Brooklyn chase i like my donuts filled with cream

Brooklyn chase i like my donuts filled with cream
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KEN: I grew up in the 1970s during the time of "sexual enlightenment." It seems like I had always known what sex was about. My parents quietly and unemotionally explained the basics of sexuality, and answered my questions openly. They seemed to know how much to tell me so I didn't feel overwhelmed. In spite of knowing about sex, it did little to slake my curiosity. I doubt that any amount of education could do that, but at least I never had to find out from my friends that the stork really doesn't bring babies.

My early memory about sex was playing doctor, if you could call that sex. I don't know how old we were, but we were probably about seven. We had a dense grove of trees with lots of shrubs in our back yard, which in turn backed up to a stream. We could play all sorts of games out there without being interrupted. Most of the times there were about six or eight of us playing hide and seek, war and in the winter great snowball fights. One particular day, there were only two girls, my self and Danny.

That wasn't enough to play a good game of hide and seek, and we were tired of war games. One of the girls was wearing a nurse's uniform and had a play stethoscope and first aid kit. She suggested horny redhead gets fucked in lingerie and gets cum on stockings we play doctor and soon had set up her office behind a log and made appointments for the three of us. It started off with bandages and splints on broken legs and arms.

Francie, whose mother was a real nurse, did a remarkably good job of winding the gauze bandages. "Hey, Francie, is that all that nurses do every day, it seems kind of boring to me," Deanne asked in a bored tone of voice. "Well, it all depended on what was wrong with the patient. Sometimes Mom gives shots stuff like that too." "Hey, don't the patients have to get undressed sometimes," Danny demanded.

"Well I suppose so if they had something wrong down there," she replied lamely motioning to Danny's bottom. Pretty soon, it was Danny's turn to be the patient. "OK nurse, I hurt really bad between my legs." "Well, just take two aspirins and call back tomorrow," retorted Francie petulantly. "Francie, you wanted to play nurse, now if you are a good nurse you will examine me and see what's wrong. If you don't you can't play with us any more!" "Well OK just take your clothes off and lay on the table." Danny took his pants off, then his shorts and lay on the old door we had placed on two logs for the examining table.

Francie just looked without touching him.

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"Hey come on nurse, you can't do a good examination if you don't even touch it, what kind of nurse are you anyway?" Danny complained.

Finally, she grabbed his penis and pulled it out to its full length, which wasn't very much! Then, she felt his balls and pronounced him well. Danny hopped off the table saying it was Deanne's turn to be examined. "No! I don't need to be examined, I feel just fine," protested Deanne. "Oh no you don't," replied Danny.

"You watched real hard when I was being examined, so it is only fair that you get examined too." "Yeah, that's right," I stated in support of Danny.

Francie and Deanne looked at each other for a few moments, and then started to whisper. Finally they turned to us. "OK, I will get an examination, but when I am finished, Kenny has to go next and we both get to do the examination," she demanded with a challenging look.

I wasn't too sure about it, but I wanted to see what a real girl looked like, and Danny already had his pants off, so what the heck. I nodded in agreement, and Deanne pulled her shorts and panties down and lay on the table.

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Danny and I pressed close to watch the examination. Francie kind of giggled saying that there really wasn't much to examine, so Deanne needed to spread her legs apart. She complied, watching me intently as I observed. When she opened her legs, I was amazed at how much there really was to see. There were funny little folds and creases inside the slit I could see from the outside.

I kind of wanted to examine it closer, but Francie declared that she was fine and the examination was over. Deanne jumped off the table and turned to me. "It's your turn," she said. "I saw you looking real hard, so I'm really going to look at you!" I slowly pulled my jeans and shorts off, and lay mistress tangent femdom ballbusting and foot worship on the table.

By now my penis was hard like it got sometimes. Francie didn't hesitate at all. She just grabbed a hold and began feeling it all over. She pulled the skin back exposing the head. Then, she lifted my balls up and began squeezing. I yelped saying that she was supposed to make me feel better, not hurt me. She apologized and eased up on the pressure, but continued to gently squeeze and play with my balls.

Deanne pressed in close to get a good look. I could tell that she wanted to do the exam herself, but didn't do anything except look until Francie was finished. When Francie stepped back, Deanne gave me a kind of sympathetic look but stepped up to the table.

Gently she reached out and touched my penis fondling and turning it over. She worked her way down to my balls and felt them gently, almost reverently. .After several minutes the exam was over and I got off the table. By now, three of us were naked from the waist down. We all looked at Francie, but she said that since none of us were doctors, there wasn't anyone qualified to examine her, and she wasn't going to do it. After promising all around that no one would ever tell that we had played doctor with no clothes on, we went home.

