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Sexrani mukharji xxx story in
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Catherine's 18th birthday was tomorrow, and she had just finished shopping for her outfit for her party. When she arrived home, she called, "Daddy, I'm back!" but to no avail. No answer. She stopped by her father's room and gave the door a little knock. "I'm busy- come back later," was the response she got. She sighed a little bit and kept walking to her room.

She wanted to kiss him hello. It was their little ritual.

In her room, she set her bags down and started to undress in front of her mirror. Shirt off, black bra. Pants off, lace panties. She pulled on her dress. It was incredibly tight and was in the hue of a red cherry.

She checked herself from behind to see that it barely covered her shapely ass. She smiled to herself, but when she saw the underwear lines, she remembered buying a lacy thong just for this purpose. She slipped off her plain underwear and slid on her thong.

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She checked herself again. Much better. Then, she noticed that her bra was sticking out from her dress like a sore thumb. She decided that it would look better with it off. Brushing her golden hair to the side, she unzipped her dress and unhooked her bra, freeing her ample breasts.

Her dark pink nipples turned up at the sudden cold air and she playfully gave them a little tweak. She thought to herself, Hopefully I'll get more action tomorrow, especially with this dress.

Her final touch to the outfit was her high heels. They gave her a boost from a 5'4 to a 5'7. She looked in the mirror again, assessing herself once more. She liked what she saw. With her heels clacking on the ground, she walked to her father's room. Once again she knocked on the door.

"Daddy, can I come in yet? I want to show you my dress," said Catherine. "I can see you now. Come on in," called her father.

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When Catherine entered, Rick's eyes almost bulged out of his head. All he could see was her tits and her ass. He could see her nipples almost poking through her dress. Fuck, he muttered. He knew she'd always been a lovely girl, his lovely girl, but the person standing in front of him was a full-grown woman. He felt his cock stirring. Damn it. But for fuck's sake, she was his daughter. She had no business dressing like that.

"What the fuck are you wearing, young lady?" Rick asked through clenched teeth. Catherine's eyes widened. She thought her daddy would like what he saw. "Um, dadd-" "Take it off right now," Rick growled. "Right now? I mean-" Rick couldn't contain his anger any longer. Maybe it wasn't anger, maybe it was lust, but he just couldn't take it.

"TAKE IT OFF," he roared, lunging to rip the dress off of her daughter, exposing her naked breasts. "Daddy, no!" Catherine screamed as her tits came into full view of her father. She was so in shock she didn't even think to cover herself.

Her C-cups were swinging, her nipples harder than ever. Rick couldn't take his eyes off them. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Fuck. He had been starved of women ever since his wife left for a job in another country about six months ago, except for the fake ones on porn sites. He was hungry for sex, and marica and henessy share a big boner his daughter comes to him practically served on a platter.

Shit. His cock was rising. "Just get out of my room." Catherine just saw her father ogling her breasts and thought to cover them with her arms.

"Fine," she huffed, stomping out of the room and went into her own room. What happened in her father's room left Catherine with mixed feelings. It wasn't new to her that boys looked at her with hungry expressions. She knew full well that they wanted her, but she never complied with their wishes. She was waiting for something better than acne-prone teenage boys. But her father? She shook her head. That was wrong. But even when he was yelling at her, she noticed him staring.

In the back of her mind, she hoped he was cooling down in the other room, but she had other things on her mind. She noticed his cock growing in his sweatpants. And she didn't dislike it. At 45 years old, he was a handsome man. He had ruggedly handsome features, muscular arms, and from what she could tell from his bulge earlier, a sizable dick. She knew she was getting wet. From her father. Shit. She placed a finger on her pussy and she almost jumped.

It was almost dripping wet. She withdrew her hand, feeling terrible about her lustful thoughts and sank down onto her bed. Meanwhile, in Rick's room, he was left standing with a hard on. He felt ashamed about yelling at his daughter so violently, but he was more ashamed for thinking of her as a woman. He sat down for a minute, hoping his cock would let up, but it still stayed hard.

