Girl riding a hard cock close up

Girl riding a hard cock close up
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(Three weeks later, and we find Jim has moved out to a hotel. He and Mel have been seeing each other for three Friday nights, and she stays over, but goes back to Alice on Saturday.

We catch them as she's leaving on a Saturday gorgeous eighteen year old zaya cassidy first monster cock experience, I'll see you in a few days. Okay? Honey?" "Yeah," I responded to Mel. "Of course, babe. I was just… just missing you already!" I forced a smile and a small laugh.

I watched Mel as she walked away from me towards the elevator of my hotel. She valet parked, so there wasn't any reason for me to follow her downstairs. She gave me a smile and a little wave as she stepped into the elevator car.

Reluctantly, I stepped back into my hotel room. God, I hate this place. But, no, it wasn't really the place I hated. The room was fine, room service was decent, and the neighbors only complained once about all the sexual noises emanating from within.

No, what I hated was the Melanie leaving part. This was our third time together after that initial Thursday night and Friday experience. And each time only got better. I mean, the sex was fantastic, of course.

But, we were growing closer, much closer together. There's no logical reason for us to be so connected, but I felt it.

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And I'm pretty sure she felt it, too. For instance, last night. We were chilling in the bed after some particularly strenuous activities and were both fairly wiped out. I got up to get us a fruit juice from the mini-bar and she turned on the TV. The scene on the tube was a guy coming out of a tent, oh, it's the actor Slim Pickens. And, oh hell, it's Blazing Saddles! The fart scene is coming up! I reached for the remote to change the channel. Melanie playfully grabbed the remote from my hand and said, "What are you doing?" "It's, uh, Blazing Saddles.

It's pretty crude." "I know it's Blazing Saddles, you don't like this movie?" "I love this movie!

I didn't think you would!" We went on to discuss which Mel Brooks movie was the best, I was pushing for Young Frankenstein but she was going for this one or The Producers. The discussion turned a little heated when I mentioned Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane; she said Zero Mostel japanese teacher with big boobs blackmail by her student Gene Wilder were the Real Producers.

A wrestling match ensued as we each tried to assert our positions. She would say that she won, but I let her win. Sort of. I mean, she had my face in a pussy-lock and her finger up my ass. What was I supposed to do, keep fighting? No, I had her right where I wanted her. But the good times came to an end the next morning like they always did, and she left to go back to her place, and the love of her life, my daughter Alice.

I sat on the edge of the bed, thinking how much I loved her, how much I needed her, and how I could still catch the faintest of scents from her perfume.

The anguish weighed heavy on me and I tried to get up to take a shower, but I couldn't move. How can someone so wonderful, so perfect for me, and so into me, be in love with someone else! How the fuck can that happen! And maybe I'm schizophrenic, or psychotic, or something. But there's a little voice in my head that messes with me, usually at the worst of times.

Today it decided to fuck with me real hard. You're not going to be with her, it said. I know, but I love her so much. You aren't right for her, you're too old. Yeah, but that's her choice, I reasoned.

But she's not choosing you, let her go. No! I can't let her go! She's, she's everything! She doesn't love you. Yes she does! I know she does! No, she doesn't… not like you need her to… let her go It was just about this point that I broke down and cried like a fucking child, like a little boy that dropped his ice cream in the dirt.

Seriously, the only other time in my life that I cried like this was about six years ago when our dog died. She was such a sweet thing and I held her and soothed her as she crossed the bridge. That was horrible. And this was far worse. The most amazing woman I could ever hope to meet, that I'm so in love with, in tune with, in sync with, and she doesn't love me.

Oh, she does on some level, I'm sure of it. But not like I love her. And maybe she could, in time, but I'm too late. I'm just too late, she's already in love with another. There's nothing I can do. My fucking head hurt. In fact, my whole body hurt. Finally, after several minutes of wallowing in my self-pity, I took my shower. I was going to see my friend Mike Wazowski, he had an old loft in a building that he was beginning to renovate and I was going to try to talk him into selling it to me.

I can't go looking all blotchy. Come on asshole, let's get some self-respect back. You're not going to dump her, are you. Nope. Sextury redhead teen gets assfucked and facialed a pussy. What about Latrice, the black chick? She can wait. Now shut the fuck up. I'll talk to Mel next week, let her know my issues and see where she's really at with all of this.

I went to get my new place sorted out. - - - My cell phone rang the next Friday evening. It was Melanie, of course. "Hey Jim! The Uber guy says we're just a few blocks away." "I'll be right down then!" My new place was in a shabby part of town, the old meatpacking district, and I couldn't have Mel all by herself wandering around. I got downstairs just as an Escalade pulled up.

I stepped to the passenger front window to talk to the driver. "Will you be around in about an hour or so? Yuna hirose gets a nice cream pie could use you." I put his number in my phone, flipped him a twenty, and then opened the rear door to let Mel out. A foot appeared, encased in some gorgeous shoe, then a lovely hand eased out. I took her hand and helped her out of the car. Shutting the door, I then took her in.

Remy lacroix gets a good fucking in various angles song played in my head all of a sudden: Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress I guess you'd call it a cocktail dress, or maybe a mini-dress. Whatever, she looked abso-fucking-lutely stunning in this little black number. It had about a two inch collar around her neck, with two fabric panels descending to cover her breasts with a nice opening in the front.

A less confident woman would have worn a bra, or at least those invisible, adhesive push-up cups they sell for backless dresses. But not Mel, her 'girls' flowed freely to and fro, with just a faint outline of nipple rising from the peaks. Hints of bare breast flesh peaked out, depending on how she was standing, or leaning, at a particular moment. Jesus. The pleated dress covered her ass with at least an inch to spare, maybe two.

The dark eyeliner made her emerald eyes pop. My groin felt funny. After seeing this vision that was Mel, I just stepped in close and took her face in my hands. My lips melted into hers in a soft kiss, it felt like home. Time slowed, and the world began to fall away. We opened our mouths a bit and the soft kiss turned into a wet kiss.

We worked our lips together a bit, tasting each other. She dropped her satchel to the ground and wrapped her arms around me. It had been so long. Time stood still until Arnie yelled out, "Attaboy Jim!

Git some!" Chuckling, we broke the kiss. "Who's your friend?" Mel asked, smiling at me. I waved at Arnie and guided us to the elevator.

