile.) And I don't ever remember enjoying a woman's response more. Amy------Thank you, Denny. That was very chivalrous and kind of you. Denny----Guys who truly enjoy this are ALWAYS two ravishing sluts and one fat rod big tits and cumshot afterward. It comes with the experience. Amy------And what an experience it was! Denny----Glad you enjoyed it. Amy------Enjoyed it! You have no idea.

Well, maybe you do since you did everything right and worked me up to it. Yes, I think that you do understand. Denny----I work seriously at it, if you can call it work, since I want my lover to enjoy this as much as I do. Amy------If you enjoyed it as much as I did, why are you still conscious? Denny----Just lucky, I guess.

Lucky to have shared this with you. (He said very quietly.) Amy------I heard that, and thank you again, Denny, from the bottom of my heart. Amy------Denny (with a change of tone in her voice) you know we could enjoy this every night. Denny----(Fearing what she is leading up to.) Amy, I don't think our schedules will allow us to see each other every night.

Amy-------Silly, I meant that we could get married. And we would have every night together. Denny----It is too soon to talk about this, Amy. Let's get you home now, before your parents get scared or upset by you being up so late. Amy------(Somewhat down) OK, makes sense. But, call me tomorrow won't you? Here I will write down my number for you. Denny----OK. [After dropping her off, he rips up the piece of paper and never sees her again.

He also skated at other rinks for a long time to avoid her. He did hope that she found a good guy, though. She was very nice, but he just wasn't ready for that kind of nice, yet.] At least that was what he intended to do, but after ripping up the piece of paper with her number on it, he felt more than a little guilty and decided to see if she would make it to the rink again the next Friday or Saturday night.

She was there on Friday and met him on the floor as he was leisurely skating and ignoring the searching eyes of young gals that wanted to skate with him. She sneaked up behind him and then grabbed hold of his arm to get his attentions.

With more than a bit of anger in her eyes, she in low tones asked why he hadn't called her that week. After all she had gone to the trouble of giving him her phone number.

Gorgeous latina taking it in the ass visual images

Denny replied that he was still considering the things between her and him at this point and had no definitive remarks to make to her during the week.

He figured if she was really interested that she would show up and then they could discuss this face to face. That after what they had shared, she deserved at least that. With this statement she calmed down somewhat. And then he asked her to skate with him quietly for a while until they could leave and discuss things in more privacy.

With that she took his arm in a more friendly manner and they skated through the rink program for the next hour in a more warm-hearted fashion. After that, she made a call home to let whoever was on the other end know that she had a ride home again and I heard the phrase, 'I might be late' conclude mom ind son full movie call.

I wondered what that was free sex stories jesse jane solo about, since she was over eighteen and could assumedly do whatever she wanted. But, not wanting to open that Pandora's Box yet, I let it lay for a bit. We again went to the Burger Plus (called by the locals the Burger Burp, affectionately) and had drinks and a burger each. As we ate, I could tell that she was trying to read me as to my attitude towards her and the possible 'us.' But, I was several years older than her and more experienced in these kinds of 'faceoffs,' so I maintained my inscrutable manner before her at this point.

Men who are adept at this drive women up the walls, since women usually have the upper hand (because of their lower portal) in these interactions. When we finished, I took extra care in guiding her to the car and helping her into my Camaro, which was very comfortable to ride in, but clumsy to get in and out of. She noticed the special attentions and read whatever she read into them and seemed satisfied with the present situation between us.

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Because I realsex les babes get horny at the gym want to be crowded in the back seat again, I took us to an unknown parking spot on the edge of the city and laid out the blanket that I had remembered to bring this time on the grass. Since, it was just coming up a bit chilly, I threw a sheet over us so that we wouldn't get cold in the late fall night air. She used this situation to take the opportunity to remove her clothing down to her panties and bra.

I remained fully dressed for the moment. Amy------Why aren't you undressing like I have? Denny----I thought that we would discuss somethings first. But, I don't mind you being as you are at all. In fact it gives you considerable traction in our coming discussion without you having said a word yet. She smiled at that and then moved into my arms to try to ensure her future with a likely man to bless it.

Then after some friendly kissing and caressing, she asked if I had thought about the offer that she had made the last time. And I said that I had thought about it a lot. But, that there were a number of factors in my life and its plans that were involved. Then I let her know my plans for my future. I knew that plans had a definite reputation of changing or at least bending, but I also knew that I would have no viable future with no plans, and I was determined to follow them as closely as I could.

Denny----I am in the start of my college years, Amy. And they will last at least another four years. Then I plan on reentering the Air Force to complete a twenty year hitch to get my full A.F. pension. After that, I want to start an accounting and bookkeeping business and settle down to do what you are so determined to start now. Amy------But, Denny Honey, I have already started.

I have a little girl about two years old and I want her to have a loving father now and not in another twenty years. And I want to make more babies. I love them and very much enjoy the process of making them. I want to make them with you! I have never had a lover like you before. So, affectionate and gifted in love making. I want you with me at night, to love me and give me all the lovemaking that you can for as long as you can. And to raise together the children we make.

I don't care what work you do, you could go to work at my father's Auto Repair Shop. He can use a bookkeeper and you could help with the rest, too. He would be so happy to give his beloved daughter to you. And we don't have to have a lot. Just a little house to bed down our babies and a warm bed to love our nights away. I just want you so badly, Denny! Please take me for yours. At this, Denny bowed his head and the tears began to flow. Such desperation in such a nice little girl who wanted nothing but to be loved and taken care of in a humble way.

He read honesty and sincerity in her outpouring to him. And he read truth in what she said about their future. And after all, there were many ways that he could still finish his education and move on to the future that she so desperately wanted.

He would still have his G.I. Bill and whatever he made working for her dad. As she saw the tears in his eyes and the thoughts and emotions playing across his face, she decided to lay it all on the line and gathered him up into her arms for her to make the play for her future. She moved him onto his back under her old hole is filled with young dick sheet and laid her body on his to arouse him to her plans.

She kissed him first tenderly and then worked up to fiercely, a mama lion taking what she needed for her future. Then when he was finally responding as she had hoped for, she reversed and opened his zipper and took out his cock for her lavish attentions.

She spit out saliva on to it and then with her hands started to waken it up. As it arose, she moved her mouth to take up its head for her appreciative tongue. It languished around it, swirling and lapping up its zealous sex thrills hawt mother id like to fuck pornstar hardcore. When it began to leak the precum, she sucked it down her throat without a concern at all.

And then she moved her mouth down so that his now extended dick was probing down her throat and with her head bouncing on it, was getting ready for the big show. But, she had other plans now. She had never allowed a male up her ass before, but now was the time to put that restriction away.

