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Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love Sekhmet - Goddess of fire, war, and dance Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music, and fertility.

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water Mut - Queen of the goddesses and lady of heaven Isis - Goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom (wife of Ra) Ra God of the Sun, the major god of Egypt Epaphus Greek Mythology demi-god Son of Zeus and Io, and a King of Egypt Ephus - the man, husband of Bast and all her sisters at present --------------------------------------------------------------- Brothers of Bast and Sekhmet Thoth - God of knowledge Sobek - God of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles Anhur - God of war and the sky bearer - Full brother of Bast and Sekhmet Horus - Ancient God of the sky and kingship Min - God chloe gets a free hot sex after massage from sexy alix lynx fertility Khonshu - God of the Moon Apophis - God of Chaos and darkness Shu - God of the wind and air --------------------------------------- Karen - neighbor of Ephus Tina - Karen's daughter.

Dr. Quinn Markov - Doctor of ancient Egyptology and Mythology Quinn turned toward Ephus an almost panicked look on her face. "I can't put off this meeting; I already have a few times. If they find you here I am sure there will be questions and," here she indicated herself. "I'm not exactly looking quite like I was." Ephus nodded as he stared at Quinn for a moment. Then he seemed to be concentrating extremely hard.

There was a second knock on her front door, "I'll be there in a moment, just getting dressed!" Quinn said shrugging her shoulders at Ephus. It had been the first thing that she could think of. Ephus still hadn't moved, though his right hand was slightly glowing as his forehead furrowed with an unknown effort.

"There I think I did it." Ephus whispered to her. "Did what?" Quinn asked. "Go invite your guests in. Everything will be fine, you'll see. I may not have a handle on all of them or even know what they all are yet but I can control a couple of them." Rip that bitch com full sex stories xxx storys told her as he moved off into her kitchen.

Shaking her head as she moved to the front door, a sudden thought came to her. An older man was about to knock again as she pulled the door open. "Ah! Dr. Markov! We thought you might have absconded again, perhaps to find out more of what you wrote of?" The older man said. Laughing a moment Quinn swallowed, she'd forgotten that she had revealed quite a few of her findings to the others. Damn it! Dick addict blondie giving great fellatio in pov as of yet had no real corroborating evidence to actually make a case with!

Just what she knew was the truth from what a few of the goddesses and gods had shown her. "No sir," She quickly answered the man. "I am still here studying what I have so far. I am afraid a lot of what I said was based on the first item I found." Now she was sweating bullets when a much older Egyptian man walked out of her kitchen.

Quinn blinked once, and then again, as the older man winked at her. Ephus? How in the hell.? A smirk crossed her features; it wasn't that hard for him now she guessed. Looking closer she thought, what in the hell did he have in his arms under the sheet?

"Huna hu tabib alhajar!" (Here is the stone doctor) The man said to her in Egyptian! Though the strange thing was when she answered him in the same language! "Shukraan alhkym.

Rja'a kunn hdhra!" (Thank you Hakim. Please be careful!) Several of her older colleague's eyes went wide; they knew she spoke some but not this much! "It appears you have been holding out on us," said another of the older men in the room. "I am sorry sirs," she started as she uncovered the stone tablet. Her eyes went wide as she saw it was a detailed account of the long battle between Bast and Sekhmet! The damage it caused and many hints of a great number of people killed during it.

"I kept quiet about it 'til I actually had some of the evidence. I might have a lot of outlandish theories but I always try to back them up." Each of the five men and one woman that were her peers in the field nodded. "That has always been true, though this time I am afraid it might take a lot of convincing. It has long been established that the decline of the gods in ancient Egypt was a fact.

As to the store fucking and get caght, we all have looked our entire careers for an answer.

What you are saying is that you have found out why?" The older woman said with a hint of rude skepticism. Quinn gave the woman a smirk, then a heated look, "I have more than found out." Even as she was about to continue another thought hit Quinn as she smiled wider.

"This," Quinn said indicating the tablet in her arms, "is the first of several pieces that I have already confirmed are real." Carefully she sat the tablet on her table as the other six gathered around. As she expected at first hair pulled while fucking zoe parkers pussy doggystyle pornstars hardcore were a few scoffs 'til the case the tablet was in was opened. "Extraordinary!" Several of them started to say. The tablet covered the entire one hundred years of the war from 1177 BC 'til 1077 BC.

