Dark skinned ex girlfriend quinn coco gets dat face sprayed

Dark skinned ex girlfriend quinn coco gets dat face sprayed
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He pulled oneendof itthrough onesideof my thong, threaded it between my wrists, through the other side of my thong and back again. He fastened the ends in a final real wife stories the pre honeymoon fuck binge shawna lenee, after pulling it together tightly.

I squealed as the sides of the thong were pulled up almost to my ribcage. Between my legs the material rode up, almost disappearing completely between my pussy lips. He let his hand run down the back of my thong, following the disappearing material. squeezing my pussy lips even harder with his fingers, making me squeal again. "hmmmmm, you must love this. you're dripping wet down there. But first, I wanna take care of these",he let his right hand gently caress my tits.

The touch felt nice and revolting at the same time. "Ialways knew they'd look amazing. All this time when i imagined them jerking off to your picture. But they are so much better in real life.these tits are the most incredible things i've ever seen or felt!

so firm, yet so delicate. and restrained like this you look like the perverted slut you are" His respirationwas heavy, I could feel his hot panting breath on my body as he lowered his head. He opened his mouth and softly closed his wet lips around my left nipple. I felt the warmth and wetness of his mouth on my skin and involuntarily arousal surged through me.

As he used his tongue to slide it very lightly, but rapidly over my nipple a moan escaped me. The next instant his right hand groped my other breastso hard that i screamed out. "Oh yeah, baby, scream for me!", he encouraged me enthusthiastically "that isturning me on like crazy, i love your voice like that!" he kneaded my breast with his hand while he started chewing on the other one, biting my nipple once in a while. my screams were echoing from the walls. unfortunately it actually did turn him on even more.

he was grunting and moaning as he continued my torture. i could feel his hard cock pressed against my stomach, rubbing his precum all over my body. He took pleasure in giving me little breaks from the pain and just licking my nipples ever so lightly until I got a little aroused again. Although after the first embarassing moan I kept biting my tongue to not let him know my body enjoyed even that kind of touch.

But he seemed to know exactly how big cock fuked beutyfull girl was feeling because each time it happened he sank his teeth or his clawing fingers right back into me, making the pain wash away any comfort or excitement, letting me scream out again.

Eventually he sat up. Looking over my tied body, my breath still frantic from the screaming and the pain, my abused tits covered with bitemarks, my nipples hard.

he seemed very content. He stroked his hard cock. eventually he leaned down again, pushing the fingers of his right hand between my neck and my collar and pulled me up. My feet were still tightly bound to my thighs, so i came to sit on my feet. "Turn around" he commanded me. I hesitated. So many emotions were rushing through me. I guess, whenever he paused even a little bit I again clung to the hope that it was finally over. Now my mind started racing again: what would he do to me, now?

Can it get any worse when i turn around? How am i even supposed to move?. It felt like I was in a daze. But I was quickly awoken. A sharp pinch with his fingernails on my nipple let me give a loud yelp. "TURN AROUND!" he yelled at me. "unless you want me to continue to take care of these titties.". I slowly moved one leg after the other to turn myself on the spot. My knees scrubbing over the table I tried hard not to loose my balance. I stopped directly in front of the mirror.

He moved closer to me, kneeling directly behind me he pressed his cock against my back, reached one arm around my waist and pulled me back into his lap. He grabbed my knees with his hands and pulled my legs apart, spreading them as far as possible. "Look at this" he whispered in my ear.

"look at yourself. you look like a perverted little slut", pulling my head back so i had to look into the mirror. His hands glid up my thighs up to my exposed pussy. His fingers rubbed over the little bit of material that was still visible over my clit before it got buried between my lips. He slid one hand underneath the fabric, moving it from left to right, making the string like material roll in and out the space between my lips.

eventually he yanked it aside to expose my pussy fully, running his fingers roughly over it. He moaned. "God I want this now!". With his left arm slung around my body he lifted me up a bit, his right hand guided his hard cock until it's tip pressed against my wet pussy lips. Slowly he lowered me, increasing the pressure his cock exerted on my most sensitive parts.

I started to beg hysterically: "please, no!! please, don't do this, please!!!" I felt his cock parting my pussy lips, stretching them - and then more painful pressure. "it's too big, pleaaaaase!" Suddenly his cock slipped, he let me fall down onto his lap.

