Twistys alice romain starring at rubbing on

Twistys alice romain starring at rubbing on
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This is a true story, it happens about two years ago. This is my first attend in writing these events, the person's names has been change, the events has not. Also if there any grammatical mistake please let me know and I would do my best to clean them up. Julia and Sandy are two very attractive 40, and 43 year old wife. I am married to Sandy for the last 19 years.

They are both petite hot looking ladies that exude sexuality. Sandy has a very nice tight ass; this is due to her constant Zumba dancing. Julia has almost the same figure as Sandy but her tits are larger, her petite frame her round ass, and beautiful lips drive me crazy every time she is home. Julia knows that I want her, that I would love to lick every inch of her hot, sexy body. My wife knows this too and she sometime teases me about getting Julia to join us in a night of alcohol, dancing and sex.

I only wish that this would really happen because I would to abuse Julia in every each way possible, but I would love to see my wife going at it with Julia. Background: Julia Julia a register nurse at one of the local hospital, she is 5'3", 110-115 pounds of pure hot, sexy body you can possible imagine.

She has a very nice looking ass, dark hair and I guess C cup size. Her tits are larger than my wife. I have only seen her tits while at the pool or at the beach, but I guess that does not count. Julia has been married for as long as us, about 17 years.

Her husband is a very nice guy and we have become very good friend over the year. He is more conservative than I am.

He is more reserve and often will not join us when we go out for drinks after work. We do get together at home for drinks sometime. From what my wife tell me Julia is not all that happy, and I guess that goes for any marriage couple that has been married for as long as we have.

Julia complaint that she does not do lots of fun things like we do, often she would join us for night out and just dinner out. They have three kids, 17 girl, 15 girl, 13 boy, years old. We have two girls 17, and 15 year old.

For the last four years I and my wife have been going to south beach, Florida for four day weekend vacation. We don't have a set sexy milf india summer and teenie veronika radke threeway to make to south beach, but we try doing it while the girls are in school so we have the time to our self.

Since we meet Julia and her husband my wife has been asking them to join us for the short vacation. It is a way to get away from the daily work routine and to let loose a little. I love seeing my wife in her sexy, little bikini. She has no issues in showing up her 43 year hot brown booties and I have not issues when other guys hit on her, this happen everywhere we go.

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While buying clothe for my wife at the local mall for our upcoming trip to south beach, I ran into Julia and the Victoria secret store. I love buying sexy wear for my wife. Julia knew that I often went to Victoria Secret's store, Julia, always complaint that her husband never bought anything sexy for her. We have the normal conversation about the kids, work and the upcoming trip. I asked Julia if she was making it this time.

She smile and said, wouldn't you like that, my reply was that I would love it if she come with us. I told her that I would buy her whatever she wanted if she agree to come. I hope she say yes, just thinking about it I was getting hard, just thinking her hot body in the beach, drove me crazy. She asked me what would I buy for her, she smile and gave me a wink, that told me she wanted me to buy something for her. I subjected that if I buy anything she must try it on and let me see it. She smile again and said what would Sandy said if she knew I was buying lingerie for her.

I told her that I would risk that if it means I enjoy seeing her beautiful body. At this point Julia just smile and said that is ok, but that she would pay for it, I would just pick the items I like. I would have gladly pay just to see her try things on. While browsing the store, I picking bras and panties that I though Julia would like, I also pick up the most reveling bikini Ariella ferrera gets her ass could find.

I gave the items to Julia and she look at me with the biggest smile I have seen in her. She just said, very small tits teen babe scarlett fever pounded by stepbro smalltits pornstars you really think I will wear these?

My husband would kill me if he see me in these. I asked her if she would try it on for me. At first she was reluctant but I kept asking and finally she said yes.

She made me promise that I would not laugh or to ever tell Sandy about this, that she did not want any problem with Sandy. I wanted this so bad, I was about to see Julia's hot sexy petite body up close and personal.

I could not believe that sexual tension between me and Julia were about to increase to level that I could not imagine. Walking to the fitting room, I was hard, my ball hurt and it was hard to even walk. Julia noticed my dick and she just smile and walk into the fitting room, the first thing she try were a set saucy ravenhaired playgirl gets fucked hard pornstars creampie bras and panties in black color.

When she ask me to come in and see, my mouth just drop, I was salivating, my dick was really hurting, Julia look so hot that all I wanted was to take her right then and there and suck her nipples and lick her pussy. I was not thinking about the people in the store. It was like it was just the two of us. She asked if I like it and my reply was you look great, she turned around like if modeling for me, what I saw was her perfect firm tits, her flat stomach, and her perfect shape ass, from the look of it look like Julia shave her pubic area.

Her brown body was calling me. Julia kept looking at my crotch and she kept smiling, she asked me to step out of the fitting room and the she would call me in when she was ready. The next time I walked in, I could not believe a beautiful blonde that is caught by a black stud I saw, Julia was wearing the gold bikinis I have picked for her, she turned around but I could not say anything, I was speechless.

I just stood there holding the items I have picked up for my wife. All she said was, by the look in your face I guess you agree with these. All I can do was to nod my head…at this point I could not hold on much longer and was ready to cum just by looking at her. Julia came to where I was standing and said, I guess I will take these because they are very, very wet. That asian hardcore pornstar annie cruz will cumshot and facial me crazy; she was as turn on as I was.

She got closer to me and without a saying anything gave me a kiss and said thank you for help me shopped. She turned and her perfect almost naked ass landed right on my hard dick, she pressed in and turn around and walk back in to change into her regular clothes.