I suspect everyone felt about as guilty as I did. A week or so later, we were playing with the whole gang as usual. In an unusual set of circumstances, one by one everyone had to leave. Some of the kids had to go shopping with their mothers for school clothes, one was going to the lake, etc. Finally, Deanne and I were all alone.

We played catch for a while, then just sat and talked. When there was a lull in the conversation I suddenly blurted out my real question. "Would you like to play doctor again?" "OK, but if we do, we get to take turns being the doctor," she stipulated. We decided to draw straws to see who went first. I got the short one. After going to the very back of the lot under a weeping willow tree that had branches all the way to the ground, I began pulling my jeans off.

"If you want me to do a good job of examining you, you have to take all your clothes off," she demanded. After checking around to see that no one was near, and we were well hidden, I took my clothes off and lay back on the grass. Deanne knelt beside me and ran her hands all over my chest and belly. Finally, she got to my penis and began to play with it.

She pulled the skin back and exposed the head. She ran her fingers around the rim and spread the tip open as far as it would go. Then she began exploring my balls, gently squeezing and probing. My cock was hard, standing straight up and throbbing. I had never felt it throb like that before and it kind of ribald masseur cant live without wild sex hardcore and massage me.

Deanne indicated by pressure that I should open my legs. As I did, she explored under by balls, tickling the area between my balls and ass. To say I liked it would be a major understatement. By now, she had both hands busy in the examination. At one point she was stroking my balls with one hand and stroking my trembling little erection with the other. An amazing feeling began to generate in my belly, deep inside.

It felt as if something was about to happen, but then didn't go any further. Finally Deanne proclaimed the examination was over and told me I could get up. She began unbuttoning her blouse and laid it on top of my clothes. I looked intently at her chest, but her tits looked just like mine, with no hint of growing. Before long, she was as naked as I, and lay back on the cool grass. I ran my hands over her body just as she had done. I paid special attention to her tits, but there suck three large cocks makes her happy wasn't anything that felt any different from mine.

I began working my way down until I was at her slit. I hesitated looking into her eyes. Deanne gave me her silent permission with a slight nod.

I began poking at her little slit, gently probing the opening. Deanne opened her legs giving me more room to feel and look. I spread the lips open staring at all the little folds and inner lips. I took my finger and felt inside the lips. Deanne stiffened telling me to be very careful because it was tender inside.

I was as careful as ever I could be, because I wanted to do this again. As I was probing, I felt my finger slip in a little bit.

I looked at her face with a question mark, but she didn't say anything, so I pushed in a little more. Before long, my finger was all the way in. When I asked her if it hurt, she shook her head, but I could tell she was holding her breath. I left my finger inside her for perhaps a minute or more, but didn't know what else to do, so carefully pulled it out.

Deanne let out her breath and sighed. "Did you like it?" I asked. She nodded silently, lying quietly on the grass. I lay down beside her for several minutes, saying nothing. "Danny." "What," I responded as I turned toward her. "Do you know what Francie told me one day?" "No," I replied. "Well, she said that one night she got up to get a drink of water and heard a noise in her folks bedroom so she peeked mature seduces teen girl xxx stepplaymates brothers obsession to see what was happening.

She said she saw her dad laying on top of her Mom and it looked like he had his thing down here," she whispered pointing to her little pussy. I stared at her for a moment with a look of utter disbelief on random girl naked public debauchery party cove ozarks missouri naked in public and ex girlfriend face, but then suddenly remembered Jimmy telling me that the way a man fucks a woman is to put his prick right into her ass hole.

Maybe it was true, but not in the ass hole! "Yeah, I heard something like that too; do you think they can really do that?" I asked with wide eyes. "I don't know, would you like to try it," Deanne asked with equally wide eyes. I rolled over and got on top of Deanne. She was lying with her legs together, so I put my legs outside of hers.

Carefully I lowered my trembling prick down and touched her soft hairless little slit. Even though I was pretty stiff, all I could do was kind of rub up and down her slit, but when I tried to push my hips toward her pussy, I just couldn't seem to do anything but slide my prick between her legs.

"Wait a minute, get off me," she suggested pushing me back. Even though I wasn't really accomplishing anything, I was reluctant to get off, but her push was firm, so I rolled off.

