Two angels masturbate well girlfriend and homemade

Two angels masturbate well girlfriend and homemade
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* * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 4 - To Pee, or Not to Pee * * * * * It was on a Tuesday at 11:15 AM when Sally unexpectedly showed up on the doorstep of her Uncle Jerry's apartment.

She was crying her heart out so much, that she was barely able to see through all the tears. She knocked on the dead-bolted entry door several times, and waited for it to open. When it finally did, Sally automatically launched into her litany, pouring her heart out, with the huge facial of her life mayashandjobs handjob coming out of her mouth in short, quick phrases, between her big sobs, "Uncle Jerry, I've got a big problem.

I just found out I'm pregnant! And it's not with your baby, either. It happened last month in that God damn hotel room! And now I don't know what I'm gonna do." At this point Sally finally stopped crying and whining just enough to notice that her Uncle Jerry wasn't the person who had answered the door of the apartment.

"What the fuck are you doin' here?" Sally said to the very familiar young lady who was standing in the now-open doorway. "Good morning, to you too, Sis," Sally's older sister, Cindy, replied. "But since I just happen to live here now, I believe the more pertinent question is, 'What the fuck are you doin' here?'" "Well, are you gonna let me in, or not?" Sally asked right back.

"Sure. Come on in. Uncle Jerry's not here right now. He's out gettin' the brakes fixed on his truck. Why don't we go in the kitchen and talk," Cindy said, and made her way to the small kitchen table, with Sally on her heels, the whole way. Then both women sat down at the modest, well-worn table, facing each other. "So you're Uncle Jerry's roommate now, huh? I'll bet you don't pay him any rent, other than lettin' him dick you, whenever he wants to." "Look who's talkin'.

The last time I saw you, you were buck naked, and fuckin' some Mexican dude, right in front of your own husband." "Wow! Like you're not a slut for fucking my husband that night, and 'doing it' right in front of me, without even asking my permission.

And by the way, he's not just some 'Mexican dude', as you call him. His name is Rico. And I'm head over heels in love with that man. I can't help it. He turns me on, like you wouldn't believe!" "Oh, I believe it alright.

You two were sure carrying on that night. It was like you were joined at the hip, or something." "And that's 'cuz we literally were. Remember? And that's what got me in trouble. It turns out that Rico got me pregnant that night.

I just took a home pregnancy test this morning, and it confirmed my suspicions. And by the way, Rico had already fucked me two times, before you ever got there." "Really?" Cindy remarked, trying to act interested, but not really giving a shit.

"Yeah. But I actually felt it happen during the very first time that Rico fucked me, which was also the first time that he ever had sex with me. And he 'did it' from behind, doggie-style, while I was standing up with my legs spread apart, and leaning over the bed, because that's what he had told me to do. "He treated me like an animal that very first time. It was like I was his little bitch in heat, or something.

And believe it or not, that really turned me on a lot, and got my pussy sopping wet! You can call me crazy if you want, but Bffs partying and enjoying one cock to blow and suck just had 'a strong feeling' that Rico was actually gettin' me pregnant, while he was breeding me from behind like that.

I could feel the head of his dick pressed right up against my cervix, while he was givin' it a liberal coating of his Mexican sperm. And once again, you can call me crazy if you wish, but just a few minutes after Rico had pulled out of me, I instinctively sensed it, when one of Rico's swimming sperm cells was penetrating into my egg cell to get me pregnant." "Have you told Carl yet?" "Hell no! I can't go up to my husband and say, 'Guess what. I'm pregnant with Rico's baby.

Oh, and by the way, I'm in love with him, too.' Keep in mind that Carl can't stand Rico. What am I gonna do? I've got myself in a real mess this time." "The way I see it, Sis," Cindy said, "There's only one solution to your problem that makes any sense to me. You'll just have to divorce Carl, and marry Rico." "But Carl would never forgive me for that." "He doesn't have to 'forgive' you.

He just has to accept that you're an adult, and that you've decided to spend the rest of your life with a different guy." "Or 'guys.' I kind of wanna keep fuckin' Henry too. And maybe even Uncle Jerry once in a while, if you don't mind." "God, you are one slutty little sister, aren't you!" said Cindy.

"Hey, it the dick fits, wear it. That's what I always say," Sally proudly barked back, which made both sisters laugh hard, for a little while. "Well, I don't mind you fuckin' Jerry, if you don't mind me fuckin' you soon-to-be ex-husband.

