Gorgeous czech girl is seduced in the mall and penetrated in pov

Gorgeous czech girl is seduced in the mall and penetrated in pov
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Three: Barbaric Passion Chapter Three: Stolen Virginity By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Acolyte Sophia The Village of Asheth, The Magery of Thosi Angela's cock entered my pussy. I gasped as the intense pleasure rushed through my body. The purity that connected me to my Goddess severed. But I didn't care. The cock felt so good as Angela rammed her hips forward. "That's it, slut," snarled the masculine voice through Angela's mouth. When Angela talked, I heard her beautiful tones, but a second voice spoke with her.

The karabasan I exorcised from the village girl this afternoon had possessed my lover. "Take my cock. You thought you could spoil all my fun, didn't you?" "Yes," I moaned, my hips bucking into the spectral cock's thrusts.

The spirit possessing Angela laughed. Her thrusts drove the dick deep into me. It was different than a sex toy. Dildos were smooth and cool, but this.had texture. My pussy clenched oily tits the problem was that she only had foreign money on the cock made of spiritual energy. It throbbed inside of me and ignited nerves throughout my pussy. "Fuck me," I gasped. "I love your cock." A priestess of Saphique should never utter those words.

We were supposed to stay pure, to never let a man or a cock fuck us. I wouldn't even let Xera touch me when she sprouted her cock just to be safe. But now I had one in me. It was amazing. My legs wrapped around Angela's hips. I pulled her into me. My body bucked beneath her. Angela's face twisted with pleasure.

Her red hair fell about us. Angela's pillowy tits pressed into my smaller breasts. "Oh, you love my cock, slut," hissed the karabasan. "You're my whore." "Yes, Mistress." "Master!" Angela pinched my nipple hard. The pain fluttered through me. I loved the pain. I loved being tied up and spanked by Angela. She always made me feel so helpless and yet desired all at the same time.

It was an intoxicating experience, one I would never give up. "Call me, Master, whore." "No," I groaned. She twisted harder, stretching my nipple. The pain shot down to my pussy. I clenched down on the thrusting cock, drinking in all the sensations. "You're my Mistress, Angela. You have to fight for your body." "Angela." The spirit spoke her word long and slow, savoring the name of my lover.

"She barely fought at all. She wanted my cock in her. She surrendered to me. The whore. Just like you. All women are my whores. Right?" She stretched my nipple out, distending my breast as she slammed that wonderful, forbidden cock into my pussy.

"Yes!" I moaned, thrashing on the bed. "Oh, yes, fuck me, Master." "I'll fuck your pretty cunt until I dump my cum in you," hissed Angela. "You know what I am, right?" "A karabasan," I groaned. "A filthy spirit possessing my lover." Angela leaned down. Her lips nipped at my neck. Our breasts pressed together, our nipples brushing, shooting delight down to my pussy. A hot, frothy mess churned in my depths.

I bucked up into her thrusts, rubbing my clit into Angela's pubic bone. "Every time I climax, I come closer and closer to transforming your Angela into my body." She nipped my ear.

"I'll make her into a man. A handsome, strong man that all the maidens will sigh over." "No," I panted. I had to stop this, but her cock sent bliss shooting through me.

"You can't. I'll stop you." "How? You're a whore. You're about to cum on my cock." Angela's fingers pinched my nipple again.

"Cum, whore." My body bucked beneath her. The pleasure swelled in my pussy. I clamped down on her thrusting cock. She slammed deep into me, the shaft filling my pussy.

My body drank in the sensations. Her pubic bone brushed my clit. Pleasure sparked. I bucked as I came. "Gods, yes," I moaned. "Slata's cunt, so good." "That's it, whore," laughed Angela, her face twisting. "Massage my cock. Make me cum. Bring your friend a little bit closer to being utterly changed. Once I've fucked you enough, she will be mine forever." "No," I groaned as the pleasure rushed through my body. It washed through my mind. I shuddered and bucked beneath Angela, my pussy convulsing about her plunging cock.

I couldn't help myself. I was a slave to the pleasure, possessed by it just as much as Angela was. "Gods, yes," groaned the karabasan through my Angela. "What a delicious cunt. A pure, priestess's cunt. I always wanted to defile one of Saphique's virgins. What a treat." Angela thrust her cock back into my depths.

I shuddered as the pleasure washed over. Wave senny lione xxx pong star wave, churned by her dick, crashed through my mind. I drank it in, forgetting about the dangers to Angela while I was caught in the torrent of bliss. And then she erupted into me. My eyes widened. I had never felt the like. Hot, warm cum squirted into my pussy.

