5 boy and 1 gairl xxx storys

5 boy and 1 gairl xxx storys
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Part 3 I woke up beside Justin in his bed with my hand still loosely wrapped in his. He was sound asleep and my mind began to wander again. It was almost lunchtime and for the first time since I got up that morning I felt hungry for actual food instead of just for Justin. My stomach growled a little and I tried not to stir so Justin could stay asleep.

I had always been a sexual person, or at least I knew I would be when I finally actually had sex. Sex was veronica clark fucked by four men dped on my mind but I had never acted on any of my urges in the past.

It had a lot to do with what Justin had questioned me about earlier, my reputation. I was a good girl, always doing the right thing and always moderately innocent to the things some of the other girls talked about that they either had done or wanted to do. I knew I was much less experienced than nearly all of my friends, but I also knew I was not as innocent or as good as any of them thought.

Justin had a good reputation too, but everyone knew he was getting laid by Jessica Williams and her reputation was sketchy to say the least.

Jessica's Mom had been a stripper until Jessica turned about thirteen and there were all kinds of rumors about the kind of things Jessica had done at the club where her Mom worked. I had often wished I could go to that club and see the women stripping and the men watching them.

Many forbidden thoughts had passed through my mind and if my friends knew a fraction of them, my innocence would be in serious doubt. Now my brother and I shared a very dark secret and we both thought we were prepared to keep our taboo antics between us forever. I had slid quietly out of bed and prepared a simple lunch for us by the time Justin came downstairs. We talked during lunch and decided to stay naked all day since we hoped our forbidden activities would go on through the night.

We also agreed we would blow off our friends for the day and just tell everyone we had gone to the lake with our parents and didn't have our phones with us on the water.

Justin told me he needed a little break because his balls were aching a little and I didn't argue because he had fucked me more forcefully than I had hoped and my muscles were a little sensitive too.

We both needed a little time to recuperate, so we each kind of did the chores we were supposed to do and agreed we would talk about what to do a little later. About an hour break was all I needed. I kept seeing Justin walk around with his cock bouncing and flopping from side to side and it was making me horny.

He seemed to be okay with just wasting the day on stuff we could do while everyone was home, so I decided I had better kick things into gear a little. There was a small stain where something had spilled on the marble in front of the living room fireplace, so I grabbed a rag and a bottle of glass cleaner and waited until Justin was doing something in the living room before I took action.

On all fours, I started scrubbing the floor with my ass facing my horny brother. I made sure to reach a little skinny chick gets pounded by a friend to get the stain and pretended not to know he was behind me watching.

Justin tiptoed up behind me and swatted my ass firmly, making a loud slapping sound as his opened hand landed against my firm round buttock with a sharp sting. I giggled playfully, "Mmm, have I been bad big brother?" I teased. Justin answered with a question. "Do you want to be bad little sister?" I shook my long blonde hair out of my way and looked at him seductively over my shoulder, swaying my ass slowly side-to-side.

"What would you like to do to me?" I asked him, feeling my hormones raging again and quickly getting wet with horny desire. Justin settled in behind me on his office girl xxxx sex stories xxx story and pressed the puffy head of his cock against my hot, swollen pussy. "I would like to fuck my slut, sister like a doggy." He said, pushing his hard-on toward me enough to force only the head of his hefty member inside my waiting body.

I arched my back a little and my jaw dropped opened as the pleasure of his penetration carried me back toward the euphoric feelings I had experienced earlier in the morning. "Oh, Justin!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"Wow, I love your cock inside me." Justin popped my ass again with his opened hand as he was sliding his long, thick cock back out of my pussy, leaving me ready for him to drive into me again.

His rhythm barely even started before I recognized his usual sound that told me his climax was near. "Ugh! FUCK!" He grunted loudly, thrusting his hips so hard against mine it nearly knocked me forward.

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He held himself inside of me again and I could feel him pulsating his hot cream deep in my pink world teen age first time fuck. "CLAP…CLAP&hellip.CLAP." Filled the room, making both Justin's and my hearts stop instantly in horror. We both whipped around at the same time to see our neighbor, Mr. Harris leaning back comfortably on our couch with his legs crossed and a serious expression on his face.

"Well, well, well." He started, allowing his lips to turn up into a little smile. "And what the fuck is going on here?" He asked in a very disturbed tone. "No pun intended, of course." I felt Justin slide out of me slowly, but neither of us would speak a word of what was going on. Mr. Harris had been our neighbor and a close friend of our parents for over ten years. He is the one that always looked after our place when we were gone and offered help when it was needed.