Because that's what I've been doin' behind your back, at least two or three times a week, ever since that wonderful night at your hotel room." "Okay. So who's the slutty sister now?" Sally asked. "I guess we both are," Cindy replied. "I'm sorry, Sis. I didn't mean to carry on a secret affair with your husband. But about a week or so after that first night in the hotel room, he came over here one evening, and he told me that you wouldn't let him make love to you anymore.

And I really felt sorry for him. He's such a nice guy. And so one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I found myself flat on my back, with him humping away. And I sure as hell wasn't gonna stop him, at that point." "That's okay, Cindy. Carl really is a very sweet person. It's just that he also happens to be a cuckold." "Really?" Cindy said, acting surprised by this piece of news.

But the real truth is that Cindy already knew that Carl was a cuckold, thanks to her Uncle Jerry's loose lips. In fact, that was one of the major reasons why Cindy found Carl to be so attractive.

She had been looking for a live-in lover who wouldn't mind the idea of her getting some "strange dick" on the side, from time to time. And her ex-husband had been very possessive of her, whereas Tranny and girl strap on was the complete opposite. Cindy found that to be very refreshing, and very freeing, at the same time. She knew that one man--regardless of who that man was--would never be enough to keep her sexually satisfied.

Being a ginger, she naturally had an extremely high libido. And so, from Cindy's perspective, Carl was an ideal mate. "Yeah, really.

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My husband's the one who set up that entire hotel room situation that night, when he paid Rico to come over to our hotel room, and fuck me. What Carl didn't plan on, was that Rico would bring his black friend, Henry, over with him; and that all three men would end up taking turns gang-banging me, one right after another. First Rico, and then Henry, and then Carl. Once again, that happened before you ever got there that night." "Wow!

That's intense!" "You're telling me? Heck, I've never had so much sperm in my pussy at one time. Three men, one right after the other. Just imagine what that's like." "I honestly don't think I can, Sis. I've never been gang-banged." "Neither had I. Up until that night in the hotel room. "Well anyways," Sally said, "Rico had just finished fucking me for the second time that night, when my best friend, Linda, had walked in on our not-so-pleasant situation. And I was proud of her, too.

She dealt with that delicate situation very well. But she ended up having to let Henry fuck her. "I think she sensed that, if she didn't willingly cooperate with Henry, he was probably gonna force himself on her, and savoring luscious chicks sexy twat hardcore blowjob her anyway.

I honestly believe that Rico would have raped me that very first time, if I hadn't cooperated with him. He's definitely got an 'edge' to him. "But that second time with Rico was a totally different story. We made love that time. Face-to-face and mouth-to-mouth. It was awesome! I couldn't believe that I was actually making love to the same man who was ready to forcibly rape me, if he had to, that first time that he fucked me.

"What you witnessed was the third time that Rico fucked me that night." "Wow! I don't know what else to say." "You don't have to say anything, Sis. But just know that in order to keep a man like Carl interested in you, you're gonna have to let other men fuck you, right in front of him. That's just the way things are, when you've got a cuckold for a lover." "You're right." "Right about what?" "About me paying my room and board by letting Uncle Jerry 'dick me.' It's just that Carl doesn't know a thing about that," Cindy said, believing that she had just told the truth to her younger sister.

But the real truth of the matter was that Carl already knew all about Cindy's "pay the rent" sexual encounters with her Uncle Jerry, because Carl and Jerry were still jack-off buddies. And Jerry still loved making hidden videos in his bedroom, featuring him having sunny leone bf xx bf with one woman, or another.

And then he would proudly show those raw, unedited sex videos to Carl, to help both of them to quickly get in the mood, whenever Carl came over to participate in one of their secret jack-off sessions together. And naturally, the most recent homemade sex videos all showed Jerry performing different types of sexual acts with Cindy.

"Well, you've simply got to tell him then," Sally insisted. "In fact, you've got to let him watch you and Jerry 'go at it' once in a while. That's one way you can help Carl to stay interested in you, over the long haul. Another way, is to let him watch you pee from time to time. I know that sounds weird, but it's just another one of his fetishes. It turns Carl on a lot to watch women pee. He also gets off on women watching him pee." "Gee, Sis. Thanks for the advice," Cindy graciously said, realizing that Sally had just managed to tell her something that she didn't know yet about Carl.

Although she already knew that Carl was into cuckolding, Cindy had no idea that Carl was blonde beauty lexi belle shows off how to ride like a cowgirl into the whole "golden showers" thing.

But she figured that that was just a harmless fetish that she could definitely live with. At least, Carl wasn't into feet, or pantyhose, or bondage, or diapers, or something super-weird like that.

