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The next few days were a little strange. I saw both Jane and Sarah either as I left for work or as I came home and they just smiled and waved as neighbours do with no indication of what had happened over the weekend. I was beginning to think I'd dreamt it all and imagined my experiences with them but on the Thursday evening when I got out of my car, Sarah and her friend Lizzie were walking past and Sarah turned to face me, put her hand up under her skirt and then licked her finger when she pulled it back out.

It stopped me in my tracks and then I noticed that Lizzie was looking at me and they both burst out laughing and ran off into Sarah's house.

"What the hell is going on?" I thought to myself, "she must have told Lizzie what happened! How many more people know about it?" I didn't get my questions answered 'till several days later. The following evening, when I got home, Jane was waiting for me and gave me another invite over for the evening.

"I'm waiting to feel that lovely cock of yours again Tom," she said, "Paul will be in with us tonight but Sarah is at Lizzie's again she has other things to attract her there and keep her busy." This left me puzzled about Sarah but confirmed that I had not dreamed about last weeks encounters with these new neighbours of mine, and left me gagging in anticipation of the night ahead.

I arrived as planned and Jane opened the door. She looked as stunning as last week and now she was dressed in a deep blue satin robe which showed her curves to best advantage with her pert nipples pushing through the tight material and the fluff of her pubic bush showing as a raised crinkle in the sheer blue of the robe.

As last time, she led me through to the lounge and her swaying buttocks held me mesmerised as I followed her. Paul was waiting for us there and handed out drinks. He was dressed in a similar fashion to Jane in that he wore a sheer satin outfit which allowed the bulge of his cock to sway visibly as he walked around. It was clear that they both wore nothing under these outfits. Jane came over to me and kissed me as she palpated my cock though my jeans so that it sprang immediately sexy lovely hottie bends to get fucked hard hardcore blowjob attention.

"Now, now Tom," she purred, "we hear that you have been having fun with Sarah without us being there. That little minx was supposed to wait a couple of weeks until we introduced you but as you can tell, she does tend to go for what she wants.

How did you enjoy fucking her Tom? Does she follow after me? Did you think we'd trained her well?" Hell, I thought, this is just getting me in deeper and deeper. I've been seduced by this couple who then told their daughter. She then seduced me also and has now told her parents.

What other surprises were in stall for me from this family? "She did take me by surprise," I responded a little uncertain exactly what I was expected to say, "I was still dazed from our night together but she had a certain persuasive way about her and she most definitely takes after you in both her hunger and her skills." Jane threw her head back exposing her throat in a lusty laugh "Ah, well then, we will have to introduce you to some more hunger and new skills tonight won't we Paul?" "I think we can manage that," replied Paul with somewhat of a smirk "now then Tom, why don't you relax and get into something more comfortable for the night?" and with that he passed me a robe, similar to the one Jane wore as she unbuckled my belt and helped me off with my jeans and shirt so that we were soon all just covered with these satin garbs.

The lights were dim, the drink was flowing and the music sensual as Jane draped herself over me plunging her tongue deep into my mouth as we danced a slow sexy rhythm around the room. Her hips were grinding into me as we moved and my cock was pushing up towards her as she lowered herself before me and took my cock into her mouth. She stroked the shaft with her hand as she bobbed her head up and down on me and Paul smoothed her hair back off her face.

He knelt behind her and reached around to stroke her breasts and she lifted her head enough to say, "Squeeze my nipples for me" and Paul obliged to make them stand out even firmer.

Now she was sinking her finger into herself as Paul raised her robe at the back and exposed her buttocks which he began to kiss and lick slowly. As he began to tongue her hole, she rocked backwards and arched herself to give him better access sativa rose massage hot bf he took out his cock and nudged her with the tip. He then reached out to a shelf and took down a small bottle of lubricant fluid which he drizzled onto her hole and his cock tip.

"Yes Paul, fuck my ass for me, push in deep and make me cum now." Paul obliged her and moved forwards to sink his cock, without pause, fully into her ass hole making her emit a low pitched groan as she bit down on my cock and for a moment I though she was going to chew it off but then she relaxed her jaw and returned to gentle licking of my cock head.

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Paul continued to fuck her ass in long steady strokes and it was obvious that she was having orgasm after orgasm as she backed herself onto him to meet his every thrust. "God you feel good baby," he said to her after several minutes, "do you know, I think you are just towel drop in front of brother tight now as when I first fucked your ass, but I don't want to cum yet I'm going to save it for later" and with that he slid out of her.

She peeled off her robe and dropped back onto the floor before me, spreading her legs and pulling open her pussy lips for me. "Come on Tom, look what's waiting for you. I've been ready for this all week so come and fuck me now." I needed no further invite and throwing off my robe watched as Paul knelt over her head and reached forwards to grasp her raised ankles and he lifted her legs up and held them level with my shoulder as I drove my cock up into her and she licked on his cock head.

"Fuck me Tom, let me feel you inside me, come on now Tom, fuck me hard, I'm cuming again." Paul rested her legs over my shoulders and I felt her orgasm as she gripped my cock with the muscles of her cunt walls which seemed to be trying to milk me into her. She felt wonderful and I slid in and out of her and her cunt continued to nip on me.

I looked up to see that Paul was now filming us with a hand held camera and he just grinned back at me and nodded encouragement.

