Bride to be gets some her last dick

Bride to be gets some her last dick
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The Slag Whisperer My name is Stefan and my fetish is fucking extreme long breathholding during deepthroat older women, I don't care on looks or age just that they have full figures and are no good whores. A bit about me, I am 26 yrs. Old, 6 ft tall average build with olive skin and a decent 9" cock that's pretty thick.

I got in to this fetish through a dating app on my phone, I was chatting to a lady who was in her early forties size 16/18 unhappily married with huge tits. We spent weeks chatting and speaking on phone and each conversation got dirtier and more perverted. I found out that she wasn't on the pill but was happy to let me spunk inside her, taking the risk of getting pregnant, she loved anal and being pissed on, even fascinated about letting a dog fuck her.

That chat never came to anything as she found a boyfriend and settled down, but gave me the urge and obsession to do this again, but actually go through with it. My next encounter was again through a dating app, her name was Tasha she was again in her forties and a single mom. Our chats went on for a couple of weeks and found out that sexually she would try anything; she always made her men wear condoms and was quite submissive.

I am at home and bored and horny so send my first text to Tasha, "hey baby can you talk" I wait for her to respond hoping she can chat. About 10 mins pass and she responds "Hi stud yes I can" so the fun starts.

[b]Me[/b] where are you baby. Tasha - on my bed. Me what you wearing Tasha baggy t-shirt Me any knickers Tasha no Me play with your cunt Tasha OK Me are you wet Tasha yes Me do you want my cock Tasha yes Me if I give you my cock no condoms Tasha but I'll get pregnant Me I don't care I want to cum inside your wet cunt, I want you to have my baby. I want you to be my cum slut. Will you be my cum slut baby. Tasha yes Me yes what Tasha I want to be your cum slut Me good girl, that means I'll own your cunt and it's mine to fuck and cum in whenever I want.

Tasha god I'm fucking wet, yes you own my cunt. Me I'm gonna knock you up baby, tell me you want that. Tasha orignal mom sun sex stories xxx story fuck I need your cock Me Tell me you want me to breed you Tasha breed me baby, knock me up, I'm cumming Me you cum Tasha yes Me I'm serious about owning your cunt and knocking you up Tasha if you're sure, what will happen when I get pregnant Me I'll be there for you Tasha promise Me I do, I'll look after you and our baby, but you'll never ever stop me fucking you whenever I want Tasha OK Me - when are you next fertile Tasha two week time roughly Me shall we meet so I can start breeding you Tasha really Me yes really, I'll come to yours OK Tasha OK I'll arrange for my daughter to be at her dads Me good it's sorted then, shave your cunt and dress like a whore baby, I'm gonna own your cunt, arse and mouth.

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Tasha OK baby. Ebony song with xxx com story com night baby That was our chats, we carried on like that most days, me dominating her and telling what to do and she loved it. She had mentioned a few times about our meet, checking it was still on, and damn was it.

This would be the first time I carried out my promises. The night was upon me, I had to travel 3 hours to hers to meet her. I finally get to her address and my heart is pounding and nerves shred, I decide to smoke a joint, it chills me and relaxes me. Joint finished feeling calmer and well horny I knock on her door, Tasha answers in a short black mini skirt, stockings, tight black top no bra and red lipstick. She is not as attractive as I imagined but who cared, 5 ft 4" about size 16 average size tits and a fat arse.

She greets me with a big smile and "hello baby" I don't say a word push her against the wall kiss her roughly and reach for her cunt, she responds with passion and opens her legs for me, I find no knickers and a smooth wet cunt, I roughly shove two fingers up her cunt and she grunts.

I pull away and say to her "you still want me to own your cunt baby" she responds " god yes, I am so wet for you" she leads me to the living room and sits down, I decide to sit opposite her and order her " play with your cunt baby" so she does as she is told and starts rubbing her clit and making herself cum. I roll a joint and start smoking it as I take my cock out and start wanking my now rock hard cock.

I say to Tash as she is still rubbing her cunt "Do you like my cock baby" she says "Jesus yes its really big" she is panting and looking at my big cock " will you fuck me now" she says " no baby make you self cum first, then you're going to swallow my cum" she does exactly that starts bucking and groaning as she cums, her cunt is now swollen and soaked.

When she starts to choke he slaps her again then bends her over the desk doggystyle and deepthroat

I get up walk up to Tash and hold her hair as I direct my cock to her mouth, she accepts my cock as I fuck her mouth with vigour, and she knows to make her mouth tight as I continue to use her mouth as a fuck hole. I can take no more as I grip her hair tight shove my cock as far down her throat as she will let me, and start to empty my balls down her throat.

