Sister e force fuk after drink

Sister e force fuk after drink
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He was my science teacher. . and little did I know that he would teach me oh so many naughty things right in the middle of all my friends from school.

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I had just turned 15 and I thought I was pretty grown up. . .you know a fresh teenager and all that. My boobs were continuing to grow and I was allowed to wear a little makeup. . sometimes.

Willy Flattery down the street had asked me to the movies a few times, but I wasn't allowed to date yet. He kissed me once while we were at the basketball courts in the park when no one was around, and I must admit he was a great kisser!

It made my little pussy all wet and my nipples poked out the front of my blouse, and I knew when we stopped he had to fumble in his pants and rearrange his cock. . or at least I thought that's what he was doing. And that's about all the experience I had. . before the school trip. The whole middle school went to camp in upper Vermont the second week of school.

Each year we went to a different place. I guess it had to do with bonding with each other and generating school spirit or something. All I know is that for us kids, it was just an excuse to muck up and have fun for a week! It was the second day of camp and I had just finished taking a shower. It was a little embarrassing because the showers were outside with no roof. . just slabs of boards around the outside and about 10 shower nozzles on the outside walls.

I fantasized that the boys probably had little peepholes so that they could watch me as I entered the shower room. There was a place to hang up your clothes on pegs before entering the shower. It was the 8th graders turn to take their rich teens get impaled by well hung bodyguard pornstars hardcore first at 7:30 A.M. and since I had been at the campfire the night before, my clothes smelled like burnt wood and so did I.

I took off tiny redhead small tits seduce all guys top, and begun to unsnap my bra, somewhat embarrassed. Some of the girls around me were already fully developed and had nice looking tits, and all I had to show were a couple of lemon sized titties with light pink nipples on top. I looked over at my friend Tammy who had already stripped naked and was about to go into the shower area.

"You sure got a nice looking body Tammy. I sure wish my little titties would start growing. All the guys are always looking at you, and I can see why." "Ah don't worry about it Sunny. . it won't be long before your boobs are as big as mine," she said, stopping to talk and watch me undress. I unzipped my shorts and let them drop. I had already taken off my sneakers and socks and was left with just my French cut panties on.

I slipped them off and tossed my clothes in my locker. As I turned around, I noticed Tammy was looking at my hairless pussy. I had decided to shave it before the trip, knowing other girls would probably look at me in the shower. "We look about the same down here.

. though," she said, " I shaved my muff yesterday", she said letting her fingers drop to her pussy lips. "Nope, looks like we're about tied down below. I heard some guys like it that way though," I said suddenly feeling better and pretending to be experienced. . even though I wasn't. We turned to go in the shower room, and a group of girls were just leaving.

Their wet titties looked kinda neat bouncing around somewhat as they walked and talked out of the shower area. Tammy young girls have fun with a dick I selected showers next to each other and turned the water on. The sun shone inside, since there wasn't a top, but it was still cold that early in the morning.

I felt the water and because it was still cold, kept turning it up. It finally became lukewarm and I ducked my head under the cool water wanting to get started.

The voices of the other girls faded off and we heard the squeaky pine door slam shut. . and suddenly we were alone. I had never taken a shower with anyone around before and I was a quiet frankly a little embarrassed. I grabbed the bar of soap and began to rub it all over my body. First my shoulders, then around my neck and then I was about to rub the slippery bar over my titties but decided to dip to my tummy and down to my legs.

Pretty soon I was covered with bubbles and lather from the soap.

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I quickly looked over at Tammy and once again admired her naked figure. The soapsuds were gathering on her boobs and almost covering her aureoles and nipples. I'm sure the horny guys on the trip would have flipped out, had they seen her. I reached behind and grabbed my bottle of shampoo that I had brought with me.

Not wanting to get soap in my eyes I closed them tight and began to lather up my long brown waist-length hair. I had let it grow for years, only getting the ends trimmed from time to time. Washing it was quite involved, but it usually looked great once it was dry and brushed. I continued the ritual beginning at the scalp and then following the strands downwards.

Suddenly the water began to get real cold. I couldn't believe we had used up all the hot water already. One thing that happens when I'm cold, is that my nipples begin to become rock hard and that was already happening.

I quickened my pace as all signs of hot water left the shower. All of a sudden fingers wrapped around my nipples and someone pinched my pink buds with some degree of pressure. I wanted to open my eyes but I knew the soap would burn if I did. "Tammy, what the fuck are you doing?" I asked, beginning to shiver.

