Slim blonde gets shaved cunt pounded in bedroom passionate girlfriend

Slim blonde gets shaved cunt pounded in bedroom passionate girlfriend
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Things were progressing a lot faster than I had anticipated. My girlfriend Nikki and I had just moved in together, and apparently it was important to have professional photos of us on our walls. She brought it up often, and to be honest, I wasn't very excited to have it done.

I had heard about Chris through a friend at work. He told me that Chris was one of the best photographers around, and would give us a great bargain for going in as a couple. Nikki lit up when I told her. We got to Chris' house on Saturday afternoon, Nikki in a loose top and tight jeans; myself in a turtleneck and slacks… Chris answered the door and greeted us politely.

"Nikki and Joey. How are you two doing today?" He was tall and built; my girlfriend answered cheerfully. "Terrific! How are you?" He smiled at her. "I'm great. Very excited to see what I can do for you today." He led us to a room at the back of the house, with reflective sheets all over the walls, a bench and a dining table.

He motioned us to sit on the bench and explained his policies. "Alright, I've been doing this for quite a few years. I'm very professional, and I only ask that you comply with my requests. I promise you'll be more than satisfied with your results." Nikki smiled at him, then me. Chris stepped back and looked at us veronica avluv and zoe monroe use toys the lens.

He immediately started snapping shots. We moved closer together and smiled. Within 30 seconds, Chris spoke. "That'll do! Now let's get some single shots. Joey, I'll start with you." Nikki got up and walked behind Chris. I did my best to look comfortable, and faked a smile. Chris snapped a dozen or so shots before turning to Nikki. "Your turn, sweetheart." I got up, and she kissed me on the cheek as she traded spots with me. Chris' camera clicked hurriedly.

"You have a beautiful complexion, Nikki," he said, and she blushed furiously, smiling bigger now.

"May I get some close-ups?" She nodded, and he moved closer, framing her face in the lens. He snapped a few pictures before lowering his camera, a disappointed look on his face. "Damn." He stated plainly. Nikki looked concerned.

"What is it?" she asked. "It's this film. The lighting is just not right for it. The black from the straps of your top are absorbing all of the flash, and your face isn't coming out very clearly at all." What? That didn't seem to make sense… I was behind him the whole time, and all the shots looked perfect so far.

Nikki looked disappointed now too. "What if I slide the straps off of my shoulder? Will that help?" I shifted uncomfortably. Chris continued to look down at his camera.

"Well… that might do it. I'll have to move in close though, to make sure none of the top is showing." He stepped a foot or two forward, as Nikki pushed the straps down the sides of her shoulder.

Her bra straps were now showing, which made me tense up with jealousy. I took a deep breath. The shoot's almost over, I thought. Let it go. Chris took a few more pictures, moving closer every time. "Nope… These are still absorbing a bit. Here." He moved forward and touched her shoulder. She didn't so much as flinch, so he slid one of her bra straps off of her shoulder. She leaned her head as he slid the other down, and reframed his shot. "Gorgeous," he said, and hot sex bbw huge clit the shoot.

After a couple of clicks, he told her to lift her arms to her sides. I wondered why, until after a few more pictures, he told her to lower them. With this motion, her shirt and bra slid just slightly further down her chest, exposing the top of her cleavage. I saw him take of few quick shots of it before moving back up to her face. She was oblivious, and continued to move as he instructed. "Let's move to the table," he said. She got up and walked to the dining table.

"Sit on the edge, and cross your legs," he instructed. She lifted her butt, and sat it on the edge of the table. You could now clearly see a bit of her areola, as the shirt and bra had slid down her front a little further. He got close and snapped a few more photos.

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She hadn't looked at me in a few minutes, and it was almost as if she had forgotten I was in the room. He was inches from her face now, taking photos upward from her collarbone.

I saw the back of his hands brushing the tops of her breasts, but she didn't react at all. He leaned in to her ear, and whispered something to her. She blushed, and shyly nodded.