He was a tall, strong man that had to be over forty, but not by much. His short, black hair was always perfect and he always dressed really nice like he was a businessman or something. Even that day he was dressed up. He wasn't married, and hadn't been the entire time we had known him, but he always seemed to have plenty of friends to keep him busy.

Obsession chocolate cream pie (creampiler tube porn had always been nice to me, never too nice or uncomfortable to be around, and I had a strange crush or interest for him until about a year ago, when I realized I was wasting my time. Justin mowed his lawn all the time and sometimes did other odd jobs for him around his place. I was embarrassed to be naked in front of him, but horrified to be so boldly exposed and prayed silently that it would all just be a bad dream.

"Alright, Justin." Mr. Harris spoke sternly, "You sit on the floor there for a moment." He said pointing to a spot a few feet away from Karie. "And Karie, don't you move a muscle." He said, scooting himself to the edge of the couch and tastelessly staring at my backside. "Looks like Justin left a bit of a mess inside you Ms. Karie." He spoke softly.

"Do you know the consequences of that young lady?" My heart was pounding and I was completely embarrassed. "Yes Sir, but I'm on birth control." I confessed right away, starting to turn and sit so he couldn't see every part of me so easily. "CLAP! Don't move!" Mr. Harris raised his voice and crashing his hands firmly together, bringing me back to my position on all fours before I had been able to move very much at all. He chuckled softly. "You kids don't want this to get around the neighborhood now do you?" He threatened in a very calm and collected tone.

"Well, do you?" He asked again when neither of us responded. "No." Justin answered, humiliated and embarrassed. "No." I added, trying to get over the shame I was feeling and the guilt for talking Justin into continuing our debauchery earlier that morning.

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"Good, then." Mr. Harris said, rubbing his hands together like a villain with an evil plan. "Justin, first hot milf fucked for money seduce part watch part on hdmilfcamcom need to clean up the mess you have made in your Sister." Mr. Harris scolded. Justin stood to his feet, suddenly eager to do whatever Mr. Harris said in hopes that the fear and humiliation could be limited to only their neighbor.

He started to walk out of the room and Mr. Harris raised his voice to halt his departure. "Where are you going?" He bellowed. Justin stopped and replied with attitude.

"To get a towel dude." Mr. Harris laughed at him. "Did I ask you breathtaking ball licking by a beauteous chick get a towel dude?" He asked, returning Justin's attitudinal tone. "Clean up your Sister." He repeated sternly. "Use that sharp tongue of yours boy." He added, pointing toward where I was still kneeling awkwardly. "No, I can get it, Sir." I said, totally shocked that Mr. Harris would suggest something like that and noticing the similar shock that came over Justin's face.

"CLAP!" Mr. Harris stood from the couch losing his patience and crashed his hands loudly together, causing me to freeze again. "Here is what is going on kiddos." Mr. Harris spoke kind of loud while pacing behind me. "I came over here this morning to check on you and you two were fucking like rabbits in your brothers bed. I snapped a couple pictures in case nobody believed me, and then I came back to try to come to some sort of an arrangement and here you are fucking again." He slapped an envelope that had been stashed in his shirt pocket back and forth between his hands.

"Can you imagine what Kathy Green would say if she knew the two best kids in the neighborhood were fucking each other in their own house? What a travesty." He mused. Mr. Harris picked the neighborhood gossip queen to threaten us with.

Kathy also happened to be very good friends with our parents and had two kids the same age as Justin and I that she always thought were in direct competition with us. I couldn't believe we had been caught. He probably thought we had been doing this forever and probably thought bad about my parents because of it too.

I felt like crying, but I was holding out hope that there would be some way he wouldn't tell and still believed he was a real upstanding neighbor. "What do you want?" I blurted out, desperately wanting the nightmare that just started to stop right away. Mr. Harris stopped pacing and returned to the couch where he casually sat on the edge again and paused for a moment. "Well, now we're getting somewhere. You want your secret to stay a secret, and I can do that for you. But the price is not cheap." He paused for a moment and studied each of our faces for a reaction.

"You two get to keep doing what you have already discovered is insanely fun and I get the pleasure of watching." He confidently boasted. "Sooo, what I want to watch right now is your brother licking your sweet little pussy clean." He spoke calmly, then lowered his voice and looked down at me, "and even you can admit that might feel pretty damn good Miss Karie, yes? Having your big brother licking that nice mess from that tight little pussy of yours?" He added, turning toward Justin.

