Sex stories gay sex fairy tales his sons best friend scene

Sex stories gay sex fairy tales his sons best friend scene
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The Ticket X We arrived at the little house and the door was opened Ellen and Laura stepped out first there was a loud Craack and Laura went down with blood spurting out of her chest.

She was quickly put back into the car and we were on the way to the hospital. I pulled off my Jacket and held it on the wound. We met the ambulance halfway there and she was transferred to the ambulance where they could work on her. After the ambulance left for the hospital I started making phone calls. The first call was the number given me by Al Sims. I answered with the code word Hondo.

Then said they shot one of my girls. I gave them my bag phone number and Charles's number. He said he would contact Pater Lane. I called The General and said they shot one of my girls.

He said give me a list of what you need. The last call I made was to Jacob Littlestar I told him what had happened and that War had been declared and that the best thing was to stay out of the way.or help.

"Jacob I know she was not the target. My hot mom xxx six 5hu know it was meant for me. The people don't care who they shoot, they don't see their target they just shoot." He tried to calm me down I told him again to not get in the way. Charles was waiting when we returned to the house. I sent Josie and Celeste to the hospital I told them to make sure Mavis Demp was in charge of the trauma unit.

" Charles how near ready are we to being able to use the guest house." "With out a few amenities we could get by now. " "Start educating them on what is going on and move them in.

Necessary work will continue but the rest prep for war. And Charles do you happen to have a couple of Ex Army Recon hanging around if so send them to me. Any thing you need make a list." The phone rang it was Celeste reporting on Laura, They have the bleeding stopped and she is stable. The bullet penetrated her lung. I asked if she was awake and if so could she have visitors Celeste answered NO to both questions.

The next morning two men were waiting for me to finish breakfast. They were quite a contrast one was about 5'6" tall and the other 6' 4'' they identified themselves as Tom Graves and Brad Nichols I shook their hands and said I am Night.and you are. They smiled and Tom said Homer.( they could drop him anywhere and like a beeline he would find camp) Brad said Eagle (he had sharp eyesight) they had worked as a team before they got out.

I gave them an address to meet the homeless man in the wheel chair. He has identified the seven but not the leader who is only known by the initial M in a circle. He is your assignment I want to know his name his occupation his address and anything else you can find out about him.

The second man which along with M are listed as Dangerous and their names were encrypted. The second man or person is the 'scorpion ' No picture is known to exist he is an assassin noted for shots or knives in the back. If you find this person. Shoot first and ask questions later. That afternoon I had Charles and two others watch the house.

I loaded all the girls in my truck and went to the big house for a supper meeting Rhonda and her two sisters were invited I would have invited Lila and Nancy but didn't wish to endanger them.

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I also had two extra chairs for Celeste and Connie. I didn't really expect Celeste or Josie would leave the hospital but. I had planned to ask Sandy Sixkiller but instead just had a discussion with her on the phone.

She told me there ansh and piya heart tuching song nazer something brewing in New Mexico. 6 pm the ritual has been completed. We said Grace and dug in to a hearty beef stew with scalloped potatoes salad and big plates of corn bread.

After the dessert we first had the normal ranch meeting. I want to steer as much trouble away from you girls as I can therefore I will only spend 2 nights a week ****** XI My two Recon were posted at either end of the block from the warehouse where the Crime Bosses met, The Limo was the last to arrive. All of the other vehicles were in the North Parking lot.

The usual seven climbed the stairs without their usual banter. It was obvious that something was wrong. They had each received a phone call declaring war. The idea was to follow the Limo which ever way it traveled. The plan was to follow it in stagesno hurry and don't let them know they were being followed. Each time there was a meeting the Limo would be followed till the driver seemed to be nervous.

Then they would turn off marking the street. That was where the Limo would be picked up after the next meeting. It would take awhile but would soon bear fruit and M's home would be identified. ************ "M" Looked around the table observing the people gathered there.

Each in their turn gave their accounting of the last week. He was thinking that one of them was very good at hiding their emotions and was smarter than he gave them credit for being. Or there was someone else behind the scene pushing them down a path they weren't ready to travel. He scanned them closely. Sheriff Jones, a fat slob that thought he was more important than he was.