She was going to give this man anything he wanted of her tonight, and for the rest of her life, if she could land him for that future. So, she rose up and took off her bra and panties. She let him nurse on her for a bit and he was surprised this time to get some girlish milk from her. She noticed how much this pleased him and made a note to keep this available to him as often as possible. And with him finishing the emptying of each of her breasts, she took some of the milk, some of his cum and hers too and inaugurated her anal entry for him.

He was surprised at first, but with her, "It's yours tonight, Denny. And yours any time you want it," he moved around to the back of her and began to work himself up into her rosette.

It turned out to not be painful at all, just a bit uncomfortable until he was well inside. And then when he made it up to his limit of inside of her, she began to feel repercussions in her pussy. So, she reached up inside of herself and with him moving inside of her rectum, and her in alexis adams superb gf love sex in front of camera video-01 tube porn vagina, she began to flow freely with her girlish cum which she reached back and offered to his mouth.

With this accomplished all hell broke out and he went into a rutting frenzy and she responded likewise. With his cumming up her backside and her mini climax too, they laid back on the blanket and gathered each up into their arms and his future took a sharp left turn at that point. And Tracey got her man, better one than she could have imagined. Of course, nothing like this happened.

Because I didn't make that decision. But, things didn't work out badly for me or for 'Tracey.' We both gained considerable lives anyway, just not together. 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 MISSED OPPORTUNITIES AND REGRETS 5: * Well, none of the things that were written about in the previous episodes of the story arc ever happened. Darn it! And so in this prospective opportunity to undo some missed chances in my youth, this one actually shortly before the one with Amy, I find myself living in the San Jose area of California in my last six months of the U.S.A.F.

experience. I was contemplating on what I would do after separation from the service and slicking my heart wounds from another separationthis one from my friend Ramona, that I was very much in love with, but she was taking a whole lot for granted and I hated it. One of the options that I was considering was the purchase of a cheap, but dependable pick-up, so that I could bring my Honda 350 back with me to the State of Washington and Big City to go to college on the scholarship still awaiting me there and with the G.I.

Bill that I had earned with my service. The main reason for choosing Washington State over California was the green. I love trees and bushes and am not as enthusiastic over brown sand.

So, I looked in the papers and the vehicle sale handouts that were plentiful in those days and found a 1940's era Dodge pickup that looked really good. It still looked its vintage, but seemed to have a good paint job on it and with no discernable body damage. Those old Dodge pick-ups were virtually impregnable in thick metal wonder. I got the telephone number off of the handout and called the number.

I got a very nice sounding young woman on the other end and told her of my interest in the truck and she said that she would let me talk to her husband, when he got home. I agreed to that and hung up then. It was my day off, and so I hung around the house and four hours later the owner of the pick-up called me back.

He also sounded like a really nice fellow, and I made arrangements to come that evening to look the pick-up over. It was clear across town from where I lived, and in the middle of a working class neighborhood, evidently before the days of silicon valley when the newly rich folks tore down all of these affordable homes and built monstrosities that only they could afford to live in. Anyway, when I pulled up to the driveway, there the pickup was parked, and it looked at least as good in person as it did in the pictures.

A fine looking young man in his late twenties or early thirties came out to show it off. He offered to let me drive it to see if I liked it. I took him up on it, since I was already there and it was still light outside. When I drove it I soon got the idea that it was a very challenging floor shift with a sloid by balky clutch.

The engine ran very well, though. Since I was not planning on keeping it beyond driving back to Big City with my cycle and belongings stacked up in it, the shifting was not a real worry.

It would sit parked at my place until I left, because I did all my motoring on my cycle at the time. He was helpful in what he told me and very friendly, to boot. When we got back to his place, he invited me in to negotiate the price.

As it was very reasonably priced, I settled for the asking price to his surprise. And I made arrangements to come back in a couple of days with the cash, since he didn't want to bother with a check. That would be on a Monday, after the weekend for both of us. As we were talking a very pretty red head came into the living room and was introduced as his wife. She had a baby of about ravishing czech beauty lexi dona finger fucks and orgasms months old in her arms and it was a girl and had red hair, too.

This indicated that the red hair of the wife was natural, though it was very light in color, but definitely red. She stood and smiled with her husband as we talked of general things of interest to us, since he and she were of less than ten years older than me. Seeing them standing together, obviously very happy with each other, they appeared to me as Working Man's Royalty. Every bit as amazing as the rich ones. Then a younger and more substantial young woman came into the living room and took the baby into her arms.

I wasn't sure of what that was about, but she was friendly in sort of a detached way and asked if I would like to stay and talk for a bit. She liked to have company to share things with. Then she mentioned getting us some snacks to enjoy during my visit and I offered to take the baby girl while she went into the kitchen. She looked me over very good and then handed me the baby and left to take care of our snacky needs.

When she got back, she was interested to see her little red-haired girl smiling up at me and totally comfortable in my arms. I came from a rather large family after all, and was very used to babies and the handling of them. Something that Ramona made it very clear to me that she would never need me for. As we sat and talked, she indicated to me that she had just turned twenty one and thus was legal in California.

I mentioned that I still had two months to go to reach that level. I wasn't bothered by that and so she didn't seem to be either. She let me continue to hold the baby as we talked and snacked and the baby didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave my arms. About this time, the couple came in and were very interested in the scene that they saw before them with the baby being held by me.

And they introduced her sister to me as Betty. And the baby as Angela. They both should have been named Scarlet with their hair colors, well at least one of them. I then to not overstay my welcome, though there were no mentions made of it either vocally or attitude wise, I got up to leave. And Betty the sister accompanied me to the door. On an impulse I asked her if she would like to go to a movie the next day and to my stunned surprise, she said yes and her sister and bother-in-law seemed to be relieved that I had asked her.

I mentioned that we could take the baby with us, but she said that she would pass on that for our first date. I smiled and said, "okay." And left with the memory of her hand pat on my arm as I got on my bike and drove off. When I came to get her the next evening, I was dressed in a medium heavy jacket for the ride home later, slacks and polished shoes. She was dressed in a light green dress that fit her full body, just fine. Her red hair was up and her nicely rounded and freckled face was lightly but very effectively made up.

She was not overweight at all, just a solid girl rounded in all of the normal places. And she was stunning. Since she didn't really want to go out on my cycle, nor the pickup, she drove her sister's sedan and when I asked what she would like to see, she took us right to the drive in theater showing a popular movie of that time. I think that it was MODESTY BLAISE, her choice not mine. But, it was okay, since she turned out to be the center of my attentions that night anyway.

When we settled in, she moved over to sit right next to me and then we decided to go and get some popcorn, candy and sodas. I don't' remember what she got, but it received a dose of something from a small flask from her purse before she drank of it. I was satisfied with my crème soda ala natural. We sat through the preview of movies that neither of us would ever have any interest in seeing and then settled back, when the movies started. In those days when you went to a movie, it was a night out, since there would be a short to start, usually a cartoon and then a double feature.

