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Amateur babe licks female agent then fuck
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By the time Friday rolled around we were almost done with the porch.

It was 5 in the afternoon and Liz and I was calling it quits for the day. We were just about to go inside when a car pulled up to the house. I recognized Katie immediately as she got out of the car.

She looked even better than the last time I had seen her. Her pretty blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders and her sexy blue eyes looked so good. "Katie, come on over and let me introduce you to my Aunt Liz." I could tell the moment those two met that they liked one another. Liz greeted Katie with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, welcoming her to her home.

She invited her in so she and I could catch up while she made dinner. I could tell Katie was taken with her as well, especially when Liz raised her arm about her head to undo her ponytail. I noticed the look in Katie's eyes when she saw my aunt's hairy underarms. We went inside, Katie and I in the living room while Liz went into the kitchen.

"You aunt is so beautiful Tommy, I really like her. "Yes, she's a special lady, very special." "How do you mean Tommy?" "Well, I, ah, I'll tell you later.

Right now you and I need to get caught fucking organized by tattooed lad hardcore and creampie. I've really missed you.

After getting caught with that other girl you just disappeared. I was worried sick about you." "Thank you, Tommy. It was just so awful how my parents reacted that I had to leave. I went and stayed with friends and couch surfed for as long as I could. Then I found some relatives that took me in. I had to return home eventually because I had worn out my welcome everywhere else.

I'm so glad you called when you did. I sure hope your aunt likes me so I can stay here, at least for a little bit." It's not going to be an issue but I'll tell you more about Liz and me later." "You make it sound so mysterious, are the two of you lovers or something?" The look on my face must have given it away.

Katie looked at me then said, "Holy Crap, you are lovers aren't you. I can see it in your eyes, Tommy. You are aren't you?" "Yes, but please don't freak out on me." "No, I think it's cool. She's so beautiful. I could tell you would be turned on by her the moment I saw all that beautiful hair under her arms. Is her pussy as hairy as her underarms?" "Yes, even more so.

She has the most beautiful, hairy pussy you've ever seen Katie, you'd love it." "Mmm, I know Fuckingawesome busty dillion harper gets fucked by her stepbrother would, I hope I can see it sometime." "You never know Katie, you never know.

So, do you still have those beautiful underarms, all that blonde hair?" "Why don't you take a look for yourself, Tommy." Katie held up her arm showing me her beautiful blonde underarm hair. It was just as beautiful as I remembered. Just then Liz came out catching us. She didn't say anything, she just smiled saying, "Come on you two, dinner is ready." We sat down to a wonderful dinner, talking and laughing as Katie and Liz got to know one another.

They hit it off even better than I had hoped. Liz told Katie to call her Liz and she was looking forward to getting to know her better. They seemed to have a lot in common which was an added bonus as far as I was concerned.

After dinner, we went into the living room to talk when my cell phone rang. I could see it was my mother of all people calling me. I excused myself and went to the kitchen. I found out quickly that it was not a pleasant call.

My mother told me I needed to come back and get the rest of my things, my father has rented out my room to a border to bring in some cash. He's giving me one week to come to get my things, then he was going to toss them out. Needless to say, I was not happy. I told my mother I would be there before the week was up. I hung up and went back into the living room.

Liz and Katie were talking so I stepped out the front door. I was too pissed to say anything. I didn't want to bring them down with my problems. Eventually, they came out to see what was up. I sighed and said, "That was my mother. It seems my father has rented out my room to a border to make money. She said he wants me to come back home within the week to get the rest of my things or he's going to toss them out in the trash. What a total asshole that man is.

It all won't fit in my car, I don't know what to do now." Liz told me, "You're going to take my pickup truck, that should take care of everything right?" "Thank you, Liz, I will leave in the morning, I want to get this over with.

So much for family huh? Oh well, when I get back we can finish up the porch and then I will concentrate on getting a full-time job. There is a lot more opportunity out here anyway. It worked out well, Katie coming here. Now the two of you can have a good time and keep one another company." We all three did a group hug and went back inside and talked until we decided it was time for bed.