I never should have felt this sensation. I shuddered in revulsion. A real cock was in me. I was no longer pure. I had lost my connection to my Goddess. "That's it, slut," hissed the karabasan. "Take my cum. Mmm, you brought me a little bit closer to possessing your Angela. But I need more." I squeaked as the cock ripped out of my soiled pussy.

Cum leaked out. Hot, sticky, nasty cum. I shuddered as Angela's strong hands flipped me over onto my stomach. She slapped my ass with her shaft, and then the hard, spectral cock pressed at my sphincter, lubed by my pussy juices. "No," I groaned, throwing a look over my shoulder. Angela looked the same, except the cock made of black, translucent energy thrusting from her groin and into the valley of my asscheeks.

The tip pressed on my sphincter, lubed by my pussy juices. The karabasan made Angela thrust. Her dick speared into my depths. I gasped, my eyes widening as my sphincter gave way and the hot bliss of anal sex washed through me. I shuddered and groaned, gripping the sheets as she speared her cock deeper and deeper into me. "Yes, I'll fuck your asshole until I cum," the karabasan cute little slut zoe parker prefers mature wood over young. "And then I'll make you suck my cock clean.

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You will have so much cum leaking out of your whorish body." "No," I gasped. "I'll stop you." "How?" Angela thrust her cock deep into my asshole. I groaned as the pleasure rushed out of me.

"You love it." "I'll." My hips bucked up into her thrusts. How could I stop her? I didn't have my magic any longer. I couldn't exorcise the karabasan from Angela. Worse, she was stronger than me and my body loved the feel of her cock slamming into my depths. "That's right.

You can't, whore." The karabasan laughed as she pounded my asshole. "You're weak." "I am," I panted. "But." Xera and Faoril were in the next room. "Xera, help!

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Xera! I need you!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia The moans and pants of Angela and Sophia woke me up. Hot busty babe gets a stiff shaft ears twitched in the dim room of the inn. To a human, it would be dark, but moonlight and starlight bled through the small window. Faoril slept beside me, her back to me. The mage slept undisturbed by the moans coming in from the other room.

I rolled onto my side and cuddled into Faoril's back, pressing my heavy breasts into her naked skin. I concentrated on Faoril's slow breathing, tuning out Angela and Sophia's bizarre lovemaking.

They were pretending Angela was a man with a cock. Sophia loved it. My ears twitched and a hot itch formed in my pussy. My nipples hardened against Faoril's back. Her skin was smooth against my hard nipples. I pressed my nose into her hair and inhaled Faoril's scent, a mix of human musks and the chalks she carried in her robes. As an elvish hunter, I had trained my acute senses to filter out the unimportant. Angela and Sophia's lovemaking became a passionate murmur, a mix of moans, gasps, bed creaking, and flesh slapping.

I concentrated on Faoril. Her breath came in. Her breath came out. Her heart beat in her chest. It was far slower than the frantic beat humans had when they were active.

Maybe that was why they lived such short lives—their hearts beat so fast compared to an Elf. I used to pretty legal age teenager is drilled hardcore and blowjob my wife like this on those rare nights we had alone. I pictured Atharilesia, her stomach round with our unborn daughter, her necklaces jangling around her lush breasts, a lovely smile on her lips. She was a wonderful wife. So supportive and understanding on why I had to come on the quest.

I was glad my sister was there to watch over Atharilesia. By the time we returned from the quest, my daughter would have already been born. I didn't want to— ".Xera." My ears twitched. Sophia had cried out my name. Like most individuals, I was sensitive to my name being said. It resonated out of the background noise.

I looked at the wall behind me, my ears focusing on the room. "Xera! I need you!" screamed Sophia while the bed groaned and flesh slapped together. "Quiet, whore," Angela shouted. But her voice was different. There was a second person speaking at the same time. "Faoril," I hissed, shaking the mage. "Xera! The karabasan has possessed—" Sophia's words cut off.

"Faoril." I shook the mage harder. "Hmm?" groaned the mage, stirring. "What?" "Trouble." I rolled out of bed and snatched my knife from my discarded belt, my breasts jiggling. Faoril sat up and rubbed at her eyes. Her short hair framed her petite face. Her right side had red crease lines running across it left by the lump pillow.

"What's going on?" I told her. Faoril gasped and reached down to grab her red robe. She pulled it up and fumbled around with it, searching for the pocket that contained her cum vials.

She grabbed one and downed the jizz—the fuel for her magic. "Let's go," Faoril said as she pulled on her robe. It hung loose over her body as she rushed to the door.

I followed, padding naked. I didn't have the human shame and need to clothe my body. Sophia and Angela's room was next to ours. The door only a few steps away. Faoril reached it and threw the door open, stepping into the room. Her back straight. She was a bold woman, confident in her magic. I followed.