Cindy hadn't told Carl yet about her sexual "arrangement" with Jerry, because she thought that Carl might get mad at her for using her pussy to pay her share of the rent. Of course, Cindy's fears were completely unfounded, because nothing could have been further from the truth. Carl was much more open-minded than that. He actually admired Cindy for her ingenuity. He thought of her as being a true survivor. "I'm only giving that advice to you," Sally continued, "Because I want Carl to want to leave me, so that he can shack up with you and Uncle Jerry here at the apartment, and so that I can shack up with Rico at my house.

"Oh, and by the way, Uncle Jerry has been 'dicking me' too, for a long time, just in case you weren't aware of it." At this point, Cindy couldn't help but think to herself, Of course, I'm aware of it!

It seems like all Uncle Jerry ever does, is tell me how great it was having sex with you, and how much he misses it. Meanwhile Sally was continuing on, "And Carl already knows all about my secret sexual relationship with Uncle Jerry, too. So he shouldn't be too surprised to find out about yours. I'm just letting you know." "Well, thank you for all the information," said Cindy, with a forced, Stepford Wives smile on her face.

"But I have one question for you.

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Why did you come over here to Uncle Jerry's apartment this morning?" "Do you want the truth, or a lie." "How about the truth?" "I came over, hoping that Uncle Jerry would end up sticking that nice, fat, beer-can dick of his inside my pregnant pussy, and make me cum my ass off, like he always used to.

How's that for being truthful?" "I think I can top that, believe it or not." "Oh yeah? Well go ahead and try." "I've always wanted to have sex with you, Little Sis." Cindy could hardly believe that those words had just come out of her own mouth. And now that the gates of her emotional dam had finally been opened, the rest of the emotional water just started flooding out, as Cindy openly confessed to Sally, "The whole time that we were growing up together, I just wanted to molest your beautiful young body.

But I was always too afraid to act on my desires. Up until now. That is, if you'll have me." Cindy pushed her chair away from the table, and stood up, still facing Sally. Then she bravely untied the cloth belt around her housecoat, letting it fall open to each side, revealing that she was totally naked underneath it. Cindy's large, pale-nippled, milk-white breasts literally shimmered in the brightly-lit kitchen, against the background of her dark blue housecoat lining.

Sally just sat there in shock for a moment, and didn't say or do anything. That made Cindy feel like a fool, and she quickly started to close up her housecoat, apologizing to Sally, "I'm sorry, Sis. I didn't mean to 'come on' to you like that. Lily rader shares dick with mom cory chase mean, if you're not interested, then you're not interested, and--" "I didn't say I wasn't interested," Sally blurted out, rudely cutting Cindy off.

"Now open that God damn housecoat back up, Girl! And show me those awesome boobies, and that lovely orange-haired pussy of yours!

You ought to be proud of that little fucker down between your legs. You know it? You gingers are truly a rare breed. And I'm glad you had a different father than I did. You don't realize how much you pussy turns me on, do you?" "I guess I don't." "Well, then let me show you," Sally said, standing up and walking over to stand in front of Cindy, to look her straight in the eye. The Sally shoved her right hand up under Cindy's bare, hairy crotch, and she started fingering Cindy's pussy with incredible finesse.

The kind of finesse, that only another woman could master. Then Sally all of the sudden grabbed a handful of Cindy's pubic hair, and yanked on it hard, and without letting up, said to Cindy, "I've heard you gingers can tolerate a lot of pain.

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Is that true?" "God damn it, Sally! You're hurting me! Why are you doin' this to me?" Cindy screamed out, as she was wincing, from the persistent pain in her crotch area. "Because I'm pissed at you for running off with your boyfriend, and leaving me all alone in that big house, with my father," Sally answered.

And that was a total lie on her part. There were actually two very different reasons why Sally was pissed at Cindy: 1) Sally had a sadistic streak in her, which she normally exercised through the intentional mental horny teen enjoys riding cock homemade and amateur that she so often put her husband through.

But this time, Sally had chosen to derive her sadistic pleasure from physically torturing for her older sister, instead of fucking with her mind. 2) Sally had a bad case of "pussy envy." Her older half-sister just happened to have the kind of pussy that Sally had always wished for.

As far as Sally was concerned, Cindy had been blessed with an attractive-looking, light-pinkish colored, "innie" type of pussy, that looked just like a miniature butt, from the front. And in its natural state, Cindy's whole crotch area was super-feminine-looking, with only a light smattering of orangish-red pubic hair.

Sally, on the other hand, had a much-darker-skinned pussy, with overly-large discolored inner labia hanging quite a ways down out of her crack. Sally hated the way that her whole vulva looked--especially when she left it in its natural state. She had a super-thick patch of dark-brown pubic hair, that looked like it should have a dick sticking out of it, and balls hanging down underneath. At least, that was what Sally thought about it.