Usually the more popular one first. But, I could immediately see that the cartoon was boring her, so I asked if we could move to the back seat, where we would have a lot more room. And she was very positive about that suggestion. When we settled into the back seat, the windows, though the front ones were barely gapped, were totally fogged up in the back seat already.

We could see out the front window, but at that time had no desire to do so. And we had left the goodies in the front seat, except for her drink, which she braced up at her feet and sipped from every so often. But, mainly we got real busy in kissing and caressing each other. This was a first date, and so I wasn't going to push things to rapidly, but it turned out that I had to move forward deliberately, because her sex brakes were inoperative.

She opened her top of her dress right away and then lifted the bottom hem, too. She didn't have the requisite girdle on, as was expected in maid slave guys do make passes at femmes who wear glasses and cute times, and her panties came off as blown away in short order.

And so my mouth being active on her lips and tongue, my hands were massaging her full tits. And when I moved down to them, I got a mouth full of milk very quickly. She sort of froze at that, evidently worrying that I might be offended. Offended, shit, I was enthralled and mounted my lips up to her and sucked the living devil out of them to her delight, since she had not had time to have the baby drain them before I had come to pick her up. Wouldn't have been a problem, if we had brought the baby, I bit my tongue to keep from saying.

And having the baby there draining her tits, wouldn't have slowed me down on kissing her and moving to her pussy at all. After draining both of her tits, which she seemed extremely pleased with, she leaned back to catch her breath and I took that opportunity to move down to her pussy with my face. I think that she was completely shocked by that, but soon was humming to my efforts there. And rather quickly, she came right into my mouth, which she was again surprised that I took right into my mouth and swallowed it.

With me raised up then and holding her hand, she lowered herself and took my cock out of my pants and began her flute lessons on it. She played on it very well and I soon came, too. And she copied my procedure of swallowing, which I suspected was a rarity of hers. With her dress now off and no bra, as she had come out with me and no panties as we had arranged things since, she laid back on the rear seat and widely opened her legs for me to see her pussy begging for my sensual address.

So, my dick now rehardened from her hands while I was kissing her and playing with her titties, moved of its own accord into the pretty red haired nest in her groin and then up into her open portal that was waiting for it. It moved up her love channel and found its berth in the upper reaches and with her tonguing my ear, it let out a gargling howl that involved filling up the space with a full measure of my semen and sperm.

With that, I was wasted for several hours and so I laid back to get my breath back, as she redressed and took care of the pussy over flow coming out of her. She seemed to be not least disturbed by this at all. When I got some feelings back into my bones, I got dressed, too.

When I opened the windows to air the car out, the windows magically cleared up and I could see that the movie was not all that interesting to me. So, I asked her what she would like to do then. She mentioned that she would like to go to her favorite tavern, since her friends would be there and she would like to introduce her new stud to her adoring public. I then reminded her that I was not yet twenty-one and was still in the military and if I was caught illegally drinking, I could be court marshalled and ruin my spotless record during my serving years.

She offered that that was unlikely, but I said that I was not prepared to take any chances on that. She sweethearts pussy is full of soaked mess hardcore european a bit miffed at that. Then trying to change the subject, I informed her that I was speechless at the lovely lady she was in our shared intimacies that night. She smiled a bit at that and offered that I was the best lover that she had ever had. No other had gone down her before and she was very grateful to me for that.

Then she tried to get me to agree to go to the tavern again, and I flatly refused that. Then she offered that she had really enjoyed my attentions that night, especially my emptying her breasts, but that when we got together, I would have to limit myself to having her no more than twice a week.

I a twenty year old male was shocked at even the thought of that. In my calm moments, I would be able to think of that being okay after we had worn each other out for some time, but I had no intentions of accepting that then.

As far as I was concerned, she might as well have asked me to cut my balls off right there. I was totally offended by this, and remarked to her, "I would never agree to that!" And I asked her to drop me off at her sister's house. So in mutual huffs, she did so and as I got on to my motorcycle, she roared off in her sister's car and that was that.

On Monday, early in the evening, the husband brought the truck to me, with his wife to come and pick him up after we settled on the sale. He looked up to me as we talked over the finality of the sale and he asked, "Did something go wrong on your date with Betty? She was very upset when she got home, I asked if you had treated her wrongly and she said emphatically, "No!" And so I asked what went wrong then and she said that she just couldn't talk about it.

So, I referred the whole thing to Mable to work out." "Mable had a very long talk about it with Betty, and I picked up only few words that I hadn't really wanted to hear anyway. But, I did hear Mable's explosion, "You said what to him??" And then a low murmuring between them, with another explosion, "You asked him to do what?" Followed by another stretch of low volume and a, "You little fool!

Do you know what you are turning your back on? Where do you think that you will find another like him? At your favorite tavern? All that you have found there is a bunch of drunkards and one that gave you the only thing worthwhile in your life, little Angelica. And now, where is he? In prison for several years, you stupid bitch!" And then absolute silence.

I don't think that I would like to have been on the other side of that discussion. Do you? " "Not a chance! When a woman has a righteous cause, there is no greater authority in this world as to what to make of her feelings about it." "Just so. By the way she is coming to talk to you, and have you take her home afterwards, as I return in her car." No knowing what to say about that, I just nodded.

And then, Mable showed up and after Mike and I shook hands and handed each other the paperwork due, she moved up to take my arm and led me into my apartment to discuss matters.

A process that I was not all that enthused about. As we entered the apartment, she guided me over to the couch and sat right next to me. She just sat there a few minutes, evidently to let me gather my wits about myself, or maybe for her to do the same. So, to break the ice, I asked if she would like something to drink.

And she settled on some ice water, so I got up to get it for her and me. When I sat down again, I had moved a bit away from her, but she would have none of that. She moved right over next to me again and this time after taking a small sip of the water she took my hands into hers to get my attention. "Denny, what happened between you and Betty?" I swallowed the water a bit rashly and had to clear my lungs with a coughing fit.

When it calmed down, I in a voice raised by the coughing answered her, "A lot of wonderful things at first. There was how very pretty she is. And the baby girl is so cute, and seems to like me. Then at the movie we got very involved with each other, and it was just so terrific. And then some things were said that disturbed me, and things fell apart after that and I went home." "Yes, I know all about that.

When she got home after being at the tavern till closing, she talked to me as she fed the baby and it all spilled out.

How despite the rush to the first date, that she had come to be very impressed with you even with her lack of initial enthusiasm. But, with how you handled her at the movies, she saw something in you that she had never seen in a man. But, when you reacted strongly against something that she said to you and requested of you, she lost heart and thinks now that there is no hope for you and her.

What did she say and what did she ask of you?" "I don't know if I should reveal this now, since it was between her and me." "She has already told me all about it and spared no details, either. For instance I know that you went down on her, something that no other man has ever done, and she was stunned by it.

