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Japanese milf housewife and house decorators pt on hdmilfcamcom
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A had my cigar in my left hand. I had a drink in my right. I had thrown down a straight on the poker table. "What the fuck. You never loose man. Buck are you cheating man?" said Tony I got invited by some guys from the gym to play some poker. I knew almost all of them except for Tony. He was a cool guy. I only met him twice before tonight.

He was a little arrogant. "Relax man. Were just playing for fun. I guess I am just lucky tonight." I said. "Yeah he is lucky in cards and women." said Oscar. "Lucky in cards yes. Lucky in women maybe.

I am still single guys." I said. They all laughed. Tony had a big house. We were playing in his dining room. His wife was out for the night. She took there new born baby to see the grand parents. I saw some lights hit the far front window. Then the garage door open. "Oh shit guys. The wife is home. Quick put out he cigars. Open the that perfect ass was made for anal. Get some air in here." said Tony.

He jumped up to spray some air freshener in the room. Everyone stopped for a second. I pulled in my winning chips from the pot. I put in two more while Dave shuffled the cards. Oscar sat there with a blank stare on his face. He quickly drank his beer.

Tony got back to the table. "Guys! Listen! No laughing or making fun of my wife. That job is already taken. Serious! Listen Samantha put on some weight. I should say allot of baby weight. Be nice. Pretend not to notice her. Let her walk by than we can make fun of her when she goes upstairs." said Tony I heard the door to the garage open.

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Then the door close. Two minutes later Tony wife Samantha walked in. She was about 5ft 8 with short blonde hair down to her shoulders. She was wearing a big black shirt that was covered by a big black sweat shirt. She had some large matching sweat pants over her she loves anal when shes drunk. I watched as she put her big purse in front of her waist.

She was definitely hiding her body. It was hard to see her under all the layers of clothes. I though she was very cute and sexy. But I love big gurls.

Especially voluptuous women. The confident bodacious hottie who loves to show off her body. I was looking for her in Tony wife but she was not coming out of her shell. "Hey! I left the baby at your parents. There going to watch him for us. I'll be upstairs. Hi guys." she said. I turned to watch her leave. "Shoo wee. Glad she is gone. I told you guys. She is so big now. I am going to sleep on the couch tonight.

I am not loving my wife anymore. I thought she lose the weight by now. I suggested she go get Lipo suction or at least suck some fat out out of her big breast.

They drive me crazy. She needs to get a breast reduction for me. There like to huge milk basketballs bouncing all the time. She stains the bed, her clothes from all the breast milk." said Tony. "You need to lighten up." I said.

"Yeah man." said Oscar. "Go easy dude." said Dave. "Listen you guys don't have to see her all day. She just not attractive anymore." said Tony. "Shuffle up and deal." I said. We played two more hands before I won all the chips. I drove home thinking about Samantha all night. I felt bad for her being with her husband Tony. I knew she would have negative issues with her body from him.

I was pretty sure he already brain washed her in feeling bad about herself. She had her head hung down when she walked passed us last night at he dinning room table. I had a feeling she just needed some encouragement. Someone to brighten her day maybe.

I did not have to go to work today. I called work to push all my appointments back a day. Plus it was cold and snowing. No one goes to work in Baltimore when it snows. I parked my SUV across the street. I had on some jeans. A white t-shirt. Some tan hiking boots. A black winter jacket. "Knock! Knock!" I was not sure what I was going to say. I just wanted to give her some encouragement and make her feel a little better.

Plus I had to stop this whole Lipo suction, breast reduction talk. The door knob turned and the door opened. "Hello! Good morning. Can I help you." said Samantha. "Good morning. I was here last night playing poker. I think I might have left something. Can I come in and take a look." I said.

"Sure! My name Samantha. My husband is at work. Big tits mercedes carrera drone fucking in desert fingering brunette did you forget?

Please excuse the mess. I am still trying to clean from you guys last night." she said. "Oh! No problem. My name Buck. Sorry! I think I may have left my wallet some where. I looked around when I got home but could not find it." I said. It was actually in my glove compartment in my SUV. I carry a money clip most of the time. Samantha was wearing some small white shorts around her thick thighs.

She had on a long white wife beater under a long baby blue night shirt. She was barefoot and had very curvy legs. She had some long white french manicure nails that she looked hot latina babe nailed in the sun she just pressed on. I could still smell the nail gloss in the house.

She had a tattoo on her left ankle. I took off my hiking boots. I put them by the door. I don't wear socks unless it is to work. I walked barefoot into the living room. "Here let me take your coat. My husband left his pillows on the couch. He has a bad back. He claims he needs to sleep on the couch most nights.

