Blonde supermodel swallows cum at casting audition brunette and massage

Blonde supermodel swallows cum at casting audition brunette and massage
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Late Evening Jog Part I (Revised) Officer Lori Hunt had just gotten off working a long shift in a small mid-west town where few things of note ever happens and everyone knows your name or at least your face. It was a hot June evening just after dusk. She was tense and wanted to unwind so she thought she would go for a jog then take a long bath to celebrate her week vacation starting tomorrow and she may even sleep in she thought to herself. She turned on the radio to listen to some country while she changed but instead old women fuck porn in nigeria was a news announcement of a prayer vigil for college girl whose car was left abandoned at a state highway rest stop.

The report went on to say after two months there had been no leads in the case. Go figure she thought only two hours away and nothing like that has ever happened near this quiet town. I wish I was on that case or a case like it, I wonder if she suffered much. She starts to redhead emo babe pov blowjob and facial about moving to the big city where she could get some real police action instead of spending long hours giving tickets and chasing kids out of the park or cemetery after dark.

Lori then puts her belt and side arm away in the closet and then pulled her shirt off and wiped the sweat from her brow and tossed it into the hamper.

She then pulled her jogging shorts out and her black police labeled t-shirt then finished taking off her clothes. She unfastened her bra and felt the cool air from her small fan touch her nipples. She cupped her firm grape fruit size breasts and rubbed the nipples until they were rock hard and then felt a tingling in her pussy as she reached down and rubbed her trimmed pussy mound closing her eyes and thinking of her boyfriend in Huston and wanting to be in his arms right now instead of waiting until Tuesday.

She took a deep breath and went to her dresser and pulled her sports bra and as she started to tug it on she stopped and tossed it to the bed. It is warm way to warm to wear that snug thing she thought why not go without just this once. It's just after dark she thought no one will notice and they know I jog every evening anyway she thought to herself.

With a smirk she took off her panties too and then put her jogging shorts on and pulled on here black police logo t-shirt. It was loose fitting and didn't seem to cling much to her. She then pulled her long auburn hair into a pony tail. Lori then pulled on her blue and red stripped knee high socks and her jogging shoes.

Lori then went towards the front porch to do some stretching exercises before the jog. She stopped just long enough to admire herself in her mirror behind her bedroom door.

At 5'8"and 138lbs auburn hair and sharp green eyes, she had a body to make most men take notice, even when in her uniform she turned heads.

As she was stretching on the porch two figures came jogging up from the street and said "Hi, You're getting a fairly late start tonight". Lori looked up and saw the shadowy figures come into view from her porch light. It was Jill Belen and her daughter Jennifer.

Jill looks much like her daughter and if Lori did not know the two she would had thought that Jill was her older sister and not her mother.

Jill got pregnant when she was only 16 and raised her daughter with the help of her mother who passed away a few years ago. Jill never married and just lived with her daughter Jennifer who was now eighteen years old and had just graduated from high school two weeks ago.

The two women stopped long enough to say high and then were off saying they will jog with Jill tomorrow evening.

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Lori watched them leave with a smile noting it is amazing that Jill had not found a boyfriend with that body. Jill was about 5'6" with long raven black curly hair dark sun tanned complexion and firm but well-built ass. Her most striking feature was her breasts.

Lori had nice ones but Jill's where larger and still firm looking. Lori thought to herself how the two could ever jog without hurting themselves with all that front baggage.

Even in her sports bra Jill's tits still swayed from side to side as she jogged and she did not look like she had an ounce of fat on her well-toned body except maybe in the chest. From a distance Jennifer looked just like her mother ella novas oiled pussy is reading all of her chest line.

The only way to tell the two apart was Jill was just a bit taller than her daughter and Jennifer's raven black hair was wavy and not as curly. Watching the two jog back across the street as they made it to their porch they turned and waved to Lori and disappeared into their house.

She thought she should get back with them about that girl's night sleep over they wanted to do. A night of popcorn and scary movies would be fun with them she smiled. Lori looked at her watch and took off into the night.

She stayed on the main road though town and turned down Mill Street down past all the old and beautiful homes in town. If it was not for being a warm night it would be perfect she thought. A crescent moon moving in and out of the passing clouds made it seem like shadows dancing around all the old beautiful homes on the street. Off the main strip there were only a few street lights shining and the few stars above sparkled and the shadows danced even more.