That helps, I think to show the depth of my knowledge about this situation." "Well, you wouldn't know about that unless she had revealed pretty much everything about that night." "Okay, now from your perspective, what did she do that upset you so much?" "She said that if we were to be together; it would only be in marriage as far as I am concerned, though I didn't bring that up at that time; that she would only allow me to make love to her two times a week.

I felt like that was very insulting to me. I know from my reading that that is a normal frequency in married couples, but I have no desire to cede all authority over that to her, even before we are together." "I see, so it was not so much the frequency that was the issue, but it was your masculinity that was at stake. Frequency should be negotiated between the couple, not under the control of either one, don't you agree?" "Yes, unless one is too demanding and the other to withholding.

Then it will soon founder, due to real and perceived lack of interest by the other in each of their feelings' about it." "I see your point on this." "What was her request that upset you?" "She asked me to go to her favorite tavern to meet her friends. She said that she wanted to show me off to them. But, I am not twenty-one yet. That will come in a few months. And If I am caught doing that, not only would I be in trouble with the police, but I would be in even deeper trouble with the military.

And a court martial could come my way, which would endanger any of my rights that I would carry with me after my discharge. Also, I am not a drinker and saya karim kurdish pornostar tube porn not want to be influenced to become one.

I have had that tried on me in the past, with almost tragic consequences. It was so serious that I swore off drinking for the rest of my life. After some years, I will take a little wine late at night before retiring, but do that very rarely and only if a lady spends the night with me and wants to indulge at her own option. As far as her drinking, I have no problem with it, as long as she doesn't drink to excess and becomes annoyingly drunk often.

I have big plans for my future and drinking alcohol and hanging out in taverns is not part of the approach that I want to take. Evidently this is already an established pattern for her. And I would be surprised for her to give it up. I, also, don't want to force her to do or give up anything against her will either." "Well, the facts of your two stories are the same, but the kendra cole in her first ever interracial threesome scene are very different.

She thought that you were putting down her friends, and also wanting her to become a sex slave to you. Evidently neither was true. And as for her changing her life, she has never had a alexis texas sucking bick cock cocksucking and blowjobs reason to do so.

Having you in her life, might just be the wedge to advance her on to a much better path for herself and her little girl." "My friends have been in the roller skating hobby for years, and I don't foresee giving that up anytime soon. It is very stimulating and relaxing too, and since I am quite good at it, I get instant acceptance where ever I skate, and have many girls everywhere who like to skate with me and then advance to dating, because there are few guys that know how to actually dance skate like I do.

And there is no alcohol, at least officially at the rinks, so that removes one undesired influence from my life." "In the past, Betty has done some roller skating, like a lot of young girls, and who knows? She might find that a lot more fun for her than hanging out in a tavern. It would be better for her little girl, too.

I tell you what, I will make a picnic lunch for you and Betty, if you are game. And at some private area, you stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade can share it and discuss openly the concerns that she shared with me and the ones that you shared with me and see if you can come to some kind of balanced standing on them, because that august moxxy party slut girls enjoy sex in group scene video-11 tube porn what married couples do anyway.

At least the ones who succeed in maintaining their marriages. When would you be available for that, if you are willing to give this a try? Because, I think that you should give it a try before you each give up on something that might become something really good, for you, for her and for a certain little two year old girl." "I will be available at two in the afternoon this Saturday at the public park nearest to your home, and will wait to see if she shows up." "Fair enough." So, he showed up and a few minutes later, she did too with a sheepish expression on her face.

Denny brought note pads for each to take notes so that nothing that was important and said was lost. The each bared their soul as to how they really felt about things and then tried to produce some kind of agreement that would allow them to date with a positive future as a goal. Among other things, it involved her at first having two nights a month with her tavern pals and two for him to have with his skating ones, Each time the other with the option to attend together with the other or not.

No pressure allowed. Denny only went once and never did again. She became a regular skater with him and found it to be a lot more fun than trying to make sense to people who were drinking. Besides, she didn't want the aggressive girls getting their hooks into Denny when she wasn't there. Denny finished his Business and Accounting degree in The San Jose area and then worked for CPAs in L.A.

while he studied for and took the California version of the CPA exam. After five years in L.A., they now as a married couple moved back to San Jose and with a Small Business Loan, some savings and a lot of scrimping got the office opened. It was very difficult for the first year, but since he had been in the military, he got some of that business on personal taxes and then Silicon Valley exploded with rich types and he got a lot of them. He had to put some of them on a waiting list, because he refused to overload and overwork his employees or himself after the first two years.

After things got stabilized in the business, Denny and Betty got busy on filling their house with three more children, much to Angelica's pleasure.

They became one of the happiest couples that anyone knew about in those times. 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 MISSED OPPORTUNITES AND REGRETS 6: * No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story.

As I have said in other episodes of this series, each story starts out with the hypothetical personage, sometimes with different names, moving through his life with none of the previous episodes having happened. So, each episode is a fresh start for him.

At this point in Denny's life, he has served four years in the U.S.A.F. and graduated from two years of college. After that, he had entered the grocery business with a very large corporation's store. He was married by this time and had two children with his wife, Glenda pregnant with their third. Things were a bit tense at home, partly because of intimacy issues with a difficult pregnancy, but mostly because he had been shipped out from a store close to his home to one thirty-five miles away, causing a very much more elongated day.

This seriously reduced his family cuddly cutie is gaping slim pussy in close up and coming hairless teenies daily especially when he had to work overtime or extra days.

The manager at the previous store had resented him very much, because of his bbw lesbian in pantyhose gets snatch dildo fucked religion and his determined honesty on the job, which exceeded even his boss's remarkable attitude. But, in the new store, he was getting a fresh start with a new manager, who was above those types of prejudices.

However, soon after arriving, the assistant manager made it known to him that he objected to him, also. This was strange to Denny, because of all of the managers that he had worked for in the company, only two had objected to him, and both over the same issues. The others had each given him sterling evaluations, which restrained what the unappreciative managers could do to him. After the first two months of getting familiar with the selling propensities of this customer base, things smoothed out very well and the Dairy department under his direction was rolling along smoothly.

Interestingly, after a couple of barking sessions, the resentful Assistant Manager actually helped Denny to get some of the intricacies of this stores operations understood. And on one day, when the dairy supplies were delivered he came to the emergency aid of a very distraught Denny. The truck that delivered the product had an elevator on its back, so the interlocking crates could be unloaded a pallet board at a time. Only thing was, the pallet boards when loaded wouldn't fit through the back door of the dairy cooler.

This was different than any other store that he was familiar with. So, the crates, which were very heavy had to be unloaded one at a time and restacked on pallet boards already laid down inside of the cooler. Since, Denny had back issues, he tried to find a way around this and discovered that he could unload a stack of the crates five high at a time by pushing a hand truck's blade under the stack and then leaning it back, which caused the stack to slide off and then be easy to move to the cooler and then uploaded on the inside pallet board in the opposite way.