And that's why she had always preferred to keep her pussy shaved baby-bare. "Do you know what happened to me, after you left?" Sally asked Cindy. "No." "Do you remember how I used to like to sleep with Dad, after our mother died?" "Yes. You were definitely a daddy's girl." "You can say that again. One night, I was fast asleep, and next thing I knew Dad was on top of me, raping me!" "Oh my God!" Cindy immediately reacted. "That's exactly how I felt, too.

Dad just shoved that big, fat dick of his up inside my little virgin pussy, and started goin' to town. But you know what's really weird? I orgasmed my butt off, while that mother fucker was raping me. Can you believe that?" "Wow! That's horrible! But could you please let go of my pubes now? Pretty please?" Cindy pleaded, and then breathed a big sigh of relief when Sally's hand finally relaxed its firm grip on her pubic hair, and went back to gently forced and abused by twmen and girl anal brutal5 her pussy crack.

"And then the very next night, Dad rolled over on top of me and raped me again. And I orgasmed my butt off again. Are you startin' to see a pattern here? Dad just kept on raping me over and over again, night after night, until it really wasn't rape anymore, because I was the one who was wanting Dad to 'do me.' In fact, I would literally beg him to stick his 'special finger'--that's what he liked to call it--in my 'big hole' every night, just like a young child begging her parent for an ice cream.

Now that's fucked up, if you ask me!" "I'm sorry, Sis. I didn't know," Cindy said, and then asked, "But you actually called it your 'big hole'?" "Yeah. Back then, I didn't know what else to call it. Let's face it. 'Naive' was my middle name, back in those days.

I just knew that I had this big hole at the rear of my 'pee-pee,' and that it always felt really good to me, whenever I'd stick things up inside it, and then move 'em all around. Like my fingers, for instance." "Gosh.

Why didn't you come to me at the time, and let me know what was happening to you?" asked Cindy. "You had already moved out of the house by then. And I really didn't want to burden you with my problems. Besides, I was way too ashamed and embarrassed about what I was doing with Dad every night.

Did you know that the other girls at school always used to make fun of me for still being a virgin? That's pretty ironic, isn't it? And two males fuck one beauty homemade hardcore I could really do was put up with their bullshit harassment.

I mean, what was I gonna tell them? I certainly wasn't gonna tell them the truth. That my own father had taken my virginity. And that he had done it by raping me. And that he was now my lover.

Because that's exactly what he became, Cindy." Sally felt bad after she had just finished lying to her sister about the "father raping her" part of her story. But even though Sally wanted to finally "come clean" with Cindy about the fact that she and her deceased father had been lovers, she just couldn't bring herself to confess to her older sister that she had really been the one who had seduced her own father into having sex with her that very first time, as well as all the times after that.

"Wow! I still don't know what to say," Cindy remarked. "But you wanna know what's even more fucked up than that?" Sally continued on with her story, "Dad got me pregnant several months later.

And he never came inside me the whole time. Not even once. He'd always pull out of me at the very last minute, and jack himself off. Frankly, I don't know how the man did it. He could steadily hump away at my pussy for a good 15 or 20 minutes, and then all of the sudden pull out, and cum all over my lower abdomen.

Later on, once I had learned a lot more about 'the birds and the bees,' I managed to put 2 and 2 together, and realized that Dad had been intentionally using the withdrawal method of birth control, and that it had to be some of his pre-cum that had gotten me pregnant with Jordan." "Oh my God! So Jordan's really my half-sister?" "Actually, it's a little more complicated than that.

She's your niece, and also your half-sister. But she doesn't know anything about the half-sister part, because she still assumes that Carl is her father. And for all intents and purposes, he is. And things are gonna stay that way, if I have anything to do with it. It would really fuck Jordan up mentally to find out that her grandfather is really her biological father." "I agree with you, Sis. You shouldn't ever tell her. So what happened between you and Dad, once he found out that you were pregnant?" "He was shocked.

Just like I was. But Dad still kept on fucking me, just about every night. The big difference was that he stopped pulling out of me at the last minute, and started letting himself go ahead and cum inside me. And God, I loved that! I had no idea what I had been missing out on.

To this day, I always insist on my man cumming inside me. The last thing I want in my pussy is one of those stupid condoms, or a diaphragm." "Here, here!

You're preachin' to the choir now, Sister," Cindy said, trying her best to lighten up the mood a little bit. "Well, Sis. What're you waitin' for? Undo my pants, reach down inside my panties, and start playin' with my pussy. That's what you've been wantin', isn't it?" Cindy didn't say a word.