By the time she reached the end of Mill she wished she would have taken bottled water with her. She always does but she was trying to rush and then got interrupted by Jill and Jen and forgot to grab one. Her T-shirt was clinging to her large breasts and she stopped to catch her breath.

As she stopped in front of one of the largest homes on Mill a large stone Victorian blonde cutie with pig tails gets boned home, she bent over a little and gripping the bottom of her t-shirt she wiped her brow and face of sweat while not trying not to expose too much.

She looked up and saw in the shadows her dream suck three large cocks makes her happy. She loved the style and the matching Carriage house setting back in the drive.

She grew up in this town and always thought that it would be great to own this house and she thought of the history this place must have. Lori leaned into a mom hoe enjoys being fucked hard mature and asian light at the entrance of the drive that was burned out and caught her breath for a second and stretched her legs.

She turned her head as she saw a large plastic trash can lid close shut just six feet away from her. Startled she jump back into the street and pulled out an imaginary pepper spray, which she forgot to pack along with her bottled water.

Ben Hancock ducked behind his ninety gallon trash can showing only his well-groomed black hair and nerdy black glasses over the edge of the can along with his hands up and the air pleading "don't shoot" in a startled voice. Lori clapped her hands and placed them behind her as she stepped back telling Ben he could come out that it was ok. Ben peeked over the trash can again then with hands still up he stood up showing a handsome man about 6'2" in his early 40's still in his work slacks and white rolled up sleeved shirt with the pocket protector.

Saying he was sorry he did not see her there. Still embarrassed Lori asked Ben what he was doing out here in the dark. Ben said well Officer Hunt I was cleaning cat litter from my 4 cats and dumping it in the trash. Lori shook her hands in front of her to stop him and said no need to explain you just startled me that is all. Ben noticed that Officer Hunt looked overly hot as he tried not to stare at her large firm breasts clinging to her very nice yet sweaty t-shirt.

"Officer Hunt" Ben says in a respectful tone would you care for a glass of water or ice tea. Lori has never talked to Ben but has seen him at several town hall meetings and at several church functions. She knows he is not married and had taken over this large xxx sunny leon fucking old man from his dead aunt some five years ago, that he is in his early forties, and now she knows he has four cats.

Lori accepts Bens offer and tells him some ice water would be greatly appreciated. Ben says then this way to my back door Officer Hunt my kitchen is right here. Lori walks behind Ben into the dark and looks around and she notices how big this place is and the carriage house to the right seems as big as her place. When they reached the back door Ben flipped on the back porch light and with a loud snap the light blew that made each of them jump. Ben apologized for the light and Lori said no problem it happens all the time.

Ben smiled and said yes but sometimes I think this old place has a mind of its own and a mischievous one at that. Lori smiled and asked how big this place is. Ben told her that it is three stories and 20 rooms.

He added it used to be a bed and breakfast in the 20's through the 60's. He then said he has thought of renting rooms again in the future. Entering the house the kitchen was large and fully modernized and functional with Stainless Steel Island in the middle of the room and white marble counter tops. A tray with four bowls lay in the corner of the room Ben went to his pantry and pulled out a can of Friskies cat food and popped the lid.

As soon as the lid popped four cats came naughty college teens fuck with a new stud into the room for their night time snack. Ben bent down and gave each a quarter of the can as they swarmed around his feet. As Ben went to throw the can away Lori bent down to check the cats out. Ben got a good view of Officers Hunts ass and noticed she was not wearing underwear and she seemed rather well shaved as her shorts road up her thighs and revealed a glance of her pussy mound.

Her long firm tanned legs showed great muscle tone. Ben's eyes traveled up her thigh and followed the tanned arms petting his cats up to her chest and noticed now she was not wearing a bra either as her hard nipples was poking out from under her shirt and her sweat seemed to cling to her breasts as they dangled from her chest and swayed back and forth as she played with the cats.

Lori spoke breaking Ben's stares saying that she loves cats and that her boyfriend has two. Ben said he does and Lori responded Oh yes and I will be glad when Tuesday comes as I will be visiting him then. Ben said he lives close then and she said Oh, no but I have the rest of the week off and I started my vacation this evening. Ben watched Officer Hunt playing with his cats in such a cruel seductive way in front of him. He knew what he had to do now and could not believe his luck as his cock started to grow hard so hard he had to grab a towel from the edge of the sink to keep his erection out of sight as it would not be prudent to show his arousal yet.

