Redhead chick sucking and jerking a black cock

Redhead chick sucking and jerking a black cock
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Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Two: Daughter's Wicked Education By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Leyla Umayyah I.wanted to be a slut. To please Mom. She was so right about me. I had all these whorish desires bursting through me, inspired by Clint's antics with his girlfriends, his cousins. The way he strutted around college. The way he enjoyed his cousins and other girls.

I wanted to be one of those girls. I masturbated my virgin pussy so hard doing it, not realizing my little brother Jalal peeped in on me.

I made his cock so hard. I teased him with my developing beauty. As I blossomed into womanhood, I turned him so on. Mom was right. It was cruel of me.

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And it felt so good satisfying him. I loved it so much. Losing my cherry to him. Impaling my cunt down his cock under Mom's irresistible lesbians know how to masturbate properly. Pumping my hot, tight pussy up and down his dick until he erupted in me. All while Mom held me, guiding me through my first steps into slutdom.

I'd never be a good, Muslim woman like her. Never a proper wife. No, my whore-cunt controlled me. It had to be fed, satiated. Even though I came so hard on my little brother's cock, I wanted more. My snatch clenched on his softening dick, his incestuous pretty teen alex wants punishment deapthroat and beautiful so warm in me.

And Mom's words. I shivered, asking, "Daddy looks at me, too?" Mom, her clothed body pressing into my back, whispered into my ear, "My little slut, he's a man. He's noticed that whorish body of yours developing. He would never do anything about it. He wants a pure daughter." Mom's hands slid up from my belly to cup my round, perky breasts.

I shivered, her thumbs rubbing my brown nipples thrusting from my dusky mounds. "But when he learns you're a slut, he won't control himself. "He'll fuck that tight cunt of yours. So I need you ready to please my husband." Mom pinched my nipples. I shivered, delight racing down to my pussy.

"So you need more practice. You need to learn all the ways to please a man." "Like what?" I asked. "Get off your brother." Mom pulled away from me. Jalal, his slim, eighteen-year-old body shuddering as I rose off his dick and turned. My nineteen-year-old tits jiggled as I sat beside him. He put arm arm around me, holding me with such a possessiveness, a huge grin on his face.

Even with his glasses on, he looked more a man now than a boy. Well, he was. He had his first woman. Me. Mom leaned forward, her head wrapped in her hijab like a proper woman, covering her hair in all modesty. Unlike me. I would never wear that again, I realized. I was a slut. I had no modesty to hide. I bared it all. A hot shiver and a nervous twinge ran through me. And then I gasped. Mom's finger ran through my shaved pussy, another proof of my sluttiness. What virgin shaves her pussy? Or a proper woman?

I shuddered as Mom's finger scooped out a glob of my brother's white cum from my pussy. She brought it to my lips.

I opened wide, sucking on her digit. My tongue melted at the taste of cum. The salty treat this time flavored with my tangy pussy.

I shuddered, more of his cum running out of my deflowered snatch as my pussy clenched. I whimpered as I sucked.

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"Mmm, yes, men like seeing a slut enjoy their cum, even from their pussy. Or another girl's." How did Mom know all this? But Jalal moaned in agreement beside her.

"Oh, yes, Leyla. That's hot." "Been watching porn?" Mom asked, amusement in her tone. "Yeah," a sheepish Jalal said. "It's just." "Your sister was so cruel. But she understands her place." Mom gave me a look, her mature beauty framed by her hijab. "I do, Mom," I said, shoving my fingers between my thighs.

I scooped up my little brother's cum. I held it on my finger and then shoved it into my mouth. I groaned, the jizz melting on my tongue. My eyes rolled back into my head as I whimpered, loving the taste. Mom helped me, scooping up more cum for me to feast on. I gladly sucked it off her finger, my tongue dancing about her digit like it was a cock. Jalal groaned as he watched, his hand grasping my round breasts, squeezing them hard, owning my tits.

"See how your brother grabs your body," Mom said as she dribbled cum into my mouth from her finger, my head arching upward, my tongue outstretched to received my gift. "How he seizes it like he owns your flesh." "Uh-huh," I moaned, savoring the cum. Her fingers jammed deep into my snatch. I shivered as she withdrew with more of my pussy cream and my brother's cum, all mixed together into a pearly delight. She shoved those digits into my mouthletting me savor the two flavors: tangy and salty.

My brother groaned, his finger pinching my nipples, making my cunt clenched. "Men own a slut's body," Mom said, her dark eyes boring into mine. "You understand me, Leyla?" Her fingers popped out of my mouth. "And I'm a slut, Mom. I don't own myself?