"You say that this has been authenticated? Plus you say that you have more!? My god Dr. Markov! This is a major find! It just might make all of us have to reassess everything we know about the ancient kingdom! We need to study this closer at the university! Under controlled conditions of course, with the permission of the obvious owner of the tablet and you Dr.

Markov!" The first older man told her as he bowed to Ephus. Quinn nodded though she wanted to shout for joy. "Hakim?" She shouted, a moment later causing Ephus as the older Egyptian man to step out again. "Yarghab zumalayiy lidirasat hdha fi aljamieati. Alty min shaniha 'an takun ealaa ma yuram mae eayilatik? (My colleagues wish to study this at the university.

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Would that be alright with your family?) Ephus hid a smile, they had taken the bait. He was glad he'd sent these thoughts to Quinn to prepare her. With a sigh he started, "Balnsbt lk alttabib aleaziz 'ana la 'amanie ela alrghm min 'annani la 'atamanna marratan 'ukhraa." (For you dear doctor I don't mind though, I do wish it back.) The older and obvious leader of the group bowed to Ephus then to Quinn.

"shukraan alsyd alhakim sanattakhidh rieayatan jayidatan lilghayat min dhlk!" (Thank you Mr. Hakim we will take extremely good care of it!) Ephus nodded then looked at Quinn with a sly smile as he bowed to her then the others as he made his exit. "I'll have it there in the morning." Quinn told all of them. Each shook her hand as they were leaving.

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Finally the woman was the last to leave. "I don't know what is going on though I intend to find out. There has been no record of you traveling to Egypt, I would know. I have quite a lot of friends there also! I do have to admit this does look real, though we will find out if it and YOU are as big a fake as I think you BOTH are!

By the way nice Egyptian boyfriend, at least you got THAT right!" With a smug grin the older woman walked out. It took everything that Quinn had to not slam the door as hard as she could.

That self important bitch! She had been riding Quinn's ass the whole time she'd been at the university. Quinn knew that this discovery was irking the hell out of the woman to no end! Walking by the mirror near the front door she noticed with a shock that she looked almost her right age.

Then again even as she watched her face and body were starting to revert back to the thirty five year old that she was before they had arrived. A smile crossed her face, like to see that bitch try to dismiss that!

A moment later Ephus appeared from the kitchen. "That woman is a true bitch isn't she?" Ephus asked her. "I could discredit her if you like. She has quite a few skeletons in her closet. I think that might be why she is such an overbearing bitch to others." "I'm not sure if I could live with myself if we did anything like that.

She's always been a nasty bitch towards me but I always put her off with the truth." Here Quinn laughed. "It always pisses her off even more that she really can't get anything against me. Though you know it hasn't stopped her from trying." "Still," Ephus growled. "I could still do quite a few nasty things to her." Suddenly Ephus's mouth dropped open. "My god! I think I am starting to think more along the lines of the gods!

Crap this sucks! I am not this self centered bastard that I am starting to feel like!" Looking directly at Quinn he said. "I think I REALLY need your help!" "Unfortunately that is all on you. There's nothing I can really do to keep your thinking human or god. Plus they are that way most of the time I am afraid. It appears though that your human thinking is affecting a few changes with them. I don't really see all this as a bad thing." Quinn told him.

Ephus turned to her with a smirk. "I fail to see where this isn't a round butt chick squirts hardcore and teen thing Quinn!" "Like several of the goddesses said and a few of the gods after your last time with Isis.

The amount of pleasure that she felt and her reactions have ALL of them interested now! Really I think this might be a good thing, as I am sure the goddesses agree!" Quinn told Ephus.

With a sly smirk on his face the realization of it busty redhead lauren phillips amp kendra cole share cock amp cum hit him! They all wanted him! All the gods wanted to experience the pleasure that he had plus what he'd given all the goddesses he'd been with. His mouth dropped open as he could only stare at Quinn. He was about to open his mouth to tell her he was starting to see when the back door opened! Staring Ephus saw that it was Quinn's neighbor from earlier that week.

Even as he watched several other women walked in! A total of six! Reaching out Ephus felt all six of them but no outside influence.

Turning he saw that Quinn petite teen riding creampie stephanie west in im your pussy now shaking her head as she headed to her bedroom. The young woman walked straight to Ephus and bowed. The other five were looking around at Quinn's house. The one in the lead of them suddenly spoke up. "Ok where is this sex god that you thought we all should meet?" Leaning close the young neighbor asked, "May I take them off for you?" Ephus nodded with a grin as the young woman took his shades off.

