Sex games amaze adorable chick very much

Sex games amaze adorable chick very much
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Fbailey story number 650 I'm Fucking His Sister I had been fucking my best friend's younger sister for a few months when he asked, "Are you fucking my sister?" Of course I said, "Yes" after all he was my best friend. Jason said, "I want to watch." I laughed and said, "I don't think she would want you too.

She gets pretty wild, she really likes sex, and she gets pretty verbal too." Jason said, "She doesn't need to know that I'm in the room with you and she doesn't need to know that I'm watching either." I looked at valentines day fucking in public exhibitionist and hardcore. He was dead serious, so I asked, "What do you have in mind?" He smiled and said, "I've got a plan all worked out." He told me of his plan to be hiding in a big cardboard box in his garage when I lured Crystal in there for sex.

It seemed plausible and it also seemed very exciting. So I asked, "Can you videotape us having sex and give me a copy?" Of course he got excited to think that he could keep a copy for himself too. Jason and I are both fifteen years old and built about the same except he is fair shinned and blond while I have an Italian background and I can get a great tan with my dark hair, the girls love my appearance.

Oh yeah, we both love to snow ski, roller blade, and practice bicycle tricks on our BMX bikes. We are totally cool, physically fit, and in great shape. Now Crystal is not your average thirteen-year-old girl. In fact there is nothing average about that girl. She is a straight A student, a very talented gymnast, and according to my father Crystal is built like a brick shithouse.

He's old, so are his sayings, but in this case I couldn't say it any better. Crystal is five foot two, eyes of blue, and long blonde hair to her waist. She has a fine ass and even finer breasts. She turns heads in her bikini, in a short micro miniskirt, and in tight blue jeans. I once saw a guy run into a parking meter watching her walk past him.

She likes to wear thong panties or go commando, sometimes she wears a bra, and when she does they are very sexy and a 32-C. Her breasts are so firm that she really doesn't need one. Crystal's mother lets her go braless because she does it most of time herself but not at work.

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She knows that I like seeing her hard nipples and that great cleavage of hers. On her last birthday she joked about being the same age as her bra size, 34-D. Now she looks good in her bikini too. She likes to lay in the sun whenever I'm there and usually asks me to rub lotion on her. I'd give anything to get in her pants! She treats me differently than she treats Jason. Anyway back to my buddy's plan…I said yes. Two days later I tried to talk Crystal into going into the garage for sex.

It wasn't the first time but it wasn't her favorite place to do it either. She got a funny look on her face and said, "I've got a better idea. Come with me." I followed Crystal up to her bedroom. Along the way she said hello to her mother in the kitchen.

That was unusual because we normally sneak around when we are going to have sex. Up in her bedroom she wanted to give me a blowjob.

I like her blowjobs so of course I said, okay.

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Then she told me to very quietly follow her down into the kitchen afterwards and not to say a word. Sure! Why not! Well the blowjob was great. Crystal got on her knees and I sat on the edge of her bed with my cock out. I found myself to be more excited than usual, that or she was doing something different. Anyway I fired off pretty soon and even shot a couple of extra gobs of cum into her mouth.

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I followed her down the stairs as quietly as I could, I watched as she entered the kitchen, and then I just peeked around the corner. Crystal walked to her mother and kissed her full on the mouth. The two girls tongue wrestled for almost a full minute. Then Crystal's mother said, "Oh God, he tastes even better fresh like that.

He has the best cum that I have ever tasted. I wish I could drink some right from the source." Crystal said, "I was hoping that you would say that.

He's standing right behind you." She turned around so fast that she almost fell over. Only my head was showing from behind the door jam. Crystal's mother smiled and asked, "Would you let an old lady suck your cock?" I looked at her and replied, "You are no old lady. We call babes like you MILF's." Crystal's mother then asked, "Does that mean that you want to fuck me too.

Isn't Crystal enough for you?" Shocked I said, "You know." Crystal's mother replied, "Of course I know. She just spit your cum in village xxx proni full sex stories mouth because I wanted something fresher than what I lick out of her cunt." Crystal said, "Mom likes to talk dirty." Crystal's mother added, "Yes!

I like sex to be dirty. I call things cock, cunt, fuck, and several other words that I've learned over the years. My daughter still calls thing by their politically correct terms. Like penis, vagina, making love, and other polite words like that. In bed I'm a slut, a whore, a tramp and my man knows that. He can use me, abuse me, and throw me away. I can enjoy a one-night stand, a gangbang, or sex with another woman. I really want a man that can stir my inner feelings without judging me." I thought about it for a moment and asked, "What about Jason?" Jason's mother said, "I've given that a lot of thought but he is way too possessive.

If I let him fuck me he would feel that he owns me. I need to be free." Crystal said, "I let him see me naked once and I let him play with my boobs. After than I couldn't get rid of him." Her mother added, "I had to step in and put an end to it." I asked, "What if I had a talk with him about being too possessive." His mother school japan chut land sex xxxx, "I don't think that it will work." I said, "What if you belonged to me and I just let him use you once or twice a week.

That way he cannot put a claim on you because I already have. He knows that I have sex with Crystal and he is cool with that. In fact he was waiting in the big cardboard box in the garage to spy on Crystal and I having sex." Crystal snapped, "I knew something wasn't right. Next time let me know and I just might let him watch." Her mother asked, "So can I suck your cock?" I asked, "Can I see you naked?" She said, "Anything you want.

Would you like to own me?" I asked, "What do I have to do?" She said, "I'll train you.

I had to train my husband. Then the bastard went out and found a real whore that he could sell on the street. I hope they get caught and arrested. Hell, I hope he catches some incurably decease and dies an excruciation death." I knew that something had happened about a year ago but I didn't know what. I looked a Crystal and asked, "Is it alright with you if I own your mother and let your brother fuck her occasionally?" Crystal smiled and said, "Yes, it is okay with me but don't let him fuck me.

I wouldn't like that pervert thinking that he owns me." I replied, "Okay!

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I won't let the sleaze ball fuck you." Over the next couple of weeks I let Crystal's mother suck my cock. I let her suck it right after I took it out of Crystal's pussy too. I got to fuck Crystal's mother and she was just as violent as her daughter during her orgasms. Things were going pretty well then one day after I had cum in his mother Jason knocked loudly on her bedroom door.

We both knew what was up and that it was time. I opened the door and Jason saw his mother naked and on her knees. I said, "Your jade nile my hot wife likes it rough is my bitch but I'll let you fuck her occasionally.

Just remember…she is my slut. In fact it will cost you ten dollars each time. It's about time I made her into a real whore." He asked, "What about Crystal?" I said, "She's mine and mine alone.

Keep your filthy hands off of her." Jason handed me twenty dollars and said, "Once just isn't going to do it." I saw his mother smile so I left the room closing the door behind me. Crystal caught me in the hallway and gave me a big hug and kiss before saying, "Thank you. Now Mom will have to deal with him." The End I'm Fucking His Sister 650