"Try it Justin, you might just like it." He smiled. "I'm a voyeur of sorts you see." He smiled, leaning back on the couch and looking rather smug. "Don't be ashamed in front of me. I think your sex is very, very hot to watch." He chuckled softly.

Justin cautiously rolled to his knees and crawled over behind me. I couldn't help but be a little excited to feel my brother licking me again and strangely excited in an unfamiliar way to have Mr. Harris telling us what to do and watching us. The anticipation escalated as his warm breath showered over my pussy and I gasped when his tongue touched me, but I was so nervous that the awkwardness was taking away from my pleasure.

Justin shoved his tongue in deep and moaned a heavy, long moan indicating he was getting into sucking me sloppy, and suddenly my nervousness was gone. I let out a yelp of pleasure when I discovered he was okay with doing the nasty task and I passionately dropped myself to the floor, leaving my ass high in the air with my knees under me so Justin could feast on the creamy treat he had created. The marble hearth was cold against my nipples and the hardness of that cold surface felt good supporting my heavy, round tits.

"Lie on your back Karie and let your brother eat your pussy good." Mr. Harris instructed. I quickly rolled onto my back, secretly loving Mr.

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Harris' idea and desperately wanting to feel Justin's face buried deep in my crotch again. It was weird how neither Justin nor I seemed to mind Mr. Harris being there all of a sudden. It wasn't even like his threats were the reason we were doing what we were doing. We were lusting after one another again just like we did the very first time and the risk of our neighbor blabbing about us seemed insignificant at the moment. Then it hit me that I trusted Mr.

Harris and I knew if we did as he wished, he wouldn't tell. Justin was going crazy in my lap. His tongue was all over me and he was moaning and groaning, causing a vibration against my love button that stirred me up and created a trembling sensation deep in my bones. It wasn't just his tongue going crazy either.

His face was sliding around giving me the comfort of knowing he was totally loving eating my pussy. I raised my head and watched him devouring me and my body tingled with excitement the instant my mind recalled the powerful explosion of her pussy needs a rest real tits beautiful creamy orgasm pumping inside me just moments before.

I hesitantly turned my eyes toward Mr. Harris. His eyes were on me. He was studying my body and his hand was rubbing and squeezing his cock through his pants. He noticed me watching him and his eyes rested gently in mine in a gaze that was comforting and seductive. I kept moaning with pleasure from what Justin was doing to me, but I could tell Mr.

Harris knew I was watching him and finding pleasure in what I was seeing. I wanted to see him get off. I wanted Justin and I to be so hot together that he couldn't help but get off from the show we were giving him.

My eyes drifted down to Justin again. He looked hot sucking me. His face was a glaze and his arms were thick and strong wrapped under my thighs. When my eyes shifted back to Mr. Harris, a chill ran through my body. I had always heard about black men being bigger, but always thought the talk was mostly hype.

Mr. Harris had unfastened his pants and started stroking his horny alex blake fucking hard huge massive dick while he watched my horny brother lick my hot, creamy pussy. When I turned to see him watching us again, I was surprised to see that he had whipped out his own meaty cock. His cock was not only longer than Justin's, whom I thought was huge already; it was much thicker too.

I had never noticed Mr. Harris' skin being that dark, but his cock was really black. It was absolutely lovely to see. I honestly salivated at the sight of it. My eyes wanted to keep watching, but the pleasure of Justin licking me had me trembling so wildly toward another orgasm that I had to look away and could only focus on my own pleasure for the moment.

I bucked against my brother's wonderful face and slid my fingers into his hair, holding him tightly against me while my juices flooded from my body and into his waiting mouth. I could feel what seemed like hundreds of pounds of pressure being lifted from me as my body climaxed in pleasure and my muscles began to relax again. "Oh my fucking God you are good at that Justin." I said without really considering Mr. Harris being in the room with us.

I wiped the sweat that had formed on my brow with the back of my hand and let my head fall softly against the carpet. Justin smiled at me and pushed himself up, looking over toward Mr. Harris for the first time. I watched to see his reaction, but his eyes didn't even falter when he saw our neighbor's mammoth rod sticking high into the air from his lap.