She just reached across, quickly undid Sally's pants and pulled them down--right along with her girl sucking and fucking her boyfriendrsquos cock on graduation day expose her younger sister's shaved-bare pussy mound.

And Cindy began diddling away at Sally's clit and her inner pussy parts, just like Sally was already doing to her pussy.

And then, while they were busy adeptly masturbating each other, they passionately French-kissed for a little while, before shedding the rest of their clothing. And they finally ended up making love on the carpeted living room floor. At first, the two sisters took turns licking and sucking each other's breasts, and then later moved on to eating each other's pussies. But eventually, they decided to 'get down to business,' and they began rubbing their bare pussies together, while they were both reveling in their lesbian-style substitute for sexual intercourse.

Sally was so busy scissoring with her older sister, that neither woman noticed it, when there was a sound of keys being softly jingled against the lock of the apartment's front door. And then a person walked right into the living room, totally unannounced.

"Carl?" Sally said in an overly-loud voice, as her pelvic thrusting came to an abrupt halt. "Oh shit!" was all that Cindy could say under her breath, in response to Sally's vocal warning. * * * * * "Yeah, it's me," I announced. "How did you get in here?" Sally asked frantically.

"Jerry gave me a key to his apartment," I said, lying to Sally. Cindy was the one who had actually given the key to me. "So what are you doin' here? Aren't you supposed to be at work?" Sally asked, still obviously very upset by my mere presence in the room.

"It's my lunch break right now. And I decided that I wanted to come over to visit with Jerry for a few minutes," I explained to Sally, once again lying to her face.

My real reason for coming by Jerry's apartment, was that I was hoping to have a lunchtime "quickie" with Cindy. "So what are you guys doing anyway?" "What does it look like we're doing, Carl?" Sally sarcastically asked back, as she slowly resumed her humping of Cindy's vulva.

"Tribbing." "Yes, Carl. Cindy and I are tribbing. So what are you gonna do about it?" Sally asked, as she was quickly increased the speed of her pussy-to-pussy humping. "Watch, hopefully.

That is, if you two guys don't mind. I'll just sit over here, and quietly masturbate," I stated, heading straight for an easy chair in the room, plopping myself down into it, and pulling my dick out of my pants.

"You see?" Sally said to Cindy, while casual teen sex more fuck madlen after hookup night kept energetically humping away at Cindy's pussy, "What did I tell you?

Carl really is a cuckold. And he gets off on this kind of shit. So let's put on a really nice show for him. What do you say?" By this point, Sally was humping away at Cindy's pussy, as fast as she could.

"I don't have to.'put on a show', Sis.And that's ''re makin' me.cum right now!" Cindy admitted, panting so hard that she was only barely able to get out short phrases, between her labored breaths. Then she closed her eyes, to ride out her orgasmic wave. "That's it, Baby," Sally, who was also panting pretty hard, coaxed Cindy, using short phrases between pants, as she was relentlessly slamming her vulva up against Cindy's.

"Let it all out.I know you need it.just as much as I do.This one's for you, Baby Girl!.Oh fuck yeeeees!" And Sally came hard, squirting all over Cindy's pussy, looking like she was peeing on it, in short repetitive bursts.

Cindy couldn't help but let out several loud squeals of pure excitement, when she felt her little sister's warm sexual wetness coating her whole pussy mound. This had turned out better than anything that Cindy could have ever imagined happening between her and her sister. "So, did that turn you on, Carl?" Sally asked, when she finally came back down to earth, and looked over at me.

I was still sitting in the easy chair. But now I was naked from the waist down, and actively jacking myself off, hand-pumping up and down on the shaft of my blood-engorged penis, in a steady and deliberate manner. "You bet it did!" I admitted to Sally, and then asked, "But what would your best friend, Tanya and nina have some naughty fun masturbation and big tits, think about this little 'show' you guys just put on for me?" "Carl, you wouldn't!" Sally said.

"Oh, come on, Sally. You know me better than that. My discretion is going to cost you something. Either that, or I'll give Linda a call right now," I said, letting go of my dick, and then fumbling around to get to the cell phone that was in the pocket of my pants, which were lying in a crumpled up pile beside the easy chair.

"Go damn it, Carl! Put that fucking phone down already! I'll do whatever you want me to. Just promise me standing porn face tface creampie you'll never tell Linda about any of this. She won't understand." "Sally, it's very obvious to me that you haven't been letting me have sex with you lately. But right now, you're gonna let me fuck you. And if you do that, I promise you that I won't tell Linda about what I witnessed here today." "Let me get this straight," Sally said.

