Curvy slut chanel preston takes anal pounding pornstars and hardcore

Curvy slut chanel preston takes anal pounding pornstars and hardcore
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Oh So Friendly My initiation into the world of sex began one evening when I saw my parents naked while they watched a porn movie. It ended the next day with my younger sister. She was four and I was almost six. The evening it all started my folks had a fuck and suck movie on the DVD player.

I woke up and came in and sat beside my dad while he and Mom watched it. He did not notice me, his eyes were glued the big screen TV across the room from the couch. They were both naked. Mom stared at the TV and played with Dad's cock. The movie was about two kids barely in their early teens if even that. They were fucking and sucking their horny little blonde big tits passion and amateur brunette double penetration boom heads the bass out.

"Oh yes!" Dad said in a hoarse whisper. He shifted toward Mom and she took his cock in her mouth. As her lips traveled up and down Dad's cock She looked up and saw me staring her in the face for the first time.

Slowly she opened her mouth and let Dad's cock drop out. "Well damn!" She stared back, just a little embarrassed, "What are you doing out of bed?" She giggled a little self consciously and told Dad, "Hank, we got an audience." Dad looked down at me as I sat quietly beside him.

"Hey, you little shit, what are you doing out of bed?" Dad grinned at me, not the least bit embarrassed. He put a hand on the back of Mom's head and urged her to continue the blow job. She looked at me, resisted a little, then put his cock back in her mouth and began to suck some more. I sat there and watched in total fascination. This was all new to me. I wanted Mom to suck me next.

I already knew it felt good to play with myself. She just showed me another possibility. Mom got a glazed look in her eyes as Dad cum in her mouth. She moaned and closed her eyes. She sucked harder and swallowed.

"Okay sport, show's over. Get your ass back to bed." He grinned at me and looked down at mom, resting her face in his lap. "That felt kinky as hell for him to watch us. It reminded me of That kid Ramon we met on our honeymoon.

His sister had to bring him along because she was baby sitting. Remember?" "How could I forget? He licked all your cum out of me and started on his sister. Nine years old and already he was insatiable." "Go to bed," Dad told me in a stern voice, so I went.

The next morning I came down for breakfast naked. "Would you suck me, please Mom?" That was the first but not the last time I begged for sex. She laughed, "You little devil. Ask me again when you're at least ten years old.

I like young studs, but not five year olds. That is just a little too young." She grinned and got down on her knees and gave my little cock a few sucks. "Now you know what you have to look forward to." Those thrills almost brought me to my knees.

I sat at the table, still naked and ate cold cereal. I wanted my cock sucked some more. As soon as I finished I put my bowl in the sink and started to go back upstairs.

"Find out what it is with your sister. Tell her to get down here if yong lads leaking slots pussy striptease and hardcore wants to eat." Mom went into the front room and turned on the television. When I entered Chrissie's room she was already out of bed but was still in just her panties and nothing else.

She was a standard four year old, pudgy, bland and quiet. I crawled up on her bed and told her, "Come here." She crawled up beside me and asked, "What?" My little peter got hard and I said, "Suck it." "Why?" She eyed my hard on. "Please?" I begged. She did not answer; instead she crawled down and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck.

She nursed it like it was a baby bottle. She started and just kept on sucking. "Chrissie!" Mom yelled. "You get your butt down here if you want to eat breakfast." She stopped sucking and went downstairs to eat.

That was the end of my first ever blow job. Mom's few playful sucks did not count. A little over three years later Dad caught her sucking my cock. He did not say a word; he turned around and left. He brought Mom back up with him and showed her. "She takes after you," Dad told Mom. "How long have they been doing it?" "I didn't even know they were doing anything." She looked at Dad. "Hey, stud only girl hath mithun story download, that is your daughter there.

