Louise davis munches on a raging boner

Louise davis munches on a raging boner
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In town for the week on business, I go out for a drink, and strike up a conversation with a middle aged man, Mr. Anders, who seem friendly and harmless, "easy mark" I think to myself "aught to be good for a few free drinks, " I introduced myself, "I'm Greta" quickly explaining I was named for my grandmother as I settle onto the bar stool next to him, brushing my tits against his arm.

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As the evening progresses I sit perched on the bar-stool, smiling and giggling at his stupid jokes, occasionally I lean breathtaking pretty legal age teenager hardcore massage to let him get a glimpse of my tits, a prefect pair of 44EE proudly displayed in a semi sheer top that's a size too small, I always make sure to display my best asset when looking for free drinks. As the evening progresses I begin to feel slightly dizzy and unfocused which seems odd as I've only had a few drinks, as I begin to slip off the stool Mr.

Anders jumps up and catches me easing me off the stool as he says to the bartender "thanks Clyde, we're going start training her tomorrow and her debut will be next Saturday, sure hope to see you there." The bartender laughs "oh I wouldn't miss Saturday's debut performance for anything, a really special one I hear from your Jenny." Mr.

Anders laughs "its going to be a first that's for sure" as he half carries me out of the bar, cooing "oh dear honey let's get you home" the other patrons assume I'm a girlfriend or they know Mr. Anders and smile, nodding happily. Once outside of the bar Mr. Anders dumps me into the back of his van and climbs in, "well well slut, let's get you settled in for the ride" I open my mouth to scream, but nothing comes out and my limbs feel heavy and I'm unable to move them try as I might.

My vision becomes to fade as I'm rolled over on my belly, arms and legs pulled up tightly I begin black out as Mr.

Ander's hogties me, fastening the rope to a hook in the ceiling of the van, my last memory is the van pulling out onto the road. The next day I awaken with a start hearing a whirl, click, whirl, sound and instantly realize something is horribly wrong I'm bound tightly to a metal contraption which holds me in an odd position.

I'm on a table, position on all fours, my legs pulled so wide my hips feel as if they're about to dislocate, as I attempt to wiggle I realize thick leather straps hold my thighs, calves and ankles firmly to the metal rods.

These same metal rods run under my body holding me up in that kneeling position, as I try to lift I realize that two thick leather straps are wrapped around my torso keeping me from moving.

Looking down the rods come under me and run down the front, my arms and wrists are cuffed into place as well. I look up with wide fearful eyes, wanting to scream, but I'm gagged with a large cock shaped gag which I can feel half way down my throat, the base so wide, my jaw feels as if it will crack. As I look around what appears to be barn I see a blonde strapped into place held in the same position as me, only she's rocking back and forth rhythmically, groaning into her gag, tears running down her eyes, suddenly I realize that the whirling clicking sound is coming from the machine behind her and it dawns on me that it's a coach fucks cheerleader ally kay amateur and teen machine and that the blonde is being used.

"Oh my God nooooo" I scream in my head, this can't be happening to me, he seemed so harmless.

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I watch in disbelief as the blonde rocks back and forth, groaning into her gag I can only wonder what's to be come of me. I start in my bonds as Mr. Anders voice booms behind me "Well Jenny this bitch I picked up last night what ya think of her" "Hmmm" I hear a female voice respond, "very nice Dick, a redhead, we haven't had a redhead perform in quite awhile, I think the audience will enjoy the change." I hear Mr.

Anders respond "that's what I thought when I saw it, a nice change and she looks like a nice girl, a real lady and the audience always loves to see a lady degraded and humiliated." I groan into my gag as I listen to them talk about me like an animal, screaming in my head "I'm not slut to be used" however all that comes out is a groan.

As their talking I feel firm hands pull my already spread pussy open, "oh yes very nice Dick," burning with shame I feel two hard fingers push into the tight hole "not much use at all here." As I whimper and try to wiggle I feel a firm thumb push eat my pussy daddy the rave trade my asshole, which instantly squeezes tight to laughter "I'm pretty sure this hole has never been used Jenny, we'll have to make sure we pick the first animal to fuck it with care." "Absolutely Dick, we don't want to waste this one, unlike that blonde slut over there that had fucked almost everything before we got her." As Mrs.

Anders is talking she walks around to the front of me, I cringe as I see a morbidly obese middle age woman with cold blue eyes, I shudder as she reaches down and squeezes my tits, thumbing the nipples "very nice, I don't think we've had one with udders like this before Dick" with a cold chuckles Dick says "she'd look good with some calves or puppies sucking on them if you ask me." Mrs.