He put some ice in a large glass and poured some tap water into it. As she rose to her feet he asked if she would have time to see the inside of the house before she had to go. She took the water and drank almost half right away and then thought to herself why not she always dreamed of looking inside this beautiful old house.

Lori said with a big smile that she would love to. Lori then asked Ben while he was showing her the dining room and setting room in the front of the house what he does for a living. Ben smiled and told her research for his clientele as well as some acquirements of hard to find essences that have been very lucrative of late.

It keeps me very busy and happy, I love my work. Lori was engulfed in the architecture of the home and the fact that each room was furnished beautiful antiques in the style of the 1890's.

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She never noticed when Ben offered his business card and while retrieving it from his briefcase he also pulled a high powered Taser he kept in his brief case; he simply did not like guns. He then just placed it under the towel he was still carrying from the kitchen.

She was still walking and looking up and down the walls and at the furnishings stating that this should be a museum. Lori was not paying any attention to what Ben was hiding a very large erection and Taser under the towel he had.

Ben explains to Officer Hunt that this place has quit a history in its time including the first orphanage for girls in the state and a Funeral Parlor in the 1870's, a Speak Easy in the 1920's and then a boarding house until the 1960's. Lori looked honey cant stop enjoying wild fuck hardcore blowjob him and smiled that's quite interesting she thought as she turned around.

She noticed he was handing her his card and turned her back to him again saying she should be going as she had a lot to get done before she leaves tomorrow. Lori drank down the last of the water; the heat already melted the ice.

Lori then looked at the card. Her eyes widen in shock as she reads " Human Lactation Provider and Consultant Inc." and then she felt a sharp paralyzing pain in the center of her back that made her crumple to the floor hard knocking the wind from her and she could not talk let alone scream. Her limbs all felt numb and she had no control over them. All she could seem to do was to blink with her green eyes and try to breathe. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ben kneeling down next to her and then rolling her over onto her back.

Ben smiled and said it must be fate us meeting like this Officer Hunt. Then Ben looked dutch arab and mia khalifa tries a big black dick over with lustful glee he touched the Taser to her belly and told her I think two will give me time to prepare you properly. Lori pleaded with her eyes but he pressed the button and sent waves of electrical pain though her body forcing her involuntarily arch her back and send her breasts into a bouncing frenzy with the rest of her into convolutions.

That delighted Ben as he licked his lips in anticipation for an evening with Officer Hunt, a much better prospect than watching Letterman tonight. Ben put his hand on her still twitching breast as he squeezed her left nipple and giving it a twisting tug checking for response from his victim and elasticity of her nipple.

Ben was pleased that the pull of her nipple showed him she had taunt and firm breasts. He then noticed that she wet herself during the shocking and thought to himself that it was good he did it in the dining room tile and not on the living room carpets.

He stood and then grabbed Officer Hunt by her ankles and dragged her to the back bedroom. As she went her shirt rolled up under her arm pits and exposed a fabulous pair of breasts wobbling around as he dragged her to the back bed room where he will strip her for the evening's festivities.

Once into the room Ben bent down and with no effort picked her off the floor and laid her on the bed. He checked her again and looked her over trying to determine if she needed another jolt.

They say too many jolts could damage the brain and neural center. Ben smiled and gave her another one this time to her pussy. Her convulsing on the bed was glorious as her back arched, breasts wobbled for a good 30 seconds and then she just laid there twitching and drooling from the side of her mouth. Her eyes glazed over as she had been paralyzed a third time in less than fifteen minutes.

Ben then checked for a pulse and there was one and it was still fairly strong. Ben then pulled off her shoes and socks and placed them into a paper sack and then he pulled off her piss stained jogging shorts also placing them into the sack. Ben then grabbed the fabric from between her breasts and heaved her into the setting position and lifted her black t-shirt over her head and tossed it to the bag.

Well you will never need those again. I will dispose of them for you in the crematoriums blast furnace. Good thing I paid up my oil bill this month.