He moved back, and she lifted her arms above her head. He held the camera in one hand, and took the bottom of her top in his other. I stood frozen as his hand moved upwards, and her top and bra came with it. Her breasts were now bared to him, and she didn't seem the slightest bit ashamed. I jumped up. "What is this?! This isn't supposed to be that kind of photo shoot!" I shouted, hoping to put a stop to this. Chris looked at me innocently.

"I'm just taking a few more, for your personal enjoyment. Nothing racy. When Nikki wants me stop, I'll stop." I looked at her. She was staring directly at Chris, still oblivious to me. I watched as he turned back to her, and picked up where he had left off, snapping shots of her face and chest. "Make them stand out more, sweetie," he told her. She reached down and started to lightly touch the tips of her nipples. Nothing happened, and he looked a bit frustrated.

"Pull on them a bit. They need to be clearly visible." She pinched them lightly, not looking away from him. After about 30 seconds, she spoke, barely audible. "It's not working." She said it like a dismayed little girl.

Chris was more than willing to help. He reached out and started to rub them with the tip of his finger. She sighed a bit, and they stood right up, surrounded by little bumps all over the darks of her areolas. Chris didn't stop lovely brunette kimber woods ends up fucked by logans huge cock masturbation and pornstars though.

"Sometimes, getting them wet helps a bit." He lifted his fingertip to her lips, and she parted them, touching her tongue to it.

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She closed her eyes, and pulled it into her mouth. I started to walk forward, when I remembered what he had said. He would stop when Nikki wanted him to. I couldn't believe she was letting it go this far. In half an hour, she had bared her breasts to a complete stranger, and was now sucking on his finger like an eager slut. I stepped back, and waited for her to end it. Chris slid his finger out, and lowered it again to her nipple, wetting it in slow circles. He snapped a couple more shots. It was standing straight up, but he continued to feign dissatisfaction.

"I know what you need," he said, and leaned in to her chest, lightly kissing the tip of her nipple. The smallest moan came out her mouth, her eyes closed. He opened his mouth, and just barely sucked the nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it, and she hooked her arms behind her neck.

What was she thinking?? I was less than 10 feet away, and here she was, practically breastfeeding the guy who was supposed to be taking our pictures! I made a mental note to kill my co-worker for suggesting him. Chris' hand reached down, and she uncrossed her legs. He went for the button of her jeans, and unsnapped them. Suddenly he flew up, backed away, and resumed the photo shoot. He snapped shots of her face and breasts like a professional. He must have been satisfied; her nipples couldn't possibly get any harder.

I kept hoping she would look thick mom wants big black cock in a some at me, but her eyes were locked on his. It was like she was in a trance. He stepped forward, and softly pushed her back. She leaned back until she was flat on the table.

His hands went to her zipper, and slid it down. He tugged the jeans down her legs, and off her ankles. He took a few shots from above, and started to move the other side of the table. I could now see a large bulge down one leg of his jeans, and it was inches from her face. She must have seen it too, but he continued to take pictures of her body, now upside-down from his camera angle.

He lowered the camera, and his hand went to his own zipper. No way was he going to take his cock out in front of my girlfriend. She gazed hungrily at his crotch, as he reached in and fished out his hard dick. He held it in one hand and started to explain to no one in particular. "This is a very sexy shot.

It goes over well with all of my clients, especially the women." He smiled at me and then looked down at Nikki. "Baby, I want you to just touch your lips to the tip where the hole is. That's all you have to do, okay?" She nodded excitedly, looking like a child offered an ice cream cone. Chris stepped forward, and touched the tip of his cock to my girlfriend's lips.

She kept them closed as she had been instructed, and he started up snapping photos again. Every few shots his hips would slightly jerk, and she tried hard to keep her lips at the hole as she had been told to. I moved closer, and suddenly I noticed that the tip of her tongue was just barely poking between her lips; so slightly that I had to squint to be sure.