"You want to fuck me right now, in front of my older sister?" "Yes. That's exactly what I want to do." "Well, what are you waitin' for. Let's do it!" Sally said to me, and as she was getting up off of Cindy's soaked pelvis, she added, "But I don't want you to just fuck me in a plain, old, boring missionary position. I really want you to 'do me' doggie-style, and treat me like your little bitch, just like you did that night in the hotel room.

Is that cool with you?" "You bet!" I enthusiastically agreed, and then quickly moved in behind Sally, who was still down on the floor.

But now she on all fours, with her butt now up in the air, assuming the classic doggie-style position. "And you're gonna have to let me eat Cindy's sexy pussy, while you're dicking me from behind.

It's the least I can do for her, while you're busy getting your rocks off inside me. Deal?" "Deal," I answered again, as I was rubbing his dick-head up and down along Sally's wet pussy crack, and preparing to penetrate her baby-making hole, so that I could start thrusting away at it, in my quest to build up to an orgasm. Meanwhile, Sally just kept licking and sucking on Cindy's wet pussy mound, until she sensed that I was just about to cum inside her.

She had been married to me so long, that she could inevitably tell when I was on the verge to ejaculating during intercourse. There was always a noticeable change in my penis-thrusting--automatically accompanied by a drastic increase in the size and firmness of my dick-head--right before I started to orgasm. When Sally felt that change take place inside her vagina, she lifted her head up out of Cindy's bare crotch, and told me, very matter-of-factly, "I just want you know that Rico actually got me pregnant in that hotel room last month.

And it happened that very first time, while he was fucking me from behind, just like you are right now. And I'm in love him, Carl. I wanna marry him!" "Oh shit! God damn it! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuuuck!" I yelled out, as my sperm was squirting out deep inside of Sally's vagina.

And I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this would be the very last time that my penis would ever get to enter into my wife's vagina.

I knew that our marriage was over for good. And I wondered where else I was going to find a woman who would do the anina silk first time in studio on airtight dp sz stuff that Sally did, as far as the cuckolding, and the pissing, and so on.

When I pulled out of Sally, I felt truly rejected in every way. And very upset too, as I was just staring at her butt, and at the sperm that was now oozing out of her vagina, and falling down onto the living room floor. Without any warning, I hauled off and gave Sally a single, open-palmed slap on her butt; one that was so forceful, that it left a red impression on her right butt-cheek for several minutes, and made Sally scream out in both pain and surprise.

Throughout our entire marriage, I had never slapped Sally before. Nor had I ever laid a hand on her. Violent behavior towards women just wasn't my thing. And that's what caught Sally totally off-guard. "What the fuck did you do that for?" Sally demanded.

"I did that because you let yourself get knocked up by a fucking stranger! That's why." "Hey, that's no fair. It was all your fault, you know?" "No, it wasn't. And you know it. I only asked you to fuck other men in front of me.

Not to get impregnated by sister full time sxi story sex stories. You're the one who decided that it was a 'smart thing' to quit taking your birth control pills several months ago, so that there would be absolutely nothing to keep you from getting pregnant.

And you're the one who intentionally timed our special week at the hotel, so that it would take place during your unsafe days. During the very time when you knew that you would be ovulating. You have only yourself to blame, for this fucking mess that you've gotten yourself into. And I really feel sorry for you.

I just hope you're happy with a low-life, Hispanic guy who's at least ten years younger than you." "You know what? Fuck you, Carl!" Sally yelled at me, throwing me the finger, as she scrunched up her nose, and bared her front teeth at me. "Yeah. Well, fuck you too, you God damn slut!" I yelled right back at her, and then stood up and turned around, looking for all my clothing, so that I could get dressed, and get back to work.

But before I could start getting dressed, Cindy, who was still nude, came over to me, gently pressed her big boobs against my back, while giving me a bear hug, and then planted a tender zanes sex chronicles s01e07 sex scene tube porn on the side of my neck, just under my earlobe. She whispered in my ear, "Sweetie, don't let my little sister get you all bent out of shape.

She can be real bitch sometimes. But I'm not like that. Tell you what. Do you wanna go into the bathroom with me right now, and watch me pee?" "Sure," I said, with my attitude instantly taking a 180-degree turn, as Cindy gently took my hand in hers, and led me into the main bathroom with her, closing and locking the door behind her.

Cindy sat down on the toilet seat ring, and spread her legs apart. She placed a hand on each side of her vulva, pulled it wide open, and held it that that way, so that I could plainly see her urethral opening.

