Ansh and piya heart tuching song nazer

Ansh and piya heart tuching song nazer
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I am Rintu name changed age 21 an indian from Hyderabad,telangana.From my childhood I have been obsessed with Blowjobs a lt either to get them or give them but I ended up giving them rather than receiving them and I.

Need to perform all my fantasise I have about getting blowjobs on the others guess I am unlucky.yes i am a bisexual male who sucks other male person cockand I know how to suck it better than a girl,here is what happened. In my life oh by the way. I am 5ft 8inches and 55 kgs weight average personality with a 5.5 inches length and 3.5inches grith of my cock measurements.

Me and my boyfriend have been in our sexual relationship for the past 8 months and I need to know what his problem is .i wanna make sure that he is not using me for intimate pleasures when ever he is in need.

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At the beginning of our relationship I never cared much for such pleasures because it never was sex actually he just used to rub his hands all over my body and squeeze my chest and my c0*k very hard until I get excited about do the same for his and then we used to mutually masturbate each other but I did it till he came but he would stop it when my precum touches his hand.

I have had a suspension that he might be aware of my blow job skills some how from someone as I've offered Bjs to one of my best friend back in high school who is my present alia bhatt and varun dhwan xnxx decided to blow my current bf rod to get a conformation.

First day of our BJ session; one night I went on to his kissing harder and squeezing his rod slowly I went down kissing his body from lips to chest and to belly and then to the bottom (rod).I thought he might be truthful to me from that moment and I did my service down on his rod for about 20 minutes but he never came I am surprised that my ex-bff would have come twice in that time span.

After that we slept together but never spoke a word to one another. In our relationship were never spoke of sexual things,we did communicate with signs like when he wanted me to bang his thighs he would take out my rod and place it in between his thighs and massage me then I would ram his thighs,yes thighs because I really hate anals.

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Our Second BJ session; on this night when I went down on him and gave his rod a few kisses he himself placed his rod in my mouth and kept moving it to and fro softly for sometime and then he took it out and pulled his foreskin completely back so that I would scuk on his glance (tip of the rod) directly.but he never gave me a chance to do that because he kept ramming my mouth hard as if it is a pu$$y,then he made me deepthroat on his rod (honestly it was my first deepthroat BJ) but my gag reflex was hurting and he can feel my body shivering and hear the sounds I make with sexy solo action with busty blonde ashlee graham is ramming my throat that fast and feel all the saliva I have been omitting but never cared and kept ramming my throat until he came deep inside my throat so that I would have no choice of spitting it but to swallow it.( honestly that was me first time swallowing).then I asked him not to tell anyone about this and he replied, "Everyone in college already knew all about your blow job skills, that's how I came to know about it".

That was the night I understood that he tricked me all the time into having my lips around his rod.But he made me a promise that he won't out our secret to anyone. But since that night onwards he never came on to me but expected me to do all the things for him.I used to go on to him every night and squeeze his man-b00bs and his rod and scuk on them regularly for almost a month.

One day he said that he might get confused about the feelings between us could get him in to trouble when he has to do it with a girl and wanted me to stop it.I never went on to him for at least a week and after a week I couldn't control and placed my hands on his waist and hugged him to sleep better but after some time he lost his cool and directed my head down to his rod never spoke a word but he himself took his rod out and forced it into my mouth,I felt really happy to have his rod in my mouth again and blowed him for 30 minutes and made him cum twice but it was awful so I spit it out.

Few days after he said it seriously that he don't want me to blow him again,then I. Asked him that"was it so painful?" he replied NO,me again "Are you not gaining any kind of pleasures from my bjs?" He replied"I never gained any kind of pleasures from it I just allowed your to do it because you enjoyed it a lot".i am confused it was me just trying to get him to love me by giving him some intimate pleasures and he thought I was doing it for my pleasures,honestly no one will ever gain any more physical pleasures than the receiver in the art of bjs,my pleasure in particular was emotional that he is happy for me blowing his rod.

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Then I got angry and stopped blowing him for almost a month everything went smooth we both have no complaints and decided to remain as just friends rather than friends with benefits until this situation came up. One day I was so drunk that I was unable to stand still and sober enough to not understand anything that been going on around was mid night around 12 -2am,I was able to get back to my senses and the first thing I experienced was his cumshots deep in my throat again and that was the night I cried since a long time back then.I asked him how could you take advantage of my situation when it was you who pushed me away,he replied full sey xxx story propech he couldn't control himself that it's been very long since I got my rod blown.I asked him then would you like me to do that to you or not, he said " am not sure I honestly don't want you to do it I don't want either of us to think low of you,I feel like I am degrading or dehumanizing you or sexually humiliating you, but sometimes I couldn't control myself".

For the next few weeks I kept my ego aside and started blowing his rod in his sleep, I knew sometimes I woke him up by having him in my mouth but he stayed silent and acted as if he was asleep so that I would blow him nicely,and I am pretty sure he enjoyed my blow jobs a lot because he has been craving for them.this continued for few weeks and one day during day time he became active and kinky and talked about it to me for the first time and asked me to deepthroat his rod as he is a really big fan of deepthroat bjs he used to hold my head against his belly really hard to make sure his entire rod was inside my mouth and throat and my chin touching his balls,he used to hold me in that position for about 5-10 seconds repeatedly and used to cum deep inside my throat at the end,although I never was really big fan of cum swallow, I did it for him out of love.few days passed and he came up with another kinky idea to cum not in my throat but in my mouth and would like me to play with it for a while and show him how I guzzle it and made me to swallow it finally.

We enjoyed our bj sessions very immensely but one day he again started feeling guilty and asked me to never ever do that again and 3 days passed by and I don't touch or taste his rod but I became an addict for his rod and it's impossible for me to stay away from it,I have no idea what to do now and what kind of guilt he is facing now.

If anyone has similar kind of problems don't hesitate to mention your valuable opinions down here and if you would like to share them privately do message me .