Brunette pushing her ass on boyfriends dick

Brunette pushing her ass on boyfriends dick
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The palpable music moved through the gyrating crowd, pulsating life and controlling the flailing movements loosely termed dancing. In the private booths, couples and groups were in various stages of passion, some only feeling a tightness in their bellies and others winded, hot and sweat drenched as they came down from the high of satisfaction.

Professional dancers and drunken women swung about on poles, dollar bills shoved into thongs and garters.

The only one not having fun, it seemed, was sitting idly in a back corner, near the bar. She was alone and sober, yet again, while her friends fucked with reckless abandon. Always the self-designated driver to these events, she never managed to let loose and relax, always too afraid of possible retribution.

All that responsibility meant was that she never had any real fun. She was on her third glass of orange juice - "Alcohol free, thanks." - and was refolding her cheap paper napkin for the third time when a shadow fell over her table, blocking the light from the dance floor. When the shadow didn't say anything, she resumed folding her napkin, hoping that whatever poor drunken soul was standing over her would get the hint and walk away. When the shadow - which she noted was unmistakably male - still made no sound or any movement away from her table, the sexy sluts have fun in the swamp remained in an awkward silence.

After folding her napkin for the fourth and fifth time, she finally grew fed up with the eyes she could feel boring into her head, and turned her eyes to glare at the stranger. What she saw though, took her breath away. Standing not a foot from her was the most amazing male specimen she had ever seen.

Soft reddish hair, piercing blue,, gray? eyes, and a mouth that was obviously a master at everything it tried. His smile was to die for and was the best thing about his face. He had a well-defined chest she could see through the fitted t-shirt he wore and the long, lean legs currently wrapped in soft, worn blue jeans.

The pants did an amazing job of showing her just how.well-endowed lesbian teen shows her big tits on webcam specimen was. And by the looks of how those pants were quickly getting tighter as she continued to stare, the delicious piece of cock she was sure he was hiding was ready to play.

Tall, broad shouldered, and muscular but not overly so, the man was obviously the perfect size to pick her up and press her against a wall, one hand on her thigh, one hand on her neck and lips nibbling on her ear and neck, searching, biting.

She could almost feel him grinding into her, and had to clench her fist to keep from whimpering with desire. She stopped herself before allowing that fantasy lovesome cutie spreads soft vagina and gets deflowered continue. It didn't matter, though; because that fantastic grin he was flashing at her let her know that he knew exactly what she was thinking. She felt a flush crawl up her cheeks. "Someone said you were alone." Well, he was sober.

At least she wouldn't smell of cheap booze in the morning…not that she was planning on spending enough time with this gorgeous stranger to pick up any smell. Speaking of smell, that was fantastic cologne. "I'm actually waiting for a few people, gotta make sure they get home tonight." Gee, that was witty. Maybe she'd pull out a bottle of wine later and drink herself into a stupor in the safety of her own kitchen to forget this. He was still grinning when he slid into the seat across from her.

She uncrossed and recrossed her legs as she stared at him. Was it a good sign that this absolutely edible man was taking such an interest in her? He said with a devilish grin, "Look, a great looking girl like you can't walk into a place like this, looking like that, and not have fun. You're a beautiful blonde, and I'd bet you're great in the sack. I'm gonna be honest with you, I came over here with every intention of taking you home tonight.

But first we're gonna have fun. We don't have to drink, we don't even have to dance, we can just talk if you want, and at the end of the night, if you're not interested, then I'll walk away." She could only gape.

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What do you say to that? She leaned back in her chair, dropping her napkin like a barrier in front of them, absolutely determined not to fall for that completely, sinfully innocent look. Which is why it came as a complete shock, forty-five minutes later when she, self-designated driver to all things involving alcohol and dancing, found herself waving goodbye to her friends from whom she received a very enthusiastic thumbs up and following a man she'd just met to a rather expensive looking blue sports car.

Prancing through the parking lot, eyes fixated on the delectable ass of the man ahead of her, she felt sexy. In her conservative heals, knee length skirt swishing around her thighs, and emerald green satin blouse, she tossed her golden hair and sashayed her hips just a little more than normal.

Instead of going around to the driver's side, he paused at the passenger door of his car and leaned against it to watch her approach. "Definitely a closet sex goddess." She grinned. Instead of moving to let her in, though, He beckoned her to him. Leaning into her ear, she wasn't sure whether he spoke is next words. Or growled them. "How about a preview?" His hands snaked around her waist and suddenly she could feel every inch of his hard body.

His head descended on hers and what followed was no doubt the best kiss busty hottie makes a guy cum on her ever had. Her body was on fire, her nipples hard against his chest. His tongue swept inside her mouth, running sensuously against hers.

One hand slid down her back to cup her firm ass as the other snaked up to her breast. Her hips bucked against his as he twisted a peaked nipple through the fabric of her top. Her panties nearly flooded as she felt his obvious arousal pressed against her. He pressed an open mouthed kiss against her throat.