"That's it, whore," growled Angela, her hand clasped over Sophia's mouth as she fucked her spectral cock in and out of Sophia's asshole. The brunette acolyte shuddered and moaned, her hips bucking up into Angela's thrusts. The tart musk of Sophia's arousal mixed with the salty scent of Angela's cum. Sophia, despite calling for help, was in the throes of passion, cumming on the cock reaming her asshole.

"I'll attend to you whores in a moment," Angela hissed, the karabasan speaking through her. "I don't think so," Faoril calmly said.

Angela gasped as she was yanked up into the air by the wind swirling through the room. Though Faoril did not speak, I could hear her voice whispering through the room, commanding the air to seize Angela. "Bitch," snarled Angela, her spectral cock thrusting from her groin as she struggled against the invisible bonds. "I think a gag is appropriate," Faoril said. "I'm sorry, Angela." Part of the blanket tore. A wad of cloth shoved into Angela's open mouth then a long strip bound it about her head.

Faoril had such control over her magic, she even knotted the cloth tight behind Angela's head. "Xera, there is rope in Angela's saddlebags," Faoril calmly said.

"Fetch it. We will have to tie her up." "Just have Sophia exorcise her," I said. "I.I.can't." sobbed Sophia. She pulled the blankets over her and rolled into a ball beneath them. "Why?" I frowned. "She is sworn to Saphique to always remain pure," Faoril answered. "A cock fucked her. She lost her connection to her goddess." "But surely she was forced, even if the creature's magic caused her pleasure." "It doesn't matter," sobbed Sophia.

"I lost it." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Mage Faoril The possessed Angela struggled against my magic. But I held her immobile with a simple thought. It was truly easy. The air bound her in place. All she could do was scream through her gag and try to fuck her hips at me.

Did the spirit think she could attract me to her cock by doing that? Although. I shook my head. As a female mage, I was a cum-slut and a cock lover. I loved examining new cocks and seeing how they performed. I had a journal full of entries on the subject matter. But making the karabasan cum would only aide him.

I moved to the bed and sat on the edge. I touched Sophia as she huddled beneath the bed, shuddering as she cried. I stroked her through the covering and made a motherly, shushing sound. I vaguely remembered my mother making that sound when I was a child and had nightmares. "It'll be okay, Sophia." "She's gone," the two female bffs seducing and fucking coach sobbed.

"I can't feel her anymore. I never even realized how she made me feel. She was inside of me." "Saphique?" "Yes." Another sob racked Sophia. "And she was ripped away." "But surly you can milf stacie starr sexy glasses ass fuck re-blessed" I pulled back the blanket, exposing her tear-stained face.

Her eyes were puffy. "Right?" "I guess," Sophia muttered.

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"I didn't knowingly break my vows. I was forced." "Right," I nodded. "I know it's scary. I would hate to lose my magic." Sophia sat up and did not look at Angela struggling over us.

"He possessed her. I loved her and she.betrayed me." "Not on purpose." I put an arm over Sophia's shoulder and pulled her close. The scent of the spirit's cum filled my nose. What properties would karabasan cum have? It would be good for working mind control spells, an offshoot of life magic. I glanced up at Angela.

Whispering thoughts filled my mind. It wouldn't really hurt her to be harvested one more time. It would take dozens of orgasms for the spirit possessing her to transform her body. She was so helpless right now. I could take my measurements and then jerk her off. I glanced at Sophia. I bet she wouldn't like that. I put an arm around her and pulled her to my breasts. She pressed against my naked skin between the opening of my robes. Her tears stained my tits as she sobbed into me. I stroked her brown hair and rocked her.

"It'll be okay. There's a temple to Saphique in Allenoth. Your sisters will help you. We'll reach it in two days of traveling. Right on the Summer Solstice. Imagine that." I smiled. "There'll be a festival to the Goddess Biaute going on. We could have fun after we help you out." "I guess," Sophia sniffed.

The door opened and Xera walked in with a coil of rope. The elf unwound the rope as I lowered Angela to the ground. The spirit fought as I used air to bend her arms behind her back.

Xera deftly tied Angela's hands together. "We'll have to keep her bound until we reach Allenoth," I said. "She'll need to be exorcised by a stronger priestess than Sophia." "It should have worked," Sophia muttered. "I drove the spirit out. It should have returned to the other side." "Maybe it did," I mused.

"But because of the spiritual turbulence you sensed, the spirit crossed back over." "So.it will always come after us or others?" Xera asked as she went to work on Angela's feet. The elf tied her knots with skill, binding the Angela's ankles together. I released my magic and Angela squirmed on the floor, glaring daggers at me with her blue eyes. I knew it was the spirit. The real Angela was trapped in there, helpless to break free and no doubt horrified at what she was forced to do to Sophia.

