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Muslim girl sucks cock first time afgan whorehouses exist
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If you haven't read the first two chapters I recommend that you do simply for background if nothing more. As always comments both good and bad are always welcome - how else is a writer to improve and for those of you that like to cast negative votes the least you could do is have the guts to tell me why you didn't like the story.

If you don't like my style then don't read what I have written! - Fix'm Full Circle Chapter Three The next morning I woke up as I usually do at 0530 in the morning and looked to my left. There, cradled in my arm was Susan, the woman I could now admit was the true love of my life.

Sure I had loved my wife Carol. We had been married for more than thirty years until cancer had taken her away less than a year ago and I would always love her. But this, this was different on so many levels.

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Now that I was with Susan my life felt complete. It was as if a part of the puzzle that was me had finally been found and put in place. My "what if" question had been in part answered. I didn't know where the future would take me or what paths I would travel over before I reached my eventual destination, but I did know, with every fiber of my being that Susan was going to play a major role in my future and be there for every step.

Susan must have felt me stirring for she woke up and looked at me with those wonderful eyes of hers. "What time is it" she asked as it was still dark outside. After I told her 0535 she yawned and said "Oh god I had to fall in love with a goddamned jarhead who's up at the crack of dawn" "Well there goes my beauty rest." "I would have thought bright eyes" I said "that after twenty plus in the Air Force you would have the same sleep patterns as I do." "That was nearly a decade ago and even then I didn't keep such beastly hours" she retorted "I'm a civilian now and keep civilian hours thank you very much" "Now why are you up" she asked giving me a good morning kiss.

Kissing her right back I told her that I always got up by 0530, got into my running gear, and went and logged my ten miles. I used to enjoy running with the various units under my command when I was in the Corps and leading from the front.

The only ones that could out run me were the Recon Platoons and they and I both knew that if they didn't they were going to catch hell.

Susan thought for a moment and said "You know I didn't even think of it last night, but we should have put your vehicle in our garage." "We had far more important things to do yesterday" I said giving her another kiss before crawling out of bed.

I say crawl because you only had two choices on how to get out of her bed. Your choices were sunny lone poen xxx all you either stood up and walked to the edge (a risky proposition on a waterbed, even a waveless one) before stepping down or you crawled to the edge, swung your legs over the side, and stood up as it was just too damned big to do anything else.

Once on my feet I grabbed my pants and t-shirt and as I dressed Susan told me how to access the garage and the codes I needed to open the garage door, the doors to the elevator and the elevator itself. I slipped my feet into my loafers sans socks and following Susan's directions was soon out on the street heading for my truck. When I had come this way yesterday I hadn't really paid that much attention to my surroundings other than subconsciously track those people moving around me.

Now that I was actively looking I could see that the old neighborhood was starting to look more than a bit run down and seedy looking. Graffiti and gang sign were all over the place, including that of MS-13, which bothered me as I had had several run-ins with them back in Alabama and they weren't pleasant.

That, more than anything else, served to heightened my situational awareness and I started paying more attention to my surroundings. Further down the street I could see what looked like a couple of disabled vehicles one of which had already been stripped and as I scanned the houses on both sides of the street I could see curtains move yet the windows were closed.

I was being watched and those watching didn't want me to know it. Shame on them. Being this early in the morning I wasn't too worried about anyone bothering me as there wasn't anyone else out on the street.

I walked directly to my truck, got in and after starting it drove back to the cross street that fronted Susan's buildings. I turned right and going to the next corner I turned right again and then a third time into the alleyway that led to Susan's garage. As I pulled up to her garage and was preparing to get out to enter the access code the overhead door began opening. Putting the truck back in gear I drove through the doorway and was really surprised for I was in a room that was at least fifty feet wide by nearly one hundred and fifty feet long.

As soon as the tail end of my truck had safely passed through the doorway the garage door started closing and fast. It was at that point I figured I has either rolled over or through a sensor or someone else was remotely operating the doors. Parked along one wall were a number of different vehicles, a couple of BMW touring motorcycles and what looked like a Moto Guzzi California motorcycleseveral kayaks and canoes, and a couple of flatbed type trailers with ramps.

I slid my Dodge 2500 pickup in between a nicely restored 1976 Chevy K-5 Blazer and what looked to be a customized Chevy Suburban ¾ ton 4x4. Sitting next to the Suburban was a beautiful Coal Black Limited Edition Dodge Viper SRT -10 Mamba, one hell of a car. I would have liked to explore some more, but figured I had better get back upstairs so I grabbed my gear bag out of the back seat and entering in my code I opened the small gun safe I had installed under the backseat.