"That's my new best buddy, Arnie. This is his block." "Is he homeless?" "Not entirely sure, I slip him a ten-spot every morning though. But enough about him. You look stunning! Beyond stunning. I don't know if I can take you out in public!" I took her hand and held it up over her head. Mel took the hint and twirled for me! The mini-dress pleats flew outward and dangerously upwards. "I don't know what I did to deserve this," I grinned. "But I'm very happy I did it!" I watched her smile as pale butt joeyd toys his bottom sweetly insert toys tube porn entered the service elevator.

It was one of those industrial sized lifts, you could drive a bobcat or a forklift into the cage. "No hanky panky in the elevator," I informed Mel. "We shouldn't touch anything in here!" I held both her hands and just admired her.

I couldn't stop grinning, or staring. "Do you like my new shoes? They're Prada, I bought them to wear with this dress. you know. for you." I looked down at her three inch high heeled black pumps. "They're gorgeous, you're… breathtaking!" Her smile radiated happiness, good feelings, joy… all for me! The elevator jerked to a stop and we exited after lifting the cage door.

In contrast to the industrial decor, the elevator let out into a modern little lobby area. Next to the regular, human-sized door stood a giant roll-up door. We entered the regular door to my place. "Holy, um… wow!" exclaimed Mel as she gazed upon the expansive area.

"I… uh… love what you've done with the place! 'Early Demolition', is it?" Piles of junk, pallets, machinery parts, and tons of other miscellaneous crap covered a good part of the 17,000 square foot 6th floor. In the corner closest to the door sat the managers and supervisors offices, which had been converted to a half-decent living area.

My friend owned the building and had big plans for it; shops downstairs and swanky lofts upstairs. It was all a part of a 'Downtown Revitalization' program going on in in the city. I showed Mel around the offices-turned-living area. "Hey, this is pretty nice! You've got a bar! And a bed." She tossed her satchel on the bed, it contained some female whatnots and her other clothes. "King-size, of course! And new appliances, along with a decent shower. I'm going to close escrow in about a month but my friend Mike said it was okay for me to move in." I watched as Mel surveyed the expansive space and I couldn't help but smile.

A few moments later, I continued speaking. "As far as the floors below goes, they're still in the design stage. After that comes approvals, refusals, bribes, you know how it is. Probably two years until construction starts. However, purchasing this floor is actually a lot cheaper than the hotel I was staying in, and I feel better owning something of my own." She grinned and then spoke. "I like what you've done so far, but you know it could really use a woman's touch, right?" "Would you be designing the space for me, or for us?" Her face broke into a big smile, and she quickly changed the subject.

"And just look at this beautiful bar." I escorted her over to the bar area and sat Mel in one of the industrial looking barstools. They had tractor seats that swiveled; very chic.

"I would ask 'What'll you have', but I've only got Grey Goose and cranberry juice at the moment. Oh! Or pomegranate juice." "How about… a Vodka pom?" "Excellent choice!" I mixed us up a couple of pomegranate martinis and we sipped them for several moments. I sat on the barstool next to Mel, scooting it closer to her. I placed my hand on her hand, which rested on her knee. "Mel," I began. And my mind spun out of control. I had so much to say to her. I knew I needed to talk about my horny busty babe wants his big dick in dealing college giving each other handjobs cumming our lifestyle arrangements, but she just got here and I didn't want to start the evening off with a 'discussion.' And she looked so nice, I could tell she spent a minor fortune on her outfit, and she did that for me.

But looking into Mel's eyes, I lost myself. This was… the love of my life, I should only be honest with her. Apparently, a fair amount of time had passed as I struggled internally. "What, Jim? What is it?" Her smile dazzled me. "I'm. just so glad you're here, in the flesh. I've missed you. It's been a long fucking week." There, that's enough for now, isn't it?

Without getting too deep at first? "I'm glad I'm here too, with you. And I'm so happy you've got your own place now. I like it better than the hotel. No noise complaints here." I actually turned a few shades of pink, that was kind of an embarrassing call from the manager, sure enough. We sipped our drinks for a minute or so until Mel broke the silence and looked into my eyes. "You seem… not yourself, Jim.

Are you doing okay?" I drained my drink in two gulps. The warmth radiated throughout my chest. Ahhhh, better. I smiled at her. "I just like you too much." "Like?" she smirked back at me. "Last week you loved me! Now I'm down to like?

Are you friend-zoning me?" I love her being a bratty smart-ass to me. I stood up and pulled her up also. Then I grabbed her ass cheeks and hoisted her up, she wrapped her legs around me as we kissed deeply. Mel shook herself a little, grinding her pelvis into my hardening cock.

"I love you too much," I whispered, finishing the kiss and setting her back on the ground. "And, you're going to give me a fucking hernia! Why do I keep picking you up?" "I don't know, old man. Maybe you should put some exercise equipment up in here! Do some squats. And, hey, you can't love me too much, handsome." Mel caressed the back of my head and neck, playing with my hair. "Are we actually going out? I know you made reservations, but we don't have to go…" She dropped a hand down and fondled my basket.

I slid my hand up her body, not softly, I pressed rather firmly. Up her hips, her waist, resting at the side of her breast. "But you got all dressed up in this great dress--" "For you, Jim.

(kiss on my cheek). I dressed up… (kiss on my other cheek). for you. I don't have to go. (longer kiss on my lips).

anywhere. Let's… (kiss) just christen your new place." We kissed deeply, our lips pressed hard against each other. Our tongues met in their delicious dance, searching for each other, as if trying to gain some sort of an advantage. She let out a small "oh" as my hand grazed the area between her legs, still outside her dress, though.

"How you doin' down there?" I like being polite, you know, asking about her welfare. "The weather report looks to be… (kiss) swampy, with a chance of flooding." She grabbed me and kissed me so hard it almost hurt. Then she pulled back, breathing heavily.

She reached around to the back of her neck. "Okay help me get this thing off." "No." "No?" she asked, incredulously. "We're going out. If for no other reason than that dress needs to be seen by everybody.

It can't just get thrown on the floor in a fit of lust, it needs a dinner first!" She gave me a sexy, pouty look before she spoke. "I guess we can wait, or maybe your plan is to make me that much more crazy for you." I grinned at her, and then called the Uber boy while she went to the bed to get her stuff and freshen up. - - - We arrived at Lee Ho Fook's, the hottest new place in town.

'Chinese With A Twist', they advertised. And they claimed their beef chow mein was supposedly to die for. They shared the bar area with another restaurant; kind of an old fogey place named Trader Vic's.

We were a bit early for our reservation so we got a seat at one of the high-tops in the bar area. The waitress came and took our drink order, and I remembered I had broken a cardinal rule. "Back in a moment, babe.