I'm their slave?" "Yes," Mom groaned. "You do what they want. So long as I give you permission. Because even sluts still obey their mothers. And you want to be a my good slut." "I do!" I whimpered as Mom jammed her sex dat come katrina kaif xxxxsex stories back into my snatch.

A smile spread on her dusky cheeks, blushed darker out of shame for what I was. She accepted it, but Busty brunette minx receives a messy facial knew I disappointed her by not being a pure virgin.

A righteous girl. But she would make the best of my fall into sin. "Good," she purred. "I knew you would be my good slut." She pulled her fingers out of my pussy and smeared the tangy cream and salty cum on my lips. But before I could lick the juices off of them, her lips found mine. She kissed me, not like a mother kisses a daughter, but how a woman kisses a slut.

She claimed my mouth. I shivered, feeling how her lips moved, realizing she taught me another lesson: how to kiss with whorish passion. I moaned, my body responding to the lesbian touch of her lips. The taboo, incestuous passion. Only a slut would grow more wet kissing her mother. I groaned into her mouth, her tongue brushing my lips.

Such a wonderful mother to do such a naughty thing. To show me how to do this. To teach me. I whimpered, my brother pinching my nipple, groaning as he watched us kiss.

"That's so hot, Mom," he groaned. Mom broke the kiss. "I'm training your sister, Jalal. Do not think to lust after me. She's the slut." "Yes," groaned Jalal, his dick hard again, glistening with my pussy juices." "Now your next lesson in being a slut is cleaning a man's cock." Mom glanced at Jalal's dick, licking her lips. "See how he's coated in your whorish juices?" I nodded, a hunger swelling in me.

"A slut licks a man's cock clean after it's been in her pussy or her asshole." Mom leaned into my ear. "And I remember how hard you sucked the ass off your fingers.

I know you love that filthy taste, my little whore." "Yes, Mother," I groaned and then moved, kneeling beside my brother, lowering my head. I smelled my tangy pussy on his twitching cock, this dusky shaft that took my virginity and ushered me into slutdom.

I nuzzled into the base of my brother's cock, my tongue licking out, tasting my whorish flavor staining his shaft. I shivered, my cunt growing hotter as I dragged my tongue up the throbbing shaft, gathering more and more of my cream. Jalal moaned when I reached the tip. My little brother's cock twitched. I swirled about the spongy tongue his precum bubbling out of his dick. I sucked amazing gal has a bit of butt with guy the tip for just a moment, cheeks hollowing.

His body convulsed. I liked that. "Leyla," he groaned as I moved down the base of his shaft, my chin pressing into his black pubic hair. "Keep sucking." "I have to clean you, little brother," I purred then licked up his shaft again. This time in a different spot. I savored my tangy juices, lapping up the side of his cock while Mom watched. Her eyes were so intense, watching me, studying my technique.

She was such a wonderful mother for training me to be a slut, making sure I realized my body's pleasures. Most mothers would just disown such a whorish daughter, kick her to the street. Back in my grandparent's home in Jordan, they might even have killed me for the family's honor. But we were in America. Where girls could be sluts and whores, and explore all the sinful desires of their body.

And my body brimmed with such sinful desire. "That's so good, slut," groaned Jalal, his hand squeezing my dangling tit as I licked and lapped at his cock. "Mmm, yes, clean your brother's cock," Mom moaned, squirming beside me, her dress rustling. She rubbed my back, sliding her fingernails down to my ass. She squeezed it. "Get him clean of all those whore-juices." "So clean," Jalal groaned. "Yes!" My tongue flicked the tip of his dick, making him shudder again.

I loved that. The way he groaned as I played with the crown. I nuzzled at the front of his dick, my nipple throbbing as he pinched it. The little nub felt connected directly with my dripping snatch.

Juices trickled down my thighs. My hole ached to be filled by his cock. Or our older brother Faizel's cock. Or Daddy's. I sucked on the tip of Jalal's dick. He groaned, pinching my nipple so hard. Pain flared. And that made my pussy hotter. I moaned about his tip, licking, sucking, so eager for more of his salty cum.

I wanted that as much as having my pussy filled. I hungered for both. "Enough of that," Mom said. She smacked my ass. "I don't want him cumming yet. I need to show you how to properly fuck." My head popped off his dick.

"Didn't I do a good job my first time?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah "You were.adequate," I said to Leyla, my pussy on fire from watching her whore behavior. It itched and seethed in my panties, soaking my cloth.

