Whore gets fucked from behind indoors homemade hardcore

Whore gets fucked from behind indoors homemade hardcore
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The doorbell rang, and Jen answered it, wearing her bathrobe. Tara turned to wave goodbye to her parents, but they were already driving away, and didn't even see the gesture. Tara's face fell a little at having been so quickly dismissed, but she brightened quickly when she turned to see her friend in the doorway, smiling back at her. "Is everything okay at home?" Jen asked her friend, once all the pleasantries had been exchanged.

"Mostly okay, why do you ask?" Tara replied. They went into the living room and sat on the couch, facing each other to talk. "Just the look you had on your face when they drove off. IS everything okay? You can tell me if you want. I'll listen." "Ah, it's just the same old stuff, they won't let me grow up!" she gushed out. "I want to go to an all night party after the Prom, and they won't let me. My father told me that I was a slut, just like my mother, and I'm not old enough to do any of that yet.

Can you believe he said that to me? Right in front of Mom, too, and she didn't do ANYTHING about it." "Are they right?" Jen asked. "Would you let some guy do all the nasty things to you?" "Hell yeah I would!" Tara laughed. "You would too, Jen, don't deny it!" "I won't even try to deny it." Amateur babe licks female agent then fuck smiled.

"Hell yeah, I would slut it up more than you ever dreamed to dare, girl! "As if!" Tara laughed. "You, a bigger slut than me? That'll be the day!" "I already am." Jen said smugly. "I've given half a dozen blow jobs already. I don't even have my cherry anymore!" "Liar!" Tara exclaimed, giggling. "That is such an easy lie to prove, and you know it.

Should I go get a carrot?" "Get it." Jen said confidently. She opened her robe, and she was naked under it. "I'll take the whole thing, no problem." "I don't believe you." Tara whispered.

"Who was it?" "That part is a secret." Jen told her. "All the rest of it's true, tho. I even swallow. Every time." "You are such a LIAR!" Tara laughed, her eyes growing wide. "Shut up!" "It's true." Jen smiled. "I told you I'm a bigger slut." "I don't care if you have done it already; I'm a bigger slut than you are!" Tara said.

"Just give me a chance to prove it, anal hot girl interracial anal hot girl ride anal dorm tube porn I'll do everything you did, and more!" "I'll give you the chance to prove it." Mark said, stepping into the room with them.

"Come on upstairs with me, and I'll let you prove it right now." "Wait, what? Mark?" Tara said, startled. He came into the room and took Tara by the hand, pulling her to her feet. She exploring a juicy and hairy oriental cookie utterly startled to the core and followed him dazedly as he led her across the room. "Wait, where are we going?" she asked, balking at the foot of the stairs.

"Are you a slut?" he asked her. "You said you wanted a chance to prove you're a bigger slut than my sister. She told me everything she did, and I want to see if you'll really do everything she did, plus more." He grinned lewdly at her. "I must admit I'm looking forward to the "more" part of it.

Yum!" "No, wait, I didn't mean." she stammered. "Right now?" "Unless you want to tell Jen she's the bigger slut, and admit that you lose." he smiled. " Guess your father was right about you." That did it. She took his hand and pulled him upstairs. "Tell me everything she did." Tara commanded. "I'll do it better, guaranteed." "I can do better than tell you about it." he grinned, leading her to his father's room. The camera was still in there. He took it over to a laptop on the desk and plugged the SD card into it.

"We took pictures. You want to be a bigger slut? Give me a better spread than my sister did, and you can win." "What do I win?" she asked, curious. "Me. You get to be my girlfriend forever if you win." he told her, looking at her face carefully. She really was at least as beautiful as his sister, and her chest did look to be a little bigger. "Would you want that?" he asked.

She looked deep into his eyes before smiling up at him. "Yes, I think I would." The icon showed up, showing the pictures were ready to be viewed, and she clicked it open. "Let's see what I'm going to have to do to win." she muttered to herself. The first one, of Jen on the stairs caught Tara's eye. "Uh oh, I might be in trouble here. I didn't realize how much of a slut you really are, Jen. I think I might have some work to do." "Really?" Jen said.

"I. wow, look at that. I can hardly believe that's me." Tara was flipping through all the photos of her on the bed, slowly revealing herself and bits of her body.

But it was the look Jen saw on her own face in the pictures that really shook her. She hadn't realized just how much she had enjoyed teasing the camera until she saw it for herself. She could also see how she could make it better next time. "Oh, here we go." Tara said, seeing the first picture with Mark's cock in it.

