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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism Chapter 9 - Share The Load Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author Neville swallowed nervously, as the carriage wobbled and bounced over the rough ground. The rest of the inhabitants of his bench were jolted along with him, and there was a smattering of laughter from them.

That was all very well. They knew each other. He had been separated from his friends on the platform, and had to find an alternative self pulling carriage to take him up to the castle. The only obvious option had been one that was almost filled with a group of rowdy sixth years.

Though they seemed nice enough they were intimidating to him, and he spent most of the journey staring out of the window into the creeping darkness. Neville had told his friends that his summer had been good. But in truth it had been abysmal. They didn't know that he had no other friends. Though he knew Harry's summers were often a lonely affair, he had been lucky enough to spend most of this one with the Weasley's and Hermione in London.

Whilst Neville had had to listen to the same questions over and over from his ageing relatives. 'How's school?'. 'What have you been up to?'. 'My, haven't you grown!'. It was enough to push him nearly to insanity. And the matter of insanity was what made him so upset, and kept him awake at nights. He had been to see his parents ben 10 sex ebony full episode couple of times over the summer. And both visits had hurt, right to his core.

They still did not recognize him, let alone want to speak to him.

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And both times he had been rushed away when his father started to become confused and violent. It broke his heart to witness him like that. And, with each visit to the hospital, Neville found himself thinking of him less as his father. and more as a strange man called Frank. He shook his head to clear it, wiping a tear away with his sleeve.

Now wasn't the time to be introspective, he told himself. The carriage came to a grinding halt outside the enormous front doors that led into the Hogwarts entrance hall. He waited for the sixth years to file out, before following them out into the rain with his bags in one hand and a struggling Trevor in the other.

He noted to himself that the girl holding the door open for him was very pretty. Then he shook himself. 'What's the point?' said a cold voice inside his head.

'You couldn't get a girl like that in a million years.' Unfortunately it was right. Hoisting the bags onto his shoulder, Neville trudged up the stone steps and into the grand entrance hall.

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The walls were already lined with trunks and cages, so he began making his way slowly down the first floor corridor to deposit his things. His heart began to fill with dread when he saw Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle lingering up ahead. He would have turned and headed the other way. But they had already noticed him. And trying to avoid them was like a written invitation for Crabbe and Goyle to start something. The best tactic was just to keep calm and carry on.

As he drew nearer, he could see Goyle begin to crack his knuckles. And Crabbe emitted a low, rumbling laugh. Malfoy, who had his back to the entrance hall, seemed perplexed by their behavior.

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But when he turned and saw the object of their taunts, a slight sneer permeated his expression. "Ah.

Longbottom" he chuckled to himself. "Good summer?" Neville gulped, but tried to hide it. He didn't answer, and continued walking. "Its rude to ignore people, you know, Longbottom!" called out Crabbe. Goyle got in the way of Neville's progress, forcing him to stop and acknowledge the pair. "Move" he mumbled. "What's that, sorry?" asked Goyle loudly.

Neville made the mistake of trying to brush past Goyle. He was half way around him when the thug shoved him roughly into the stone wall of the corridor.

Neville felt the wind rush out of him and his bags fall from his hands, though he managed to keep a hold on Trevor. He slowly slid down the wall onto the floor, gasping for breath and staring up at his tormentors. Goyle laughed loudly along with Crabbe, while the sneer on Malfoy's face grew wider.

"What are you going to do, Longbottom? Go crying to mummy?" His words were like ice in Neville's heart, for that was the one thing he couldn't do. "Oh wait!" Malfoy continued. "You can't do that! She's." He was cut off by Goyle signalling to him to move. They all looked left and set off at a brisk pace towards the great hall. Neville understood why moments later when a large crowd of first years came scurrying past.

He got to his feet, dusting off his robes. Malfoy's closing words had stuck with him. Did he know? Neville knew Lucius Malfoy was a powerful man. And one that likely had sources all over the wizarding world. So it was not out of the question that he and, in turn, Draco knew about his past.

But for Malfoy to bring it up as insult? That was a low that even he found hard to believe. He dropped his bags, and stowed Trevor in the pocket of his robes. After bracing himself and steeling his resolve, he started out from the wall and headed to the great hall to find a seat. Upon entering the hall he spotted his friends sanny lonny xxx six story half way down the Gryffindor table, and hurried over to where they sat.

Harry and Ron greeted him and apologized for losing him on the platform. Neville shrugged. "It's fine, I made it alright." He took a seat next to Harry and opposite Ron. He noted Lavender next to Ron, but couldn't quite meet her eyes. Neville had had a thing for Lavender for some time, even longer than his lusting for Ginny that he kept very quiet. But she was well out of his league. He knew he'd have to either wrestle a few trolls or grow a twelve inch dick before she would consider him.

'The latter of those is actually more likely' he thought wryly to himself with an inward chuckle. Within moments the whole hall was seated, and Dumbledore rose from his chair to address the school. Neville zoned out quickly, hardly caring anymore about his headmaster's words. The idea of school was repellent to him at the moment. It all seemed so redundant, with the darkest wizard of all time on the loose.

They needed to be out there, working up resistance and preparing. But no, all that seemed to happen was the wizarding world looked at Harry like a lying child.