Let's cool that shit right now." "Let's talk about it later," Dad said. I do not know what they talked about but a week later Chrissie started to give Dad blow jobs on a regular basis. Mom was not too certain she liked it when Dad fucked his six year old daughter's mouth. However, Chrissie did not seem to mind so Mom kept quiet. **** On my tenth birthday I reminded Mom what she told me that morning I asked her to suck my cock. "Mom, you said you would suck my cock when I was ten. I'm ten.

Please?" I smiled my winningest smile at her and she laughed. "Later," she said. Since Chrissie sucked me on a regular basis I did not feel the great urgency. After all I would have Chrissie, so I figured okay, later. Chrissie and I began sleeping together every night. Then I started fucking her not long after Dad started to cum in her mouth.

Dad had another brainstorm and decided it would be great for me to fuck Chrissie dog fashion while she sucked his dick. Mom got out one of her vibrators and worked her pussy over while Dad and I did Chrissie together. "God, that is so hot, to watch you three." By then all four of us watched porn together. A few times Mom rubbed Chrissie's little pussy mound while we watched everything from Dogs fucking young girls to Dads filling eight and nine year olds with their cocks.

It was not so much that Mom got off on little girls as she was being affectionate. Mom began to let me stick my young cock in her ass while we watched movies. I cum for the first time in my mother's ass when I was eleven. The next morning she gave me one of her infrequent blow jobs. I cum in her mouth for the first time and she said I was becoming quite the young man.

That night at bedtime I cum in Chrissie's sweet young pussy. We did it every night almost after that. Finally she had her first orgasm and went wild. She asked Dad to start screwing her. Mom said it was okay with her and after that Chrissie got too loose and sloppy for me.

Dad had stretched the hell out of her little pussy by the time he got his cock into her. Mom and I watched them fuck for the first time. He could barely get the tip of his big club in her. Mom kissed her sore little pussy and told her and Dad she would use a vibrator on Chrissie to open her up more. It took two weeks for Dad to open her up and get all the way in her.

Then Chrissie had her first sleep over. Three of her friends from school spent the weekend. I was thirteen and the friends were three sisters, eight, nine and eleven. I was supposed to sleep in my old room while the girls made pallets on the floor in Chrissie's room. I got restless and stayed downstairs after the girls went to bed. Dad had purchased a few new movies and I stayed in the den and watched an old classic, "Debbie Does Dallas." Since we lived in Dallas, I felt more connected to the movie.

Kim, the eleven year old sister woke up and went to the bathroom. Then she heard me watching the TV downstairs. She came down and asked, "What are you watching?" Then she looked at the screen. "Oh wow, do your folks know you watch their movies?

My mom gets real pissed when she catches us." I did not answer her. Instead I patted the couch beside me and said, "Sit here and watch with me." She hesitated. "What if your folks come downstairs and catch us." "Don't worry, Mom and Dad went over to some friends' house and won't be back until late. Or they might just spend the night with their friends." The truth was, Mom and Dad were swingers and loved to party with other couples.

Of course what they did with us kids was a secret from all outsiders. "Well, okay." She sat and I got my first look at her. She had on a shorty nightie that came way past her knees when she sat down beside me. I saw her puffy starter size little tits that would be great for sucking in another year or so.

Right then I wanted to zero in on her pussy. I waited until her attention was on the movie before I made my move. I slipped my hand up under her nightie and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She spread her legs a little and kept watching a girl get fucked by a xxx big black cock storys free b. "Oh Jesus, do people really do that stuff in real life?" She had never seen a puppy love show before.

"That is so hot to look at." "You ever want to do it with a dog?" I asked. Chrissie said no and shook her head without taking her eyes from the screen. She was really into that German shepherd plowing his big pointy dick into that girl about her age. Finally she answered me without looking away from the screen. "I don't think so.

I never had sex before and I don't want to start with a dog. It is real hot to watch though." I slipped a finger inside her panties and fingered her pussy. "You never had sex before?" That sounded real strange to me. I thought all families did like mine did and just kept it a secret.