This made the stashing of the product very much faster and easier on his back. The Assistant Manager was actually impressed by this and said so. His resentment towards Denny was ebbing slowly, but continuously. Then one day, in the sixth month of him having this responsibility, one of the stacks got caught on a loose nail and the whole stack started to tip over.

It was too heavy to totally stop it, and so the top crate fell off and milk was flowing across the back room to his horror. The A.M. came around the corner asian babe sucks on this oldies cock the main floor just as the milk was arriving in that vicinity and when he saw the absolute despair in Denny's face, he just turned around and brought two mop buckets to clean up the mess, him taking one.

It turned out that only five gallons of milk were lost and so it was not too bad. But, even five gallons of milk can make a terrible mess. It took about a half an hour to get things back in order and then he took the two buckets and emptied them out, while Denny finished stowing the rest of the product.

The A.M. never mentioned this again, and never showed any resentment against him again, either. Unfortunately the A.M. got into some trouble that repeated past behavior and then lost his job.

It turned out that he was dealing with severe mental issues and after a few very difficult years, died a premature death. Denny was quite sad at that. With his leaving the job, the opening for his replacement was made available and to his surprise, he was chosen for it. He didn't become a real A.M. because he hadn't been through the training program, but he was taken on as a third person, with the duties of an A.M. If he did well over a period of time, this could become official.

One of the reasons for not bringing in a new A.M. was that a new store for the company was being built just down the street and it would require an official A.M. and a third man to manage it along with the current manager, since he was very popular in the community. (Usually with a new store, the manager of the previous smaller one in that town would be moved to another bigger store to get qualified to have a big store in his future, with an already big store qualified manager to taking over the new store.) Also, since it would be more than twice as big and with more than twice the personnel, it would have more and bigger departments and would require more oversight than two could accomplish.

Andbeing an A.M. in a new store was a plum job, usually leading to being a manger in the near future if they worked out well, and evidently there was no qualified third person to move up into that job at the present in that District.

Denny didn't know high school girls fuck big black cock, but he was one of the prime candidates under consideration. When Denny took over his duties there was a considerable backlash at first. The girls who were checkers were not used to completely following the company's rules on acceptance of checks and the such.

Denny was determined to enforce the company's rules, because transitioning into a more company agreeable manner would be easier at that time than trying to change over all at once during the grand opening of the new store.

And when asked by the manager about his manner (that is how he put it,) and with some thought the current manager decided that he completely agreed and backed him to the hilt. This was partly because the company had already brought this to his attention, unknown to Denny.

However after a few weeks of transition, the girls got used to the new manner and things smoothed out very quickly then. They got used to not having to make a lot of decisions in the checkstands and this definitely made their jobs easier. The store just gave away free half gallons of ice cream to customers who became upset at the changes, too.

And this settled it down quickly, too. What especially impressed the ladies, though was the new attitude of protection of them emanating from Denny. He was prone to taking over for checkers dealing with particularly difficult customers and sending them on a very brief break for them to calm down.

And in dealing with him, the difficult ones soon got the message that they needed to attenuate their attitudes to his employees. It took a few repeated reminders, but with the threat of banning from the store, which the manager and district personnel backed up, that the little brew of difficulties ebbed, too.

After that, Denny could do almost anything he wanted he so had the confidence of those above him. Next, the manger decided that Denny needed a helper in the front office, since he was in principle doing two person's jobs by himself. So, they hired Elena, a young thirty something year old married lady to augment his authority and duties. Denny asked to train her himself, because he didn't want any crosspurposes in the front end, and that was accepted.

When she showed up the first day, she had a short blonde haircut, just reaching below the nape of her neck. She was wearing a blue woman's suit with pretty white blouse and blue jacket and skirt. She had on sensible shoes, good for this work on very hard flooring.

She mentioned a husband, but Denny never actually met him, nor knew what their relationship was, because she seemed to have very little responsibilities to him. She didn't mention any children, either. She had a very civil and respectful manner of address to Denny, often accompanied with a very slight but sincere smile. She turned out to be a joy to work with and they melded in their front end duties very quickly.

He only had to correct her twice over business matters and she took it very well, too. Denny had a longstanding habit of carrying a small spiral notebook in his front shirt pocket.

In it he kept detailed instructions on how to do certain complicated procedures of any job that he did. He was often teased about this, but more often he was asked about a certain procedure that the asker had forgotten how to do. He also noted an obvious increase in others, even some of the teasers, adopting this strategy also. Elena took this suggestion right to heart immediately, which pleased and impressed Denny.

One day, he was explaining the most complicated form that the front office prepared each day to her. She was going to fill in on his evenings off to do this necessary job. By this time she had shown a superior ability in everything that she had been trained for and was ready to upgrade her qualifications.

The form was even bigger than legal size and had envy star fine and cute black pornstar lot of small boxes to enter very important figures into, that couldn't be reproduced, if fouled up. It was also off white, with a lot of lightly green covered ones that were hard to see from the side of her. So, he moved to being behind her and leaned over her shoulder to explain what was to be entered in each box, and allow her to make her notes in her own little notebook, too.

She was about five feet five, so even though he was almost six foot at the time, he needed to lean up to her to be able to look down where she was pointing as the form was discussed. With this, he was up against her back and bottom and a very sensitive part of his body noticed this. Things at home were very strained over intimacy issues and he had not been fluffed up for some time leading up to this episode. She didn't freeze up to this, but leaned back into him as the detailed conversation continued.

So, he reached over her shoulder to point out some things and 'accidently' brushed up to her breasts on the way down. He could hear a slight catch in her breath at that. But, no insult was noted, and no apology asked for. So, he left his arm and hands hanging down over her breasts till they were done. And with that completed they turned to gaze into each other's eyes, lightly smiled at each other and then turned to other duties to be done. They were both working Friday and Saturday evenings, because of the very large increase of business on Fridays all day and Saturdays until early evening.

Also because of the added responsibilities on those two night. Each of them were called upon to help in the checkstands at times. But, because there was also the manager on hand and a lead checker to watch over things at lunchtime, Elena and Denny took their lunches together.

At least at the same time each day. On the day after the little interlude in the front end office, she asked him when they arrived at work, if they could have lunch together to discuss some of the things that she had learned the previous day. And he agreed to that. He just took it as she had presented it. When it came time for the lunch, after them brushing up to each other in the front office a couple of times, she suggested that they go down to the waterfront to take in the nice breeze and cooler temperatures on a quite hot day.

So they loaded up in his pickup and drove down to a parking lot separate from where anyone else was at all near. When they parked, she took the two lunch bags and threw them into the bed of the P/U and moved over to being close to him. After sitting for a few minutes, just taking in the pleasant waterfront sights, she asked him quietly if he had enjoyed the little instructional session inadvertent adventures the evening before.

Denny looked down to her uplifted eyes and firmly asserted that he most certainly had. And with that she moved up to match her lips with his and they soon became overrun with very strong emotions.

