Legal age teenager struggles with huge jock hiddencam hardcore

Legal age teenager struggles with huge jock hiddencam hardcore
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I had decided with my stepsister one day that we xx sex stories hot fkng story have a sleepover at her Dad's house. Mom ind son full movie were both 14 at the time, and didn't have that many sleepovers anymore, but we decided one more would be fun.

Andrea, my stepsister, decided that it would just be the two of us, with her dad and stepmother, of course.

She didn't want to invite anyone else, so her own stepsisters went to their grandmother's for the night. Her stepmother went with them, so Andrea could spend some time alone with her father. I wasn't too excited about that, because I wanted to be able to talk about certain 'girl' things with her. We arrived at around 8 o'clock that night. We put out pajamas on and did each others hair, then decided to do a 'fashion show'. Andrea wanted her father to come watch veronica avluv and zoe monroe use toys, so I reluctantly agreed.

Her father sat on her bed and waited patiently while we changed. While we sat in her closet, Andrea drew out a plan and had decided to divide up the show into sections.

Starting with our regular pajamas, then casual, then a more dressed mega pron xxx sex stories vids 2 look, then underwear. I was a little shocked to hear she wanted us to strut in our bras and panties. I said no, clearly stating that I didn't want to strip in front of her father. She scowled and made a pouty face. "Come onn. It'll be fun!" She declared, flashing a bright smile at me.

I scowled."You know I wouldn't!" I protested. "Remember when we stripped each other in that 'party' we had downstairs with only me, you, Olivia and Cynthia? I didn't in front of them! Do you think I would in front of your Dad?!" I said, still scowling.

Andrea smirked. "Yes." I sighed and shook my head. "Whatever, but you know I would never do this for him, I'm only doing it because you want me to." Andrea knew I was shy around people I didn't really know, for example, her dad. I had only known him for about 3 hours in the airplane, and even then, I had only said a few words. Andrea told him I was shy around new people, and after that, he didn't really say anything to me.

I rolled my eyes as Andrea let out an excited squeal. "You won't regret it! I promise!" Mature female photographer exchanges photobooks for cocks inside her said with a smile. "Let's choose what we'll wear now, he's probably growing more impatient by the minute!" I nodded and looked through her closet, seeing a few things I might choose. In the end, I ended up with silk pajamas with furry slippers, a sleeveless red top with some skinny jeans and flats, a short black dress with black heels, and for the underwear, a laced hot pink and black bra with matching underwear.

Andrea had picked out similar things, except for the underwear section. She had picked out a light blue bra and matching underwear. We changed into our new set of pajamas and Andrea walked into the room first. She placed her hand on her hips and strutted down the imaginary isle, posing and then walking back.

"Your turn." She smiled and shooed me out. I smiled reluctantly and half forced myself out. Her dad watched both of us, smiling with pleasure.

Apparently he enjoyed Andrea's strut. I sighed quietly and strutted down the isle, posing at the end and then walking back. Andrea giggled. "Now let's go change!" She ran off and I followed her, staying close behind.

We had changed twice and strutted in front of her father, then as we walked back to her closet for the fourth time, I hung back. I didn't want to strip in from of Olivia and Cynthia, why would I want to in front of their dad??

It didn't make sense. I followed Andrea slowly. "C'mon!!" She called, already almost done. I changed quickly and followed Andrea back to the room. Andrea went first.

We had covered ourselves in thin blankets before leaving the closet. I watched Andrea for what seemed like forever, then switched my gaze over to her father and stared at her him as Andrea tore the blanket off.

I saw her father's eyes widen as he saw what she was wearing underneath the blanket. He clapped and whistled loudly as Andrea finished. Andrea smirked and pushed me out. I stood, only having a blanket to keep her father from seeing what was underneath. I decided it would be best if I just copied Andrea, so at the end of the 'stage' I pulled the blanket off, revealing the laced underwear.

I gazed at her father and saw a look of pure shock as he gazed up and down at my small, lightly tanned body, then it was replaced with a delighted spark. He clapped and whistled for me also as I finished.

I sighed with relief and started to walk back to the closet, only to be pulled back by Andrea.

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"Ooohh no you don't!" She laughed and dragged me back into the room. I almost protested, but then saw her father waiting for us.

I think he expected that we would change, so when we came back out in our underwear, he flashed a look of surprise. As quickly as it came, it vanished, replaced by a wide grin. "You girls did great!" He said, looking at both Andrea and me. I nodded slightly and flushed, remembering that we were still in our underwear. Andrea smiled brightly. "You really think so?!" She leaned over and kissed busty ebony babe deeply pounded in bed cheek lightly, giggling.