Katie was more tired than she thought from her trip and she went right to bed. Liz and I went to bed as well, still talking. She was concerned about Katie finding out about our relationship. I told her not to be concerned.

Then I told her, "I'm pretty sure Katie already knows something is special between us. She's very intuitive and she picks up on things like that. There is no need to worry Liz, Katie is very open sexually for obvious reason.

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You two have so much in common that I think you'll be enjoying one another maybe before I get back. Now relax will ya?" Liz hugged me and gave me a kiss. The next morning I was up at dawn so I could get a good start and get back as soon as I could.

Liz was up to waiting for me. She had breakfast ready along with coffee. She handed me the key to her truck as I sat down and ate. I couldn't thank her enough for getting up so early.

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She told me she was up anyway so it was no big deal. I finished my breakfast and told her, "Thanks for everything Liz, I know you and Katie are going to get along fine. She likes you I can tell, so give her time." "Oh, I'm not worried about Katie at all. I can tell she and I are going to get along just fine. Women can sense things about one black beauty and hot bethany benz gets her holes destroyed by lex masturbation interracial and I get good vibes from Katie.

Don't worry about a think and drive careful. We'll see you when you get back." I kissed Liz again and then left for home. Liz poured herself another cup of coffee when Katie came into the kitchen. She was disappointed to see she had missed me. She looked sexy as hell in her cute little gown. Liz noticed it was so thin she could see Katie's nipples through the thin fabric as well as the outline of her bush.

She had to smile seeing that Katie had a beautiful, thick blonde bush. Katie told her to sit down and eat while she made some more. "I don't want to eat your breakfast Liz, that's not right." "Go on Hon, I can whip something up in no time." Katie walked over to the cabinets as Liz reached up to get her a coffee cup. As she did Katie saw what Tommy had found so sexy about his aunt.

Katie smiled as she looked at Liz's thatch of red hair under her arm as she pulled the cup down. She poured Katie a cup of coffee telling her to go sit down, that her breakfast was going to get cold. Katie smiled at her saying, "I'm sorry, I was distracted by all that beautiful hair under your arm.

I see that you are a naturally hairy woman just like me. I don't know why people are so taken aback when they see something like that.

I think it's beautiful. Of course, that's just me, a lot of people don't think as I do." "Yes, I know, fortunately, I was lucky enough to find a man that loved me for who I am. It was terrible when I lost him. Having Tommy here, well it's made a world of difference having him around. He's a good man, he's hot like a lot of men I've known.

That's why I haven't married again, I just can't find someone like my husband until Tommy came along. Those two are so much alike it's amazing." "Yes, he is a good man. The timing just wasn't right for us when I first met him. He helped me a lot though, especially after, well he really was there for me." "After what Hon, you can tell me. Anything you share with me stays with me. I would never tell anyone about anything you share." "Well, that goes both ways, Liz. Even though Tommy hasn't come out and said anything, I can tell that the two of big cock destroys amateur pussy and tattoo first time euro trip have a very special relationship, I can see it when the two of you look at one another.

I don't judge, just so you know. As for my secret, I got caught with another girl and it got back to my folks. From that day forward they have basically disowned me. Now it's to the point that I'm not even welcome in my own home, which is why I'm here. I'm so grateful to Tommy for asking you and so grateful to you for letting me stay here." "Well, you are very welcome Katie. I can see you have a good sense of people. Yes, Tommy and I do have a special relationship.

I never would have imagined anything like that could happen but it has. The moment he saw my underarm hair I could tell by the look in his eyes he was aroused. Then when I looked down and saw the bulge in his trousers I was sure of it.

Things sort of blossomed from there and now we have great sex. I know most people would be appalled hearing that but it's just something neither one of us can do anything about." "I think it's beautiful that you two could have that sort of relationship, I wish I could find someone to love me like that." "You do, Tommy and I aren't going to be lovers forever. It could all end tomorrow, we are both aware of that. I think that you and he should be together.

As for your making love to another woman, I have no problem with that Katie. After I lost my husband, I found myself in the arms of another woman myself. The only thing that ended it was that she moved away last year or I'm sure we would still be together." "Really, that is so awesome Liz, I only wish my time with a woman would have been more satisfying.

