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Redhead teen loves it rough assslave yoga
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"My sisters their friends and me, their sissy" Part One My oldest sister Vickie, was 18 when my mom died. My middle sister Michelle, was 14 and my youngest sister Joy, was 11. I, Mark was the baby of the family at 7 and had been the only male in the house since father had passed away when I was 2. He left us well off and with his money well invested we lived very nicely indeed.

We had a private tutor/governess, Ms Wells, a young lady of some thirty or so I suppose. A live-in housekeeper Ms Dee Dee, a French exchange student about twenty four or so. And a cook/butler/chauffer/handyman/gardener Fido, a young man of about twenty or so. I always thought his name to be strange but when I asked my sisters about it they just said the name was perfect for him so I never thought about it again. I was doing well in my studies and had been granted a two month break from my work which was to start the week of thanksgiving.

I was told I wouldn't, as usual, be able to leave the house but our house was so big and we lived so far from town that I had created many play areas and even more fantasy play scenes in my head that I played out over the many days of being alone.

As the only boy I was removed from the daily girl things my sisters all did together, as a matter of fact they lived in the other wing of the house my room was right next to all our helps rooms. Most of my short life I had longed to be part of my sisters world but had given up on trying to break into it. The last day of studies came and went and as my two youngest sisters and I closed our books Ms Wells informed the girls they would all be going shopping along with Vickie and Ms Dee Dee and should go change and be ready to leave in the hour.

Fido was driving them into town and Ms Wells told me I was to go to my room and finish the day out by reading a bit. Dinner would be left for me but they would be back late so I was confined to the inside of the house, but could watch television as long as I wanted.

They soon left I heard the limousine start up in the garage below my room. I never could understand why I lived over on this side and the girls on the other and since I had never been left alone nor had ever even been in the other wing of the house I decided to explore when I thought the coast was clear. I waited for a while but youthful curiosity soon overcame my patience and I crept to the other side pesta sex son and mom the house like a burglar.

I don't know why I felt as if I was trespassing but I really did feel strange milf on milf lesbian passionate I opened one of the big heavy double doors leading to the world of my sisters.

Immediately I was aware that this side of the house was a lot different than the rest of our house. The hall was long and dim and all sorts of strange things hung from the walls and even some things hung down from the ceiling. I started down the hall and came to a door on my left.

It opened into a big room all, and I mean all, pink. Every shade and hue of pink ever created had to be there in that room. There was not a single thing that wasn't pink.

It was filled with all sorts of strange looking furniture all of it in shades of pink as well. And oh it smelled so wonderful. All fresh and sweet. I closed the door and it took a second for my eyes to adjust again to the dimness of the hall.

Starting down the hall again I came upon the next door this one on the right. Opening it I found a room of white and black and chrome. So remarkably neat it looked as if no one had ever touched it. Clean and shiny with all sorts of weird furniture and bright lights everywhere.

The smell here was different though it was more bleachy it reminded me of that hospital where mom was when she died. Even more curious now I kept on going remembering I had been told long ago never to go past those big doors I figured I had come this far, why stop, so moving to the next door I opened it expecting another glare of light but what I got was utter darkness.

Like being in a windowless room when the lights go out, only darker, almost evil almost sinister darkness. I got goose-bumps and closed that door quick.

A smell had made it to me and it was like sweat and some other earthy smell I had smelt before but had no clue what it was. So gathering my courage I mistress alexandra snow strap on onto the next door and found it opened into a huge room with a giant bed in the center and things all around that looked like furniture but was either really big and massive or had strange things attached to it like belts and chains or was missing pieces like a chair was missing the part where you sit at but had belts all over it.

And even more strange things hanging everywhere like the things in the hallway. It was obvious that this room got used because the bed wasn't made and clothes were laying all around. Girls clothes, things I had never seen before slowly crept into my view as I hesitatingly entered to see what there was. Looking down I saw a small piece of cloth balled up and pink as could be.

Well I just picked that right up and was surprised that it was damp. I shook it out and it looked like my underwear but was much smaller and it was pink. But it was so smooth and soft and I had to feel it. So I brought it up to touch my cheek and even before it got close I smelt the most incredible smell. Kind of like that earthy smell from the dark room but much stronger much more earthy. I touched my cheek and was delighted by the softness but it was my brain that was delighted the most.

My head grew light and I could not stop from sniffing that pink thingy and the more I sniffed the more I came closer to the middle where the pink thingy was really wet. I couldn't take anymore as I was getting dizzy so I dropped the thingy to the floor and as my head began to slowly clear I realized that I had a big ache in my private area.

This had happened once or twice before but only when I woke up in the morning never in the middle of the day like this and never had my privates ached so much. It was like someone had grabbed me and was squeezing me.

Oh I could hardly breathe. It took a few minutes to catch my breathe and after my head cleared I decided to explore this room further because you couldn't even see all of it from where I was. I started around that big bed and noticed a pair of handcuffs like the police use and thought how strange to keep those by your bed.

And one of those short things the girls used on the horses to make them go faster was next to the handcuffs. Heading back into the dimly lit area I must have tripped some kind of hidden switch because lights sprang on and before me was a big room with three identical king size beds spread out with sitting chairs and other furniture as well. Behind those beds was a huge closet fronting the room with all of the doors thrown open.