Tammy's laughter began as she realized I knew it was her who was doing the naughty, but stimulating deeds to my rigid buds. "Your little nipples sure get awfully hard, Sunny. I'll bet Chad and Mike would love to see them right now and then touch, kiss and suck them for you." I placed my hands over hers and she let go of my turgid nipples.

Unexpectedly her hands cupped my lemon sized titties as I moved to take them off. "Tammy are you some kinda lesbo or something?" I asked, happy that the warm water was returning. She had obviously tampered with the temperature when she knew I couldn't do anything. I turned and faced the spray, and eliminated the excess soap that was dripping from my hair. When my eyes focused I could see the big grin on her cute face.

I quickly reached down and slapped her bare little ass. "Don't ever do that again. . you little tramp," I laughed, realizing she was just doing it for fun.

Or was she? Anyway, we turned off the showers and raced over to where are clothes were hanging. Tammy had remembered to bring clean underwear, and was beginning to pull up her panties. As she bent over, her orange-sized titties jiggled slightly, and I had to admire them once again.

She put on her bra, snapping it in the front. "Shit, I forgot to bring any clean underwear busty blonde gets to taste some cum big tits and cumshot me," I said looking for sympathy. "Well then don't wear any for now. I won't say a word. You can go in the cabin and get some after breakfast." She was pulling up her shorts quickly trying to get warm. "What the hell (I said out loud to myself).

. we eat with girls anyways." I buttoned up my blouse and pulled on my shorts. As I turned to go, I thought this was a marvelous feeling. No undies sure felt great! My erect nipples kept their shape as I moved my shoulders around, adjusting to the feeling of the cotton top on my bare titties. I would have never done that at home. Oh well, home was a long way away. We walked back to the cabin and Mr. Martin, our gym teacher, came up to us. "Girls where have you been?

You've got to get to the activity area in 10 minutes. Everyone has already had breakfast in your cabin." We explained our story, and I think he believed us. "If you girls don't mind, let me help you find the Cheerios, so we can get there faster." Tammy and I knew men weren't allowed in the girl's area, but we weren't in a position to do much about it. In fact, it was kinda exciting with the three of us alone. I also noticed that he was wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt. "Just sit down ladies and I'll get the stuff." He went into the kitchen area as we found places at the long table.

"Undo a couple of your buttons, Sunny. You look like a prude." I looked down and realized she was right. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my top, in time for Mr. Martin to come in with the Cheerios box and a half-gallon of milk. He surprised us by sitting down next to Tammy.

They talked about the activities planned for the day and I began to lean over and eat my cereal. Suddenly the third button of my top opened. I quickly looked down and realized I could see the little valley in between teens masturbate together more videos on sexycamsorg titties. I was going to re-button my top, but I decided to leave it the way it was. Maybe I could catch Mr. Martin's attention. I leaned over to slurp in the next spoonful of cereal and was suddenly conscious that Mr.

Martin had a perfect few of my titties, almost to the nipple. I began to flush, but decided to play it off. I leaned over again, this time a little further pretending to look at a carving on the tabletop, making sure he could fully see my little titties. I looked up at his face in time to see him staring at my bare chest and he quickly looked over towards Tammy who wasn't aware of the little show I was providing. I looked back at the bowl and again continued to deliberately lean forward, allowing my breasts to play sexy harlot bridgette b devours colleagues huge cock with him.

I had butterflies in my stomach and my pussy was beginning to twitch with excitement. This was so much fun. . and to think Tammy wasn't aware of it at all. I had almost finished, and I knew I had allowed him several glances at my bare naked chest many times. He suddenly rose up (probably to get a better view) and I saw that his gray sweat pants had poked out in front. He looked like he was packing a whopper.

He quickly turned and warned us to finish up as he readjusted his big boner, just like Willy Flattery had done when I kissed him a few weeks earlier. I realized getting guys excited. . could be very fun. Later that Night at the Campfire The day's activities had been a lot of fun and we were all sitting around the campfire telling stories and even singing dumb songs.

Mr. Forester was sitting next to me and I was very excited that he was there. There were many days in science class that I'm sure I never heard a word he said because I thought he was such a "hot" guy. Around the fire, most of the other students were always away from us because the wind was playing tricks with the smoke.

"I hope I can be safe over here with you," I teased, looking at his handsome face from the reflection of the fire. "You're not a dirty old man are you?" I asked hopefully. "Well Sunny, let's forget the "old" part for starters. . but maybe I am a bit naughty from time to time." This was the first time a grown man had returned any kind of sexual flirting with me and I loved it! I wondered how far he would let me go before spicy j and diamond kitty fucked embarrassed or thinking I was just a dumb middle school girl.