"Well, not exactly. Sometimes my dad comes up behind me and puts his arms around me and feels my pussy a little. That's all, though. You are doing more right now than he ever did. "Mom caught him once and jumped his ass.

Now he's real careful." "Take your panties off while I put another disk on to play." I told her and got up. "Why?" she asked. "You need to have your panties off to really enjoy the movie coming on." I decided I wanted to fuck her. I took my clothes off and stood naked in front stunning bombshell masturbates on some steps masturbation brunette her.

She looked like she was about to run. She looked at my cock as it got hard. "I don't know," she said. "I don't know if I ought to." "Here, I'll help you." I grabbed the hem of her nightie and lifted it straight up. It was a reflex with her to raise her arms and I lifted it right off.

I dropped to my knees and slipped her panties down and licked her pussy. "Ohhh!" she exclaimed. "Step out of your panties." She did. "Lie down on the floor." She did. I pulled her legs apart and crawled between them. Then I positioned myself and started to tongue fuck her pussy.

She whimpered as I stuck my tongue in as far as I could.

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I teased her clit with my nose and licked her ass hole. She brought her legs way up and I stuck my tongue further in her tight little hole. She moaned and grabbed the back of my head. "Let go," I told her. She released me and I got up off the floor and went over to an end table. The folks kept a tube of lubricant there just in case.

I greased up my dick on the way back and slipped a dab in her ass. She made a warbling sound as I worked my finger in and out of her butt hole.

Then, just like I had done with Chrissie two years before I went slow as I eased my cock in her ass and kept it going in slow and easy until I was all the way in. Then I started the trip back out.

Once she got used to my cock I started to speed up a this teen is a real dirty slave faster and a little faster until I was slamming in and out until she cried, "No More." I cum and pulled out.

"You okay?" I asked. "Uh huh," she answered shyly. "That was good. I had you stop because the thrill was too much for me when you went so fast.

I got some tissues out of the box on the end table and wiped her ass clean of the cum and lubricant. Mom told me many women liked it when the guy wiped up the mess. She whispered, naughty america sister sex of brother like that." She had just become addicted to butt fucking.

Chrissie enjoyed it, but this girl was going to crave it. She said it was "intimate." I wiped my cock off good and tossed the tissues in the trash can under the end table. Dad called that little table our "fuck station." It had all the tools for good sex. Kim refused to let me fuck her pussy.

We watched the movie together and I played with her titties and stuck a finger inside her pussy and tickled her clit. That was all. When the movie was over she started to go back upstairs. "Kim?" I called. She stopped and turned back toward me. "What?" "You better put your panties and nightie back on." I grinned and added a little advice, "The next time your dad feels your pussy, feel his cock. He will like that a lot." She grinned and nodded and went back upstairs. I put the movies away and lay back down naked and went asleep on the floor.

When I woke up in the morning, ten year old Brenda was playing with my cock. I stretched and said, "Suck it." She jerked her hand away and started to get up. She was scared. "I… I never did that before but you were asleep and I… I…" She was embarrassed and scared. She had on her panties and nothing else. "Come here," I told her. "Go ahead and put it in your mouth. Just a little." "I never did that before." She was not against the idea, just unsure.

"Wait till I put another movie on. My young peter was hard and aching as I walked across the room to the TV and put another movie on. It was about a girl sucking her brother's cock. I took her hand and urged her to stand up, When she did I pulled her panties down and had her lay back down next to me.

"You going to lick my pussy?" she asked. "You ever had anybody do it to you before?" "Just Grandpa. He did it a little and Mom caught us and yelled at him that she did not want me to get eaten out by him. She said he used to eat her all the time and he was too old for that shit. She made him go home." I sat on the floor and leaned back against the couch. "Come here and sit between my legs," I told her. She started to sit down in front of me. I grabbed her hips and eased her back a little and brought her down on my cock.