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Then she began pissing into the toilet bowl directly beneath her, as she made her private confession to me. I was now kneeling down in front of her at the redhead asian lesbo toying brunette babe fingering and beautiful, as euro blond with a hot body gets super wet before taking two cocks was telling me, "Sally told me that you really like this a lot.

And do you wanna know something else? I've been letting Uncle Jerry 'dick me' to pay for the rent. Would you like to watch Uncle Jerry have sex with me? You could even fuck me afterwards, if you want. I mean, if you don't mind 'sloppy seconds.' Either that, or you could fuck me right before Uncle Jerry does.

It's your choice." "Pussy!" was all I could say, as I was reaching across, between Cindy's spread thighs to feel and play with her warm urine stream.

After Cindy was done emptying her bladder, I said to her, "I need to piss, too. Do you wanna watch me?" "Sure," Cindy said. I stood up, and moved over in front of the bathroom sink, facing the vanity and the mirror that was mounted directly over the sink. "Carl, you bad boy! You're not actually gonna do that, are you?" Cindy asked in disbelief.

"Sure. Why not?" I replied, as the yellow-tinged urine began freely flowing out of my penis, directly into the bathroom sink basin below. "Would you like to hold my dick, while I'm pissing?" Cindy nodded, and then got up off the toilet. She moved over beside me, wrapped her right hand around the semi-soft shaft of my urinating penis, and held the open palm of her left hand underneath the head of my dick, so that my warm urine would splat up against the palm of her hand, before falling into the sink basin.

And she giggled like a little girl, the whole time that she was doing that. "Have you ever watched your Uncle Jerry pee?" I asked Cindy, as I was finally getting down to his last few spurts of urine, which were getting harder and harder to squirt out, because my penis was well on its way to becoming erect again, despite the fact that I had just finished releasing a wad of sperm inside his wife's pregnant pussy. "No. Why would I do something like that?" Cindy asked, still squeezing and feeling the shaft of my dick.

"Why not? You only live once, you know. And I'm sure your Uncle Jerry would be more than happy to let you watch him pee." "But how do you know that?" Cindy asked, acting truly perplexed by my statement. "Well, let's just call it a 'hunch.' Okay?" I cryptically replied, as a huge grin broke out on my face.

Then, without any warning, Ireached down between Cindy's legs, and I began diddling her clitoris, with the tip of my middle finger. "Ooh, Baby. My little love button feels so good, when you rub it like that," Cindy quietly said, with her mouth very close to my ear, as she began to slowing hand-pump my rapidly-growing penis.

Cindy immediately started planting a series of butterfly-kisses up and down the side of my neck, right below the ear that she had just whispered into. And then there was an unexpected loud knock at the bathroom door, and a familiar feminine voice cried out, "God damn it!

Hurry up, you two. I need to pee like a racehorse!" "I'm not gonna let you in, unless you pee right in front of your sister and me, both," I yelled back at the bathroom door, meaning every word of it. "Deal?" "Deal! Now open up the fucking door already! Before I piss all over the God damn floor!" Sally threatened.

I quickly leaned over, and whispered in Cindy's ear, "So do you want me to fuck you in front of your sister? Right here in the bathroom, while she's taking a piss?" * * * * * Later that same day, at around 8:00 PM, Sally was polishing her nails, getting ready for her hot date with Rico.

They were supposed to spend the night dancing at a local Salsa night club. It was early in the week, and so Sally was hoping that she and Rico would pretty much have the club to themselves. Sally's cell phone rang, and she put down the small nail polish bottle, so that she could see who was calling her, and then decide whether or not to answer the call.

It was her sister, Cindy. And so Sally went ahead and answered the phone, being very careful not to smudge her freshly-painted, dark purple nails. "What's up, Sis?" Sally asked. "Sally, I need to talk to you," Cindy replied, in a dead-serious tone of voice.

"Why? What's the matter? Are you okay?" "Yes, I'm just fine," Cindy said. "You're the one I'm worried about." "Well, you don't have worry about me, Sis. I'm madly in love with the man of my dreams, and we're gettin' ready to go out dancin' tonight." "Sally, please don't do that." "Why not?" "Because Rico's not the man you think he is.

He's bad news! Trust me on this one. I know what I'm talkin' about." "Oh, come on, Cindy. I know Rico's a little rough around the edges, but he can't be that bad." "Oh yes he can. Remember when you asked me today what I thought you should do about your current situation.

And I told you that you should go ahead and divorce Carl, and marry Rico?" "Yeah. What about it?" "Well, I only said that, because I knew busty arab teen gets a hot cum filling were torn up emotionally, and that you needed for me to support you, by telling you what you wanted to hear.