Reaching in I took out my FNH .40 and its shoulder holster and made sure that both its and the two spare magazines were still in place and then I pulled out my Taurus Public Defender and two speed loaders along with an inside the belt holster for it. I open my gear bag and tossed them both in on top of everything else and then as an afterthought added an extra box of .40 and another of .45LC and a handful of .410- #4 buckshot before zipping it closed.

I then grabbed my clothing bag from the other side of the truck and headed for the elevators. Punching the code for the door on the keypad I walked down a short hall and just as I got to the elevator the door opened and before I even got turned around after getting on board the door shut and the elevator started moving upward.

Now I could almost get to like service like this I thought to myself and when the door opened on the fourth floor I knew I could if my reception could always be the same for there was Susan standing in all her naked glory. "What took you" she asked as she wrapped her arms around me a gave me a kiss.

"Drop your bags in the sleeping area and join me up front" she said "I have coffee and sweet rolls that Faith just made." Now that sounded like a hell of a good idea and I hurried to the back, dropped my bags, and hot-footed it to the front. I joined Susan on that huge couch and as I sat she said "Aren't you a bit over dressed" then she reached over and pulled my t-shirt up with one hand and popped the button on my jeans with her other one.

I assisted in my disrobement by slipping off my loafers. Susan stood and pulled me back to my feet and she commenced to slid my pants down kneeling as she did so. As she leaned forward to slide my pants over my feet I could feel her hot breath blow across my shaved groin. Looking down I saw her open her mouth and engulf my soft cock swirling her tongue around it as she slowly pulled back sucking. One of her hands came up and captured my ball sack gently rolling my two testicles between her fingers while her other hand moved over my ass massaging as it traveled from one cheek to the other.

She then slid one finger into my ass crack and began rubbing that sensitive patch of skin directly under my balls before sliding back and gently probing my anus. She didn't try to enter it with her finger instead she pushed it inward with a light yet firm pressure. With that kind of treatment it wasn't long at all before my cock started to awaken from its tickle bondage helpless teen evelyn has been walking for awhile state and as it did Susan slowly withdrew all but the head of it from her mouth.

My knees went weak and with my legs no longer able to support me I dropped down to the couch with Susan attached to the head of my cock like a remora on a shark, not even losing a lick as she followed my cock down. In less than a minute I was fully erect and when I reached down to pull her up on me she slapped my hands away. I reached for her tits and she moved them back out of reach and when I leaned forward to follow them with my hands she dropped her body below the level of the couch where I couldn't reach them.

I tried again and she let the sharp edge of her teeth graze across that patch of skin directly below the head of my cock while tightening her hand on my balls as if to say "You had damned well better back off or else" Now my momma reared but one fool and that was my elder brother (and I learned a lot from watching make his mistakes) so I backed off and simply enjoyed the fantastic sensations flowing upward from my groin. All of a sudden Susan slid her finger into my ass and pinched my prostate between her forefinger and the thumb she had lodged just under my ball sack.

I didn't even have time to tell Susan that I was going to cum as my balls tightened up and my semen and sperm started flowing out of the end of my cock. It didn't do as normal and spurt, it streamed out like I was taking a piss and it went on and on and on until my balls were completely drained. My heart wasn't beating it was pounding in my chest and my breath was coming in gasps as my subconscious told my body that it needed air and to open my mouth and inhale dammit.

My God! I had never felt anything like that in my entire sixty-three years of life, but I certainly hoped that I would again, but not too soon as I didn't think I could take an orgasm like that more than once a week at most! God that was simply awesome! Susan kept sucking, making sure she got every last drop, until I was completely soft then let my now flaccid cock slip from between her lips. "My, my" she said "I do love cream with my coffee" and sat down beside me with this evil looking smile on her face.

The feelings I had just enjoyed were so intense that I didn't trust myself to talk, afraid that my voice might crack like some prepubescent young male so when Susan asked if I wanted coffee all I could do was nod my head up and down and when she asked about sugar and cream it was an effort to move my head from side to side. All I really wanted to do at that point was curl up and take a nap, a very long nap.

"The coffee is a combination of a light breakfast roast of Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain with just a handful of Sumatran Robusta thrown in for the extra caffeine" she said as she handed me a large mug of the fragrant smelling black gold. I didn't trust my body since it was still twitching from time to time so I took the mug in both hands and took a sip. Damn, that was good coffee and plenty strong to boot and as I took another sip I could feel the first tingle from the caffeine start coursing through my nervous system and bring life back to my abused body.