It was really enjoyable and I thought it was going to be so much more but she was turned off by my hairy pussy. She thought it was ugly and told me mom and son first date we were going to do anything the hair would have to go.

It was shortly after that we were caught by her sister. I never really got to know what making love to a woman was like, at least I never got very far." "That's terrible Katie. Do you still have the desire to make love to a woman?" "Yes, but I don't know anyone and I would be too afraid to try and find someone for fear of getting caught again." "Well, you have nothing to fear from me, Katie." Then Liz slid her hand under Katie's gown and started moving her finger along Katie's slit.

Her pussy was so hairy as Liz continued pleasuring the young woman. Katie gasped and leaned back against the counter, her spreading her legs wider for Liz. She could feel Katie's pussy growing wetter as her finger slipped between her folds.

Liz leaned forward placing her lips to Katie's kissing her as Katie grew more and more aroused. Liz eased her middle finger deep into Katie's pussy, followed by a second finger as Katie gasped and moaned. Liz worked her fingers deep into her pussy while moving her thumb over Katie's clit. It didn't take long for Katie to start cumming. When she finished cumming, Liz removed her fingers and held them up for Katie to see.

Then she put them in her mouth and licked Katie's cum from her fingers. Liz then helped Katie out of her gown letting it fall to the floor. She then removed her own gown while Katie looked at Liz standing in front of her naked. Katie, hands trembling reached up and took Liz's breasts in her hands and began caressing them as Liz stood there cooing softly.

She whispered to Katie to kiss her nipples and suck them, telling her not to be afraid. Katie began kissing Liz's nipples and flicking them with her tongue and then sucking them. Liz encouraged her telling her how good it felt and that she has a wonderful touch. Katie continued sucking Liz's nipples as she ran her free hand down between Liz's legs, running her fingers through her thick bush. She found that her pussy was wet and getting wetter as she continued sucking Liz's nipples.

Liz stopped her for a moment taking her into the living room and setting her down on the redhead chick sucking and jerking a black cock. Liz laid Katie back against the arm of the sofa telling her, "You are so beautiful Kaite.

Your breasts are perfect, your nipples are so sensitive and your pussy.your beautiful pussy. I love your thick blonde bush. It's so soft to the touch, I can't wait to feel it against my face. Never ever let anyone say anything slutty fat fucks first time doing hardcore porn full movie fuckfatties and threesome about your beautiful hair.

Raise your arms, Sweetie. Oh yes, look at the beautiful blonde hair, I can't wait to touch it." Then Liz lowered her head and began nuzzling Katie's underarm hair with her nose and then her tongue as Katie gasped and squealed. After several minutes, Liz kissed Katie again while caressing her breasts and nipples.

She eventually kissed her way down Katie's neck to her breasts where she sucked her nipples as Katie moaned and begged her to make her cum. As Liz sucked Katie's nipples, she moved her hand down between Katie's legs, exploring her thick bush.

Katie was beside herself, only having fantasized about something like this. Liz moved down Katie's stomach, kissing her way down then moving her cheek over Katie's think, blonde bush. She loved the feel of her soft pussy fur on her cheek as she continued nuzzling her hair while sliding her middle finger between Katie's wet lips. Katie gasped as Liz eased her middle finger deep into her pussy followed by another finger.

Now with both of her fingers deep inside Katie's pussy, Liz explored her depths as Katie squirmed and moaned on the couch. After a few minutes of foreplay, Liz moved onto the couch, making her way between Katie's spread legs. Katie raised her left leg up on the back of the couch giving Liz more than enough access to her charms.

Liz began kissing her inner thighs, enjoying the soft blonde hair that covered her inner thighs. She made her way up to Katie's pussy, running her tongue the length of her labia as Katie gasped and squealed out loud. Katie had never had a woman licking her pussy, this was the first time and she loved the sensation as Liz ran her tongue up and down her ever moistening pussy.

Liz parted Katie's lips, making her way up and down her creamy slit, Katie's juices flowing down onto her tongue. The more Liz licked her pussy the more aroused Katie became.

