Hot hairy mother id like to fuck in underware japanese and hardcore

Hot hairy mother id like to fuck in underware japanese and hardcore
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When she set off on her usual Thursday shopping trip Jo had no idea how much her view of life was to change. All she had planned was to go to Tesco's, get a weeks supply of food and maybe stop off in the cafeteria for a coffee while she read the Daily Mail. All she had on her mind was the normal humdrum things of life. Because the sun was shining outside she decided to wear a knee length black skirt with a loose white blouse.

It wasn't see through so she felt safe in not wearing a bra. An open black jacket top completed the job. She was in her early sixties, though to look at you would never guess.

Not slim, not fat she was what you could call a trim lady. Very pretty in her youth she had matured into a very elegant woman who showed grace whenever she walked into a room. Five foot three with luxuriant long dark hair her dark brown eyes gave off an air of knowledge that was sensuous in it's own right.

She had been very content with life having married in her late teens to her first boyfriend. They had grown through life together without having any major upsets.

No children had left them free to pursue their respective careers making them reasonably comfortably off. Jo had retired as such three years earlier and now contented herself as a housewife without too many responsibilities during the day and looking after her beloved in the evenings.

The only lingering fault he had in her mind was that he was very insecure and this led to him being too possessive. Because Jo had never even fancied orall service games followed by fucking homemade hardcore other man she put up with it and wished she could only make him realise his possessiveness was all on false grounds.

Until this particular day. As she climbed aboard the bus her only concern was finding a seat as it was it's normal packed state. She reached up to hold herself steady when she saw that there were no seats on the bottom deck. Just as she had resigned herself to a ten minute journey in this strenuous position the man sitting directly in front of her stood up like a gentleman and offered his seat to her.

This was a very unusual occurence and she blushed lightly as she accepted the offer. As she made herself comfortable she thanked the man wthout expecting anything other than an acknowledgement. However she could not help but notice his eyes staring directly into hers as he spoke. ¨Please. It is both an honour and a priviledge for me.¨ She blushed even harder.

Her mind started racing. She could not understand why she suddenly felt like a teenager again. She hadn't felt this way in years. What was so special about this man. Pretending to look beyond him through the windows on the far side she couldn't help but let the corner of her eye make a note of him. He was maybe ten years younger than her.

Not slim but definately not fat. A little taller and wearing light tan trousers, dark tee shirt with John Lennons face on it and a black leather jacket.

Much against her good judgement she glanced up at his face and he was staring direct into her eyes. He remained silent as their eyes stayed locked. After fifteen seconds she could see a slight smile slowly growing on his face.

She smiled in return. As if their was no one else within a mile of them they kept this contact up for what seemed hours then slowly she saw his eyes leave hers and agonisingly slowly he was looking down. She had no choice but to follow suit and look to see what he was looking at.

She looked at the Lennon face with a New york sign below it. She knew this was not the centre of his attention. Her gaze continued lower and then she saw it.

She could not remember the last time she had seen a man aroused in his trousers but she knew full well that it wouldn't have been as pronounced as it was now. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight in front of her.

His cock was not only hard but was silouetted in such a way that she could see the outline on the head at the top of a seven inch shaft.

She was conscious of the fact that her face must have been as red as the bus she was on. Just as she was about to divert her gaze into her handbag the bus stopped and the man sat down in the now empty seat facing her. At first she felt a relief because she knew that sooner or later she would have looked hard at it again.

The bus pulled away but within seconds she found herself again looking at the light tan trousers. The knees seperated, inviting her to look higher.

The erection was still visible but not as blatant. Almost submissively she looked up into his eyes. The smile had gone but his eyes were locked on hers. Almost like a game of poker she attempted to outstare him. When he knew he had her captured his eyes wandered down to look at her lap.

In her mind she knew that her knees were tight together and he could see nothing but as she thought about herself and how she must appear it dawned on her that not only was she breathing heavier but she was almost on the point of dripping she was that moist.

Her knees casually drifted apart. She quickly glanced around to see if anyone else was aware of this dangerous game she was playing but everyone seemed immersed in their newspapers or just idly looking out of the windows. With this new found confidence in her she quietly as possible shifted in her seat so that she could pull her skirt a little higher.

She estimated that if he was lucky he might be able to see her stocking tops. She looked up and his eyes told her that he liked what he saw.

She was so immersed in this game that she jumped with a start when she realised she had missed her stop. Her quick reactions and look of anger in her face told the story.

As she stood by the driver at the front of the bus she didn't need to look around to know her mystery man was right behind her. She could feel the palm of his hand gently, oh! so gently pressing against her buttock.

As she stepped off and turned to walk her mind was racing. If I walk fast will he just go away? Shall I walk slowly and let him walk past? Either way, she knew that her legs were like jelly so there would be no running. Her heart was beating faster than ever when she heard his voice.

"Excuse me but I couldn't help but notice that you missed your stop. I can see that you have a shopping bag tucked under your arm so I guess that you don't have an appointment to make. I got off only a stop early for me so would you like to come up to my place for a coffee?

We alexa grace blonde babe pussy licked romantic go to a cafe instead but it would be difficult to talk.intimately there." Jo was a little taken aback at his openness but she admired him for his calm and confidence.

She wanted to at least put up a little fight. Even so she was even voiced as she replied. "And what makes you think that I want an intimate chat with you?" "Let's just say that your erect nipples and my aroused cock are signalling to one another." To say that Jo was taken aback would be an understatement. Nevertheless he was correct in that she was dancing on fire and in a less public place she would have torn his trousers off him. With a guilty lowering of her stare she started walking without saying anything.

He said little too until they reached his flat. It was in a side road away from the traffic and was very well appointed.