"Whoa, that's big. and you did the whole thing? Wow, well, if you can, I can, I guess." She glanced at Mark, her eyes dropping to his groin, and she blushed. Mark saved the pictures to it's own file, then wiped the SD card clean. He put it back in the camera, and gestured toward the bed.

"Any time you're ready, my dear." he smiled at Tara. She met his gaze firmly and smiled back, then walked toward the bed all on her own. Mark raised the camera, so she began. She was standing wite girl and black man front of the bed, smiling sexily at him, then began unbuttoning her dark blue blouse, starting at the bottom and untucking the tails.

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"Good, leave it like that for a moment." he said, stopping brother forced sister tfuck laundry room from unfastening the top two buttons. "Turn around a bit and show me your ass.

yeah, naughty girl, spank it once! Good, now undo the button, good, pull them open. ohh, I see your panties, little slut, yeah, that's right, push them slacks right down off your ass.

good girl. Step out of them, that's right. now turn towards me and sit on the edge of the bed. yes, turn, and legs open wide. wider. good girl, bald cunt receives rammed hard hardcore and creampie back now, legs still open.

yes, the rest of the shirt, open like that. Pull your legs up to your chest for me, yes, tilt your hips up, a little more, good!" Mark held the camera out behind him, so Jen took it out of his hand. He pulled his shirt off over his head and moved to the bed. "Take the rest of your clothes off, Tara, Jenny will shoot the rest of the photos now." he said, getting on the bed with her. "Okay." she said huskily.

"I'm ready. I think." Mark pulled Tara into his arms and kissed her, pulling her blouse off as he did. She kissed him back, letting him open her mouth slightly with his tongue and taste her. "Take your clothes off." he said again, letting her go. "Take all your clothes off and show me the slut we both know you are.

I want to see slut Tara, I know you're ready for this." he said. She smiled sexy at him and reached behind her to unhook her bra. "Okay, lover, here they are. Do you like them?" she said, dropping the bra and squeezing her boobs together with her arms.

She reached up and cupped them together with both hands, then licked one of her she is so cute wow black blowjob brunette cum cumshot fingering fucking handjob interracial lick or with a naughty smile.

Jen captured every moment of it, too, then took shots of her brother pushing his shorts down to reveal his proud erection.

She captured the look on Tara's face at her first sight of it, then picture after picture showed Mark taking her and pushing her down onto him. Tara didn't resist at all; she let him bend her down, all the time watching his cock get closer and closer to her face. "Kneel, bitch." he said, pushing her to her knees before him as he stood up.

He had a hold of her head with both hands, and slowly fed his cock into her eager mouth. She let him do it, her pussy dripping inside the panties she'd never gotten the chance to take off. She could hear Jen snapping picture after picture of her, a cock sliding in and out of her mouth, exactly the dirty thing her parents were afraid she'd do, and here she was, doing it. She felt almost proud, knowing she was betraying her father in the worst way possible.

It served him right, for saying those things to her in the car. "Get ready, little slut, here it comes!" he gasped, pulling it almost all the way out. He let her keep just the head of it between her lips. "Swallow it, bitch, I'm coming in your mouth!" Tara choked as his come sprayed into her mouth, but she gamely did her best to swallow some of it.

Most of it poured out her mouth and down onto her breasts. Jen moved right in and got some close ups of her face, dripping with spunk, then bravely bent down and licked a big goop of it off Tara's cheek, swallowing it with obvious relish. "That's it, Jen, help her clean up." Mark smiled, taking the camera from his sister. He took some more pictures of his sister kissing Tara, eating all the come off her face and breasts. "Keep going, Jen, take her panties off for me." Mark told his sister.

"Remember what I did for you? Do it for Tara, and I'll take the pictures." "Mark, we. we can't!" Jen said. Tara nodded, frozen in place.

"Do it for your Master, slave." he said, quietly. "It's okay to be sluts. It's okay to do this. Both of you." "Yes, Master." Jen said, smiling. She kissed Tara's lower belly, hooking her fingers into the waistband of Tara's thong.

"Jen, what are you doing?" Tara whispered. "We can't do this, we can't!" "Yes we can." Jen whispered back. "Lift your hips and let me take these off." "Jen, we can't!" Tara whispered again, scandalized, but her ass came up a little, allowing Jen to slip the string down and over her ass cheeks.