Now he got a good look at Officer Hunt's tits as she laid there. He rubbed and squeezed them checking them over very well hoping he wouldn't find she had implants as he would hate to have to just fuck her and snuff her. However she was naturally busty and firm from long hours of exercise, and could be used for milking as he smiled.

Ben could not wait as he stripped quickly and got onto the bed. His cock was so hard it was in pain. He started to rub his cock all over her face and slapped her breasts with his massive ten inch hard on.

He slipped it in between her lips and just the sheer feel of her soft lips and tongue started him shooting globs of white jets of cum over her lips and tits. Wow! Ben thought at least I'm in a little more comfort, that woody was getting hard to work with.

Ben then went to a drawer and pulled out a set of cuffs that when put on her wrists would insert small needles into the wrist thus the more she pulls the more pain she will inflict onto herself. After fastening her arms to the head board he spread her legs as far apart as he could at the knees and secured them. Her dangling feet were secured to the bed frame giving her legs very little room to kick back if any.

Ben then placed a three inch ring gag into her mouth and noticed her eyes seemed to be fighting to focus and but appeared to be very dazed as she started to come too.

He explained to her that he had noticed her for quite some time but would never think of taking you until tonight. From you stopping at my drive to you looking like you needed a drink not to mention the back porch light going out as it did making sure no one accidently saw you come into my home. Wow it was meant to be he says. Ben then got onto the bed and straddled Officers Hunts sexy sluts have fun in the swamp and her eyes widen at that moment as Ben gripped both fully natural and very firm breasts with his hands and slid his ten inch cock between her formed cleavages and started humping her.

His cock sprang back to life and did not take long for him to start oozing pre-cum and lubricating her cleavage. Ben played hard with her breasts knowing they will be bruised in the morning but she will heal. Ben pulled and twisted her nipples as he w rapped her tits around his cock bringing wines and screams from Lori. Soon Ben felt his cock prepare to spray a load onto Officer Hunt and he aimed at her face and the first spray got her in the left eye and the second found the mark going through the ring gag into her ben 10 sex ebony full episode causing her to start gagging and the last stream of cum went to her upper lip and into her right nostril.

Ben's cock twitched a few more times and oozed more into her cleavage and he rubbed it in to her skin. Ben took edge of the sheet and wiped cum from her nose and eye. "Damn! Your one hot fuck Officer." As Ben leaned into the headboard to catch his breath and calm down.

Ben could feel her breasts rising and rubbing against his ass and balls with each breath she took. He felt life growing into his cock again and then griped her pony tail bringing her face up as he moved up setting on her tits driving his cock into her bound open mouth. The ring was tight over his thick cock but it felt good and he grabbed her by both ears and started to skull fucking her.

His cock would go in only two or three inches at a time but soon he felt like he was getting hard yet again and he started bucking his hips faster into her face and holding her head like it was in a immobile vice.

As his cock worked itself past the ring gag it opened into her mouth and Ben was able to push more of his cock to the back of her throat. Horny veronica has her wet snatch drilled he felt a little give and then he was past the back of her mouth and she seemed to almost suck him into her throat as she started to do involuntary gaging on his cock He moved up and using the back of her head for leverage he sank all ten inches into her mouth and throat.

He could feel the bulge in her throat when his hand reached down to stroke it. As he started to pump harder and harder the lump raised and lowered with his rhythm. Enjoying the feeling he started flexing his cock the best he could and he could feel that also. This caused her to gag even more than she had been and he felt a surged of vomit coming up tickling the tip of his cock along with the gags and throat muscles squeezing his cock trying to extract him out.

Her throat massaged his cock with each and every gag almost sucking it further in as she tried to breath. Ben noticed she was starting to turn very red in the face and snot bubbled formed around her nostrils from lack of air but he could not stop at this point. He gripped her throat with one hand and the back of her head with the other and started banging away at her throat until he felt his balls readying to burst forth and he held on and let go the most powerful load of cum that he could remember.

Vomit and cum sprayed from her nose and tears ran down her red face. Ben took control of himself and forced himself out of the depths of her throat. As he pulled out he heard a large pop from the suction she had on him and then cum and vomit spilled out of her mouth onto her chest, followed by the sucking of fresh air into her lungs. After taking several deep breaths he retained his focus and noticed the lusthd lovely russian girlfriend teen carre creampied of her labored breaths as he sat on her chest and looked Officer Hunt over.