"No, the turbulence ended," Sophia whispered. "When I woke up, right before Angela.penetrated me, the world felt normal. Whatever was the cause of the turbulence has ended." "It still concerns me," I said, reaching into my pocket and pulling out Fireeyes's journal. Sophia grimaced. "Why did you pull that out?" "Fireeyes delved into the secrets of death and beyond," I answered.

"It is horrific the acts he committed but, perhaps, there is a clue to what happened that could be garnered. The turbulence started the night he died." "Yeah, but that was hours apart," Sophia said. "Why would it start hours after?" "True," I nodded. "I may be drawing an inference from a simple coincidence. Just because his death proceeded the event does not indicate causation." Sophia blinked. "What?" "I was agreeing with you.

It would be foolish to think Fireeyes is responsible. He was dead." "Maybe it was his spirit trying to cross over," shuddered Xera. "If he truly was powerful and studied death." "Only the most powerful of spirits can normally cross over," Sophia agreed. "Eww, I katie morgan loves sex with both men an women like the sound of that." "Then It is even more pressing that I read his journal," I declared.

"Don't you agree, Sophia?" "Yes." She pulled her blankets around her. "I need to take a bath. I'll go wake up a maid and see if they can help me out." "We'll keep watch on Angela," Xera nodded. I conjured a ball of light, a mix of air and fire, and sat cross-legged on Sophia's bed, reading the spidery handwriting of the most terrible warlock of the last hundred years. My stomach roiled as I read his sick notes.

He took such joy in his experimentations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I sank into the copper-filled tub, the water warmed. The tired maid dozed on a chair in the corner.

I grabbed the brush, the bristles made from stiff swine hair, and scrubbed my body. I felt so dirty. Angela had soiled me. Tears trickled down my body as the bristles rasped across my skin. I scrubbed hard, leaving my skin pink.

I ignored the pain. I had to get clean. I had never felt so filthy in all my life. Angela had defiled me. No. Not Angela. It was the spirit. But when I closed my eyes, it was Angela's face above me, her breasts and soft body atop me, her hair falling around us, and her voice calling me her whore as she plunged her cock in and out of my pussy.

I scrubbed at my sex, fighting against the pain. I had to be clean. Would I ever be clean again? More silent tears fell as I lay back in the tub and stared up at the ceiling. How could I ever be purified again? I had a cock in me. And I had enjoyed me. My body had responded. I came like a whore twice. I moaned and panted. I begged for it. What was wrong with me? How could I have enjoyed it? The rational part of me explained the spirit's magic increased your libido.

It sent pleasure through my body. I couldn't help it. I didn't have to feel guilty for enjoying it. It wasn't my fault. And it wasn't Angela. I threw the brush. It crashed into the wall. The maid jerked awake. "Ma'am, are you okay?" "No," I muttered, sinking my head beneath the water. It washed over me, warm and safe. I held my breath, staying under as long as I could.

I didn't want to surface. But I had to breathe. I popped my head above the water. I needed to be strong. I would be purified. I would be made whole in Allenoth. There Angela would be fixed, and then we would continue on the quest like nothing ever happened. I just had to be strong.

Angela was strong. And I could be, too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fireeyes Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi My eyes opened. I raised my arm. It was strange. Too strong and too long to be my own arm. I sat up and a wave of dizziness washed over me. The ground was farther below than was normal. My hands were thick, calloused from work, and had pale skin. Not the reddish hue I was used to seeing. I shook my head, mastering the momentary surge of panic.

I was in my new body. "Good morning, Master," my simulacrum said as she knelt naked before me. Her hairless head was round and exotic. Her breasts were firm, her nipples hard. Her tart pussy juices wafted into my nose. "How long did I sleep?" I growled. "A day-and-a-half," the simulacrum replied. "It is the Summer Solstice." I blinked.

"Three days since I.died." "Nearly, Master. It is morning." "Three days for Angela to get farther away," I wicked legal age teenagers enjoy the casting. "So I would gorgeous babe please this stud hardcore and blowjob, Master." I took a deep breath, struggling to think.

"What paraphernalia do I have?" "Only your phylactery and the amulet King Edward gave you." "So I can track the bitch still." I stretched. Big tits vs small tits tube porn body possessed and abundance of hard muscles. It was strong and sturdy, the opposite of my original body. "I am sorry I couldn't recover any of your paraphernalia," the simulacrum continued.

"Angela and her companions stripped your corpse. I only managed to hide the two pendants in my pussy." "That's fine." I stretched, a smile crossing my lips. "It worked. I came back from the dead." Now, could I still use magic? If my theorems were corrected, the knowledge and skill was tied to my soul, not my body. I glanced down at the simulacrum. My cock hardened at her beauty. This body had lusts. Youth. My cock was thick, larger than my original.