Looking at my watch (and realizing in shock that it was only 0615) raunchy bint has her snatch hammered hard then at Susan I asked what she had planned for the day, if anything.

She said that before I showed up she had planned to go shopping with Faith and Cynthia for winter clothes. Ostensibly the clothes were for Cynthia, but since there was less than four pounds difference in their weights and less than half an inch in height what was bought by one was usually worn by all three at some point as they didn't mind swapping things around.

Now, however, since I had suddenly appeared on her doorstep those plans might have to be delayed. She then asked me "Why, what did you have in mind." "Well" I said "Since I don't have to be in New Jersey to see my daughter and the business I have with Marty can wait until later in the week if you are up to it I would like to take you to Annapolis to meet a couple of friends of mine at the US Naval Academy and then take you to lunch or dinner at this great seafood place I know" "As a matter of fact I would like to take all three of you with me." Susan looked at me with that evil looking smile back on her face and said "Well it's a little early to ask Faith and Cynthia if this change in plans is ok with them so why don't we go back to bed and around 9:30 I'll call them and see what they think." Now I would like to be able to claim that we spent the next three hours in the sack making mad, passionate love to one another, but the truth is that other than playing a little kissy-face and the occasional bout of groping each other we laid there and we talked.

We talked about the previous evening and overwatch black cat porn fucking big dick cartoon play free talked about the future and we both decided that no matter what happened we were not going to be separated again. Susan told me that she had been thinking of selling the business and retiring, but while she hadn't made any firm decisions yet she was tired of not being able to go outside at night without putting herself at risk and that Faith felt the same way.

"The neighborhood has changed CT" she said "and changed in many unpleasant ways." "Twice in the past year somebody has tried to break into the pharmacy and once, about four months ago, some gang-bangers had tried to rob me just before closing" she related.

"They tried real hard but couldn't get back to where I was with Faith because of the heavy Plexiglas barriers I had installed along with steel doors leading into the pharmacy area proper." While Faith called the police I remotely locked the front door and then Faith and I sat back out of sight and watched them on the monitors as they freaked out when they realized that they couldn't get out." "One guy kept yelling "Do you know who I am Bitch!" "You're fucking dead and don't even know it yet!" The police were there within a matter of minutes and when they arrived I remotely unlocked the front door and let them in." "I didn't realize it, but two of those I trapped were the number one guy in the city and his warlord." " The third one was the first guys brother and this was his first armed robbery.

"I pressed charges and had the video to back me up and two of them are now in the State Penitentiary doing twenty-five to life since they were third strikers and the lusty asian teen kayla shows her skinny body and bangs one got ten to fifteen for carrying a firearm during the commission of a felony." She then looked hard at me and said "but they had friends and the three of us have received death threats and shots have been fired at the store several times." "After the first time I had all the glass replaced with that special wire-mesh security glass and increased the number of security cameras around the building and we hired a security guard for the one evening we had been open late, but now it has gotten too dangerous to stay open past six in the evening during the summer and four in the afternoon during the winter" and suddenly she was in my arms shaking and crying.

"I'm scared" she said "When I first came back it was really nice, but now I am starting to feel trapped in my own home and Faith and Cynthia feel the same way." "This was supposed to be my retirement place" she said "We bought these two buildings and renovated them so that Faith and Cum eating oriental honey loves deepthroat squirting japanese could retire here and Cynthia would have an established business and now I feel that we have made a terrible mistake and one that might end up getting us all killed!" "The hell of it is that for the first time in my life I really don't know what to do." "If I had my way I know what I would do" I thought to myself "I would call in as many companies of Force Recon I could get my hands on and turn them loose to bring a little bit of real shock and awe to these punks." It wouldn't solve the problem because the only way the problem would really be solved is for the people of the community to get good and pissed off enough to stand up to these punks and drive them off, but sadly that wasn't going to happen because people had been too conditioned (read brainwashed) by fear to make waves or god forbid raise their voices in anger.

No it was better and a lot safer to do nothing, see nothing, and say nothing and hope that by doing that you could avoid a confrontation. "What Bullshit!" I thought to myself I laid there thinking and a rough plan began to take shape in my mind. I crawled over to the side of the bed where I could grab my gear bag and hauled it up to me. Unzipping it I rooted around for a bit, while Susan looked on, until I was able to grab a hold of my laptop and haul it out into the light of day.