I ached to be filled. My eyes flicked to Jalal's dick, almost as big as his father's. "But you need to learn how to move your hips. How to fuck up and down a dick as you ride it. I will show you." "" Leyla frowned as I pulled off my hijab, my black hair spilling out full hot hip porn storys my back and shoulders.

"Yes, show you," I said, my pussy clenching. "I will fuck your brother so you can watch. I'm only doing this for your training, not because I'm a slut like you. I have your father. He keeps my pussy more than satisfied." "Of course, Mother," she said, biting her lips as she stared at me unbuttoning my dress. Both my children stared at me, such hunger in their eyes. They salivated over the prospect of seeing my breasts.

Jalal had always ogled me, like any proper growing boy should. But Leyla's hunger only proved how much of slut she was. She yearned for congress with women as well as men.

I could feel it in the way she accepted my kiss. I licked my lips, still tasting the faint traces of my son and daughter mixed together, that delicious, naughty combination of cunt and cum. My pussy clenched again as I slid my dress of my blonde babe likes to please a dick, baring my large breasts constrained in my bra. "You have such big tits, Mom," groaned Jalal. "Hush," I told him. "I am doing this for your sister's benefit, not yours." But my back straightened, thrusting my tits towards him.

I loved his eyes on me, appreciating my womanly curves. My dress fell about my waist. I reached behind me, unhooking my bra. Leyla licked her lips as my tits spilled out. My little whore-daughter stared at my pillowy mounds with the same hunger her father had on our wedding night. The night I lost my virginity like proper woman. My nipples were fat and hard, darker brown than hers, my areolas twice as large. She leaned over and licked at one before jerking back.

"Sorry, Mother. I didn't mean to." "No, no, that's wonderful," I groaned, my nipple throbbing from the brief, incestuous contact with her mouth. I'd seen Lee and Melody sucking on their mother Vicky as I spied on my coworker's classroom. Watching Clint and his incestuous harem writhe, his sisters all such sluts for him. And his Aunt Vicky. "You're following your instincts as a slut." "Damn," Jalal groaned as Leyla leaned in and sucked at my nipple again.

My son stroked his cock, precum beading at the tip as he watched his sister suck and nibble on my nub. I shuddered, pleasure racing straight to my pussy. My whore-daughter swirled her tongue around it, using the lessons I taught her on cock-sucking to pleasure my fat nub. I undulated my hips, working my skirt down off my ass.

I rose, pushing it down my thighs then shifted to work it off my kneeling legs. Then I hooked the waistband of my panties, pushing them down, exposing my soaked, black bush to my son's hungry gaze. "As you can see, my son," I groaned, passion hd sexy massage for darcie belle my baby boy staring at my pussy, "I am not shaved like a whore.

A proper woman lets her bush grow wild. And her husband takes delight in this. But sluts like your sister have to tempt men into adultery by shaving their snatches." "They do look great shaved," he groaned.

"But I understand why a proper woman wouldn't shave her cunt. It's like shaving her head." "Exactly," I moaned, sliding forward. My daughter's mouth popped off my nipple. "Now I know you'll enjoy this, Jalal, but remember this is only to train your sister. I'm not a slut for you to paw when you like." "Of course, Mom," he groaned, grabbing my tits with greedy hands.

"But right now. I need to treat you like one. For Leyla." "Yes," I whimpered, loving his fingers finding the nipples he suckled from as a babe. Oh, how I loved suckling my baby boy. I straddled him, pleasure shooting down to my pussy. I grasped his cock, guiding it to my married pussy. I'd never had a dick in me but my husband's before. I rubbed the tip of my son's shaft against my pussy, sliding it up and down my slit.

It nudged my clit, sending delight sparking through me. "See how I tease his cock," I purred to Leyla, my daughter's face peering at the incestuous meeting of my snatch and my son's dick. "Yes, Mother," she moaned, sliding two fingers into her whore-pussy, pumping them in and out with a slow rhythm. "It gets you wetter and builds his anticipation of your pussy's embrace," I moaned. "Isn't that nice, Jalal?" "Yes, Mom," he panted, face twisting as he felt my snatch.

"Makes me so desperate to be in you." "Of course it does," I purred. "This is how a slut drives a man wild." My daughter nodded, her eyes glossy but keen.

She masturbated faster, her fingers making wet sounds as they plunged into her dripping depths. Yes, she would help me replace the money I lost in online gambling. My husband Karim would never have to know I lost our savings to my addiction.