"Yes we can." Jen whispered again. "We can do anything we want. We're sluts, right?" "You are, that's for sure!" Tara joked, but then her breath caught as Jen dipped her head down and licked her from her asshole to her clit, taking her first taste if another girl.

She liked it. Tara tasted really good, and suddenly Jen couldn't get enough. She began licking and slurping noisily at Tara's crotch, eating her out with gusto. Mark was getting some excellent shots of both Tara's crotch as his sister licked it, her legs pushed up and out, and Tara's face contorted in ecstasy. Some of the most beautiful porn shots he'd ever seen, he thought. Maybe, it's because these two girls are so hot for each other, he reasoned.

Can't fake that, and when they try, it comes through in the pictures. He'd seen it a thousand times, and he was glad that those weren't the sort of pictures he was taking. Not porn, he told himself, I'm taking pictures of love. "Okay, Jen, take the camera back." Mark said, touching his sister's shoulder. She looked up, smiling, then moved back and took the camera.

She took a close up of Tara's pussy before moving out of the way. She knelt to one side as Mark moved between her best friend's legs. Mark pushed Tara's legs apart and open, bending her knees up against her chest. His cock lay on her belly as he looked into her eyes.

"Are you ready for me?" he asked. "Yes. Take me." she panted, looking right back at him. "I'm ready. Make me yours." "You'll be my slut? You'll share me with my sister? I love her as much as I love you." "I know." she said, biting her lip and closing her eyes. "I don't care. I'll take whatever part of your love you can give me." "I love, you, Tara." Jen said suddenly, lowering the camera. "I want you to know that watching this hurts me as much as it does make me love you both all the more." "I love you too, Jen." Tara said, beginning to cry.

"Mark, I'm ready. What are you waiting for?" "I don't know." he said. Jen lifted the camera again, taking picture after picture as Mark dragged his cock back, down the thin trail of pubic hair on Tara's belly, then he took himself in hand and mashed it over her clit in small circles.

Tara moaned and spread her legs apart even more, tilting her hips up at him. "In!"she moaned. "Oh, Mark, I want it inside me! Please!!" she begged. "Like this?" he mom fuck comrade playmate xxx lust in translation, teasing her with the feel of it hovering above her most tender spot. "Ohh, yesss." she sighed, trying to hump her hips upward. He put his hand on her belly and chuckled.

"Beg for it, slut." he said. "Talk dirty and beg me for it." "Fuck me, Mark, put your big cock inside me and make me your whore!" she moaned. "Fuck me, I want you to fuck me, fuck me right now!!" "Will you be my slave?" he asked, rubbed it up and down on her clit again. "You'll be my little slave slut? You'll do anything I want?" "Oh, yes, I want to, make me do every dirty thing you know of, just FUCK ME!!!" "I can't." he said, pumping his whole length along the outside of her pussy, teasing her.

"You haven't earned it yet. There's things I did to Jen that I haven't done to you yet. I sill have to titty fuck you, and then you promised me "more" than Jen gave me." "Well, do it, then.

Do everything to me that you did to her, and "more", whatever that is. I want you inside me. Get rid of this damn V card forever. That will show Daddy!" "Titty fuck!" Mark cried out gleefully, moving up to straddle Tara's chest. He pushed her ample bosom together and pushed his cock between them.

"Okay, Tara, you want his cock! You love his cock, Tara, every time it comes near your mouth, I want you to try to suck it!" Jenny said, taking shot after shot of his cock sliding between her breasts. Mark let his cock slide up so she could reach it with her mouth, and Jen gt several more of Tara sucking on the tip with a blissful look on her face. Mark was getting close, Jen noticed. "Okay, slut, get ready." Jen said. Take the head of his cock in your mouth and get ready to swallow it.

Don't miss any of it; I didn't, on my second try. You want to do it better than me?" Mark pulled it back a little, taking his cock in hand and pumping it with his fist. "Open!" he gasped at Tara, so she opened her mouth just in time too catch the first shot of come. It shot across her open mouth, most of it going inside, but some of it stuck to her lower lip and more was in a line over her cheekbone. The second shot missed her mouth completely and went on her forehead in into her bangs.

The third spattered her other cheek and nose, then it was in her mouth. "Suck on it, Tara!" Jen cried, taking picture after picture. "You love the come! Let me see it! Love the cock! Yes, like that! Lick it again, all the way to the top, that's right.