Anders laughs in agreement before stepping back to look at me. "Well slut looks like your going to be the new star in the Anders Beast Circus." Mr. Ander says as he motions to the blonde "Kelli is going to have her finally performance tonight, a couple from New York are coming down to see her ass fuck one of keiran lee fucks sophie dee studs and they want to see her fully impaled." I look at Kelli who eyes seem to roll back in her head as Mr.

Ander's continues "granted it'll kill her, Grander's cock is 2 ½ feet long and 10 inches thick, but then they are willing to pay 5000.00 for the performance." "And that slut is what is going to make you the new star of the our circus" says Mrs.

Anders, I look up with wide blue pleading eyes, begging them to not do this "oh don't worry slut you'll be well trained before your first show." "Well" Mr. Ander's says there's no time like the present to get started with your training Gretchen." I look up at him and he smiles "oh yes we like your name, rather elegant and sophisticated so you'll keep it for now." Turning to Mrs.

Anders, I'm forgotten for a moment as they begin to discuss my training. "Well Dick I was thinking her first show should be something special, maybe a beast gang rape what do you think." "Hmmmm now that has a few possibilities dear but really we need to get her training going first to see what the first show is going to be.

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Laughing Mrs. Anders says "oh I always get ahead of myself don't I dear, how about if we start her out with the pigs, she can practice giving blowjobs to them, I'll bet she's never had a corkscrew cock down her throat." Laughing Mr.

Lola foxx and johnny sins home study leaves as I try to wiggle and thrash in the breed stall, Mrs Anders walking over the blonde, gives her a smack on the ass "your going to make us a lot of money slut, and you should be gratefully that we'll be using that fuck machine on your ass all week, to get you warmed up." I hear a muffle groan from the blonde as I watch Mrs. Anders stop the machine and pull a huge dildo off only to pick another one, holding it up "this one is a foot long and 4 inches wide Kelli, it's the biggest one we'll use, we don't want you too stretched out for Grander after all." I watch as she replaces the dildo and hits the on switch, Kelli's eyes widen as the machine rams the dildo into ass with one hard thrust and continues to pump in and out of her.

I look up in utter horror as Mr. Anders returns with a squealing grunting pig "well slut I think we'll just start you off simple, after all I have a feeling your going to a prize, so I think just letting old Boxer here fuck you would be a nice start.

What you think Jenny, it might be better just let Boxer fuck her cunt and let her get a feel for performing before moving her on to something more skilled like sucking." I look at the pig, Boxer as Mrs. Ander's strokes its cock skillfully coaching it out, I'm unable to believe how big it is, sunny leone six xxxx xxxx xxxx hot storys would have thought a pig's cock would be nearly a foot long " actually that's an excellent idea dear." As Mr.

Ander's bring's Boxer around behind me I try to buck and thrash in the frame, but am unable to move, groaning and screaming into the gag I feel the head of Boxer's cock pressed against my well spread pussy as his feet come down on my back.

Shudder as he squeals and begins to thrust I groan feeling the corkscrew cock begin to drive into my pussy, I look at Mr. And Mrs. Anders as they step back, watching me shudder in the steel frame, bouncing forward slightly as Boxer rams and drivers the corkscrew deeper into me, my eyes beg them to make it stop, but they continue to watch with a critical eye.

"Very nice, look at how she begs with her eyes, you can tell she wants it stop." "I love the blushing, the humiliation of being made to service a pig, the guests will love it" "Yes indeed Gretchen your going to be a star".

I remain bond to the frame as Boxer reams my cunt "well its going to take Boxer awhile Gretchen and Mr Anders and I do have a performance to prepare for, Kelli's swan song you know." I watch horrified as they walk out of the barn leaving me to Boxer.

After what seems like hours Mr. Ander's returns and rubs Boxer between the ears, "was that a good fuck boy" The pig squeals with delight and Mr. Ander's says "don't you worry boy Gretchen will take good care of you and your entire herd." Looking at me he says "we have a small herd only 20 of them for you fuck and suck Gretchen".

I continue to look up unable to believe this is happening as I watch him walk out with Boxer. Shortly he returns and undoes the straps, after attaching a chain lead to my collar, lifting up a cattle prod he says "just try anything and you'll wish you hadn't slut, now come along we need to get set up for Kelli's farewell performance." I pull at the lead slightly and he laughs, nailing my lift tit with the prod, making it bounce as a volt of electricity drives through it, I scream "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" and drop to the ground, panting.

"Come along slut" I quickly crawl this time out the barn and across a large yard into a beautiful wooden building with the name Ander's Beast Circus embossed across the top of the door. Where I'm bound tightly teenslovemoney curvy latina fucked for free ride and money large cock and beautiful a frame on the back of the stage, I lay there looking out at the seats and the stage, a large TV directly over head flickers on.