I couldn't piss back home with my hard on, but I need to now!" She smiled brightly at me. "There is such a thing as too much sharing, you know?" When I returned, two, count 'em two, guys were trying to pick up on Mel.

One guy, though, I had to laugh. He was drinking a pina colada, complete with the little umbrella. What self-respecting man drinks pina coladas? His hair was perfect, though. Gotta give him that. He had a lot of it. "Scuse me, boys," I put the emphasis on 'boys'. "Run along home, now." Pina Colada guy looked shocked.

"Wait, What?… you gotta be shitting me. You're practically old enough to be her father! Come on!" The guy was impeccably dressed, too. I'd like to meet his tailor! He kind of reminded me of that Teen Wolf guy. I gave him my steely-eyed stare, with a hint of a smile that meant 'I could kill you right now and not worry too much about it.' I don't know if he got all that, though. So I stepped up to him and said, "Hey, Wolfie.

I'm older than her father!" His friend howled like a wolf in the moonlight and punched him in the shoulder while I made the little motion with my hand telling them to move along. Wolfie walked away, tail between his legs, followed by his buddy who was still laughing and howling at him. - - - Ming came to take our order after the hostess seated us at our table. There was a 'Ming' in my Audit department at my office that had the well-earned nickname of 'Ming the Mercilessly Ugly.' This wasn't her, not by a long shot.

To both our credit, though, neither Mel nor I flirted with her. "We're just gonna hang for a bit before we order, if that's alright. Two Goose gimlets, please. Rocks." "Actually," piped in Mel. "Chopin, if you please. Up." Ming assured us we were fine and told us to relax and enjoy, the drinks would be here shortly.

"Wow," I said in mock disgust. "So this is our third fight, then. First, you don't like the rain. Second, you don't know what a good movie is. And now this: Chopin, huh? I thought you liked Grey Goose?" "Well, Grey Goose is fine, of course, for the unwashed masses-- Ow!" I kicked Mel under the table. Well, not kicked, just a tiny love tap.

Really, I didn't kick her! "It's like Story sexy japanese belue sexy xx18 don't even know who you are anymore," I muttered, shaking my head. Mel reached across the table and grabbed me by my chin and said in a low, sexy self-facial after facial from bf tube porn, "I'm the woman who's going to fuck the shit out of you in about two hours." She turned on her bedroom eyes and gave me that sexy smirk that I love so Goddamned much.

"Oh yeah!" I said slowly. "Now I remember you!" I rose up a bit so I could lean over the table, and I kissed her luscious lips. Those lovely lips… so soft… "Sorry guys!" the drink runner said in a way-too-cheerful voice. She asked if we needed anything else as she placed our drinks.

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Staring into Mel's eyes, I asked the girl, "Did I get two brazilian hotties share a big black cock third world media Goose?" "Yessir. And the lady has the Chopin." "Then we're all good for now. Thank you." I don't think my wife and I ever looked into each other's eyes like this. But I could look into Mel's eyes all night. And I knew why, too. It's because my feelings for Mel were honest.

There wasn't anywhere else I'd rather be than with her. I had no secrets with her. Well, almost none. "What are we doing, Melanie. Why are we here?" I asked. "I don't know, silly. This was your idea to come out. You could've been balls deep inside of me right about now…" I laughed, then suggested a toast. "To going 'balls deep'." "Balls Deep," she responded.

Then she added, "Whenever, and wherever you can!" We clinked and sipped. "So, Mr. Jansen, Sir," Mel teased as she bit the plastic stir-straw. Drink number three was getting to us both. "Are you going to talk to me, or what?" I huffed a little bit, surprised that she can know me so well already.

"Yes, just working up to it." And I drank more of my gimlet. "Is it that bad?" She smiled a nervous smile at me. "No, just a bit scary." I took a deep breath and took the plunge.

"Okay, look. What we have is… new, and exciting, and wonderful. But it's more than that, much more than just that. You have gotten… like, under my skin, in a way nobody has even come close to before." "Jim, it was just one finger in your ass! I promise! Only one finger!" I fell back in my chair and laughed like an idiot!

She held up her pointer finger and wiggled it at me. "Omigod, sweetheart. Not under my skin that way! And besides, I know it was the whole fist! But, listen." I had to pause and wait for both of us to compose ourselves. "Okay… Mel, I just… I love you, so much. It's like everything before this was just… child's play in comparison. It's hard for me to say how much I feel for you, and maybe it's hard for you to believe, it's only been three or four weeks… but it's true.

I am so in love with you…" Mel looked a bit apprehensive as my voice trailed kendra secrets gets a big black cock, and then said, "It sounds like there is a 'but' coming. 'I love you Mel, but'." "You're right.

The 'but' is this: I love you, but… I'm having a very hard time coming to grips with this sharing thing. Very hard. I don't know… I don't know how to deal with it. And Mel, I know that you and Alice already had something going on. And I'm just Johnny-Come-Lately, the new kid in town, and I don't have any right to feel this way.

But… I don't like it." Mel looked upset. "Are you giving me an ultimatum, then?" "No, sweetheart. I'm not doing that. I'm just… telling you how I feel, so we can discuss it or… something. I want to work this out with you. I don't want to hide anything from you." I ran my fingers through my hair, nervous habit.

"I'm trying to say, Mel, I just want you all to myself." Mel relaxed, there were a few moments of comfortable silence. I watched as she looked down into her drink. I could tell she was trying to find the right words. Our eyes met. "It's kind of interesting that you bring this up, Jim. Alice and I just had a rather long talk last night." Mel paused for a second to collect her thoughts. I reached out and squeezed her hand gently, letting her know it was alright to continue.

"She told me she met a guy in her economics class that she's… really into and. she'd like a little space to see if there's something really there with him." I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest with excitement. Nonetheless, I tried to play it cool. "That sounds like. some difficult news. I mean, I know that you two are so close." "I was a little upset last night, but I appreciated her honesty." Mel squeezed my hand.

"She's young, and still trying to find herself. I'm not mad at her and I don't hold anything against her. I remember teasing her about me being her lesbian-experimentation fling. Maybe there's more truth to that than what I thought." I wasn't sure what to say. I didn't want to gloat because I knew she was hurting. However, it was the best news that I'd heard since we'd met. I looked into her big green eyes, and broke brazzers breanne benson dressed in leather and ready to play silence.

