Western chikan veronique full white top and story

Western chikan veronique full white top and story
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Brian was lying on his back and stared to the ceiling with blank eyes. He could not believe how good he was feeling and savoured every second that passed. Karen had returned from her nightly adventure at about 10 in the morning. Horny lesbian babes jenny poussin and alexis capri getting hot together naked 8, when he had received the video that depicted her, fucking the Norwegian guy she had picked up at the club, he had been awake and watching it over and over with a massive erection.

He had refrained from jerking off though because when Karen returned, Brian channelled all his lust at her. Karen rolled onto her fiancé now and cuddled up to him. Her tits were pressed against his chest and cum was flowing out of her pussy onto Brian's thigh. "I love you so very much" Karen whispered and slowly kissed Brian just beneath his collar bone. She was tired and closed her eyes, resting her head on Brian's upper body.

Brian smiled lightly but kept staring at the ceiling. He placed a hand on Karen's ass and gently caressed it when he said, in a state of deep relaxation: "Tell me a little about it…about what's not on the video" Karen was barely awake but replied with weak yet happy voice: "We had sex three times…in the morning he couldn't really get it up so that doesn't count…during the night, he asked if he could put it in my ass but I said no&hellip.I let him cum on face instead…I really want to find someone for you now…" As he listened to her slowly spoken words, Brian felt his dick move.

He was too relaxed to act upon it and seeing that Karen needed a rest, he let her sleep in his arms instead. Just before she faded away he told her with great affection: "I love you, too" … In the afternoon, Brian and Karen encountered Anna and Paul in the hall and the four decided to spend the afternoon together at the pool side of the hotel.

As Paul had mentioned to Brian, sightseeing wasn't so important to them and since Brian and Karen also wanted to spend a calm day after a long night, it seemed perfect to just relax together.

They ordered drinks and sat in the sun by the water. The men talked about everything from sports to politics. The girls discussed their previous travelling experiences. At some point, Paul looked at the girls for a while as he took a sip from his cocktail and then leaned over to Brian. Discreetly he smirked at him and asked about the outfit Karen was wearing the night before. Brian loved that he seemed a bit jealous, although blonde Anna was objectively a little prettier than Karen.

"Sometimes we like to play around" Brian said quietly.

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The events of last night those he witnessed and those he only could imagine were playing in his head but he avoided to go into details. "Especially on occasions like this.far away from home, anonymously, no regrets you now." Paul nodded with a big grin and gave Brian a friendly nudge on the shoulder with his fist.

"That's good" he said as if he understood exactly what Brian meant by play around although Paul wasn't entirely clear what he meant besides Karen wearing a slutty outfit.

"How about you two?" Brian inquired in the spirit of naughty secret exchange. "Well, the sex is awesome but we don't do anything I'd consider special" Paul said and Brian could sense that the 31-year-old wanted to add some sort of spicy detail to compete with other couple but he stopped himself from doing so.

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Brian slowly nodded and through his shades looked over to the girls who were talking and giggling. They both looked superb in their bikinis; Karen had the bigger tits and rounder curves but Anna the slimmer, firmer body. "They seem to get along really well, don't you think?" he then asked with mysterious voice and smirk. … Once again Brian was stared at the ceiling blissfully, feeling satisfaction running through his body. "I admire you…I love and simply admire you" he grinned and turned his head to Karen.

"You're not still drunk, are you, love?" she giggled and walked through the bedroom, picking up stuff from the floor. Then she jumped onto the bed and sat right next to Brian.

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She seemed energetic and filled with joy. "You have to tell me…" Brian said "What?" "Everything. I just want to know how you orchestrate such a perfect thing." "Be more concrete, darling" she laughed.

"Okay…where did you go?" "This bar we checked out the other day, the one with the lion head hanging over the counter." "How long did it take you to spot her?" Brian asked, still looking at the ceiling rather than at his girlfriend directly. "About half an hour I'd say…" Brian smirked and nodded. "So, what made her stand out?" "Oh, I don't know. She was just cute. I like cute.