He started swearing as he grabbed me around my waist and lifted me up again. "Stop fighting, little princess, it's gonna happen!" Again his cock is pushing against my pussy. This time he's holding it closer to the top and pushing even harder. I screamed out again as i felt him stretching my skin surrounding the opening of my vagina. But he slipped year old stepsister megan rain gets fucked. "FUCK, YOU'RE TIGHT!" he yelled out, pulling me back onto his lap.

His hard cock now rubbed along my pussy slit as he moved back and forth. His right hand reached between my thighs and quickly he inserted his fingers into my vagina. initially two, then another one. moving them around and spreading them. His other hand grabbed my chin and turned my head straight to the mirror. "How come you're so tight?" he almost yelled out.

"What about this boyfriend of yours, what was his name?" He looked into my eyes, expecting an answer. "Frederik", i sobbed "we broke up." "Oh really!!!" he roared excitedly. "your father loved that pretentious kid! He was so sure you'd get engaged to him soon. So didn't he fuck you?" "Y. yes" I answered almost inaudible. "Tell me what he did. Tell me what it was like to have sex with him!".

My sobbing grew louder. I felt so embarrassed. It had always made me very uncomfortable talking about sex, but now i felt so incredibly ashamed and exposed. I felt his huge hand on my throat, forcing my head up to look straight into the mirror so I could see him hissing into my ear: "you better start talking, girl, or I'll bend you over and this time I will get this cock into you!" "No, no, please, don't!

I'll do what you want." i assured him eagerly, interrupted still with the occasional sobbing. "Then tell me all he ever did to you! And look at me while you do!" I lifted my glance, finding his eyes in the mirror.

My face looked flushed, my cheeks bright red.

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"Tell me!" he hissed again, pressing his hand harder on my throat. "He just. he just. started kissing me after we went to bed and then got on top of me and had sex." The words were gushing out of me. I just wanted it to be over. I didn't know what words to use.

"He fucked you missionary?" I nodded as much as his hand underneath my chin would allow me. Tears were running down my cheeks. "For how long?" he inquired. "Not sure exactly. Maybe 10, 15 minutes?" "15 minutes???

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every time? just that??? What was wrong with that guy? How often?" The questions just kept coming. He stared into my eyes the entire time, enjoying my obvious embarrassment. He never let me allow to break our visual connection. "Every time he was staying over. But it was always just that." He shook his head in disbelieve. "So, if he fucked you, why are you so still so tight?!" he demanded to know.

"He was not as. he wasn't. he was smaller" I stuttered. He laughed out loud, still looking right into my eyes. "What do you mean, my princess? I know, I'm taller than him. He only comes up to my shoulders. What does that have anything to do with it?" grinningly he stared into the mirror, obviously enjoying familystrokes teen fucked by stepdad daddy embarrassment.

As I didn't reply right away he increased the pressure on my throat. "Tell me!!!" he hissed into my ear. "I mean. I. his. his pe. his penis was much smaller than yours" my voice almost broke down.

He smiled at me in the mirror, making sure I was still looking directly at him. His voice got even lower, almost gentle as he said calmly: "So this is the very first time you get fucked by a real man, then?" My sobbing grew louder, but this time he didn't seem to mind not getting an answer.

His fingers slid out of me and he grabbed me by the neck and pushed my head onto the table. With him being bend over me I could feel his cock rubbing against my genitals. With one hand he guided it again to part my wet pussy lips.

Once more i felt the pressure as he pushed into me, but this time, there was no way for my body to avoid him.

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Accompanied by my squealing and whining he pushed deeper and deeper into me. Very slowly at first, but the more hold his cock got the faster he forced it in until my final outcry mixed with his loud growling as i felt his balls being pressed against my flesh.

Grabbing me by my collar he pulled me back up once more. And again he turned my head so his eyes would find mine in the mirror. "Don't worry, little princess, it'll only hurt for a while. I'll teach you to get used to being fucked by real men." he whispered in my ear. He lifted my body up from his lap a little. I felt my skin stretching around his cock as he pulled out a bit. then he started hot amateur slut kitana lure ir anal dp dap european creampie back into me, slowly pulling out and rapidly thrusting back in, making me cry out each time.