"I'm sorry, babe. Alice can be a little, um, impetuous, sometimes." Mel looked down at the table as I rubbed and squeezed her hand. "Do you want me to spank her? Cuz I could, legally, I think." Mel laughed a little and smiled back at me. "No, I don't think that will be necessary." We each took she licks the cum from his body of our respective gimlets.

She seemed to be taking this all rather well. "To be honest, sweetheart, I kinda expected you to be more upset." She smiled. "Well, to be honest right back at you, Jim, I think some of this is probably my fault. You see… you have hit me like a ton of bricks. I wasn't expecting to feel… the way that I do about you. And I'm sure it has shown up in some way or another in my relationship with Alice." Mel paused for a few moments.

My dad always told me "Son, never pass up an opportunity to shut up." Good advice, I kept quiet. "Maybe she could see the writing on the wall, maybe even before I did. And being the sweetheart that she is, I think she's giving me a way out." Mel finished her drink and looked at me. "But then, you were acting all strange tonight.

I thought that maybe you were going to dump me tonight. That's why you brought me to this nice restaurant." "Sweetheart, my love… Nothing could be further from the truth.

All I want is to pull you in closer, babe. Swear-to-God. Last week, I." I couldn't believe I was going to tell her this. "Mel, I cried in my hotel room last week, after you left. You walked out, and I missed you so much that it physically hurt." "I cried in the elevator on the way to the lobby," she responded.

We both laughed a little and looked a misty-eyed at each other. "Silly girl," I teased. "Can't control her emotions." "Wimp," was all she said in return. We both breathed deeply in a big sigh. "So… now what?" I asked. "Well, Jim. All I know is that you make me happy and I love being with you. And when I said I love you, I meant it. With all of my heart, I meant it. I'm yours." That caveman instinct reared up inside me. I got that funny feeling in my loins, that feeling when the blood just begins to flow into the cock.

I wanted her so bad, right then and right there. She saw the lust in my eyes and gave me that sexy smirk. "What's on your mind, cowboy?" I started to tell her exactly how I was going to throw her face down on the table and fuck her right on the table in front of everyone while she screamed bloody murder, but Ming came by just then to see how we were doing.

"Have you had a chance to browse the menu?" "What's the special tonight?" I asked Ming the hottie. "We have our 'Big Dish of Beef Chow Mein', of course. It's big enough for two. And we have--" "We'll take that, please. And…" I looked at Mel and she nodded at me. "And one more round of drinks. And make mine a Chopin, please. I want to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe we'll have some polonaises, also." Ming gave me a weird look. Okay, she doesn't know who Frederic Chopin is.

"Never mind the polonaises, we're good." "Show off!" Mel snickered at me and kicked my leg under the table. She kicked me harder than I kicked her. Brat! - - - Mel's Take We ate our meals in relative silence, albeit a very comfortable silence.

We did make some small talk and were able catch up some of the more important events in each other's lives. He always made me feel so comfortable and it felt so good being out with him. The whole restaurant seemed to be charged with sexual electricity, and I was almost certain it was emanating from our table.

Every now and then we'd look into each other's eyes and smile. Jim made me feel like I was sixteen again, on a first date. Once we were done with dinner, he broke the silence. "Would you like another drink, or maybe some dessert?" I thought for a moment.

"Maybe we could open up a bottle of wine once we get back to your loft. However, the cheesecake sampler bites did catch my eye, what if we ordered that to go." He smiled. "So what you're saying is that you want to leave then?" I leaned in and whispered into his ear. "What I'm saying is, although I've had an amazing evening with you, I never wanted to go out." I reached between his legs and gently rubbed his bulge through his trousers and felt his member twitch and come to life before I continued speaking.

"You're becoming an unconscionable cock tease and I can't, in good conscience, abide it any longer." Jim laughed. "And just how am I being a cock tease?" "It feels like you've been teasing me with your cock all night." I witnessed the milf teen threesome hardcore and cum inside comrade playfellows daughter big titty look in his eyes until he pulled me to him and kissed me hard. Our tongues lingered in each others mouths for a few seconds before he broke our passionate embrace and spoke.

"Check please." The next half hour felt like a blur. The minute I stood up the alcohol hit me and I clung to Jim's side as he pulled me out the door and into the waiting uber that was on the street in front of the restaurant. I noticed that it was the same large black Cadillac Escalade that took me to his loft earlier, and brought us to the restaurant.

Jim helped me up into the back of the SUV and then slid in beside me and I felt his hand rest gently on my exposed thigh. "Can you take us back to my loft, Steve?" Jim said.

"Sure thing," he said while pulling away from the curb without taking his eyes off the road. A few seconds later, Jim's hand moved from my thigh and slipped underneath the hem of my dress and he began to rub my wet pussy through my black lace thong.

I couldn't help but smile and discretely let out of soft moan. A wicked thought entered my mind and I quickly dismissed it. However, I was incredibly buzzed and very worked up and the driver seemed to be very intent on keeping his eyes on the road so maybe he wouldn't notice. I turned my head slightly to face Jim and our eyes met.

He leaned in and kissed me very hard which only made me want him more. When he broke our passionate embrace, my mouth traveled to his earlobe and I begin to gently bite and suck it. Simultaneously, I move my hand down to the front of his trousers and began to rub the hard bulge in the front of his pants.

"God Melanie, what are you doing?" Jim said between short, little gasps of breath. I couldn't help but smile. "Do you want me to stop?" I said breathlessly. "Fuck no, please don't stop." Slowly, I was able to unbutton the button fly of his trousers and reach inside his pants and pull out his hot, throbbing cock.

I began to slowly stroke it up and down while I whispered into his ear. "From the feel of things, I think little Jim missed me." "Hey, don't call him little," he said between hushed moans. I kissed him hotly on the mouth while continuing to stroke him. "It's just a figure of speech." Jim let out a low, guttural erotic fun with fellows beef bayonet deepthroat and blowjob as I firmly squeezed, and then stroked his cock.

"Okay, you can call it whatever you want, just don't stop" I smiled and then gave him one last long, lingering kiss. "I think you're going to like this." I stopped stroking him, unbuttoned my seatbelt, and laid as flat as I could in the long bench seat. Teasingly, I extended my tongue and ran the tip over Jim's engorged purple head.

His precum began to leak out and I heard him thrash his head back against the headrest on the seat. I flicked my tongue over the head a few more times until it appeared to be quivering and I knew Jim couldn't take much more of this tease. He let out another low moan. "Please Mel, please…" I opened my mouth wide and slowly took his cock inside.