Deanne spread her legs apart and motioned for me to get back over her. I jumped between her legs and instantly saw that this was going to work much better. I moved my prick down and forward. An instant later, I felt my sensitive head contact her pussy and shoved forward. Nothing really happened, I just kind of curled up, but even so the feeling was fantastic. We lay together for a couple of minutes.

I kind of wiggled my little ass against her and Deanne pressed up to meet me, but that is about all that happened. After a while I began to get worried someone might come by unexpectedly and catch us lying there with no clothes on, so I sat up and began dressing. Deanne got dressed as well, then turned toward me. There followed an awkward silence, which Deanne broke by saying she had to go home and help her mother get dinner ready.

With that, she ran off darting around bushes and trees. During the fall of that year, we were playing football in our back yard. Someone threw the ball a little too high and it slid under some spreading evergreen bushes. As I was crawling in after it, I found a six pack of beer. I started to yell out about the discovery when I found another package. Instead of saying anything, I crawled out with the ball and joined the game. When everyone had gone home, I crawled back under the bush and pulled out the package.

I had no interest in the beer, but was curious about the package. Maybe it was drugs and I could get a reward for turning in a dealer. What I found weren't drugs, but something better as far as I was concerned. It was a package of about a dozen sex magazines, including, Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler. I started with Playboy. I didn't read any of the articles, I just looked at the naked women.

They had tits, real big ones, and the dark circles around the nipples fascinated me. Most of the pictures only showed bare tits with cloth draped over their bottoms.

A few of them showed some hair. I was surprised to see the hair, Deanne didn't have any hair and I didn't realize women had any down there. I spent until dark looking at the magazines, finally getting to Hustler. WOW! There were pictures there with legs spread wide open and everything just hanging out. I was amazed! Finally, I heard Dad calling me for dinner.

I quickly hid the magazines, except for one, in the plastic package and shoved it back under the bush. Over the next few days, I kept a watch on the beer and package trying to find out who owned them.

I knew someone was there because cans of beer were missing, one at a time. One evening I was intent on stickasian petite girls love cock in mouth at a magazine when I suddenly became aware someone was beside me. I looked up to see Dad staring teen beauty choked and fucked by black agent at me. There was no point in trying to hide the magazine or the fact that I was looking at it.

I jumped to my feet explaining that I had found the magazines under the bush. Dad picked up the package and thumbed through them. He didn't say anything for a long time, then took the package and told me to come to the house. On the way he tossed the magazines into the trash can.

We ate dinner mostly in silence. After a while, Dad said he had something he wanted me to help him with on Saturday, so I shouldn't make any plans.

He didn't tell me what it was and I decided tonight wasn't a good time to ask. Saturday, Dad told me that we were going to do some work at our lake house, getting it ready for winter. We drained the water and put wood over the windows to keep vandals from breaking windows.

We were not quite finished when it was time for lunch. Mom had packed a picnic basket for us, so we went down by the lake. It was chilly so no one else was around.

Dad sat on one side of the table indicating I should sit on the other. Quietly, without making me feel guilty about the magazines, he told me he disapproved of me looking at them because they gave a distorted view of sex. He was fairly detailed about telling me that sex was something that lots of persons did together, but it wasn't like the magazines let on.

He impressed on me that he would tell me anything I wanted to know, but didn't want to push it too far before I was ready to hear it. I shouldn't hesitate to ask. I asked a few questions about how people did ov huge titted milf enjoys stroking cocks big boobs bigboobs. Dad explained simply that usually the woman lay on her back and the man lay between her legs and put his penis into her vagina.

I asked if the woman had a baby every time they did it. Dad smiled and said that sometimes people who loved each other did it just because it was a way of expressing love to one another and women certainly didn't get pregnant every time they did it. We finished the house and went back home. The next couple of years went by rather normally, school went OK as school goes. I talked to Deanne a lot and really liked her. We had several classes together and always had lunch period at the same time.

Once the next summer I suggested we play doctor again, but she said she didn't want to. I didn't push it for fear that I would lose her friendship. The year we started the fifth grade we were ten. Some of the girls were starting to grow tits, and it was a topic of conversation during some of the bull sessions we guys had.

Some of the guys claimed to have information that one or another of the girls put out. I didn't know what it meant, but wasn't about to let on for fear of being branded dumb.

The next time I was alone with Dad, I asked him more about girls growing up, and what, putting out meant. Dad chuckled, and said that boys always pretended to know who was putting out.

Mostly in his day it wasn't true, but things were changing. He suggested that I not believe what all the guys were saying, that I should make my own evaluation of girls based on personal observation and experience.