The one night we get some peace from the baby. Oh well. At least I have the day free. What color is your wallet?" she said. "It's black. It's real small. I hope I did not loose it." I said. She went to go pick up around the living room. I walked in the dining room. I was making it look like I was looking for my wallet. I picked up the cards. Put away the poker chips. I took all the dirty dishes to the kitchen. I picked up the cigar butts. I took out the trash and put a new bag in the garbage can.

A second later the door to the kitchen swung open. "Oh you did not have to do that. I was just coming in here to clean. Thank you. Your very nice for such a young man. I appreciate it." she said. I closed the lid and walked over to the sink. I started some hot water. "Here let me get those. You go sit down over there." she said. Samantha pointed to the kitchen table. I took a seat while she cleaned up a few dishes. She then grabbed some empty baby bottles to clean.

"Thanks! Would you something to drink?" she said. "How about some water." I said. Samantha smiled as she pour us some cold water from a pitcher inside the fridge. I saw some full baby bottles on the top shelf.

She moved them to put the water back. "Won't be to long till I have to fill up some more bottles. So how do you know Tony?" Samantha said. "I've seen him at the gym once or twice. Oscar and Dave invited me to play last night. I kinda of won all the hands last night. I am not sure they will invite me back to play. Especially your husband." I said with a smile.

We made some small talk before I followed her into the living room. "Take a seat. Did you find your wallet? I looked around in here." she said. "No! I looked all over your dining room and the kitchen." I said. "Maybe it fell out of your pocket in your car." she said.

"Hmm, I never thought to look in there. I should have done that before coming over. Maybe I should go take a peek right now." I said. "Maybe you can wait. It's not everyday I get to talk to someone. Especially someone so nice. I am so busy with the baby, cleaning, cooking and waiting on Tony that I don't see any of my friends anymore. I can't remember the last time I went out. Do you have any plans today?" she said.

"No! Just finding my wallet. I might do some laundry later. How about you?" I said. "No! Not anything big. Just clean up the mess from last night. Maybe make the bed. I also need to make a few more baby bottles. I also need to look at some pamphlets Tony got me." said Samantha. I paused and looked at her at the end of the couch. She was sitting about two feet away. "What kinda of pamphlets?" I said. "Tony got them for me. He thinks I should loose some weight.

He also wants me to get a breast reduction. He thinks there too big." Sam smiled. "Oh! How do you feel about it?" I said. "I love my size. I put on some weight from the baby. But I have always been a lucky bro was able to bang two of his sis friends gurl.

I love me big breast to. I don't know why he does not like them anymore. Maybe its the breast milk. He has slept on the couch ever since he found out I was pregnant last year. It's like I don't exist to him anymore." said Samantha.

"WOW! It just son rape and fuck mom unwilling slepy opion, but I think you look very nice. You just gained some baby weight. I am sure in a few weeks you will bounce back.

Plus its your body not his. If you like it. Then that all that matters." I said. Samantha smiled on the end of the couch. She crossed her bare feet over her right knee. She kept looking at me. "Are you married? Do you have a girl friend?" she said. "No! and No!" I smiled. She laughed. "Your such a nice young man. You must have your pick." she said. I smiled and did not say anything. "Oh your quite now. I see how it is. Are you checking me out now?" said Samantha.

"Maybe just a little. Kinda of hard to tell with you sitting down." I said with a smile. "Here let me stand up. What do you think?" she said. I smiled again. "Turn around. That is nice." I said.

"Are you looking at my big butt. These shorts make it look huge. Oops!! I think I sprang a leak. See what you made me do." she said.

She turned around to show me her left nipple was wet under her shirt. Both her nipples were rocked hard as she spun around again showing me her big hips. "Oh!! Are you OK?" I said. She smiled. "Yes! It happens when ever I get light headed. I need to catch my breath. You making me turn red." she said. I sat there on the end of the couch. I crossed my legs. I was trying to hide my raging hard on.

I could feel all 9 3/4 inches of my cock wanting to get out of my boxer briefs. I put my hand on the front of my jeans. I gave my cock a small squeeze near the right front pocket. "I need to ask you a question. Can you keep a secret?" she said. "Yes! What the secret?" I said.

"I need a guys opion. I don't trust my husband. This can't leave the room." she said. "OK!" I said. She grabbed the bottom of her two shirts. They were stretched over her large breast and round stomach. "What do think about these. I mean teen callie just wants to get fucked you think they need to be reduced?" she said as her hugs breast flopped out of her shirt and landed on her chest.

I sank in the couch. Her breast were big looking at them covered up. They were huge now all out in the open. Her big nipples were dark purple.

Her dollar size aerloes were dark. Her breast did not sag and sat high on her chest. I froze not knowing what to do next.

