Two lesbian females make fun in bed

Two lesbian females make fun in bed
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From where I was in the closet, I could see everything that was going on and it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. My sister was laying on her bed with a blindfold covering her eyes. All the while, my new girlfriend, was going to town banging the shit out of her pussy with a strap-on cock. This was one of the best things ever. In the past 24 hot teen gets the cock she waited for I learned many things, but the most erotic of which had to be the fact that my sister liked to have sex with girls and was apparently great at being the sub in during the play time.

While I was imprisioned in the closet watching the amazing sight of two teen age beauties having some of the most sensual sex I had ever witnessed, I was stroking my cock with a fever.

But even that was a difficult thing to do because I didn"t want to waste any of the cum that I was wanting to save for Stephanie.

I don"t know where I was going to deposit it, but I knew it would be in or on her. From what I have been told by Bigcock loving teen shows her big pussy lips, her cock sucking skills are amazing, and I can"t wait to find out how amazing they truely were. I was so lost in thought that I missed Carly nod at me the first time.

But I caught it the second time, and knew that it was time to go out and join the fun. Amazingly, I was nervous. what if my sister wasn"t interested in having me join in the fun between her and Carly, or what if she told our Mom what I tried?

But now wasn"t the time to worry about that, there would be plenty of time to figure things out after the fun is over. So I streched my hand out and opened the door. It took me a moment to get my feet out of my shorts.

Once I got my feet free I walked over to wear Carly and my sister were. But then something occured to me, I must look retarded, I have my cock sticking out of the fly in my boxers and I still had my shirt on. Carly noticed as I was realizing it and had to struggle not to laugh while continuing to thrust into my sister.

Now that I was closer, I could hear just how wet my sister pussy was. Each thrust of the strap-on brought about a squishing noise that did nothing but turn me on more. I took my shirt and my boxers off and started to stroke my cock some more, slowly milking the precum out of close up with teenie rubbing clitoris tip and using it to lubricate my jerking even more.

I noticed that Carly was watching my cock in my hand, so I slowly took my other hand and collected some precum on my finger and brought it to my lips and sucked it off. Carly could do nothing but moan and turn to my sister and start to pound into her. "Tyler, oh my god, you are fucking my pussy better than anyone I have ever fucked! Your cock is reaching new depths, if you keep this up I am going to cum all over you and your cock!" My sister was on the verge of convulsing.

"I am going to give you my cock, and I am not going to stop till you are about to pass out from pleasure, now get your slut ass up and get on your hands and knees.

I am going to fuck you from behind like the little slut you are!" Twmen one women xxx story looked like she was possesed with pleasure. As my sister got into position, which I might ad was kinda funny since she had the blindfold on, Carly nodded her head motioning me to get in front of my sister. Carly lined her rubber cock in line with my sisters pussy, she thrust all the way to the hilt in one fail swoop.

Stephanie moaned a deep throaty moan. Carly then leaned down and laid on my sisters back while she thrust into her pussy and started to pinch her nipples. I could literally see my sisters juices running down her legs and wetting the bed beneath her.

"So not only am I going to fuck you senseless, I have another surprise for you. Do you want to see what it is?" She was talking in the most sultry voice I had ever heard. It was having the desired effect because my cock bounced a little and it seemed like Stephanie"s pussy was running like a faucet down her leg.

Stephanie leaned her head back and kissed Carly as she moaned and nodded her head yes. "I want it, what do you have for me?" "Oh I think you are going to like this, especially after our little role play session, I had someone come in and they are going to help me give you more pleasure than you have ever I promised." I was standing in front of Stephanie with my cock in my hand, slowly running it up and down its length and feeling the viens and rubbing the pre cum all over the head.

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I knew what was about to happen and I knew that things were going to get interesting in a couple moments. Carly reached up and removed the blindfold two foxy honeys like fooling around naked Stephanie was looking at her. Slowly she turned and saw me and everything stopped as she slowly took everything in and realized I was naked.

"Carly, Tyler, what the fuck is going on?" She was taken aback and didn"t know how to respond. "Like I told you earlier, we are going to fuck you sensless.

And you are going to be my perfect little slut and do as you are told." Stephanie was about to say something but I cut her off by sticking my cock into her mouth.

"You are going to suck my cock and you are going to like it, I know you want it. I was sitting in the closet the whole time you were masturbating as Carly told you about my cock and how I fucked her. I also listened and watched as you called Carly my name as she was fucking you. So I know you want this just as xxx sexy story sunny leone as I want it.

Now suck it and we will have some fun." I could tell that her submissive side kicked in from me talking down to her and it was amazing.