Every pump of spunk is met with a swallow until every drop is now in her stomach. She licks me clean and we both slump in the chair. She looks at me and says "thank you" I respond "for what" she says " you know, that" I say " that's just a warm up, got your cunt to use next, then your arse. You're going to be sore and full of spunk by morning baby" she blushes with a smile and responds with a little anxiety "you have a big cock, the biggest I have been with, I'm not sure you will fit up my arse" I say sternly "listen baby my cock is going up your arse ok, you can be in control and back your tight arsehole on my cock, ok" she responds nervously "OK I'll try" I push her mouth back to my cock and say "suck it hard again slut we got babies to make" she says nothing and starts sucking and slurping on my cock.

I pull her mouth off my cock by her hair and kiss her again passionately, she responds by sticking her tongue in my mouth, I pull away and say "put my cock in your cunt" and without hesitation she positions her cunt over my cock and starts rubbing her slit over my bell end, then the head slides in, then half, the rest after a few strokes.

When my cock has entered her fully she whimpers and stays still sitting facing me on my lap. She then rises and lowers her cunt on my lap, each time grunting as my 9 inch cock hits her cervix. Her pace quickens as I start talking dirty now, holding both her fat arse cheeks apart, using one hand I find her arsehole and with her cunt juices slide a finger in her arse. She whimpers again, panting and grinding her cunt on my cock.

I say "that's it baby ride my cock, does it feel good baby" she is panting "god yes, I can feel it in my busty blonde teen marsha fucked hard by a stranger pornstars hardcore, I love this cock so much" She is riding furiously now as I say "where shall I cum baby" she spits the answer now "in my cunt, deep in my fertile cunt, breed me you dirty bastard, come on fuck me" that sends me to the edge as I throw her off me on to the settee climb on top of her missionary position, hold her hair as I drive my cock back in her cunt "I'll fuck you slut, you are now my cum bucket whore, ready to get pregnant" I am now slamming my cock in her pulling her hair, biting her neck telling her she is my whore.

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She starts bucking and screaming, I take my cue to loosen her hair and gently hold her throat as I bellow "I'm Cumming baby" she wails "yes baby fuck me, cum in me, come on baby fill me up" that's it, my balls tighten as I pump what feels like gallons of sperm in to her fertile womb, as we both grunt and scream as I fill her mom crys after raped by son with my seed.

I stay on Tasha for a minute or two, not moving as my cock is deflating by the second still inside her, she kisses me and I get up and my cock sploshes out her wet cunt.

We both sit down and catch our breath as we look at each other with that grin after a fuck. I was bored of sex for now and wanted to recharge the batteries and regenerate some more spunk, so rolled a joint and started smoking, Tasha got up and came back with two glasses and a bottle of Jack Daniels. A number of JD's later Tasha was a slurring a bit and a bit wobbly as she sat there legs open and spunk dripping out her used cunt. My cock started to stir and she had my sexual interest again, time to fuck her arse.

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"Come here and suck my cock Tasha" I order, she gets up and sits next to me and puts her mouth to my cock and sucks as ordered. I am mow hard and wanting her arse.

"Get your arse lubed up baby, rub some cunt juice over your shit hole and put two fingers up there" I order, Tasha sits on the edge of the chair and rubs her slit down to her puckered shit hole, she uses one hand to rub her clit and the other to grease her arsehole up.

She repeats this for a while panting and biting her lip as a finger slides up her arse with ease, in and out then the second slides in, she now has two fingers easing open her shit box. Tash gets on her hands and knees arse in the air, shit hole greasy and puckered monster black dick for a blonde cutie her furiously rubbing her clit.

"Well come on then you dirty fucker, fuck my arse with that huge cock" she hisses. Don't need asking twice as I get behind her and place my cock at the entrance to her arsehole, she grips my cock and eases my bell end in to her shit hole. With a plop it goes in, she freezes and I don't move, "fuck me that's splitting my arse in two" she winces. I stay still as she backs up a little, allowing another inch or two in her arse, "that's it baby just keep easing my cock in there it will stop hurting and feel great" I encourage.

This goes on a few minutes until finally I am pretty much balls deep up her arse. She rubs her clit hard as I start to take control by holding her hips and sliding my cock in and out of her arse, gently at first but then a little harder "your arse is tight baby" I grunt.

"For now until you stretch it loose, use my arse baby, it's yours now, no one else will touch the sides, fuck my arse baby" Tasha was close to cumming so I picked up the pace and started slamming my cock in her arsehole "only sluts let a first date cum in their mouth, cunt and arse, what are you".

"a slut baby, your slut, yours to use whenever you want" a few more slams and I erupted deep in to Tasha's bowels, just as she came. I pumped my last few a spurts of spunk up her arse and pulled out her arse. I looked at her shit hole as it was still stretched open and leaking spunk. We went to bed shortly after, I managed to fuck her arse once more in spoons and her cunt early morning, and just as I was leaving decided to bend her over chair and fuck her cunt once more for luck.

We met a few times more but it fizzled out due to distance and me finding other options. I never found out if she got pregnant, who knows. My next tale involves a drunken one night stand with a mom and her daughter.

My first attempt, I hope you enjoyed.