Busty brunette minx receives a messy facial

Busty brunette minx receives a messy facial
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My name is Keith and this is the story of how my little sister Karen turned from an innocent girl to a cock loving whore. Chapter 1 It all began when we were in our early teens when I was 16 and she was 14. Our family is pretty well off and we live in a nice 3 story house with swimming pool, BBQ pits and a small tennis court. My parents made it big during the internet boom and having now retired, they enjoy going on travels on their yacht and are fine with leaving me and my sister at home.

Up to the age of 12, both of us were home-schooled and our parents hired tutors to ensure that we caught up with other kids in school. As we were home most of the time, Karen and I were very close and we confided almost everything with each other. She told me that mom had put her on pills after her 13 birthday.

Last year, they decided that we should be in school and enrolled us in the local high school which caters to both our grades. At first it was a culture shock as we struggled to fit into the school system. However as weeks passed, we managed to make some friends and I made 2 close friends who share the god gave me this great ass to get fucked visual purr suasion interest as me. Karen, on the other hand, got into the school volleyball team and was enjoying her school more and more.

Easter break came and our parents decided to leave me and Karen at home for 3 weeks as they go for another of their long vacation on their yacht, leaving us with enough money to look after ourselves. It was the first day after they left when I invited my 2 best friends over. We were playing videogames when Karen walked in from her volleyball practice.

"Hi boys, would you like to swim in a while after I go get changed and washed up after my practice?" Karen asked. My friends agreed as she went up the stairs. I noticed that my 2 friends, Tim, 16, and Zach, 17, continued to stare at Karen and were following her up the stairs with their eyes. Karen has grown up to be a beauty just like mom and now at 14; she is a stunning blonde with shoulder-length hair with a pair of lovely blue eyes.

She is slim, 5'6 with perfectly shaped b-cup tits and a hot body to die for. Karen works out a lot as she is in the volleyball team and always wanted to try out for cheer team. We then stopped the game and when to change as Tim and Zach discussed how hot my sister was getting. The few months after we got to know each other, Zach introduced us to porn and shared his stash of porn videos with us.

We got all hard and horny and jacked off while watching the shows. Zach was the only one not a virgin and had a pretty girlfriend whom he would fuck when not with us. We got changed and got into the pool and was splashing around waiting for Karen to arrive. She arrived 10 minutes later and was wrapped in a towel and a loose top and had her hair tied in a ponytail.

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We stopped playing and watched as Karen took off her shirt and towel revealing her bikini body and got into the pool. Karen it seems was going through sex education class in school and was very curious about her body.

She confided in me a few weeks ago and we chatted about it in some aspect and I was getting hard when talking to her about sex. I told her that Zach was more experience in it and she should ask him. As we were all in the pool, Karen suggested that we play knights, where one person would get on the shoulder of the other and try to knock he person off. We agreed and Karen chose to ride Tim while I had Zach on my shoulders.

The fight started and I watched as Zach did not held back trying to push Karen off Tim's back as he cooped a feel of her breast and body. It wasn't long before Karen was pushed into the water by Zach and we all laughed. We swam for a while longer before Karen spoke: "Hey Keith can I ask you something?" I nodded and she continued: "Keith just now when I was riding on Tim's shoulders, I felt a tingle down there and it was kind of amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum feeling.

I also enjoyed it when Zach touched me all over and &hellip." The boys looked up and were staring at her grinning. Zach then said: "Well Karen that means you're getting horny and excited. Do you want to learn about sex since you're getting of age?" Karen shrugged her shoulders and asked: "Would you teach me sex?" Zach smiled and replied: "Of course, but you must promise me that you will obey me and not complain and I will teach you everything about sex.

Now let's get over to the Jacuzzi and let the lesson begin." Karen agreed that she would be good and we swim towards the Jacuzzi area which is at the shallow end. Zach then had Karen sit on the steps out of the pool while we stood in the pool.

He then proceeded busty shaved cheating wife gets fucked in all holes kiss her and she opened her mouth willing to take his tongue in. As they kissed, Zach had run his hands all over Karen's body and was feeling her all over.

He broke off the kiss and said: "Now baby. Its time to get naked." Zach then helped untie Karen's top and remove her bikini panties as she sat naked in front of us. Gosh she was stunning and smooth. She had no hair on her body, no pussy hair or armpit hair. So hairless and smooth. I got a hard-on immediately and saw that Zach and Tim had as well. Zach made Karen come back to the pool and took her hand and had her take off his trunks freeing his hard cock.

He then kissed her as he took her hands and placed them on his hard dick while his fingers slowly explored her teen cunt. He fingered her for a while and Zach got out of the pool and had Karen standing in the pool facing him. He motioned for her to move towards him and open her mouth to take his dick in.

"Now girl take it slowly and suck it good. Ummmm yea baby&hellip." he moaned as Karen sucked him off. In the meantime, both I and Tim got naked and there were 3 trunks floating in the pool as we got up to Karen and started exploring her naked body in the water.

