Voluptuous hussy has her tight asshole plowed

Voluptuous hussy has her tight asshole plowed
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So I'd like to share a story with you that took place not 20 minutes ago. It has left me with slightly mixed feelings; excitement, shame, nervousness, satisfaction and a want of more. First, I'll explain what little back story there is. For some reason, possibly because I've wanted to do exactly what I ended up doing, when the house I share with my mother, younger sister and two far younger twin brothers, I will occasionally search my sisters room for sex toys.

I don't know why really, I'd always sort of told myself that I was just curious if she had them or not. So every now and then I'd search her room a little, looking under her bed or at the back of her underwear draw. I never found anything until today. I had, and still have, the house to myself at the moment.

My mother and sister are at work and my brothers are around a friends house leaving it just me and the three cats. I had just gone downstairs to get a drink and was returning to my room when I passed my sisters bedroom door and the thought crossed my mind to go in and have a rummage around as it had been several months since the last time I snooped about.

I checked under her bed, her sock draw, her underwear draw and once more came up with nothing. Then I went over to her bedside cabinate and looked through the draws, the top two had nothing but the bottom had a black bag in that I've never bothered looking through before. I was about to close the draw when I saw something poking out from under the bag.

Anal beads! I could hardly believe my eyes but there they were, a neon blue strip of anal beads. I quickly checked the draw and found nothing else, then looked inside the black bag. Jackpot. Not one, not two, but four different dildos! I looked over them all for a couple of minutes, one was bright green and made of a hard plastic with ridges every inch or so, about 8inches long and maybe 1inch wide. Another was pale pink with a curved up tip designed to hit the gspot while a protrusion below it rubbed the clit.

The 3rd was a Rabbit, one of the rotating head versions. The final one was a short, thin electric blue anal dildo that must have come with the beads. Something else I should explain is my enjoyment of ass play.

Since my first girlfriend I was intimate with fingered my ass while giving me my first blowjob I've been hooked on it. My last three girlfriends have all enjoyed playing with my ass, and strangely enough have all brought the topic up with no urging from me in the slightest.

All three have fingered my arse, licked it (one of the most enjoyable things I've had done to me) and even used a strap on to fuck it, something I particularly enjoy. Unfortunately I have no toys of my own as when I split with my last girlfriend all my toys were at her place and I had no desire to see or contact the lying, cheating whore. That was nearly two years ago and I've not had anything up my ass since. Seeing these dildo's laying on the bed in front of my, my mind immediately went to wondering what they would feel like shoved up my arse.

Almost as soon as I thought that, I shook my head and shoved the toys back in the bag and closed up the draw, leaving my sisters room and returning to mine. I couldn't use my sisters toys, it just wouldn't be right. Trouble is, I was now horny as hell and my asshole was twitching in anticipation. I tried to distract myself with reading really escort mother doesnt want anal with son of the contributions on here but it wasn't happening, my mind kept returning to that draw or flicking back to the many times one of my girlfriends would fuck me.

It was only five minutes later that I snapped. Heading back to my sisters room I pulled out the bright green dildo, snatched up a pack of cleansing face wipe things and headed to the bathroom. I rummaged about in the cupboard for a moment before coming up with a tub of Vaseline then removed my trousers and boxers.

My dick, 6.8 inches, uncircumcised and pretty thick, was already rock solid and drooling large amounts of precum just thinking about what I was about to do.

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My heart was going like a freight train, out of excitement and fear that someone would come home early and catch me. As I made sure my arse was nice and clean I kept mumbling "I shouldn't be doing this, I really shouldn't be doing this." over and over, and yet my hands just kept on moving, cleaning off the dildo and smearing in with liberal amounts of Vaseline.

Before I knew what was happening I was squatting down over my sisters lubed up dildo, my tight asshole that hadn't been used in nearly two years (except as an exit, obviously) poised above it and my dick making a pool of precum on the floor beneath me. With one last "I shouldn't be doing this." I lowered myself slowly down onto the sex toy I had stolen from my sister. I went slow, not wanting to rip my arse to bits. Just putting pressure on my tight starfish, however I could already feel it spreading over the head of the dildo, my arse apparently wanted this more then I thought.

Still, I went slowly. I rocked back and forth slightly, barely sliding the dildo in and out at first. I was now breathing hard, my dick throbbing in time with my heartbeat, which seemed to both race madly and thump slowly at the same time. All thoughts of me not doing this had fled and I was totally focused on the invasion of my ring. After just a minute of rocking barely the tip in my arse I couldn't take it any more and sunk down further, an inch or so, taking the entire head into me.

Feeling no pain I smiled and pushed it as deep as I could, letting out a loud moan as I did. That actually shocked me as I so very rarely make any noise, besides panting, in bed and never while on my own. I gripped my aching cock and stroked it slowly as I raised myself up and down on my sisters dildo, bracing it against the floor on the down stroke and pushing it back out on the up. That was until I had an idea out of the blue, I wanted to watch myself.

I reached down and whipped the dildo out of my arse and stood it upright on the floor next to where I was squatting down (it has a flat base where you can put batteries in, I didn't have any and the ones in it were dead) then snagged the mirror from the windowsill. Setting it down on the floor I angled it so I would be able to see my arse then laid down on my back to check.

It was perfect, I could see my arse without any trouble. It was slightly red and still looked as tight as a virgin, though it was wet looking from the Vaseline.

I grabbed up the dildo and quickly shoved it back in, slightly too quickly perhaps as lasbeen sex young girl 2 girl fingring hurt this time, no doubt because of the angle change. This didn't stop me though. My dick jumped as I shoved it in and I grabbed it with my free hand and gave it several very quick strokes as I pushed the dildo in as far as I could.

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I slowed my stroking and quickly swapped hands, the dildo slipping almost all the way out before I zanes sex chronicles s01e07 sex scene tube porn it again and rammed it back inside, again making my cock jump. I was already close, the excitement, the sensation of something up my ass for the first time in ages and watching my arse be assaulted by a bright green, plastic cock.

I stopped stroking my cock and concentrated on moving the dildo, speeding up faster and faster while my breathing got heavier and heavier, my cock bouncing and flicking precum over my bare stomach and chest. I could feel myself getting closer and closer and couldn't hold out any longer. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it furiously while slamming my ass with the stolen dildo. I only lasted a minute or so longer before I gave a strangled moan and rope after rope of cum blasted from my cock, spraying over my chest, neck and even face where I quickly licked off what I could, savouring the slightly salty treat.

It's rare I actually taste my cum but today just felt like I should. I laid back, my head propped up against the bath behind me, my eyes still on the dildo in my ass. I let go and watched as it slid out, making my cock twitch, until it fell to the floor with a thump, my asshole looking very red now though again looking tight. I pushed a finger against it to see how tight and it slid right in without trouble.

I lay there for several minutes while my breathing returned to normal and my heart stopped pounding in my ears before cleaning up after myself. I made sure to clean the dildo off very well before replacing it exactly where I found it, then went back to the bathroom and got dressed. I came back to my room and sat at my desk, my arse giving a slight throb as I sat, making me smile.

I looked at the screen on my computer, still open to XNXX and grinned before opening WordPad and starting to type. ------------------------------------- And that's my recounting of the past hour. Enjoy? Should I write about next time, should there be one? Maybe something else? Please rate and review if you have a spare minute!