But I simply can't live with my conscience, if I don't go ahead and tell you the real truth about Rico." "And what's that exactly?" "Remember that night in the hotel room?

Well, after Linda left, and then Jerry left with Henry, you were sleeping in the bed with Rico, and I was sleeping with Carl on the floor, right next to the bed." "So, what's that got to do with anything? We were both sleeping with the men asian granny likes it in the ass tube porn we had just got done 'sleeping with,'" Sally remarked very sarcastically.

"Please don't joke right now?" Cindy pleaded with her younger half-sister. "Okay. So what did Rico do that's so bad?" Sally asked. "Well, I'll tell you, if promise not to interrupt me, until I'm finished with my story." "I promise. I'll just sit here and listen." "Okay. So here's what happened later that night, while you and Carl were fast asleep: "I got up around 4:00 in the morning to go to the bathroom.

And when I turned around to close the bathroom door, there was Rico standing right there, with his finger across his lips, letting me know that he didn't want me to make a sound. And I'm standing there in my bra and panties, and feeling pretty confused at first.

"Then Rico steps into the bathroom with me, and carefully closes the door behind him. And the next thing I know, Rico pulls a knife on me. He must have had the knife stuck in the waistband of his boxers, 'cuz that's all he was wearing. "And I'm not gonna go into all the lurid details. But what you need to know is that Rico humiliated me first.

He actually forced me to pee my panties, right in front of him, believe it or not. "And then that son of a bitch raped me. He did me in the ass first. And then he did my pussy, until he came inside me.

And that really scared me. And it also disgusted the crap out of me. 'Cuz I could see little flecks of my fecal matter all over Rico's penis, as he was shoving it up into my vagina." "When he was finally 'finished with me,' he warned me not to tell another living soul about him raping me in the bathroom.

He said that if I ever did, he'd hurt me, or my family. And that's you, Sis. Or Uncle Jerry. Or Carl. And I couldn't bear to see any of you get hurt, because of me. Rico also told me to get dressed, and leave the hotel room as quickly as I could.

"Then that mother fucker left the bathroom, and I saw him crawl right back into bed with you, as if nothing had happened.

And I was so pissed off by the whole situation, that I couldn't see straight. "But I just walked back into the hotel room, found the rest of my clothes, and got dressed as fast as I could, so that I could sneak out of that hotel room, without waking up Carl, or you.

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"I had to call a taxi from the hotel lobby, because Uncle Jerry had already taken the car and left with Henry. And I didn't want to bother them, because there was no telling what those two were up to. "But when I got back to Uncle Jerry's apartment, I went to the guest room, and threw myself on the bed, and I cried like a little baby. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't tell anyone.

Especially you, or Carl, or Uncle Jerry. And unlike you, I had never been raped before. I felt like such a filthy whore. But the weirdest thing was that I didn't take a shower. I just went straight to bed, with all my clothes on. Are you crying, Sis?" "No, I'm laughing my ass off!" Sally exclaimed sarcastically. "What do you think I'm doin'? Of course, I'm cryin'. I just found out that the man I'm in love with secretly raped my own sister on the same day that he raped me.

Talk about poppin' someone's bubble." "I'm sorry, Sis. I didn't mean to do that to you." "But I'm damn glad you did! And by the way, Rico was the first person who ever raped me.

All that stuff I told you earlier today about my father was a lie. I was the one who seduced Dad into fucking me. Even the very first melissa pitanga vs kid bengala big macky that he fucked me. It really wasn't chines gril and black cockes fault.

I'm not gonna get into all the details, but I pretty much made him do it. The rest of the story is absolutely true, though. Dad didn't let himself cum inside me during intercourse, until after he found out that I had gotten pregnant from his pre-cum." "So what are you gonna do, Sis?

You've got to get rid of Rico somehow. You can't have a man like that around your kids. But you also can't tell him that you know that he raped me. Or you'll put us all in danger." "Don't worry, Sis. I'll come up with something. I always do. But right now, I've got to go dancing with that son of a bitch, so he doesn't get suspicious.

I hope he likes gettin' his feet stepped on. That's all I can say. And who knows? I might even accidentally knee him in the nuts a couple of times." And both sisters laughed, because they both knew that Sally wasn't joking about the "stepping on Rico's feet" part, or about the "kneeing Rico in the nuts" part. Meanwhile, Rico had no idea the lengths that a woman like Sally would go, to get back at him for what he did that night in the hotel room.

Rico was now the one in danger. * * * * *