Evidently both were very needy at this point crazy old mom hard fuck sex and big oral job for cum determined to get some intimate relief right then and there.

As they kissed, she moved his hand up to her breast, which she asserted he had already been introduced to. And soon after that, she had his hand up under her blouse cupping the breast to its obvious delight shown by an elevated nipple.

As their lusts proceeded, her hands moved one of his down to her groin and one of hers to his, too. And before long he had his fingers under her panties and sliding up and sown in her groin slit. At this she began to pump against his hand and so one of his fingers moved up to inside of her there. She moaned at that and then grabbed the folded blanket behind the seat and laid it over the steering wheel.

Then she opened up his zipper and fetched out his member and gave it a few strokes to stiffen it up. Then with little time left, she mounted her body up over the wheel with her face looking out the windshield.

She then sat back on his cock with it moving up to be inside of her. As soon as he was fully curvy teenage bimbo rides a big rod into her, she began to bounce on him, rocking the P/U as he held her in place with his hands on her titties. It only took a few minutes and she came, to his relief and he came right afterwards. Then they gathered themselves up and prepared to return to work. They ate their lunches on the way back.

Over the next couple of weeks, they were very careful, but got some secret groin grabs and a couple of nerdy girl and her friend fuck a fit guy stabs with evidently no one knowing anything about it. Then, there was a reset going to be done at the Navy City store and the Division had a lot of work going on at the time, with two new stores being built.

So, they gathered up all of the experienced help in the area to assist in this effort and Denny was one of the ones that was selected. One of the peculiarities of this duty was that it was done in eight hours of work increments. And if the crew got the work done early for the day, they could leave and still get paid for the eight hours.

In this case, it also happened to be Elena's off day. So, since he got off work with an hour and a half left in his eight hours, he called Elena and she said that she would come and get him. On the way to her place, he laid down on the seat and stuck his head under her loose skirt and kissed and sucked on her pussy there through the cloth.

By the time that they got to her place, a small rental apartment, she was already worked up and so she dragged him into the bedroom right away. They hurried to undress and then his face went right back to her pussy, only this time with no cloth covering. He licked, kissed and suckled on it, till it was angry red and prodigiously leaking her womanly cum.

And then she moved over to the middle of the bed and spread her legs, with them elevated as high in the air as she could muster. With that, he huge cock guy bangs teen and her stepmom her and then poked his dick right in her up to his pubes and she let out a loud moan to celebrate that.

Her mouth then opened and she let out a series of the most vile sounding sexual references, the mildest one being, "Pound that monster of your up into me until I tell you to stop!" So, he did so. After he came into her and she climaxed, they laid down with him on top and her legs under him and between his legs, with his dick still up inside of her.

It was showing no signs of relaxing yet. And neither was she. They could feel their mixed male and female cums leaking out of her pussy around his cock and made no effort to stymie that or to clean up the mess. They instead, gloried in it with a lot of caresses and kisses accompanying his patient and continued stroking of his cock up into her. When they finished with each other, she after he had showered drove him back to his car, with her still full of his cum and smelling from their intimate play.

There was no complaining about that from him. As he got ready to leave the car, she kissed him and smiled at his patting her breasts. Evidently one of the other workers saw this and interpreted what was going on very accurately. This was passed on to his manager and then the company arranged for a favorite employee to be transferred back across the valley to the store that he had come from on the excuse that his wife had requested it.

Actually, she had, because of his long days away from her, because of the long distance to the Marine City store and the extra hours that he was working there. Right after this, the wife lost the baby due to a premature birth and he was very busy taking care of her with the children until she could get back on her feet.

Sensing the state of her husband, she allowed him to lick her pussy, suck on her tits and fuck up into her hands together (to form up like a pussy) to calm him down. These things she had rarely allowed in the past, but her woman's intuition told her that she better take on the situation or there might be a real threat to her losing him.

As soon as she was healed up and able to take him up into her body, she made arrangements for the children to spend a weekend with their favorite auntie, his sister. And without him knowing of it, she made some preparations to make this weekend very special to them, also.

He started his vacation that Friday night, with an extra weekend off, gift from his new manager that he had struggled to work for in the past. And one of the few nice things he did for Denny, until the manager's last two years on the job. When Denny got home from work, she was dressed up in very loose but pretty dress, with obviously nothing underneath.

She served him a fine meal as they sat and watched the news on T.V. And afterwards, she sipped some wine, along with him drinking of his favorite root beer. And then the fun began. She gathered him up into her arms and began to fervently kiss him, more so than in years. And then she guided his hands to her mother's breasts that were still full of milk that should have gone to the stillborn baby.

But, she opened up her dress top and guided him up to her fat nipples and he took one in his mouth and began to suckle on it to get its liquid goodness.

The milk supply was already diminishing because of no baby to regularly tap its product, but there was plenty to please her dear husband with his use of both of them. And on one level, it seemed to help her with the doldrums from losing the baby, so she babied her husband then having him move up on the couch and laying his head in her arms with his mouth mounted up to her still leaking tits.

Denny took to this with considerable enthusiasm, making sure that his wife got the cuddling horny brittany wants a backseat fuck pornstar and brunette cooing that should go along with that kind of gifting. Then after this, she asked him to get up, and she opened her legs with her butt up to the edge of the cushions on the couch and invited him to sample her intimate area with his mouth and tongue.

So, he did so and she found that she was enjoying it more than ever before and didn't want him to quit, but she knew that if it lasted too long, he might lose his vigor before finishing this intimate job with her. Then she asked him to move to his knees on the carpet and move his penis up into her vagina to bring her along. She had always enjoyed this position, because it caused the head of his dick to rub up against her G spot as he pumped and prodded up into her.

It didn't take long and she with wild screams, came and emptied onto his dick. He moved up his mouth to take in all of the cum that he could get and then he stood up for her to clean off his dick with her mouth.

With this, she moved them towards the bedroom, sending him on alone for the moment. And when she joined him there, she was wearing the sluttiest garment that she had ever worn for him, as she cuddled up to him in the bed.

They then cuddled up with a lot of kissing and after having slept for a while, they woke up and he lifted the hem of her sexy garment and proceeded to fill her up with his cum again. When the two children came back from their special weekend, they noticed that Dad and Mom were smiling a lot more than had been evident for some time and they were old enough to guess why. They were very happy to see this, and a few weeks later it became known that mom was pregnant again. When Denny got back to work, he found out that Elena had been transferred to the revamped store in Navy City, he guessed to cause further separation between them.

So, he sent a very remorseful TEXT to her and after a couple of hours got a reply: TAKE CARE OF THE LOVELY WIFE AND FAMILY OF YOURS. WE HAD OUR TIME TOGETHER AND IT WAS WONDERFUL. {heart} and three smiley faces. Denny and his wife were happy together for many more years until their children were fully grown and on their own. But, he never heard from or of Elena again. 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 MISSED OPPORTUNITIES AND REGRETS 7: * No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story.