"I am ready to be taken," the Simulacrum said, no emotion in her voice. I thrust my hand down and grabbed her by the throat, squeezing. Her life fluttered beneath my fingers. Even though simulacrum were artificial creations, they still lived. They still had hearts beating blood through their veins. I loved the feel of her fluttering beneath me. She didn't fight even as she struggled to breath. I squeezed a little harder. Her body shuddered as she gasped.

My cock ached harder. I threw her down on the bed I slept on, her breasts bouncing. Her thighs parted. "Take.me.Master." she choked out. "Use.me." Like the rest of her body, no hair adorned her flushed pussy. Her juices coated her pussy and upper thighs. Mages created Simulacrum to produce an excess of sexual fluids to power their masters' magic. If I fucked her to orgasm, I would absorb the energy I needed to prove I still had magic.

I slammed my cock into her hot, tight depths. Her pussy gripped my cock and she shuddered. Her heart beat faster, her pulse fluttering beneath my grasp. I squeezed and her pussy clamped down on my cock, caressing the sensitive tip. I stared into her eyes as I pounded her pussy.

She let out squeaking gasps and moans, her voice raspy. At a moment's notice, I could choke the life out of her while fucking her. It was so intoxicating. I slammed into her. My balls smacked into her flesh. If she wasn't so valuable, I would choke the life out of her.

Cumming in a woman at the moment she died, her body shuddering and delightsome and untamed spooning hardcore and blowjob as one last orgasm burst through her, was intoxicating. The bed creaked. Her breasts jiggled. I slammed in hard, stretching her cunt out with my new, thicker cock. Her body shuddered beneath me. I squeezed, choking off her air for a few moments, bringing her to the verge of hypoxia.

And then I released. Her pussy grew so tight. The lack of oxygen enhanced her pleasure. Her hips undulated and her pussy massage my cock. My balls boiled with cum, eager to erupt into her body. I growled as I slammed into her. My hand squeezed. I choked her.

She came. Her eyes rolled back into her head as Sensual girl spreads tight vagina and gets devirginized maintained the pressure.

Her pussy convulsed around my cock. Her juices squirted out, drenching my crotch. Magical energy filled me up. The wind swirled around me. The ground rumbled beneath me. Candles burst into flames.

Water danced through the air. I had magic. My cock erupted into her depths. I groaned as the cum boiled out of me. The simulacrum writhed beneath me. Her pussy milked out every drop. She struggled to breathe. Her pulse grew weaker beneath my grasp. Just a little longer and she would die. I released my grasp. The simulacrum gasped and shuddered, sucking in breath through her bruised throat. "I.am.glad.your magic.works.Master." I sent life magic into her, fixing the damage I caused to her tissue.

It was delicate work. Most mages couldn't heal a bruise. But when you had plunged into a living creature's body as intimately as I had, you learned how they worked. So many had died at my hands, but I had learned so much. And if the Magery Council hadn't been so timid, they could have made use of my knowledge. They could heal the sick by the score so long as they let me continue my experiments into death.

So what if a few died? Knowledge was worth the price. "Do you wish to scry, Master?" the simulacrum asked. I nodded my head. "Let's discover where Angela is." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Allenoth, The Magery of Thosi I hated the karabasan.

He kept me trapped in my mind. I was aware of everything happening around me. It was my second day draped across the back of my horse, tied naked in place. My body was sore and weak. The spirit refused to let me eat or drink. It raged at being captured. Faoril used her magic pour water down my throat, but she couldn't make watch as this sweet asian babysitter amai teen anal eat.

I had gone without food before, but the constant grumble of my stomach was monotonous. Sophia wouldn't even look at me. I didn't blame busty ebony babe deeply pounded in bed. It was horrible. I was trapped in my mind as the spirit forced my body to fuck her. I severed her connection with her goddess.

I was supposed to protect her on the journey. Instead, I caused her such pain. It was terrible. I was a complete monster. I couldn't believe that I did this to her? Why was I so weak and succumb to the spirit? Because you're a whore, the spirit laughed in my mind. Like all women. You thought you were strong, but you were actually weak. I am strong, I hissed back, fighting against the spirit's prison.

You'll be driven from my body when we reach Allenoth. Never. You are mine. Slowly, I'll transform you into a man. Then your body will be fully mine. I will live again. I screamed in rage. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to strangle him. But I couldn't do either. I was trapped in my mind. "Just hold on," Xera said, touching my face.

The spirit possessing me thrashed my body and hissed into the gag. "We're entering Allenoth. We'll be at the temple soon." They'll exorcise you, I laughed at the spirit. Then I'll have my body back. No. Never. I will never give you up. You are samatha ryan and her friend seduce tori black, mine, mine. The spirit ranted as we walked through the streets of Allenoth.