Also, she was Dutch somehow I like the Dutch, I guess" Karen bit her lip cheerfully and giggled. "And how did you get to her?" Brian whispered with a grin on his face, imagining Karen walking into this bar, then spotting the girl. "She was in a group with other friends; guys and girls. I chatted up one of the guys at first, telling him that I kind of lost my peers and so I got to hang around them for a while. That way I moved closer to her and eventually we started talking. We simply hit it off and since I'm a girl, her guards were down" Karen proudly walked Brian through the events of last night.

"But how did you get a 19 year old, quite innocent, little darling from just talking to going home with you?" Brian wondered and squinted at the ceiling.

The question he just uttered seemed to be one of the biggest riddles of all time to him. "Baby, I need to keep some secrets, wouldn't you agree?" Karen grinned and then leaned over Brian to kiss him on the mouth.

"You're right" Brian smirked. He put his hand on the back of Karen's neck and kept her close for another, long tongue kiss. "Oh, by the way…" he then remembered "I have to tell you something about Paul and Anna…" … It was the fourth night of sweet teen swoing her blow job skill couple's stay in Manila.

Brian was sitting in the hotel bar by himself having a drink. He looked at his wristwatch and decided to stay a little longer. Brian being a handsome young man; some women their age ranging widely looked over to him from time to time, hoping that something might develop. But Brian ignored them. Since his proposal to Karen he could not be flattered by the interest of any other female; other than in the confinements of Karen's and his little games, that was.

After almost exactly another 15 minutes, Brian eventually took the elevator upstairs. He took all the time in the world to walk down the hall towards his and Karen's room. The time was just past 1 a.m. and Brian decided not to rush things. He eventually ended up wandering around the floor. As he walked back towards their room, Brian came across Paul who was just heading towards his room. "I guess I'll run into you all week" Paul said with laughter and extended his hand By now Brian had come to like Paul quite a lot because he was simply a well-educated, well-rounded guy who seemed to have substance.

Now however, he actually didn't want to waste any more time. He looked at the door of his hotel room so close and yet so far - thinking about what was waiting for him behind it. Naturally tough, Brian greeted Paul and got into a conversation with him. Without appearing to be rushing, Brian pushed their talk towards an end quickly.

Paul didn't really notice and let himself be cut short. "I should probably get back to Anna.

She's waiting." Paul said, gave a suggestive grin and showed the bottle of Champagne he had gotten from downstairs in order to make it crystal clear that some sexy time was going to happen. "I won't be in your way" Brian laughed and shook Paul's hand once more in a spirited way. "Goodnight" Paul whistled with a nod but as the men were about to go separate ways, a big "Although" appeared on his face and Paul calmly raised his index finger.

"One thing…" he said with low voice and Brian listened. "I was just thinking and tell me if I'm out of bounds …" Paul started in his very clear-cut way and continued in a direct, calm manner "…ehm…are you and Karen swingers by any chance?" Paul tilted his head slightly but didn't react much more immediately.

"I picked up this vibe…you know" Paul smirked and although he paused for a moment, he continued before Brian could give a reply: "Well, if you are, I'd be willing to share Dillion carter you are next bro the previous client with you, if you'd send Karen my way" There was a certain confidence in Paul's quite accurate assumption that made Brian respect him deeply.

For a few moments then, the prospect of sleeping with Anna came into his head. He could imagine how great she would look naked and how her tender, full lips would feel on his cock. "Tempting…" Brian eventually stated "…I will get back to you tomorrow, alright, man?" Paul could respect that answer and nodded with confidence.

"I will see you around" he winked and then made his way to his room. Brian's mind was running wild and excitement overcame him. He needed a minute to focus. First things first, he told himself and then got out the key card to his and Karen's room. He took a breath, smirked and then opened the door.