It was the biggest closet in the world. It had to be it stretched all the way across the room and disappeared as far back as you could see. Now this I had too see. As I approached I noticed how neat and orderly this closet was as well. On my left were very small shoes with very small dresses above them and as I walked down the aisle it became apparent that this was Joys part of the closet.

She was small about my size 4'3" and my weight 85 pounds, and I, like her, had fairly long blonde hair we looked a lot alike and were often mistaken for twins when we had company over. I liked having company over because like today I never got to leave the house. My sister Vickie said it was to protect me but gosh I would have liked to play with boys my age rather that the occasional girl.

Even when the doctor came to see me amazing teen with admirable figure sucks cock hardcore and blowjob a month and she gave me those horrible shots I was surrounded by girls. Everybody in my little world except Fido was a girl and he NEVER talked to me. As a matter of fact I think he avoided me.

I got to the rear of the closet and found shelves piled with clothes and drawers that beckoned to be explored. I opened the very first drawer and there were stacks of those little underwear in there of all different colors and fabrics.

I couldn't resist and pulled a handful out to examine. So small so smooth and such nice colors. I touched another pair to my cheek and felt that tingle in my privates. There was no smell here like the other smell, these just smelled sweet and not earthy. I wondered why, and figured the others must have been on my sister when she went swimming in one of the pools.

My private was so hard it was hurting and I reached in to straighten it out without thinking about those soft undies in my hand but as soon as my fingers wrapped around my private with that material I remembered and then it happened. My private felt like it exploded and my fingers got all wet. I almost fell over and had never experienced anything like this before.

I quickly pulled my hand back but the undies stayed stuck. My privates kept on twitching and the whole front of my jeans was getting wet. I fell to my knees and curled up like a ball as everything went fuzzy. WOW what was that I wondered. Soon I quit shaking and stood up. Pulling the undies out they started to drip all over the floor.

I reached with my other hand to help catch whatever was dripping but soon it filled up. I stood there not knowing what to do then thought of catching the undies in my mouth. If it dripped more in here I couldn't hold it in my hand and the smell, that earthy smell was there now as well.

Quickly I stuffed the undies in my mouth and got a salty surprise that wasn't really too bad. But then I realized that my handful was going to start dripping on the floor so I tore the undies out of my mouth licked my hand clean and shoved them back in. Looking around I knew I was in trouble there were drops all over the floor and on shoes and, well just everywhere.

I got down on the floor and licked up all I could see. Straightened my sisters drawers as best as I could shoved the dirty undies, and another pair of clean frilly pink ones down my pants and bolted from the room. I just knew I was dead when they got home and was completely confused by whatever had just happened.

Carefully closing all the doors I ran to my room hid the undies under my mattress and went to shower. As I was washing up my thoughts returned to that tingling that happened and when I soaped my privates they got hard all on their own. I touched myself with two fingers, as that is all that would fit on my tiny privates, and felt that tingle start lucie cline kneeling and blowing a massive dick. I began rubbing back and forth and in just a few seconds that explosion happened again but this time I couldn't believe what I saw.

String after string of white stuff shot out of the end of my privates and even though scared at what was happening the sensation was so nice I just kept on going.

Soon the tingles stopped and so did I but I noticed the wall was covered in my white stuff and it was going everywhere. Dropping down I quickly licked it all up and finished my shower.

I was so tired but couldn't get this new experience out of my mind. I decided to nap for a while and crawled onto the bed. Tossing and turning, my mind reliving the touch of that material, I finally reached down and brought out the frilly pink ones. Again when I touched them to my skin all those feelings rushed back. My privates stood up hard in my own undies and I thought about how soft and smooth Joys were and how good they felt on my privates.

Then came the idea to try them on. I quickly took off my underwear and slid on those pink frilly undies of Joys. As I pulled them snuggly around my waist the sensation on my privates was almost too much to bear.

I fell back on the amber woods tom byron marc wallice in classic porn scene and laid there trying not to move.

I was so tired and it felt so good. I laid still and eventually my privates softened and even though the silky sensation of Joys undies was so wonderful I soon fell asleep. I awakened to a dark and quite house and crawled under my blankets enjoying the softness of my sisters undies on my privates. Soon I was fast asleep and having dreams of strange things, dreams of skin and candles and horses and handcuffs.

Really weird dreams, dreams like you don't forget. Soon I heard voices saying see I told you so, then "Wake up Mark you little bitch you". Bitch what was a bitch?, I wondered as something even more powerful than this dream grabbed me and I woke up laying on the floor. Around me stood all my sisters and Ms Dee Dee and Ms Wells. All of them dressed in very strange costumes that barely covered them. Between the forest of legs I saw Fido on his hands and knees with a dog collar on and a leash leading to Joys hand.

Wow, this dream was getting really weird. Then all of a sudden I knew it wasn't a dream as a hand grabbed my long ponytail and drug me to my knees. Ms Wells stooped down and brought her face right to mine and said "We have been waiting for you to show us your sissy side and waiting to sissify you and we begin right now.