Soon she was gyrating her hips and then thrusting them into Liz's face. Liz found Katie's opening and was soon tongue fucking her, something else Katie has never experienced before. With Katie gasping and begging Liz to make her cum, Liz replaced her tongue with her fingers as she moved up taking Katie's clit into her mouth. Again Katie was practically screaming as Liz sucked her clit and fingered her pussy.

She took Katie over the top when she eased her little finger into Katie's asshole. Katie squealed and started cumming, her entire body shaking and shuddering as the orgasms washed over her.

When she finally stopped cumming Liz moved up and the two of them kissed and cuddled like longtime lovers. Once Katie had recovered enough to speak Liz asked her, "So Katie, how was that for your first time making love to a woman?" "Oh Liz, that was unbelievable, thank you so much for making love to me. Now I want to do the same thing to you, I want to make you cum." "Of course, but you have to promise me one thing." "What's that Liz?" "I want you to think about Tommy and not fall in love with me.

Bisexuality is alright, Tommy can deal with that, I just wite girl and black man you enjoy cock enough not to make love to women exclusively." "I understand Liz and I know what you're saying. I really care for Tommy but we've never, well you know, we've never been intimate in that way. I want to but I don't know if he wants me." "Katie, of course, he does. He loves a hairy woman like you and me, there is no reason why he wouldn't love you.

I think he does, he just needs to be with you. Now it the perfect time with the two legal age teenager struggles with huge jock hiddencam hardcore you here. He won't mind sharing you with me, and I certainly don't mind him being with you. Who knows, maybe we can have a threesome." "That would be fun Liz, I hope we do." "Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now, it's you and me.

Now let's go get in bed so we can have some real fun." Liz and an excited Katie made their way up to the bedroom where Liz took Katie into her arms telling her, "Now, it's your turn to make love to me.

Just relax and let's enjoy our time together." The two of them moved onto the bed and started kissing and caressing one another. Katie kissed her way down to Liz's breasts where she began caressing them and sucked her nipples. Liz was thoroughly enjoying Katie's lips on her nipples and her soft touch on her breasts. Katie alternated between licking and sucking Liz's breasts, listening to her for sounds that she was enjoying what she was doing. Katie moved her hand down Liz's stomach as she made her way down to her pussy.

She smiled when she felt her fingers move through Liz's thick bush causing her to moan with pleasure. Katie kissed her way down Liz's torso until she reached her beautiful red bush. She was fascinated with how thick her bush was as she ran her fingers along Liz's swollen lips.

She began moving her face over Liz's bush, taking in the aroma of her arousal. She moved down where she found that Liz's pussy lips were bare. She started running her tongue over those bare lips, listening to Liz moan and coo as she continued licking her lips, eventually working her tongue between them.

They were so thick and meaty, she loved sucking them into her mouth while sliding her tongue between them. Liz was enjoying it as well, placing her hands on Katie's head as she began undulating her hips. Her juices were running down onto Katie's tongue, as she lapped them up, enjoying the taste of another woman. She had made out with her girlfriend back home but she had never done anything like this.

She found that she truly enjoyed caressing another woman's breasts as well as going down on her. The more aroused Liz became, the more aroused Katie became. She worked her tongue deep into Liz's pussy, tongue fucking as Liz had done to her. Now Liz new english medium sexy story sex stories the one beside herself with passion as Katie took her closer and closer to orgasm.

With her tongue growing sore, Katie moved up taking Liz's clit into her mouth, while sliding her fingers deep into her wet pussy. From there she began sucking Liz's clit while working her fingers deep inside her pussy. It wasn't long before Liz was thrusting her hips into Katie's face and squealing as the orgasms overwhelmed her. When she was done cumming, Liz showed Katie the art of scissoring. The two of them entwined their legs so their pussies were touching. Then as they held hands they began grinding their pussy's together until they were both cumming yet again.

Afterward, the two of them cuddled and lay there kissing and talking to one another. Katie confessed that this was the most enjoyable thing she had ever experienced.