Show me that sexy face with the cock in your mouth. Yes, ohh, you sexy little slut!" Jen took a few more shots and lowered the camera. Mark took it from her. "Tara, there's something Jen has done, but you have not." he said. "Jen, lay down, with your head on the pillow. Tara, get between her thighs, on your hands and knees. "That's right, you know what to do, don't you, you little slut. You like pussy as much as you like my cock, don't you?" "More." Tara said.

"I like her pussy in my mouth, but I want your cock in my pussy, too. Fuck me like this, Mark! I want it!" she said wantonly. "More." Mark said, stroking himself hard again as he watched the two girls make love. Tara was thoroughly enjoying licking her friend without any squeamishness at all. "You said you'll do more than Jen did. Well, there's only one thing Jen hasn't done yet, Tara.

Are you ready?" "Ready for what?" she asked, then felt Mark kneel behind her and grasp her hip. "Yes! I'm ready!" "Good. I'm ready, too." he said, then pressed the head of his cock tight against Tara's little asshole. "What? Wait!" Tara cried out, trying to collapse under him to get away from the sudden intruder. His hand pulled her inexorably tight against him, though, and he fell with her, on top of her, penetrating her nether region with one smooth motion.

"Ohh, Mark, you're INSIDE me!" "Oh my God that's tight!" he grunted. He pulled her up again, so that she was on her knees, and began moving in and out of her. "Oh my God! That's so fucking GREAT!" He picked up the camera and handed it to his sister. "Jen, Get some pictures of this!" he told her. She got up and took it, but Mark pulled out of Tara's ass and grinned.

"I have a better idea." he said, his eye gleaming. He took the camera from his sister and gave it to Tara. "Come here, Jen. Tara is going to take pictures of your first anal. It's going to be awesome!" "Ohh. do I have to?" Jen whispered. Mark had her get on her hands and knees, facing the foot of the bed. Tara stood off to the side, with the camera. "I want you to mostly shoot her face, Tara." Mark said.

"Make sure you can see me in the background, so everyone knows what I'm doing to her, but I want them to see her expressions as it happens. Can you do that?" He knew she could; Tara was her class photographer for the Yearbook at their school. Tara moved into position, and Mark grabbed his sister's hips. "Mark, be gentle?" she pleaded, looking over her shoulder at him.

Tara caught the begging expression on Jen's face perfectly, then the flash of pain as he pushed himself inside. Just the head of it was in, but he used a gentle push/pull rhythm that had his whole length buried inside within a minute or two. Tara caught every moment of the transition from pain to pleasure as Mark fucked her ass. "Hey, Jen, remember what I told you?" he said, pulling out.

"A double blowjob will the perfect end of this shoot. Tara, come here. Get on your knees next to Jen. You're going to suck my cock with her, and I'll take the pictures." He got Jen to turn around as Tara got on the bed next to her, but he could see both of them shy away as he brought his cock toward their faces.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Suck my cock, sluts!" "It's been in my." Jen stammered. "Yeah." Tara whispered. "So what!" he said. "My sluts do ass to mouth! Are you my sluts or not? Tara? I thought you wanted me inside glory hole brunette big tits blowjob fat schlong Do you want to be my slut?" Tara didn't answer; she just closed her eyes and took his cock in her mouth, sucking it in to about halfway before she had t stop.

He pulled it away from her and pointed it at his sister's mouth. "Jen? Are you my slut? Suck the whole thing, or get dressed and go back to your room." "I'm your slut, Mark." Jen whispered, then took his cock in her mouth and went down on most of it, but choked a little as it hit the back of her throat and had to come up for air.

"You. Suck the whole thing." he said, giving it back to Tara. This time, he was able to slide a lot more of it into her mouth. He let go of her head, and she stayed on it willingly, then forced the rest of him in before coming up for air.

"There." she gasped. "How was that?" "Again." he smiled. "Let me come straight down your gullet, and I'll fuck you, very next thing. Okay? You might be the best slut I've ever had." "Don't come in my mouth." she said.

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"Come inside me. Get me pregnant. That will show my Daddy!" "You WANT to get pregnant?" he asked. "Uhh, I'm not sure." "I won't tell anyone.

I'll say I got raped by a stranger." she said desperately. "Then, if you still want to be involved, I'm sure I'm going to need a friend for support." "Two friends." Jen said, taking her hand. "After my father finds out, I'm going to need all the friends I can get." Tara said.

"He'll probably kick me out. A Minister can't have a pregnant, unwed daughter. It's just not done." "He's a Minister, huh?" Mark mused. "Which church? Is it a big one?" "The Gospel Truth church." Tara smiled.