"Now don't worry dear you won't perform night and the Hefts won't even know your here, you'll just be enjoying the performance with the rest of us.

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I watch horrified as Mr. And Mrs. Anders roll Kelli out to center of the stage, she's still bound to the mental frame, and positioned to face outward. Two large comfortable chairs are placed on the stage and with a small table.

Both Kelli and I wait for what seems live forever before Mr. And Mrs. Anders enter the theater with another couple, the Hefts. The Hefts are a middle aged couple, elegant, sophisticated and wealthy, I watch in the shadows as they walk up onto the stage with the Anders, sipping their wine as they wander over to inspect the night's offering. "Very nice indeed Mr. Ander's you said she was a blonde beauty and she is" Mr. Heft says. Mrs. Heft sniffs "every blonde I've ever met is a slut and I'm sure she'll love that cock up her ass." My eyes widen as I can't believe this elegant lady is causally inspecting another woman and talking about her like a piece of meat.

Mrs Ander's laughs "oh pretty girl likes to ride up jock pornstar and hardcore this one is for sure, if you take a look at her ass you'll see she has a dildo stuffed into it, she absolutely begged for one and wouldn't shut up until we gave it to her." Moving to the back I watch as the Hefts inspect Kelli's ass, looking up I see the TV screen and the camera is focused in, watching as they pull her ass open, laughter floats back me as they run their hands around her stretched ass, Mr.

Heft asking "how big is that, looks huge." Mrs. Anders laughs "its only a foot and Grander he's got a good 2 ½ feet to give her night".

Mrs. Heft sighs in delight "oh I can't wait to see her take it, will she take it all, and I'd love to see that ass fully impaled." Mr.

Ander's assures them "oh yes this is Kelli's swan song, she'll be taking the full 2 ½ feet into her ass, all for your viewing pleasure." I watch as the Hefts are escorted to their seats and Mrs.

Ander pours more wine as Mr. Ander's goes to get Grander from his stall. "Now you'll notice the TV screen, we do have a camera on her ass and on her face, to give you a good close up of the action.

Also we are recording it for you as requested, oh here comes Grander now". I watch as Grander nearly prances out onto the stage and Mr. Ander's brings him over to the Hefts, reaching down he skillfully lifts the huge heavy shaft, already fully extended and ready for Kelli's ass.

"Would one of you like to guide the head in" Mr. Ander's asks. "I'd love to, if it's okay with you dear" says Mr. Heft. "Oh by all means" says Mrs Heft as they both get up and walk over to wear Grander is positioned behind Kelli. Looking at the screen, I watch horrified, wanting to turn away but unable to as Mr. Ander's pulls the massive dildo out of Kelli's ass and Mr. Heft positions the huge cock against he gaping hole, my eyes widen in shock as Grander instantly begins to snot and pound forward pushing his cock into Kelli's ass, as the Hefts return to their seats, a hush settles over the theater as we all watch Kelli's ass being raped by the stallion.

The only sound is the groaning, grunting, moaning of Kelli as the stallion snots and rams up against her, slowly inch by inch I watch on the screen as the huge cock works it way up the poor girl's ass. Kelli tries to struggle in the metal brace every inch of her straining to get away from that massive cock ripping her ass apart. Grander squeals and snots rocking and pounding as I watch more and more of the huge cock being stuffed into a hole to small, I shudder as I hear a ripping noise and Grander snort, slamming forward with more cock thrusting in.

I look on terrified as Kelli begins slump in the frame her belly swelling as Grander tears her wide open. "Oh this is delightful, look his has nearly a foot and half in her ass already" says Mr. Heft. "Oh dear I hope the slut doesn't die until he's fully fuck her ass" Mrs Heft frets. Mrs Ander's smiles "oh doesn't worry Mrs. Heft, look at Grander his found his stride and she'll die fully impaled on that cock." I cringe hearing them talk about Kelli as meat, I look up and see Kelli's face on the screen frozen in horror as Grander pick up the pace, ramming and slamming in and out of her ass, burying inch after inch into her, looking at the other screen I see there's less then a foot left.

I watch as the Anders and Hefts walk up to walk Grander drive home the last twgirlfriends making love and gets fucked on casting inches, "come on Grander impale that slut on your cock" encourages Mr.

Heft as Kelli slumps in the brace and Grander snots, squealing drives the last inches in. I watch as the Heft's slowly run their hands around the Kelli's ass, blown wide open and fully impaled with Grander's cock. "I'd like a few still shots of this if we could" says Mr. Heft. "Of course, of course we'll send it along with the video." As they leave the theater all I can't think is I'm going to be next.

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