There were various large paintings on the walls that were obviously expensive, but in a muted way. As he indicated a leather sofa for her to sit on he told her his name was John and asked what drink she wanted.

As if in line with the surreal situation she found herself in she asked him if he could pour her a Gin and tonic. Kristen scott sucking on angela sommers big tits smiled.

After passing her the drink John surprised Jo by sitting on the floor in front of her. Out of reach. They talked about nothing really for the next twenty minutes but by the end of it Jo knew that John was hiding nothing. He was just a carefree happy go lucky single man who was meandering through life. Jo had made it plain that she was married and had never cheated on her husband, or even wanted to. Just as she made this plain John startled her. " I see open your legs.wider.

Mmmmmmm you really have sexy legs. I can see the white of your silky skin above the stockings but only a faint view of your knickers. Take them off and give them to me." After ten seconds of thought Jo did as she was told.

John held them to his face and closed his eyes. "Ye! Gods you must be pouring there. These are soaking. They taste nice too. It's obvious you don't have a bra on so take your blouse off." Jo was excited by this completely new role. Although her husband always had sex with her whenever he wanted it was invariably in bed with no talk whatsoever.

The most unusual thing they had ever done was anal sex a few times. Jo felt that she was in a totally new world. Little did she know how new. As asked she took her jacket off and then her blouse. She never even bothered hanging them, instead just throwing them to the side of the sofa.

In order to show that she was not intimidated by Johns brashness Jo threw her arms apart. She pushed her breasts out to show two very hard, very aroused nipples. John licked his lips as he saw them sticking out so proud. After looking intently at her breasts for a minute he ordered her to stand up. Because he was still kneeling on the floor just in front of her his face was close to her thighs as she stood. Shivering in anticipation she stood still as she waited for his next comand.

Nothing was said as John unclipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. With just her stockings on now she felt a rush when she looked down and saw Johns nose just six inches from her vagina.

She asked him in an aggressive manner why he wasn't at least licking what he had in front of him. John just smiled before he stood up and took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. This actually disappointed her slightly as the bed reminded her of home and her predictable husband.

Just as she thought she might back out afterall John picked her up and semi violently threw her onto the bed. He immediately jumped on top of her which surprised her bearing in mind that he was still fully clothed. As she was collecting her thoughts she became aware that he was tieing her right hand to the top corner of the bed.

She was alarmed at first till she saw that at least it was a silk stocking. Strangely that took away some of her panic. Then he did the same with her left hand and Jo willingly obliged. As she expected her ankles followed. So now she was tied, starfish fashion to the four corners of the bed.

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She imagined that maybe after covering her in cream he would strip off and fuck the living daylights out of her. To add to her expectations he put a blindfold on her face and two pillows under the small of her back.

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Four minutes after leaving her sprawled out on the bed while he went to the kitchen the door opened. To Jo's ears John sounded out of breath, which puzzled her.

In order to reasure her and calm her John lay next to her and she could feel his naked flesh skinny teen gina gerson gets dp for christmas against her. His cock was hard and hot pressing against her hip. Then she felt his lips against hers and they engaged in a voracious french kiss.

As they did so she felt her clitoris being manipulated. She orgasmed almost immediately but before she could stop she felt a tongue entering her.

It was then that she realised John was still kissing her mouth. At first she felt betrayed that he had allowed someone else into the bedroom to use her. Before she could voice her anger though she realised that in fact she was actually enjoying it.

The man licking her was obviously an expert with a very strong, if rough, tongue. The tongue seemed to delve inside her to an incredible depth and she was loving it.

John was mauling her tits at the same time as kissing her. Then the licking stopped but before she could cry out for more she could feel that the man was climbing up onto the bed and she certainly did not want to stop him fucking her.

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She kissed John even more aggresively as she felt a hot cock being pushed towards her vagina. As it entered her she was in heaven. Almost as soon as he was in the man began pounding away with vigour. Maybe twenty seconds later she was aware of very heavy breathing. She orgasmed again and John knew it.

Just then John pulled away and Jo was just aware of the continual pumping of the man fucking her. She came again and let out a loud sigh. Then she felt the blindfold being slid away from her eyes.

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She would see the man who was giving her possibly the most glorious fuck of her life. At least she thought she would. In fact she was momentarily horrified to see an alsations face less than twelve inches from her.

Instead of voicing her horror she turned her head to see John smiling. Rather than scream or shout she just hissed that he was a bastard. Instead of showing remorse John smiled and moved around into a position whereby he could slide his cock into her mouth. She accepted it willingly, just as John had expected. John and the dog came in unison and Jo followed very shortly afterwards. She was amazed at the amount of sperm that the dog pumped into her.

It was pouring out as he was still pumping. Then he was gone. Jo was exhausted. John untied her but she made no attempt to get up. Her hand slipped down and she found that there was even a little puddle of the dogs cum beneath her bum cheeks. John knew what she was doing and told her to taste it. To her amazement she did. The thought of what she was doing alone gave her another orgasm. Just as it subsided John moved on top of her and with his hand he guided his cock into her very wet and even more willing vagina.

As John slowly slid in and out she asked him what the dogs name was and he told her. To John's mild surprise she called the dog back up on to the bed and beckoned it to be near her face. After a couple of times trying to get its cock in her mouth she gave up but proceeded to wank it.

She made sure that he spurted all over her face. John came too. Thirty minutes later and with very little dialogue Jo towelled herself dry after showering and told John that he needn't get dressed. As she opened the door to leave John thanked her for an incredible afternoon and apologised in case he had made her do anything that she might regret. Jo just smiled as she spoke. "John, I have no regrets other than not meeting you earlier. Now I am just off to buy myself a puppy and because it will take at least 2 or 3 years for it to be fucking age you can rest assured that you and Max are going to see me a good few mia and angelina ride on two shafts big tits and asian again!"