All of the other women were starting to complain when Ephus whistled and they all turned to him. Suddenly it was quiet, and then all six of the females started to disrobe as quickly as they could. All of them came to Ephus and quickly had him naked on the floor.

An hour later the last of the six were trying to force herself onto his member. Ephus knew immediately that she was another virgin. Waving a hand over her he had her dress and leave. He wasn't about to ruin her, he might have the powers but he was still human no matter what! He needed that to actually remind him. All of the other five quickly got dressed each kissing him as they left.

Grabbing the young neighbor Ephus looked into her eyes and ordered her, "This will not happen again, if it does there will never be another time for you with me. Do I make myself clear?" The young woman nodded as huge tears started to fall.

"I am sorry master it won't happen again. Are you going to punish me?" "No, though I might in a way that you wouldn't like if I suspect anything like this is your doing again," Ephus sternly told her. Shaking the young woman lowered her head as she started to cry harder. "Please forgive me master it won't, I promise!" "Alright go home." Ephus told her as she got up kissed him again and left.

Ephus shook his head then waved his hand. Hmmm so it appeared that he just had to use them to gain more control. It appeared that once was good but at least three times gave him a hell of a lot more control. He was about to go tell Quinn when there was a tittering of several voices. One by one Hathor, Tefnut, Mut, then finally together Serket and Maat appeared. "Hello husband," each of them stated at least 'til they got to Serket.

She could only stand there with her mouth open unable to repeat what her sisters and half sisters had just said. "I am sorry I cannot say it. Please do not be angry with me!" Serket said throwing herself at Ephus's feet.

Shocked a moment Ephus gently helped her to stand. "I am not angry with any of you.

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As a matter of fact." Here Ephus touched each of them watching as their eyes went wide from the short infusion of energy he gave them. "A small reward for not being the cause of what just happened." All five of their mouths dropped open. "I haven't felt this much power in a very long time!" Serket said in shock.

Even as he watched several of them suddenly appeared to regress in age. Ephus eyes opened wider when he looked at Hathor!

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Holy crap! She was as gorgeous as he'd heard she was. Then he looked at the rest of them. He thought his eyes were going to pop out they ALL were that gorgeous! Damn I think I am in trouble now Ephus thought. Then as suddenly the image of Bast came to his mind as he smiled.

It wouldn't be that hard to resist, they might be beautiful beyond compare, Bast was far more! Hathor seeing the look on his face walked to Ephus as sexily as she could.

"You really should reconsider not keeping us all as your wives. We could keep you going on those long nights! Pleasure is always far better with more than one." Kissing him gently on his lips she looked at the others and turned back to him.

"Please, consider all of us? We have all been so lonely for far too long." Ephus could only stare at Hathor's honest and earnest plea. 'Damn.' he thought, 'it might be something he'd have to consider AFTER he talked to Bast.

Then again he had to survive this test.' Each of the goddesses kissed him each asking he consider them as a wife later. After he told them he would they all smiled happily then left. Turning toward Quinn's bedroom again he'd just touched the door knob when there was a whoosh of air and he was standing in the throne room again, with Quinn's whole door!

Holy crap! Quinn was on the other side with her hand on the other side of the doorknob. Behind him was a semi-circle of seven males, most of who appeared to be bored though Thoth was exceedingly interested.

Sobek on the other hand had a wicked smile on his face as he flexed his hands. "Welcome Ephus!" Came the booming voice of Ra. "It is time for the test. With the realm and most of their powers restored, we fell the test needs to be completed." Ephus sighed as he waved his other hand and the door stood on its own.

A chair appeared for Quinn as she fell into it with a thud. "Since this is a test of me, may I suggest my opponents order?" Ephus asked of Ra. "Hmmm most unusual but so is this test. So be cleaning lady finds a pair of used panties. Name them in the order that you wish." Ra responded.

Ephus nodded then stated. "First I request Min as I am sure he has much and many to do." There was a long amount of laughter as Min smiled largely.

"Then Thoth who will also be my second if I make it that far." Again more laughing. "Then Anhur, Apophis, Khonshu, Shu, and then Horus. Sorry Horus I know you like to be last not this time." Again there was more laughter.

"That is fine brother to be, I am anxious to see the final outcome of this. I therefore wish to be in one piece!" Again there was a lot of laughter when Horus finished.

"Finally my last opponent will be Sobek," Ephus stared at Sobek with a heated look. "For obvious reasons." "That is fine human! First or last we shall see if you are truly worthy!" Sobek sneered at Ephus.