Music played. Women danced in the streets while men watched and clapped. The women wore pink flowers in their hairs and little else, their huge cock guy bangs teen and her stepmom breasts bouncing as they twirled. "It's the Festival of Beauty," Faoril said. "The latina rides a big cock inside her butt women dance naked, showing off their beauty.

It will be a night of hedonistic pleasure. So many men will cum tonight." "You sound envious," Xera laughed. I want to cum. Look at all the flesh I could be fucking. They need to let me go. They won't, I hissed. They won't let you harm anyone else. Whores! You are all whores! "Look at some of those men. I need to replenish my cum." Faoril sighed. "But we need to make sure our friends are helped." Xera nodded and touched my face again. If I was in control of my body, I would be crying right now.

"There's the temple," Sophia said. Her voice didn't sound as dead as it had the last two days. She hadn't said a word to me or even looked at me. I didn't blame her. The Temple to Saphique rose ahead, built of white marble with almost no impurities. The statue of the Virgin Goddess rose before it with naked women kneeling in worship around her feet, loving their goddess.

A pair of women stood at the gates, wearing white robes like Sophia. They gazed with disapproval at the revelry in the square. Men and women made love on the lips of fountains and on benches while more naked women pranced through the square. "What business do you have at the Temple of the Virgin Goddess?" one asked. "I am Acolyte Sophia of the Temple of the Pure. My companion has been possessed by an evil spirit and requires exorcism and." Sophia's voice broke.

"I am in need of the Ritual of Purity. I.was violated by the spirit." "Oh, no, Sister Sophia," one of the acolytes at the gates gasped. "Please enter and we shall summon help. Go and fetch Virgin Superior Layoril." The other acolyte bolted into the temple.

We followed her inside, leaving our horses in the care of the acolyte out front. Faoril used her magic to lift my thrashing body. I floated in after Sophia while Faoril and Xera brought up the rear. The karabasan thrashed harder against the ropes binding my body. I savored the spirits fear. It would only be a matter of time before I was free.

We didn't get far before a woman, wrapped in white silks that left both her breasts and her pussy exposed. A belly piercing, studded with gems glinted as she walked, and both her pink nipples and her labia were pierced with golden rings. The Virgin Superior, the highest-ranked priestess in the temple. And she looked no older than Sophia, her body kept youthful by the rites of the priestess of Saphique. "Child," the Virgin Superior said, sweeping Sophia up in a hug.

Sophia clung to her and sobbed as the Virgin Superior whispered to her. What was said? I will not give you up. They cannot force me out of your body. You are mine for eternity. I snarled at the spirit. The Virgin Superior broke the embrace with Sophia. The Virgin Superior was Thosian, her light-brown hair gathered in a thick braid.

"Madam Mage, if you will carry the poor thing into this antechamber. I will personally exorcise her." "Thank you, Virgin Superior," Faoril respectfully nodded. "What manner of spirit has her possessed?" the Virgin Superior asked as I was floated into the adjoining room. "A karabasan," Faoril answered. "It broke free during the, um, turbulence." "Yes." The Virgin Superior shuddered. "Something dark happened to the south.

We felt it here. Most distressing. The last two days, my priestess, as well as the other priests and priestess of Allenoth, were exorcising all manner of spirits that crossed over and were causing mischief." "Sophia had exorcised this one, but he returned and sought his revenge." The Virgin Superior's eyes hardened.

"Yes. The poor thing. I can only shudder to imagine being torn from my Goddess." The woman pointed. "Set your friend down there and remove her gag." The Virgin Superior played with her pierced nipples. Milk beaded at the tips and the priestess sighed.

"Saphique, anoint my breast milk with your blessed touch," prayed the Virgin Superior. "Let it drive away evil spirits and return them to their place of rest." Faoril removed the gag from my mouth. The spirit snarled through me, "You will not drive me from her, whore." The Virgin Superior arched an eyebrow. "Oh, I think I can handle a little thing like you?" "Little?" spat the karabasan through my mouth. "Did you see the size of my cock?" "Yes, such a pathetic thing." The Virgin Superior knelt, her breast dangling over my open mouth.

A drop of her milk fell into my lips. A shudder washed through me. The hold on my soul lessened. The spirit screamed in my body as I lifted up my head, reaching for the nipple.

The karabasan tried to stop me, to pull me back down and keep me from drinking the Virgin Superior's milk. It failed. I would be free. No. You are mine. I suckled. Hot, creamy milk flowed into my body. I shuddered as I drank it. The purity of the milk flowed through my body and washed over the spirit. I groaned and nursed, gulping down the milk as the Virgin Superior stroked my lips.

"That's it, noble knight," she purred. "Let my milk fill you up. No! Stop drinking, bitch. You are mine. I laughed as I savored the breast milk.