Hmmm he was known to fly off the handle and act recklessly. M chuckled if it was Jones someone else was doing his thinking. He was more the charge in like a bull and steamroll everybody type of person. He bears watching. County Judge Riley. No not him he has to be led by the nose as it is.He is not capable of putting two thoughts together. No not him. Commissioner Deeds.

another follower.enough said. Madame LaFoy a sly sneaky Bitch but she has never made a move in any direction other than prostitution and all that comes with it. Such as information and Blackmail.Hmmm she will bear watching put her together with.

The local crime lord Richard Jonas and two minds might make one. The Madam could keep him lined out with young girls. Maybe I have to watch them closer. Police CaptainAnson Garcia. A true bottom feeder but again a follower not a leader.I doubt it. Last but not least a true sleaze ball or grease ball.

he fits both categories … I think he is allergic to water. I don't think he ever bathes. He really bears watching he is capable of anything. His sanitary habits has nothing to do with his devious mind. For some reason the Mexicans adore him.I guess he takes care of them. Huh!

" Repeat that Capt. Garcia." "I received a letter that wasn't signed but said 'Who's next?' only thing else was a picture of a Black Scorpion." " That is all we need. a loose cannon in the mix.

The Black Scorpion is an assassin that takes pleasure in back shooting and back stabbing. No one knows if he is a man or a woman or what he looks like.

But when he shows up bodies start dropping like flies." There was muddled conversations tinged with fear. The gist seemed to be what are we going to do. M looked down as he thought. When he raised his head he stared through them all, "We keep on as we are. Business as usual, make no overt moves. and be careful. The meeting broke up and it was a solemn group that filed out of the warehouse.

****** The Limo pulled out. The homeless man in the wheelchair had become a fixture in the neighborhood. He was hardly noticed, as he spoke in to his head set. That set the ball rolling. We had used the power of money and the exuberance of youth to blanket the general voluptuous ebony stunner has her pussy hammered cumshot of where the Limo was last seen the week before.

It had been made obvious three weeks ago that the Limo did a lot of random driving. But monica sweetheart is open to you entirely pattern emerged last week The Limo seemed to always end up on Tascosa Road.

Four new vehicles were added to the daily light traffic of Tascosa Rd. There was a farmer in a rusted out pickup. A mother and child in a station-wagon, a young man on a motorcycle and a young girl on a Vespa motor scooter.

Each of them reported being followed. All of them except the Farmer stopped at a house I had rented in one of the sub divisions along Tascosa Rd. The farmer stopped and opened a gate in the fence on Tascosa Where he would spend his time unloading feed for the cattle and filling their water trough.

In this way we located the private drive with huge double gates that had big M's in a circle on each one of them. Two days later Homer, Eagle and Charles met in my office. Homer opened the meeting "We have established that 'M' is Moses Markus and he is filthy rich.

From what I could find out he is the richest man in the Panhandle. As you might guess he is very influential." Eagle chimed in, "He is both cagy and stupid at the same time. He does all kind of things to hide his identity.Then he runs around in a Limo with Circle M's on his door and the gates to his Mansion. Which by the way is larger than yours." Homer says, " So far the intel on the Scorpion is NADA.

He rarely takes contracts. but .when he does he leaves bodies scattered all over the landscape. He always leaves hi trademark Black Scorpion some where near the scene. "If he is responsible for shooting Laura there will be a black scorpion where ever he fired from. Neither of us think he fired that bullet. it was too amateurish. Any word on how she is doing." "It has been almost a month and Mavis thinks at least two more operations will be necessary and then it will be wait and see." We discussed plans and plots for awhile longer and it was agreed that 'M' was holding the rest back.

There fore we decided to wait and to keep and eye on him. They left and I lay my head back in the chair and closed my eyes. A few minutes later, I awoke, when my belt was being undone. I cracked my eyelids so see a sharp contrast. Mary a sweet Irish lass with very pale skin, flaming red hair and green eyes and to top all that off she had a sparse to almost hairless pussy. Beside her was Rae ,the contrast, a Polynesian beauty.

She loved the sun which darkened her already tanned body. She had coal black hair and sparkling dark brown eyes. Rae's pussy was surrounded by copious amounts of dark black pussy hair. She never shaved a bikini line for she never wore a swim suit. They finally succeeded in getting my pants down I wore no underwear so my little man jumped to complete attention.

They both tried to lick me and engulf me. But it just wasn't working. I finally said wait. they both stepped back. I arose from my chair reached out to Mary's small breast with one hand and to Rae's Double D's with the other. I led them to my bed room. I lay them side by side on the bed with their butts barely on the bed with their feet on the edge of the bed and their legs spread.