She pressed tighter against him, grinding her hips once more into his. "Please." "Are you begging me? For what?" She couldn't answer. She couldn't imagine not having sex with him in the next minute, against the car or not. How had she managed to go through five years of bar parties and not leave with some devilishly handsome stranger?

No matter now, because he was winding his hand in her hair, pulling her head back to expose her throat, biting at the soft flesh. "Wait." She didn't care if it was a word or a whimper. He hummed acknowledgment against her cheek.

"How far to your place?" He pulled his mouth back, leaving her pressed tightly against him, and looked out at the traffic in the intersection.

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"Probably a fifteen minute drive. Think you can last that long?" In all of her ariella ferrera and angel del rey way action in the bedroom, she had never been this hot, or this wet, and it was all for this man.

If having him meant she had to wait fifteen minutes, she'd wait. Grinding against him one more time, she leaned up for a quick demanding kiss, before stepping back while he opened the door for her and then made his way to the driver's side in record time. As he pulled onto the freeway and rolled down the windows, she relished in the feeling of the wind as it seeped through her top to kiss her feverish skin. Where had the demure little woman gone? She had only ever been with two men before, and had never even considered kissing a man in some bar parking lot like before.

But her thoughts were cut off as she felt a hand caress her knee. Eyes fixed on the road, he slipped his fingers under the edges of her black skirt. She watched with rapt attention as his hand disappeared to stroke lightly on her inner thigh.

As the sensation moved slowly higher, she could feel her pussy, slightly cooled since entering the car, pool with heat again. He stroked the edge of her panties and she was sure that there was no way that he would actually… "oh…" She gasped and he smirked as one finger slipped under the edge of her panties to slide across her soft folds, tangling in the curls of her pussy and tugging lightly.

Releasing the curls, his remaining fingers joined the first, hooking around the seam of her damp coverings, nudging them down. "Lift your hips" She was sure he could see her stare at him, confusion and want etched on her face.

Finally, as he tugged insistently on her panties, she did as told, sliding the thin piece of cloth down her thighs and off her legs, leaving her wet cleft bare under her skirt. "Spread your legs." She whimpered at the sensations just his voice, and his commands, shot through her. Quivering from anticipation, she did as ordered, shivering in delight as the air rushing through the car blew under her skirt and between her legs.

Glancing out the window to make sure no other cars were close, he set the cruise control with one hand and flipped up her skirt with the other.

Before long he had thrust a finger into her. She gasped at the pleasurable intrusion. She bucked a little against his hand, begging for more.

"Pretty risqué situation." "Goddammit… mmmm…" Her retort was lost as he simultaneously inserted another finger into her wet pussy and pressed his thumb against her swollen clit. That damn smirk was back too.

All too soon it was over, though, as he steered the car towards an exit and pulled his hand back, pushing her skirt down as he did so. They pulled into the driveway of a small house, modest with a simple lawn out front. Looking at the place, she could understand a man like him living there, and she couldn't help but imagining him mowing the yard on Sundays, probably without a shirt.

As her high from before tapered, the full force of what she was about to do hit her, and she was unsure what to do or to expect next. He seemed perfectly at ease as he stepped from the car and ran around it, opening her door.

Despite whatever had happened on the drive, and whatever would happen once inside, she was surprised at how gentlemanly he was, helping her from the car and leading her to the front door. The entranceway to the house was brilliant, painted in soft welcoming colors. She peeked into an immaculate front room off to the side while he hung up his jacket in the coat closet. "This is a beautiful home." She said, when he returned to her side.

He grinned at her. "It's just background with you here." She blushed at it compliment, but didn't pull away when he stepped closer. "You really are beautiful" His lips met hers and heat once again spread through her. Despite the passion that was reminiscent of before, this kiss was softer, even sweeter than the ones they shared in the parking lot back.

It only lasted a moment, though, as he pulled away and took her hand. "I'm going to make this a night you'll never forget." The bedroom was dark, too dark to make out anything.

His hand came to rest on her hip from behind, his lips pressing soft kisses to her neck. Those were the only places he touched her, though, and suddenly she was burning for contact. A moan slipped from her throat as she leaned back into him, turning her head to give him better access to her neck. He stepped away from her and walked over to what she thought was the bed. He clicked on the bedside table lamp.

What she saw took her breath away. A tall woman with long dark hair was lying on the bed, hands bound to the outer corners of the bed with rope. The rope snaked behind her and was wrapped around the back of what appeared to be a collar. She was completely naked except for a chain attached to both nipples. She was completely shaven, body open for all to see. "So, did you two enjoy yourselves?" She asked. The blonde giggled, "Oh yes, that was fun. But this is going to be even better." she said with a wry smile.

The words gave him an encouragement to finally get on with it, and with one quick tug he pulled her around and pressed her to him, claiming her mouth in a passionate dance of lips and tongues. Her back arched and she pushed her hips lovely japanese gal aoi kohinata closer to his, feeling the growing bulge press into her belly through his jeans and her satin top.

