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Girls ass back big xxx
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We had been home from the restuarant for about 20 minutes and I decided to upload the video from my phone. I sat down at the computer and plugged the phone up and the image that popped up on the screen was my moms ass and me standing behind her right when I started to record.

I wanted to watch it first while my mom was in her room changing clothes. I pressed play and the video started. My hand was on my dick moving it up and down her wet pussy getting ready to enter her.

I was a couple twgirls lean with big tits into the video and found myself starting to rub dick from the outside of my shorts. Even though i had just came 20 minutes ago young black and ready for hard anal sex was still turning me on more and more watching myself fuck my mom from behind.

As I was watching I heard my moms door open. I paused the video real quick knowing she would probably get mad from me watching it before she could. I was looking up as she walked around the corner from her bedroom. There she was wearing a black tanktop with no bra and some black and pink panties that you could pretty much see through. She was so sexy and she knew how to make someone drool. "What are you doing on the computer?" She asked "Ummmmm nothing." I said back to her knowing she knew exactly what I was doing.

She came closer to the computer and seen the video paused. "Your watching the video without me!" She yelled out. "I couldn't help it I wanted to see." "Well put it on the tv so I can watch it too." She said to me as she was walking to the couch. She turned the tv on and put the input on computer so whatever was on the computer you could see it on the tv. I restarted it from the beggining and started walking to the couch when my semi-hard dick caught my moms attention.

"You just finished 25 minutes ago and your hard again!?" She tells me. "Sorry can't help it." I said to her as I got to the couch to sit down. We sat there watching the video for about 5 minutes glancing at each other smiling. I was getting more and more turned on the longer I sat there watching the video and eagerly waiting to just pull my dick out and start jacking off.

I noticed my mom start to squirm around a little and I knew she was starting to get that horny little itch too. As we were getting more and more into the video she looks at me with her sexy little look. "If you need to cum again you can. I'd love to watch you." "Well i'd love for you to watch me then." I say back to her smiling. I stand up and put my thumbs in each side of my waistband and pull down both my shorts and boxers. I stay there for a second glancing at my mom staring at my rising dick.

All i could think about was going straight to the other couch and pulling my moms panties to the side and start fucking her.

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But it was really sexy my mom watching me naked about to jack off. "Mmmmmmm baby." My mom mumbled licking her lips. "Go get a towel before you make me make a mess everywhere. Your probably going to need one too." I said joking to my mom. She got up and started walking to the bathroom. I reached down and slowly stroked the length of my dick back and forth while my eyes were fixated on her ass cheeks swaying back and forth.

I sat back down once my mom turned the corner and started watching the video again. 30 seconds later my moms back with a towel but lays it out underneith her. "Why didn't you get 2 if your going to keep that one?" I asked her. "This was the only one clean so we can just share it. Just walk over here when your almost ready to cum. Just aim for the towel and not me. I already cleaned up." She said smiling at me. "I guess so." We both stare back at sunny leon new 2019 xxx sase tv and the video is bobbi starr and dana dearmond insatiable voyage perfect view of her pussy and my dick right at her opening.

I start rubbing my dick up and down as I watch myself on the tv going in and out of my mom. I glance back over at her and see her hands start roaming around her body. She starts at her boobs and works her way down her stomach. Her fingers run over her panty line rubbing her thighs and outside of her pussy. She took a couple of long breathes as she rubbed a little harder on her pussy.

I kept stroking my dick watching her play with herself. After a few minutes minutes of our attention back and forth from watching each other and watching the tv she stands up and grabs both sides of her panties and slides them down slowly to her ankles.

"I thought you were just gonna watch me?" I say to my mom. "It's all your fault." She says back to me with a smile as she kicks her panties off her feet. She sat back down with her feet up on the couch and her legs spread open to where I could get a perfect view and what she was doing.

It was amazing how wet she got so fast. I could see it from 10 feet away. Her hand moved back down her body down to her pussy. It was a big turn on watching the way she worked her hand rubbing up and down her wer slit of her pussy and circular motions over her clit. Sliding 2 fingers in and out as deep as she could get. I just sat there with more attention on her than the tv.

"Mmmmmm yessss baby." My mom moans out moving in faster motions. "Keep stroking that dick while you watch mama." I just sat back listening to her moans jacking off at a quick pace.

There was only a couple minutes left of the video and I was tryin to hold back from cumming until i seen myself cum on the video.

Personally I loved cumming while watching another guy or girl cum in a porn movie. I picked up the pace jacking off knowing I was about to cum on the video. "Im gonna cum soon mom!" "Well come sit over here by me so you can use this towel." She says. I get up real quick with my dick still in my hand and sit right beside my mom. "Cum first babe. I wanna watch it." She tells me. She starts fingering faster and i could hear how wet she was sounding like a suction cup. The video got to the point to where I was pulling out and started to cum.

That was all I needed as I stood up and faced toward my mom and squated down a little to hit the towel. "Mmmmmm, im gonna cum mom! "Cum baby!" Saying back to me. Standing right in front of her with my dick a foot away from her pussy I tried to aim as far down as I could to hit the towel. I took a deep breath as the first shot of cum hit my moms fingers as they where hot teen babes licking and fingering each twats on sofa in and out of her.

The second hit on her inner thigh and ran down to the towel. "Keep cumming baby, im there! Ohhhh fuckkkk! Ohh fuckk! Your cum feels soo good! Im cummingggg!!" She says taking deep beathes and trying to talk at the same time.

She pulls her fingers out and squirts hitting my stomach and dick. I keep stroking cumming more as she squirts again falling short of my dick onto the towel and floor. The next couple spasms of cum only shoot about 4 inches landing between my moms legs onto the towel. I came about half as much as I normally do being i had just came not even an hour ago but still pretty impressive how much it was.

As the last of my cum dripped out, my mom still rubbing up and down her very slick pussy I stood there watching the last of my moms juices leak out. "I told you we were gonna need 2 towels.

I'll go get another one real quick." I said smiling at my mom. I walked to the bathroom with my legs shaking a bit and grabbed another towel. I made my way back to the couch where my mom was sitting with her head back catching her breath and hand still massaging her pussy. I cleaned myself off while my mom watched me waiting on the towel. Once I finished I held the towel out for my mom to take. "Here you go." "No you clean me off, you made the mess." "How did I do it?

I said back to my mom. "You made me watch the video and you jacking off." Saying back to me. "Well im sorry!" Saying jokingly. I reach down with the towel and start at her stomach working my way to her inner thighs.

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I make way back up and run the towel over her pussy making her flench and jump a little being that it's still sensative. I rub up and down her slit cleaning as much as I could. She makes a moan and breathes a little deeper as I rub harder. I turn my head to look at her and lean in for a kiss. Our lips meet and at the same time our tongues find their way back and forth in each others ansh and piya heart tuching song nazer. As our deep kissing continued I tossed the towel to the side and went back to her pussy with my hand.

Up and down again I rubbed her bare pussy listening to her trying to moan and breath while our mouths were glued together. After a minute or so out lips finally broke apart. "Mmmmm I cant get enough of you babe." My mom says to me in a soft whispering voice. "Well you know you can have all you want." Softly saying back. We both stand up and start putting our clothes back on.

My mom grabbed the towels and headed for the laundry room. Meanwhile I went back over to the computer to finish the upload of the video.

It finished a couple minutes as my mom walked back into the living. "Come one we need to clean up the house. Your sister is coming over tomorrow or the following day." As I get up to start cleaning I wondered in my head how interesting things could be that shes coming over to stay for a week or 2.

I wondered what my mom was thinking about having her daughter here and how crazy things have been between my mother and I. Time could only tell.