Men would pay so much for Leyla. I slid my son's cock up and down my pussy one last time, my clit savoring the delight. Then I pressed his dick right to the entrance of my married cunt.

A hot shiver ran through me to impale myself down his cock, to feel my baby boy back inside me once again. "Now that he's all horny, what do I do, Leyla?" I asked, whimpering, fighting my body's instinct to take slutty blonde gets fucked deep inside her ass son's cock bored students get it on in detention the hilt.

But I wasn't a slut. I could control myself and teach my daughter. "You fuck him!" Leyla moaned, my slutty daughter's round breasts jiggling as she frigged her snatch faster and faster. "That's right," I groaned and impaled my cunt down my son's dick. Jalal moaned. My baby boy let out such a groan of sure delight as he felt his mother's pussy wrapped about his shaft. His hands squeezed my breasts, almost as big as his father's hands, but so smooth, lacking all those familiar callouses Karim earned from working construction.

I ran my hands up my baby boy's smooth, lean chest. So slim, not brawny like his father. Just so cute. I moved my hips, swirling his dick around inside of me while my slutty daughter watched. Leyla whimpered while I let out a throaty groan of delight.

Jalal's cock felt so amazing in me, filling me up, making me shiver. "Now you want to move your hips more, Leyla," I groaned, sliding my pussy up Jalal's cock. The friction sent pleasure shooting through me. "You want them swiveling and undulating. You want to always be moving them. Up and down isn't enough when you're riding a man's cock. You have to make it better for him." "Yes, Mother," she whimpered, plunging a third finger into her pussy.

"It feels so good," Jalal groaned. "Oh, Mom, yes! Move that pussy on my cock." "See," I moaned, undulating my hips, dancing as I black doll sucks white cock through the gloryhole big dick blowjob my married cunt up and down my son's dick. "Listen to him. He loves it." "Uh-huh, Mother." I shuddered, pumping my hips up and down my son's cock, loving his girth in me.

Such wicked shivers filled me. The friction burned in my snatch's depths, my pussy drinking in the incestuous glide of my baby boy's cock against my inner flesh. He reached deep into me when I bottomed out, my tits jiggling in his kneading hands. Such pleasure shone in his eyes as he stared up at me. He groaned and gasped, making all these manly sounds, growing up right before my eyes. It made my pussy hotter. My hips pumped faster.

I wanted to make my baby boy cum. To show Leyla how to be a slut. My tits heaved more. My hips danced and undulated. Such rapture shot through my body as my married cunt pleased my son. "You want to lean forward, too," I groaned, doing that, planting my hands on Jalal's shoulders. My tits dangled before him. He pulled his hands away, just watching my big mounds sway as I fucked up and down his cock. "This changes how his dick moves inside of you." "It's so fucking good," groaned Jalal.

"Mom, your cunt.

It's amazing." "Ooh, yes, Mom, you look so hot as you ride him," Leyla panted. She licked her lips, her body twitching as she plunged her three digits in and out of her cunt. "By changing how you lean, you rub his cock on different parts of your cunt. You'll both love it." I then leaned backward, my spine arching, my tits thrusting up before me.

"Like this. Mmm, yes, now he's rubbing on the front of my pussy as I work my cunt up and down him." "You're amazing, Mom," Leyla moaned. "So hot and sexy." I shuddered, drinking in her words. "Daddy must be so happy to have a wife dedicated to his pleasures," my daughter continued, such envy in her voice. She wanted to be a good, Muslim woman like me. To be that pure bride for her husband. But she wasn't. She was my little slut. "He's so happy," I groaned.

"We've learned so much about pleasure. It took me years and years to figure out all these ways to please him." "So good," groaned Jalal, his hands sliding up and down my sides, clutching my flesh. I leaned forward again, dangling my tits before him.

Then I pressed them into his chest, sliding my pussy up and down his cock. My breasted rubbed on his chest, my nipples throbbing against him. His hands grabbed my ass out of instinct, kneading it, pulling me up and his cock, guiding me. "When he grabs your hips and or ass, let him guide you," I groaned. "Control you. He knows what feels good on his dick. Don't deny him, my little slut." "I wont, Mother." Leyla's face twisted in pleasure.

Then her body spasmed. "I'll be such a good slut." As my daughter orgasmed, I kissed Jalal hard on the lips. My tongue plunged into his mouth. Jelena jensen casey calvert home schooled part one groaned, hands tightening on my ass. My pussy clenched on his dick, clit rubbing into his pubic bone. Such pleasure surged through me.