"Ouch!" she exclaimed. I eased my way inside her. It was tight like Chrissie used to be. Finally I got all the way in her. It felt like I was being squeezed by a fist. I worked my way around in her and she loosened up a little. I played with her tiny tittie buds and reached down and fingered her clit. Finally I cum and eased her off of me.

"Suck it," I said. She had watched the movie all the time we fucked. She did not answer. She turned around and took my cummy cock in her mouth and began to suck. She sucked and I cum again in short order.

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She had no problem swallowing. Some girls are natural born cum drinkers and some aren't. She was. "Don't you tell anybody what we just did," she told me. "I don't have to," I told her. "They are over standing in the door watching." "Oh!" she squealed. Cindy, her eight year old sister grinned. "You can fuck me if you want." She looked down at my cock. Then I noticed Chrissie was rubbing Kim's ass. She had a hand up under Kim's nightie and it looked like Kim was getting her ass finger fucked.

Kim stood with her eyes closed and got her ass probed by Chrissie's loving finger. "Come here," I told Cindy. She came over and I pulled her panties down. She looked at the others and said, "Let's all get naked. The others took their nighties and panties off. This was the trajan x same of jane time I was undressed with a bunch of naked girls around me. It made me harder. Cindy looked down at me and grinned. "You think you can get this in you?" I asked her as my cock had started to get hard again.

She had no tits at all, but her puffy, pouty pussy lips sure looked enticing. "Sure," she said. "Roger at school gets his cock in me all the time. "You fuck?" Kim asked Cindy in a surprised voice. "I been fucking Roger since school started. His cock is smaller than yours," she told me.

But I can get it in all right." Actually she was easier to get into than Brenda. She started to wiggle her little ass around and fucked like an old pro. She loved cock and it showed in the way she responded. She grunted like an animal and scratched my back with her fingernails. Just as I cum in her I heard Dad say, "What is going on in here?" I rolled off of Cindy and onto my back.

"Hi Dad," I said. Then I noticed that Chrissie had one of Mom's vibrators in Kim's ass, the one that was shaped like a dick. Kim was moaning and did not even hear Dad. When Chrissie pulled it out Kim opened her eyes and stared up into dad's amused eyes. Brenda jumped up, cum leaking down her legs. "Oh please don't tell our folks. Mom will kill us. Kim hurried over and said, "Please?" Mom brought Cindy over to the couch and pulled her own dress off. It was all she had on.

She told Cindy to lay down on the couch. Then I saw Mom eat Cindy's pussy. I was all fucked out right then so I watched. Mom licked all the cum from the inside of Chrissie's legs and slurped out her cunt.

That was the first time Mom ate pussy. "Do Kim in the ass, Dad," Chrissie said. "She loves it." Dad grinned and took off his pants and shirt. "Oh, it's so big!" Kim exclaimed. I don't know if it will go inside me." Brenda grabbed his cock and asked, "If I suck you, will you not tell on us?" Her head was still on her mother finding out.

Dad patted her head and she bent over and took him in her mouth. Brenda got Dad's cock in her mouth but it was too thick to really give him a good suck. "Don't do any more," Dad told her. "Your teeth are scraping me." She nodded and went over to watch mom and Cindy.

Dad got the lubricant out of the table drawer and applied it to his dick and to Kim while she stood in the middle of the room looking scared. "Come here," he told her as he lay down on the floor on his back. "I want you to sit down on my cock and ease it inside you a little bit at a time. You take all the time you need and if home alone bhabhi on cam chat masturbation and striptease hurts too much, get off." She gulped and sat down on his cock facing him.

She eased herself down a little bit and stopped. Then a little more went in and a little more after that. With about four inches in her she stopped. "I… I can't… any more." "Lean forward on my chest," Dad told her. Kim hugged herself tight against Dad's chest with his cock still stuck in her ass.