Stand up and pull YOUR panties down you sissy". Was she talking to me I wondered, but before I could decide a jerk on my ponytail convinced blonde teen blowjob swallow and white milf playfellowly family competition she was. Vickie stepped up with something in her hands lowered the front of Joys, now mine I guess, undies and started playing with my privates. Her touch started the tingling again and I heard her laugh as she stepped back and pointed.

Looking down I saw my privates were inside of something clear that wrapped around them and had a lock on the top. Vickie laughed while saying "what a cute sissy I was going to make" and all the girls started talking at once. Ms Dee Dee hushed everyone up and said "Let us get our newest sissy ready for bed. Get the things we need and hurry up girls". Everyone left the room except Ms Dee Dee and she asked if I had any questions.

I asked about the thing on my privates and what did she mean by sissify. "Simple explanation little one, you cannot touch your privates, she said, which you will call your cock from now on, without our permission. Everyone in this house has been waiting to transform you into a special sissy we can use for our amusement and to amuse all our friends.

You will dress in girls clothes from now on and be taught to act as a girl. You will do as told when told without question or you will be punished. And by punished I do not mean sent to your room I mean you will be abused and used as we see fit and well just look over at Fido he is showing you some of your future".

I hadn't noticed Fido but he had crawled to a corner and had his head down with something that looked like a horses tail coming out of his rear end. Ms Dee Dee told Fido to turn around and as he did I couldn't believe my eyes. His privates, oops, cock was encased like mine except there were weights, lots of weights, attached to his thing and he was wearing something around his top that gave him hills like my sisters had but I had never seen a man with hills before.

As I stared in confusion Ms Dee Dee said, "up Fido up" and Fido slowly raised his head. His long dark hair had been hiding his face and I was surprised that in his mouth was a big ball and straps running all over his head. But even more surprising was the fact that he looked like a girl.

His face was really pretty and if I hadn't known he was a man I would have thought he was a girl. "Present Fido", said Ms Dee Dee and Fido crawled forward to Ms Dee Dees' feet and stopped.

"Up Fido" and again Fido rose but this time to his knees. Ms Dee Dee busied herself for a second then stepped back to reveal that Fido was now blindfolded as well.

"Roll over Fido" said Ms Dee Dee and there went Fido onto his back. I had seen men on the television and they always had hair all over their bodies. Fido was as smooth as me and he was actually kind of small as well. Ms Dee Dee then said "display Fido" and Fido reached under himself then removed the thing on his top. My goodness those mounds were flesh and rose up from his chest with each breath.

Ms Dee Dee turned to me and said, "You will be a much more useful sissy as you are so young and will learn so easily. You will serve without question and will be a broken sissy bitch soon". Hearing laughter coming down the hall I looked toward my door in time to see my sisters stroll in, each holding some strange things and Ms Wells holding even stranger things. Vickie approached first and ordered me to stand.

She put one of those things around my top and told me it was a bra and from now on I was to wear one always unless showering or told to display. She said that until my own mounds, she called them tits, developed I was to wear these "falsies" and inserted one in each side of the bra.

She called them cups and said with the hormones I had been getting my tits should start growing soon and soon filling the cups on their own. I opened my mouth to ask what she meant and she slapped me, slapped me hard.

"You will not speak without being asked ever again". "Ms Wells hand me a ball gag" Vickie said. She reached behind her and came back with something that looked like what Fido had. She told me to open my mouth and then inserted the ball into my mouth and strapped it around my head. Next something frilly and pink was put around my waist, she called it a garter belt, and I was instructed to sit on the bed. Joys undies, which she called panties, were taken off me and Joy stepped up holding long pink things in her hand and ordered me to raise my left leg.

She then began to put theses socks, she called them nylons, on my legs and after finishing clamped them to the garter belt.

Michelle stepped forward instructed me to stand and put some even frillier even pinker panties on me then Joys had been. She tucked my cock, in its cage, back asian futanari gets cock rubbed hardcore cumshot my legs and then tugged up the panties, really tugged them up tight.

Oh they felt so good. Next came pink shoes with pretty bows on them and they fit so well I was surprised. Ms Wells stepped forward and told me to hold out my arms. She then fastened some leather things around each wrist put little locks on them and did the same to my ankles.

She finished up by attaching my arms together behind my back then sitting me on the bed started pulling something over my head. Soon I was in complete darkness and could barely hear anything. I was picked up by lots of hands and carried out of my room. Although I wasn't positive it seemed like we were heading toward their side of the house and after a few minutes Hd fantasyhd hitchhiker cameron dee gets creampie on car was laid face down on the smoothest thing I had ever felt.

My legs were bent in toward my back and I heard a rattle of metal. I could feel someone doing something around me and them my arms were roughly pulled back my legs roughly pulled up and then all the hands left me but my arms stayed stretched and my legs stayed bent.

Gosh this was uncomfortable but with the ball in my mouth I couldn't talk.

As a matter of fact I couldn't swallow and my mouth was flooding the thing over my head with my drool. Then my head was jerked back by a pair of hands miya khalifa xxx bp story each side, I heard a click and the hands left but my head stayed glamour redhead teen babe janice drilled on her pussy on the bed back.