"Are you really naughty with girls like me? What kinds of things do you do?" I laughed. . .baiting him to talk nasty with me. "Oh you better watch out. . or I'll show you some serious action you'll never forget!" he teased back, looking me in the eyes and then training his gaze down at my lemon-sized titties. I had of course never put on a bra. teens with big cocks having threesome with hot milf..

just a clean pair of panties before joining the others earlier. I deliberately pulled my shoulders back, knowing that my boobs would stick out that extra few inches. Just like with Willy at home, I was beginning to attract this gorgeous man's attention as well. My pussy was thinking for me and beginning to make me do things, all of a sudden. "Try me," I whispered in his ear as I pressed my quivering leg against him flirting something wicked.

I leaned a little more against his leg, hoping he would put his arm around me. I guess I had read too many romance novels, but at that moment I wanted this man to touch me anywhere he wanted. Then all of a sudden. . he did just that. He circled his arm around my shoulders and I nearly fainted with excitement! Would he curl that hand of his around my boobs with everyone here? My nipples began to rise in excitement and anticipation.

Maybe this man was as horny as he joked. But to my dismay, his arm didn't stay there for very long. I looked around and was sure he probably didn't want the others to become suspicious. The bonfire was in a clearing in the bush about 100 yards from the cabins where we slept.

I had to get up to go to the toilet and as I was walking up the path back to the camp, I heard someone behind me. He came running up and walked besides me. "I think we both have the same idea. I gotta use the bathroom too!" His hand brushed against mine as we walked and I grabbed it like the silly schoolgirl I was. But he didn't pull his hand away. He held my hand moistly in his, giving it a suggestive squeeze.

My heart was beating so hard; I was sure he could hear it! Then he spoke the words I never thought I'd hear. . "Sunny, you are the prettiest girl in the school. And I wasn't kidding a few minutes ago when I said you should watch out for me!" Don't forget I had just turned 15 and was filled with all the worries others my age had about their appearance.

This was truly "music to my sex sixe story sex stories hospital com and I stopped walking and looked up at him.

We were away from everyone else and I was shaking with anticipation. "Do you really mean that?" I shyly asked. "Of course I do," he said with a serious tone in his voice. I blushed but I hoped he couldn't see it.

Naturally I wanted to act cool and was waiting for his next move. He bent down to give me a little kiss on the forehead, but I didn't understand what he was going to do, so I turned my face up and kissed him with my warm quivering lips.

I thought I was in heaven! Next thing I knew, he had his arms around me and we were literally mashing our mouths together. We were kissing and breathing heavily and going for it like there was no tomorrow. I didn't know much about kissing and what it could do to a young girl's body.

. after all I had only kissed Willy on the courts and he was as ignorant about it as Mom and sun real story was.

Then he gently inserted his tongue into my mouth. . touching my tongue and slipping it around and around.

It was like I had an electric shock in my tingling clit. I had never felt such a rush before. I had no idea something happening in my mouth could make my pussy tingle like it was connected to an electric socket! Almost as if hypnotized, he grabbed my ass and pulled me to him. I pushed my virgin clit against his aching rigid cock that was protruding outward as we continued to kiss.

Then we both sensed that someone was coming along the path and he immediately let me go and we began walking, attempting to show there was nothing busty brunette on webcam teasing with her big tits and rubbing her pussy on. (Yeah right, my pussy was inflamed and ready for anything even that thick pole of his, I had felt seconds earlier :). I was sure the girl passing the other way could hear tom-toms in my 15-year-old chest pounding away, but apparently I was just being paranoid at my first encounter with a man.

We both went to the toilet (although I'm sure he had a little tougher time than me, especially with the raging hard-on he was sporting when we separated). He waited for me outside the bathroom and we began to walk back to the campfire.

Once we were outside of earshot he said, "Sunny, you must never tell anyone we kissed, you understand that don't you?" I nodded my head "yes" but I was shocked he would think I would cum on ass part 2 anything about the joy I had just felt. (Actually I couldn't wait to tell my friend Tammy, but I didn't want him to know that. Shucks. . that would have been a wonderfully horny tale to tell. Especially the part of rubbing my bald pussy lips back and forth against his thick rod :) What he said next though, caused my knees to grow weak.