"Liz that was amazing. Never have I experienced anything like it. Big cock destroys amateur pussy and tattoo first time euro trip still love cock but now I know that I am bisexual for sure and I have you to thank for it." "I'm happy that you enjoyed it, Sweetie, it was wonderful for me as well. You know you're welcome to stay here as long as you want. I would enjoy having you around as my lover, because like you, I too am bisexual.

Now, I would like you to think about Tommy as a lover. He is a good man and he would treat you well, you can count on that. I know I'm probably overstepping my bounds but I think you and Tommy would be perfect together." "I agree Liz, but he has to be the one to make the commitment. I really like him and I think he likes me, we just have to make a stronger commitment is all.

I think he will come around with the two of us working on him." Liz and Katie amazing bitch groans from passionate fuck hardcore and creampie as they cuddled and eventually fell asleep. The next morning Liz and Katie woke up and went down to breakfast. Hopefully, with any luck, Tommy would be back sometime that day.

I had spent the night in a sleazy little roadside hotel not wanting to drive all night long to make it home. My time with my parents was very quiet. They didn't really want to talk to me and I sure as hell didn't want to talk to them. It took me a couple of hours to load the truck with what I wanted to take and then I was on my way.

I made my way to a little cafe with a motel next to it. I was hungry and I didn't want to try and make the drive back. I woke up the next morning and grabbed some breakfast and was soon on my way. I drove straight through with no stops in between.

All I wanted to do was get the hell home and put everything behind me. I thought about Liz and Katie and thought what a perfect scenario to be with the two women that I cared most about in the world. The more I thought about Katie, the more I wanted to see if she really cared about me.

As much as I loved my aunt and enjoyed the sex, I needed something like Katie in my life. Unknown to my parents or anyone for that matter, I had a couple of really good jobs lined up. All I had to do was go in and have the interview. I had been recruited by two companies looking for a good I.T.

major to start out at their companies. They were both close to where Liz lived so it was perfect.

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I couldn't wait to get back. By mid-afternoon, I could see the house coming into view. I pulled in and got out finding Liz and Katie both working on the porch. They both stopped what they were doing and came down and hugged me, first Liz and then Katie. They were happy to see me wanting to know what happened when I got home. I told asian cutie gets her hairy cunt slammed it was very quiet.

No one was talking to anyone, all I wanted to do was get my stuff and get the hell out of Dodge. Liz put her arm around me saying, "Well, get inside and I'll make you something to eat." "No thanks Liz, I'd rather just kick back and watch the two of you work.

I'm tired from driving and I just want to sit down and relax." "I have a better idea, Tommy, why don't we all go in and relax. I'm going to take a shower while you and Katie talk, how's that sound." "Works for me." While Liz went up and showered Katie and I sat down on the sofa.

I looked at her asking, "So, how did you and Liz get along? You two behave yourselves?" "That depends on what you call behaving. We had a wonderful time together, getting to know one another, talking, and other things." "Hmm, that sounds interesting. By other things do you mean getting personal?" "I think you know exactly what it means Tommy.

We made love and had a great time doing it too. Your aunt is a wonderful lover but then you know that. After all, I am bisexual but I still love a good hard cock, not that I've had one, at least not yet." "Well, it just so happens that I have one available. After I rest up maybe the two of us can have some fun together." "Or the three of us maybe?" Katie and I looked up and there was Liz smiling at us as we sat there on the sofa.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I couldn't help hearing what you were saying. Of course, that's only a suggestion, what you two do is up to you." "I'm good with it Katie, how about you?" "Of course, are you kidding. I'd love having a amateur bikini girlfriends fuck on cam during their holiday with the both of you." Good, then after dinner and after Tommy gets rested up, we can have some fun." "Sounds great Liz.

I'm going to make a couple of phone calls and the take a nap.

I have two companies that want to talk to me about working for them. I just had to wait until I was situated and I didn't want to call knowing my old man would want a big chunk of money if a got the job. Now that I'm out of there the timing is perfect." "That sound wonderful Tommy, good luck, now go make those calls." I went in and got the phone numbers and made my first call. It only took a couple of minutes before I was talking to the recruiter that I had talked to at school. He was happy to hear from me and we made arrangements for me to come in for the interview in the morning.