He rolled her over until he was on top and began to slow fuck her. He fucked her with slow, in and out strokes that never stopped and never hurried. "Fuck me!" she screamed. I watched while Dad fucked Kim and Mom altermately.

Brenda and Cindy fooled around with each other, sort of exploring possibilities. When Dad cum in Kim's ass I brought more tissues and wiped her ass and the insides of her legs clean. "Let's take a shower," I told her. She could hardly walk when I helped her to her feet. I let her lean on me as we walked to the bathroom on the ground floor next to the den.

"You hurt bad?" I asked her. She nodded, "A little." I spread the cheeks of her ravaged ass so the hot water could run down her crack. She sighed, "That feels good. I want my dad to do this to me." "Get him to French kiss you first," I suggested. I thought and added, "Make sure your Mom isn't at home." The hot shower revived her. We dried off and rejoined the rest. They were all laying around on the floor, plain fucked out. When Kim went upstairs to get dressed the other girls followed.

I told Mom and Dad what Kim told me about her Dad copping feels and what Brenda said about their grandfather and what her mother said to him.

They nodded. I figured the girl's parents would be partying with them in not time at all. By the time Dad drove them home Sunday afternoon, those three girls wanted sex regular. Cindy said, "I want more guys to fuck me at school." Her sisters nodded. When we stopped in front of their house, their folks came out to greet us. "Come in for a while," their mom invited us. The girls went up to their room and did whatever girls do.

Then my dad and their dad went into their front room and talked sports. I was left alone in the kitchen with their mom. She was a good looking woman not quite thirty-five. She had on a conservative bikini. I saw the expanses of white flesh as it shifted on her. The damned thing was baggy. Whoever heard of a baggy bikini before? "Your skin tans real nice," I told her as I checked her out. "It is beautiful. Mom has a nice all over tan, but I think your tan is better. The color, anyway." You could see her preen as she heard my praise.

"You think so?" she simpered. "Oh yes, you have a golden tan that only a real blond can get. You have beautiful hair too." I piled the bullshit on and she ate it up like a starving person at a feats. Mom had told me that when a person, especially a woman does not get complimented much she really goes for the all the praise she does get. This woman was no exception. I told her how great her features were and how she looked more like a teenager than the mother of three. Finally it was time to move in for the kill.

"Even in that big old bathing suit I can see you don't have any stretch marks. Too bad it covers so much of you." "So much of me? What do you mean?" She wanted more admiration. "Well, what Mom did to get an all over tan was to cut her bikini top until it covered just what it had to. At first she tucked it in on the top and bottom. Can I show you?" "Well," she said in a reluctant voice.

I don't know. You are a little young to be…" I interrupted her, "Oh I would never get fresh or anything. But I used to help Mom get her all over tan. I rubbed the oil into her back and stuff." It was not time to say that the "And stuff" was rewarded with blow jobs. "Well, what do you mean?" She was hooked and did not know it. "May I?" I asked and tucked the bikini top in where I could. I let my japanese schoolgirl classroom lesbians japanese schoolgirl classroom lesbians pussylicking caress her breasts just a little as I tried to adjust it.

Then I stopped and asked, "You know what is wrong here?" "No, what?" "Your top is all wrong for your body. It has wires for support and you don't need any. Beautiful teen crumpet rubs wet crack hardcore and russian are beautiful without them." "You think so?" "Oh yes. Do you have two bandannas?" Now was the time to get her interested in me and not in my compliments.

Most women fantasize about doing a teen age boy. She was no exception. She just did not realize I was going to be her fantasy come true. "They are in the dresser," she told me. "Let's get them," I told her. She led the way into her bedroom. She opened a dresser drawer and removed two bandannas.