I had nearly gasped when I saw it, so I expected some reaction from Justin, something more than what he gave anyway, but he had probably seen many in the boys locker room at school and I had only seen two in real life. I looked away from Justin and over to Mr. Harris who was feverishly beating his meat on the couch. "You like that Miss Karie?" Mr. Harris asked, looking down at his enormous tool and then back at me while he continued stroking. I realized my mouth was hanging opened and quickly shut it, embarrassed to have been staring in awe.

"It is …" I paused, hesitant to say what I was really thinking. "It is really big. It's very nice. I…I…I do like it, yes." I finally admitted. Mr. Harris stood from the couch only long enough to drop to his knees and crawl toward me.

He never released his gorgeous black member from the tight grip of his large, strong hand. I lied still on the floor, not knowing what he wanted and nervous about what he may do. I was sure if Justin made me ache after fucking me, Mr. Harris would have me unable to walk normal.

Mr. Harris stopped briefly on his knees above me and looked down at me with a very horny look of desire in his deep brown eyes. Without speaking a word, he swung his leg over me and straddled my chest, resting his firm ass gently against my heaving breasts. I could feel my breathing quicken as he lowered his cock against my face and let me feel the weight of his heavy love wand against my cheeks when he dragged it slowly all over my face.

At first I thought he must have been teasing me with the notion of sucking it, but he was watching it slide over my skin and it was exciting him. "Open that pretty little mouth." Mr. Harris told me, being certain not to blink and miss a second of the performance he was creating. I looked up into his eyes and opened my mouth, watching him study the fat round rough squirting orgasm hardx sex stories of his mighty black cock push gently between my puffy red lips.

His penis was so big that my mouth was forced opened all the way just to accommodate his amazing girth. I lifted my head up from the carpet and took as much of Mr.

Harris as would fit inside my hungry mouth. I used my hands to grab the rest of his thick shaft and it felt wonderful in my grip.

I moaned softly as his swollen head pushed softly against the entrance to my throat. I wanted him to just keep shoving it down, wishing I could take every inch of it into me and feel his balls against my chin.

I slowly twisted my hands and massaged the part of his shaft that wouldn't fit in my mouth and I found it difficult to do much of anything with what was inside since it was so thick. My tongue squeezed the soft, throbbing head of his prick when I shoved it against the roof of my mouth, but that was about as much as I could do from underneath. Mr.

Harris' eyes were fixated on my mouth and how his cock looked sliding in and out while being seductively stroked by my hands. I kept looking up into his eyes and he really seemed to respond well to that, seemingly growing harder when I stared up into his deep, dark brown eyes. "Mmmm, you're a good li'l cocksucker Miss Karie." Mr. Harris smiled, shaking his head from side-to-side and clearly getting pretty excited and feeling his own juices stir. He dropped to his hands on the floor above my head and moved his legs over my shoulders, pulling his slippery, slobber soaked cock from my mouth and sliding it over my chest and down my stomach.

"Let's see how you fuck." He said, pushing the erotic vagina banging session hardcore and blowjob inside me without any other warning.

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"Ooh!" I gasped, looking up at him with fear in my eyes as my body was already shaking with excitement again. "Don't worry honey." Mr. Harris assured me. "I'm not going to hurt you." He smiled, letting my body adjust for a moment to the thickness of his shaft. I had noticed when I held his cock it was much bigger sweethearts pussy is full of soaked mess hardcore european the base against his stomach than it was at the head.

I really didn't think I could handle it and my hands instinctively landed against his chest in a defensive position. I had completely forgotten about Justin until that moment and I let my eyes search the room until I found him sitting on the couch stroking his cock and watching just as Mr. Harris had been doing. Justin smiled at me and I knew he could tell I was scared, but he seemed to not really give a shit since it was turning him on to see me getting fucked. Truth-be- known it was really turning me on to be the center of attention and to be being watched made me want to perform.

Mr. Harris let his hips fall toward me and his cock pushed into me a little more.

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I was plenty wet, almost sopping wet by then, having been made so sloppy by Justin and then all of his saliva with my juices after. It felt like he was in as deep as Justin had ever been into me and I raised my head to see that there was still about three or four more inches outside of me and it was so thick around that from where I was lying it looked like another leg growing out of me.

I breathed hard, gasping almost from the pressure of his penetration. When I lowered my head back down, I could feel my hair sticking to my face because of the sweating I was doing. I shifted my eyes over toward Justin and he was already in the process of moving off of the couch. He dropped quickly to his knees beside me and shoved his cock toward my eagerly waiting mouth. I slurped loudly when he pulled back unexpectedly, but sucked him solidly back in as quick as he shoved it back toward me.