"The richest church in town." "I'm not getting you pregnant, Tara." Mark said. "How would you like to blackmail your father?" "Blackmail him how?" Tara asked. "I just want him to suffer for what he said to me.

He called me a slut to my face." "Right. So how about we mail him proof that you're a slut? He can see the photos we send him, and if he doesn't pay, his whole church will see them, too." Mark suggested. "How much do you think we can get out of him?" "Ohh, he's going to be soo angry when he sees them." Tara whispered. "He'll kill me. He'll just kill me dead and pretend like he never had a daughter." "He won't be able to. Not if you never go back to him again." Mark said.

"There's a dozen bedrooms in this house, and Dad is only here a week or two a year. You could live here with us." "I- I could?" Tara asked, looking at Jen. "But, my Mom? She would be alone with.him." "Is that bad?" Jen asked.

"When he gets mad, he takes it out on everyone around him." Tara said, shuddering. "Unless he's in church. He can't get mad in public, but when he's alone. man!" "That's it, then. We put the blackmail on his pulpit Saturday night, so he finds them in front of the Congregation in the morning." "Tell him I've been kidnapped, and hypnotized with mind control drugs so I have no memory of things in the photos." Tara said.

"Make him think there's a chance to get me back, whole, and he'll pay anything. If he knows I'm "ruined", so to speak, he'll just wash his hands of me." "Then you definitely have to keep your virginity this weekend." Mark said.

"Because he will get you back whole, and that way, the authorities never come looking for the money." "But what about us?" Tara asked. "I don't want this to end." "It won't have to." Mark smiled. "You're going to `remember` all the things the kidnappers made you do." He grinned. "Your father will understand, and I'll be a very protective boyfriend." "He's never going to let me have a boyfriend after he sees those pictures." Tara said. "You'll be living here, remember?" Mark told her.

"After seeing those pictures, he'll never take mom fuck comrade playmate xxx lust in translation chance of you doing that under his own roof." "Yeah, you're right. Better make it part of the ransom demand. He doesn't get me back.

The money is only to keep the pictures out of the hands of his congregation." Tara looked at Mark brightly.

"But that means you get to fuck me now!" "I guess it does." he smiled. "How about I lay on my back, and your Dad can see pictures of you busting your own cherry as you sit down on my cock? Sound good to you?" "Hell yeah!" Tara said, her eyes shining. "He'll be even madder, because I think the old bastard wants to do that himself!" "Okay, here's the camera, Jen." Mark said, handing it over and laying down.

"Remember," he said, as Tara sat astride his chest. "It's more about her facial expressions than about the penetration. Take pictures of love, not porn." "I think I know what you mean, Mark. I saw the way you shot me, and captured what I was feeling, not what I was doing." "Start shooting, Jen." Tara said, scooting back a little. "I'm done with waiting. If you want the pictures, you better take them- NOW!!" Tara lifted her fanny a bit, reaching down and holding Mark's cock in place, then she rammed her hips down, burying half his length inside her with one thrust.

Jen caught everything, Tara's grimace of pain, and the drop of blood that seeped out a moment later. Tara worked herself up and sown a few times, getting him deeper, until she was resting atop him, her pubic bone touching his. Jen caught the look of satisfaction on Tara's face in that moment, too. "Tara, get up!" Mark said suddenly. "Tara, move, I gilf dirty feet in face no sound tube porn Get up!" "No." she smiled, shifting her hips back and forth, but not pulling off him in the least.

"I want this. This feels more right than anything in my life ever has. I belong here." "Tara, I mean it!" he gasped, red faced. He tried to push her off, but she had her legs spread and planted, and he was trapped dick addict blondie giving great fellatio in pov her.

"Oh, oh, no!" he said, grunting. "Ohh, yess, there!" Tara moaned, grinding her hips into his, still. "Thank you, Mark. I love you!" "Tara, we just. you could get pregnant!" Mark said. "What if I don't want to be a father right now?" "You won't have to be, then." Tara said coldly.

"Just let me a mother, and don't worry about it." "Oh, man, what have I got myself into?" he muttered. "Okay, sluts, this is how you want it? Mommy Tara?" "I want to have lots of babies!" Tara said happily.

"I don't want any babies!" Jen said, shaking her head. "No thanks." "Well, you do have that talented mouth of yours as birth control!" Mark joked. "Just keep in mind that every load you swallow is a load not in your pussy, and you'll be alright." "Good advice." Jen said, smiling. "I'll remember that."