Now this was really uncomfortable. I laid there for a long time, or at least it seemed long to me, before anyone touched me again. When they did I felt something cool being applied to my rear end and then something stuck on both sides of my rear end. Then I felt something cool running down the middle and something pushing against my little number two hole.

It started to hurt then really started to hurt. Finally I screamed into the ball but couldn't make much sound. I tried to pull away but then something hit my rear like fire and my legs tried to go straight and my head was nearly ripped off.

The pain left as quickly as it came and I began to try to move from whatever was invading my rear end.

Again the terrible burning but this time longer and worse. I laid completely still and whatever was being pushed into me continued its journey. My little hole stretched and stretched and the finally the thing was getting smaller. Finally the pain was over but it felt like that thing was still in me. I laid still not wanting whatever caused the burning to start again. Then faintly I could hear me youngest sister Joy as if she was right there next to my ear saying "Listen well little sissy your name is no longer Mark you are now Marcie.

You are our sissy forever and my personal toy. You will do as told and your instruction begins tonight, your sissification in the morning". Vickie's voice came on to say, "You will wear girl clothes from now on and will continue with the shots you have been getting only more of them now and those shots of female hormones will turn you into a girl really quickly". Michelle was next and said "You will be a personal maid to each of us you will learn how to service and serve us.

You will be tortured and abused you will be pampered and punished as we see fit when we see fit". I then heard Ms Wells as she said "You will learn all there is to being a sissy a slut and a whore. You will be fed cock and tit milk and golden nectar daily and had better learn to swallow all of it".

Then Ms Dee Dee said "You will never be more than a slave, a sissy, never more than amusement and only good for meeting our needs whatever they might be". With that the world went silent again and then the burning increased.

First one side burned then the other side and then all of a sudden it felt like I was burning inside as well. It wasn't bad at first but as time went tight blonde sweetie convinced to get pounded for cash it got stronger and stronger. I started to whimper and then the burns started getting closer together, then stronger, then closer until I was rolling and bucking all over the bed. Almost ripping my head off every time a burn went through then they stopped.

I laid still trying to catch my breath and wondering what was next when Vickie spoke up again. "Welcome to your world sissy marcie. You will spend the rest of your life as our sissy you will be transformed. If you cooperate there will be few of these displays of our superiority over you.

You resist or get smart mouthed this is only a small example of what we will do. Sleep well little sissy, if you can, because tomorrow you start your sissy training". I heard laughter then the burning started again and all was quiet. The burn increased then exceeded anything from the past. Finally after what seemed like hours all went dark and. My sisters, their friends and me their sissy Part Two When I opened my eyes I felt the aches and the pain everywhere.

Nothing horrible just everywhere ached. I tried to stretch my arms but couldn't move; I tried to look at my arms but couldn't move my head. Then the fog of waking up started to lift and I remembered what had just, or so it seemed, happened to me. I saw pink above me all blurry and slowly brought my eyes into focus. It was a mirror above me and it showed just what a predicament I was in.

I was in the middle of a sea of pink and I was spread eagled in nothing but my bra and garter with the nylons attached, that I had been placed in by my sisters and Ms Dee Dee and Ms Wells. My arms and legs had pink cuffs on them and each was tied to a different corner.

I was tied so tightly that all I could move were my fingers and do you know the milfing man english dubbed. Around my neck was a very wide sleeping girl rape by old man that stretched my head far from my shoulders.

And around my head was some kind of pink harness thing tying my head to the headboard and holding me from moving. My privates, oops, cock was still in its cage and sticking up from my mouth was a long hose connected to a big pink bag laying next to my head. There was nothing I could do so I just lay there waiting for someone to come. I didn't have to wait long before I heard a door open and sharp clacks approaching me.

Watching the mirror above me, since it was all I could see, I saw a hand come over and pick up the bag and then disappear again. Then I heard my middle sister, Michelle say, "Good morning marcie how is our sissy this morning?" I could only grunt through the tubing in my mouth to which I heard the reply " Oh goodie all ready to start your day.

Well I am first up because I couldn't wait to do this for you. Now get ready for your first morning juice and be sure to swallow so you don't choke or make a mess of yourself." What?, be sure to swallow?

Swallow what? The answer soon came as I felt something begin to drip into my mouth. Slowly and tasting of salt the flow increased. It didn't taste bad and at first I kept up real easily but then someone turned on a spigot and even swallowing as fast as I could I couldn't keep up and my mouth filled as I paused to breathe.

That is when I noticed the color in the hose a golden misty color but before I could even think about that a hand came into view and plugged my nose. Now I had to swallow fast and all of it if I wanted to breathe and boy I wanted to breathe bad. I opened my throat and huge amounts of the golden water flowed past my tongue and down into my stomach.

As the flow stopped the fingers were removed and I could finally breathe again. I heard Michelles voice in the distance saying "he's all yours sis", and wondered at what had just happened. Again a hand came into view and grabbed up the bag. My sister Vickie spoke and said, "how do you like piss drinking sissy? You will be getting all your liquid intake from our piss and you will drink all our piss.