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Zach cummed in her mouth and pulled out smiling. "Now baby, lesson 2. Who do you want to take your cherry?" "Hmmm I want it to be Keith to take my cherry." Karen replied looking at me. Zach smiled and motioned us all out of the pool. He then had Karen lie on the floor and whispered something in her ears as she spread her legs.

He fingered her for a while before saying: "Ok mate she's all ready for you. I am going after you!" As I positioned my dick at Karen's pussy entrance, Karen smiled and I pushed my hard dick into her virgin pussy. "Urhhh!! Yea baby!!!" Karen screamed as my 7 inch dick fucked her virgin pussy. The two boys watched us fuck and were playing with her teen boobs. It wasn't long before I cummed in her pussy and pulled out.

"Thanks brother, it was amazing." Karen got up smiling and took my dick into her mouth. She sucked me off well and I cummed in her mouth. At that time, both Tim and Zach were jacking themselves and shot their load all over Karen's body.

Zach then made her bend over to suck Tim as he got behind her and used his fingers to feel her ass. As she concentrated on sucking Tim, Zach pushed his 8 inch dick into her rectum. She tried to scream but had Tim's dick in her mouth as both boys started dping her. I was amazed as she managed to take Zach's entire dick in her ass and was clearly enjoying herself.

Tim cummed before Zach and pulled out of her mouth as she screamed "Yeaaa&hellip. Fuck me hard…!!!" Zack soon cummed in her ass. We then help her up and went into my parent's shower which is bigger. There, we showered as a group as we took turns going at her holes.

Karen happily took us all in her mouth, pussy and ass as we soaped each other. After the shower, we dried ourselves and got onto my bed and lay there exhausted. I kissed Karen and said: "Well done babe, I am proud of you!" Zach added: "Now you have learnt the first lesson and tomorrow would be more." We let Karen rest as we ordered pizza and spent the night watching a movie and playing board games.

Karen spent the night in my bed as the boys both went home and we agreed to meet again tomorrow. Chapter lesbian sluts love to use a dildo woke up in the morning with Karen sucking me off.

"Good morning sis, how nice of you to wake me up. Now let's take a shower and get ready for the day ahead." I said as she swallowed my morning load and went into the shower with me. I fucked her once in the shower and we showered together.

We got out and got dressed as I chose a strapless dress with her tube bikini under it. I made breakfast for us and we ate it while waiting for Zach and Tim to arrive. At noon, the boys arrived and Zach brought along Rachel, his hot 15 year old girlfriend. We greeted him at the door as Karen gave both Zach and Tim a kiss while he introduced Rachel to us. Rachel is a stunning 36-29-30 brunette who has a lovely pair of c cup tits. She was the vice-captain of the school's cheerleading team.

We ate lunch as we chatted about school and lifestyle. After lunch, Karen and Rachel cleaned up while I and the boys went into the den. The girls joined us not long later and Zach said: "Now Karen darling, you will learn you r next lesson and Rachel here will teach you." We were stunned as Rachel took Karen's hand ad led her to the middle of the den.

Rachel then started kissing Karen and feeling her all over. Next, she taught Karen how to do a strip tease as we watched both girls strip and got hard instantly. Rachel then got Karen to lie down and started fingering her pussy. Karen started to moan in pleasure as Rachel took her fingers out and they were locked in a 69 eating each other's pussy out.

We got real hard and started stripping while the girls ate each other's pussy. Both girls orgasm at the same time and were smiling. Zach went up and helped both girls up and kissed Rachel: "Well done babe, told you she is a hottie!"Rachel smiled and kissed Karen. "Now let the orgy begins.

Tim and Keith you can fuck Rachel anyway you like." Zach informed us. We had both girls kneel in front of us and had them taking turns playing with our dicks with their mouths and hands until we cum and we shot our loads all over their smiling faces. Zach and Tim went and fucked Karen in her ass and pussy while I busied myself with Rachel.

We spent the whole afternoon taking turns with both girls fucking them in every hole and combinations. The girls enjoyed themselves especially Karen who moaned: "Yeses, fuck me hard. Fuck this girl well." I, Tim and Zach shot almost 5 loads each at the girls before we lay on the carpet exhausted. Tim had to leave early as he had some family gathering and he left after kissing both girls and fingering them.

We spend the next 30 minutes cleaning up and getting ready to go out. Karen wore a tube top and a short skirt which stop just above her knees. She had a halter bra and panties inside her attire.

Rachel on the other hand was sunny leoni sexcom spark bang a tank top and miniskirt. She wore panties and did not wear a bra. Both girls put on some make up and could pass for 18 while both Zach and I were in casual attire of shirt and jeans as we headed out into Zach's car and we drove into town.

"Karen sweetheart, how was your first lesbian experience? Did you enjoy it? Now I am going to expand your horizon and introduce you to more guys and more dicks. We are going to a party!" Zach said and Karen replied: "I totally love it. Rachel's pussy taste so sweet. Can I do it again Rachel?" Rachel smiled and leaned forward to kiss Karen and put her hands in her top feeling her tits. Zach drove and had one hand in Karen's skirt while my hands were busy exploring Rachel's body.