Jim let out a very audible 'gasp' and I was pretty sure that it must have got the attention of the driver. I kept taking him deeper into my mouth while simultaneously relaxing my throat until I was able to take him down to the root. I could really taste his precum while plunging my mouth down over and over on his member. My saliva was dripping out of my mouth and running down his shaft and collecting on his ball sack.

Jim moved his hands to my long blonde hair and gently begin to caress my scalp as I continued to bob my head up and down on him. Taking me by surprise, Jim moved his other hand over to the hem of my short little black dress and pulled it up to my waist, exposing my ass.

I heard the driver let out a low moan and I knew for certain that our backseat activities had captured his sexy milf titfucking with toy on webcam attention. Jim's cock was twitching and throbbing in my mouth and I decided to give up trying to be discreet which, frankly, wasn't going that well anyway. I picked up the pace which resulted in loud, slurping noises emanated from the back seat. I felt Jim reach between the ckeeks of my ass and pull my thong out of my crack and slide she loves anal when shes drunk over to one side.

He then reached between gorgeous latina taking it in the ass visual images legs and I immediately opened she loves anal when shes drunk wide giving him complete access to my most intimate region.

I felt two fingers roughly enter my soaked pussy and I let out a low moan which caused his cock to slip from my mouth. In that moment, I wanted to feel his mouth on me instead of his fingers. However, even in the backseat of such a large SUV, that would have probably been logistically difficult. Jim let out a low moan when I took his shaft back into my mouth.

He was still attempting to finger me. However, I could tell that his efforts had been thwarted because now he seemed much more consumed with the pleasure I was giving him. I was taking his cock all the way down to the root and I could feel his trimmed pubic hairs tickling my nose.

"F-F-F-uck…" Jim said slurring his words at the carnal pleasure I was giving him. I could feel his ass begin to lift off the seat and his hips began to thrust upward, sending his cock deeper into my throat. I knew he had to be really close and I decided to let him control the pace by securely locking my mouth around the head.

Jim's long thrusts changed to short, little jabs. Seconds later, I felt powerful bursts of semen hit the back of my throat and Sunny leone and boy xxx story sex stories 2019 immediately began to swallow until the hot jets subsided. Without even knowing it, I realized that the Escalade had stopped and we were in front of Jim's loft. I gently grasped his cock at the base and began to clean the errant drops of cum from the shaft that I had managed not to swallow.

After cleaning him the best I could, I carefully got his member back into his pants and re-buttoned the fly. I turned and looked into the rearview mirror and the driver's eyes met mine. He gave me a knowing smile and I shyly looked away. - - - Back to the Old Man The blood began to return to my brain as I came back to Earth. I forgot all about the driver for a few moments until he chimed in "Yeah, we're still here, like I said five minutes ago." Right.

We're Already at the loft. I helped Mel get straightened up, found her shoes, and we exited the big Caddy. Steve jumped out and tried to help us but I waved him off and slid him a couple of twenties. "Hey guys," he piped in, leering at me as much as he was at Mel.

"If you need a third, you know, I'd be more than happy to clock out--" I wiped a couple drops of my semen from Mel's cheek, and slipped that finger in her mouth so she could clean it up. "Thanks, Steve, I think I've got it covered man. Take it easy." "Yeah sure! Call me any time! Glad to be your driver! You know if you ever need--" Clank went the building door as we left Steve on the sidewalk, still offering his services. Mel burst out laughing as she threw her arms around me, I cracked up too.

I'd never had a blowjob, or any sex, really, with an audience before. It didn't bother me as much as I thought it might. With Mel, all things seemed possible. We stepped into the big, dirty elevator and began the creaky ride up to the top.

Mel pulled me in for a kiss, a loving, wet, passionate kiss. She licked my tongue and I could taste a bit of something salty. "So," the lust in Mel's eyes blazed forth. "You ready for more, Daddy?" "Yeah, but… I'm gonna need a few minutes, babe." Even with Viagra, there's about a fifteen minute or so waiting period required for round two. Mel thrusted out her lower lip in exaggerated poutiness.

I knew she hadn't cum yet and was aching for release. "Jim," her husky voice growled at me. "I'm going to go to your bed and start taking care of myself if you don't touch me pretty damn soon." I cupped both her ass cheeks and pulled her into me.

That got a nice little 'Ooh!' from her lips. I reached around further, delving deep in between her butt cheeks. My fingers found some dampness at her ass, probably pussy juice slipping down from above. I bent down a little so my hand could go further, and, pushing aside that little thong string, I touched her wet pussy. Or, in her words, 'swampy' pussy. Once again, I marveled at how turned on this woman could get. I slipped a couple fingers inside her. "Yes" her whisper was barely audible above the mechanical grinding.

She clung to me and ground the front of her dress into my groin. The elevator slammed to a stop at our floor which caused my hand to jerk and slip outside of Mel's pussy. She emitted a drawn out "No-o-o-o-o!" as I opened the sliding cage door. We race-walked into the loft, moving as fast as we could without actually running. She was in a hurry to cum, I was in a hurry to prove my love to her.

I mean, sure, I've done that like twenty times now. But I wanted to prove it again! I swept her off her feet for the twenty or so remaining feet to the bed. Somewhat surprisingly, my old bones handled that pretty well. I set her on the bed and laid next to her, both of us still fully clothed.

I lifted her dress up and slid my hand under her thong, forcing three fingers inside of her love tunnel. As my palm massaged her clit, my fingers furiously worked in and out of her as we frantically French kissed each other. Mel's pelvis rose and fell in time with my hand, adding more sensations to her building frenzy. Within a minute, Mel's breath went from quick little pantings to nothing as she gritted her teeth and rode out her orgasm.

After thirty seconds or so, she let out one long "Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh", followed by several quick "omigod omigods" as the pleasure waves wracked her body.

She frantically grabbed at my arm and pulled it away. Her clit would go from pleasure to pain in just moments and I didn't want to cause her any discomfort, so I rested that hand on her covered breast. She clamped her legs shut and rolled into me. Then her body released and collapsed in a gorgeous heap, tiny moans escaping her lips.

I held her close as her orgasm waned and she trembled less and less. A small tear leaked out of her right eye and a smile formed on her lips. She whispered a small "Hi honey" to me. "Hi back at ya, sweetheart.

You, uh… went away for awhile?" She smiled her little smile at me. "Kind of a big one… one of the biggest ever." I brushed her hair aside. "That's awesome but, I mean, I didn't think I did anything that special." "I know… it's just… you and I… the fact that we are exclusive now. It's been building up all night.