He sighed. He decided to go into his daughter's room and apologize for his actions. "Knock, knock," he said in front of his daughter's door. "Can I come in?" "Sure, whatever," came from the room, dejected, but he could hear a little raspiness to her voice. He opened the door to find his daughter on the bed, curled up into a fetal position. This, of course, gave him a fine view of her supple ass, but he tried to ignore that as he pulled up a chair.

Unfortunately, his dick couldn't and stiffened. "Look, I'm sorry about before. I overreacted. I just thought the dress was a bit too revealing for a girl your age," Rick explained.

Catherine looked up at him and sat up. Unbeknownst to her, her tits were still out in full view. Rick had to close his eyes and start counting.

"Daddy," she started. "I'm grown. It's my 18th birthday tomorrow. I'm a woman now and I think I'm old enough to discern what clothes I wear or not." Rick chuckled a bit. "Okay, I understand." He paused. "Er, do you need help zipping that dress up?" gesturing to her tits in full view.

Shit! Catherine's eyes flew open to witness her tits again fully exposed to her father. She tried to zip up her dress but failed. She lowered her eyes and mumbled, "Yeah, I guess that would be helpful. Thanks." She stood up in front of the mirror. Rick stood behind her. He regretted having to see those glorious tits go back into the dress, but he might as well take his time with her.

This might be the only time he'd see a naked woman in a long time, even if it was his daughter. Fuck, this was so wrong, but he couldn't help himself. He took as long as possible zipping the back of the dress up, caressing her small waist the whole time. He checked to look at his daughter's expression in the mirror, and her eyes were closed. In pleasure, he hoped. Her breathing quickened.

His cock pressed against his sweatpants. After zipping her up, he ran his fingers over her body, over her breasts, her ass… His dick couldn't take it anymore. He pressed up against Catherine. Catherine let out a little moan as she felt his dick on her ass. She could feel her pussy aching. This was her star jhalsa serial actress madhumita sarkar porn story She couldn't help it. Rick stopped for a moment, then pressed his rock-hard cock against his daughter's bubble butt.

He started grinding slowly, pressing his dick on her ass. He let out two horny babes expose their hot bodies masturbation and brunette moan. "Catherine…" he whispered into her ear. "Daddy, don't st-" Catherine started to say, but stopped at the ring of a phone in the house. "Daddy, your phone… it's ringing," Catherine whispered as she looked at him in the mirror with hooded eyes.

Rick stopped. What have I done. He gave his daughter a little nod, and rushed out of the room. When he went into his room, his cock was throbbing. It was begging for pussy. He reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. It was dripping with precum, glistening at the head. He rubbed it slowly down the length of his nine-inch cock. His hand started moving of his own accord, pumping furiously. All he could think about was Catherine. His body tensed up.

He was about to cum. Oh… Catherine… She was all he could think of when he blew his load on to his sheets. He came down from his high, and then felt sick to his stomach for having these thoughts about his daughter.

In Catherine's room, she felt so horny. She knew it was her father, she knew it was wrong, but she had one larger problem in her hands. She needed to cum. She threw herself on the bed and pulled her dress up. She reached into her panties and stroked her sopping wet pussy.

She slapped her ass and gave out a sharp moan. Oh, Daddy. She licked her fingers.

She loved the taste of her own pussy. She loved how it was salty-sweet. She put in one finger, two fingers. Not enough. She needed something more. She needed a cock in her pussy, now. She remembered having a dildo somewhere. She found it in her underwear drawer. She placed it on the chair her father was sitting on. She rubbed her pussy juices all over it and rubbed it all over her pussy.

Oh, how she wanted it inside her. She slipped the head inside and let out an exclamation of "Daddy!" She slowly pumped it deep into her pussy, reaching the end.

She was slapping her ass frantically on the chair, pumping that dildo fast in her cunt. She grinded on that dildo hard, stimulating her clit with her finger. She felt herself cumming. She was catapulted into ecstasy, her pussy quivering around the fake cock. "Daddy, daddy, daddy," she chanted with every slap. She licked her juices from her fingers as she pumped the dildo in her pussy once more, then lifted herself off.

She just came, but she knew it could have been better. She needed a real dick in her cunt. It could have been her father, and she brunette babe gives bj pornstars and hardcore determined to get the real thing.

She wanted his cock, and she was going to get it. Part 2 coming soon.