Burglars tied up milf and orgy fucked her

Burglars tied up milf and orgy fucked her
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MY LITTLE CUNT Hi friends, thanks for the support you have given me. I have been asked to continue the story about my sex adventures with Mariya. This is the story when we met for the second time. So enjoy. After my first sex with Mariya, she was all i could think of. I kept thinking about the way she smelled; her cunt, her ass and so on.Her sexy brown skin, petite body, wet lips.all kept me awake at nights.I so wanted to meet her, but my wife was always at home.I was waiting for a right opportunity.

One day, my wife decided to go to her sister's place. I was so overwhelmed and happy. She asked me to come with her,but i said i'm not feeling good." I will come back tomorrow evening " she said, and she left.I suddenly called up Mariya and asked her to come as soon as possible.It was the winter time in Delhi, so i waited inside, dreaming about her.

Then i hear the door bell ring. I mistress rhiannon fucks her boyfriend in the kitchen to the door and opened it.

It was Mariya. She stood there with with a naughty smile. She was wearing a long dark coat. While i still looked, with a smile she opened the coat. I was trilled to see what she wore inside.

A sleeveless, knee length black top( this was the dress she wore when i went to see her in her campus for the first time.I have asked her to wear it today).

I asked her " jaldi andar aa" i didn't want anyone to see her. When she came in i caught hold of her ass, pulled her to me,started licking and sucking her lips. After 5 minutes i stopped smooching and pushed her on to the sofa. She was looking at me and smiling like a slut. I sat on the other side.i couldn't wait to see her spicy pussy.

I spread her legs and looked inside. She wore a brown colour panty. In a flash, i was kissing all over her panty. " Ohhh. smells so good." i said.

I kept sucking over her cunt with the panty on. After a while i slowly removed her panty. When i did so a sudden rush of sent(smell) came into my nose from her cunt."O god.!!" like a mad man i started sucking and eating her cunt.

" Ohhhh.Aaahhh." she kept mourning. 2 minutes has passed. She said: " O wait, wait,"; I asked: " What happened ? ". " I want to go pee "she said. She suddenly got up from the sofa, gave me a quick kiss and went into the toilet.I got up and walked towards my bedroom. While sitting on my bed, I could hear her pee. Somehow, it was turning me on and making my dick hard. I got up, walked towards the toilet and pushed open the door. She was sitting on the European closet.

She looked a bit surprise when i came in like that. Without saying a word i knelt before her and started sucking her cunt. "Ohhh.cant you wait till i pee ? Aaahhh" she said.I was enjoying sucking her pee hole and cunt, which was ozing with the smell of urine.The smell made me eat her cunt like never before.

I licked, kissed and sucked her cunt for atleast 15 minutes.I got up and immediately removed her dress and bra. I too removed my kurtha. She looked at me like a slut. Still sitting on the closet, she slowly removed my dhoti. She pulled down my underwear,took out my dick and started sucking it. "Uhhh.o god.!! " i mourned. She sucked my dick ragazza studentessa di colore si fa scopare dal professore 10 minuted.I wanted to cum in her mouth.

I caught hod of her head and pushed my whole dick into her mouth."MMMM.!!" she mourned. By 2-3 pushes i was about to cum. "Ahhhhh.!!" I unloaded my cum into her mouth,i cam 2 more times." khao mere Lund Ke Pasine, Rundi.!! " ( eat my cum you slut) i said. It turned her on a bit more. She drank my whole cum. She kept sucking it like a slut. I was tired.

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I sat in front of her and buried my face into her cunt. The smell of her cunt and piss was pouring into my face. So after 2 minutes i was hard again. I got up and pulled her up along with it.

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I looked at her sexy lips. It was shivering. With in no time i started sucking her lips. I caught hold of her little round ass and started squeezing. She hugged me back and was running her hands all over my back and ass. After i while i slowly opened her ass crack and pushed my two fingers into her tiny asshole.

" OOhh." she mourned. I kept pushing my finger in and out of skinny russian teen beauty strips out of her jeans asshole while i still kept smooching her.

In between i went down, sucked and licked her small, round navel and came up. A suddenly turned her around and faced her against the toilet wall. I started sucking all over her back. I went down and pushed my tongue into her asshole. "Uhhh." she mourned. For the next 10 minutes i was enjoying her little ass like anything. I kept licking, sucking and biting it.

After that i got up and asked her to put on leg over the European closet. When she did so, I pushed my whole dick into her cunt.

" Ahhhh." she screamed. I kept pounding her from behind. After 15 minutes i took it out and slowly pushed it into her tiny asshole. " O Waite, no, It still hurts from the last time you fucked me in the ass " she said. But i never listed to it. I pushed my whole dick into her asshole."AHHH." She screamed loudly. I started slowly and when her asshole loosed up, I started fucking her harder and harder.

AHH.AHH.OHH. with every push she kept screaming.After 20 minutes i was about monique alexander hot seductive babe banged in bed cum again. I increased my speed, she kept screaming. "Ah.Ahh.AHHH.!! ", with a huge push, i shot my first load into her asshole. Ahh.Ahh. 3 more shots followed.

Fully tired, I leaned my faced onto her sweaty back.All this while, my dick still inside her asshole i kept squeezing her boobs. After a while, i slowly removed my dick from her asshole and looked at it. My cum was drooping from her asshole. Suddenly, she leaned in front of me and started sucking my dick clean.

"Ohh. my little slut, my private cunt " I thought in my mind. We came out of the toilet and got dressed. We had our food. While she was in kitchen, i give her a quick fuck from behind. After an hour, i fucked her in my bedroom for 2 hours.

That night she stayed with me and under the blanket, i fucked her for the whole night. Next day my wife was to come back. She she got up in the morning and dressed up. While she was about to leave, I pulled up her dress and her her ass and pussy a quick kiss.

I got up and smooched her for 1 minute. " I will call you soon "- i said. She, biting her lower lip, give me a slutty smile and walked away. I got plenty more encounter like it. If you like my story please feel free to comment below and participate in my poll. If you need some pics, you can send me private messages as well.

Hope you enjoyed my story.