All she had to do was stay still, and yet she couldn't resist a taste of naughty coed cop alexa rydell cums good cock. After a few more pictures, he moved forward a bit, and her lips parted. Rather than closing them, she kept them a quarter-inch apart, and touched her tongue to his piss hole.

He smiled. small girl gets the pump and dump not part of the game, baby. " he said to her. She made eye contact with him, but didn't close her mouth.

He knew she was his, and eased a bit more past her lips, while he continued to take pictures. The tip of the head was now past her lips, and her cheeks started to hollow as she sucked on it, like she was nursing from it. Chris laughed a little. "Sweetie, that tickles." I clenched my fist. My girlfriend was licking his cock, and he was laughing. "If you keep that up, I'm gonna have to piss soon." Something about that statement fired her up. She mewed in her throat, and closed her lips over the head of his dick.

He put a hand on her cheek, and threw his head back. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He let out a satisfied moan, as he started to piss into my girlfriend's mouth, and I watched her throat clench and release and she drank it down like a thirsty little bitch.

I came here with a shy, sweet little girl; and now she was lying on a table in only her panties while she drank this guy's piss directly from his cock. Chris started to laugh, and pulled his dick out of her mouth, the last few drops dripping up her cheeks. "That's it. I think we got some good shots," he said, and started to put his cock back into his jeans.

I'd never seen Nikki look more let down. She looked like she was about to cry, and looked at him pleadingly. "What's wrong, baby?" he asked, obviously amused. She struggled for an excuse to keep this from ending. "I—these panties… They're my favorite pair.

I've always been curious to know how they look on me…" He smiled down at her. "I supposed I could take a few shots of them. So you could see how amazing they look on you." She smiled at him, and he walked around to the other side of the table. He held up the camera, and aimed it at her hipbones. The camera clicked away, and I could see she was starting to tremble. "Do they look sexy?" she asked, concerned. "Oh yes," Chris answered.

"Although, I could make them a bit sexier." She smiled and nodded as though he'd asked if she wanted more ice cream. He moved to the edge of the table, and leaned over her legs. With his camera in one hand, he reached the other towards her panties. I shook with anticipation, as I was sure he would remove them.

But I was wrong. He put a finger in between her legs, and stroked up and down so softly, she started to let out a series of quick breaths. Slowly, he began to push the material between the crease of her pussy, making the line visible through them.

She moaned with her eyes still closed. She had no boundaries anymore. She was his slut, and we all knew it. He backed away, and admired the sexy crevice that could now plainly be seen.

He snapped a few more pictures, sunny leone real suhagrat fucking story by her husband habshi denial I saw her hands start to creep down to her hips.

She put her hands on the band of her panties, and he quietly spoke. "Show me." That was all she needed. She looked him in the eyes as she pushed them down slowly, and the material stayed wedged between the lips of her pussy.

Down a little further, and he inhaled deeply as her pussy came into view. It was perfect. Everything was so neat and clean. She had the pussy of a 7 year-old girl, with a smooth dimple running between her legs, down to her ass. I felt a sting as I realized that this perfect little cunt was no longer mine. The panties came to her ankles, and she kicked them off. We both admired her beautiful body.

Her tits lifted with each deep breath she took, and her pussy was obviously swollen with want. The camera was completely forgotten about. Chris reached for his zipper, and Nikki's eyes traced its path white wazoo for dark rod interracial and hardcore. Out came his hard dick, now longer and stiffer than before, and he started to stroke it.

She watched it intently, worshipping his tool as he worshipped her beautiful cunt. It was then that I noticed that her legs were getting further apart.

Her body was shaped like a Y, her legs the top stems. She slowly (so slowly that it was hard to catch) started to slide her ass to the edge of the table.

He stepped forward, and her eyes followed his dick as it inched towards her open pussy. She looked up his body, and into his eyes.