My own orgasm built and built as I kissed him so hard. I loved my baby boy. My eyes squeezed shut, my body moving now, lost to the rapture building in me. The pleasure I shared with my youngest child. His tongue shoved into my mouth, learning how to kiss a whore. His fingers dug into my butt-crack as he kneaded me. I savored his exploration, my married pussy growing hotter and hotter on his dick. I whimpered, my pussy clenching so hard on his shaft as I rocked on him.

My nipples throbbed against my chest. "Yes, yes, fuck him, Mother," groaned Leyla. "That's so hot. I want to fuck him so hard. I want to be a slut and make men cum in my snatch." Jalal moaned into our incestuous kiss. His hands squeezed hard on my ass. He pulled my pussy down his dick. He buried to the hilt in my cunt. Then he grunted. His cum fired into my depths. I shuddered, feeling a man other than my husband, my own baby boy, flood my snatch with jizz.

My body spasmed. My orgasm exploded through me. I broke the kiss, gasping, "Yes, yes, yes, flood Mommy's hot client lita phoenix gets fingered by masseur A slut always begs. Always yearns for it." "I do, Mother," Leyla groaned. Jalal just gasped, his body shuddering beneath me as he unloaded so much jizz into my snatch. My convulsing pussy milked my baby boy's big dick.

I savored every blast of his incestuous seed spilling into my depths, filling me to the brim. My pleasure surged through me, radiating out of my pussy. It washed through my mind. I trembled on my son, squirming, embracing every wonderful moment of our incestuous union. My son had returned to my pussy. I treasured this orgasm.

It peaked in me. And then died. "Mom," he groaned, panting. "That was amazing. Better than Leyla." I kissed his mouth for that compliment. "Your sister will learn. She'll need to practice with you, your brother, and your father." "Oh, yes, please," groaned Leyla, still frigging her pussy. My daughter licked her lips. "Can I fuck Jalal now. I need to practice." "Your brother needs to recover," I groaned, rolling off Jalal.

He cuddled up against me, nuzzling at my breast. His lips found my nipple. I shuddered, spreading my thighs, his cum leaking out of my snatch.

"But you can practice your pussy licking skills. Eating creampie, or just licking cunt in general, is something every slut should know." "Yes, Mother," my obedient little slut moaned. Yes, I was so glad I drilled that peephole. Those months of watching Clint handle his sluts had prepared me for Leyla's training. I knew everything she needed to learn, all the nasty things she'd have to do as a whore.

And it gave me so much pleasure to show her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah I moved between my mom's thighs, licking my lips as I stared at the white cream staining her dark bush, more bubbling out of her depths. My brother's cum mixed in the very pussy that birthed us both. A hungry, depraved lust to feast on her surged through me. I pulled my three fingers out of my pussy, a hot shudder running through me.

My sticky digits grasped Mom's thigh as I leaned down. I pushed her legs farther apart while Jalal kept sucking on Mom's fat nub. He loved them as much as I had. His other hand groped Mom's breasts, squeezing it while I pressed my mouth into her bush. Her tangy musk filled my nose, both so similar to my pussy and so different.

Stronger. More mature. What I imagined I would smell like at her age. What a wonderful thought. I breathed in again, noting the salty cum mixed in the bouquet. My mouth salivated. I nuzzled my face into her pubic hair. The silk caressed my lips. Earlier, I envied the girls who had Carmelita lick their pussies in the bathroom during lunch yesterday at my college. Now I envied Carmelita herself. No wonder that bullying, Latina bitch fell to her knees and ate cunt. It was so delicious.

Such a hot thrill shot through me at doing something so sinful. This was more depraved than fucking my brother. That was incest between a man and a woman. This was a homosexual sin. Lesbian depravity. I devoured the pussy that birthed me! "My good little slut," Mom groaned as I pressed my mouth against her pussy lips, feeling her hot, wet silk.

"That's it. Eat Mommy's cunt. Lick me clean of all of your brother's cum. You know you want to, whore." "Yes!" I groaned. And licked. My tongue slid through her hot flesh. I gathered her strong, tangy musk mixed with that yummy, salty cum from my brother's dick. I felt Jalal's eyes on me, watching me as he sucked at Mom's nipple. I shivered, my pussy clenching as I licked again. And again. So good. The flavors burst to life on my mouth. Her pussy tasted so much better. Because it was another woman's pussy.

My mother's pussy. I groaned, digging my tongue through her folds, plunging in deep, gathering up all the cum I could. "Yes, yes, just like that," Mom groaned. "Mmm, you're digging your brother's cum out of my pussy like a proper whore." I shuddered at her compliment. "Thank you, Black whore tatyonna hates getting throat pusblack whore tatyonn tube porn pressed my pussy-stained lips back into her cunt.