Just like in the previous episodes of the story arc, none of the previous augmentations of real events in Denny's life ever happened and so Denny finds himself alone because of the meltdown of his marriage, of which he was most at fault, though a lot of the trouble was not of either of their productions.

And he was very lonely, crushed by the marital failure and living alone in a bare apartment with very few of his material possessions with him. In his very busy life to try to reclaim some semblance of a sane life, he recognized the need for periodic female attentions.

At his age, that would be a real challenge, since for the kind of ladies that he favored, he was not a prime candidate for any kind of intimate relationship. Denny was actually in great shape for his age, and looked a considerable number of years younger than his chronological age. But, the spiffy and sporty types seemed to favor the young studs, and the bad boys at that.

And despite how things had ended in the marriage, he was not really an abusive type nor exciting, except in bed, either. So, in his desire to find a willing female heart and pussy, he spread out his interests to see what could be done. He tried newspaper and hand out newsletter companionship Ads and found the ladies there to be very demanding in their qualifications for a prospective beau.

Even the very ill favored ones, the ones that had a hard time getting dates in high school, now viewed themselves as prime material girls and above mundane guys, like Denny appeared to be.

So, he went online, which was still fairly new at the time and arranged through it several social dates. Every one of them proved to be a fine experience, but led to nothing after the meal, nor beyond the date. These gals too, in the age group of the mid-thirties to the mid-fifties also had a rather elevated opinion of themselves and were holding out for young studs, too.

Evidently they didn't have a lot of success, because he would notice their continued efforts in this regard and even was mistakenly approached, not realizing that they had already rejected him, by them again for some time while he still paid attentions to that avenue of seeking. Since, he had a little money each month set aside for fun, he decided to save it up for a commercial type of date.

He had heard that they were very forgiving of guys who were out of the most desirable group and also very creative in intimacies beyond the regular gals. But, he had no way of knowing how to contact one. He had no desire to expose himself to the risks of seeking one walking the streets. But, inadvertently one night, he heard a report on the local T.V. news of an internet site called, CLRB (Craigslist Review Board) where escorts (a higher class of prostitutes) regularly advertised with very explicit deions of what they offered and also where guys reported back on their experiences.

It was a rough and tumble bunch of posters there, but through the presence of outright liars and trolls, a sense of what was available came through. So, Denny called one of the local girls and got a short bouncy blond girl in her mid-twenties, who lit up his fire and blew out the flame in an experience like he had not enjoyed in decades.

She was good natured and very energetic within her available services and he saw her several times over a period of a year. Then she left the trade and broke it off with him, with a very nice send off. Over the next couple of years he had adventures with quite a number of ladies of the profession, but once each only because of his irresponsibly falling in love with the first one he met and the hurt when it was over. Then with the death of CLRB, because of legal difficulties, its place was taken by Tnaboard, very similar in nature and also rough and tumble.

And it had a very rough reputation, some other review boards came into existence, one being NightCap, an escort run one with a decidedly GFE (Girl Friend Experience, the most friendly and widest services menu in the trade) presence. Things went fine at first, because Denny was well known in the trade as a gentle and reliable date. And besides on the two previous boards of his presence, he had established a fair-minded and well balanced between the interests of the escort's and client's interests attitude on serious "hobby world' matters.

So, he was welcomed with open arms at first by the 'Board of Broads' of this new site. However, just as many of the guys had feared, the B.O.Bs tried to reinvent some of the well-known protocols to more agree with their interests.

Instead of being honest about what they were trying to do, the hid their motives and punished anyone that didn't agree with their newly attempted standards.

And some of their male sympathizers supported them. But, not all. When Denny stood up for the long established protocols and cuddly teen is gaping narrow slit in close range and coming of the hobby world for this general area, some of the guys and even of the member gals supported him and so to not have an active revolt among them against the supports of theirs, they entered upon a course of action to lead Denny off of active presence on the board, while they enforced their protocol powers on it.

Denny, at the time ignorant of this important relationship, sought out to date a very fine looking ebony (African American) escort newly advertising on this site. And after a couple of email conversational connections, they arranged for a date in between his home and hers about one hundred and twenty miles apart. When he arrived at the site of the proposed meeting, she recognized his vehicle from his deion and moved to check him out. With no signs of active rabies, nor any machine guns, she took his hand and led him to the apartment for the appointment.

It was obviously a loaner by a group of practicing escorts. She then led him into the very workable bedroom and while taking off her regular and casual clothing asked Denny a few questions about himself and his intimate interests. Nothing that he said raised any red flags for her and so she invited him to assume the same condition, which he did gladly. By the way, he was using the name Frank in his escort adventures. No one at least the bit savvy ever used their real names with transitory escort experiences, nor used their regular phones either.

As he perused her while getting on the bed, he found her to be a bit above in facial looks, but a star in bodily attainments. She had a radiant smile to initialize their intimacies and was very submissive to his advances, since he knew what her limits were and they were few, and he abided to them.

Her well filled out lips came down to his as he laid on his back, enthralled with the wonderful woman that he was filling in with time in sexual fun. She had left the contribution on the night stand as almost all of the honorable providers did, and that alone helped to establish a very pronounced sense of trust between them. But, his mind and heart went off on overdrive with sweet woman double fucked by black men beginning kisses with him.

She genuinely kissed him like a long lost boy friend who had just come home to her, and he was instantly transported to the best times that he had ever had with his wife and any other great girl that he had ever shared intimacies with.

But, with her proactive bodily caressing of him and her encouraging hands being everywhere, he was soon transported to beyond any experience that he had ever had. Then, he inspired by her acceptance of him in his initial penetration of her love zone with his capped member, withdrew and moved down to give her a pussy licking and probing up to and beyond any that she had ever received before.

She was very excited with this and when after several minutes, he came up for air, she grabbed him and jerked off his cover and shouted out to him, "You are a real lover and I give this to you!" She then grabbed him and moved him up into her before he could react of prevent this serious breach of hobby world protocols, but soon he was in serious lust and heat of being up in this infernally intriguing woman.

She was thoroughly enjoying his pounding up into her and when she felt him about to bust loose in her, she moved him out and off of her to rest beside her with her active caressing him in loving motions.

She explained to him, that she was going to share something that she really enjoyed, babe jassylove flashing ass on live webcam webcamshow masturbate shared with few guys. So, after several minutes of caressing, kissing and hugging, she pulled a couple of pillows to being stacked in a pile and mounted her hips on it with her belly down.

Then she asked him to approach her behind and with this accomplished handed back to him some really thick lube to be wiped onto his dick and around and up into her anus. Some of it was intended to oil up her rectum, too. And did so. Then she did another hobby world no-no, she reached back and took his naked dick and forced it up and into her rectum and instructed him to pound away till she said stop to get it as far entered into her as possible.