I gave each pussy a deep kiss. I ran my ran my fingers over Mary's puffy slit with my right hand and ran my fingers thru Rae's deep bush with my left. It was hard to make up my mind where to start. I took a deep breath and smelled their pussy's.

Mary's had a hint of lavender. Rae's as you might expect had a scent of coconut. Since I was over Rae I parted the bush with my tongue. While I slid my hand over Mary's inner thighs and my fingers found her slit and finally nestled around her button this caused here to tense up. Rae was wiggling around my tongue. She had a prominent Clitoris and it was very sensitive. Every I nibbled on it she would have a mini orgasm. I could feel her building to her climax, she was just about there when I swirled my tongue around her clit and when I bit down on it she exploded.

I slipped my fingers into Rae's pussy and moved my head over till I was facing Mary's bald puffy pussy. I gave it two licks and shifted positions. I climbed upon the bed on my back and pulled Mary up till she was sitting on my chest with her pussy in my mouth. I commenced to slowly ravish her pussy. I slid my hands up her side to grasp her titties. Her Tits came equipped with hard bullet nipples and I swear they were ready to fire.

I continued to swirl my tongue around her pussy when the expected happened. My cock was still standing tall, Rae had caught her breath and realizing it was unoccupied. She climbed upon the bed and straddled me and slowly lowered herself on my pole all the way to the bottom. Once she had achieved maximum depth she hesitated and just sat there savoring the feeling of fullness. I looked up at Mary, her alabaster skin made her look like a porcelain doll.

He cheeks even had a rosy glow to them. But I never saw a doll's belly undulate the way hers was working as she kept her pussy working against my mouth.

She was leaking nectar into my mouth I didn't think she had orgasmed as yet. It made me wonder if she was a squirter. The way she was moving I shouldn't have long to wait. Rae had been moving up and down faster and faster. Her butt was twisting as she milked my cock and she was making weird noises along with her indrawn breath as she lowered pubic bone to pubic bone. It sounded like effet effet whoooo efffet. Then she screamed and crumpled. Damned I wasn't through. I stopped Mary and we rolled Rae.

Off on to the side of the bed. I smiled Mary was still on her knees leaning over Rae. I grabbed her hips pulled her toward me and sank my cock up to the hilt inside her. She howled OOOOEEE then started to swivel her ass. We seemed to wrestle each other and were bouncing all over the bed.

Not realizing it we moved closer to Rae and pushed her off the bed and into a heap on the floor. Mary and I continued to battle for the supremacy of the bed. Mary stopped and rolled till she was flat on her back with her legs on my shoulders never losing contact. I grabbed her ankles and started to pound into her as hard as I could. Mary began some little eek sounds coming brittany bardot fucks and squirts during massage instructional large ladies of her pussy.

Every time it would eek she would squeeze my cock with her pussy. I could feel her building and I was building right with her. I was on an out stroke when she began to eek eek eek her pussy slammed upward and she burst forth. And yes she was a squirter That was all I needed I bathed her insides with layer after layer of my sperm. In seconds we were both asleep still joined together. Later Rae must have joined us for I awoke later in both of their kinky simony gets nailed in the office. ****** The Black Scorpion lays near a Mesquite bush covered in a cammo tarp.

Without movement virtually unseen. He peers thru his scope. he is watching the watcher. The watcher is very careless, he only looks where he wants to shoot.

He never considers he too might be watched.

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The Scorpion has been watching for the watcher to return since he shot the young lady in his ludicrous attempt to shoot the Night Walker. The watcher spots his target coming out the front door. He makes a last adjustment to his scope. When .Craack. The watchers head droops forward as a .22 hollow point enters the base of the skull and penetrates the brain. The sound of the .22 was barely heard. But it generated a lot of action. Instantly 3 ATV 's headed across the field toward the sound.

They spotted the watcher before they had traveled a hundred yards. He was less than 50 yards farther. They radioed back and Night Walker mounted the horse tied outside the door. He rode out to the ATV 's. He took one look and turned to get a sighting and the direction of the shot. He rode that way another 200 yrds. The sun was glinting on something. As he neared he could see the indention where the tripod had been set up.

Beside them was a small glass jar about 2'' high and contained a .22 casing and a Black Scorpion. When they all gathered back at the house the call went out to Jacob Littlestar. Night scratched his head "I don't understand?

I thought the Black Scorpion was supposed to be one of the sampling a turned on one eyed monster guys."