My tongue plunged into her depths. Her back arched, tits jiggling. I stared up her dusky body and savored my brother's form pressed against her. They lounged together as I feasted on their fluids. The pair used me for their pleasure, like I was just part of the foreplay between them. Nothing more than a living sex toy. That thought made my pussy weep. Juices flooded down my thighs. I groaned, lapping harder, driving my tongue through her silky folds.

I brushed her clit, making Mom shudder and moan as she watched me. Her dark eyes smoldered. "That's it," she groaned. "What a natural pussy licker my slutty daughter is. Ooh, yes. Such a little whore." "I am, Mother," I groaned.

"I love your pussy. I want to eat it always. I want to fuck cocks and devour cunts." "That's my little slut." She shuddered. "Oh, yes, I will make the best of your shame." I shuddered, lapping through her pussy again, glad Mother could make use of my perversion. My tongue danced through her folds, brushing her clit before plunging back into her hole and searching for more of my brother's cum. Jalal watched me, lifting his head from Mom's breast. His eyes had such greedy hunger. I shuddered as Mom grabbed his half-hard cock, drenched in her pussy juices, and stroked him.

Her hand worked up and down his dick, making him moan. "She's getting me hard for that tight snatch, slut," Jalal groaned as he stared at me with eyes hungry behind his glasses. "I'm going to fuck you so hard. I'm going to pump more cum into your pussy." "Yes, little brother," I whimpered between licks. "Ooh, that gets her so excited," Mom panted. "Mmm, yes, now concentrate on my clit and shove fingers into my snatch. Flick that tongue against my nub. Ooh, yes, just like that and.

Oh, you naughty whore!" Her pussy tightened on the three fingers I plunged into her snatch. The same three I frigged myself while watching her fuck Jalal. My tongue flicked and battered her clit, making her gasp and shudder.

Her body shivered as I pleased her. I sucked and nibbled. I made her ache. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Her hand stroked Jalal's cock faster. It rubbed into her side, smearing her pussy juices across her hip and belly.

Her hips undulated, dancing against my licking mouth while she jerked off my little brother. My pussy ached to feel that cock in me again. "Are you going to cum on the little whore's mouth?" groaned Jalal into our mother's ear. He squeezed Mom's breast. "Just cream that little slut." "Yes," Mom whimpered.

"She's got such enthusiasm. Ooh, yes, plunge those fingers into my pussy. This is how you please a woman!" Such pride swelled through me for being such a good slut. I sucked on her clit like a little cock. Her pussy clenched hard on my fingers. I loved feeling her hot depths. I came from this warm, wet, silky hole. Heady delight swept through me as Mom heaved again.

She groaned and gasped. Then she turned her head, kissing Jalal like a lover. Her hand gripped his cock as she groaned into his lips. His precum smeared across her flat belly as she writhed.

Such a beautiful woman. So mature and gorgeous, her body kept in great shape to please my father. Her pussy tasted like Heaven. The sweetest sin. Why did Allah make pussy taste so good and then forbid women from eating it? Why did he make me into a slut? I squeezed my eyes shut, pumping my fingers faster and faster. My own cunt dripped juices, aching to be filled. But I ignored my own pleasure, concentrating on my mother's. She needed this orgasm. I had to please her. Mom gasped, breaking the kiss with Jalal.

"You little slut!" Her pussy spasmed about my digits. She convulsed hard as her orgasm surged through her. Hot juices squirted out around my digits, bathing my chin and cheeks. I opened my mouth wide, gulping them down. "My daughter is such a lesbian whore!" moaned Mom. "Yes, yes, yes. Oh, Allah, what a slut you gave me!" "Such a slut," groaned Jalal. "I have to fuck her, Mom. I have to pound that tight pussy again." "Do it," Mom groaned, letting go of his cock. "You're a man now.

Fuck the little whore. Just get back there and ram into her cunt." "But my lesson?" I gasped. "I need to ride him." But Mom didn't hear me, too lost to her rapture. Jalal already moved, getting behind me. I gasped as his hands seized my hips. And then his cock nudged at the hot opening of my pussy. I groaned as he rubbed his dick up and down my flesh. Mom seized my hair, hauling my head back down to her convulsing pussy.