I knotted them together and began to fold them. "Here, put these on in place of that ugly old top." "With you in here?" she asked. "Oh shoot, I help my mom all the time. I'm not going to stare at you." Again I gave her my "I am here to help you" smile. She undid the bikini top and let it drop. At the same time she tried to bring the bandannas up to cover her. In her haste she dropped everything. "Oh migod!" I exclaimed. "Yours are beautiful!" Then I looked up into her eyes and said, "You are a very beautiful lady." She dropped her hands to her sides and stood straighter.

"You really think so?" She was starved for appreciation. "You have nipples every bit as nice as the ones on my girl friends. They are sexy massage babe and client bath blowjob than most and your breasts don't sag hardly a bit. You are so beautiful." Then I did what was natural and sucked each nipple just a little. Before she could recover her senses and stop me, I dropped to my knees and slipped those loose bottoms off her. I spread her cunt lips and began to lick her clit.

She loved it. My tongue brought her off twice and I stood. "We better stop before we get caught." "Ah, yes, we better stop." I sucked her tits again and picked her top off the floor. She put it on, still in a daze. She stepped back into her bikini bottom. I drew her head down and let her taste her own pussy juices on my lips. "Can I come over tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes. But we have to be careful, the girls might…" She paused. "I'll get Chrissie to invite them over to our house and we can crissy moon is a super cute newbie after school. If you pick me up after last class we can have more time together." She nodded and I went back into their front room to listen to the two grown up argue sports.

We left right after I came into the room and headed home. "Well," Dad asked. "What did you find to talk about?" "Her tan," I answered. "Her tan? Now that must have been interesting as hell." "Well, yeah it did. It got more interesting after I got her naked and ate her pussy." I felt pretty smug right then.

"No shit? You ate her out? Tell me." "I started by complimenting her on her beautiful tan and then we discussed tan lines and how Mom avoided them.

Then I started to show her how she could make a halter that would only cover her nipples. "She is going to pick me up after school and discuss her tan lines some more." I laughed at his expression.

"Chrissie is going to invite the girls to come over for dinner so I have time to do her right." "You little fucker, where did you learn how to do all that shit?" "Mom taught me." He laughed. As soon as we were in the door Dad had to tell Mom what I had done when we took the girls home.

"This kid is going to knock up half the female population in this town if he keeps on going like he is now." She was waiting for me when I came out of the school house. I waved at her and ran over to get in her van. "He is going to be working three hot lesbians vibrating at the gym this evening so we have a lot of time to be together." Then in the next breath she said, "I don't know if this is a good idea.

I never had sex with a kid since I grew up." I reached up under her skirt. Her pussy was naked. I began to play with it and she sped up to get home faster.

No more was said about whether this was a good idea or not. She hurried me into the bedroom and got undressed. I slipped my gym shorts off and she pulled my tee shirt off of me. There was no foreplay. She positioned herself in the middle of the bed and I started at her pussy and began to explore it with my tongue.

She whimpered and kept getting louder and wilder as she had orgasm after orgasm. She finally screamed, "Enough!" I took that as my hint to fuck her.

"Wait," she said. "I want to suck you." I went over on my back and old women fuck porn in nigeria came over on her belly and took me in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on my six inch peter and she kept a steady vacuum as she worked her tongue all around the head.

She had a lot of experience from somewhere. Not from her husband though. When I cum she sucked me dry. "I haven't done that since Papa…" she caught herself too late. "Did he eat your pussy too?" I asked. "Yes," she said in a sad voice. "Then Mama came into my room and caught us and started to scream at him. Then she screamed at me about how filthy I was. He slapped her and told her to shut up. I never did it any more after that with Papa or anyone else." She laughed, "Well, not until now." "Well, you sure haven't forgotten how.

You are real good." We lay side by side on the bed and she asked, "Have you ever messed around with my girls?" "Yes, a little." "With Kim?" "Uh huh." "With Brenda?" "Uh huh." "Not Cindy." "Yes. She loves to fuck." I told her. Now that she and I had sex and she admitted about her and her father, I knew all she needed was to get used to the idea her girls loved sex.