We are exclusive, right?" I smiled and kissed her forehead. "Yes Mel, it's always been just you. I love you. so much." I pulled her closer and held her head tightly to my chest. I felt so satisfied, and also so excited.

Here she was, in my own bed, and she's in love with me! Truly! I had to hold back tears for a moment as a wave of emotion swept over me. It had been so long since I had felt this mutual feeling; the person who I desired more than anyone in the world, felt the same way about me. I kissed her head and held on to her like she might get away, but all she did was melt into me as I rocked her gently. After a couple minutes of Mel's warm body against me, 'Little Jim', as she so eloquently called him earlier, begin rising to the occasion.

With her leg draped over my crotch, she felt the growth occurring in my crotch and looked up at me and smiled. "Hey!" She smirked. "Guess who's back, back again!" "Hey, don't go all 'Shady' on me!" I joked.

"But, you could tell a friend if you wanted." "Not tonight, it's just you and me, Daddy. But we've got to do something about all these clothes." We struggled and twisted and turned as fast as we could to get undressed. In short order, we were naked in the sheets, kissing and rubbing our bodies together. "Have I told you lately, that I love… your breasts?" That was me talking, of course. "I think you sent me a text yesterday, but you've completely ignored them tonight and they're a little pissed right now." I tweaked an already hard nipple in between my thumb and finger.

"Yeah I can tell, this one's particularly angry. I better go talk to her." I made "mmm mmm" sounds as I sucked greedily on her breasts. God, I love your tits, Mel. That first night, a month ago, that was the first thing I noticed about you in my darkened bedroom; what a sexy curvy body you had. I could spend hours making love to these luscious D-cup girls of hers, but she was hot to trot and I was on fire.

Yeah, I just came down her throat about ten minutes ago, but my passion for her knew almost no bounds. So I skipped the pleasantries and just went at both breasts with the gusto of a starving man at the all-you-can-eat buffet. I sucked hard on one, then the other.

Back and forth, back and forth, her hard nipples took a lot of punishment from the fierce sucking and occasional nibbling, not to mention quite a few bites, too. I pushed a breast to her mouth so we could both lick it. I wanted to stop and take a picture, she looked so sexy tonguing her own nipple. I kissed her nipple and tongue, then her lips, and back to her nipple in an attempt to drive her crazy, it seemed to be working. Without warning, I left her breasts and got off of her so I could flip her over onto her stomach.

"Hey!"Mel cried out. "What are you-- oomff-- doing?" I climbed on top of her like in a sixty-nine, except she was upside down so my cock just banged around in her hair and on her neck. But now, now I had full access to her gorgeous ass. I squeezed both cheeks hard while I kissed her fleshy tush, and I threw in some nibbles and bites just for fun. Her ass smelled like pussy as it got drenched from her earlier orgasm.

Encouraged by her little kitten mewlings, I worked my mouth in between her cheeks while my hands pulled them apart. Her tight star beckoned me and I went to kiss it hello. I licked all around the sensitive edges of her opening, teasing her. Mel made little pleasure-moans as I slightly increased the pressure on the outside.

Finally, I forced my tongue inside her asshole and fucked it for a couple minutes with my strong muscle. "Mmmmmm… God yes… oh God…" I think she liked it. I liked it. I liked it a lot! Licking Mel's asshole was just so wrong, and so fucking hot.

Continuing on, I worked my way farther south to her saturated sex. Opening my mouth as if I was taking a bite of a juicy peach, I kissed as much of her as I could. Sucking in a little, my mouth seemed to fill with her sweet juices. I continued to feed on her pussy as she writhed in pleasure for quite a while.

Realizing I needed better access, I quickly pulled a one-eighty so that now I was behind her. With more freedom of movement, I attacked her perineum and vaginal opening with my mouth.

My right hand snaked underneath her and I grabbed her upper vulva between my thumb and forefinger. Squeezing firmly yet gently, I rocked my hand back and forth slightly which massaged her entire upper pussy, including her clit. I lapped her pussy like a thirsty fucking lion and swallowed as much of her flowing juices as I could get my tongue on. Mel rocked back and forth against my face which caused amazing sensations in her entire sex, and she moaned and groaned with joy.

Quickly, I relaxed my grip on her puss and slid a finger deep inside. I rose hot asian babe having sex in the pawnshop for money a little and tongued her tight anus some more as I slid in a second finger.

Those fingers explored her insides and banged into her G-spot while my thumb found her clit again. In seconds Mel rewarded my efforts. She stiffened suddenly as her orgasm hit her full force.

I knew from experience that she clamped her eyes shut and was gritting her teeth in full agony/ecstasy as she rocketed to the peak. "JESUS!!!!" she cried out. "JIM… oh fuck… oh fuck oh fuckohfuckohfuck okay stop stop stop." I knew to let go of her sex now as the solegravene veut se faire enculer sous un pont comme elle en a lhabitude would overwhelm her clit and turn painful for her.

But I shoved my tongue as far into her asshole as I could, you're Goddamned right I did! That caused another flurry of moans and groans as she death-gripped the sheets and tried to kick her feet up and down. After while I just kissed her butt cheeks softly and caressed her thighs.

I pulled back and surveyed the situation for a moment: Mel's body shone with a light film of perspiration, her arms splayed out with exhaustion, and I could barely horny whore dong licking scene japanese and hardcore her face under the messy pile of frazzled blonde hair.

I did that. Proudly, I looked down at my raging cock. His feelings on the subject were "Yeah yeah yeah, you're awesome. Now let me in there and let's go to work!" He just had the blowjob of his life a half an hour ago, but the past is the past, and we're fucking horny now!

I got back down on top of Mel and crawled up and over her ass, dragging my body over her sweaty flesh. I licked her everywhere I could on the way up and enjoyed her salty self. My hands clasped the top of her hands and our fingers entwined in desperate need.

I dragged my cock around her ass for a few moments, then slipped the tip back, a little more… down just a bit… easy… there it is! Her sex, her pussy, her cu-- No! She doesn't like the C-word, remember Jim?

She's a lady. She's your whore, but still a lady. Right! My penis tip settled at her steaming hot opening, about half the head slipped inside. "Mel," I said in a firm voice. "Tell me, no… ask me." She turned her head as far as she could and tried to kiss me. I bent my head down and we kissed sideways in a sloppy and wet smooch. "Jim," she whispered to me. "Please fuck me? Will you?" My dick advanced into her tight fortress. "Yes, like that. Please fuck me?" Her fortress walls gave way under the force of my cock and I easily hit 'bottom.' I pulled most of the way back out of her tight hole and forced my way back in, her tight pussy still adjusting to me.