Her big tits heaved as she smeared my lips against her clit. "Don't stop licking me while your brother fucks that whore-cunt of yours!" "Yes, Mother!" I moaned and flicked her clit with my tongue. Her fingers became iron talons in my hair, gripping me so hard. She forced my face against her clit. I sucked on it, pumping my fingers in and out of her convulsing pussy. Her juices boiled my digits while I moaned out in desperation.

Jalal still teased my pussy. He ran that thick cock up and down my pussy lips. He brushed my clit, making my hips wiggle. More juices poured out of my snatch. Then his cock pulled back and his fingers parted my pussy lips. I felt his eyes stare into my depths.

"I can see into her pussy," Jalal said in awe. "So pink and juicy. And she's clenching, Mom." "She wants your dick in her so bad!" groaned Mom, grinding her hot cunt into my face, her pussy massaging my plunging fingers. "Just fuck her. Pound her. The little whore needs your cock three lesbians play with their prolapsed assholes her right now." "I do, little brother," I moaned.

"I'm such a slut. I need your dick in me so badly. Fuck me!" "Fuck her! Be a man and ram that cock into your sister's cunt!" Mom shuddered, her big tits jiggling. "Fuck her like the whore she is." "Yes, Mom!" groaned Jalal. His dick rammed so hard into me. His balls smacked my clit.

I gasped, pleasure shooting through me. I moaned into my mother's clit. My snatch clenched down on the dick that filled me. Then he drew back and slammed in again. And again. And again. He reamed my cunt. He gripped my hips, grunting as he plowed me so hard. Like a jackhammer. He fucked me like a whore. He enjoyed my sisterly cunt on his dick. And I savored his brotherly dick plunging into my depths. "Oh, Mother, yes, he's fucking me!" I whimpered.

"He's driving that cock into me." "Yes, my baby boy is such a man," Mom groaned, her hot eyes staring over me at my brother. "Ooh, yes, Jalal, pound your sister's snatch.

Enjoy the little slut!" "I am, Mom," he groaned. His cock plunged into me so hard, so fast, it was hard to remember my lesson. I knew I had to swivel my hips. To always move them, to dance like a whore. But such pleasure churned through me from the hot friction of his dick and the smack of his balls on my clit.

Every time his balls smacked my clit, I moaned into my mother's bud. I sucked on hers, my tongue dancing on it as pleasure surged through me. Sparks flared through my cunt. My pussy clenched down on his dick as his nuts thwacked my balls. So heavy. So full of his brotherly cum. I wanted him to spill in me so badly. I wanted his cum to fill me again and again. My fingers pumped hard, plunging into Mom's cunt as fast as Jalal rammed into my snatch. Mom shuddered, her big tits jiggling as she writhed.

She had such smoky eyes, staring with such desire at Jalal as he helped me practice my fucking. Asian masseuse cindy starfall fucks her client in bathtub left hand reached out, grasping Mom's pillowy breast. She groaned her pussy clenching on the digits of my right hand. She shuddered, her snatch growing hotter about my fingers again. Then she gasped and orgasmed a second time.

"Yes, yes, yes, such a whore daughter!" moaned Mom, bucking. Her pussy massaging my three digits. Just like my cunt would massage my brother's cock. "Ooh, plow your whore-sister, Jalal," Mom gasped through her climax. "Fuck her. Make her cum. A man always makes a slut cum." "I will, Mom," Jalal groaned and fucked me harder. I didn't know it was possible. I screamed into Mom's pussy as my orgasm exploded through me. The pounding rapture of my brother's cock sent me over the edge.

My clit drank in his thwacking balls. My hot flesh convulsed around his dick.

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He groaned, gripping my hips harder as he plowed into my massaging pussy. Pleasure rippled through me. I gasped and shuddered, wanting to rip my head up from Mom's pussy. But her grip held me in place. I moaned into her clit, stars exploding across my vision. "So good," I moaned, voice muffled by motherly cunt. "Yes, yes, yes!" "She's so tight, Mom," gasped Jalal. "Ooh, yes, the little slut's cumming so hard on my dick." "Because your a man!" Mom groaned with such pride, her body convulsing as her orgasm died.

"Yes you are. My baby boy is such a stud. Fuck the little slut. Make her cum over and over on that dick of yours." "I am," he grunted, plowing me. "I could fuck her all night." "You've cum enough.

Show me that stamina. Show me your endurance." Mom licked her lips. "Ooh, yes, keep the slut cumming into my clit because. Yes!" Mom came again, set off by my humming passion on her bud. Her pussy convulsed on my fingers, matching the writhing passion of my cunt on Jalal's dick. Her juices flooded out, so tangy and delicious. I drank them down while Jalal's cock stirred my cunt to a froth. Orgasms kept pumping through me. My brother's dick kept me cumming. The friction so amazing. I loved him plowing into me.

