Damn his jamaican dick is too big

Damn his jamaican dick is too big
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The music is slow, sexy, the beat echoes through the room. The lights are dim, with just enough illumination to see the small dance floor. The air is scented, with hust a hint of musk. A drink rests on a table next to an armless padded chair that faces the wooden floor, drops of water beading on the outside of the glass.

You enter the room according to the invitation you recieved, look around, then seat yourself following the mysterious instructions. Glancing at the writing and seeing again the motel's name, room number and words "seat yourself and say nothing." You fold the paper and slip it back into your pocket. You hear the door open. Looking up you see me enter the room.

Closing the door behind me, my hand resting on the door knob, as I lean back on it. My attire consists of a black velvet long sleeved blouse, with a silver zipper that goes all the way down the front, a full black floor length skirt that is caught at the waist with a silver chain and black suede calf-high heeled boots.

We make eye contact and I place a finger to my lips. You turn and start to rise, hungry with desire.

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I motion for you to sit back down, which you reluctantly do. As you do, I push away from the door and moving gracefully, make my way to the side of the dance floor. There I stop and lean on a pole, turning to look at you, gazing at you in inquiry. You slowly nod and settle back as I smile very sensuously, then closing my eyes, start letting the music take hold. My body begins to sway with the music, and I begin dancing for you. I dance, allowing the beat and mood of the music to determine my movements, swaying, gliding, moving my hands, my arms, my hips.the skirt swirling around my sexy babe avery adair getting smashed in her cunt by jmac smalltits pornstars as I float over the floor with my eyes half closed.

I dance for you letting the desire for you show in my actions, the music changes, the beat becomes stronger, and my movements change with it and become faster. I glace at you and laugh. The music captivates me, flooding the senses and moving with abandon, my dancing becomes exotic, sensual, and sexy. I grasp the chain at my waist, unfastening it and drag it from my middle.

Holding it in one hand, shaking it, making it jingle before tossing it aside. Beginning at the throat, I partly unzip the velvet blouse, exposing deep cleavage in a black push-up bra, then abruptly push the zipper the rest of the way allowing the blouse to gap open.

Taking a hold of the lapels of the blouse, I open it, glancing down at myself and then at you, lughing as I pull it closed and turn my back to you, looking over my shoulder. The blouse slips down ouver that shoulder.

Smiling shaking my head, I pull it back up covering my skin once more. Still moving to the rhythm of the music, I turn and face you again, letting the blouse remain partly open.

Reaching to the waist of the skirt with both hands, I unfasten it and let it slide off and down my hips. I bend down and gather it up off the floor as I step out of it, waving it back and forth like a matador's cape. I smile wickedly at you before throwing the skirt aside, my long silky slim legs now exposed to your ardent view once more. I pose, feet apart, looking at you for a few heart beats, permitting you to see, the long sleeved black velvet blouse hanging open, full breasts supported by the black bra, creamy tops exposed; a glimpse of stomach and abdomen above a black thong, feet encased in calf-high black boots.

The music changing again, to an almost jungle beat and I resume dancing, moving closer and closer until I'm within touching distance of you. Your eyes linger on my body as I brush your shoulder. Circling you, I run my hand across your neck, bend down and kiss your rear, seeing you try to watch me. I pause to tongue your ear, seeing you watch me. I feel your fingers touch the exposed top of my breasts and I pause. While I continue kissing your ear, sucking on your lobe as you fondle the soft skin, I feel you undo the front fastener of my bra and push the cloth aside, freeing my breasts to your sight and touch.

As you cover them with your hands, I feel my nipples hardening against your palms and I moan softly.

You caress the firm flesh, then when your hands slip down to my stomach I move away, stepping behind you. Standing close, I pull your head back until it's resting against my soft breasts. Reaching around you my hands lightly touch your face, tracing the jaw, down your two female bffs seducing and fucking coach, rubbing gently across your shoulders and then back, to the top button of your shirt and unfastening it.

I slip my fingers inside, touching the warm hollow of your throat briefly, then unfastening the rest of the buttons and pushing your shirt open.

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My hands wander down over your chest with fingers out spread, slipping down your waist and back up again. I move away from you again, stepping in front of you.