None will be flushed so if you don't drink it when offered it will set and wait for you to finish it. I really have to pee this morning as I saved this just for you and I think all the other girls saved as much as they could as well." I lay there thinking to myself oh no I just drank piss and have to drink more. My worried thoughts were interrupted by Ms Dee Dee's voice singing out " Here I am just in time to create a flood. Good morning sissy", she said as she bent in to kiss my cheek I saw her in the mirror and oh she looked so beautiful but the smell, oh the smell was like heaven to me and I drew in a deep breath.

She said " Oh my Vickie looks as if marcie is dying to get going with her training as a sissy. Lets empty lucky bro was able to bang two of his sis friends and get the rest of those lazy-bones up so we can get this going" In a second or so I heard the sound of water and then saw the hose begin to fill up.

A hand reached in and turned a knob I hadn't see before and the flow stopped coming into my mouth. Vickie said, "let's all of us fill up the big enema bag and then little marcie can drink until it is all gone, that should keep her occupied while we get the rest of the day ready. And Dr. Susie is coming this morning to start doubling marcies hormones and talk about the transformation process".

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The sound of water slowly trickled off and then Vickie said "your turn Ms Dee Dee. Empty yourself good and I will get the rest in here." I heard that clacking sound again and that was almost immediately followed by that water sound again. So here I was tied down and waiting to drink pee while dressed as a girl. I sure wish I had never gone to the other side of the house. THE OTHER SIDE!! Now I realized where I was. I was in the girls side of the house in that great big all pink room I has seen.

I remembered all the pink and all the strange things all around that room and wondered again about what lay ahead. The door opened and I heard a giggle that was quite familiar as belonging to Joy, my youngest sister. I heard "Geronimo" and before I had time to blink something flew onto the bed and landed on my piss filled stomach causing my air to all go rushing out my nose since my mouth was full of tubing.

"Good morning marcie my little personal slave bitch. I can't wait to start your training as I get to punish you all my heart desires and I desire to punish you a lot, you little soon to be sissy.

Wait till you see what we have for you". She jabbered, "today is the first day of your sissy life and will be the easiest of all. As the days go by more will be expected of you and more will be given to you".

She laughed and said "more piss, more cum, more pain, more servitude oh. just more of everything to sissify you." She laughed again and crawled off the bed but not without shoving her foot hard against my caged cock.

I moaned and she said "Oops did I hurt your pussy? Well sorry but you better get used to that quickly". Ms Dee Dee leaned in and said "enjoy your relaxation sissy because soon you will be serving all the time not laying around taking it easy like this" she pulled away and was laughing as she left.

Again with the splashing water as I lay there starting to get really worried. I had never been treated like this before. It was like for the first time ever my sisters were showing an interest in me. Yes a very strange interest indeed but interest, and this somehow pleased me and caused my privates, oops, cock to tingle and pain came with that tingling as my cock grew in its cage.

The door opened and I heard that sound, that I had figured out must be high heels walking, and heard Ms Wells say "Please hurry up Joy I really have to pee bad". "Yes Ma'am you can use him right now but there is not much room left in this gallon enema bag so you might want to grab that two quarter there and go ahead and go right away".

"Great idea Joy I can probably fill that by myself. I saved a really big load for marcie on her first morning I thought she might be quite thirsty. She slept through me changing her out last night and getting her ready for her breakfast this morning so she hasn't had anything to drink in quite a while".

I heard this tremendous noise of water flowing and Joy said, " My you really did have to go didn't you Ms Wells?" " Yes darling and look how dark and rich it is marcie is lucky this morning no doubt." The flow went on for a long time and as it stopped Ms Wells said " go now Joy and help the others prepare everything, I will feed our sissy this morning". " Oh ok but I wanted to feed her this morning can I do one thing before I go?" "Of course you can darling anything you want." And before those words had died in my ears I heard "Geronimo".

This time she didn't land on my stomach but landed with both her tiny feet squarely onto my caged cock. The pain had me seeing stars and gasping for air through my nose. My eyes watered my throat started to come out my mouth. Never had I experienced such pain. Joy spun around on her heels which were still in my crotch and said, " Don't worry sissy you don't need these anymore they belong to me huh Ms Wells?' "Yes dear they are yours but won't you share with us and your friends?" This I heard through an ever growing fog and as my head swam deeper into the darkness I heard, " Oh yes I will share and when can I bring over some of my friends to play?" " Soon little one soon" I heard as darkness again pulled me away.

When I stirred again I was surprised to see Ms Wells kneeling over me looking down with an evil smile on her face. "Awake again sissy?" she asked. I could still not move but felt something different in how I was tied down. It seemed my middle was arched up a lot but I couldn't see because Ms Wells was blocking my view of the mirror.

"Well good now that you are with us again let me explain what is going to happen to you for the next three hours. You have three hours to drink all the piss in the bags. For every ounce of piss you don't drink you will be punished for one minute. I took the liberty of making a few minor adjustments while you slept so you can enjoy the next three hours even more." With that she got off of me and I was able to again see in the mirror.

I didn't understand what I saw but need not have worried. Ms Wells was about to see to my understanding. " You have a wedge under you to raise your nasty cock up for our amusement and abusing. As you see your sissy clit or your cock is free. That tube running out of it is called a catheter and will let you pee. As a matter of fact it will make you pee. You see it runs back to the bags so what you pee will go back there to come back down your feeding tube again.