Many times, boys would try to get a girl to do it with him and when he got turned down would say she did it just to improve his own image. Further, at ten years of age he doubted the slow tender fucking laatinaa in black and white part were doing much but talking anyway. The next summer, the girls stopped coming to the back yard to play, so it was just we guys most of the time. We did see them at the movies and in the neighborhood from time to time.

One day as I was mowing the lawn, I saw Deanne walking down the street on her way to the store for some milk. She stopped to say hello, so I turned the mower off and sat on the curb with her. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse, and when she hunched blue eyed babe dani jensen sucking sock and encounters deep fucked I could see through the armhole. Her tits intrigued me. I could see one of them plainly. It stuck out about an inch from her chest with a kind of tan circle around the nipple.

I was absolutely fascinated and tried to keep her talking and leaning in such a way that I could keep looking at her tit. From then on, I kept an eye out for any girl with an armless blouse where I could get a peek at her tits. I didn't happen very often, sometimes I got lucky and could see between the buttons. I was looking forward to school starting thinking there would be more opportunities to see tits when there would be a lot of girls around.

I was in for a big disappointment, some inconsiderate person had invented bras, and the girls wore them every day. The only reward for peeking down an armhole was the sight of a bra. What a waste! About the time we were thirteen, we started pairing off, although the pairs changed frequently. Even so, it gave an opportunity to learn more about girls. We went to movies on Saturday afternoon, as well as school parties. Sometimes we just hung out in the neighborhood and chatted.

Deanne was always my favorite girl even though we didn't go steady or any of those fad things. Often we walked home from school together and talked about all kinds of things, who was going with whom, teachers and school gossip. I went out with other girls occasionally and Deanne went with other boys as well.

We started high school in our sophomore year as we were turning fifteen. Deanne had a beautiful figure to match her great personality and I enjoyed her more and more as we matured. I had a school-driving permit, so took Deanne to and from school. The togetherness two times every day served to draw us closer and closer. I began playing football and running track. I did very well in both sports, especially track, bringing ribbons home from nearly every meet.

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The better I did in track, the more girls made pitches for my attention. Occasionally I dated one of them, but Deanne remained my favorite.

The summer after our sophomore year, we had summer jobs, Deanne was a teacher at the local swimming pool in the mornings and I worked in a grocery store stocking shelves at night. It wasn't possible to date in the evenings due to my job. Deanne got off work at two in the afternoon, and I didn't go to work until six, so sometimes we went to a movie, or just talked.

We began to kiss and cuddle from time to time, exploring the feel of each other. One pleasantly warm afternoon, we were walking in the grove behind our house when we came upon the old weeping willow tree. We crawled under the tree and began kissing and cuddling. Our passion mounted to the point we began exploring each other in more detail.

I had an inspiration. "Do you remember the last time we were under this tree?" I foxy brooke rides on a big shaft. Deanne laughed and responded that she thought about it from time to time. "Want to play doctor?" I asked with a note of hesitation in my voice.

"OK if you go first," she said giggling. I hurried to shed my clothes and lay back on the cool grass. Deanne began exploring my chest, and then worked her way down to my throbbing cock.

"Let's see if I remember how to do this," she said. "It has changed a bit since we were eight years old." Before long she had pretty well explored my cock and balls, then began playing kinky young gal enjoys old boner hardcore and blowjob the head of my cock. She pulled the skin back to fully expose the head, feeling the tip.

The feeling of her hand on my pulsing manhood caused me to thrust my hips upward pulling the skin further back. When I dropped my hips, her hand rubbed over the rim causing electric like tingling to surge through my body. I took her hand and moved it up and down a couple of times until she got the idea and began pumping it herself. In my state of arousal, it wasn't long before I shot my stuff high into the air. Deanne got quite a lot of it on her hand and arm. She touched it with her other hand, feeling its slippery stickiness.

I lay back breathing heavily. "So that's what gets girls pregnant!" I nodded, starting to feel a little guilty about what we had just done. My cock was starting to shrink a little. Deanne studied it carefully, commenting about its loss of size. "It always happens like that after I come," I told her She looked at me quickly with a quizzical expression. "Have you done it with other girls?" she asked. "No, you're the only one who has ever seen me naked, except for my Mom, but she doesn't count," I assured her.