"After lights are out tonight, will you meet me here again, then we can be together some more?" I couldn't speak. I just nodded, my heart pounding even more than before and I squeezed his hand. We walked back to the campfire with his arm around me and I was deeply in love. I had visions of marrying this man even then. I didn't even flinch when the arm that circled my tiny waist reached up and playfully went right for my young titties.

We parted as his fingers gently scissored and pinched my erect nipple hopefully giving me a sample of what was in store for later. We sat away from each other and did the same as the rest of the people, telling stories and singing songs. I was thinking about his kiss and the sloppy wet mess it had caused in my panties. I looked down at my fingers and hands that were shaking and began to fantasize about what we were going to do once lights were out.

A secret rendezvous with a man. . a real man and not Willy by the basketball courts. What every girl dreams about every time they pick up a romance novel at the drugstore. A man whose cock pushed up against my pussy. . minutes earlier. Would he take his cock out and show it to me? I'll bet it would be a huge one. . not like the little boys down the street that I baby-sit for.

. (Of course at the same moment he was probably thinking. . my hot mom xxx six 5hu. I got the little bitch to agree to meet me. . I hope I can get her panties off and get those young legs apart and fill her little cunt with my hot throbbing cock! Shame on me for thinking those thoughts!) The teachers began to put out the fire and I walked with Tammy back to my cabin. It took every bit of strength not to tell her what had happened.

. and what was about to happen (I hoped). I washed up with extra care and brushed my teeth. For what seemed like hours I waited until everyone was settled into bed and the lights were out. I was in my pajamas and decided to go to my suitcase under my bunk and take out a short denim skirt and matching T-shirt to wear for Mr.

Forester, and a clean pair of panties. After all, I wanted to look as grown up as possible. I sprinted to the bathroom and put on my new outfit. I looked in the mirror and was satisfied as I turned and went down the same path to where I hoped he was waiting. He had re-ignited the fire and was sitting on a blanket waiting for me. He looked up as I approached. We quickly exchanged our "Hi's" but wasted no time and got down to business. He Pulled Off My Panties and Took Me To Heaven He kissed me again and his arms went around me and his tongue thrust into my mouth, just like before.

It had the same effect on my virgin pussy making it even more wet. For the second time in less than an hour, he pulled me against him so that I could feel his man-sized HARD cock pressing into my belly.

This was the first time in my 15 years that my cunt was truly ignited! I tried to hide it from him as all good girls were taught to do since being toddlers, but I would have done anything he wanted at that moment. Anything! He pulled me down on the blanket that was somewhat close to the newly kindled fire. In his sitting position, his legs were angled so that I could look directly at the huge cock that was straining to be set free inside his jeans. He patted the ground next to him bidding me to sit closer.

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As I followed his instructions, he leaned backwards grabbing me around the waist and I found myself in his arms again kissing and necking like in the movies. It was sooooooooooooo exciting!!! But he was about to turn up the fire another notch.

His hands were wandering all over me, making me tingle. He obviously was experienced and I began to pant in excitement. He slipped a hand up under my T-shirt and I suddenly realized in haste I had forgotten to wear a bra! I held on to his hand to stop its advance upwards.

My nipples, in their bare state were bursting with pride. I didn't want him to know my boobs were so small. . and that I really didn't need a bra. He persisted and pushed his hand further up my shirt past the base of my lemon sized titties and finally got to my nipples. I was mortified that he'd learned now what a child I still was! His thumbs and fingers opened and he gently pinched my erect nipples, twisting the pink nubs and generally driving me insane with lust.

Had he pulled up my skirt at that moment and jammed his cock into my virgin hole, I would have probably thanked him at the top of my lungs. But that wasn't his goal. . just yet! He whispered in my ears how beautiful my tits were. He called them "tits". No one had ever said I had tits before.

In my mind only girls in Playboy had "tits". Young girls had "boobies" or "titties" but suddenly I had TITS! YEAH! This might seem funny but I was in heaven that he had said I had tits and that he liked them! He pulled up my shirt and looked down at my titties. Then he bent over and stuck out his long tongue that had just left my warm mouth big natural tits duddy companions step daughter unpacking stepmom sucked one of my boobies into his mouth.

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FUCK what a feeling that was. No sex ed. course could ever prepare a horny girl like me, for that sensation. I was on sensory overload. For the next ten minutes he did nothing more than suck and lick my tits and suck my nipples and I couldn't believe the mess it was making in my panties. I could feel almost as much juice leaving my moist cunt as was dripping down my chest from his oral assault. He suddenly pulled my shirt off my shoulders and I felt even more naked in front of him.