We reached our party location in 30 minutes and Zach spoke: "Well Keith and Karen welcome to the party and this is organized by some of my other friends and the only rule here is to have fun and enjoy yourselves." We got out and Zach whisper to me: both Karen and Rachel would get a good hard fucking and I advise you not to interfere when Karen gets fuck as they can get rough at times.

I was a little worried about it but Zach reassured me that it would be alright. We caught up with the girls and we both went in. To be honest, this was the first school party me and Karen attended and we were very excited. The party was in full swing when we arrived. The party was held at a club and there were waitress serving drinks and food to the guests who were mostly teens.

Zach introduced us to the host, a tall, muscular, white kid named Jackson. "Welcome my new friends enjoy the party as we are going to party all night. I booked this place and the waitress came with it. You can try them if you like at a price. There are rooms if you want to take it private if not you can do it anywhere!" Jackson told us and left us to explore the party. Rachel took Karen's hand and led her to the dance floor and Zach went off to chat with some of his mates. I was left alone and wandered about as most people were foreign to me.

I took a drink from a waitress and decided to tour the place. Some of the people were making out and some girls were topless with the boobs bouncing as they danced. I spotted one cute blonde and went up to chat with her. We chatted for a while before joining the rest on the dance floor.

I managed to get my hands on her body as I worked them up to her boobs. She smiled and whispered for me to follow her. In the meantime, Karen and Rachel were surrounded by some teens and Jackson was grinding Karen from xxx blocked sex stories 8 ench land. He soon got his hands on her body as the music slowed.

He started sniffing Karen's neck as the other boys went to Rachel and started feeling her up. Jackson then got Karen away from the group as they were both grinding slowly to the music while Rachel was surrounded by 6 guys with their hands all over her body. The guy started to play with Karen's tits and he worked her tube top down exposing her bra. Jackson continues to squeeze her tits and kissing her neck and back as Karen enjoyed his touch. She could feel his dick getting hard through his pants and was getting excited.

As the music continues, Jackson untied Karen's bra and her tits were bouncing as they danced. teen joseline wants dick and cum inside her tight pussy

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Jackson threw the bra into the crowd and started playing with her bare breasts. Rachel was on her kneel sucking off the guys who were surrounding her. I saw all this and saw Zach fucking two blondes as I followed my date into a room and started to make out with her.

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Jackson pulled Karen closer to him and started slapping her bouncing tits. He kissed her and whispered something in her ear and led her out of the dance floor with her tits showing. He took her to a room upstairs and closed the door. "Now baby, I am going to fuck you hard!" Jackson told Karen as he kissed her in her mouth before pushing her on to the bed. "Um fuck me baby!" Karen cooed as Jackson went to one drawer and took a collar out.

He attached it on Karen's neck and made Karen take his dick out. Once his dick was freed, he had Karen kneel down and start sucking him. As Karen sucked, his hands found their way up her skirt and pulled her panties down and started rubbing her bare clit. He unloaded his cum into her mouth as got her to stand up. He then sat himself on the bed and asked her to sit on his hard dick.

Karen smiled and seductively lifted up her skirt and places her pussy on his dick and started riding him. She moaned as she fucked herself on his 9 inch dick and he slapped her bouncing tits continuously.

Not long later, he cummed in her as he pushed her onto his dick. Sex xxx nose me pin dalna com was then forced to kneel with her ass facing Jackson and without warning he rammed his whole dick into her ass. Karen screamed as her ass got fucked roughly: "Uhhh-uhhh yess fuck me hard!" Jackson cummed in her ass and pulled out. He kissed Karen and had her suck him clean. After she cleaned his dick, he went up and got a leash and attached it to her collar.

His stunned Karen as she tried to protest and was slapped by Jackson. "You are such a pretty bitch and I am going to show you off. Now crawl and follow me or you will get beaten." Jackson then led Karen out of the room by her leash with her boobs dangling and cum dripping out of her rear holes.

He led her to the dance floor and the other guys who were alone came around and started to play with her. I finished fucking my cute date and went out as I saw my collared sister tied to a post and getting fucked by various guys. There was a line to fuck her and she was not the only girl collared and tied to a post entertaining the guys.

Rachel hot couple playing and chatting on webcam several other girls were servicing the guys present.

I walked and lined myself behind the guy fucking Karen's ass and waited. I saw Zach cuddling two blondes watching the show. The fucking and the party lasted till the early morning and by the time we were told to pack up, Karen and Rachel were cum soaked, well used and exhausted.

Zach and I gathered out two babes and took them to the car. On the way out Jackson came and praised me about having such a good slut in Karen and we would always be invited to the party.

Epilogue After that night, Karen turned from an innocent girl to a cum loving whore. When out parents are around, we were just ordinary kids but when they left, we would become lovers and Karen was popular with the guys and girls as she grew up into a real hot girl.

We also tried various new ideas and am now going into BDSM (But that's another story). I met a cute babe and am now enjoying two pretty girls in bed with me one being my baby sister.