Xxxxxxx sex stories story 2019 xxx

Xxxxxxx sex stories story 2019 xxx
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Id just dropped off our son to his nursery when I finalised my plan. I knew what I wanted from my ex, and where she lived. Today, I was going to pay her a visit. I should clarify some things. She and I had broken up almost a year ago. Turns out she was using me for a house while she was fooling around with someone else. It hurt but I got over it. Thankfuly our son was too young to figure what happened. She still lived nearby, and we talked occasionally.

Her block of flats was a short walk away. Only 5 minutes or so. One of her neighbours who recognised me opened the communal door. Probably wouldnt have if they knew my intent, or what was in my pocket. Hers was the top floor, so a few stairs. On the way I slipped on the skull neck wrap, covering my mouth. I checked my watch one last time. Still early, she wouldnt be up yet. Showtime. I banged on the door hard, stellping to theside to avoid the peep hole in the door. She answered fast, maybe she had been expecting someone.

Her eyes went wide at the sight. I shoulder barged her back against the wall behind the door before she could react properly. My right hand punched her hard in the gut, enough to drop her down and take the fight out of her. My left clamped hard over her mouth.

It did enough to stifle the scream. I had prepared a strip of duct tape, which I wound around her mouth. Spinning her around before she was ready, I had her arms zip cuffed behind her. Now I could apprecate the view. She was gorgeous. Dark green eyes accented my har auburn long hair. Long legs. Her breasts, while not huge, were just the right size, and stood proud. Even childbirth mommyblowsbest the boss hot wife bigboobs and cumshot changed her frame.

She had obviously just got up when id come around. She wore only shorts that barely covered her oert ass and a pale blue tank top. I knew her flats layout, and where the stuff I wanted was. Gripping her hair in my fist I marched her to her bedroom.

There was fear in her whimpers but she complied. Her bedroom was large and sparcely furnished. Her bed was against the wall, facing out. Again I forced her agaist the wall face first. She struggled vainly until the hand in her hair forced her to stop. I held her for a moment before reaching for my pocket knife. Her eyes froze as I deploye the blade next to her face. She squirmed at the click and the sight of the sharp blade.

I pressed it gently to her neck, just enough o stop her moving. With one movement I had the straps to her top cut. One stroke down cut it in half, where it dropped to the floor.

Her shorts were a little tougher but nothing I couldnt cut through.

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Once she was naked, I span her round, left hand now on her throat. She was weeping a little, tears streaming down her face.

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I clicked the knife away. I might use it later. I span my weight around, throwing her bodily onto her bed. Now she lay across it, hands still tightly cuffed behind her.

I smiled under the mask. Her wet slit was right at the height for me to rub it gently. She squirmed and fought at the contact. I climbed on the bed and straddled her. With one hand on her neck I could still tease her without glory hole brunette big tits blowjob fat schlong. She had stopped fighting now.

Muffled cries and begs were coming. I ignored them all until I could feel just how wet she was. I got off her, just long enough to undo my pants and let them fall to the floor. I could hear muffled cries that might have been "no" but again I ignored them. She was already so wet I could slide in without resistance. Her screams were cut off with a yelp as I went deep in her. I started slow, just enough to get her moaning, then went all out.

I thrust as hard and fast as I could from my position. Her eyes were streaming withtears and her moans were intersperced with "no" and "Please". I felt myself getting closer, enjoying the total control over her. I reached forward and put both hands round her neck and squeezed.

She stpped struggling. I held on tightly s I came inside her. She didnt fight, her eyes were rolling up. I felt my cum fill her up. It felt like I wasnt going to stop. Once done, I pulled out slowly, letting my cum drip out of her. I checked her face.

She was unconsious. Id held on just long enough to make her pass out. Id rest for a minute before my next plan. I had time. I cut her hands free from under her. With this done I could position her better. Pulling her to the proper orientation I left her there while I went looking.

I knew she was a kinky fucker so there would be toys around I could use. Didnt take me long to find them in her drawer, all neatly set out. I grabbed what I needed. I knew she would come round soon.

Taking her handcuffs, I locked her hands to her bedposts tightly. Her legs I had to tie with long ropes. This spread her and left her vulnerable.

I replaced the tape around her mouth with a new gag. This spider gag was wide and open. A couple of pillows behind her head meant she could see what was happening. I straddled her again and waited. Her eyes opened slowly then widened as she looked around. Struggling vainly and moaning throught the gag. I wanted her to see what was happening.

I was kneeling around her waist, cock out. It had been long enough that I knew I could cum. I started wanking hard over her. She tried to shake her head or throw off my aim. I held her head in my left hand without slowing my stroke. It didnt take long, the sight of her helpless beneath me had a fast effect. My first cum shot landed on her cheek. I leant forward as I kept cumming.

I could just fit the head of my cock in her mouth. She started choking as I filled up her mouth. I slipped my cock out of her and watched her struggle, then swallow everything.

When she had finished I knew I needed her unconsious again to finish off. A quick grab and press on her throat did the trick. Unconsious again I could have a little fun before I had to leave.

I took a few pictures before I started. Unclipping and untying her was fast. Searching her drawer again I found what I could use.

Leather locking cuffs and collar set. I formulated a plan fast. Laying h on her front I locked her arms and legs into the cuffs. Using the attached padlocks to keep them on and a short chain to hogtie her. Changing out the spider gag for a tight ball gag took a moment, but this one locked in place too. I clipped the collar on to her and locked a chain to it.

This chain I looped around her bedpost. She could move but not far. Just before I left I had one last surpsise for her. Using the found lube I could slip the vibrating butt plug into her. Id set it off just as I left. I wanted to wait to see her wake up. Jut to check she tattooed slutty latina switches dick from cunt to mouth alive. As she did I grabbed her hair and forced her to look at me.

I held up the keys to the padlocks where she could see them. I closed the small box they had been in and placed it on the bed.

Far enough that she couldnt reach anytime soon. Her hands groped almost immediately. I kissed her forehad and stood up. As I went to leave I flicked the switch on the vibrator. I walked out before I heard the moans. Id let her figure it out. I was waitong for my son to come out of nursery when I got the text. It was her. Only 15 minutes to get loose and get to her phone.

Impressive. ** You bastard! ** **What?** I replied **You know what!** **no I dont* I feigned ignorance **You rape me then leave me like that?** **I dont know what your talking about** Two minutes passed **Liar.

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