She was breathing hard, shaking; waiting. He stared at her face, and touched his cock to the swollen lips of her pussy. She spread her legs so wide, I thought she would pull a muscle. Then I saw her lips move. "Please…" she nearly whispered. He pushed his cock just between the lips of her little pussy, and started to push into her slowly. Her body was going through convulsions, but she never broke eye contact with him.

After 20 seconds of easing into her, his cock bottomed out, and he leaned far over to reach her mouth. Her tongue came out long before his lips got to hers, and she sloppily French kissed him like a whore. He pulled out and started a slow thrust, as they made out like teenagers.

His hands held her waist as he pounded her pussy. I was glued to my spot. Big ass madison ivy sucked a huge cock was enraged, but I was aroused. I had just watched a perfect stranger get my girlfriend naked, piece by piece, and then slide his dick into her privatest of places.

The cunt that I had tasted so many times before was now tightly wrapped around another man's cock, as he punished it with his merciless slamming. She was moaning like a whore in heat now, their tongues still wrestling between their mouths. In one thrust, he slid out too far, and when he went back, the tip of his cock touched her little asshole. She looked into his eyes hungrily and sighed. "Take it." She mewed.

He put his hands on her hips, and slowly started to push into her ass. She moaned, and kissed him hard; as if she was thanking him. At one point she gasped, and he wasted no time. He pushed all the way into her, as her face scrunched in pain.

He fucked her like a dog, pounding her ass as her legs locked around his waist, holding him in. She started to shiver, and I couldn't believe it; she was cumming while he fucked her ass! And things got more unbelievable. Apparently she had been holding it for a while, because as she came she lost control, and a waterfall of piss started to pour out of her open pussy.

It sprayed all over his crotch, and trickled down to her asshole, where his cock continued its assault. He smiled, inches away from her face. "My dirty little bitch," he said, and smashed his mouth against hers again. She kissed him back passionately.

She was his dirty little bitch. She had drank his piss and given him her pussy and asshole. I saw his thrusts start to get harder, and noticed his dick was covered in blood. She didn't seem to care.

She was in another world. They both started to shake, and he used this opportunity to press his knuckles against her pussy. It opened to him, and he slowly forced his entire fist inside. She groaned and started wildly cumming. "I'm going to fill your ass up, bitch!" he screamed at her. She moaned in ecstasy at the thought. "Do it! I love you, Chris!" she yelled. He pulled his fist out of her and leaned back over, and they made out romantically as his ass clenched, pumping her asshole full of his semen.

She purred in her throat, and his thrusts slowed. He pulled his cock out of her ass, and slid it back into her stretched pussy. They lay like this for at least 10 more minutes, joined by their sexual organs and French kissing like kids who had just discovered it. I thought about leaving, but I wanted to see what would happen next.

Finally, he slid his soft dick out from between her legs and stuffed it back into his pants. She lay there breathing heavily, cum leaking out of her little asshole, and piss still soaking her thighs.

Chris looked down at her, and his demeanor suddenly changed. "That'll be $400 for the shoot, and $200 for breaking in the moom son sex xxn free milk japanesewatch he said plainly. She finally looked over at me, an ashamed look in her eyes. She had lost control, got fucked right in front of her boyfriend, and was now nothing but a used slut.

I paid Chris the money, and he walked back over to Nikki. He spit on her pussy, and smeared it all around, her lips smashed beneath his hand. She did nothing to stop him. He laughed and walked out of the room, as she stood up and started to get dressed. "I'm so sorry, Joey" she finally said to me. I didn't say anything back. When we got to the front door, he handed me my receipt and leaned his face into hers. Her eyes closed, and her tongue came out, meeting his outside of their mouths. They made out for nearly a minute, and finally he brought his fist up to her mouth.

It was still covered in her pussy slime, and she licked it off with her eyes closed. He opened the door and pushed her out.

I followed, and he shut the door behind me. The ride home was silent, but she slid her hand into her jeans, and played with her clit. She wasn't Nikki anymore. She was Chris'.