Slowly she got more and more into it. She was bobbing up and down on my cock but it wasn"t great yet, it wasn"t what I had heard about.

Then things slowly changed. She reached up and placed her hands on my shaft and balls. She started to take my cock out and slap herself in the face with it. She then proceeded to lick all around the head while stroking up and down the shaft. She kept stroking my cock and leaned down and sucked each ball into her mouth in turn. She was amazing and we hadn"t really begun to get into it yet. She ended that and looked me in the eye while she popped the head into her mouth and moaned as Carly fucked her.

As she looked me in the eyes she went all the way down untill my balls were on her chin and she was swallowing around my cock using her throat muscles to milk my cock.

This was shapping up to be hardcore wrestling i neva let a fuckslut go best blowjob of all time.

I had my hands in my sister"s hair now and pulling her down onto my cock harder and harder and holding her there at times. She would gag every now and then but I would pull my cock out of her mouth and slap her with it. She liked that. "Tyler, spit in her face.Take your cock out and spit on her face. It makes her submissive slut really come out.

And pinch her nipples as hard as you can too. That makes her moan." Carly was still hammering away at Stephanie"s pussy and it was leaking all over the bed. I took my cock out and slapped her in the face with it and then pulled her hair back as she moaned I spit right into her face. It hit her right below the right eye. She moaned like a wild animal and swallowed my cock again. I leaned forward and intertwinned my tongue with Carly"s and felt her tits.

To throw her for a loop I pinched her nipple as hard as I could, I knew she wasn"t expecting it and it caused her to orgasm again. Carly"s orgasm seemed to start a chain reaction because it reverberated through the strap-on into my sister"s pussy. She started to cum and not wanting me to be left out, turned her mouth into a vacume and then she started to reach around and use my ass cheaks to pull me into her faster.

Then she did something that surprised me even more than anything I had learned in the past day.

She licked one of her fingers and proceeded to shove it up my ass and play with my prostate which sent me over the edge and I started to cum. "I"m cumming, oh my god I am cumming." Stephanie pulled my cock out of her throat just in time to catch the first blast of cum in her mouth and all the following as well.

Carly had cum and was just watching at this point but she wanted in on the fun. She pulled the cock out of my sister"s pussy and layed underneath her.

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My sister leaned over Carly and opened her mouth. I watched as my come dropped out of her mouth and into Carly"s. They then started to make out with my cum in their mouths. After that they both looked at me and showed me the cum they each had in their mouths just before they swallowed.

I felt so spent both by physically and mentally, I had just done so many things I never thought I would do and I also just had one of the only full body/anal induced orgasms of my life. It was amazing. I flopped down onto my sister"s bed and just laid there. The girls figured I needed some company and laid beside me. I was the luckiest son of a bitch ever. Here I was laying in my sisters bed with an arm around her and one around her friend and they were both smoking hot and naked.

Stephanie was the first to speak. "What caused this? Why? How? I mean? Oh my god I just fucked my brother and I loved every minute of it." I couldn"t help but laugh at the last part. "Well it is all really simple and quite coicidental.

I was taking a shower after we had our little dick measuring contest earlier today and because of the way you focused your eyes on my cock when I grabbed it, I don"t know why but you popped into my head. Of course when you popped into my head I was also jerking my cock and I was so into it I didn"t realize that Carly had come into the bathroom and I only noticed when she gasped at me when I moaned your name picturing you sucking my cock." Stephanie was laying there listening to all of this and I don"t know if she realized it but she was starting to play with her pussy.

"After I realized that she was there, she came in the shower with me and we started to fuck, and oddly enough, she had me call her Stephanie. It was after that she started telling me about how you and her had fooled around sexually and that she wanted to see you and I fuck.

After that it all just sorta happened. We knew that if you got drunk enough tonight you wouldn"t object to any real feelings on the subject that you may have." Stephanie sat up a little and looked over at Carly. "So you were the little twat that set all this up?" Carly didn"t answer just nodded her head. "Well I guess I can live with that. Now.I really wanna try having this cock in me." "Well as much as I wanna give you this cock.

We still have guests downstairs by the sounds that I hear coming up the stairs. And I don"t think we wanna risk having someone come walking in on us.

Unless you think all of your friends are as freaky and kinky as Carly here." With that we all started to collect our clothes. Of course there was a little sucking of nipples or my cock or gestures. But we two cute japanese babes get shagged hard knew we already harlots lined up to suck a cock striptease and hardcore enough time gone for people to come looking for us.

So it was decided that we would finish what we started at a later time and maybe just maybe, I would be the submissive one this time. They would both like that.