He found it a marvel that Harry was holding together as well as he was. The entire ministry calling him a liar, and he still found the time to laugh and make jokes. Neville would soon find out what kept Harry in such high spirits. He turned and saw that Harry had also zoned out of the speech. Harry explicit and wild club gratifying striptease and hardcore at him and grinned.

In a low voice he asked Neville, "Which girl at this table do you think is the hottest?" Neville frowned.

It was particularly unlike Harry to talk so freely about girls. But he understood the question fair enough. After several moments of looking around, he turned back to him and replied quietly, "Lavender, of course." Neville looked over briefly to see if she had noticed her name being spoken. But she remained focused on Dumbledore. Harry let out a hushed laugh. "Fair enough" he commented. There was silence between them for a long time.

Neville watched as Dumbledore finished talking and a woman, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, took to the stage. Her absurd speech began putting the entire hall to sleep.

People began talking quietly, and the focus of the hall shifted. Neville heard Harry's voice in his ear. "So Lavender, huh?" He swallowed. "Uh, yeah. why?" But he didn't get an answer. All he saw, in the corner of his eye, was Harry's wand pointing under the table. His friend murmured a few hushed words, and Neville waited with baited breath.

There was a clatter, and he looked over at Lavender. "Whoops" she laughed cheerily, and she got down off the bench and under the table. Ron had looked her way, but Neville noticed that Padma Patil was very deliberately looking the other direction. He had little chance to notice much else however, for he felt a pair of hands on his legs at that moment.

"Enjoy this, mate" came Harry's quiet voice from his left. "And don't let those guys get you down." Neville held his breath as he felt what he now knew to be Lavender's hands begin unbuckling his envy star fine and cute black pornstar. The long Gryffindor tablecloth hid her from view of the hall, but he was very much still in view.

Neville had never even pecked a girl on the cheek. He had no idea how he would hold up to where this was clearly going. He could feel Lavender sliding his belt out of the buckle, then start to slide down his zipper. Anyone else in the great hall wouldn't hear the sound, but to him it sounded like an angry bull charging through the front doors.

She reached into his trousers and pulled out his cock, which was only just hardening. Neville gulped, keeping his eyes fixed on one of the forced and abused by twmen and girl anal brutal5 Hogwarts hangings that adorned the walls. He had to fight the urge to sigh as Lavender's delicate hands took hold of his rapidly swelling manhood and began stroking back and forth. Any blood that would have rushed to his brain in order to better understand how Harry could have orchestrated this was quickly flooding to Neville's dick.

He resolved to enjoy it now and ask questions later. He had reached his full length, an impressive nine inches. Neville was no small man, and he silently wished he was brave enough to allow his size to become a rumor around the school. It would certainly help with his love life. But he was far too timid for that. Perhaps things were changing. Lavender clearly knew what to do with it. Her hands worked his thick cock up and down, making him squirm in his seat as heat flooded his crotch.

He willed her onward, hoping that whatever Harry had done would soon make her take another great leap. Sure enough, moments later, he felt a tongue lapping at the head of his member. It was incredibly erotic, and his steel gaze on the hangings faltered. He realized his mouth was hanging open, and slammed it shut quickly. She soon moved beyond just licking the tip.

He felt her lips envelop his head, and begin to slide down his shaft in one fluid motion. It was both excruciating and the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced. He could not bear it any longer, he had to encourage her. After glancing quickly to the right, and seeing that Dean was busy talking rapidly with Seamus, he slid his hands down under the table and took Lavender's head in his shaking fingers.

He began to pump her head back and forth in slow even movements taking care to keep his arms from jerking. Her wet tongue slid along the base of his cock, eliciting feelings of intense pleasure as it did so.

He closed his eyes as he fought to remain calm in the face of these base acts. As carnal and lustful as this was, he tried to reason that there was more to it than just simple fluid exchange.

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But it soon hit him that this really was just a blowjob. And with that realization he dropped all pretense. He began forcing her deeper onto his dick, prodding the entrance to her throat with the head of his throbbing member. He could feel himself rising, his pleasure at the feeling of her lips around his cock mounting and soaring out of his hands.

Before long he was ready to blow, and there was only one place to fire a load that would leave no traces. Neville let out a single sharp intake of breath, before he let fly a wave of his seed into Lavender's waiting throat. She lapped it up eagerly, swallowing over and over to take in his piping hot seed. Neville had his face lowered to the table in an effort to keep his expression in that moment hidden. No doubt, it would give the game away.

He felt his softening cock stowed back in his pants, his flies done up wild pumping for lusty twat masturbation smalltits his belt re clasped.

And then, moments later, Lavender emerged subtly from under the table. No one had noticed her go, and no one noticed her return, save for Harry and Ron. Ron was looking at both of them with a grin etched on his face.

"So, how was that?" Harry whispered in Neville's ear. He couldn't get any words to form in his head. He instead let out a long groan and sank low in his seat. Harry and Ron laughed together just as Dumbledore announced the start of the feast and the food arrived for them all to enjoy. Neville, suddenly hungry from the exertion, grabbed a plate and began pulling together a large meal.

The shock from the encounter was wearing off now. And his mind was left to wander on what exactly had happened. Harry had cast some kind of spell, and Lavender Brown had slipped under the table to give him the blowjob of his life.

She seemed to have no memory of it, he acknowledged, as she struck up a conversation with Ron. But it had happened. And there was one real question that dwarfed all others.

Would it happen again?