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Httyta sc yhivi hard h p tube xvideos anal bru
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Room Service I travel a lot for business. Usually I go to the same cities at different times of the year. I always stay at the same hotels. To keep myself out of legal trouble I'll leave the name of the hotel and the city of the retelling of a good time I had not too long ago. It was a Wednesday afternoon. The savoring luscious chicks sexy twat hardcore blowjob before I was supposed to fly back home.

I was "working" from the hotel that day. What that meant was I was answer my cell but using my laptop to look at porn. I was reading stories like this one and watching some rape video clips. I had been drinking from the mini-bar so I had a nice buzz going. This only meant that I was getting more and more horny. Suddenly there was a knock at my door. I quickly put on a bathrobe and looked out the peek whole.

It was an attractive young (in her early 20s) Spanish woman. She was dressed in a hotel outfit. I opened the door. As she spoke to me in broken English my eyes drifted to her large breast. The fabric of her shirt and bra were doing a very poor job of hiding her stiff nipples. I could tell that she spoke very little English.

I asked her to come in and told her that I needed her to vacuum up a mess I had made. As soon as she entered the room with the vacuum I punched her in the stomach and pushed her to the ground. I then quickly shut and locked my door. There was no way out of this now. I grabbed her by her long pony tail and before she could say a word I put her in a head lock. She struggled with me for close to a minute before she passed out. Once she was out I picked her up and moved her to the bed. I quickly took off her shoes and pants leaving her in bikini panties.

Before going for her breast I noticed that the name tag on her shirt said Rosa. I then unbuttoned and opened her shirt. Her large breast she held tightly by her bra.

I removed her shirt and reached around and undid her bra. After removing her bra I admired her exposed large Spanish breast. Her dark hard nipples quickly gained my attention.

I bent over and sucked on her large breast using my hands to squeeze them and force them together so I could take turns sucking on her large hard dark nipples.

My hard cock was throbbing. I needed to be inside her. I stepped back and slowly pulled her panties down her long dark lean legs. Much to my surprise she had a small patch of black hair above her pussy.

It had been years since I had seen a woman with hair on her cunt. I took her panties and forced them into her mouth. I took off my robe. I spit on my hard thick cock and I spread her long legs apart. I moved between them and placed the head of my stiff cock against her cunt.

The spit acted as a colombiana borracha teniendsexpor primera vez as I was able to force the head of my cock inside her cunt pretty quickly with some powerful hard pumps. I bent down and sucked on her large breast then I started pumping away at her tight hairy pussy forcing my cock up inside her.

After about a minute the full width and length of my cock was buried inside her young tight cunt. I slowly pumped away fucking the shit out of her tight pussy.

I watched her large breast bounce up and down as my cock slid in and out of her tight cunt. Suddenly I noticed that she was opening her eyes. She was waking up. I pinned her arms down to the bed and continued to fuck the shit out of this sexy young Spanish girl. She laid there crying as her naked body bounced back and forth with each powerful thrust of my cock into her young tight Spanish cunt. Other than quietly crying she didn't fight back. She just laid there as Jayden jaymes my sisters hot friend fucked her cunt as hard and rough as I could.

I stopped fucking her for a minute and bent over and sucked the hard dark nipples on her large breast. I knew that I would cum any minute now.

It was getting too hard to hold it back. I released one of her hard nipples from my mouth and went back to pounding away on her tight young pussy. I looked down and watched my cock slide in and out of her hairy cunt.

Then I would watch her large breast bounce as her body moved up and down on the mattress each time I pumped my cock inside of her. The room was filled with the sound of my tight ball sack slapping her cunt as I buried my cock in her.

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I thought about cumming on her tits, but the idea of forcing my cum inside of her warm tight cunt turned me on. I began fucking her even harder and with a passion. Her tight warm young cunt held my thick hard cock tight a glove. I slammed my cock into her causing her to arch her back in pain. I couldn't hold back any longer. I pumped her pussy a few more times then I buried it as deep inside of her sinhala actress sumana gomas sex story possible.

My cock twitched and pulsed as I unloaded my cum inside of her sweet tight pussy. Her eyes opened wide and she tried to say something as I blew my huge warm load inside of her. I lay on top of her pumping her pussy slowly making sure to milk every last drop of cum from my cock.

I released her hands and she removed her panties from her mouth before covering her large breast. I lay on top of her until my cock went limp and slid out of her tight cunt. She lay on the bed crying as I stood up went over to my desk and grabbed a few twenty dollar bills.

I walked back over to the bed and cupped one of her large breast with one hand while I dropped the money on her with the other hand. "Gracias Rosa"!I said as I put my robe back on. She got the idea. It was clear that she understood what I was saying. After about a minute she stopped crying and moved off the bed and begun to get dressed. As she was dressing I saw some of the huge load I blew inside of her leaking down her thigh. I ebony school girls and boys beeg out a laugh as I pictured my sperm swimming inside of her.

When she finished getting dressed I spanked her on her muscular ass and said thanks for the fuck. She reached down to the bed picked up the money and put it in her pocket.

I then opened the door to my room and let her out while she carried the vacuum out of my room. She quietly walked away from my room like nothing had happened. I had another drink then went to bed. I should have checked out of the hotel and got the hell out of there but my gut told me she wouldn't go to the cops.

The next day I checked out of the hotel and flew home. About six months later I flew back to town on business and checked into the same hotel. I was there for a week. The day before I had to leave I saw Rosa walking down the hallway.

She was clearly very pregnant. "Oh my god had I actually knocked her up", I thought to myself. I prayed that it was a result of me filling her tight young Mexican cunt up with a huge load of American cum. The look of fear on her face was one I will never forget. I looked around and since no one could see our interaction I moved close to her and rubbed her belly and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I pointed at her belly and then me, "Is it mine?" I asked her. She said, "Si (yes),pero (but) no mas (more) please".

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I grabbed her ass and gave it a good squeeze. Then I forced my mouth over hers and slipped my tongue inside her mouth. Then I walked away. I had knocked that bitch up. Hell yeah! I was/ am proud of my hard work. The next day I flew home. I am due to fly back there again in a few months. I might call first to make sure she is working so I can pump that pussy one more time before she has the baby.

After that I will be staying a different hotel from now on.