"Please Jim," she moaned. "Do whatever you want… (unh!). just do it hard." I loved fucking her from above like this, my pelvis smashing into her luscious ass. My hands reached under her so I could squeeze her big fucking tits while I fucked her. I sped up my fucking to about three-quarters speed, driving hard into her liquid velvet sex.

She moaned as I squeezed her tits and nipples harder and harder. I know her nipples are like live electrical wires connected to her clitoris and I wanted to stimulate her as much as I could. Mel met my every thrust for several minutes, but she began to flag after a bit. My cock was in 'Insensitive Prick Mode,' the result of the Viagra which makes me hard but far less sensitive during the second erection.

All of that means I can fuck like a pornstar! I pulled out and flipped her onto her back, then proceeded to straddle her chest.

Mel wrapped her breasts around my cock, her own pussy juices provided the lubrication. I fucked her soft fleshy tits firmly, and my cock head presented itself to her lips at the end of each stroke. "Mmmm baby, fuck my tits! You love my tits don't you!" "You know I fucking do!" I howled as I pinched her nipples and pulled them upwards. I do love fucking her tits, it's one of my favorite things! I 2 minite best sex storys to shoot my hot cum across her nipple and into her mouth and face.

But that wasn't going to happen tonight. Even as Mel gave my cocktip a nice suck each time, he was nowhere near cumming yet. But the visual of her face intently focussed on catching my cock in her mouth from between her breasts, priceless.

After a couple minutes I slid back down and we went into a nice and slow missionary fuck. Resting on my elbows, Mel and I could look at each other as we kept the pace languid and easy. "Hi Beautiful," I whispered, a little out of breath. And she was beautiful. With her face a little flushed with excitement, some stray strands of hair stuck to her cheek, her eyes gazed intently into mine. "Hi Handsome!" she beamed back at me. "I love you," I continued.

"I know." "Hey! Don't give me that Han Solo crap!" I replied, referring to a pivotal scene from "The Empire Strikes Back." I quickly moved an arm so I could grab a rigid nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

"I'm not afraid to use this, you know." "You'll get nothing out of me!" We were playing a little game we did sometimes; Interrogation. I would try and get her to confess her feelings for me, sometimes it would take a bit of punishment for that to happen! I squeezed fairly hard. "Is the NASCAR race this Sunday?" she asked. "I'll watch it with you." Oh, what a cool customer. I squeezed harder. "I think there's a sale at Penney's," she continued.

I literally squeezed her nipple as hard as I could. "Hmmm." was all she said. Then, "I'm not entirely comfortable." "I said… I, LOVE, YOU!" I thought maybe barking loudly at her would break the brattiness. "Yes I know, I was right here." Oh she was infuriating me so hard!

And all on purpose, too. "You're trying for an ass-fucking, aren't you? Is that your game? You want to get butt fucked?" She just shrugged nonchalantly, like, 'whatever'.

I got up off of her, crawled to my nightstand drawer and got out the Astro-glide. "On your knees, my love." Rather spritely, she quickly assumed the position. Tossing the bottle to her, I told her, "You've got three minutes.

I advise you to prepare yourself." I crawled up behind her and sank my steel-hard cock into her dripping sex. Our little preliminary banter really got her juices flowing.

But her pussy wasn't the issue. "Me? I've got to do it myself?" This was different, the only other time we had anal sex, I got her ready. "Two minutes fifty," I announced. "Well, shit!" Mel scrambled to grab the little bottle and handed it to me. "Pour some back there for me?" "Two-forty," I intoned as I liberally squirted the juice on her ass crack. "You better get going, sweetheart." Have you ever watched a woman finger her own ass? Up to this point, I had only seen it in some pornos.

It's damn sexy, it's so taboo. It's like, it's bad enough the mean old man wants to fuck your ass, but to finger your own asshole is a whole 'nother story.

Mel slipped her fingers in her crack, getting them all lubricated from the Astro-glide a few moments ago. Her middle finger settled on her tight, her oh so very tight backdoor and began making little circles all around it and rubbing it up and down. Meanwhile, of course, I was pounding away at her pussy with my straining cock. If my cock could've gotten harder it would. This was so sexy, watching her like this. Slowly, ever so slowly, her middle finger disappeared inside her asshole.

I pulled back mostly out to watch as she sank it deeper. When she got passed the last knuckle, I rammed forward into her sex. "90 seconds," I warned. I had no fucking idea how much time had passed, I wasn't actually timing her. I felt her finger inside her ass on my cock as it went by. She forced in another finger and worked it around diligently. She knew I was coming in there soon. "You like that?" Mel asked me as she looked back at me.

"I love it! Do you love me?" She harrumphed and laughed as she tried to get a third finger inside of herself. I grabbed the bottle of lube and drizzled some more on her fingers, and she eventually got that third one in there! "Okay, Ready or not!" "That wasn't three minutes!" "Don't care, look out." Mel retracted her fingers, leaving a shrinking sphincter before my eyes.

I quickly pulled out my cock and placed its head in the gap before it could close all the way. Drizzling more lube, I worked it back and forth, successfully implanting my cock head inside her orifice.

God she felt so good, and the best part was I knew she loved this. After working myself in slowly to allow her to adjust, I was all the way inside her tight end. Her ass gripped me so good I knew I would only last a couple minutes in here. "Do you love me?" I asked as I started fucking her ss deep and hard. She had told me before how much this stimulated her, and how much it got her pussy going, too. "Maybe just a little…" I slapped her ass and fucked her a little faster.

At this point Mel had fallen to her elbows to try and absorb the force. She then used her head for support too, and she moved her hand between her legs.

"Nope," was all I said. "Baby," she panted. "I love you… you're driving me crazy… oh my God I want to cum!

I love you!" "Nope," I repeated. "I forbid you." As before, Mel immediately acquiesced and resumed her position. I had learned since then that she was now entering the upper levels of 'psychological subspace.' Certain things triggered this phenomena; for Mel, it was a dominant person exerting his dominance.

Mom and son cnoi dung va phu de tieng viet other words, me telling her "no." Somewhat similar to a hypnotic state, she was now very receptive to suggestions, and completely eager to please. She was mine. I knew that was a great responsibility, to accept someone's submission. It was a heady feeling, one I was beginning to get used to. But tonight, we were just playing around a little bit, not really headed for a full-blown Dom/sub session.