Susan showed me where a cleverly concealed electrical outlet was on the headboard and after I plugged in and booted up I asked her, rather sweetly I thought, for the access code to her wi-fi network. Oh that conniving, wretched, red headed minx she had the gall to extort several actions from me involving my lips, tongue, finger, and hands that were strictly designed to bring her sexual pleasure before surrendering the access code and here I was trying to help her.

At least that is how I let her think I thought when in reality I would have gladly done all that and more to her just for the asking because I derive an immense amount of pleasure and satisfaction from bringing a woman pleasure. Once I had her naughty america desi college young storys for breath and shivering as little micro-orgasms continued to flow through her she gave me the codes and after the third attempt I finally connected (laptop keys are not designed for large all natural lesbian beauties rimming and toying their asses. Typing rapidly I sent off half a dozen emails to the County Hospital where I lived, the County Board of Health, and several doctors I knew real well explaining the situation and asking what they thought of my possible solution.

I asked that they think it over and get back to me in the oiled up britney douglas gets her pussy squeezed day or two. Since all of them owed me at least a couple or three favors I knew they would.

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I then sent out a dozen emails of a completely different nature, explaining the situation and what these women meant to me to the recipients and what I expected of them. I told all those I contacted save two to meet me in Atlantic City, NJ at the end of the week and that I was covering all expenses plus. The two exceptions I told to meet me in Baltimore as soon as they could get here driving because I needed them to swing by the Farm and pick up a couple of foot lockers that would be waiting for them at the main house.

Susan, Faith, and Cynthia didn't know it but they were about to become the recipients of twenty-four hour round the clock security provided by some of the toughest former Marines I knew. The Brotherhood is a wonderful thing. The last email I sent was to a good personal friend, who was a Federal Judge, telling him what was going on and asking if my investigative license was still good and asking if I was still good to carry a weapon.

Now I had a CCP issued in Alabama, but it wasn't accepted in Maryland so unless my federal permit was still good I couldn't legally carry my weapon(s).

Susan was beside herself with curiosity and wanted to know what I was writing and to who. I told her it was just business and made sure that when I shut my machine down I had my password protection activated because I knew that she suspected I was up to something and was not above snooping if given half the chance. I laid my laptop aside, took Susan in my arms and gave her a light kiss on the lips before moving my lips and tongue slowly downward.

I kissed her chin, the nape of her neck, and her collarbone before I moved down to her breasts. As I circled one nipple with my tongue I moved the hand that was not supporting her back over to her other breast and took its nipple between thumb and forefinger and rolled it feeling it harden with arousal.

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Susan let out a moan and clasping one hand over that grasping her breast she placed the other at the back of my head and forced it down over the breast I was tonguing. I gave her nipple a slight suck, a flick of my tongue, and a light nip as Susan let out a continuous moan and her hips raised up off the bed.

I broke mouth contact with her breast, looked her in the eye, kissed her lightly on the lips, rolled over and as I crawled out of her bed said "Well I'm off to the shower" "Would you care to join me." Susan looked at me with a malevolent look in her eye and hissed "You bastard" "Oh you will so pay for that" and then she rolled over curvy sweetheart rides on a weenie hardcore and blowjob well and began crawling toward where I sat on the edge looking for all the world like a large tawny cat stalking her prey.

Discretion being the better part of valor I fled toward the bathroom before she could pounce. I made it as far as the bathroom door before her hand snaked around my middle and grabbed my cock bring my flight to perceived safety to a screeching halt.

She looked at me and smiled sweetly as she said "I meant what I said you will pay for leaving me hanging like that" "You won't know when nor will you know where, but you can rest assured that I will get even. "Damn" I thought to myself "It's so damned nice to be able to just play with a woman without having to maintain some sort of façade." Susan went to the linen closet and pulled out a couple of big fluffy towels and a couple of large terrycloth robes and dropping them on the bench outside the shower stepped in and programmed the controls.

We played a little grab ass as we scrubbed each other and then Susan programmed the shower to deliver a stunning, multidirectional massage.

It was like getting hit by a pulsating two inch fire hose from three or four different directions simultaneously and I stood there and reveled in it as I could feel tense and sore muscles relax. I didn't have a shower like this back at the Farm, but I would just as soon as I could get my hands on my plumbing contractor. I closed my eyes and let the tension of the past couple days, weeks, and months get washed down the drain.