I face you and waying to the music, reach up, pulling the lapels of my blouse to the outside of my breasts and taking the loose bra, tugging it off and tossing it aside. I cross my arms and place my hands on my shoulder, slowly running my hands over my body. I uncross my arms and cup my breasts, offering them for your inspection, sliding spread hands over my stomach, down to curved hips, pushing the top of the black thong down then pulling it back up again.

I grin collage girl rape xxx hord wink at you, then turn my back to you, looking over my shoulder as I sway to the music once more. The music changes for the last time to a very sultry song, the kind that makes you ache as you listen.

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I turn and face you again, sensously kneeling until I'm crawling catlike towards you. Reaching your legs, and rising up on my knees, I place a hand on each of your legs and push them apart so I can come closer to you. You lean over and kiss me as I offer my mouth to you, passionately, tongues meeting, lips moist and warm, our breaths mingling. You hold the kiss as my hands wander up your thighs, kneeding the muscle through your jeans, then coming to rest on the obvious hard bulge of your cock.

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Breaking the kiss, I unfasten your jeans, push the denim apart then pull the jeans down over your hips and knees, sliding them to the floor.

Your erection is freed from its confinement now, as I look admiringly at the hard shaft, a tingle running from my pussy and spreading over my body at the sight of it. Taking your cock gently into my hand, I lower my head, my warm breath flowing across your harden cock.

I lean over and kiss your stomach, touching you with the tip of my tongue, leaving wet trails on your skin as I move lower and lower.

Rubbing against your cock with my breasts, sinking further and further, until reaching the tip of your cock's head, I place a damp kiss on it's soft, sensitive skin.

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Opening my mouth, I encircle the head with my lips, wetting it, using my tongue to get your shaft completely moist before starting to nibble on the sides, using tongue, lips and a light bit of teeth. I know how you love a little pleasure an pain. You put your hands on my head, tangling your fingers in my long hair and I close my eyes and take your cock into my mouth again.

Sucking it in, hearing your xxxv girl black guy and hors full sex stories fuc as I apply pressure, scraping my teeth against the sides as my head moves up and down in time to the music. Your hips rise to meet my mouth, increasing the suction as your cock nearly slips out, then is plunged deep into my mouth, over and over again, swollowing the pre-cum the flows from you. Knowing that you are close, I allow your cock to escape my mouth, hearing your indraw of breath as I do, and I slowly stand up.

Your eyes devour me as I swing in time to the music, reaching to the top of my thong, with one pul I cause the hidden snaps to release and the thong falls. I watch your eyes as they travel over me, from my perky breasts, revealed between two folds of the velvet blouse, down the taut stomach, to the smoothness of my pussy between my thighs, a quick glance to the calf-high boots and back up to my face.

I smile at you as you reach out your hand. Stepping close enough for you to touch, feeling your fingers as you run them from my breasts down to my pussy, my body trembles as you slip one finger between the wet folds, touching my clit gently before inserting another finger into the moise sex. My knees shake and I step closer to you, straggling your legs, placing my hands on your shoulders as you pull me closer against you.

I lower my body as you remove your finger, in its place your hard throbbing shaft is encased in the tight, warm, wet embrace of my pussy's inner walls. A groan escapes my throat as you fill the aching emptiness, and I tremble with desire as we begin a very primal dance. My hips move in time to the music as I ride your cock, holding onto your shoulders, kissing your face, your ears, our throat, as far as I could reach. I feel my body vibrating as my mouth quivers, you bite your lips as you thrust into me with the movement of your hips.

We are fucking slowly, then faster as my juices begin to coat your cock, your hands are pulling me harder down as the thrusts of your hips upwards followed the same beat as my downward thrusts. We're going deeper and deeper as my hands clench onto your shoulders. Our breathing and moaning escaping with every motion, every inch of your cocks hard shaft driving deeper into me. I feel the tightness of impending orgasm begin deep within my pussy and my movements become faster, more uncontrolled and demanding.

Your hands tighten their hold on my hips. Your cock begins to swell as you too approach your own climax and I scream and explode into an orgasm that rocks me to my very core, the inner muscles clamp down on you and trigger your own explosion, that's hard, and very strong and takes you completely out of time and space.

You stay inside me as the waves of pure pleasure slowly subside, holding me close, kissing me gently. With one loving embrace, I rise from your lap, your spent cock slipping easily out in a flood of combined fluids. Standing in front of you, I smile and say the first words uttered during our tryst. "First one in the shower gets to pick the next fantasy."