He grabbed my bare shoulders and continued to use his experienced tongue to paint ecstasy over my naked nipples. He would suck my entire teeny titties into his mouth and then bite my nipples with his teeth just enough to drive me wild. I was having trouble breathing and was too weak to stop this impassioned man. I couldn't have pushed him off me if he'd climbed on top, even if I'd wanted him to. Then his hand went down my bare tummy to my skirt and further down to my knee.

His tongue kept my mind busy on the sexual exercise he was doing to my nipples, as his hand continued up my skirt, up my thigh and to my now drenched panties. Shit, now he was going to see how messy I was there too! He'll hate me now I thought to myself. He'll be so repulsed that he'll just walk away and leave me there panting for more! I made a half-hearted protest, because I desperately wanted him to touch my pussy, but I didn't want him to feel how wet I was! It didn't seem to matter much for all my anxiety, because next he fondled my cunt through my panties and I spread my legs wide apart, ready for anything.

Then he said, "Let me feel your sweet little pussy Sunny, I want to make you feel even more excited." Without waiting for a reply, his fingers started working inside the lower band of my panties.

I was mortified that he was going to feel all the wetness in my slit and almost cried in embarrassment. To my surprise, he didn't mind that I had totally saturated my panties with my hot pussy juices. In fact, he seemed to be even more excited himself as he moved the cotton material skin diamond squirting punishment fuck me like a tiny whore and pursued my pussy lips with his daring finger.

He muttered something like, "You're a very hot girl aren't you Sunny? God your wet little pussy lips. . feel so naughty! Do you like this? What's it feel like when I poke my finger up your tight little hole?" I couldn't answer because I was in heaven as his middle finger moved in and out of my virgin lips as he kept moving aside my panties to bring me off even more.

It was so wicked. . so naughty yet he was so gorgeous. I suddenly felt grown-up. . no longer a young girl anymore and my cunt was telling me how wonderful it felt.

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As I shook with desire, I wondered arabian and turk tube porn his long cock would feel like taking the place of his rapidly moving finger that was fucking me to ecstasy. He felt me up for a while longer, making sure to keep my nipples rigid with his tongue and my pussy on fire with his magic fingers.

Then he knelt up beside me and reached up my skirt even higher with both of his hands. He got hold of the waistband of my panties and pulled them down my legs and off. He pushed my skirt up to my waist and pushed another black webcam model showing off her pussy knees apart even more. I knew this left me wide open, and the cool night air was continuing to keep my nipples upright and pointed at the full moon. "I love your delicious little pussy Sunny," he said and then surprised me by kissing it.

Before I could react, I felt his long tongue, which had tempted my nipples moments before, wiggle skinny babe in stockings in fake taxi and forth across my pussy lips and then suddenly stab itself into my dripping hole. I thought I was aroused before, but his scalding tongue soon caused my clit to shoot fireworks all over my body. Here I was naked to the world, except for my worthless skirt that had been rolled over my tummy, with Mr.

Forester's tongue bringing me off in ways no young girl could ever imagine. He licked and kissed and nibbled at my cunt, sucking gently on my clit and giving me feelings I wanted more of. . .Then my head exploded as I had the first orgasm I'd ever had. . caused by someone else. I had made myself cum a few times with my fingers at home, but this was totally different. He had his hands under my upper thighs, and was on his belly with his face pressed into my cunt.

My legs were stretched out wide and he was making himself a meal. . pushing his tongue into my vagina, flicking it over my clit, sliding it round my lips, lapping up and down and even licking my ass. When I stopped cumming, I was exhausted. He rose up from his satisfying late night snack and said, "You liked that didn't you Sunny?" I could only pant and gasp and smile and feebly say "yes".

He leaned over and kissed me on my lips and I could smell my own juices on his slippery face. Then he stood up and grabbed his cock that was still inside his tight jeans. "Look what you did to me Sunny. Do you see this big.

. stiff. . cock? It's dying to come out and see you." Mr. Forester was sitting next to me and I was very excited. There were many days in Science class that I'm sure I never heard a word he said because I thought he was such a "hot" guy. . I said softly. All I could whisper was, "Wow" as I stared at his erect cock. "I could end up in jail if they caught us.

But I know when it's safe and right now every ones sleeping. I think you sexbf xxx bf story cremp a little sample of what will happen tomorrow night. Get up on your knees Sunny." I forced myself to sit up as he instructed almost as if he were my master. My titties were still rigid and my pussy lips felt funny with his saliva still gushing around inside.

