Brunette olivia lua enjoys sucking johnny castle huge cock

Brunette olivia lua enjoys sucking johnny castle huge cock
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Intro: If you are looking for stories that have happy endings then you won't find many of those in my writings. I write based of the mood I'm in an most of the time I write is because I'm in a deep (usually dark) mood. A little bit about me, I'm a U.S Marine, love being a Marine but can't wait to get out and live my life in other places. I'm 6'0, 160 lbs and nice an toned.

The sister e force fuk after drink below is one of the many terribly vivid dreams I've had throughout the last few years. Save your sympathy cause I don't care for it. Feedback is appreciated as long as it is constructive or praise.

If all you have to say is insulting, save it because it isn't going to hurt my feelings in the slightest. Otherwise enjoy the story and leave me some feedback please. A knock at my door, my phone showing one in the morning.I here the lightning crack as i begin to here the rain pouring.

Another knock, as i opened the door.

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Blinking away the sleep I almost didn't believe it but there you were standing in what looked like a pea coat but longer. It was about mid thigh completed with a set of black boots that zipped up the side.

As I stand thereshocked and awed,you look up at me and ask "can I come in, I'm getting wet." as you bite your bottom lip in the way you know I love.You come in and close the door behind you.

With a soft click of the latch the door is locked. You guide me till I set down on my bed, standing In front of me, you slowly undo the buttons of the coat. It falls to the floor revealing all of your silky marble like skin barely covered by the sexiest black lingerie I've ever seen.

Black trimmed in white lace, corset style top with just a little frilly thong that covers just enough to set my imagination on fire.You look at me, run your fingers through my hair and whisper."touch me, make me yours again" AsI stand up I slide my finger tips from your thigh up across your ass and follow the curve of your spin up to the back of your neck and pull you in for a kiss that teacher cece stone squirts all over student squirting pornstars to stop time itself.As we kissed I unzipped your top and let it fall from your shoulders.

I began to glide my finger tips across your thighs and the thin material covering your pussy as your nipples brushed against my chest. The sensation causes you to shudder and let out a soft moan.You begin to trace the outline of my cock with your finger tips through my boxers causing me to tense for a sec.

You grinned and leaned in to me as I slip my hands underneath that tiny black band of your panties and slip them to the floor.

You push my boxers down and push me back on the bed in a sitting position. Your hands wrapped around my neck just barely above my cock that ached so bad for attention.

You whisper between heavy breaths."I need this, I need you" and with that you lowered yourself as far as you could as we both moaned into each other.

You just set for a minute as I kissed and nipped at your neck. Then you slowly started moving, grinding your clit against me each time you plunged yourself as deep as it would go. I feel you beginning to tense as I begin to rock back in forth in rhythm as you fall.

I wraps my arms around and pull you down harder now causing me to sink even deeper inside you until your senses snap, tension breaks and you squeeze my body against yours as you go through what is the most intense moment of bliss I've ever felt a woman go through.

After you've had a breather, I pick you up without separating and lay you down on the bed. Slowly starting back up to speed with our rhythmic movements. You begin to moan in time as I hit your clit with each thrust. My cock is hurting at this point. Throbbing, and aching for release. I begin pounding into you like a man possessed. Every nerve ending in our bodies firing off like like the crack of japan mom not son tea lightning flashing through the window.

As I reach my breaking point, you tense and our orgasms wash over us in unison. We lay there, breathing hard, still together. After some time I finally roll off as I go to pull you close to me you shy away. You move to get off my bed and something about your hand catches my eye. Silver, set with small diamonds that sparkle as the lightning snaps with a flash that takes all of my spirit with it.

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" could you?" You smile as your getting dressed and say "hush, you know we both needed this." I just stare at your hand, " He?" "asked me to marry him" as you finish my sentence. "Thats why I'm here after all, our wedding is a couple hours away from here on the beach and I needed a good fuck." Seconds of silence that feel like hours.

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Emotions leave my heart an empty shell as they flee from its cold embrace. Broken is not the word for how I feel, I look into your eyes as yours fill instantly to the brim with fear. At a tone barely above a whisper as I say "Get out." Without even a thought of hesitation you leave, shutting the door behind you. I my heart begins to burn from exposure to the hard, cold, antarctic grave it began to slip in to. Hope you enjoyed it, don't forget to vote an comment.