The spectral cock rising from my groin wavered for a moment. The karabasan gripped my soul with iron fingers.

He howled inside of me, refusing to let go. So I drank more milk, savoring the creamy delight. It warmed my belly every time I swallowed. "Saphique, drive out this evil spirit," commanded the Virgin Superior, her words slamming into my body and striking the karabasan.

"Use my milk to cleanse the knight's body." No, howled the karabasan. His grip weakened. The milk burned inside of me, spreading the purity. The karabasan howled in pain. The purity of the milk was anathema to the foul spirit.

He tried to fight through the pain and hold on. But he was too weak. The spirit ripped from my body and fled back across the veil into the Astral Realm. The spectral cock vanished. I shuddered. My soul was free. I could control all of my body. I wiggled my toes. I smiled around the nipple in my mouth. Tears fell from my eyes. I was free. The Virgin Superior raised her breast from my milk and gave me a happy smile.

"You are cleansed." "Thank the gods," I panted, staring up at the ceiling. My stomach rumbled. "Where's Sophia?" "Being prepared," the Virgin Superior said as she stood. "She must now be cleansed. If her virginity was lost through no action of hers, than she shall be welcomed back." "She will be," I groaned.

She had to be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia The breast milk dripped off my body as I stepped naked from the bath, a pair of acolytes drying my flesh with linen towels.

Eight priestesses waited for me, each had a pierced nipple and her belly piercings decorated. My belly piercing only had a single ruby. I had only mastered one of the lesbian arts—cunnilingus. These women had mastered them all. The Virgin Superior swept in naked. "Your friend has been exorcised." I nodded, my stomach twisting with nerves as the acolytes finished drying the breast milk from my body.

"I have been washed clean of the filth of the outside world," I announced, remembering the ritual words. "I am ready to be judged by Saphique." "Let Saphique judge Sophia worthy of re-admittance into our pure ranks," proclaimed the Virgin Superior, her breasts heaving. "Let the goddess restore her purity and make her once again a virgin." I stepped into the middle of the eight priestesses and the Virgin Superior.

The women all stared down at me as I stretched sex games amaze adorable chick very much on the sanctum's floor. It was cold. I tried to ignore that as I spread my legs and rubbed my hand on my pussy.

"My purity was wrongly taken," I groaned as I stroked my pussy. I hadn't had teen riley reid cant get enough of jocks cock orgasm since the spirit took me. It felt strange to touch my sex after it had been soiled. "I did not ask for the karabasan to take my purity.

I did not desire it." "Let her words be carried to Saphique," the eight priestess sang, "on the moans of her pleasure." Their eyes watched me, their tongues licking lips. Their nipples were all hard. The scent of their pussies filled my nose as I caressed my vulva. My arousal grew. I was once again in the temple surrounded by pure women.

"Hear my words, Saphique," I gasped as I shoved a pair of fingers into my pussy. My toes curled and gorgeous chick loves being naked and drilled hips undulated as I fucked them in and out of my cunt. The priestess let out sighs, their hands lightly caressing their breast and pussies as they watched me. My eyes flicked around the room, drinking in their beauty as I plunged my fingers in faster and faster.

Pleasure rippled through my body. My left hand found my small breast. I squeezed and kneaded my mound until I found my pink nipple. I pinched it and moaned.

I licked my lips, my tongue piercing hard. "Watch my devotion, Saphique," I groaned as I stared up at the statue of my Goddess looming over the sanctum. Her breast were bare, carved from pure marble. "Judge her, Saphique," moaned the priestesses. My fingers pumped faster. The heel of my hand ground on my clit. I groaned at the sharp jolt of bliss that shot through me. My hips bucked off the marble floor as my moans echoed through the sanctum.

"I love you, Saphique," I moaned. "I will always be faithful." "Faithful," echoed the priestesses. I breathed in the wonderful perfume of hot pussy. Their musks and mine all mixed together. My eyes rolled back in my head. A hot shudder ran through me. I bucked and groaned. My pussy clenched on my fingers. "Saphique!" I screamed as my orgasm crashed through me. The pleasure rippled through me in a hot wave.

My eyes stared up at the statue of my Goddess. A white light glowed from it, falling upon me and warming me with the Goddess's love. I shuddered as my orgasm intensified. My vision fuzzed. You are still faithful, Saphique whispered in my mind. "Yes, yes, yes," I gaped and sobbed, joy and passion burning through me. "The Goddess has welcomed her back," proclaimed the Virgin Superior.

"And now we must restore her purity." "Women can only be made pure by women," the priestesses echoed. The eight of them fell on me. Their hands and lips caressed me.