In my new position, my face and lips were right in front of the zipper of his pants. I focused on his HARD cock that was obscenely poking out in front of me.

I brushed back my frenzied hair and looked down at my nipples and knew they looked naughty in the firelight. I looked up at Mr. Forester and knew he was enjoying the image of a very excited 15-year-old girl that was eagerly waiting for his next instructions.

Was he going to make me touch his cock? Or better yet. . suck it? "Let me move in real close Sunny, and show you what's happening down below here?" He still was grabbing his cock and teasing me at the same time. I was hesitant and then I said, "You've got a real big boner.

. Mr. Forester." "That's right, and it's been all cooped up ever since you got here. I think, it's time for my best friend to come out before we go back to our cabin.

. what do you think?" I wasn't going to say it, but I was awful curious what his penis looked like. He had already touched, licked and sucked my entire naked body and all I had really done was to kiss him on the lips and feel that erection continually against my stomach.

"I guess so. . ." I whispered. "Well shit, let's get going then. But you know what, I think you should pull my long. . stiff. . cock out for me and since I made you cum all over that blanket, I want you to ask nicely, but I don't want you to whisper it.

. I want to hear you say it out loud. Okay?" I blushed at the awkward situation I was in. My whole life I was told not to say bad words or talk about people's bodies and this handsome man was almost demanding that I do the opposite.

I finally got up the courage. "Mr. Forester, could I take out your p- p- p- e-e-e-nis. . .:" "Fuck girl. . call it a COCK. . .!" he shouted.

And his command suddenly gave me the courage to say stuff that even earlier tonight I would have never said. "Mr. Forester. . I want to see that big cock right now! Can I zip down that fucking zipper and pull it out for you? I want to feel it in my hands and maybe even play with it for you!" I could tell he was shocked but even more turned on. . if that were possible. "Go right ahead you fucking little bitch.


. by the time this trip is over, you are going to be begging me for it." He thrust out his cock towards me in a lewd fashion and I reached up to find the tab on his zipper. He moved slightly so that I had a better view. The campfire was still going and the full moon helped illuminate what I was about to do.

I found the zipper and slowly pulled it down. He began to buck his hips, almost like he was beginning to cum. I unbuckled his pants and unsnapped the top button, and that's when the huge head of his disguised cock poked out of its hiding place. I stared at its immense size. "Pull my pants down Sunny. I want you to see my whole fucking cock. Reach on in and pull that pecker out for me." I grabbed the sides of his pants and yanked them down. I was suddenly excited to see his cock and there was an urgency in my actions.

My nipples were reacting to what was inches from my moist first timer carmella teen phat pussy fucks alphonso layz. . A WONDERFUL JUICY COCK. It had to have been a foot long. . at least in my eyes. I looked down under his bouncing piece of meat and saw his pubic haired covered balls hanging tightly against his crotch.

He grabbed my hand and placed it around the head, making a circle with my thumb and finger. It felt weird. . real hard and yet nice and soft at the same time. I knew I was going to love touching guys COCKS from that point forward. "OK Sunny, I don't want to get caught but I only think it's fair for you to jack me off, just like I did you four or five times earlier. Squeeze the head and move your hand up and down, just like this." He demonstrated what he obviously did rather often.

The end of his cock began leaking stuff out and it suddenly made it more slippery and my hand slipped up and down much easier.

"OH. . SHIT SUNNY. . YOU'RE GIVING ME THE BEST HAND JOB I'VE EVER HAD. . OHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK I DON'T THINK I CAN WAIT ANY LONGER. . IT'S GONNA SHOOT ALL OVER YOU UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I was trying my best to get him off and I was looking right at the head of his katihar medical college girl with sexy story, my knees getting a little weak.

He had suddenly let me take full control of masturbating him and I continued to yank the handsome man's cock up and down. With no warning whatsoever, he suddenly exploded. . shooting thick ropes of hot cum straight ahead and into my mouth and over my face. I couldn't believe it! Again and again he emptied his cock with stream after stream of sticky cream. I let go, almost drowning and he reached up and continued to whack off his beautiful big boner.

I began to giggle as a continuous stream of the foreign nectar painted my face with huge gray slimy streaks. All he did was shout nasty words and buck his hips. . until he finally fell back in the sand. I glanced down at his total exhaustion. . and longed for the next time I could do it again. He would teach me other naughty games.

. especially with that wonderful cock of his. I suddenly felt more grown up and at the same time a little paranoid that someone would find us. You won't believe what happened the next night when my tale continues. Interested?