His breath on my face turned into panting as he gradually increased the speed. Whenever i closed my eyes or lowered my gaze his free hand grabbed me by the throat and corrected my position again. He was staring into my eyes intently, eagerly observing every trace of every emotion on my face.

it appeared as if he increased the speed and the power of his thrust whenever my screams died down and turned into sobs.

"how does it feel, my princess" he whispered softly in my ear as he once more pulled me back onto his cock all the way. "Tell me he how it feels to have a real cock inside you!" "It hurts!" I cried out between sobs. He smiled at me in the mirror. "i know it does, my little dove, I told you, it would." his voice had such a gentle, sweet tone, eventhough his demands horrified me.

"But tell me more! Tell me HOW it hurts, tell me where in your body you feel me." my thoughts were racing through my head, thinking about how to describe the terrible sensations rushing through my body. I couldn't find the words. through the sobbing I stammered inaudible sounds, the sharp pain interrupting any thought I had each time he thrusted into me.

"I'll slow down if you tell me something exciting." he growled into my ear. his hands were cupping both my breasts and he let his thumbs run over my hard nipples ever so gently.

I tried to catch my breath between the sobs, determined to keep him from starting again. "you're so huge!" i cried out. I could feel myself blushing with shame.

Quickly he grabbed my throat again as I lowered my view. "Look at me!

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And tell me more!" he lightly licked over my ear as you whispered into it. "it's stretching me so much!!!" I frantically forced out the words, tears streaming down my cheeks. "it feels., like. it's everywhere inside me." He smiled at me again.

Obviously i had said something he enjoyed. Inside of me awakened a glimmer of hope that he'll show mercy now. But he fastened his right arm around my waist and started lifting my weight of his thighs, letting his cock glide out of me just a tiny bit.

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"Well," he almost breathed the words into my ear "in that case there's just one thing I can do." With that he pushed my body back into his lap while thrusting into me. The sudden unexpected sensation took my breath away. I took another thrust to make me scream out again.

"There's only one way to get you used to real men's cock. You gotta take as many and as often as possible!!!" Again he lifted me up a little bit and held me there, giving him enough space to drill into me fervently. My body shakes rapidly as his cock gets forced into me like a jackhammer. I feel his excitement growing. The controlled and collected mind control games are over. He was growling and moaning. One arm was still holding me close to control our bodies movement, but the other hand was kneading my right tit again.

"SCREAM FOR ME YOU TIGHT LITTLE BITCH!!!!!" he yelled out "FUCK, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM SO FAST!!!" His balls were slapping against my pussy lips, his enormous cock teared and pushed on my insides. My screams died down only to enable me to catch my breath. "GOD!!! YES!!!" he growled so loudly that it echoes from the walls. Again he pushed me down onto him, then took the hand that was around my waist to grab me by the throat again.

"LOOK INTO MY EYES!!" he yelled firmly as he threatingly squeezed my throat. "LOOK INTO MY EYES WHILE I PUMP EVERYTHING I GOT INTO YOU!!!" I forced myself to lift my head, looking at my own face, smeared with tears and running mascara, an image of desperation.

But as he increased the pressure on my throat I looked directly at him, his face had an evil expression on it. "Let's go! he hissed, clawing his hand into my breast until i screamed out again. Inside i could feel his cock pulsating. He stared intently into my eyes as he started to thrust again, not as fast, but hard and deep. "YES, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM YOU TIGHT LITTLE WHORE!!!!!" Another thrust "NOW!!! FEEL MY CUM!!!" He thrusted into me and held my body right there, pulsating inside me.

It felt like his cock was expanding even more. "You dirty slut!!" he panted into my ear while still staring into my eyes. it seemed like forever until his breathing finally slowed down and he loosened the grip on my breast. Now he smiled at me again.

His voice also has returned to it's soft tone, as he wiped some of my tears away. "You are amazing, little princess. So much latina roundass babe oiled up and doggystyled than even in my wildest imaginations.

I never wanted to come so soon, I have so many things I wanna teach you. But you surprised me with that very, very tight pussy. You'll be the world's most amazing whore once i'm done with you!" With that he pulled me off his cock and slid down the table.

Without looking at me again he grabbed a robe hanging over a chair oriental couple undresses and fucks japanese and hardcore put it on on his way to the door. As he leaves the room I could hear him giving orders to someone: "Clean her up and get her ready again. I'll be back tonight".