Dolly little up shits creek without a paddle

Dolly little up shits creek without a paddle
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While working my job at 7- Eleven one day, this girl walked in that made my eyes pop out of my head. She was a goddess standing 5'3", 130 pounds, and had a rack that would make any red-blooded male sell his soul.

She walked up to the counter and asked me to break a dollar so she could use the pay phone, which i did quickly wanting get my shift over so that i could go home and jack off now with pictures of this goddess in my head.

After finishing what i had to in the store and clocking out, i walked out of the store to my car, to find her sitting next to the pay phone crying.

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I asked her what was the matter and found out that she had just been kicked out of her place and that she had no where to go. I thought to myself that this was the answer to my prayers.

I asked this gorgeous girl if she wanted to come to my place that i would make her something to eat and she could take a shower at the very least.

She accepted and we both got in my car for the 10 minute real college sex on campus from college rules vid back to my house.

While in the car i learned that the reason she had been kicked out is cause her and her now ex-boyfriend had gotten into a fight cause she wanted to have sex more often than he was willing.

Thinking to myself that i may have hit the jackpot with this one, i pulled into my drive way, and walked her into my apartment. I told her that everything that she would need to take a shower was in the bathroom, and that well she was in there, i would make us some spaghetti for dinner, she told me thank you and went to the bathroom.

Well making that dinner, i heard a loud thump from the bathroom and ran into see if she was alright. What i saw when i got into the bathroom was a sight that mad my dick hard in a split second. She was lying on the floor of the tub naked, the water running over her, with her entire fist shoved wrist deep into her pussy.

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I thought " damn this girl was masturbating in my shower, what the hell got her so horny". that was when she noticed me standing there and said that she was sorry, that my she was just always horny and that she needed to get off.

that is when she stood up, walked up to me and kissed me full on the lips.

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As we kissed i ran my hands down to her bare as and then around front to her pussy. She moaned as my fingers came into contact with her clit. I began to furiously stroke her soaking wet pussy, causing wild moans to escape this wanton sex fiend.

she then pulled away from the kiss, dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts off. Now my dick is a fairly nice 8 1/2 inches long and at least 2 inches thick, and at this point was rock hard, so when she pulled my shorts off, it sprung out and smacked her in the face, but not missing a beat, she grabbed it and shoved almost the whole thing down her throat.

This girl must have had a lot of practice sucking dick cause she had me about ready to bust with in 30 seconds, and i probably would have if it hadn't been for the door buzzer going of right at the wrong moment. Angry at the timing i pulled my shorts up and told her to stay there. When i buzzed the door i found out that it was my best friend coming over to drop of my Xbox 360. I told him to sit for a second that i had to use the bathroom.

I walked back in and found that she had started fisting her pussy again, and asked her is she would like to get to dicks in her pussy and ass, and she told me yes i want as many dicks as i can get. so i told her i would whistle for her when i wanted her to come out. I flushed the toilet and went back out to my friend. He looked at me and i asked him you ready for what i am going to give you as an early birthday present? With a stunned look on his face i whistled and she walked out still naked, and i watched as his jaw dropped.

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She walked up to him pulled his shorts off as well as mine and started to suck both our dicks, alternating between the two of them. After sucking our dicks for what seemed like for ever she got on the couch told me to eat her pussy, which i did with pleasure. well i ate her she sucked my buddy some more, but she all of the sudden said, god i need some dick in my pussy and ass. So i laid on the couch and she got on top of me, and shoved my dick up her ass, then told my buddy to shove his dick in her pussy.

Me and him fucked her for a good 20 minutes, pounding her holes like jackhammer and when we both at the same time skinny dude bangs redhead milf in bedroom her we were bout to bust, she jumped up got on her knees and we both shot huge loads down this sluts throat. She thanked us both, then told me that she actually hadn't been kicked out, but that when she seen me, she just knew she wanted my dick in her.

I smiled and told her anytime.

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I have seen her a few times since then and everytime i see her, i have some of the best sex of my life *****This is my first story. Sorry if it seems a little crude. Please give me some good comments on how I can improve my writting technique and i will put more exciting stories up.********************************************* PS: To all those fans of sex related jokes, i am always finding new ones and will start to post them on this site.

I hope that you enjoy what i post cause i am a dirty minded person and think that sharing your dirty thoughts is good for and sex-aholic!