I hot blonde nikita von james gets pussy fucked in threesome into her and the idea of us on film made it more exciting leaving my cock ready to burst.

Jane must have felt this and she began to thrust up against me asking me to cum over her and I speeded up and as I started to shoot my spunk into her, I pulled out and squirted it up over her chest and face in long stream after stream. As I recovered she said, "Give me something else Paul, I want something else in me. I want my cunt to feel full again." Paul passed the camera to me and said, "Here Tom, keep filming.

This will be great to watch in the morning. Now turn over baby, up onto your knees." Jane did as he said and got up on all fours with her cunt sticking high in the air. Paul went in behind her and inserted his finger. After a couple of strokes he added another, and then another then the fourth and he proceeded to push his hand into her gaping cunt.

"Tom's got you nice and slack baby, are you ready for the rest?" he asked her. "Yes Paul, fill me up." And with that, he dribbled some more lubricant onto his hand and slowly slid his thumb inside her so that his complete hand was in her which he then began to work in and out.

"Ohh, yesss," she gasped "more, more, I love it!" The sight of Paul's hand deep inside her was fantastic and my cock was raging again as she continued to beg him for more.

"You are so slippery in there baby, come on Tom, don't disappoint her when she's asking for more. Straddle my arm and get your cock in there as well but keep that camera rolling." I did as he said and straddled his arm so that I could get access to her and I slid my cock into her, alongside his hand. I could feel myself sliding along his palm as I began to fuck her again. This was weird as I was fucking her whilst at the same time he was wanking me all within the same movement.

I could feel her soft cunt walls on the top of my cock and his harder hand on the underside as I rocked myself in and out of her. It was then that I felt Paul drizzle some lubricant on my ass and he shifted position to get behind me and before I knew what was happening I felt his cock nudging at my ass hole. "Hey Paul." I began.

"It's OK Tom, don't worry, we could tell this sort of thing was new to you but relax and enjoy it. We just want to make you feel good." "Yes Tom," said Jane, looking back over her shoulder and knowing what was happening, "you have fucked me, Paul's wife, so don't you think it fair that he can fuck you now?

Paul has wanted to fuck you as much as I have since we first saw you, you wouldn't mind me sinking my finger into your ass hole would you, so what's the difference? Try it Tom, you will love it just like I did before." These two just seemed to have so much control over me and I was feeling so hot and hard that I just gave in. I'd never even had hold of another mans cock before then, let alone had one inside me and my head was just filled with confusion as he began to push into me.

I felt Paul's cock head as it nudged into my ass hole, and then the pressure as he pushed to break through my sphincter and then 'pop', he was through. It hurt like hell for a few moments and he kept still letting me get used to him inside me and then as the pain eased, he began to slide deeper and deeper, a little at a time.

All the while both he and Jane were talking to me to keep me distracted and Jane was saying the sexiest things about what she was going to do with me after. "How do you like it Tom?" asked Paul when he was fully in me, "I love how your ass feels, it is as tight and snug as Jane's. Do you like my cock in you Tom? Tell me how much you like it then." How could I deny it?

Although it felt strange and was still a little uncomfortable it also felt good. "Yes Paul, I like it. I like the feel of being fucked by you." I had Paul stuck up my ass, holding onto my cock which was buried in Jane.

"Now you two can both fuck me at the same time" she said. "Come on Tom, stick your big cock in me and Paul will do the same through you. I could let every man in the world fuck me right now and still beg for more." I did as I was asked and began to fuck her with long steady strokes and I felt Paul holding the same rhythm as he fucked me.

I could feel Paul's cock burning in my ass hole as he sank in and piper perri taking cock on her best friends house pornstars hardcore of me and I could feel the walls of my asshole twitch and grip him as he continued his slow steady fuck. As I felt his cock rubbing inside me, I also felt myself rubbing inside Jane's pulsing cunt hole and she twitched and gripped my cock just as I did with Paul's.

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Her cunt was gushing fluid and I could smell her sex juices as my cock slid in and out of her. We all knew this couldn't last long and Paul suddenly gripped my hips and howled out loud as he buried his cock deep into me and shot his cum high up inside my bowels.

I felt him pulse and spurt as he unloaded shot after shot of his spunk into me and I too cried out and slammed hard into Jane as I began to do the same into her. I could feel spurt after spurt enter me as spurt after spurt left my own cock to get up into Jane and we all moaned in our ecstasy and then collapsed in a row, still stuck inside each other.

Jane was laid out below me with my cock and Pauls hand still inside her and I, in turn, had Pauls cock still buried inside me as we lay there catching our breath. Paul was first to move and he raised himself so that he could see as he withdrew his cock from my ass.

He then began to slide his hand from Jane and with it, he brought my cock so that he still held it as we came out of her. "Here Jane," he said, "our friend Tom deserves a treat after such a good fuck session so why don't you give him one and help clean him up?" Jane turned around with a lustful grin on her face and rolled me onto my back where she then took my cock into her mouth.

I wondered at the feel of her warm mouth again as she began to lick my cum and her own juices from it and she then inserted her finger into my ass and rubbed Paul's cum around in and out of me. She looked up at me and scooping some of Paul's cum from my ass she began to lick it from her fingers. "I think this has been a 'different' night for you Tom," she said with a giggle, lets all get to bed and see what we do you think im pretty daddy katrina jade tommy gunn left for in the morning.

Jesus I thought, what else can they possibly have in mind?