College girls fuck a line of dildos

College girls fuck a line of dildos
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My girlfriend Lucy came back later that night with her dog. She was a german shephard. We went into my room and called Bella in. I ripped my clothes off and climbed into bed, My girlfriend put the dogs on the bed and climbed in too. I grabbed the lube from my nightstand and lubed up my cock.

I grabbed My Lucys dog whos name was Molly, I started rubbing the tip of my cock on her pussy. My girlfriend pulled Bella over and started licking her sweet dog pussy. I started putting my cock into Mollys pussy, it was way tighter than Bellas, I pushed deep into her pussy stretching it out. I grabbed her and moved her over to My girlfriend and Bella. My girlfriend moved and let Bella lick her pussy.

I got behind Bella and started fucking her tight ass. I pulled Molly over next to her and jumped into her pussy.

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I went backand forth between there sweet holes. The squishing of my dogs vagina as I fucked her while she ate out Lucy, I asked Lucy if I could fuck her dogs asshole, she said I could if I was careful. I lubed up some more and started to push into Mollys ass. She let out a little yelp as i pushed deep into her.

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I started fingering her pussy and she tightened on my cock. I pulled Bella over and started fingering her to. Lucy came over and started licking my cock as I fucked her dogs ass. I had no idea my girlfriend was such a freak, but it was a good thing. She started sucking on my balls and I came deep in Mollys tight asshole, several ropes of hot cum.

I pulled out and it came pouring out ,My juices dripping from her ass.

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We cleaned up and Lucy said she had to go to work. She left Molly with me for the day, I couldnt have been happier. She left and I turned on a dirty movie.

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I called Molly and Bella into the room, I layed down and pulled my cock out and they both started licking it. 2 long tongues slobbering away at my cock. It felt amazingI pulled Bella in closer forcing my cock down her throat, she gagged on it but that only made it feel better, I pushed as deep as I could into her throat and then pulled out. I layed down pulling Bella on top of me, I slid my cock into her dripping pussy. I pulled Molly over on top of me and started licking her succulant mound, going as deep into her as possible.

I exploded into Bella, quivering as I filled her with my load.

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I loved having two dogs to fuck. I got in the shower and sat back down to watch tv. My bestfriend Alex texted me, he was about my age. We grew up together, he was practically my brother. He never had any luck with girls, he only had one girlfriend his whole life and that was when he was in middle school.

He started texting me about how he wish he could get laid. I texted him back saying I could get him laid if he came over. He agreed and said he would come over.

He knocked at the door and I let him in. We went and sat in the living room. He started asking me about how he was gonna get laid. I started telling him I had the best sex of my life, and I can have it whenever I want. He looked at me and laughed, He said how is that possible. I pointed at the dogs laying down and he laughed. He said you arent serious? I told him how my girlfriend introduced me to it, he always like my girlfriend, saying she got me sis and brhome alone sleep it would make him wanna do it even more.

He asked me conquering a gigantic ding dong hardcore cumshot many times Ive done it. I told him a few times. He sat there for a moment thinking, Then he agreed to it.

So we went into my room pulling both dogs in. I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. He started pulling down his pants and I tossed him the Lube. I pulled my pants down to and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said youre going to do this too? I said yeah lets fuck them together.

So I pulled Bella over and started pushing my cock into her asshole. I picked her up and told Alex to get in her pussy. He came and started fucking her deep in her slippery cunt, We started thrusting deeper and harder into Bella, two cocks inside her at once.

Then I hear my girlfriend coming back from work.

I tell Alex to keep going. Lucy comes in the door and gasps. Then she starts ripping her clothes off. She said excitedly, this is what ive been ive been waiting for all day!

She ran over and got under us and started licking our cocks and Bellas sweet holes. I called Molly over and she started Licking too. Alex started shaking, He thrusted hard into Bella, cum came squirting out. I shot deep into Bellas asshole, Me and Alex pulled away, My girlfriend got under Bella and opened her mouth, Cum and Bellas juices came oozing out dripping into Lucys mouth.

She started licking her holes cleaning up every last drop. Now things were starting to heat up. We didnt bother cleaning up, we just layed down. I started making out with lucy while I fingered Bella, and Alex was laying with Molly rubbing her clit as he rubbed up her very first blowjob and she loves down her body, just waiting until we could start fucking again.

I saw Alex start pushing his cock into Molly, I moved Bella inbetween me and Lucy, I started sliding into her asshole again, cum came oozing out as I pushed deeper and deeper.