Playfellows step daughter dress first time follow jaxs lead and get you that jummy

Playfellows step daughter dress first time follow jaxs lead and get you that jummy
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I've never considered myself naughty, but nonetheless I guess that's what I have become in my sophomore year. But before I begin my story, let me introduce myself my name is Michelle and I am 15 years old.

I have an athletic body of which I am particularly proud as I run regularly at the track. I'm 5' 6' tall, my boobs aren't really big 36 Bbut they are quite perky and my nipples are very sensitive, and I mean WAY too sensitive. Yeah, I should probably mention that when I get excited I flow like a goddamned river, which frankly can be quite annoying at times.

When I get wet I tend to stupid things, as suck cock in class, but I am getting ahead of myself. It was just one of those days in the end of spring, when you just wish to skip school and enjoy the nice weather. There are no uniforms in my school so you pretty much wear what you want. My usual choice for outfit is usually really tight running pants or shorts, which outline my butt and pussy perfectly and just make the male part of the class nuts or your usual miniskirt with a blouse.

Today it was the latter as it was an exceptionally hot day… in more ways clothed babe gives a head hardcore and blowjob one.

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I was sitting in algebra class and I was having trouble concentrating. Why? Well I hadn't had a decent fuck in ages, I was single and horny as hell. I was even considering going to the toilet to make myself cum, but my algebra teacher was rather strict and I decided to wait for the class to end.

I usually sit in the back row, so I can nap or just do whatever. I was looking out the window, admiring the green school garden. I suddenly remembered one of my trips to the forest in the outskirts of town and few amazing fucks I have had there.

I guess I got lost in my thoughts when I heard the teacher call me: "Michelle!" "M-m, yes?" "It just so seems, that this class is boring to you, so I guess everything is quite clear. Would you come to the board and complete the exercise?" Needless to say it wasn't an offer. As I got up I felt that my thong is wet. Damn, I knew I was horny, but all that imagining really got me going. As I walked to the blackboard I felt almost all the boys staring at my butt.

Yeah, I have a great butt, but this wasn't one of those moments when I wish to show it off. I went to the board and gave the exercise a glimpse. I had no idea how to solve it so I just stood there. "Well?" "I'm sorry, sir. I don't know what the solution is." "Well then Blonde chick carter cruise is crazed for a big cock and hot sex suggest you go to your seat and pay more attention in class." The class erupted in laughter and I felt quite embarrassed.

I went back to my seat and I sat down with my head lowered in shame. Luckily the bell rang after a few minutes and I could get out of the classroom. My best friend Denise followed me and nudged me in the ribs: "What was that all about?

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You know better than to fantasize in his class!" "Yeah, I know but ." "But?" "I'm fucking horny, Denise !" I said I little louder than I intended and I guess a classmate heard me. "Oh!" Denise giggled.

"Don't you laugh at me, you are getting your holes filled everyday from that boyfriend of yours." "Well, it's high time you got yourself one, don't you think?" "Screw you." We moved to the next classroom and we got there just in time. I picked a place in the back and sat down. Only this time Mark sat next to me. `Oh shit.` I thought, I think he heard me in the hallway. The teacher entered and the class started, we had English lit. The teacher wasn't at all strict so you could basically do whatever you wish as long as you attend classes.

Still I was taking down notes, or to be honest, pretending I was, in reality I stole a glance or two at Mark. `Damn, he is hot. I wonder how it feel to have him fuck my brains out.` Shit. My nipples were very hard and I felt my thong get even wetter, to the point that it would start to drip soon. `Damn girl, control yourself.` I was turned to Mark's side and I was just about to stand up and ask permission to go the toilet when he suddenly looked directly into my eyes and put his hand on my knee.

I was lost for words. His hand was so warm, my heartbeat accelerated and I felt my throat dry up. "So" he whispered "I think I overheard you saying to Denise you are horny" "Bullshit! You must have misheard." Out of the blue my voice was back, but it was all husky and I could barely talk. I could bring myself to remove his hand so I just left it there.

Mark took that as a go ahead sign and slid his hand under my skirt. I covered my mouth just in time to muffle my gasp. "Oh really?

Sinhala actress sumana gomas sex story is this heat coming from then?" I couldn't answer him so he just continued until he reached my thong. I felt his finger rub the wet fabric and jolts of electricity went up my spine and almost made me moan in class. Good thing we were in the back and the teacher wasn't really paying attention.

"Man, you are soaked! So I guess you really need hard cock, don't you?" `If only you knew how much … ` "Mmmmmm" was all I managed to say. Although he had his hand under my skirt, nobody could actually see a thing, as we are sitting on desks for two which are really big and if you look from the blackboard to a student you don't see anything from the waist down.

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Meanwhile Mark was rubbing my cunt more and more vigorously, which in turn was making me more and more horny. I couldn't keep a coherent thought in my head, let alone stop him. Though the bastard was good. He had found my clit and soon I was on the verge of an orgasm. two horny babes expose their hot bodies masturbation and brunette my god!

I'm goint go cuuuuuuuuum !" What came from my mouth was a barely audible whisper but as before in the hallway Mark heard me and kept on rubbing my juicy cunt through my soaked panties.

Damn, I felt my body tensing, my feet arching under the desk and my pussy clamping. I came so hard that I felt liquid streaming down my thighs. Ah I felt so hot. My nipples were so hard that if I didn't have a bra they would have probably stand out as buttons on my blouse.

"Ohhhhhh." Again I could not as much utter a word. As I was recovering from my orgasm I felt Mark put his hand on his crotch. And was he hard !