I could feel my cock strain against my underwear again. I wiped my forehead. "Umm Ummmmm Ummmmm!!!" was all I could say. She opened her eyes. She put her small hands under her breast. She held them up. She was straining to keep them from falling out her hands. That hung over her hands down the front. She then put her small fingers on the front of her erect nipples.

She touched them sending shock waves through my body. "I.I.I" I said. "Maybe you can't see them this far away. Let me get closer. Do you like them?

Do I need breast reduction surgery?" she whispered. I leaned up on the edge of the black leather couch. She was inches from me as she leaned down to let her huge breast hang. They hung low as she bent over. Her left nipple dribbled some white milk onto the carpet below. I could smell her sweet perfume. I could also smell her excitement as I looked over her breast. I leaned down the right side. I then moved passed them to look down the left side.

She watched me with her big sexy green eyes. Her blonde hair moved slightly forward covering her forehead. She was a sight to behold. I thought her husband was insane before. Now I just thought it was an idiot. "Oh.those are nice. I don't think you need to do anything with them. There perfect just the way they are and your just perfect as is." I said.

Samantha squeezed them with her hands. She kneed them like two big white globs of dough. I was so turn on. I could see she was breathing more heavier. Her feet were moving under her as she tried to keep her balance.

pack robado a madre soltera ver completo aqui gt really think so? There just right?" she said. "Yes! They are more than all right. If you were my wife. I take you all the time and show off them. I dress you in tight clothes and parade you on my arm." I said. "I bet you would honey.

Mmmm put out you big strong hands. They look nice but they feel much better sugar. Here!!!!!" she said. With that she dropped her two big breast in my hands. They all most fell out of my palms. I was surprised by there weight. Her breast were the biggest I had ever had the pleasure of holding. I smiled as I fondle them. She moaned. "Here lean back on the couch. I can't stand up any longer.

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God I love what curvy babe pawns her pussy and gets fucked by pawn dude doing to them." she said.

I lean back on the couch. She put her knees on either side of my thighs. She moved her stomach on my waist. She put her large breast on my chest. I looked down when I felt the front of my shirt was wet. Her breast were now dripping on my shirt. Her large ass rest on my knees and thighs. Her pussy was tight against the white pair of shorts. Her small big granny panties were pulled tight on her large pussy lips. I could see her camel toe as she leaned into my face again.

She was inches from my lips as she moved on top of me. She reached down to pull up my shirt. "Help me! Take off you shirt. I love your big arm muscles. I saw those last night. I see them now flexing as she hold horny brunette blows before he fucks her breast. God you really like them. I need to see your chest now." she moaned above me.

I leaned her back on her ass. She watched as I pulled my shirt over my head. I placed it on the ground in front of the couch. I looked back two raunchy blondes have some lesbian fun her.

She was checking out my chest and hard abs. She circled her long finger nails on my abs. "Mmmm a six pack and then some. You must work out allot." she said. I smiled as I lifted her big breast up to her mouth. She licked the tip of her right nipple. She then fed me her left breast. I licked and sucked the tip. Her nipple opened in my mouth. I could feel her hot milk spray deep in my throat. I sucked very hard causing her to moan.

She moved her pussy on my belt just above my waist. My belt buckle rubbed against her camel toe. She grinded her pussy again. She was dry humping me. "God you turning me on. It's been so long. I never wanted anybody as much as I want you right now Buck!" she yelled.

I put my hands on her wide hips. I put my hands on the back of her white shorts. I then began to squeeze her big ass. She moaned as she fell forward on my chest. My skin was wet from my shoulder to my waist. She started to kiss my forehead as I put my hands inside her shorts.

I could feel her hot skin on her ass. She felt so soft. She grinding her pussy again on my waist. I pulled her hair and smacked her ass. "Spank me!! Yeah!! Spank me!!! Harder! Harder!!!!" she yelled.

Samantha dropped her weight on me as she stood up. I smiled as she pulled down her white shorts. She kicked them off. Her big white granny panties came off next. I smiled as she rubbed her pussy. She had a big full bush on top. The bottom was shaved. She smiled as I unbuckled my jeans. She ripped off my belt. She then pulled down my boxer briefs. "MMMMMmmm What.Fuck!!!!!! That is nice. I was worried you were just faking it. I thought you just wanted to see my big breast.

Like last week when Oscar was here. He got to scared and ran off. He was not as excited as you are. God that is at full attention." Samantha moaned. Samantha got on her knees on the couch. She put her mouth on my cock. Her big breast rested on my thigh.

Her knees were on the middle cushion of the couch. She was sucking my cock making very loud noises. She was making my cock very wet. I reached under her heavy breast to play with them. I slapped them. Then squeezed them harder. She moaned as she gagged on my cock.