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He released her from his grasp and commanded, "Strip." She immediately complied, pulling off her shirt and dropping her skirt to the floor. She undid and dropped her lacy bra to the floor.

"Too slow." He growled and turned her over and bent her over the bed, facing the bound, dark haired woman on the bed. He grabbed her panties and tore them off her backside. He stripped her of her stockings and shoes as well. He wound his hand into her blonde hair and lifted her up so her back was to his firm chest.

His mouth was at her ear, kissing, biting. " Look at her. Do you want her?" "Oh yes." She gasped. "Then get down there and eat that pussy." She bent down and tentatively tasted the dark woman's folds with her tongue. She tasted sweet, and a bit musky. It was intoxicating. She v=became more insistent, nuzzling her clit with her lips, opening her mouth and tonguing the hard little button. The dark woman moaned with pleasure. She looked horny luscious lisa ann loves a good fucker at the tall woman and watched the woman's dark eyes roll softly back in her head, wrists straining against the bonds.

" Your pussy is just dripping for me. You've wanted this a long time didn't you?" The dark haired woman whimpered, "Yes. Yes. Yes." The blonde slipped a finger into the dark woman's wet cunt, working her finger over the little spot just on the inside. She eagerly worked her tongue over her clit, using firmer pressure, becoming more insistent. The bound woman bucked her hips, writhed and growled with the ecstasy of it. The man bent down over the dark haired woman, grabbed the chain attached to her breasts and pulled.

The woman screamed and writhed, body breaking out in a sweat. Her screams gave way to moans. "Please let me come, Sir? Please? Please?" He said, " Are you begging me to come? Do you need it?" She gasped, breathless, "Yes, I need it.

Please let me come. Please?" Her eyes begged for release, to be pushed over the edge. He leaned over, close to her ear, and growled, "Come now, slut." The dark haired woman screamed, back arching, hands fighting her bonds as the blonde worked her wet pussy with her lips her tongue, her fingers. The woman's body danced on the bed, wracked with tremors of ecstasy. The man reached down and pulled in the chain connecting the woman's nipples, watching in delight as the ecstasy continued on, over and over, again and again.

As the orgasm subsided, the dark haired woman shook, eyes fluttering. He took the blonde woman by the shoulder and kissed her hard, tasting the dark woman's juices on her lips. " Share that with her.", pushing her beautiful busty blonde squirter fucked in ass the top of the bed.

The blonde bent over and kissed the dark woman passionately. The woman responded with eagerness tasting and sucking her own juices off the the blondes lips and tongue. He stood at the end of the bed and removed his clothes, his cock hard and waiting.

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He grabbed the blonde by the hips as she was kissing the other woman, pressing his hard cock into her and using his weight to shift them to the center of the bed. She couldn't help the low sound that reverberated through her chest and out her parted lips, mingling with his own gasp. She ground her soaking cunt into him, her juices mingling with his. His left hand rested on her ass and his right traveled up and down her side, running alongside her right breast and darting out to pinch her nipple.

Underneath him, she was a writhing mass of pleasure, with gasps and moans escaping her mouth to die in his. She was having trouble paying attention to the dark haired woman underneath them.

He pushed his fat cock into her as the dark woman grabbed the blondes nipples and pinched hard, causing the blonde to moan and whimper in pain and pleasure. "I think she likes it. Her pussy is quivering around me." As he started to work a rhythm with his cock, pounding the blondes sweet, delectable pussy, he looked deeply into the dark eyes of the bound woman.

The woman smiled with delight, watching her lover fuck her best friend, sweaty skin slipped against more skin, the pair entwined as one, short breaths escaped in pants and mingled together.

They worked up a hapless rhythm of pants, moans, and grinds. The dark haired woman mouthed the words, "Love you." He winked and whispered, "Love you too." Finally, his free hand trailed below her waist, finding her tingling clit.

Flicking against it once, twice, and a third time was all he needed to force her over the edge to her first orgasm of the night, a combination of his kisses, his thrusts, and his hand building up and flying from her in a hoarse yell as her juices spilled over his hand.

He gasped. She could feel his cock grow inside of her,signaling his impending release. " Fuck, come inside me, please." He met her request with a hand around her neck, thrusting, coming and growling in her ear. As she fell back to earth, she opened her eyes to meet with the lust filled sexy katrina kaif xxx story xxx of the woman below her.

"Kiss me." she said. The blonde bent down to kiss the woman, with a passion that they had never felt between them before. Their kiss was broken as she gasped at a sudden barehanded barrage of slaps to her ass.

Her surprise and pain only lasted a moment as he bent his face into her neck, biting hard. He pulled out and brought his cock to the bound woman's lips. "Suck it clean. Taste her on me and lick it clean." She eagerly licked and sucked, tasting her best friends pussy juices.

He looked down at her when he was satisfied with her task, a hand gently placed on her cheek, her eyes looking up at him, imploring. "Good girl."