The offer was still the same and the money was as well. Then I called the second recruiter and he too was glad to hear from me. I made an appointment to talk to him the following day after the first one. Once that was finished I went and took a nap. I was so exhausted from the long drive that I slept right through dinner. I woke up at around 7 and went down finding Katie and Liz talking. They seemed pretty cozy and it didn't take a rocket scientist to see that they had been doing more than talking.

That made me happy though, to think that they had connected in more ways than one. I told them that I was more tired than I thought and said I was going to back up and sleep. Liz asked if she could make me something to eat but I told her no. I explained that I had spoken to both companies that had shown interest in me and that I had an interview in the morning and a second on the following day. She said that was wonderful and she would make me breakfast in the morning. She asked if I needed anything and I told her, "You two just enjoy one another and keep quiet until I fell asleep." They both got a sheepish grin as I gave them a thumbs up and went to bed.

In the morning I woke up feeling rested and ready for my interview. After a good breakfast, I was ready for anything. I arrived for my interview a little early to impress the boss.

Once the interview started it went very well. By the time it was over I had a job offer at an excellent salary and was told to let him know after my next interview was completed. When I got home, I had gotten a call from the company that I was to interview in the morning.

I was told that the man I was to interview with would be out of town until the following week so he was going to have to reschedule with me but I would have to wait until he returned.

From that point on, any question I asked, I was stonewalled saying I'd have to wait for his return. Hearing that I told them I'd call back as requested. Then I called the company back I had an interview in the morning. Luckily he was still there. I asked if his offer was still open and he said it was.

I told him I would be happy to accept his offer and when could I start. He told me to come in tomorrow morning and we would fill out all the necessary paperwork and he would introduce me to the employees. I went down and found Liz and Katie telling them, "Well, ladies, I am now gainfully employed.

The other company blew me off so I took the job offer I got this morning. I report for work starting tomorrow morning. The salary starts at 55K and after my 6-month review, it could go as high as 75K a year depending on how many of the goals I obtain.

Needless to say, I'm not going to let my parents know how much I make because they'll be naughty teen cleo hooks stepmum for sex a big chunk. I will pay them back what they spent on me for college but not as much as the old man wants." They both hugged and kissed me with Liz saying, "I think this calls for a celebration, what do you think Katie?" "Oh yes, I think futurama hentai zapp pole for turanga girl definitely calls for a celebration.

I hope you're thinking the same kind of celebration shoplifter babe krystal orchid bangs in her pussy pornstars and hardcore I am?" "Oh, I'm sure we're on the same wavelength. First, we have to make a nice dinner tonight, then we can have that celebration afterward." "Are you two going to let me in on the surprise or not?" "You'll see soon enough, for now, you'll just have to wait." "Alright, then why don't you take me to your back Liz, so I can open up an account and deposit my 10K signing bonus." They both squealed as Liz grabbed her keys and took me to the bank.

Once that was done she took me back to the house. I kind of had an idea of what Liz and Katie had in mind but I would have to wait to find out. Dinner finally rolled around and it was fantastic, Liz outdid herself. Now it was time for dessert she announced. I looked at her and Katie finally asking what they had in mind. She smiled and said, "Why, us of course. I think you know Katie and I have become more than just friends.

And since neither one of us want to give you up, we thought we'd put a little show on for you. Shall we go upstairs and let the fun begin?" "Of course, I just hope I got to be a part of it rather than just watch." "Of course, you are the star but we'll tell you when we're ready." The three of us went upstairs to the bedroom where I watched as Liz and Katie started kissing and caressing one another.

It was quite a sight, watching my sexy aunt and Katie kissing and undressing one another. Katie was really into it as was Liz.

It was really hot watching Katie caressing my aunt's breasts and then seeing Liz do the same to Katie. Katie's breasts were slightly smaller but I could tell her nipples were very sensitive judging from the sounds coming out of her.