Remember you must drink it all to avoid punishment so be a good little sissy and drink it all down". With that she turned on that valve again and said "Since there is around 170 ounces of piss for you the flow will have to be pretty good to get it all down in three hours so I will open this all the way up. Good luck sissy and see you in three hours". I had been frantically swallowing since she turned the valve on.

There was no way I could keep up with the flow but discovered quickly I could almost stop the flow by biting the tube off. So as I heard the clacking of Ms Wells leaving the room I bit down with all my might almost completely stopping the piss from flowing into me. Then I heard something that scared me to the bone. "Marcie if you haven't emptied the bags in three hours your first punishments will be administered by Joy, and she loves playing "Geronimo".

The lights slowly faded and I lay there barely able to see my reflection but completely aware of what I must try to do. I opened my teeth and let the flow begin. All was fine for a little while I would swallow, then block and breathe, then repeat. I could see that the bigger bag was getting smaller and thought to myself, " I can do this I know I can." However a few minutes later and I felt the urge to pee myself.

No sooner did the urge strike than I felt a terrible burning pain in my cock/clit and realized I was peeing without trying. I hurt so badly in my cock/clit and tried to stop it but the flow just kept going. It wasn't too much flow but didn't seem to stop. Finally the pain disappeared but it felt like my pee was always draining and then it dawned on me.

If I couldn't stop peeing every drop of piss I took in was going right back out. For what seemed like an eternity I tried to stop the flow but couldn't.

I finally decided that I drank it a lot faster than it came out so maybe I could get most of it inside me and out of those bags. I gulped I slurped I gagged I drank and drank and eventually the big bag was empty.

It had been hanging above the smaller bag and draining into it. I figured I was running out of time so I doubled my efforts and soon had over half the bag emptied and with practice had slowed down the flow from my cock/clit to barely nothing. Then the door opened and I heard Ms Wells say "Oh what a shame little sissy marcie didn't finish her breakfast, so I guess you will have to go weigh the bags to see how much punishment marcie gets won't you Joy?" I heard a war cry like an Indian and then a "Geronimo" as Joy landed right on me.

I exploded from my stomach through my mouth out the hose and back into the bags. Some ran out my nose but most ran out the hose. Then as Joy bounced on me my bladder began to flow as well and I watched, through tear sunny leone xxxcom xxxcom story story eyes, in horror as the bags filled right back up. It took a few minutes but when I no longer was draining, from either tube, Ms Wells came forward and told Joy to weigh the bags.

Joy unstrapped the bags and made an effort to get every drop out of the mouth hose then in one yank pulled the catheter from my cock/clit. Again I saw stars and my head swam.

As my vision cleared I discovered Ms Wells astride me again but this time facing my feet and without any clothes on. She was fumbling with my cock/clit and soon stopped and spun around.

"There we go sissy, all safe again for your little cockette". Gosh how many names did my privates have? "Now since it gorgeous brunette babes share a cock teen anal been such a long time since I peed I have to pee again, open your little mouth" I opened my mouth to protest and my face was completely covered by her hairless private parts.

I had never seen a girls privates and was surprised there was nothing sticking out and there was a very musky smell there as well.

A long narrow slit was where my "cockette" was and I wondered how they got their pee out. "Get your tongue working up in my cunt you sissy and work it good." I couldn't breathe I couldn't move all I tit rubs ass first time tony was chilling with his mate when all of the unexpected his do was wag my tongue back and forth.

Ms Wells sat up a bit and said "well you have a lot to learn about pussy eating but you will learn, yes you will learn to lick cunt and asshole as well. Now open wide and hold my nectar until I tell you to swallow." With that she spread her privates/pussy/cunt apart and I saw more pink. Was everything about girls pink I began to wonder and was interrupted as Ms Wells smashed herself onto my mouth and I again was drinking piss, now I knew how girls peed.

But this peeing was different this was really warm and really sweet. "You may swallow and drink now sissy, but don't lose a drop of my nectar." I couldn't drink it fast enough and began to lose a drop or two, oh I didn't want to lose such a sweet tasting thing and started sucking more than drinking.

The flow stopped, but Ms Wells just stayed were she was at grinding into my mouth as I sucked for all I could get. Then Ms Wells went stiff and started to shake. I tried backing away but could move nowhere. Ms Wells ground harder and harder.

Then out of nowhere my mouth was blasted with shot after shot from Ms Wells cunt/pussy and oh how sweet this stuff was. A flood of juices ran into my mouth I sucked and swallowed for all I was worth. Ms Wells backed off my face and I a lesbian fuck after a yoga session desperate to follow that juice and get more, but couldn't move an inch.

After a minute or two Ms Wells got off of me and asked Joy how much the bags weighed? The reply shocked me for it was more than we started with but then Nasty lady ass fucked while sucking off big black cocks remembered I had emptied myself as well. 180 ounces beamed Joy, you could hear it in her voice, you didn't have to see her to know she was smiling from ear to ear.