I was almost having a religious experience it felt so damned good and I felt close to being in heaven. Then it turned to hell, a cold freezing hell, for unbeknownst to me that red-headed witch had programmed the shower to go from just above body temperature to somewhere just above freezing in an instant.

I let out a horrendous screech and swore everlasting damnation and bloody revenge for this hideous sacrilege for nothing is more sacred to me than a really good hot shower and this one had transcended all others by several orders of magnitude.

Susan had already dried off, had wrapped her hair in a towel, donned her robe and was heading out of the bathroom by the time I stumbled, shivering and with teeth chattering, out of the shower enclosure. "I told you I would get even for earlier" she said "and I know that you certainly didn't expect me to retaliate as quickly as I did, did you" "You walked into that one like a lamb to the slaughter" and she laughed outloud. Then seeing the look in my eye she scampered out of the bathroom.

I hurriedly dried off and grabbing the robe she had left for me took off after her. I hadn't fastened the robe around me and perhaps I should have for as I came tromping back into the main room with bloodlust in my eye and giving someone a spanking on my mind there was Susan, Faith, and Cynthia all sitting on the bed looking at me. Oops!

I could literally feel three pairs of eyes drinking in every aspect of my fit and rapidly blushing body hanging out of the robe as I fumbled to get the damned thing closed around me and keep the beast in check. Susan was sitting there with her robe wide open and Faith and Cynthia were 'dressed' In sheer silk teddies that left nothing and I do mean nothing to the imagination.

I mean I didn't mind Susan looking, but Faith and Cynthia were her daughter and granddaughter for god's sake. It almost seemed incestuous having them look at me like that. Then Faith opened her mouth and said "If that thing gets as big and fat as I think it does when erect I can see why they call you Plug" and Cynthia chimed in with a low an throaty "I'll say" and I could swear that they both licked their lips.

I quickly grabbed my gear bag since it had my dopp kit in it and started beating a hasty retreat back to the bathroom.

It was then I heard Faith say "Momma said if we are good girls today when you take us out to lunch or dinner that she might share with us, so we promised to be extra-special good." I couldn't believe it, here I was a sixty-three year old man who been over many a river and through many a woods in my life and I was blushing like a fifteen year old virgin looking at his first pair of tits in the flesh.

Susan came into the bathroom and coming up behind me put her arms around my waist and said "I'm sorry CT." "I didn't mean for you to be embarrassed like that" "the girls and I have always had a very open relationship with one another, but I don't think that the girls are really aware yet of just how deep our emotional attachment is to one another is." "I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a deeply spiritual one who firmly believes that there is a reason for everything." "You and I have literally been apart for forty years and I cannot help but to believe that there was a reason why you came walking through our door yesterday on the fortieth anniversary of our last meeting." "I believe natasha starr enjoys an interracial anal gangbang with massive dicks bbc pounding we were destined to be together, why I do not know, but you are going to have a hell of a time getting rid of me." She paused for a moment as if collecting her thoughts and then said "What I am about to say may shock you, and I have wrestled with this all night on how to tell you and decided that the best way was just straight out." She paused again and then went on "You may not know this but Faith is deeply in love with you and really wanted you to be the father of her child" I turned and stared at Susan looking to see if she was pulling my leg, she wasn't.

"Her love for you, as illogical as it sounds, is completely single minded and one tracked." "When she woke up the next morning and you were gone she was absolutely heartbroken." Susan continued "I don't know what you said or did that day when we went about town in that old convertible of yours and I know that you did nothing wrong or inappropriate, but in those few hours she imprinted herself on you and despite years of counseling and therapy she still has that obsession" "When she decided to have a child she searched, without success, to find you and when she couldn't she went and found a sperm donor that matched your physical and mental characteristics as closely as possible, because nothing less was acceptable to her." "Before she was impregnated she had to have her hymen surgically removed because she was still a virgin at nearly twenty-seven years of age and you also need to keep this in mind" she said "It's no mistake or coincidence that her daughter is named Cynthia Tasmina" she went on "and had it been a boy his name would have been Cy Thomas and I seriously doubt that she has had sex more than once or twice in her entire life since then" "Compared to her Cynthia is a wanton slut and Cynthia is a 'good girl' who is very, very careful of who she dates and even more so about who she sleeps with." "But you said last night that Faith refused to either marry the father of Cynthia or even name him." This was really starting to confuse the hell out of me and I wasn't quite sure what to say or do as it was something completely outside my realm of experience.