Soon they were both naked and Liz took over, pushing Katie down onto the bed. I took off my clothes as I watched Liz kissing Katie and then making her way down to her tits. She began sucking Katie's nipples as I looked at Katie's pussy. Her pussy was so blonde and hairy, I loved the look of it. I knew she was hairy but I had never seen her naked. Her underarms were hairy as well as Liz made her way down to Katie's pussy.

Liz buried her face in Katie's hairy blonde bush, licking and sucking her pussy while Katie gasped and squealed as she writhed on the bed. She was beside herself with lust as Liz sucked her sweet pussy.

I watched as Liz took her to the edge when she paused long enough to maneuver around, lowering her pussy down onto Katie's face. Now they were in a hot 69, with Katie's face buried in Liz's pussy as well as her punish his ass your pleasure is my world. I moved around to get a better view.

I watched Katie's tongue darting from Liz's pussy, then move between Liz's ass cheeks where she tongue fucked her asshole, then went back to her pussy. Then I watched as Liz tongue fucked and then sucked Katie's clit. Soon Katie was cumming thrusting her hips up into Liz's face. Liz maneuvered around again, laying on her back as Katie took Liz's clit into her mouth, sucking it until Liz started cumming.

When they finished I said, "Well, I'm glad you two got to know one another while I was gone. I was worried you wouldn't be able to find common ground, was I ever wrong." "Oh yes, we hit it off quite well. Now how would you like to give us your cock?" "I'm ready, who is going to go first?" "Why not Katie, what do you think of that Katie?" "I'd love to have Tommy's cock in my pussy.

From the looks of it, I think he will fill me up quite nicely. Are you alright with that Tommy?" "Of course, I've dreamed of having sex with you, now I get to fulfill my dream. Now I have a question. Would either of you ladies like a cream pie?" "Cream Pie, what's that?" "Well, after I cum in Katie's pussy, for example, Liz sucks out my cum, then Katie you will straddle her face as she gets the last drops out." "Mmm, that sounds like a great idea." I moved onto the bed with Kaite kissing her and then moving to her underarms.

I loved the feel of her soft hair as I licked and kissed her underarms all while Katie moaned softly. After I satisfied myself with that, I moved dad takes compeers daughter on date first time birthday sex butt not for dad to her tits, caressing them and sucking her nipples. Katie really did have sensitive nipples as I continued sucking them while I moved my hand down into her thick bush.

It was so soft as I teased her wet lips. Wanting to taste her pussy, I made my way down between her legs where I looked at how her soft blonde hair coated her inner thighs. After enjoying that, I started licking her swollen lips. Again her lips were so sensitive as I licked her creamy slit as her juices ran down onto my tongue. I moved up taking her clit into my mouth while I explored her pussy with my fingers. Before I knew it she was cumming from me fingering her pussy and sucking her clit.

I moved up and slid my cock into her wanton pussy as Katie gasped and squealed. I started fucking her, slamming my cock into her pussy as hard as I could. I was too horny to take my time and Katie was loving it anyway.

I pummeled her tight pussy until I blew my wad deep inside her. Then Liz came over and sucked the combined juices from my cock and then she went down on Katie sucking my cum from her pussy.

Katie then straddled Liz's face as the last of my cum dripped from her pussy into Kate's mouth. Then she lowered her pussy onto Liz's face while Liz sucked out the last drops. Then Kate and Liz get me hard again sucking my cock and playing with it. It took about a half hour before I was up again but then I was ready for more. Kate watched as I fucked my AUnt Liz, playing with her pussy and egging us on. It took longer but I finally shot my load in Liz's pussy and Katie them moved between her legs, sucking my cum out just as Liz had done to her.

Once they were done I was treated to quite a sight. I watched as Katie and Liz entwined their legs, their pussies mashed together, their blonde and red hair mixed together as one. Then I watched as they ground their pussies together until they both came one last time.

Once I started working I saved up my money over the first six months, the three of us living together, making love, sometimes Liz and I, sometimes we'd have a threesome but most of the time it was Katie and me sleeping together and making love. It all worked out great for the three of us. I bought a house not far from Liz and Katie moved in with me. Katie and I eventually married and Liz has found someone special in her life. We all stay connected and we couldn't be happier.