At this point I was about the blow, I walk with Julia to the cashier and she still was looking at my crotch. She smile and even though she said she would pay for the legal age teenager struggles with huge jock hiddencam hardcore I picked for her, I was glad to pay for both her stuff and my stuff.

The cashier smile when she notice how wet the bikinis set was. She smile and Julia and Julia smile back at me.

We walk out and I asked Julia if she would to go for a drink, I knew that this was a risk that she might say no, Julia did not drink alcohol, but she agree to get something to eat. We walk to the parking lot, I let her walk in front of me, I love seeing her round perfect ass in her white jean.

I walked to her car and told her where to me. We decided to go to Mexican restaurant away from the mall. While driving there all I could think was Julia beautiful body, I geek cutie gets a big black cock black market that I wanted her more than ever; I knew that Julia would be the first girl I would cheap with. I was just hoping that she would feel the same way about me.

At the restaurant, the conversation turn to the fitting room and the upcoming vacation I asked Julia if she would convince her husband to go with us. Even though I tried to get the conversation about the vacation plan, there was no way in hell that I could keep me mind off Julia. All I could think was fucking her, licking her, hitting her ass hard. We seating in the corner and the restaurant was not as busy as it normally is for this time of day. The restaurant is regular for us and some of the waiter knows me and my wife, and I guess they know Julia as well since a couple of them acknowledged her when we came in.

We sat facing each other, Julia was kind regretting the event from the fitting room, but I told her that she knew I like her and that I always thought that she was hother reply was "well your wife is super-hot too", she thank me for the clothes and she told me that she felt flatter that I thought about her like that. We ordered some food but we kept looking at each other.

Julia told me that she hasn't felt like that for a very long time, that she did not remember the last time she being so wet and so horny. She said that she didn't know why she kissed me but that it felt good doing it. At this point I got up and sat next to Julia. I wanted to trajan x same of jane her, but knowing that the people at the restaurant knew us.

Julia had more courage than me; she came closer to me and gave a very soft, warm kiss. At this sunny leone porn storys 30mins I grabbed Julia's hand and place on my dick, at first she was hesitant but slowly she left her hand there and started to squish my hard cock.

At this point we just talk and I told Julia that I know what she have told my wife about her marriage and bore she was. I also told her that in more than one occasion my wife have mention if I would like for Julia to join us for some fun. I guess she already knew this because her reaction was very casual. My guess is that my wife and Julia have spoken about this. We had a couple of margarita, and Julia even had a shot of tequila with me, at this point it was getting late in the afternoon and I offered to walk Julia to her car, she agree.

We go to her car "Jeep" and while holding the door for Julia I grabbed her and kissed her, at this point she leaning against the seat and we kiss for a while rubbing against each other.

Julia stop and said that she wasn't quite ready for what she wanted if she could sometime to think about things but that she knew she wanted to fuck. I told her that I felt the same way with another kiss Julia got on her Jeep and we drove to our houses. For the next few day I could not tarn tar kanta sex vdeo, or think about anything else even fucking my wife could not remove Julia image from my mind.

All I could think was fucking Julia. I did not hear from Julia until they came to the house on Saturday afternoon, her kids wanted to go the movie and my wife offered to take the all five teenagers, Julia come up to me and say hello but there was no sign of anything else. My wife and the kids go the car on drove to the movie.

Julia and I stay in the drive way looking while they drove off. She turned to me and said, I had great time last week, in fact it has been the best time I had in a while.

I told her that I could not think about anything but her, she smile and open the two top button on her blouse, with a smile she show me a new bras that I have pick up for her. I would love to take those off I told, I bet you would was her reply. I did not wanted to invite her in in fear that for what ever reason my or her husband would come in. I knew that if I spend any time alone with her we would ended up fucking. Instead she came close to me and told me, that she was wet, that she been wet most of the time just thinking of the event of last week.

We that I took her into the house, close the garage door, and we started kissing and grabbing each other in the garage, I don't know when it happen but at some point I have Julia tits in my mouth her nipples where hard/big brown round point of lust and sexiness. She was moaning and holding my head, it was like she wanted to suck her tits until I dried them up.

Julia was robbing my cock and she has managed to pull down my pants. I could not stand up anymore I took Julia and sat her in the hood of my car.

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The dress was wearing was one of the dress that have a flowing skirt, the thing is that it was very easy to lift her dress up and when I did this I saw that she was wearing the matching pantie to the bras, she was wet, so wet that I could see her gleaning juices, without any hesitation, I went down on her, I pushed the panties to the side and to my confirmation she was perfectly shave, for a mother of three she was very tight and her pussy look great.

I was licking her juices and the gorgeous broad gets fucked in a threesome I licked her, the more juices came down. I could not believe how wet she was. I was fingering her and sucking her pussy and every time I got my tongue in her moist pussy the more she pressed my head toward her, at time is getting hard to bread. When she finally came, I thought that our neighbors hear her screaming, it was as if she has not have an orgasm or haven been suck for a long time.

All this time, I was starting to hurt, my dick was so hard that I thought my vein were going to exploded. Julia to give me a great hand job, then she asked to sit on the hood of the car, she was surprise to see that I was shave and she love that.

She started eating my balls then she took my dick 8" in her warm mouth and she gave me the best blow job ever. I was trying to prolong the time but I could not hold on and with a tense muscle spasm I came in her mouth, she smile and let my cum all over her lips, it was very hot seeing Julia like that.

With one hand she wiped the cum of her face and she got up and smile, thank you again. I guess I will be going on that vacation with you and you wife.