"What did you do with Kim?" she asked. She sounded pissed and curious at the same time. "We went sixty-nine and then I did her in the ass. She loves it there. She wants her dad to do her ass." "Oh migod! She really said that?" "Well, you have caught her and her dad when he played with her pussy." "Yes and I yelled at them," she told me all prim and proper. "Just like your mom yelled at you." I knew right then what her problem was. Remember, just because kids are kids does not mean they can't think and put two and two together.

"Just like my mama yelled at me." She was silent a moment and said, "Oh dear." I sucked on her nipples for a bit and she asked, "What did you do with Brenda? Did you get her in the behind also?" "We just went oral. She wants her dad to be the first old tharki baba rubbing his maid m behind n seduced n fuccked in her pussy." I felt her stiffen again.

"She likes the taste of cum." "You said you actually stuck it in Cindy? Didn't it hurt her?" "She has already been having sex since school started.

I was bigger than she was used to, but she liked it." I tried to keep my voice calm like we were talking about the weather instead of fucking her daughters. "What are they doing over at your house, do you think?" She had started to get nervous again.

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"They are probably fucking and sucking," I told her. "Let's go," she said and rolled off the bed. She was working up a bunch of anger.

It did not matter she had been having sex with a thirteen year old boy, she wanted to "protect" her daughters. We got dressed and drove to my house. When we got there I thought it looked like the set for a fuck movie. Mom had her face buried in Brenda's Pussy. Cindy was sucking Dad's cock and Chrissie was applying lotion to Kim's asshole. I knew what she had been doing.

Mom got up from Brenda and greeted us. With a soul kiss. Mom never gave her a chance to start bitching about her daughters. She had the woman undressed and hugged her close. My mom had them going sixty-nine in seconds. The poor woman gave up. "Come here, Sweetheart," Mom cooed and motioned for Cindy to come over. Cindy buried her face in her mother's cunt and began to lick. We all gathered around and natural beauties dana dearmond and melissa moore iin asslicking sex brunette lesbian as she had sex for the first time with her daughters.

The other two wanted a turn and then Dad came over and started to fuck her. She exploded emotionally and passed out. The massive multiple orgasms Dad gave her was too much for her nervous system. I took Cindy's hand and led her over to the other side of the room and started to fuck her again. More than any of the others I wanted Cindy and Brenda. That evening was when I started to love little girls.

Oh I still liked sex with older girls and adult women, but young girls became my first passion. The girls' dad called over to our house. Kim answered the phone and said, "You want to come over and fuck, Daddy." She looked at us and added, "He hung up." Five minutes later he came in without knocking. Brenda rushed up and said, "Daddy, I saved my cherry for you. Let's fuck." Kim smiled and said, "I want you to eat my pussy." Cindy grinned and told him, I want to suck your cock. You're too big to fuck me.

Just then his wife screamed, "I'm cumming! Oh god, I'm cumming!" "My boy just fucked your wife and then brought her over here. You better get your clothes off before the pussy is all gone." "Daddy, you can play with my pussy all you want after this. We can do other things too." She stood on tip-toe and puckered up for a kiss. Mom came over and tugged at his belt. Kim tugged at his hand.

"Sit down on the floor, Daddy." Mom got his pants and shorts down around his ankles and he lost his balance and hit the floor on his ass. Brenda and Kim each took one of his shoes and removed them.

Mom slipped his pants and shorts off his legs and sat down beside him. She started to give him one of her special blowjobs. Kim straddled his face and Chrissie sucked my cock. After that both our families and a couple of other families got together. Everyone agreed to keep the sex among the group only.

There were too many diseases floating around. We had about twenty girls in the group under twelve. The youngest was six. I concentrated on them. Mom noticed and smiled. When I left home to go to college, Mom cautioned me again, "Be very careful who you mess with. You get caught with an eight year old and you will be in deep trouble." I heeded her advice… **** End Part One