She is strong and will give him lots of pleasure before she is used up. He pulled again on her nipple and tugged it up and down, she did not respond so sometime during the blow job session she passed out on him.

Ben bent over her and licked the inside of her ear then whispered to her your name is now Officer Cunt. Ben then got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up and then came back and gave Officer Cunt a sponge bath and forced some water down her so she would not dehydrate from their romp. Ben hard dick enters wet hole hardcore russian let her sleep while he went down to his basement workshop.

There he wrote in his leger under specimen number fourteen the name Officer Cunt size 36DD Areoles size of three inches, breast meat firm and nipples had two inch pull to them. Under notes he wrote very strong and very tight but well tone throat. He then took a bottle from the refrigerator and a syringe from the work bench and placed them onto a tray with Rubber cords, alcohol, and swab. Ben then went to the blast furnace and threw in Officer Cunts belongings in and hit the start button and heard the furnace kick on.

Ben then walked back to the work bench and took the tray and headed back up to visit Officer Cunt again. Ben went into the room and found the Officer still passed out and so he laid the tray on the night stand and took a robe from the bathroom door in the room and went around making sure his house was locked up for the night and giving his cats a few treats before going back to his guest.

She was now awake and had tears running down her face again and snot was covering her upper lip. Ben went to the bathroom and got another warm cloth to wash her down again.

Well he says to Officer Cunt you really made a mess of yourself while I was gone. Ben then once again got onto the bed and straddled his new slave and cleaned her up. Ben started to squeeze her breasts again this time with more force until her tits turned red from blood flowing into them. He then took out two rubber cords and tied them around the base of her breasts making them protrude from her chest even more. Then taking the other rubber cord he did the same. Now Lori's breasts were having their blood flow trapped in the large breasts and they were turning a reddish purple color.

Ben then leaned forward and kissed her head and told her she was going to spend the rest of her days being fucked by him and that he was going to start her on a regimen of shots two times a day for the next two weeks and that will force your beautiful breast to swell and start producing milk for me. I will work to keep you fed with a steady supply of protein from my seaman that with the drugs will enhance your milk production for me.

You will also be given a shot to keep you from ever having a child while I use your lovely body. I will then use your body to supply my customers with fresh human milk along with my cats and you will then be a fuck slave to me for the rest of your days. If or when you are no longer useful to me and my needs tire of you I will then place you in a snuff film that I will produce on my own and sell it in Russia though personal channels for more cash. He then leaned into her face and licked he tears away and then said he would harvest hottie and pool so start your engine organs if needed to the black market and cremate her remains before scooping them up and sending them to the curb with the cat litter.

Yep! You just about caught me dumping what was left of that dumb blonde college kid this evening with those damn fake 38DDD tits. Oh and there could be another outcome for you and that is I know a necrophiliac that loves big tits on his corpses when you get a little stale for him he will send you off to a cannibal he knows all for cash.

See Officer Cunt you will not go to waste you will give me pleasure and cash till the very end. Come on Officer Cunt don't cry I think you have a good chance of lasting as my fuck toy and milk cow for a good several months before you come to no use to me. A matter in fact I have been planning to add two women to my slave pin this week just before you fell into my life. I normally acquire my tit flesh from outside of the town but after seeing the Belen's flaunting their tits around town and learning their jogging routine for the last two months I felt it was safe to take them.

My only concern was you living across the street from them. But now you are here as he stroked her now purple tits and now that you are on permanent vacation it will be so much easier to add them to my slave pin. With that Ben squeezed Officer Cunts left nipple and inserted the syringes three inch needle into her secretion gland through the tip of the nipple and with a firm hold of the tit he sank it in and pushed the plunger with the clear yellow fluid all the way and her tit started to burn and then tingle.

Ben then repeated the process on the other meaty tit and when he was done he undid the rubber cords and started massaging Officer Cunt's breasts to bring the flow of blood into them again releasing the drug deep into her system. Ben then checked for any reaction to the drug and saw none and then told Officer Cunt let's see how long you take to start kicking in the milk and while we wait I'm going to check out my new slaves cunt and ass as soon as I take some blue pills to get me up for the task.

As it looks like it will be a very long night for the both of us. Lori tried to scream but very little came out of her ravaged throat but sobs. Let me know if you like it and I have more to come. Thanks