I moaned really loud and my hips gradually started to rock as I felt Mr. Harris pulling back out of me to recharge his push. One arm wrapped around Justin's body and the other hand reached up and squeezed the thick chest muscles on Mr. Harris' chest as he slowly pushed his cock right back into me, this time not stopping until he was almost all the way inside and I had whimpered a little. "That's one tight little pussy boy." Mr.

Harris said, looking at Justin. "I see why you like fucking this." He said, rocking his hips back out and watching his long, sleek shaft shine from her silky wetness, then looking down at me again and speaking directly to me. "You're takin' a lota dick right now bitch." He said, shoving his cock harder into me than he had yet and delivering a penetration that felt as though it was splitting me right down the middle. "A big dick in your mouth, a big black dick in your tight little cunt and you like it." He bit his lip and looked back down at his shaft sliding back out.

"You like me tellin' it like it is too, don't you?" He said, chuckling with a sinister, knowing grin in his eyes. I did like him talking to me that way. It was driving me crazy to hear his deep voice degrading me for some reason. I just couldn't confirm it to him because I was really getting into sucking Justin's cock.

He could probably tell by the look of total pleasure I had in my eyes that I liked it, or by the way my hips were now eagerly rising off the floor to welcome each of his amazingly pleasure filled thrusts. "Yeah, you do like it nasty." Mr. Harris noticed, pushing into me again and this time not stopping until his balls were solidly planted against my ass cheeks.

"MMMMmmmmm!!" I moaned excitedly, slipping Justin's cock out of my mouth and looking up at Mr. Harris. "Oh God yes!" I told him, staring hungrily into his mysterious eyes. "Fuck me Mr. Harris." I pleaded, wanting desperately for him to stop taking it so gently. "Shut her up with that dick, boy." Mr. Harris told Justin, driving his cock into me again horny teen enjoys riding cock homemade and amateur a lot more force as Justin pushed his delicious cock back into my aching mouth.

I sucked Justin feverishly. I was as hungry for him as I was for Mr. Harris. I wanted it all. I had never felt so amazing and turned on in my life.

Mr. Harris' face changed after I spoke and he started fucking me instead of testing me. His hips rocked back and forth in long, smooth strokes that had his enormous shaft nubile cutie thief under big wiener pressure in and out of me so wildly that I felt like a rag doll on the carpet beneath him. "Ugh, YES!" Justin bellowed, stiffening beside me and throbbing in my mouth.

"You kanada bf six xxx vi on that bitches face boy." Mr. Harris instructed firmly, raising his eyes to watch. Justin pulled his cock out of my mouth and I tried to follow him, wanting him to unload on my taste buds, but he jerked off above me and almost instantly spewed a big stream of his thick, white cream across my face, nearly landing in my eye.

Another stream covered my lips and he quickly shoved his cock right back into my mouth to take the last of his salty seed. Mr. Harris was moaning louder too now, and I could feel every pulse of his thick cock in me because he had me stretched more than I thought possible.

He slipped his long, throbbing shaft out of me and scurried around beside me, jerking off above me until he too was spewing his streams of hot cum onto my face.

I lied there humping the air and moaning with pleasure until the last of his cum was on my face and he was on his haunches looking at me all covered in cream. Mr. Harris stood up beside me and his cock hung low against his leg. Justin sat on the floor beside me, completely spent, and looking between Mr. Harris and I. "You kids know how to fuck." He said, shaking his head and looking down on us as he reached for his pants and started putting them on. "I'm gonna go get a nap." He informed us, fastening his belt and straightening his shirt.

"You guys save some of that strength up, I've got some stuff for you to do tonight and you're gonna kinky couple seduces a smoking hot teenager all your energy." He said with a clever smile.

After Mr. Harris had left, Justin looked down at me. I knew my face was glazed with cum and my hair was stuck to me from all the sweating I had done. I must have looked like hell, but he smiled at me and asked if I was okay. I really was okay. It was crazy, what was going on, but I was definitely okay.

I smiled back at him. "Justin.

I'm a real slut." I told him. "Fuck, Kar." He said, almost in awe.

"You're amazing! Even Mr. Harris was digging on how fucking hot you are." He said. "Wow, that was hot!" He told me. "You gotta admit, Kar, that was hot." He said. "Slut or not sis, you are the sexiest girl I've ever seen."