Concupiscent mommy gets hammered japanese and hardcore

Concupiscent mommy gets hammered japanese and hardcore
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Passed Out in the Woods Chapter Four Again I was waiting impatiently for Saturday. I was going to ask her why only one night a week the first thing. OK, maybe after we had sex. Was she only able to go out on that night? I wanked off each night thinking about the blowjobs she had given me. In the morning I wanked again thinking of eating her pussy and having her orgasm under my mouth.

Finally it was Saturday night and I headed up the hill.

I got the blanket and filled my pocket with condoms. I had an excuse for having both now and wanted to make sure we had protection in case she forgot. Then I went down to where we had met before and waited. I was early so it seemed like forever before I finally saw her trudging up the path with her two six packs. I walked down to meet her, took one of the boxes, and kissed her hello. She seemed pleased to see me and noticed I was carrying the blanket. "Somebody is eager." She said.

I smiled back. "I have been thinking of you all week." I followed her up the trail and into our spot. After we set every thing on the ground we both moved to hug and kiss each other.

My hands roamed down or back and grabbed her ass and squeezed. She ground her hips into xxxxxxxxx sonny lion full sex stories vidio erection in response. Breaking our kiss I spread the blanket on the ground and we both sat there. She handed me a beer and then opened one for herself.

I was jealous that she seemed to enjoy that first beer more than our kiss. I sipped my beer and we talked about our weeks. I figured she would want to get when she starts to choke he slaps her again then bends her over the desk doggystyle and deepthroat few drinks in her before we started making out. When she finished her third can she pulled her top over her head and lay back on the blanket. I pulled my shirt off and lay down next to her.

We started kissing and our hands roamed. She liked feeling my shoulders and I liked holding her titties. It didn't take much of his before we were both breathing hard and ready for more.

She pushed me away and started taking her pants off and was quickly nude. I watched her strip and then stripped off my shoes and pants.

She stared at my erection and reached down to finger her pussy. Moving closer I started licking and sucking her nipples and her other hand reached out and grasped my hardness and squeezed. Karen suddenly grabbed my shoulders and pushed me onto my back.

Reaching into the pocket of her discarded jeans she pulled out a condom. She used her teeth to rip it open and then rolled it onto my cock. Before I could move she swung her leg over my hip and straddled me.

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Raising up she rubbed my glans up and down her pussy and then guided the head into opening. Closing her eyes she slowly settled on me until I felt the weight of her hips. Her eyes opened and stared at mine.

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"I have been wanting this all week." And she rose up and dropped back to me sending wonderful sensations through my shaft. I lay there watching her ride me in amazement. I had expected to fuck ten girl fuking firse time but she was fucking me! I had been wondering how much better it would be to fuck her while she was conscious but this was so much sexier.

Her big breasts bounced up and down and my hands were drawn to them. I explored their weight and texture as she rode my hard on. All too soon I was at the point of no return and my hips jerked upwards as I filled the condom. She continued to ride me finally slowing to a stop. I was disappointed that I had not lasted long enough for her to cum.

She stripped the condom from my softening cock and tossed it with the empty cans.

Lying next to me she started fingering her pussy so I grabbed both tits and began sucking on one nipple and then the other. Her finger moved faster and faster until she finally gave a little shriek, arched her hips, and then relaxed onto the blanket.

Her finger slowed and then stopped. I cuddled close and kissed her gently. She seemed to content but watching her cum had gotten be hard again. I found my pants and got one of my condoms. I put it on and moved over her. She was relaxed and her eyes were closed so it reminded me of fucking her when she was passed out.

But when I slipped into her love tunnel her eyes flew open and she smiled. I settled down on her enjoying the feel of her warm body beneath me. Our hips meshed. Her breasts pressed against my chest. Her mouth was almost touching mine. Karen bent her legs and wrapped her arms around my back holding me close. I busty blonde gets nailed in a threesome to move steadily in and out of her canal. Soon her hips were rocking against mine.

Soon she tried to move faster thrusting up against me but I resisted and kept a steady pace. Finally she accepted this and we settled into a rhythm. This was the fuck I had expected and it was nice. Not as spectacular has her riding me but more satisfying as I was thrusting into her. I was hard and enjoying slipping in and out of her but not feeling close.

I wanted to fuck her till she came and came. I could feel her passion building under me and finally sensed it was time to take it up a notch. I sped up my thrusting, pounding my hips into her pussy. In no time she was arching under me and I could feel her muscles squeezing my cock. I kept hammering into her until she finally flattened out under me. I slowed and finally stopped. Karen seemed utterly relaxed.

Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly open. I could feel her warm breath on my face.

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I slowly pulled back and then gently slipped into her enjoying the perfect fit of her pussy on my shaft. She was limp under me as I continued to slide out and back into her. After a minute she opened her eyes as stared up at me. Her expression was so serious and she studied my face like she was trying to memorize it. I began moving in slightly harder pressing against her mound at the end of each stroke.

Her hips began rising to meet mine so I matched her by picking up the pace.

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My plan was for her to cum again but all too soon I was pounding away again but not because she was close. I lost control and thrust into her feeling my manhood empty itself as I buried my shaft in her as deeply as I could. We slowed and then stopped, both of us breathing hard. Her arms pulled me close encouraging me to collapse on her. After a moment I moved to kiss her. Not the deep passionate kisses we had shared before but a tender rubbing of lips sharing the contentment we had given each other.

Rolling off, I removed the condom and added it to the pile of empty cans. I snaked an arm under Karen's neck and pulled her close to me.

She snuggled close and we lay there enjoying the closeness and the night. A few minutes later she pulled away and got a beer. She snuggled back against my arms and began sipping on it. I figured that was as good a time as any to ask her. "How come we can only get together on Saturday night?" "Just because." was her answer.

"But I want to see you more often. I can't wait a week to be with you again." She didn't respond so I decided to wait her out.

After a bit she spoke. "My dad is real strict. He doesn't want me dating or going to parties." She took a long drink of her beer and then tossed the can. "Saturday he has to work the night shift so I can go out and he doesn't know." "But you don't go on dates or to parties. You just come up here by yourself." "No boy ever asked me out on a date. And people don't invite me to parties. They irresistable succubus lures you in with a blowjob and handjob mean sometimes." Her voice was sad.

"Well I would like to go on a date with you." Where had that come from? I wanted to fuck her. Did I want to take her to a movie or something? "I would love to go on a date with you. You're nice." Her smile was back and her voice happy. "OK, next time I will take you to a movie." Her response was to move in to kiss me. The kisses became hot and heave and she pushed me down on my back.

I thought she was going to ride me again but instead she moved down and started sucking my shaft. I was pleased she had decided to blow me. The fucking had been great but this was different and exciting. She wasn't rough like the first time and seemed to doing her best to make me enjoy it. Having cum twice I was in no hurry and she seemed tireless as her lips moved up and down on me.

Finally I yelled out "I'm going to cum" and she sped up. I sent shot after shot between her clinched lips and then collapsed back.

She sucked and then released me. Moving her head to one side she spat out my seed and then moved back to take me in her mouth. She held me there as my penis lost its hardness and withdrew from her mouth. Moving up she kissed me. I told her "You are the best!" and hugged her close. We cuddled for a while and then I looked at my watch and said "I have to go now but I will see you next week." "It's a date." And she kissed me.

I got dressed and walked away already thinking how long it would be until we were together again. I heard Karen pop open another beer as a left.