" Ok sissy that is 180 minutes of punishment coming up but first Dr. Susie is due soon and we have to get you ready." "So Joy take your sissy clean her up and make her presentable for Dr. Susie." Ms Wells leaned into me and looked deeply into my eyes as she said "This is what you want isn't it sissy? Blink once for yes". I thought for only a moment before blinking once. "Good girl now Joy get her up and dressed, cleaned out and make her really cute. Oh and after you get her cleaned out plug the sissy with a big one and plug her good".

As Joy started releasing my I wondered what " cleaned out and plug her good meant". Well I didn't have long to wait to find out. My sisters their friends and me, their sissy Part three Joy released me from my confinement a limb at a time she took a short chain and locked my feet together then loosened a wrist attached another short chain and locked it to the other arm. She then attached a leash to the thing around my neck and literally drug me off the bed. Japanese newscaster gets bukkake during the show fell to the floor and she immediately started kicking me.

For such a little girl she could kick really hard. She was telling me in a calm voice to "Get on your hands and knees sissy and hurry we don't have all day", and then as I tried to get there she would kick me down and do it all again.

After about ten times of doing this she must have tired as she stopped and allowed me to get on all fours. I was crying by now and trying not to make too much noise but I guess I wasn't quiet enough. She forced my head to the floor and said "Wait here sissy I will be right back".

And true to her word she was only gone long enough for me to hear a drawer open then close and she was right next to me again. Her foot was forced under my face and she said "Lick and kiss my foot sissy and you better please me the first time around". I brought my tongue out and was surprised at how her foot tasted on my tongue. Sweet and a little sweaty and salty but so very very soft.

I licked between the toes and this brought a moan from Joy so I licked faster and took longer strokes. Soon her foot arched itself up and she said "Take my toes in and suck them sissy". Now this was something new but seemed pretty nice. And that tingling in my "cockette" was causing it to start to grow in the cage and that was starting to hurt. Joy roughly jerked on the leash and brought my head up between her legs.

I could feel her bare skinned legs squeezing my head and she was wet and hot on the top of my head. Joy told me to open my mouth wide and close my eyes. I had experienced her mean side enough and stretched my jaws as wide as they would go and squeezed my eyes tightly.

I felt something soft coming down over my head and then something entering my mouth. The thing on my head was getting tighter and was being wiggled around a bit and the thing in my mouth was large but not uncomfortable.

Soon I felt the thing tightening around my head and face and before long it was as tight as a second skin. I couldn't hear a thing and with my eyes closed couldn't see either. I tried to squint out of one eye but realized that the thing on my head was too tight for me to even open my eyes.

I could breathe easy through my nose and my mouth but this was certainly a new sensation for me. Suddenly I was forced back down on all fours and italien girl what a chassis on cam more videos on sexycamsorg felt weight settle on my back.

Bare skin, soft bare skin, straddled me and I felt heat and moisture right were Joy was sitting. Then slowly I became aware that the thing in my mouth seemed to be growing and growing pretty fast. Soon my whole mouth was full and I was only able to breathe through my nose. Joy squirmed around a lot on my back and that spot was getting hotter and wetter.

All of a sudden something hit my butt and hurt terribly. I was being kicked in the ribs and hit on the butt, what was going on? Then next to my ear and just loud enough to hear I heard,"Come on little sissy you are taking me for a ride". And the kicking and hitting started afresh. I quickly figured we were playing horsey and I was the horsey. Now how could a horse go where it couldn't see. A yank on the leash got me started and kicks in my ribs served to guide me.

My butt was under constant attack and my sides ached as I crawled as fast as I could bearing my sister to wherever she was directing me. She beat and kicked and guided me for a long time it seemed until my whole back was covered in warm liquid and it ran down my sides. Joy got off me and jerked me to my feet.

Unchaining my arms she took one to each side and attached them to something. She then undid me feet and kicked my legs wide apart and attached them to something.

I stood there shaking from exhaustion and fear but again there was that tingling in my "cockette". What was going to happen next and why was I beginning to kind of like this I wondered. I felt a touch, a really light touch, on my "cockette cage" and shivered as my "cockette struggled to grow. The hand disappeared and I stood a while longer. Suddenly my arms started raising without me doing it and were soon tight out to each side. Then I had to shuffle my feet as my legs were drug apart by some unseen force.

They stopped spreading just when I thought they were breaking. I had been screaming into the thing in my mouth but was certain no one could hear and if they did they probably didn't care. For the longest time I stayed there unable to move, see, perfect blonde girl plays with her slit hear. But the tingle was there down in my caged "cockette" and that seemed to be more and more the focus of my mind.

Then again came the touch to my cage and my "cockette" surged against its confines again and again as if by swelling up it could burst out the stroking went on until I ached all through my body. As quickly as it started it stopped and I felt my arms being moved again only this time rather than out to the sides it was over my head.

Now I was being lifted off the floor and my legs were certainly going to break. It all stopped and I hung there in the air still blind, deaf, and very tightly strung. The pain was becoming more bearable and I was getting used to it when I felt myself being turned somehow while all spread apart.

It felt like I was being laid out onto the ground except I was in the air. Finally I stopped moving and just hung there stretched to the limit with gravity adding strain to my taut limbs.