Something like that would take some time and effort and planning. I continued to fuck Mel's delicious ass, and then a little harder. Mel could only moan under my relentless, sensational assault. I reached around and just touched her pussy, though, and she immediately collapsed. "Don't cum yet!" I reminded her.

She just gritted her teeth in an attempt to comply. Fortunately for both of us, I was getting close. My orgasm started boiling inside me and each stroke brought me closer and closer. The visual of my cock going in and out of her ass was almost too much to bear.

Closer, I thought, closer to cumming inside her ass. The ass that I love so much. I grabbed her by her thighs for the final thrusts. Almost there. "Mel," I hoarsely spoke, between my strong breaths. "Please cum for me." I deftly pinched her by the outer labia so that it would rub her clitoris against her own lubricated folds.

Mel came in about three strokes, as did I. "Jesus!" "Oh my God!" "Shit! I'm cumming" "Me too! Cumming!" "Oh my God!" "Oh my God!" Well, who said what isn't really important. I pressed my head right next to hers as we orgasmed and we both let loose a verbal tirade. I felt her clit pulsing in my hand as I shot spurt after spurt of fiery semen deep into her asshole.

This orgasm was very emotional for me. I felt we were really in love, together, in the same place, at the same level. As the pleasure waves swept through us both, I felt as if we were falling into a deep, soft cloud of ecstasy and joy.

I collapsed on the side of her and pulled her close to me. Neither of us could speak or move in a very coordinated fashion for quite a while; we just held each other as close as we could, breathing heavily and occasionally trio a la piscine avec copines amatrices francaises en cam and sniffing back tears.

Eventually, we landed back on Earth and found ourselves in my bed; two sweaty and satiated bodies still trying to become as one. Our foreheads touched, then, Mel broke the spell as she caressed my face. "Jim, I love you. I really do. No bullshit this time." "Well, it took you long enough OWw!" Mel twisted my ear, rather forcefully for a girl who just got fucked hard and acted tired. "Mel," I said as I reached up and took her hand from my damaged ear.

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"I love you like I've never loved anyone before. I want you to be mine, forever. I'll propose, or marry you, whatever it takes to prove my love to you. I want you to be in my life forever. to be mine." "Sweetheart," she whispered back to me.

"Let's not worry about marriage, let's just enjoy this. I love you so much." I smiled as we kissed back and forth. I thought back on tonight, how wonderful she looked when she told me that she wanted to be exclusive with me. And then back over the past weeks, our passionate, and sometimes almost desperate lovemaking. And back to our first meeting, and how improbable all that seemed. These feelings of love must have released some serotonin or something, I felt so happy it seemed like a dream.

- - - Mel, Take Two We talked for a few more minutes and I cute brunette dillion harper shows off her new shorts before sex to admit, it was wonderful.

Feeling him hold me, being in his arms, it just felt right. I couldn't get over how comfortable I felt being here with him and the whole evening just seemed magical. Jim's eyes looked like they were getting heavy and almost without warning, he slipped into a deep, restful sleep.

I brushed a few errant locks of reddish-brown hair out of his eyes and took a moment to admire his boyishly handsome face. I thought of waking him up so we could make love again but quickly decided against it.

I knew he had to be really tired and he looked so peaceful, I didn't want to disturb him. I felt exhausted, yet, I knew there was no way I'd be able to fall asleep. Quietly, I slipped out of bed and made my way into the bathroom. Earlier, I had noticed that Jim had installed an enormous porcelain claw-foot bathtub next to the shower and I couldn't wait to take it on its maiden voyage.

I turned the hot water on, and as the tub began to fill, I made my way into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass. I couldn't believe it, Jim really had thought of everything. When I returned to the bathroom, I noticed a large bottle of Aveda lavender bath oil and I added a generous amount into the steaming hot water. The luxurious, oil-infused water felt amazing and whatever cares that were on my mind previously were quickly melting away.

While I relaxed, I couldn't help but think of Jim. That first crazy, wild night I japanese school girl rape ina the bus old man him, I told him I loved him. Looking back, I got caught up in that hedonistic moment and part of me regretted man fuck birds cock duck it. My world felt so much different now, though. I knew that he was the one. He made my world feel right and I had an inner peace that I didn't have before.

He was the one. After finishing my second glass of wine, I could feel the water starting to cool. Thankfully, I was loose, relaxed, and finally starting to feel tired.

Once I got out of the bath and dried off, I put on one of Jim's large t-shirts and made my way back into the kitchen to put the remaining bottle of wine in the fridge.

Just as I was about to make make my way back into the bedroom, I heard a large 'clang' on the street below. I opened up the window and looked down. Someone was digging around inside the dumpster. "Arnie?" I called out. I saw a man look up at me from the dim light of the shadows. "Melanie?" The voice called out. "Don't move okay, I'll be right down." I went back into the kitchen and quickly got some food together and then took the elevator down to the street.

Just as the door to the elevator opened, I saw Arnie standing in front of it with a large, toothy grin. "I thought you might be hungry, is a ham and swiss cheese sandwich okay?" He didn't even need to answer me. The look of sincere gratitude on his face was thanks enough. "I also brought you one of Jim's expensive beers, I thought you might like that too." It was pretty dark and I couldn't be sure, but I thought that I might have seen a little tear in his eye.

There was a slight breeze which caused my nipples to poke through the thin cotton material of the t-shirt, but to Arnie's credit, his eyes remained on mine the entire time.

"Does this mean you're the new lady of the loft, Melanie?" I smiled. "Yeah, I guess I am, Arnie, and you know what it also means… It means you have to take care of me and Jim now. Is that okay?" "It would be my honor." "Get some sleep Arnie and I'll see you in the morning.

Good night." "Night night, Melanie." "All my friends call me Mel, okay?" We exchanged smiles as the elevator door closed. Once I got back inside, I slipped off the t-shirt and slid into bed next to Jim which roused him from his slumber. He managed a few words. "Mmmmm, you smell good." I couldn't help but smile. I flipped over and Jim wrapped his arms around me, pulling me against him as we tightly spooned. The lady of the loft… I think I can get used to that.

= = = = = = = = = Thank you dear Reader for hanging in there for this rather long and drawn out story! Upvotes and comments welcomed. A thousand thank you's to my DreamGirl Melanieatplay for the inspiration, editing, and contributions. None of this would've happened without you, my Dear. :)