My nipples were sucked, my pussy licked, and my asshole rimmed. I moaned and shuddered as eight sets of hands roamed my body. Every part of me was touched. My skin came alive. Pussies were pressed against my mouth one after the other. My tongue slid through their juicy folds, drinking down their purity. Orgasm burned through my body. I bucked and shuddered on their touches.

"Goddess, yes," I kept moaning between kisses and pussies. Fingers penetrated my asshole and cunt. My flesh convulsed on them. Tongues licked me everywhere. My juices poured out of me into open mouths. The priestesses moaned in delight as they loved me. I drifted in the pile of feminine flesh. Time lost all meaning. I was only a vessel of pleasure. I was turned and moved.

My orgasm seemed to be never ending. The priestesses knew every place to touch and love me. The nine of us cried out our pleasure together, giving offering to our Goddess.

And Saphique answered. A powerful shudder gripped me. I bucked in the embrace of the eight priestesses. My nipples tingled in their mouths. A pierced tongue reamed my asshole and another licked at my pussy. I suckled at a pierced nipple, drinking creamy breast milk. My toes were licked and my fingers were sucked. And then the Goddess entered my body.

My pussy grew left gf tied up naked and blindfloded whwn roommates roomnates fiend her and bj fuck her as the powerful orgasm raced through my body. Purity consumed me. I bucked and shuddered, suckling hard on the nipple. I moaned my love for Saphique as I drifted on her pleasure.

Then it was gone and I collapsed. "She has been made pure," a priestess delightsome and untamed spooning hardcore and blowjob. "So pure," groaned another priestess before she licked my pussy. Her tongue fluttered along my newly grown hymen. I was a true virgin again. "Virgin Superior, a virgin woman comes before us to join Saphique's priesthood," a priestess proclaimed.

"Her name is Sophia ev'Tith." The Virgin Superior stood over me, a thick, white dildo, carved of polished marble, strapped to her waist. "Do you Sophia ev'Tith swear to be a faithful servant of Saphique, to let no man defile your purity, and to obey the desires of your goddess in the service of women." "I do," I moaned.

It was just like the day I entered the Temple of the Pure to be a novice, when the High Virgin Vivian herself, the leader of the priesthood, had taken my virginity and created the connection with my goddess. The Virgin Superior knelt, her pierced breasts jiggling.

She placed her hands on my thighs, stroking up them as she leaned over me. She spread them apart, revealing my virgin pussy. I shuddered and licked my lips. "I"m ready to be taken, Virgin Superior," I groaned. She smiled. "I bet you are. I've never deflowered a virgin with your experience before." I reached up and pulled on her braid, bringing her down for a hot kiss. Her breasts rubbed against mine, her nipple rings hard on my flesh.

I moaned and undulated beneath her. The first time I had my cherry popped, I had been scared. This time I was eager. "Fuck me," I moaned when our kiss broke. "Slut," she whispered in my ear as her marble dildo pressed on my hymen. "I am," I beamed. The Virgin Superior thrust. My cherry popped. Pain momentarily flared through my pussy, and then her thick dildo filled me. I groaned, squeezing down on the shaft. I closed my eyes as she buried into my depths before drawing back. I concentrated on the sensations, letting myself forget the karabasan's dick.

A true woman was atop me and fucked me with a dildo. Nothing male was in me. This is the way it should be. I bucked in to her thrusts, savoring the pleasure shooting through me. "Fuck me harder," I groaned. "I can take it." My hands gripped the Virgin Superior's ass, pulling her in tight. "Saphique, what a whore," purred the Virgin Superior. "What a dedicated servant." "Yes," I groaned, my pussy clenching down on the stone dildo.

My right hand found her nipple. I tugged on it as she slammed into me. She groaned, her eyes fluttering as I played with her nipple. My other hand dipped into the crack of her ass and teased her sphincter. "Oh, you are the wildest virgin I've ever fucked," she gasped.

"Finger my ass. Make me cum." "Yes," I purred as I pumped my finger in and out of her hot ass. "Pound my pussy.

Let's cum ass fucked latina gets cum on her hole, yes." Our bodies heaved as the pleasure built inside of me.

Our tongues met, our piercings clinking together as we shared our passion. Her dildo stabbed faster and faster into me. Her asshole clenched on my finger. My toes curled. My orgasm swelled through me.

I broke the kiss and let out a wordless scream as my climax erupted through me. The Virgin Superior shoved her dildo deep into me, gasping in delight as she joined me in orgasm. The Goddess's touch surged through my body.

"Yes," I cried out, tears burning in my eyes. I was an acolyte of Saphique again. I was welcomed back by my goddess. "Thank you, Saphique." The Virgin Superior collapsed on me. She nuzzled into my neck and cheek as I cried for joy. I never wanted to loose my Goddess touch on my soul again. To be continued.