Judging by what I felt I would say he is about 5 inches long. Just normal I guess. But if he knew how to handle his tool it would be more than enough to satisfy me. He was wearing shorts, so I just slipped my hang under the elastic band and under his underwear and grabbed his shaft.

"Mmmm, yeaaaah. That's right baby, play with my dick ! " I started making slow strokes, not that I could make fast ones, seeing as my hand was inside his pants and we were . well in class.

While I was stroking I almost came again right then and there. I was even more hornier but the bastard had slipped my thong aside and I almost gave myself out as he slid a finger inside my steaming pussy. He wanted to play, well I knew how to play too.

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I slid his shorts down a little, just so his cock could come out, dropped my pencil and took him in my mouth. I couldn't really give him a blowjob as it would seem suspicious to disappear under the desk for long but sucked two-three times so hard that it was him who was close to screaming.

I did a few more times and then I put his dick back in his shorts as If I kept this going we could get busted. Still I kept my hand inside and continued stroking him. During all this he was driving me nuts with his finger buried inside my filthy twat. "I want you to screw me!" I whispered.

"What? Here?! "Meet me in the toilets after 2 minutes" I drew my hand out and removed his hand from my panties and stood up. "Yes, Michelle?" "Excuse me, may I go the restroom please ?" "Ah, yes you may." I started walking for the door but my feet were so weak from the intense asian huge tits big tits and mature and fingering I could barely walk in a straight line.

Anyway I managed to get out of the room and go the restroom. Yeah, I should probably mention that we have a co-ed restroom. Wasn't long before Mark entered.

He was just about to say something but I didn't let him. I grabbed him by the T-shirt and dragged him to the nearest cubicle.

Ok I didn't really drag him, he followed me eagerly. I was just about thinking that he knew who was in charge when he twisted my arm and pressed me against the wall: "What you think you call the shots? You think you will fuck ME ?" He closed the door with his spare hand and pressed his body against mine. I could feel his erection on my butt. "Damn, whatever, just take me. I'm so horny right now!" "Oh I'll take you alright, but first things first." He let go of my arm and with both hands slipped my red thong down.

I turned my head around and saw him bring it to his nose. `Damn, he is going to sniff it. Perverted bastard.` But it also made me even hotter to see him smell me from my soaked thong. "Mmmm, you smell nice, Michelle.

Just like a whore in heat. You want it bad don't you?" "Yes, cmon just fuck me, the class will end soon and other people will come here!" "Ok cunt, but I'm taking your panties, you'll be walking home without them." "Mmm, two female bffs seducing and fucking coach. You think this is the only time I have gone to school without underwear." I think this comment drove him over the edge.

He slid his shorts good friends are there to help get off lesbian love films, lifted my skirt and with both hands on my ass he rammed his cock into my cunt.

Ok now I was LEAKING. Usually such violent penetration is painful to most girls, but I get so wet that it slid inside with ease. I felt his cock penetrate me all the way. Ahh the sweet pleasure, I needed this so bad.

Mark started thrusting hard from the first stroke like a desperate man who was in a hurry. I guess he was, I guess we both were. "Fuck, bitch you are so goddamned wet. It feels so great !" "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" "Yessssssss, pound my freaking pussy&hellip. Oh yes !! FUCK ME MARK, SCREW ME !!!! " I could believe the words exiting my mouth, in fact I couldn't believe I was able to say them, much less shout them.

"I'm so close to cumming, don't you fucking stop !!!" Pressed against the wall, my skirt lifted just the bare minimum for his cock to penetrate me and after just 5 minutes of furious fucking I was already cumming and cumming hard.

I felt my pussy muscles clamp on Mark's cock and I came. Or I should say I CAME as my whole body shuddered and if it weren't for Mark holding my ass I would have probably collapsed. "Damn, your pussy is great… ahhhhh. You are coming aren't you ?! Ahhh your pussy is gripping my cock so tight I can't hold it anymore !!" I felt his cock head enlarge and the hot semen pouring deep inside me.

Mmm it felt so damn good. We just stood there for a minute, both sweating, his cock still buried in my pussy, enjoying the moment.

Then he pulled out, pulled his shorts up and said: "That was some nice fuck ! See you later whore." And with that he exited the cubicle. I was still regaining my composure and truth be told I didn't know here I am.

My juices were running freely all the way to my high heels and to top it all, now my pussy was dripping sperm as well. I sat down on the toilet and ran my hands through my breasts. "Poor things, that bastard totally neglected you." Even through the fabric of the blouse and the bra I still shuddered from the feeling of my own hands over my boobs.

I pulled my blouse over my head and removed my bra. "Oh well I don't have panties I guess I don't need a bra either." And it with that I threw it in the thrash ( wasn't such a good bra anyway) and started rubbing my breasts even more. My nipples were begging for attention for more than an hour now and it was time they got it.

I started pinching them. At the same time I started grinding my thighs together and I sensed I was on the verge of another orgasm. While playing with my nipple one hand I started rubbing my slit with the other.

`Oh damn, I'm gonna come again` I put two fingers into my stuffed cunt and started fingering myself rapidly.

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"Ohhhhhhhhhhh…" I felt the orgasm building up like a wave and I picked up the pace, now ramming my fingers into my twat and arching my back into anticipation. In only a few seconds, which seemed much longer I felt myself cum again, and the orgasm washed over me like giant wave. I felt incredible. I withdrew my fingers from my pussy and they were sticky with both my juices and Mark's cum. `Hm, let's see how you taste like…` I brought the fingers to my mouth and slurped all the juices.

Mark's sperm had a heavy, salty aroma and mixed with my own juices it was intoxicating. The school bell jerked me back into reality and I started ripping toilet paper to clean myself as best as I could. To be continued&hellip. Possibly.