Waiting again for who knew what? After my arms were numb and my legs gone for all I could tell, I felt something wet and cool being rubbed into my butt crack and whoever was rubbing it was doing their best to slick me up.

Then I felt something placed at my number two hole again and hoped it wasn't the thing with the fire that was up there last. But whatever this was wasn't nearly as big as that thing had been and went in easily. But this thing kept on going in and going in and going in. I felt it crawling up my insides and wondered what the heck this was now. Finally it stopped after something a little bigger than it had just passed my number two hole.

Busty angel long takes a long one

I waited but as usual not for long. I felt the thing in my butt start to get bigger and it just kept on getting bigger until it completely filled up my backside. It hurt so bad. But I was reduced to soft moans as the strain on my arms and legs was taking its toll and sapping my strength.

Then I felt something warm flowing into my insides. Way up in my insides and it felt nice so nice the tingle started again.

Even with numb arms and legs it seems my "cockette" liked this. But as more flowed into me the pleasure soon started to hurt.

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And my "cockette" kept on growing until it was crushing itself in its cage. The pain in my tummy and the pain in my "cockette" seemed to merge and I started seeing stars again then all went dark. When I regained my senses the pain was there and I was in the same position but was somehow more comfortable. Then I realized I was laying on something and it was supporting a good part of my weight.

Something was still flowing in me and I was beginning to feel full. I heard a voice from far away saying "Come on sissy you have a gallon and a half in just a half gallon left." I wondered what was going on now but had little time for that thought as a horrible cramp ripped through my whole tummy area and made me jerk against my captivity all to no avail.

This went on for wave after wave until again, mercifully the darkness swallowed me up. This time when I came around I was upright again and the thing on my head had been removed. I blinked for a while trying to get accustomed to the really bright lights around me and when I could keep my eyes open I looked around and found myself all alone in that shiny clean room that smelled like the hospital.

I looked down and what I saw was my tummy swelled out like I was pregnant and my "cockette" cage was tied to some machine in front of me with what appeared to be wires.

There were lots of wires running from the machine to me I realized, and then saw these patches with wires going into them attached everywhere I could see on my body. Another strange thing to wonder over. But again not for long. Lovely bitch self pleasures her taut cunt squirting japanese waiting for a few minutes tightly stretched out, in bounced Joy.

Smiling and laughing and singing, "Sissy is a bitch of mine she will eat me anytime for some torture or my wine fifty spankings all is fine." She just kept singing this over and over.

I was going to say something but discovered busty blonde gets to taste some cum big tits and cumshot mouth wouldn't open, something was keeping it closed tight. She went to that box with all the wires turned some knobs flipped a switch or two and said, "Well sissy you liked this so much last night I thought that while I am waiting for your colonic enema to work we could play with this for a while. We decided to leave your enema in for at least two hours to clean you out good and to serve as punishment so you will lose 120 minutes of your 180 minutes punishment time right now.

See how easy that is?" And with that she flipped a switch and my body went rigid. Never had I felt anything so horrible. It only lasted for a second or two but it was incredible. My cockette grew immediately filling its cage; my butt was on fire inside and out and my little chest felt like it had needles sticking in it even my fingers and my toes were twitching. As the pain left my sister came close to me and said "Once every three minutes you will be trained electrically.

Each time the timing will be one second longer and the dosage one step higher until your two hours are over. Then I will come back, if I remember, and we will finish getting you ready for Dr. Susie. She is here already but is taking care of Fido and another animal that just came in last night, and I'm going out to play with Vickies little pet who just showed up, then Dr.

Susie and I will be here to start you going sissy, doesn't that sound great?" My head hung limply down, my body racked with spasms and my "cockette" was on fire and swollen beyond the cage it was trying to burst out of its torture chamber.

For this I realized was what punishment was. Not a spanking, or a "time out" in the corner, just pure brutal physical agony. Joy must have seen the understanding in my eyes when she commanded I look at her, a command I instantly followed. For she said, " Oh goody sissy you are so much more fun than the last sissy we trained, I wonder if we can keep you?

Uh, well I guess that depends on how well you learn and behave. The last sissy we trained went to Mrs.Lyons and she has tortured and beaten him so badly that there is not an unbroken area of skin on him and she removed his cockette and his ball sac as well, and permanently attached the container holding them to his collar which is welded on. Isn't she wonderful?. Now she whores him out on the street and is looking for a new sissy, I hope for your sake it isn't you but a million dollars is a lot of money." She smiled then giggled turned on one heel and walked to the machine I was wired to, spun around a few times looked at me with the cutest little innocent look, a pouty lower lip and the cutest eyes ever, for most of a minute.I thought maybe she was feeling bad for all this; then she broke into a huge smile giggled and said ok the moments of sexy hardcore fun for brunette goes.

She flipped a switch, I arched and spasmed for three or four seconds, and, it was a lot worse than the first time. She giggled again, turned and walked to the door and as she switched off the lights she said, "see you in two hours sissy, scream all you want but don't lose a drop of that water in your sissy ass or we will have to start all over again" Then closing the door Joy left me in complete darkness, counting down the time to the next spurt of electricity into my helpless body.