I pinched her nipples causing her to spit out my cock. "Fuck!!!!! You know your away around a girls chest." she gagged again. I pushed her mouth back on my cock. I bounced my balls off her chin as she got almost all the way down on my cock. She gagged again as she came up for air. I pushed her back down on my cock. I let go of her breast. I then held her blonde hair with my left hand. I picked all her hair from her face. She had here green eyes glued to my cock and big hairless balls.

I then used my free hand to find her big ass. I stretched out and began to slap her butt. She smiled as I fucked her face. I then wet my finger. I found her moist pussy. I then inserted the tip passed her camel toe. Her body moved again. Her big ass shook. Her body quivered again. She was having a mini orgasm from my finger. I pushed her face down on my cock and held it there as she gagged. She then spit me out. I rubbed her pussy harder as she moaned on my lap. After a few minutes Samantha moved to let me kiss her big ass.

She pushed her breast on my cock. She wrapped them around my cock. I could feel the arm rest get wet as she shot warm milk on the leather. She sprayed my cock as I fucked her breast. I felt her move again as I reached out to grab her ass. She whirled around to look at me. She stood up and then got on my lap. I moved forward so she could wrap her legs around my waist. I put her breast on my chest just under my chin. I pushed them together as she found my cock.

I then felt her hot pussy meld down my cock. She was so wet that she fell off my cock twice before we got a xxxx hard sex mom ha rhythm going.

I held into her hips as my chest was warm from her milk. I gripped her ass as she fucked me very hard. After a few minutes she was out of breath. I picked her up and put her on her back. I moved her ass to the edge of the leather cushion. I moved her legs wide open. I held onto her thick thighs.

I started to fuck her very hard. She pushed her breast together and tried to rub her large clit that was moving on my cock. I reached down to play with her clit as she orgasm very hard and screamed.

"Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm cummminggggggggggggggggggg!" she yelled. I kept fucking her faster. I grabbed her big tits holding them together. She cleaner dude fucks a hot girl blowjobs spy cam her clit as was playing with herself now.

I kept banging my cock deep inside her. She was so fucking hot under me as I slammed body on her. I rolled her over on her knees. I pushed her face in the pillow on the end of the couch. I propped her big ass in the air. I wet my cock with my right hand. I then placed my cock back in her hot pussy. She moaned. Hell I moaned. I then started to fuck her doggy style as I picked up the rhythm. I put my foot next to her face as I got up on her pussy.

I was fucking her with one leg over her body. I was fucking her deeper than she had been fucked before. Her eyes were closed. Mine were wide open. I was taking it all in. After twenty minutes I flipped her on her back. I got between her breast. She smashed her warm cleavage around my cock as I fucked her breast. She squirted some warm milk on my abs and chest. I reached down to pinch her nipples again causing her to scream. Just then my knees got weak.

My whole body shook as the pressure from my balls got bigger. I looked down to see my cock began to shake. A second later I unleashed a huge load on her breast. She opened her mouth catching some on her chin and lips. She smiled as she cleaned me off. "MMMM my first pearl necklace" she giggled. Two Days Later: "Knock! Knock! I stood there knocking at the front door. I had some flowers in my left hand. I saw two cars in the driveway. "Hey!." said Tony. I walked in waiting near the bottom of the stairs.

I heard some heels click on the wooden staircase. I looked up. "Hey Buck! Oh! You like nice. Our those for me?" said Samantha. "Yes! I thought you would like them. You look very nice in that dress.

You look very stunning in those heels." I said with a smile. Samantha smiled. "You have very good taste. I opened the package this morning. The heels and the purse are nice. But the dress fits like a glove. How did you know? I grabbed her coat from Tony. I put it over her shoulders. Her matching purse was under her right arm. "Goodnight! Don't wait up! It's been awhile since I've been on a first date." said Samantha. She kissed me on the lips. Her perfume was amazing.

Tony got the door as we walked out toward my SUV. She held my hand. I held the passenger door open for her. I paraded her into the restaurant. Every guy turned there head. A waiter dropped a tray of food near the kitchen. She was not wearing a bra and her huge cleavage spilled out the top of her dress. An hour later we were making out at the movie theater. Twenty minutes later we ordering room service. Ten minutes later we were both naked on the floor of the hotel.

Five minutes later she got her phone out of her purse. "I need to call home. He wanted to hear my first orgasm. Well maybe my second. Then he can gets his pillows for the couch. I bought new sheets and pillows for the bed upstairs. We can sleep all day tomorrow.

He has to go pay his parents for babysitting." said Samantha. Love, Buck xoox