He being the obedient type with hot females, did just so and found himself with his balls hanging down to her pussy and his dick completely disappeared up as beautiful a rear end as he could even imagine, much less had seen before. Then he stopped and awaited further orders from his cock kidnapper.

With her innards now in operational mode, she instructed him to begin to gently bounce around in there with a slight twirling action. With this, he could feel her anal cavity rubbing on his cock head's surfaces and the pronounced squeezing actions of the anal muscles used to extraditing anything alien from there, instead of welcoming it in. But, the actions of my movements and her anal squeezing's drove us over the top and we both came at once, me for the first time ever up in an ass.

She then instructed him to lift some of the weight off of her and to cooperate with her efforts to move her tummy to up on the bed laying down, with him still firmly entered into her back passage. With some difficulty they accomplished this and with him laying on her back still fucking her ass, they rested for some time as they talked about anything and everything in the fading glow of a wonderful encounter. When they awoke from the nap, he asked why she had removed the condom, and she replied because he had gone down on her, which evidently few black men do to their black 'sisters' and because she definitely wanted him to come back to see her again.

And to top it off she asked that he not give her a donation. In their discussions he had found out that she had five children with one in college and even though she had a well-paying job, with it augmented by her practicing in the 'hobby world' in addition, he felt that there was no way that he would go along with that.

He had the money with him, could afford to donate to her and respected her so much for the great time that she had given me that he insisted over her protracted resistance to help her out and she reluctantly gave in.

A few weeks later, he asked for another date and she granted it. In the meantime things were stormy on the review board and people were choosing up sides, with him prominently on one side (supporting the heritage protocols in our hobby) and those headed by the Board of Broads trying to wrangle a much looser interpretation of the labels given to formerly well understood activities.

The B.O.B.s wanted to remove him from active participation on the board, but after their initial glowing welcome to him, many of the members threated to withdraw from it actively if they did. And so an uneasy truce was in effect, with him still acknowledged when he took up their side in issues, but rudely opposed when he differed with them.

The second date was in the same place as the first one and things pretty much went on the same, except she agreed to play with his anal facilities to my delight. He didn't know of any homosexual tendencies of his, but he as many other guys also enjoys some bottom work sometimes, usually with a lady applying the sensual pleasures.

However, this time, she was a bit too energetic with the vibrator (his) in pushing it in and it suddenly hurt very much and he passed out from the pain and fell to the floor.

He was out like a light and then found himself up on the bed naked as before with her wiping his brow and chest with cool wash cloths and a very concerned expression on her face.

It didn't take long and he roused up refreshed from her attentions and then told her that she shouldn't worry, he was prone to passing out at odd times, and that he was now alright.

So, with relief on her face she again moved up to cuddle with him and to entertain him in his usual desires. When we finished this time with him up her ass bareback and after cumming up into her, which rarely happened, she then let him idle away some time in her and told him how much she was beginning to care about him.

Not just as a client. And as a favor to her, since she didn't want any more contributions for her services, she only asked that he refrain from posting on the board for a while till things settled down there. He wouldn't promise this, but he did promise to control his responses to not be upsetting to the others there and she asserted that would be fine for the present. He did sneak a contribution into her jacket while she wasn't looking, though for the same reasons as before.

He was so very impressed with her and he wanted nothing to lead anyone to think that he was some kind of freeloader. After all, if they were married and living together, she would be getting almost all of his checks regularly.

Each of the third and fourth visits followed the same pattern and in response to his glowing report on black guy and sex girl porn on the review sites review section, she openly professed an adoring love for him and his treatment of her.

Since she was dear friends with the B.O.Bs and a trainee in escorting of one of them, this got a lot of attentions. She got a contribution, each time. Every penny that she advertised for.

In the meantime, in their emails and phone conversations, they were even talking about getting together in living. It was premature surely, but a heady thought to him who was totally enthralled with her and her treatment of him up to this time.

Problem was that he was also seeing Cora, the local native escort, who he was also very enamored of and so with Billie being somewhat evasive with me now, he elected to withdraw from seeing her, since even though she was his favorite of all time, she was just too far away for them to really work anything out on a permanent basis. And at the time, Cora just needed him very much more.

About that time, some people in the know hailed him up before the board for a very uncouth thing he had done in another matter and then added this apparent jerk move to their dressing me down. He replied that Billie was perhaps the best escort that he had ever seen and he would have continued to do so but for the long distances between our abodes. And then the hailstorm over provider protocols blew up again and so it got so bad, that he couldn't post anything on that site, even in support to issues that Ihe agreed with the B.O.Bs on, so he withdrew and moved to another tougher board that at least treated me fairly.

But, what if he had not broken up with her and turned away from Cora and stuck with Billie? How might things have worked out? She had asked him to sell his condo and move down with her, because she had a rather large house and children that were growing up and moving out.

He had an accounting/bookkeeping background and was driving a cab at the time and had no desire at all to practice that trade south of Twilight City. So, Billie asked him to bank his proceeds from selling his condo and she would help him to find work of his liking in her area of Twilight City. It started out with him using a computer and desk in her house to do bookkeeping and tax accounting for independent escorts wanting to be legal with their earnings for Social Security rights in the future.

Also, since escorting is legal as long as sex isn't directly tied to its practice, there were quite a number of gals to take care of this way. And he provided a joint bank account for them to deposit their funds and would withdraw them for their personal reasons.

The reason for this was that they had difficulty in explaining how they got their money, because even though it was legal, it was still opposed by many on ethical reasons.

So, having a white man with a neutral sounding investment company depositing the funds, there was no resistance at all in that process. After all, the banks really did want the monies deposited. After he had settled in with Billie, living in her house and occupying her bed, her children began to slowly accept all of this. And when Billie turned up pregnant by him, they were really excited to have another sibling to love. And she turned out to be a darling, for sure and hardly had a lone moment with siblings, mother, father and nieces and nephews to entertain her.

The night that she started her life, was like most others. We both had been busy that day and were now looking forward to resting for the night, with all of the children in bed and hopefully asleep. But, when Billie and he looked each other in the eyes that night as they were about to turn over and go to sleep, something connected and instead they found ourselves wildly caressing and kissing each other.

Then things moved down to their more intimate areas and all lust broke out. They turned and began a sixty nine on each other and when he looked up he could see two sets of eyes peering in on us. They were the two oldest teen girls in residence still in the home, ages 15 and seventeen and they were getting a real show with their mother and provisionally acceptable step-father. Billie wasn't noticing this, so he raised his fingers to his mouth to them and then nodded and went back to the most delightful pussy of his new wife.

By the time he was up on top of her and ponding into her deliriously happy and responding vagina, Mom got a glance at them, too. But, since they were so busy in their fun, she evidently decided to let them get their observant education too and so they plowed on in their fucking.

When she came, she let out a whoop, and that was enough to cause the two girls to dash away to their beds for the night. Billie and he laughed their asses off and prepared for the baby that they strongly suspected was generated that night.