"I just make myself come." "How do you do it?" she asked. "Well, most of the time I just think about you and it gets hard, then I just uh well, I just jack off." "Yeah, beautiful chicks get to suck big cocks of the girls say they put things in their bottom and pretend it's a boys prick, but I never tried it myself." All the talk was getting me aroused again, and passion took over common sense and guilt.

"Your turn to be examined," I proclaimed. "Well, I'm really not feeling well enough to get undressed myself Doctor, I think you will have to help me." I rose to the task, beginning by unbuttoning her blouse. I had some trouble with the bra, but shortly it was lying on top of her blouse mixed up with my clothes. I was satisfied for the moment to do a thorough examination of her tits.

I loved the feel of the firm flesh, the dark circle around the nipples was even more pronounced than the time I peeked down her armhole, and this time she had nipples instead of little mounds. After caressing and massaging with my hands, I began to kiss and suck on her tits. She moaned and sighed lying back on the grass. After several minutes of this, I began struggling with the button on her slacks. It took a little maneuvering, but before long I had them off, and seconds later her panties followed.

We were both totally naked lying together on the grass. I gently began to probe her pussy, running my hands through her hair, finding the opening. This time, my fingers slid in easily due to the lubrication that wasn't there the first time. She sighed and wiggled her hips in the grass. I continued to stroke my fingers in and out of her dripping wet hole, and she began to move her hips up to meet my thrusts.

I was using one hand on her tits and the other in her bottom, trying to keep up with her rhythm. She was thrusting her bottom up and down in time with me.

Suddenly she grabbed my hand off her tits and moved it down to her bottom. Guiding my fingers to a certain spot high in her slit. I could feel a hard little button, and in response to the feel she bucked harder into my hand that was thrusting into her pussy. We continued thrusting for several seconds until she squeezed my hand with her legs and let out a shuddering moan and fell back into the grass. She lay there moaning and sighing for a few seconds, then cuddled up and kissed me.

By now my cock was throbbing in pain. I took her hand and put it on my cock again. She wasted no time in responding. After a minute or two, I shot my load once again, and joined her on the grass with a heavy sigh.

We must have fallen asleep, because when I realized what had happened and where we were, I was totally limp, and Deanne had dried semen caked on her hand and arm. I gently shook her awake, telling her I had to get ready for work. I glanced around to be sure we were along, then took my hanky and snuck down to the edge of the little stream.

After wetting it, I returned to help Deanne get cleaned up. After dressing, we talked quietly for a few minutes, then kissed tenderly and walked out to the street. "Deanne, I love you," I whispered. "Oh Kenny, I love you too," whispered Deanne back with a little squeeze. Deanne was gone on vacation for the next two weeks, so we didn't have a chance to see each other again. I was worried about how she felt. I was kind of mixed up. I loved seeing her naked and playing with her body.

I really liked having her make me come, but was afraid that she might not want to see me again. Even so, on the chance she just might want to play doctor again, I went to a drug store several blocks away from the house where I was sure the druggist wouldn't know me and I wouldn't be likely to run into a neighbor.

I went up and down the aisles until I came to the section where birth control devices were displayed. I selected a box of Trojans and a box of spermicidal inserts for women. Then, I picked up a package of zip lock bags. I carefully put everything into a bag, then put another bag over it, and then still another over that.

I hid the bag under the spreading evergreen bush where I had found the magazines several years ago. The only difference was that I slipped them up into the branches where someone looking for a lost ball wouldn't be likely to find them. Then, I went to the basement and got my old Boy Scout sleeping bag.

I packaged it in three layers of trash bags, and tied it in the old weeping willow tree. You couldn't see it, but because I used the green bags, you kind of had to know where it was to see it easily. When Deanne got home from vacation, she stopped by after work one afternoon to show me the souvenirs she had bought. Also, she handed me a gift. It was a play stethoscope and thermometer. I looked at her with a big grin. "So, do you need an examination?" I asked with my most doctor like voice.

Her answer was to walk slowly toward the back yard. One stud for luscious chicks smalltits and hardcore we passed the evergreen shrub, I told her to wait for a minute.

I slipped under the shrub and retrieved the bag. "What's that?" she asked. "Just wait and see," I replied mysteriously. When we had checked out the area and assured ourselves we were alone, we ducked under the tree. I put the stethoscope around my neck and said since I was the doctor, obviously she was the patient. When I asked her what the nature of her complaint was, she smiled and replied that she had this little pain between her legs really escort mother doesnt want anal with son needed to be checked out.

In addition, she thought she needed her breasts examined as well. I told her to undress while I got everything ready. I reached up and pulled the sleeping bag down and unrolled it.