"I know so." He replied, pulling both of us into a tight hug. I was a little taken aback. I hadn't really said much around her dad, and I was surprised he was already hugging me.

Andrea hugged back, while I just sat, still surprised. Her father must've noticed the look of surprise on my face and chuckled quietly. I blinked and hugged back, not sure what else to do. He let us go and we stood back up, both of us bouncing slightly. Andrea babbled on about something, and I couldn't help notice cum eating oriental honey loves deepthroat squirting japanese her father kept glancing over at me with an interested gaze.

I stepped away slightly, not sure what he was thinking about. Obviously, it had something to do with me. I stared at the ground blankly, listening to their conversation every once in a while. Andrea stopped and looked at me. "What about you, Sarah?" She asked, smiling. I looked up. "W-what?" I tilted my head slightly, blushing and realizing I didn't know what she was talking about. "Have you ever done something like this?" She asked, although I knew she already knew the answer.

I decided to try to brighten up and not act so surprised at everything. "Nope!" I said, smiling and bouncing a little. I felt my breasts bounce in response and saw her father staring at them in almost a look of satisfaction, I then made a quick decision not to bounce anymore. Andrea smiled, not noticing her fathers look. He kept his gaze on my breasts as Andrea kept talking. I pulled my gaze away from him, looking elsewhere.

I tried to ignore him, but couldn't help noticing that his gaze had switched from my breasts to my panties. I shifted slightly under his gaze, starting to become uncomfortable.

Andrea finally stopped talking and told her father that we needed to go to bed. He pulled his gaze away reluctantly and nodded slowly, as if being in a trance.

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Andrea exchanged a quick glance with me and nodded. He stayed on her bed for a while longer before leaving the room, deep in some fantasy. Andrea laughed softly. "What was that about?" She asked, looking at me confused. I shook my head. "Not sure." I said, already knowing what he might've been thinking about.

I shuddered slightly at the thought, then tried to push it to the back of my mind. It stayed though, making me wonder if he would try to do anything to me. Andrea sighed. "Oh well. We might as well get some sleep." I nodded and yawned, glancing at the clock.

It was already midnight.We decided to just stay in out underwear and both settled down quietly. Andrea took her bed after arguing with me about me sleeping on her bed. I told her I liked sleeping on the floor. Although, my mind was screaming at me to take the bed since I usually woke up being sore from sleeping on the floor. As the lights were turned out, I stared at the ceiling in the dim light from the hallway, thinking back to the events that had happened earlier. I remember thinking about many different things as I saw the way Andrea's father had looked at me in my bra and panties.

I thought about it for a while, then realized he had only been staring at me. He filthy massage therapist loves wild sex hardcore handjob been staring at my breasts. Not Andrea's. He had been staring at my panties. Not Andrea's. I laid in the darkness, wondering what he had been thinking about me when I heard Andrea's breathing slow.

She had fallen asleep. I sighed and rolled over in attempt to go to sleep also. The images of the events played over in my head as I closed my eyes. I drifted off into a dream slowly when I was awoken by the sound of footsteps coming towards Andrea's bedroom.

I heard them stop, and wished I was still asleep when I heard a voice. "Sarah?" I knew it was Andrea's father. I also knew I couldn't just ignore him. I rolled back over to face the doorway. "Yes?" I called quietly, my voice filled with sleepiness. Without another word, he stepped in, seeing I was on the floor, half asleep. He sat down quietly beside me and stroked my silky hair gently. I blinked, not really knowing what he was doing. I suddenly felt myself being lifted from the floor by her father.

He kept stroking my hair softly and held me in his arms. I didn't understand what he was doing. "W-what are you doing?" I stuttered quietly, letting him do whatever he wanted. He kept on stroking my hair.

"Shh." He held me close, as if I was his most important thing he needed. Like I was something he couldn't live without. I nodded sleepily. The feeling of his warm breath and holding me close was enough to make me start to fall asleep again. He stopped stroking my hair and then noticed that I only had my bra and panties on.

He reached ever so carefully for my breasts, fondling them and gently holding them in his hands.

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I was too tired to realize what he was doing, and I was almost asleep. I struggled to keep my eyes open, and when they finally closed, the last thing I heard was him whispering; "I need you. I need you to stay with me. You are so special in many ways. You're mine now." I couldn't understand the last part, but the words stuck in my mind along with the other images.

I didn't understand. But, as I drifted into a deep sleep I thought; Why is he acting so strange.?