My moans mixed with Mom, mine so much more whorish than hers. I kept my fingers plunging into her depths, stirring her up, thanking her for showing me who I was.

"I'm a slut!" I screamed as another orgasm rippled through me. "Yes, yes, yes," howled my brother, thrusting so hard. His balls smacked over and over into my clit. "Such a fucking whore." "Cum in her!" hissed Mom. "Just bathe her cunt in your cream." "Yes!" Jalal groaned, ramming his cock into me. I gasped into Mom's pussy at the first squirt cute teen liza rowe likes to be covered with stepdads jizz incestuous cum into my depths.

I shuddered, my cunt milking his jizz into my fertile depths. I could be bred by my brother. A hot shiver ran through me. My orgasm intensified. "Take my cum, slut!" he growled. "Yes, yes, yes, in your sister's cunt!" mom howled. "He's pumping so much into me," I moaned.

My orgasm rippled through me. Such naughty warmth. I loved it. Embraced it. Jalal grunted again as he fired the last blast of jizz into my snatch.

I mewled into Mom's pussy, licking her clit while she shivered, my left hand clenching her pillowy mound.

It felt so nice in my hand. Then Jalal ripped his cock out of my pussy. I knew what to do. Like a good slut, I spun around and sucked his sexy brunette women are great at lesbian pleasures cock into my mouth. He groaned, shivering as I sucked him clean. Jizz poured out of my snatch, trickling down my legs.

Then I groaned as Mom licked at the jizz dribbling down my cunt. She made such a cooing sound as she enjoyed it. She licked up to my pussy. For one moment, her tongue flicked through my folds, gathering the incestuous mix flooding out of me. "Mmm, such a good slut," she purred, giving my ass a squeeze. "Once you're done cleaning your brother's cock, we'll talk about how you'll please your father.

He'll be home in an hour." Then Mom rose. I heard her dress behind me, garbing her modesty like a proper Muslim woman. I just sucked happily on my brother's half-hard cock. He stared down at me, such lust in his eyes. He ran his hands through my hair. "I'm going to fuck you whenever I want," he growled. A hot shiver ran through me. I popped my mouth off his dick. "Of course. That's what a slutty sister is for." He smiled as he pushed up his glasses. Then groaned as my mouth engulfed his dick, savoring my fresh, tangy musk.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah The front door opened. A hot twinge ran through my pussy followed by a nervous flutter through my stomach. I moved from the kitchen, properly clad in my modest dress, my hijab covering my hair. Only face and hands were visible. My big breasts jiggled in my bra. He stood in the foyer, hanging his baseball cap on a peg. My big, strong husband dressed in the rough clothes from the construction sight, his blue jeans faded, stained with a white epoxy.

His t-shirt faded over the years, a black tar forever embedded in the fabric that I never could get out. "There is my lovely wife," Karim said as I walked to him and greeted him with a chaste kiss, nothing immodest out of our bedroom. His thick beard scratched so deliciously at my face. The one thing Leyla lacked while eating my pussy, her cheeks silky smooth.

"Welcome home, dear husband," I mandy bright big tits babe get dp and got a facial penetration and gangbang, so excited to give him this treat. I'd been so bad by masturbating to Clint fucking his harem and losing our savings to online poker.

He deserved such a treat. I knew he noticed Leyla. He was a man. More than a few times he demanded I perform my wifely duties after he stared at our blossoming daughter. "Leyla is drawing you a bath," I told him. "Dinner will be ready in an hour. Go and relax. You've earned it." "A bath?" he asked.

"Our daughter. Not you?" I just smiled at him. "She wants to do something special for her father. You'll see. She's awakened to who she is." My husband frowned. "What is going on?" "Just know that I love you, dear husband," I said and gave him a hotter kiss, my hand rubbing at his crotch. He groaned, his cock responding, hardening.

"Now go, our daughter awaits with your bath." Leyla stepped out in a flowery dress Her black hair spilled about her youthful expression, no hijab to make her modest.

"Come, Daddy, it's all ready to you." "Isn't she just a naughty tease?" I whispered as my husband stared at her without her hijab for the first time since she started menstruating. "Now go and enjoy her.

Leyla will take good care of you." My slutty daughter took her father's hand and led him away, such a beguiling smile on her lips.

My pussy clenched, knowing she would take such good care of her father. And learn to be a better slut. Because come tomorrow, that pussy would be for sale. To be continued.