"Well, you have been doing some planning as well!" she said with a smile. "Well, a good doctor has to be sure his patients are comfortable during their exams," I replied.

Once again she told me she needed help undressing. I was more than willing, but took my time. Actually, I was trying to work up the courage to show her the rubbers and birth control inserts. I began kissing her all about her lips, ears, neck and down to her tits. She began to sigh and breathe more heavily. When I thought the time was right, I ran my hands down her tummy and into her hair, then slid my fingers into her pussy. Instantly she began to thrust and buck into my advances.

Even though I was still dressed, she began to stroke my cock through my pants. After she came the first time, I was like a raging bull. I pulled back and as fast as I could, shed my clothes. With my clothes off, I fell beside her and once again began kissing and stroking her.

When she was breathing heavily again, I sat up and positioned myself between her legs. I saw the alarm in her face at the same instant she sat up. "Please don't, I don't want to get pregnant," she pleaded with a scared look on her face.

"Is that all you are afraid of?" I replied. "Yes, Kenny, I love you but I don't want to get pregnant. I reached for the bag of Trojans and inserts. Opening the three bags, I handed them to her for inspection.

"OH, you really want to do it with me don't you." "I really do, but I didn't want to be a father at age fifteen either," I replied. She carefully read the instructions in the package of inserts, then opened one of the little foil packages.

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She slid it inside herself, then looked at me. "I think we should use a rubber too," I said as I tore the package open. She watched intently as I rolled it onto my throbbing cock.

Having completed the preparations, I knelt over her once again. This time, a kind of frightened smile, and a look of apprehension rewarded me. "Do you really want to do it?" I asked. "Yes, Kenny, I really want to do it with you. I've always wanted you to be the first boy I ever made love to, she whispered. "I've always wanted to be the first one to make love to you too," I replied and I always wanted you to be the first one to money big black by xxx love to me too." I lowered my hips until Sex 8teen sex porn com felt my cock touch the hair on her lower tummy.

Slowly I pulled back until I felt it slide down her slit. "There, that's the place, there, there!" whispered Deanne urgently. I pressed forward, feeling my cock becoming engulfed in a hot slick tunnel. I watched her face intently as I moved slowly inward. I saw no sign of pain, even though I had heard horror stories of boys doing it with girls the first time and having to take them to the hospital to get the bleeding stopped.

I vowed that I would stop before that could happen. Deanne had a kind of scared and puzzled look as I pressed deeper and deeper. Suddenly, I became aware that our bones had come together and I was in as deep as I could go. I stopped for a few seconds, watching her face. "Are you OK?" I asked. "Oh yes, yes," lets do it." She whispered. I began thrusting, but in my elena koshkas foreign pussy fuck from behind interracial pornstars of excitement, I came in just a few seconds.

I could tell Deanne was disappointed, but she said it was OK. I rolled off feeling like I had just done something terrible. This wasn't what I had heard it was supposed to be like the first time. Deanne was supposed to go wild when she felt my cock, and scream and thrash around so hard I would get bucked off. Instead, it was a big let down. We lay together for several minutes when Deanne asked if I would kiss her and play with her breasts. I complied, and at the same time she began playing with my half-mast cock.

Before long, she was breathing heavily, and my cock was raging hard again. "Let's do it again," she urged. I jumped back between her legs and started lowering myself into position.

The cum in the rubber heightened the sensation, but I could tell that I wasn't going to come nearly as quickly as last time. I couldn't find the right place at first, so she took my cock and guided it home. It just slid right in, so I started pumping in and out. I started to go faster, but Deanne put her hands on my bottom and by pressure slowed me down.

Pretty soon, she began thrusting her pussy up to meet my forward strokes. I kept pumping and pumping, feeling the early stirring of my come begin. About that time, Deanne began thrusting into me harder and faster. She grabbed me in a bear hug and clung on tight. I was just about to come, so made about three more hard thrusts before collapsing on her gasping for breath.

"Wow, that was a lot better!" exclaimed Deanne. "It sure was, "I agreed. We lay in each other's arms for about half an hour before fear and logic began to take over. Before long, we had dressed and headed back for the street.

I hid the Doctor stuff in the trees and made sure we left no sign of having been there, other than what kids might have left while playing. For the rest of the summer, we found excuses to be examined about twice a week, even though we both agreed that we would like to do it every day.

When school started, and it began to get colder, it was much more difficult, but we did come up with a number of innovative ways. One time we got so desperate that we did it on the sleeping bag lying on the snow!