"Why didn't you tell me then instead of waiting until now" I asked. "Partly because I was afraid to" replied Susan " I didn't know how you would react until this morning." "I love my daughter and I am very protective of her and I wanted to make sure that you wouldn't hurt her." Susan then stopped and looked at me once again and said "On the outside Faith is a strong and very self-assured woman and yet on the inside she is an emotional basket case whose greatest fear is that you will either reject or ignore the love she has for you." Now I was really confused so I said to Susan "I like Faith a whole hell of a lot, perhaps even love her to a degree, and there were many times when I thought what life would have been like with the two of you, but you are the one for me." "I think I have an idea of what is going on," I said, "but what is it you want me to do." Susan gave me another squeeze and then said in a rather matter of fact voice "This is strictly between you and me and goes absolutely no further, especially not to Faith or Cynthia" " If my daughter comes on to you I don't want you to reject whatever it is that she offers." "Are you saying what I think you are saying Susan?" I asked in an astonished voice.

Remember what I said yesterday after we first saw one another and you went to walk away." Susan asked "Let me repeat it for you" she said "Oh God, why do I have to pick the ones that are just so fucking dumb!" "To be real blunt about it, if my daughter makes a pass at you I want you to take her to bed, the floor, the backseat of a car, where ever and fuck her brains out!" and she continued "I want you to understand that you have my complete blessing and support in whatever you do!" Now when I was a rising young Officer in the Corps I had more than a few mothers encourage me to go out with their charming daughters and a few others hint that they wouldn't be upset if I took them to bed, but this, this was in an entirely different league altogether.

This is the first time I had ever had a mother encourage me to fuck her daughter while I was still fucking her after telling me her daughter had the serious hots for me. God my head was starting ache! I had finished shaving by that point and walked back into the bedroom area. Fortunately I didn't receive any more surprises this time and was able to dress in short order.

I fired up the petite brunette dp and big tits public cash i am a dicksucker for a qb and there was a message from the Judge telling me that everything was cool. He only asked that if I did have to pull the trigger that he is the first one to know after the fact and he would cover me. There were wankz hot reporter gangbanged by basketball team pornstars hardcore confirmations from every one of the twelve special emails I had sent, including two from the very special ones.

With my mind relieved to a point Download story sex artis korea dari opera mini settled my revolver into the small of my back and buckled on my shoulder holster. I then slipped on a light linen jacket and I was ready to go.

Susan came out of the walk-in closet dressed in a dark blue or black silk mini-skirt and a translucent green silk blouse and sandals whose straps wrapped around her ankle and partly up her calf. Her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail and she wore a single of pearls around her neck and a single strand about her left wrist.

We took the elevator to the second floor and met up with Faith and Cynthia and I'll be triple damned if the three of them weren't dressed almost exactly alike. The only immediate difference I could tell was that Faith had a double strand of pearls about her wrist and Cynthia had three.

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I didn't know the significance of the pearls, but sensed that it could lead to trouble for me. Looking at them, as alike as three peas in a pod, I suddenly felt somewhat sorry for the Midshipmen at the Academy. They weren't going to know what hit them. After making several comments about how fine the three of them looked we went down to the garage area and Susan tossed me the keys to the Suburban and I climbed into the driver's seat.

Now this was a vehicle I could learn to like a lot! The truck had been heavily customized. The front and second row seats were leather captain's chairs that swiveled and the rear bench folded down into a bed. The dash was covered with all sorts of knobs, switches, and buttons for the navigational, communications, and entertainment electronics and right above the glove box girls 420 net 89 com a little metal plate that made me smile for it read "Powered by Banks High Performance Turbo Diesel." My dually at the Farm had already had the Banks treatment and when I finished this trip the truck I was driving was scheduled to be shipped off there.

Making sure everyone was secured I fired that beauty up and let it idle for a minute until its rumbling settled down and then we were off. Susan touched a button on the dash and the garage door opened and as soon as we were out she immediately closed it.

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Looking over at me she said "You can't be too careful these days." "We have actually had some of these gang-bangers try and sneak in when the door was opened or closed so we have gotten into the habit of making sure that it was closed immediately after entering or leaving and we have concealed cameras with NVS capability to make sure no one was lurking around." "It seems that the longer we stay here the more naughty college teens fuck with a new stud it is becoming and I just don't know what we are going to do.

Even though Annapolis was just a tad over 30 miles from Baltimore neither Susan nor Faith nor Cynthia had ever been there. Susan swiveled her chair around and the three were soon involved in a deep discussion which was fine I thought as I had a hell of a lot of thinking to do my own self.